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    Great Ziggurat of Ur
    2513229414_578ffb0bef_z. flickr/The Outback Traveler

    The Ziggurat of Ur, a massive step pyramid about 64 by 46 meters (210×150 ft) in size
    in modern-day Iraq, is the most well-preserved monument from the remote age of the Sumerians.

    The ziggurat was part of a temple complex that served as an administrative center
    for the ancient city of Ur.

    Construction of the ziggurat was completed in the 21st century BC by King Shulgi,
    who in order to win the allegiance of the many independent cities, proclaimed himself a god.

    The step pyramid was reconstructed in the 6th BC by King Nabonidus
    and once more in the 20th century by Saddam Hussein with bricks stamped with his name

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