Discovery of Chogha Zanbil Step Pyramid as a calendar - Iran - The Elamites - 5 Towers

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    Chogha Zanbil
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    The Chogha Zanbil in Iran was built by the Elamites around 1250 BC
    by the king Untash-Napirisha to honor the god Inshushinak.

    The ziggurat may appear as a series of platforms built on top of each other,
    but the temple is actually composed of five towers of different heights.

    While most of the ziggurats where destroyed by natural calamities and war,
    the Chogha Zanbil ziggurat is relatively well preserved.

    Discovery of Susan Lynne Schwenger, Chogha Zanbil in Iran, built by The Elamites
    had the key number of '5', as, in 5 towers

    Within the Grand Cycle, there is:

    5 Major Cycles x 13 Minor Cycles = 65 x 144,000 = 9,360,000 Acient Days
    = 390x24,000=360x26,000=260x36,000
    and, this pyramid has five (5) Tower
    for 5 Major Cycles
    • A Discovery by Susan Lynne Schwenger, which goes with my calendar calibrations
    • (more info to follow)

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