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  1. Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Susan Lynne Schwenger
    When someone lies to you, it is because they do NOT respect you enough to be honest and they think you are too stupid to know the difference
  2. Vanressa
  3. Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Susan Lynne Schwenger
    "be who you are, and do that eloquently" - susan lynne schwenger
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  4. admin
    admin Jorgelito
    2 step verification


    This is driving me crazy. As soon as I check my mail, you change the code. I'll never get in this way!!

    I dont know what you mean Jorgelito. I am doing nothing to change any codes. This must be something on your end.
    1. admin
      I disabled this setting , so it should not come up now for you.
      Jan 21, 2016
  5. admin
  6. Brook
    Are you Sirius?
  7. admin
    Two spam filters have been added. This hopefully helps with the robot registration scams.
  8. admin
    I have added a better seatrch engine and a library where you can store pics and media however. Feel free to experiment.
  9. admin
    Hi Jonah. Of course you are welcome here. But realise that this is more a library than a social gathering venue.
  10. jonah
    hello people, hope you dont mind if i follow you and your wonderful energy