The Ides of 2017

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    The Ides of 2017

    [12:38:49 AM-March 6th, 2017 - +10UCT]
    So, Cobra publically denounced our timelines in this post...

    [12:39:54 AM] Fates:
    Here is my reply (1 of 2):
    Thank you for this perspective understanding. There is a small thing to consider, and that is History tells you where the “Carrot” comes from. For every step Forward, there is a step Backward; if there is any Observed reality, it should be considered as a Cause or Effect.
    To look upon the Movement of the Heavens, the tracking of Human Events, the effect of Prophesy on Collective Expectation; whether we like it or not, Mass Observations have left deep grooves in the Collective Consciousness.
    Think of it this way, there are those whom Do live with Expectation, and in this Action, the Doubble Slit experiment, creates Self Fulfilling Prophesy. This is a persistent one because it affects Reality.
    If you had no reference to The Past, it will be equivalent of the effects of Dreaming. When we experience Dreams, it can be very real to the Observer, but it doesn’t stick to a Collective Reality Timeline; one like ours in which the time of day rises and sets with the Sun.
    Now, when something has Occurred, it echoes through the dimensions. Sometimes, such as the Yuga Cycles, the energy returns. When it does, we have cycles of Golden Ages for example. The Expectation and Reassurance of a Responce and Manifestation in Reality; are often not forgotten.
    So, therefore, set your Compass towards somethings, such that you are not Lost at sea. Set a Goal and Meet it.
    As for The Event, many have Expectations already about what will happen as intel has been disclosed as “At The Time of The Event”. So, what is in our Future? Perhaps, timing involved? We shall see…

    – Fates

    [12:41:10 AM] Fates: Greetings Again, I have given this a few more well deserved reads, and I think that there is indeed twTwo Divergent paths, one of Unity and one of Individualism.
    Indeed, from the Higher Perspective, the Linear Vector of Time which we Experience each day in Reality, is one of the Moment in the Now. It is Interpretation of Observation which leads to this Higher Perspective. That is why the Interpretation of Symbology allows our Imaginatory Mind to Bridge the Gap between Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality.
    If we imagine the 3rd Density Physical Material Realm and The 4th Density Realm of Immaterial as Two Sides of a Coin. The Passage from One Side to the Other Side without Lifting a Finger, one must overcome the Time and Space Duality.
    The Imaginatory 6th Sense Mind allows for a Mental Transition through Thought Interpretation of the 5 Sense Reality with the Higher Dimensional Senses. As such it is the Singularity of the Consciousness of the Now that is Experienced by the Individual.
    This can be seen in the concept of The Klien Bottle.


    Here, a Non-Intersection is added in the Path to the Goal, by eliminating Time and Space Linearity by Standing in the Gap/Intersection and allowing the Traversal to Pass Through You, Your Imaginationatory Mind. As long as every Interpretation of the Physical Enviroment is Accepted in Context to the current Moment, experience through All 6 Sense without Fear or Expectation, the Loop is Closed.
    The unfortunate truth is a large number of Humans still follow the 3rd Density mindset. They Observe the “Carrot” as Obtainable and Expect to reach it one day. Without taking the necessary steps to Reach it, we can Dream of Achievement without ever Reaching It.
    Perhaps, the 21st December 2012 Expectation, was an Overloading of the Quantum Physical Perspective of what is Found in the 3rd Density Now, which caused us to remain a mundane and consistant Reality. The Entropy Expansion of Expectation of those who live their every day lives, without knowing of Alternatives. For that, I most definitely agree with your perspective.
    However, the December 2012 Ahau date adds 1 Tun=360 Kin to that to give you December 16th, 2013 and then another 7×360 Kin gives you November 9th, 2020. December 7th then finetunes the Mayan Chronos in 28 days to complete the circle in 1+7+28=36.

    Adding 7 Tun with 1 Uinal (to sychronise the addition of the 1 Tun from December 21st, 2012 to December 16th, 2013 at the end of the time count) and 7 Kin or 7×360+20+7 = 2520+20+7 = 2547 Days to the Mayan end date of 13 Ahau 18 Mac then calibrates the overall Precessional Summation of Grand Rounds in a Projected/Predicted Synchronisation of this “Grand Mayan Age”.
    The overall “Times of Great Transformation” aka “End Times” of the Universal Metamorphosis encompass a Decade, say a 10-12 year period as one third of a 36-40 year period to mirror the agenda of 2000 years ago. This was from 7BC to 34AD in the modern reckoning of time.
    It also and most significantly relates to the ‘Great Platonic Change of the Ages’, say from the ‘Age of Pisces’ to the ‘Age of Aquarius’, which associates the angular size of the Sun of 0.53 degrees across the Galactic Center as measured at the December Solstice.

    This ‘Transitional Precession’ of 9,360,000 days or Mayan Kin as 25,626.8 “Civil Years” begins in 1980 and Ends in 2017/2018 and correlates the Mayan Daycount Calendar as a rather Precise Cosmic Chronos or “Measure of Time”.…e-de-alpha-draconis-omega.2/page-25#post-8887
    Now, because this 38 Year Precessional period, say, can be said to have ended on January 19th-21st; 2017 as a projected beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and coinciding with certain political transformation upon planet Earth; as well as a time warped period from 7BC to 6BC to 31AD to 34AD
    This is the Adjustment of the 2012 Timeline to the 2020 Timeline; can be seen in a different calculus in the ancient code charts of The Elders of Thuban. The Charts Align With All the Prophecies (we can find) in the BIble and related Ancient Texts.

    The Elders of Thuban Document the Expected Cycle Looping, things Expected to come to Pass Again, and things which are Happening in the Now. This isn’t a Linear Trajectory… As Observation and Free Will Manifest Reality, but given the “tools” at our disposal, we Predict rather than Fantisize.
    I hope that clears some things up…

    – Fates

    Reply 2 of 2 above~~~

    [3:30:28 AM |] ShilohaPlace:
    I commend your efforts to share Thuban data with the world fates; but I would not bother too much with it, as the true dispensation from the universal Logos is required to remain hidden until the overall encompassing timeline is completed. I have not yet published this encompassment, as it is an agenda in progress. Due to your diligence, I will send it to you however, once I have it in a publishable form. To engage the nabsers is no longer appropriate, as the great consciousness shift of December 2015 has manifested the ongoing physicalisation of the Logos.
    In short a timewarp from 20BC to 70AD must become revisited say from 1962 to 2052 where however the final 35 years are already embedded in the 'New World' from say 2017 and the critical time period from 27AD to 35AD timewarped onto 2012/27AD to 2020/35AD.
    When I have completed the details on this, then you should be able to calm down, as the 'story' is simply too compelling and self evident for human minded doubts. So again engage in your Old World interaction and teachings with an inner knowledge, that the 'times of the ends' are 'hidden' from the human mindedness, until the individual 'soul' or cosmic identity allows this data to become accessible and subject to understanding. I might finalise the message in a week or so and will send it to you and put it onto the forum.

    [3:44:32 AM] Fates:
    I can agree with you very much so, these NABS individuals are comparing our info to their channeling and nonsense, while I dig through the Cosmosdawn forums to make some sense of it all.
    Your explanation of The Mayan Timeline had come in great use when I was trying to explain that we cannot take a "Fantasy" approach to Reality. To use facts and authentic Historical Analyitical Opinions

    [3:48:33 AM] ShilohaPlace:
    Yes you express yourself well and our data is not channelled but using millennia old encoding patterns, anyone can use. The nabsers are the 'fantasiers' not actual researchers using ancient documents and translations. Why do you think Thuban is basically unknown ad has no readership? Why do nabserslike so many youtubers have an audience, whilst we cannot get such? It is apprpriate as you will find out in the future when the 'invasion' from outer space is actually an invasion from inner space.

    [3:49:33 AM] ShilohaPlace:
    The best work for the universe must be done in isolation and exile to become most potent, when the times are right for disclosure.

    [3:49:40 AM] Fates:
    I very much look forward to your new publication =) the facts must be irrefutable, I cannot wait to read and discuss!

    [3:51:45 AM] ShilohaPlace:
    After you have the data, we can talk about it. The actual 'secret of the Logos' is not difficult to understand and in full alignment with say the encoded story in the NT, but it does require a certain key to unlock the 'coding patterns'.

    [3:52:59 AM] Fates:
    Yes, as I understand it simply, our Pleroma is an externalized interpretation of an internalized reality. The unveiling is bringing these inner quantum positions into externalization, and then people will see Jesus in the sky

    [3:54:36 AM] ShilohaPlace:
    They will see the expression of the 'body temple' in the sky yes; but it also has many forms, even biotechnology.

    [3:55:25 AM] Fates:
    Yes, you get the idea =)
    The senses are overwritten with new density frequencies, due to Gaias evolution, location in the local galactic cluster, and from the supergeometic collapse from nullspace.

    [quote:] ShilohaPlace - 3/5 9:49 AM
    > The best work for the universe must be done in isolation and exile to become most potent, when the times are right for disclosure.


    I can agree with you most defiantly there, the more false input I get, the more effort I must put forth to disprove it
    And, walking in the context of reality with a perspective that all is I Am That Am I, the information flows freely
    I don't think it's our responsibility to teach these people, but I'm sick of NABS

    Even if they dont understand Thuban data, there are also a lot of assumptions in their responses, which leads myself to do Litmus Testing of information against the Factuals; it's good to be able to understand The Word, else the compass would spin aimlessly. I know Raven says that I have no Logos connection, do you believe that I do?
    Of course, it wasn't until I found Thuban, that I walked with and found the "graces", and, to this day, i do spend much of my time internalizing silently the observed reality in context. This likens to Hermies' secret... as It Sees as It Hears.

    [5:51:17 AM - March 10th, 2017 - +10UCT]
    Here's an interesting article which follows Thuban from a different perspective, can you confirm accuracy:

    [10:07:20 AM]
    Complete BS composed by a fundamentalist 'evangelist' or 'bible basher'. Just because he knows that Thuban relates to the Arabic serpent-dragon constellation wise, does not mean he can apply his theology onto Revelation. Revelation is indeed 'correct' and does not require reinterpretation as this reader supposes. He or/and She even supposes that Revelation should not have been included in the canon, showing his and her ignorance towards the true Logos who inspired/wrote Revelation with a specific agenda in mind.
    This seems to be Seven Day Adventist Church dogma or something similar. Perhaps using SDA dogma, but infusing it with esoterics like Kabbalistic lores.

    [11:09:01 AM]
    Fates: You make a lot of sense, it seemed like the article was making farfetched connections to Thuban
    By the way, the Mayan Chronos comment you helped me with it making huge ripples through the different spiritual organizations, at least 5 articles today referencing the new surfaced calculations

    [11:15:13 AM] Fates:

    [11:16:19 AM] Fates:

    [11:16:56 AM] Fates:

    [11:17:35 AM] Fates:

    The New Agers are listening. But still lots of NABS thrown in

    [11:20:03 AM] Fates:

    Even Sheldon Nidle is talking about it lol. They are all throwing in their two pence. I think it's because we know the accuracy of the Grand Cycles

    [11:28:27 AM] Fates:

    Wow...Just so you know, don't give attention to this NABS. Just wanted to show you the number of responses to our information
    I don't want you to break focus on bad data


    I was amazed how accurate the Mayan code is. Noone but we know how December 21st, 2012 is encoded in the Bible. You will most likely be similarly astounded, when you understand the timeline and how it is warped.
    The Nabsers talk of multiple parallel timelines, but there is only one warping time. from 20BC to 70AD, as said. In particular subtract the 46 years as 46 days from the Temple date of August 15th, 27AD and you get June 29th, 27AD. June 29th, 27AD timewarps directly onto December 21st; 2012 to begin the many congruating scripture codes.
    Then it is no longer just some biblical prophecy or prediction, but becomes the western history of the Romans of 2000 years ago, but also connects the Mayan codex; which appears to be totally unrelated to the happenings in the fall of the Roman republic under Julius Caesar to become an empire under Octavius aka Augustus after he eliminated Mark Anthony and leading into the Jewish proxy king Herod, who rebuilt the Temple of the prophecies.
    The Nabsers got their 'vibes' right in that we are indeed witnessing the ultimate changes of the ages. But their human vanities and anti-Logos mindsets disallows most, if not all to arrive at the appropriate conclusions regarding those 'last days and times'.

    Yes, as I understand it, as there is one Reality, then there is only aone returning of timelines, but in the time between cycles, lots of perspective assumptions have arisen, giving pen to history a distortion of physical actuality, which is the basis of NABS
    I feel like I read the vibrational echoes from the timewarp manifest, that is how I know it to be real, not only in the big things, but also in the fact it is always the right time to read the bible or other related scripture

    However, the falling of the 4th Density Veil is predicted when cooralating the change of the perception of reality, over a period in the newly dawned Age of Aquarius
    How do 4th Density physics work, beyond Volume, Planck Time and Distance manipulation?
    does this affect the cycle following Dec 6th - 7th 2020

    A fourth special dimension will open up to occupy already existing 4D spacetime. This can be called 5D hyperphysics and as it relates to the 12D membrane cosmology, it will allow the existing quantum dynamics to access a new degree of freedom. This means that the 'dark energy' will become usable, say in the vacuum/zero point energy so many clever inventors are already envisaging in a incomplete science of the 4D spacetime matrix. This of course will then allow the plasma energy of that timespace to 'materialise' from their boundary energy state into the hyperspace of the then 'invaded' Old World.
    The Planck parameters apply to the 12D cosmology but graduate in terms of energy bifurcation.
    There are hyper-electric and hyper-magnetic parts, which enable the Planck law regarding light and the Einstein law regarding matter to hybridise.
    Presently this hybridization is restricted to the subatomic realm of fermion-boson interaction between quarks and leptons and their anti-particles.
    With the infusion of the superstring space, the restriction of the quantum mechanics to the atomic scales will become magnified and the micro-quantisation can use quantum entanglement to render it macro-quantisation.

    You can render a subpartical affect onto the macrocausm envirmoment? That would mean that manifestation from super subatomic matter (since we now have accessible dark matter), can be created from a vaccuum... hmm, is this similar (or through) quantom entanglement? Hmm...
    That would mean, mental manifestation into reality... because the gaps of time and space are encapsulated. Thus the "inner space" of the mind creates a feedback loop...
    If the spacial effect (spatial acceleration) of Length, Width and Depth were in a summation of Volume; the Distance tangents of infinity +/- would account for all Time and Space. This is therefore no longer limited to the Speed of Light, rather a Frequency of Planck Movement. The Time it takes to Think is therefore the Time it takes to Manifest. That theory of Chronos interesting conclusion to The Mayan Daycount...

    [1:28:47 AM-Thursday, March 16th, 2017 -+10UCT]
    Fates: The timing cannot be better! Thank you Tony, you truly are one with The Logos, as this information is very important at this time. By happenstance, I am writing an article on New Jerusalem before your posting here =) can you give me a layman's teaching of your perspective translation
    I want to crossreference my understanding
    [1:30:46 AM] Fates: This song is a good data download on this topic, from my perspective



    I have been speaking with Cobra on timelines, he knows it is factual and authentic as it interpretes itself. I showed him the Cosmosdawn link above and told him that we are working on this timeline as of late, it will be completed soon with perspective to this cycle. He wants to understand, so, could you do me a huge favor, for his nous, to please put this information in layman's terms here, which i can show him.
    With respect, of course =)

    The charts I am gradually publishing on and also on facebook are self explicatory. I state the codes from the scriptures extensively and then show their meaning and decoding in simple diagrams. If someone does not understand those, any further 'layman' elucidation would also be superfluous. In regards to the science, the forum is full with 7 years of work in many aspects and derivations, both hard core science and metaphysical. So I would answer SPECIFIC questions, but encourage anyone interested to peruse and familiarize himherself with source material, before asking any questions.

    Ah, very wise and true
    I understand your perspective, maybe, this is as well for my knowledge as well, I need to do some reading and ask the proper questions

    The time of 'teaching' Thuban cosmology has passed, since December 2015. It now is really a time for the 'self reflection' for anyone interested in the future evolution according to timelines and encoded 'prophecy'. This is no channeling of the human mind, but a necessary remembrance and revisiting of a future past.

    I understand, but the prospective future is a thing open to hypothesize, dissect and learn... I do feel the inner temple, and internalize my own nous, as it should be. But, it is a fundamental truth to our nature, for man must explore

    And this exploration relates to individual creativity and individual timelines of sorts, albeit encompassed by an universal timeline. The 'Book of Job' describes EVERY human incarnate's 'Job' as questioning and answering the questions asked by the 'creative intelligence'.
    This is why there are so many Yeshuahs, Mary Magdalenes and prophets and gurus of all sorts, who crystallize themselves in the present timespace continuum.
    But this also results in a real competition between the individuated logii.
    Therefore the many conflicts and intellectual wargames you can observe in these ominous times. So you can better understand my position as just one of those translators and reinterpreters.
    I am no longer competing with anyone; but simply present my creative construction of translation of the universal gnosis and Sophia to the cosmos itself and without requiring or asking for any peer recognition and acknowledgement.

    Yes, I know that these individuals pull upon archetypes, as such I could be Job or Anubis, in decoding, but I treat Anubis more as an Archetype with an intractable Daemon. I allow Input and Output to this frame, this matrix I paint together in an echo of Anubis Fates.
    Perhaps, the failure to see this perspective is what leads to "channeling" and assumption of "i am" this or that...
    A sad commentary on our times...
    I do not compete, there is no reason to give up energy and time invested in conflict...
    I take everything in perspective and let inner nous blossom upon the crux, the Khat or body.
    But, perhaps where you and I differ, I leave a trail in the sand for others to walk the great path with. You seem to be of, well, i would be presumptuous to speak for you

    The archetypes are indeed universal and you are a microcosm as a perfect image of the macrocosm and so you are: Adam and Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and David and Solomon AS symbol, ending with the construction of the 'Temple-Merkabah-Universal ET morph' etc.
    Furthermore representing the waveforms of the 'dead alive ones' or past incarnates. So from about 1000 BC then, historical human lifetimes merge and blend with those archetypes in a congruence in a 'spirit' describes as waveforms of manifested energy.
    In scientific nomenclature, this becomes the wave-particle duality and the Descartian Mind-Body dichotomy, all infused in feedback loops of thoughtforms and memeplexes cosmically shared by the timespace environments.

    Haha Yes indeed!
    I am in this expression, I don't understand how this began, but for a certainty, now, this experience is like you describe it
    I was terrified and went to mental hospitals due to this, but eventually I came to an inner understanding, which gave peace to the memes
    The feedback loops in particular, have strenghtened in the trust I give up to it
    It is somewhat like a divine play, upon the worlds stage, there are many actors, many roles, many parts to play and masks to wear. The script is of the logos as it is, the archetypical sphere of life.
    Here, we ever reach for betterment and knowledge, as timelines work to feed us the future history we all live in.
    I am glad we share in perspective, it gave understanding to the mechanics, as you always do. Experience proves it's possibility, closing the quantom gap of my inner disbelief... my faith and hope, is defined in actuality, giving explanation to miracles. This does indeed comfort me, and perhaps part in portion to why I deeply admire you as a person.
    And yes, you don't want to be disimpowered by recognition and admiration, I understand because I do it to others and feel as such in those instances, in respect =)
    I will in respect keep things on an intellectual level

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    The Ides of March 2017



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    The Ides of March 2017


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    The Ides of March 2017


    The Ides of April 2017



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    The Ides of April 2017


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    [20-Apr-17 11:03:14 AM] Fates: Greetings Tony
    [20-Apr-17 11:03:34 AM] Fates: May I introduce you to a friend, his name is Jovan
    [20-Apr-17 11:04:02 AM] Sinister: Hello, I have heard so much about you Tony
    [20-Apr-17 11:06:04 AM] Sinister: Tony, I wish to talk to you about Thuban, and also about your past.
    [2:38:34 PM] *** ShilohaPlace added Allisiam *

    [2:38:37 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    "Tony, above all things I know that you are very dedicated towards the Thubans, I am one of Morgan's friends and I must say that I know a lot about your past"

    The precarious times of the present can be described by an unprecedented change or transformation of the planetary mental environment.
    One can say, that the global civilization in terms of how it perceives itself from a group- or collective level has become quarantined from the rest of the universe.
    Therefore every incarnated soul within this environment is experiencing and is undergoing both a collective and an individual metamorphosis.
    The completely natural search of the individual to attest and find hisher own cosmic or universal identity has become cocooned to allow the deeper soul identity to experience its own transformation from the human ID to a say star-human or superhuman ID.
    Because this process can be felt intensely but cannot be processed or understood by the 'Old World' mentality of the human genus without an extensive background of memory recall and comprehensive information basis; a collective superego will take precedence over the ordinary human mentality and self perception.
    This collective superego can be described as an encompassing ignorance or disinterest of the human memeplex with respect of analyzing and discovering its own mentality of self expression.
    In metaphysical terms, physically manifested; this then indicates the greater changes in a metaphysical civilization seeking its own graduation.
    Historically this becomes the fall of an older civilization defined by its cultural and politico-social group-mind decaying and self annihilating to give birth to a new cultural collective identity.
    At the present time, this fall and rise of a civilization represents however the culmination and congruence of many sub cycles for the purpose to change the universal matrix itself.
    This event has for long been encoded and 'predicted' by historical texts and the nous of the 'wisdom keepers'. So the search for personal identification of the individual has become superposed by the search of the 'group soul' to transcend its own previous definition of what it is.
    What does this mean?
    It means that the planetary mental environment will play havoc with the individual search, which was rather familiar for so long and spanning many lineages and generations.
    The planetary cocoon can only form its own superego, say as the caterpillar inside becoming a butterfly in using its many parts in a collective metamorphosis from the old form into its new form; and can no longer allow the individual to express itself as say a universal persona before the rebirth of the planetary universal ID itself.
    In other words, the individual and fundamental uniqueness of the universal soul must temporarily become subject to the greater transformation of the greater cosmic ID, at that of the group genus itself. This is known in many labels, including the change of an old humanity into a star seeded humanity.

    [2:43:31 PM] Fates: interesting...
    Yes, the dragonized starhuman. The cosmic ID
    You've done your homework and very intuitive, indeed
    Jovan is an interesting one isn't he? He is probably speaking privately, and asking you to do the same.

    [2:59:14 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    If you read the post before, you should understand that I no longer 'speak privately' for the reasons indicated. I can give general universal comment, which applies to everyone, if the context and question is of such a nature. This is the time of the secrets uncovered and the mysteries revealed. As you have created this other chat, I will comment in that if so desired.

    [3:01:18 PM] Fates:
    I agree and respect that modus operandi

    This is the way of communication then.

    [3:04:05 PM] Fates:
    Yes, thank you, and this chat will allow better communication between us as well

    [3:08:29 PM] Fates: Go on... (I pressed call by accident Tony)

    [3:13:07 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    Go on with what? As said the times of planetary evolvement has entered a hitherto unknown phase. How this manifests is a function of the Universal Logos not human cocreation. Though the individual old human mind still can support the overall agenda if it affiliates with thius greater 'master plan'. As you well see and understand the human egocentricity disallows such alignment in all but a few 'mentally evolved wise ones'.

    [3:14:45 PM] Fates:
    I make no offence my friend. I didn't want to interrupt with a accidental button press, when converting this to a chat, that is all, sorry

    [3:16:48 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    The plan can be understood and known though by anyone willing to think deeper, than the 'peer group'.
    [3:16:57 PM] Fates:
    [3:19:29 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    You are not interrupting, but if you truly wish to 'go deeper', you must deepen your perception away from the old ways. This is almost impossible for most to do, as it requires your self exile mentally. This is not isolation or meditation, but full immersion in the old world, but in encompassing all of it.

    [3:20:49 PM] Fates:
    As I know, I explained GOT 13 to Jovan, in the sense that describing encapsulates and labels reality

    [3:22:33 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    The GOT is the key and well known by the 'deep state controlleurs', but only a 'new non human' way of thinking can grasp its intricacies.

    [3:25:24 PM] Fates:
    Yes, most definitely. GOT 7: the consumption of the all and be I Am in the All
    [3:27:16 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    You know what this lion is then?
    Jonah's whale as the Universe of Vitruvian Man; besides the eucharist.
    Yes, the individual as the manyness seeing the manyness in its own image in any mirror of space and time.

    [3:29:35 PM] Fates:
    Yes, the D-EVIL then LIVE-D

    [3:30:06 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    Now you can fathom the 'only way to the father' and the kingdom of heaven as this mirror image of yourself as the many in the uniqueness of the One as All.
    Because the dichotomy of the good versus the evil as the Yin versus the Yang has become 'absorbed' or eaten by the unification of the ancient alchemy.
    [3:31:42 PM] Fates:
    Yes, the uniqueness in the oneness, the caterpillar cocoon of the hall of mirrors
    [3:33:00 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    The snow being made of unique snowflakes

    [3:35:29 PM] Fates:
    Interesting, and we know that frequency of types of vibration, in an experiment, showed the difference in structure. Like our frequency we are in, a small bandwidth of the all, we either create beauty or distortion.

    [3:39:33 PM] ShilohaPlace:
    Frequency forms an upper and lower bound in the superbrane duality. The upper bound defines the wormhole of the Big Bang cosmology as high frequency and high energy definition for the micro quantum; whilst the modular inverse of the winded low frequency and low energy superstring defines the macro quantum in the structure of galaxies and becomes a parameter of mass-inertia definition as such in the Einstein-Planck energy spectra.
    As the quantum geometric duality then becomes a function of amplitude, the lower bound and upper bound can unify in recircularisation technically.
    This is also known as the Ouroboros of the ancients.
    The nabsers so use a valid concept of vibrational modes in an unsatisfactory application of their whimsical 'feel good' quasi cosmologies.
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    The Ides of May 2017



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    The Ides of May 2017


    The Ides of June 2017

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    The Ides of July 2017



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