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    DNA Replication Has Been Filmed For The First Time, And It's Not What We Expected
    "It undermines a great deal of what's in the textbooks."

    19 JUN 2017

    Here's proof of how far we've come in science - in a world-first, researchers have recorded up-close footage of a single DNA molecule replicating itself, and it's raising questions about how we assumed the process played out.
    The real-time footage has revealed that this fundamental part of life incorporates an unexpected amount of 'randomness', and it could force a major rethink into how genetic replication occurs without mutations.

    "It's a real paradigm shift, and undermines a great deal of what's in the textbooks," says one of the team, Stephen Kowalczykowski from the University of California, Davis.
    "It's a different way of thinking about replication that raises new questions."
    The DNA double helix consists of two intertwining strands of genetic material made up of four different bases - guanine, thymine, cytosine, and adenine (G, T, C and A).
    Replication occurs when an enzyme called helicase unwinds and unzips the double helix into two single strands.
    A second enzyme called primase attaches a 'primer' to each of these unravelled strands, and a third enzyme called DNA polymerase attaches at this primer, and adds additional bases to form a whole new double helix.
    You can watch that process in the new footage below:

    The fact that double helices are formed from two stands running in opposite directions means that one of these strands is known as the 'leading strand', which winds around first, and the other is the 'lagging strand', which follows the leader.

    The new genetic material that's attached to each one during the replication process is an exact match to what was on its original partner.
    So as the leading strand detaches, the enzymes add bases that are identical to those on the original lagging stand, and as the lagging strand detaches, we get material that's identical to the original leading strand.
    Scientists have long assumed that the DNA polymerases on the leading and lagging strands somehow coordinate with each other throughout the replication process, so that one does not get ahead of the other during the unravelling process and cause mutations.
    But this new footage reveals that there's no coordination at play here at all - somehow, each strand acts independently of the other, and still results in a perfect match each time.
    The team extracted single DNA molecules from E. coli bacteria, and observed them on a glass slide. They then applied a dye that would stick to a completed double helix, but not a single strand, which means they could follow the progress of one double helix as it formed two new double helices.
    While bacterial DNA and human DNA are different, they both use the same replication process, so the footage can reveal a lot about what goes on in our own bodies.

    The team found that on average, the speed at which the two strands replicated was about equal, but throughout the process, there were surprising stops and starts as they acted like two separate entities on their own timelines.
    Sometimes the lagging strand stopped synthesising, but the leading strand continued to grow. Other times, one strand could start replicating at 10 times its regular speed - and for seemingly no reason.
    "We've shown that there is no coordination between the strands. They are completely autonomous," Kowalczykowski says.
    The researchers also found that because of this lack of coordination, the DNA double helix has had to incorporate a 'dead man's switch', which would kick in and stop the helicase from unzipping any further so that the polymerase can catch up.
    The question now is that if these two strands "function independently" as this footage suggests, how does the unravelling double helix know how to keep things on track and minimise mutations by hitting the brakes or speeding up at the right time?
    Hopefully that's something more real-time footage like this can help scientists figure out. And it's also an important reminder that while we humans love to assume that nature has a 'plan' or a system, in reality, it's often a whole lot messier.
    The research has been published in Cell.
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    The reason for this dynamic correlation is the intrinsic coupling between the nucleotidal base pairings. Adenine and Guanine are always feminine and Cytosine and Thymine are always masculine.











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    Religion, Myth, Science and Truth in Universal Logos
    "Is walking your thoughts the key to the secrets of the Universe and Life in Memes and Archetypes?"

    Replace the word 'word' (Logos) by definition and the word 'god' by energy in the bible code John.1.1 and you can decipher the creation of space and time even before the so termed Quantum Big Bang of contemporary science and cosmology and cosmogony.
    "In the beginning was the definition and the definition was with the energy and the definition was the energy (of say the spirit=electromagnetic monopolar 12D radiation or love of God)."

    Charlotte Cowell
    Looking forward to this

    Tony Bermanseder
    As said, the answers Jordan has not yet in the common shared quest of"all souls' are found in the nature of consciousness being 'the true God occupying space in a advanced quantum mechanics of wave-particular duality unified across all dimenssions".

    (11) Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

    (77) Jesus said, "It is I who am the light which is above them all. It is I who am the all. From me did the all come forth, and unto me did the all extend. Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."

    When he talks about the ultimate 'missing link' being the relationship between consciousness and beingness as a scientific and metaphysical concept, you can find the answers in our previous discussions. But this guy is brilliantly intellectual and one of very few academics ready for a real new age in a paradigm shift he clearly envisions.
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    What is Consciousness?

    Answer: The dynamic occupancy of spacetime by physicalised quantum conglomerations.


    Uwe Uehle:
    December 1 at 2:27pm

    Just for perspective. Of course no space is truly empty - but this is symbolic for the miracle you're bathing in right here - right now 1f609. ;-)

    Margo Callaghan
    Wow what a mind bender-

    Tony Bermanseder
    Space is consciousness related via an advanced quantum mechanics. Therefore you can figure out what the metaphysics or spirit concept really relates and points to. Its not dieu ex machina but machina ex dieu.

    7.4 Billion people weigh about 518 Billion kilograms for an average weight of 70 kg. As one proton has a mass of about 1.7x10-27 kg; the total mass of humanity in weight are so 3x1038 protons. One proton has a volume of so 4x(1.4x10-15)3 = 10-44 cubic metres and for all the protons of humanity the volume adds to about 3x10-6 cubic meters or 3 cubic centimeters which is a cubic size for a cube about _______________ that long.

    Andrew Bellon
    so what is all that empty space doing...is there direct interaction between nucleons and virtual particles relating to the nature of "spin," or how the universe actually sustains itself from moment to moment?

    Tony Bermanseder
    This is an appropriate question, which leads directly into the deepest nature of what energy is and it relates on a most fundamental way to the reality of universal consciousness. Firstly, the 'empty space' of an atom manifests as a form of 'force field' in that the interaction 'Goldstone' bosons mediate a 'force', which then manifests as the appearance of sold state physics. So tapping a table actually taps an energy field etc. The problems with this mainstream physical interpretation and model begin right here , because the 'Goldstones' (photons, weakons, gravitons, gluons, higgs) are said to be 'virtual' that is not having a real physical existence.

    This is erroneous, just as the mainstream notion of consciousness and mind being nonphysical is also not supported by a higher dimensional cosmology and physics. As an example consider Einstein's E=mc2 applied to the total mass content of the universe. For a mass of say 1050 tons you will have an energy summation of so 1070 Joules. But if you now use the quantum energy, also well defined in Planck parameters, you calculate the quantum energy per space quantum and you get far higher values for this energy.

    Using the conventions (Planck Length, Holographic bounds etc) and using the Event Hubble extent of the universe, you get something like (Number of space quanta) x 2x109 = 2x9x(10147) ~ 2x10156 Joules. Now the string physics tells you that the energy per string quantum is something like 1064 Joules per cubicmeter as a physical manifesto of this quantum energy; whilst the energy of all matter in space is something like 10-10 Joules per cubic meter. So the 'discrepancy' between quantum energy and matter energy is in a factor of so 74 (and 87 in the quantum-Planck limit). This number then becomes associated with the 'Dark Energy' and the 'Dark Matter' to explain the discrepancy.

    The 'empty space' of the atom so is in fact 'spanned' by the 'virtual' energy which is dark and has a dark matter component which is defined in physical consciousness parameters based on the quantum energy parameters and especially the physical size of the electron.

    This naturally allows a refined approach to fundamental physics, such as the difference between the Hydrogen atom and the neutron and how radioactive beta/neutron decay allows the primordial universe to build the table of the chemical elements. This transformation then relates to the interaction probability between matter and light in electromagnetic parameters so showing the basic electron to be a 'point particle/string' of a minimum size; but also a 'smeared out' or extended circular membrane characterised by the Fermi scale of the 'Goldstones'.

    The spacial extent of the differences then defines physical consciousness as a modular dual or mirror property of the space quantum itself; namely whatever is measured as energy derived from the macrophysics becomes a reciprocated magnetopolar 'supercharge' in the form of the electronic diameter maximised multiplied by the time differential of frequency as inversed time. But this change of string/brane vibration over time is also an angular acceleration without radial extent and so you find the innermost nature of the quantum spin, which is radially independent.

    Those physical definitions for consciousness then carry enormous implications of course. Namely space itself is conscious in a physical sense and any dynamic occupying space adds to a space inherent base consciousness independent of the dynamics and living entities moving about within it.

    Collapsing a hydrogen atom that is forcing the electron to overcome its weakon forcefield of the beta decay results in a neutron star of 'degenerate electrons' and you then can observe the quantum physics in the astrophysics. So your original question regarding the empty space resolves in the transformation of energy density is space. Then you should adapt the quantum theory to the holographic universe and the multidimensional membrane physics to resolve the wave-particle duality and the quantum entanglement on both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic scales to find the universal unification. The quantum entanglement can easily be seen to be the effect of the modular duality inferred at the beginning to resolve a number of apparent paradoxes, such as the Schrödinger Cat and the Chicken-Egg DNA/RNA etc paradoxes.

    Barbara Maat
    your nomenclature exceeds my knowledge base, but i have no doubt whatsoever that space is conscious and what we refer to as consciousness. we are embedded in it, a temporal extrusion, a clot of mass.

    Tony Bermanseder
    Indeed Barbara. Just think back to how natural philosophy, then the common name of science viewed physical reality before Ernest Rutherford discovered the atomic structure. It is like this with consciousness actually in terms of scale the same as the discovery of the atomic nucleus.
    To simplify, the diameter of the 'magnified' electron, say as a circular ring, is in fact the quantum extent of a 'particle of consciousness' container.
    So then consciousness as a particular volume of space is itself quantised.
    This btw is the mysterious 'Dark Matter' missing say in galaxies to hold their outer regional starsystems from tangentially dispersing due to the rotation of their host galaxies. The equation for consciousness in those terms so reads like electron diameter times the speed of light squared. But as this has units of Volume times Angular (quantum spin) Acceleration as the inverse of time squared; you can now relate the entire edifice of modern physics to this 'physical consciousness'. And so it stands to reason, that another Rutherfordian experimenter will, hopefully soon, discover the physical reality of 'dark matter/energy' consciousness in due course of scientific investigation.

    Andrew Bellon
    Above seems a promising theoretical grounding for what Jung/Pauli termed the psychophysical reality...

    Tony Bermanseder
    Yes, psychophysicality on the cellular level would relate on a most fundamental level to somatic-telomerase/neuronal cellular mitosis and regeneration functionality. This will ultimately relate the Penrose-Hameroff approach to the consciousness question regarding microtubular information processing to quantum geometry, say the Platonic forms of viruses and (micro) crystals.
    Then the true preference of nature to maximise its information storage in data/experience compression following the 'sacred geometry' in Fibonacci patterns should be discovered in the said microtubules applied to the genomatics in a holofractal-holographic way.
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    The Death of the Supernaturality Virus !

    Introduction and Disclaimer:

    This essay shall take the form of a dialogue between two philosophers and as a play of words in seven acts. A claim to have some answers to pertinent and profound questions in regards to the perennial quest of the human race to understand itself in being and in mind can be no statement of whimsicality.
    Such a proposition demands a thorough investigation of the issues at hand; not a onesided or biased examination of selected data and information; but a rigorous scientific approach to evaluate all the evidence supplied in the history of the developments, both in the popular culture and its science and the philosophies supporting it.

    It is of limited value to parade the scientific discipline as the rational and impartial paradigm for the future; if that same worldview proves itself incapable to elucidate or to explain the most basic of elementary questions asked or problems faced by the now globalized citizen, placing hisher hope and expectation into that same projected future. And the overwhelming problem facing mankind at the beginning of the 21st century is that of its own philosophy.

    ‘Where are we now as a race?’, ‘Where are we going ?’ and ‘Where did we come from?’ are some common questions asked, but not answered by the expert authorities in organised politics, science, culture and religion. Why do we seem incapable, despite having built a monumental edifice called the scientific way and methodology; and notwithstanding the progressing technology derived from that; why then can that same worldview not answer a simple question like:

    If there is such a thing as God, as so many of us have been told, then where and what is it?”

    We find an evolved human genetic disposition to form allegiances and to carry and ascribe to certain beliefs, often founded or exposited upon by certain individuals or groups. Kings and knights, magicians, clerics and sages of old have transformed into the experts and advisors of the new.
    Consultancy has become the catch-phrase, often stifling the natural curiousity to find answers for one’s own questions in a denial of one’s own creative impulses through an adventure of self-discovery. Today, we find allegiances to political ideologies, religious dogmas or some other culturally based agenda. All those liasons and associations have something in common however; they all become coloured in the individuals which belong to them. Redemption from this filtered state of affairs is found in a paradigm which is based on the precept of disallowing personality to individualise the work to be done or to colour the information to be collected as one’s personal archive or one’s private library of creation, subject to one’s own individual fancies and desires Albert Einstein once remarked:

    “The greatest trouble in the world is the idea of a personal God!”

    And so one might agree with the depersonification of Albert Einstein’s ‘God’, whom he rather affectionately called: "The Old One” and of whom he also said: “God does not play dice with the world”, referring to his rejection of the idea that life and nature’s processes are intrinsically arbitrary in an universe defined by chance and random events.

    He thought of ‘God’ as being the intelligence behind the natural laws of nature, as found in the sciences and the mathematics which he studied and he believed that nature had to be based in geometrical principles, rather than in probabilities defined in statistics and stochastic matrices. And there were others before and after him; Plato and Aristotle, upon whose dialogues this treatise is based; Pythagoras, the Greek geometers and Niels Bohr, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, all contemporaries of Albert Einstein with Paul Dirac, Max Born and Wolfgang Pauli in their contributions to the birth of quantum mechanics.
    The symmetries in nature, numbers and sequences and fundamental constants; all seem finetuned and set into relationships with one another to create the universe and all the cosmological entities within it.
    And should not forget another genius of contemporary science in Isaac Newton. But what the modern world has tried to forget and to sequester away under an umbrella of a perceived historical ignorance, was the immense interest Isaac Newton, the father of all of classical mechanics, had in the concepts of religion.
    And what is the modern moral evaluation by his peers, judging a man whom they portray to the students of science as having had no equal in his time in regards to his scientific work, inventions and mathematical insights?

    His power of pure intellect, like Einstein’s, is often used to exemplify the necessity for logical thought and concentration in the pursuit of scientific and mathematical excellence by the students in those fields. Is it embarrassing to tell the full story; that Isaac Newton spent months at a time trying to decipher scrolls, like the ‘Book of Daniel’ and the ‘Book of Revelation’ in the bible?

    He must have been deluded in the religious fervour of his age!”, they would have said.

    But was he?

    Could a mathematical prodigy like Isaac Newton have been so gullible? Isn’t it more likely, that he sensed that there was something to it – and that it had to be scientific?! Isaac Newton’s ‘God’ is the same as Albert Einstein’s ‘God’ and yet it is completely impersonal. It must be, by the definition of the working ethic!

    But is it?

    Could it be possible, that once the ‘God of Science’ has become totally impersonal, that then this same ‘God’ is reborn in a ‘God of OmniScience’, who allows, even demands a personification, because of its own definition?

    And what if that had been the masterplan throughout the ages anyway? Can we then ever know and understand such a masterplan?

    And what if all the clerical authorities around the globe are forced by their own followers to take notice? What if modern science can prove to them that their ‘Allah’ and ‘Jehovah’ and Yahwhey and ‘Brahma’ and ‘Baha’ and ‘Krishna’ and ‘Ra’ and ‘Osiris’ and ‘Set’ and ‘The Big Goat behind the Old Oaken Tree in the Walpurgisnacht on April 30th’ are all one and the same?

    What if their scriptures and ancient scrolls became illumined in a new light of omniscience; should their powerbase not become depersonalised, if they are shown to have followed a very limited interpretation of their ‘sacred texts’ indeed?

    Where would they go in their grandstanding of and about ‘God’s Law’ for the ‘chosen people’ and for the ‘infidels’?

    It would be the end of falsified religious dogma and the death of manipulative religion as such. Because omniscience is Omni-Science, the Science of ‘The All’ for ‘The All’ and the German word for the cosmos or the universe is “Das ALL” - Albert Einstein and Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born would have liked that in their contemplations upon the natural order of things.

    Albert Einstein also said: “Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind”- and this book shall try to synergise the two worldviews in a redefinition of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and its statistical nature within a geometrical interpretation of quantum mechanics.

    And then would peace between the nations have a chance, because of the demise of the old religions and the already internationally accepted profundity of the scientific way and methodology. Like music, dance or mathematics, a new language would sweep the old world of hate and dispossession, the ways of disempowerment and disbelief under the carpet of the illumination of a new base of knowledge.
    A new song would be sung and the nations and tribes and families at war with each other could embrace one another in a new way of looking at the world around themselves and their individuated places within it. And all the many things they had learned from their history through the ages of humankind; all their legends, myths and fables, their religions and their sciences; all would become integrated within themselves in a renewed understanding and the death of their ignorance regarding themselves.

    But to succeed, the initiation of this omniscience is first required to effect its own birthing process. The mathematical principles of necessity and sufficiency must be satisfied and the scientific global community must become informed about the new dispensation. The premises of the new model also necessitate their scientific validation through experiment and verification in the collective scientific data base.
    This then is the disclaimer for this play of words.

    To scientifically empower the new dispensation; a scientifically rigorous approach in its elementary application cannot be avoided. Science cannot ‘prove’ something, without clearly identifying its parameters and boundary conditions. There is an abundance of literature, which explains the present status quo in the specialised fields of particle physics, quantum theory, unification physics and cosmology in a populist genre of communication.

    Many discoveries add to that edifice on a daily basis.
    This treatise then does not retell the stories, which have already been told in many other ways and media. A list of references points to supportive accounts of some popular ones amongst them. This essay attempts to explain the fundamentals, the principles and preconditions for what brought about the universe’s occurrence and the parameters which led to its definition in the natural laws.

    And it is happenstance, that those precepts and prerequisites existing before space and time came into being, have a relevance for the birth of the religions of history or what one could term the ‘spiritual impulse’.
    The bearing upon the personality is found to be a subset of a collective psyche; what one might perceive as the groupmind of a race or species; a somewhat very unique genus, which despite the relativity of the observer and the heliocentric reality – finds itself at the centre of the universe, as itself – the race of mankind!

    The story is told in a dialogue of two grand experts in the fields of science; both exponents of the artform, but also in possession of academic qualifications in theology and comparative religion. They discuss how the story of science could be told to a largely mathematically illiterate populace. And because of their expertise in the fields of religious studies and their ancient histories; they fluctuate in their discussions between a highly scientific form of expression and the semantics of a more popular tradition, often using the similes of mythological metaphor and imagery.

    That context is given as a percentage indicator at the beginning of each act.
    One Robert Sceptico of Jones has a genealogical lineage tracing back to celtic blood, which culminates in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Northern America and the state of Michigan in the USA. His anglosaxon heritage is however a derivative from the most ancient bloodline of the House of Ahriman Azurguya, in the Genesis of the starhuman species in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.
    Robert Sceptico is an adherent to the divisionist school of science; progress and advancement are achieved in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific method in the testing and subsequent validation or falsification of proposed models and hypotheses.

    Robert Sceptico’s science is one of order and compartments; things are in their place and separated by form and in substance; yet are unified in the symmetries of quantum geometry via quantum relativistic principles applied to the smallest particles found in nature in the realm of the subatomic quarks and leptons. Robert Sceptico is a renown world authority on the 12-dimensional CMF-theory of supermembranes and is a visiting professor in the physics departments of universities around the world.
    One Logan Antico of Arndale has a genetic inheritance tracing back to celtic bloodlines and which culminate in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Australia and the state of Victoria. His celtic lineage derives however from the most ancient blood of the House of Adaman Azurguya, in the manifesto of the starhuman race in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.

    Logan Antico is a proponent for the unifying school of science; progress and advancements are made in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific methodology in the testing of hypotheses and their experimental validation or rejection. Logan Antico’s science is one of order and of symmetry; things are found separated in space and in time; yet are unified in a holographic mode of operation, based on the energetic dynamics of principles in quantum relativity and in the quantum geometry of the largest particles found in nature in the form of galaxies and their cosmological origins as white-hole-sources and as black-hole-sinks, operating as a dyadic vortex system of duality. Logan Antico is a renown world authority on cosmology and the structure of the omniverse as a collection of universes and is a visiting professor in the cosmology departments of universities around the globe.

    The ultimate aim of science to unify all aspects of existence so becomes a quest to enhance all energy and matter towards their most basic and elementary form of manifestation. Once such a fundamental oneness is found and classified by science; then the scientific worldview will become enabled to crossfertilise all its interdisciplinary factions and the global culture will be ready to purge itself from all unscientific and irrationally derived paradigms and belief systems.

    That will be the death of superstition and of pseudoscience; the unscientific way of thinking and its many flawed perceptions in regards to observed natural phenomena.
    Both Robert Sceptico and Logan Antico hold professorships in theology and comparative religion, and both are initiates to the mythologies of ancient thought and the gnostic interpretations of the Dead-Sea-Scrolls and the documents of Nag Hammadi.
    And both hold the Einstein-Chair of Quantum Relativity in the Department of OmniScience at the University of New Alexandria. Their professional status is that of Doctor of the Perennial Philosophy (PphD).

    Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

    The labels of 'mind' and 'self-awareness' and of 'consciousness' have for long awaited rigorous definition in the nomenclature of science. Whilst most researchers and philosophers accept the existence of those labels; what those namings represent in a physically measurable sense of physical parameters have remained largely unexplored.
    These notions have remained as one of the major mysteries of science and have become subject to a number of speculations; from a purely materialistic interpretation of the 'mind' being a biochemical response to environmental stimuli, to the 'mind' being part of a 'spiritual soul' and subsequently constituting a transcendent aspect of biophysical life.

    A related mystery is that of 'life' itself. How did the universe evolve 'life' from a generally accepted premise of a prior or older cosmology, which disallowed biological life as is observed today? The thermodynamically expanding universe follows well tested physical parameters engaging the quantum nature of physical existence in the form of nucleosynthesizing interactions such as nuclear fusion of atomic eleements and an associated natural radioactivity inherent in nature and its laws of conservation of energy and momentum. Those same processes occurred in the primordial universe and due to the smaller volume then occupied by the expanding universe; the descriptive cosmology describes a much hotter universe (as a Black Body Planckian Radiator) and a universe in which say the lifeforms observed on planet earth could not exist in their biochemical and molecular constitutions.
    Recent advances in the demetricated forms of supermembrane theory (M-Theory for 11-dimensional supermembranes propagating 10-dimensional superstrings in a 12-dimensional selfdual mirror-spacetime of supervolumars (Vafa-F-Space encompassing Witten-M-Space) have allowed a rigorous definition for the above labels in the parameters of the physics of the superbranes.

    The Coupling of the Energy Laws by the Self-Frequency of the Quantum for Mass

    It has been discovered, that the universe contains an intrinsic coupling-parameter between its inertial masscontent and its noninertial energy content.
    The matter in the universe is described by the physical parameter termed Mass (M), say as proportional to Energy (E) in Einstein's famous equation Mass M=E/c2.
    This mass M then reappears in Newtonian mechanics as the change in momentum (p) defining the Inertial Mass (Mi) as being proportional to some applied Force (F) or the 'work done' for a particular displacement {F=dp/dt for p=mv and v a kinetematic velocity as the ratio of displacement over time generalised in the lightpath X=cT}.
    It is also well understood, that the inertial mass Mi has a gravitational counterpart described not by the change in momentum of inertia carrying matter agglomerations; but by the geometric curvature of space containing matter conglomerations. This Gravitational Mass Mg is measured to be equivalent to the Inertial Mass Mi and is formulated in the 'Principle of Equivalence' in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
    F-Theory then has shown, that this Inertial Mass Mi is coupled inherently to a 'mass-eigen' frequency via the following formulation:

    (1) Energy E=hf=mc2 (The Combined Planck-Einstein Law)
    (2) E=hf iff m=0 (The Planckian Quantum Law E=hf for lightspeed invariance c=λf)
    (3) E=mc2 iff f=fo=fss (The Einstein Law E=mc2 for the lightspeed upper limit)

    (1) Whenever there is mass (M=Mi=Mg) occupying space; this mass can be assigned either as a photonic mass {by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity: E2=Eo2(pc)2} by the photonic momentum p=h/λ=hf/c} OR a 'restmass' mo=m/√[1-(v/c)2] for 'restenergy' Eo=moc2.
    The 'total' energy for the occupied space so contains a 'variable' mass in the 'combined' law; but allows particularisation for electromagnetic radiation (always moving at the Maxwell lightspeed constant c in Planck's Law and for the 'Newtonian' mass M in the Einstein Law.

    (2) If M=0, then the Einstein Law is suppressed in favour of the Planck Law and the space contained energy E is photonic, i.e. electromagnetic, always dynamically described by the constancy of lightspeed c.

    (3) If M>0, then there exists a mass-eigen frequency fss=fo=Ess/h=mssc2/h, which QUANTIZES all mass agglomerations m=Σmss in the massquantum mss=Ess/c2.

    The Coupling of the Supermembranes in Vafa-F-Space

    The quantization of mass m so indicates the coupling of the Planck Law in the frequency parameter to the Einstein law in the mass parameter.
    The postulative basis of M-Theory utilizes the coupling of two energy-momentum eigenstates in the form of the modular duality between so termed 'vibratory' (high energy and short wavelengths) and 'winding' (low energy and long wavelengths) selfstates.
    The 'vibratory' selfstate is denoted in: Eps=Eprimary sourcesink=hfps=mpsc2 and the 'winding' and coupled selfstate is denoted by: Ess=Eecondary sinksource=hfss=mssc2

    The F-Space Unitary symmetry condition becomes: fpsfss=rpsrss=(λps/2π)(2πλss)=1
    The coupling constants between the two eigenstates are so: EpsEss=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2=1/fss2
    The Supermembrane EpsEss then denotes the coupled superstrings in their 'vibratory' high energy and 'winded' low energy selfstates.
    The coupling constant for the vibratory high energy describes a MAXIMISED frequency differential over time in df/dt|max=fps2 and the coupling constant for the winded low energy describes its MINIMISED reciprocal in df/dt|min=fss2.

    F-Theory also crystallizes the following string formulations from the EpsEss superbrane parameters.
    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps=E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit is the StarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'.
    Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re; and for the electronic restmass me.

    Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c.
    Go is the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).
    As the StarCoulomb unit describes the inverse sourcesink string energy as an elementary energy transformation from the string parametrization into the realm of classical QFT and QED, this transformation allows the reassignment of the StarCoulomb (C*) as the measurement of physical space itself.

    sirebard; September 24th, 2016; Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

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    Extraterrestrial Physics and Elemental Chemistry

    A general formula for the MAGIC NUMBERS describing nucleonic arrangements in shells for exceptional nuclear stability is found in a Unification Polynomial in 11-dimensional M-space from the SEps-Algorithm of creation.

    The Feynman-Path-Integral T(n)+2 = n(n+1)+2 from the mathematical identity XY=X+Y=-1=i2=e sets the mapping or projection of SEps onto Super-SEps or SEps*(Sequence or Series of Energy-Prime-SourceSink) in super parity and as super symmetric extension of the relative primeness of the 'Experience Fibonacci-Lucas Factors'.
    SEps* in 12-dimensional F-space differs by the Fermat Identity "2" from SEps in 10-dimensional C-space to denote a union between the binary and decimal number systems in a0+b0=c0 = 1⇒ 2 ⇒10 for a,b and c as integers.

    The Unification Polynomial f(x) = ax3+bx2+cx+d subtracted from f(x+1) then specifies the MAGIC NUMBERS describing the shell arrangement of nucleons (protons and neutrons) within an atomic nucleus as a mapping or projection of T(n)+2 in the formulation:

    3ax2+(3a+2b)x+a+b+c = 0 = n2+n+2 for n=x and a=1/3, b=0 and c=5/3

    NMagic(n) = n(n2+5)/3

    and primary and secondary sequences: 0,2,6,14,28,50,82,126,184.... and 0,2,(2),6,(8),14,(20),28,(42),50,(78),82,(stop command),126...

    As 50+82 = 132 > 126; the MAGIC NUMBER for n=7; this 'Out-of-Order' sets a natural limit on the nuclear stability in the generation of the PERODIC TABLE of the ATOMIC ELEMENTS as a consequence of fundamental principles and in the specification of Lead at #82 and of Bismuth with Bismuth-209 as the last stable isoptope at #83 of Group 15, which is the Nitrogen Group.
    The next member of this group is element #115 named Moscovium and so relates the chemical and physical properties of natural radioactivity to this threshold for the weak nuclear interaction as one of the fundamental 'forces' of the natural world and universal cosmology.

    The MAGIC NUMBERS define the 'most stable' nucleonic arrangements in a nucleus; such as in the Helium-4 nucleus or 'alpha particle'. The latter then form intrinsic "Conifold Transformations" of 3-Tori and Möbian-Klein Bottle manifolds of Calabi-Yau surfaces, root reduced to form the 3-sphere of Poincare and the hypersphere of Riemann in the topologies of geometric surfaces in the inhabited space times.

    The combined geometries of C-M-F-space give perfect Euclidean flatness for the multiverse as a macroquantum entanglement, which reflects however in the micro quantizations of the elementary particles, such as in Ikeda shapes of the multiplicity of the Helium-4 nucleus.
    Alpha chains, like Magnesium-24, Beryllium-8 or Carbon-12 assume shapes of minimal energy density in the form of tori, dumbbells and ellipsoids.

    For the Helium-4 nucleus, a circular ring of four nucleons (mc's) of 2 protons with 2 neutrons combine as a quarkian chain u.d.u.d.u.d.u.d.u.d.u.d = proton.neutron.proton.neutron and as a multi dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold form of the quark content of the Helium-4 nucleus in a lower dimensional representation of the EpsEss supermembrane as the multi-dimensional progenitor and dimensional generator.

    The quantum physics of angular momentum in properties of orbit and spin then can be defined in the Pauli Exclusion Principle, the Bohr atom, Heisenbergian Uncertainty and Complementarity; de Broglie wave mechanics and quantum entanglement in terms of wave-particle duality.

    Magnetic- and electric constant definitions from T(n)=n(n+1) then allow the construction of the PERIODIC TABLE of the Elements in their Electronic Configurations in an AUFBAU Principle in electron shells 2(2n+1) or 2,(6),8,(10),18,(14),32,(18),50,...

    elements. elements1. elements2. elements3.
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