DECEMBER 2018 COMET - predicted by Susan Lynne Schwenger

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    predicted by Susan Lynne Schwenger
    12 August 2018

    COMET iSON was predicted in 2010 by Susan Lynne Schwenger
    to be at its zenith on 16/17 December 2013 (End Date 16 Dec 2013 - Start Date 17 Dec 2013)
    which marked the '360' Day Ancient Year of The Ending of The 5th Era, The Era of Atlantis,
    which went into THE WOMB on 22 December 2012 + 360 Day/Kin = 16 DEC 2013

    THE CURRENT GRAND CYCLE began on 17 DEC 2013.

    Susan Lynne Schwenger who predicted Comet Ison in June 2010,
    to be at its zenith for the change in the grand cycles,
    which she originally discovered in 1984,
    stating end of cycle December 16, 2013 and start of cycle December 17, 2013
    (16 Dec 2013, 17 Dec 2013)
    has again been the only person to predict
    a comet for December 2018. :)

    She said...
    "This comet will come in alignment with
    the last new or no moon cycle,
    ending 22 December 2018
    Full Moon ."
    ~susan lynne schwenger
    PREDICTED ON: 12 August 2018

    Susan Lynne Schwenger was born under the 13th Full Moon in 1958
    ironically, this full moon in 2018, also marks her 60th birthday,
    and, will also be in the sign of Cancer which is where her natal moon was placed,
    in her natal astrological chart when she was born.

    Original Prediction
    POST 260

    PREDICTION 8) That a comet will come to mark the end of the grand cycle
    and, will be at its zenith on 16 Dec 2013 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
    - Predicted 06-JUNE-2010 (comet was NOT discovered until 2012)
    - Predicted 06-JUNE-2010

    Original Prediction
    POST 260


    Comet iSON discovered in late 2012,

    was predicted by Susan Lynne Schwenger 06 JUN 2010


    "This comet will come in alignment with
    the last new or no moon cycle,
    ending 22 December 2018 Full Moon
    ~susan lynne schwenger
    PREDICTED: 12 August 2018
    POST 260


    See pages 9 and 10

    Visually comet 46P/Wirtanen is the brightest comet in the night sky.
    Recent visual reports by Marco Goiato, Christopher Wyatt, and Michael Mattiazzo
    indicate a visual magnitude near 8.5 to 8.6 using low power binoculars.
    The comet is located in the constellation Fornax favoring observers in the southern hemisphere.
    Martin Mobberley posted a new image of comet 46P/Wirtanen taken remotely from Siding Spring
    in Australia on 2018-Oct-27. T
    his image shows a large coma that is elongated toward PA 355.
    A contour plot shows the development of a teardrop shape indicating the coma is lengthening into a tail.
    Image Link:…/46p_20181027_1055_mpm.jpg
    Martin Mobberley Image Link:

    [​IMG] 46p_20181027_1055_mpm.

    "THE next ICE AGE will OCCUR in sync with 16th December 2013,
    end time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha & Macha
    and, 17th December 2013 -The Start Time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi,
    they occur, once every 104,000 years, which is 4 cycles of 26,000 ancient years"
    - Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Predicted 30-MAY-2010

    "An ice age occurs once every 104,000 ancient years
    if 360 days is the length of an ancient year
    there are 26,000 ancient years x 4 cycles = 104,000 ancient years
    the importance of our calendar calibrations,
    are, as follows:
    in 9,360,360 ancient days/360 ancient days = 26,001 ancient years
    or (5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles x 144,000 days) + (6 seasons x 60 days=360)
    =9,360,360 ancient days
    in 9,360,000 ancient days/360 ancient days= 26,000 ancient years
    The ancient day-record-time-wisdom keepers, were out by 360 ancient days
    16th December 2013, is the end of The Macha (9,360,000) & Pacha (360) Grand Cycle
    17th December 2013, is the start of The Pacha iNTi (9,360,000) Grand Cycle" Susan Lynne Schwenger - 30 May 2010

    "The equations of:
    390 x 24000=9,360,000
    360 x 26000=9,360,000
    260 x 36000=9,360,000
    also, are in sync with 5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles = 65 cycles x 144,000 days = 9,360,000 days
    9,360,000/390 = 24,000 ancient years
    9,360,000/360 = 26,000 ancient years
    9,360,000/260 = 36,000 tzolkin cycles"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger - 30 May 2010

    "One alteration or one single move can change absolutely EVERYTHiNG !!!
    ~ susan lynne schwenger

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