The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

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    empty. The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 10:45 am
    NY Times: “Non-Muslim extremists” more lethal than jihadis

    December 5, 2015 9:02 am By Robert Spencer 139 Comments

    This graph appears in the New York Times story “What Investigators Know About the San Bernardino Shooting,” December 4, 2015:


    The entire purpose of this graph, and of the survey it illustrates, is to downplay the Islamic jihad threat. For some unknown reason, the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media have made one of their chief aims the exoneration of Islam. Their goal is that, even as the jihadi death toll mounts, no one has a negative view of The Religion of Peace.

    This graph is ridiculous for five reasons:

    • 1. It begins after 9/11. Including nearly 3,000 jihad deaths on 9/11 would make it look significantly different.
    • 2. It does not include foiled plots, which also would make the jihadi line dwarf the non-jihadi line.
    • 3. It does not include the global component of the problem. There is a global jihad. Jihadis have murdered people all over the world. There is no global “right-wing extremist,” “white male Christian” threat.
    • 4. It ignores the fact that a minuscule part of the U.S. population — Muslims — is responsible for around half of the successful attacks.
    • 5. It lumps together shootings by clearly deranged people such as James Holmes with those of other deranged people who seem to have some ideology, such as Adam Lanza, to create the impression that there is some ideological movement and threat equivalent to that of Islamic jihad.

    The mainstream media is no longer in any sense a news source. It is a propaganda arm for those who want you to think Islam is wonderful.

    Several days ago I was contacted by NPR for a show hosted by Warren Olney and also joined by Peter Bergen and Frank Rich, on “the San Bernardino mass shooting and the impact on Americans who according to the latest Quinnipiac poll feel that homegrown terrorists are America’s biggest threat. Will this increase gun sales and anti Muslim sentiment?”

    I was extremely surprised to be asked, since usually only one point of view is allowed on NPR. The producer called me to talk over the issue and I soon realized that she wanted me to be the foil on the show, the ranting right-winger countered by cool and knowledgeable leftists.

    I explained to her why “Islamophobia” was a propaganda concept and why concern about the refugees was not racism and xenophobia.
    She seemed surprised that I wasn’t a ranting, frothing-at-the-mouth bigot, and I in turn wasn’t at all surprised when I got the email saying they didn’t want me on the show after all, as they had “decided to go in a different direction.”

    Reasonable arguments for resisting jihad and opposing a massive influx of Muslim refugees are not allowed on NPR, or anywhere else in the mainstream media.

    Islamic State jihad suicide bombers murder 27 on island in Lake Chad
    SB jihad murderer pledged allegiance

    Toby says
    December 5, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Whoever created this graph is an absolute fool. Even after the obvious attempts to distort the figures such as ignoring 9/11 and lumping all non-muslim attacks into a single bucket there is only 1 logical conclusion to draw from the data: 1% of the population has murdered the same number of people as the remaining 99%.
    The fool puffs out his chest showing how tolerant and diverse he is, not realising that he has just demonstrated how dangerous Muslims are in the community.

    If a single breed of dog that made up 1% of dogs in the US was responsible for half the attacks on people it would rightly be declared a dangerous breed.

    If a brand of car that made up 1% of cars on US roads was responsible for half the car crash deaths the NYT would be screaming for it to be banned and for the car company executives to be charged.
    When 1% of the population commits half the attacks it’s somehow proof that they are good people just like us. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

    March 5, 2012
    Andrew Breitbart for the Offense

    By Robert Spencer

    Among the many things that made Andrew Breitbart a great man was that he played offense. Most of the time warriors for freedom find themselves playing defense. Instead, we should follow Breitbart's example.

    So many, many times I have been speaking at anti-jihad events and heard other speakers saying, "We are not racists, we are not bigots, we are not Islamophobes..." This is an understandable impulse: to counter the leftist/Islamic supremacist charges that smear and defame decent people who are trying to defend their freedoms and way of life. But at the same, it is playing on their field, allowing the foes of freedom to set the terms of the debate. Breitbart never did that.
    We have allowed the jihadists and Islamic supremacists, and their leftist allies, to put us on the defensive. We're always apologizing, tacitly accepting their narrative and responding to them in the parameters they set up. Even worse, many even among the anti-jihadists eagerly throw their colleagues under the bus -- those colleagues whom the left and the Islamic supremacists have started to zero in on. They're the ones we should be standing up for the most resolutely, for they are drawing fire because they are effective.

    Instead of bowing and scraping to the Islamic supremacists and feebly protesting that we're not really racists and hatemongers and all the other calumnies and canards they throw at us, we should be taking the fight to them, and standing up and saying, "You are fronting for the most oppressive ideology on the face of the earth. You are fronting for evil. You are carrying water and running interference for the denial of free speech, the denial of the freedom of conscience, the institutionalized oppression of women, the subjugation of non-Muslims, and worse. You're fronting for stonings, amputations, the murder of apostates, the treatment of women as possessions of men, the madness and senseless violence that we see in this furor over the Quran-burnings, and more. You shout us down on campuses and do everything you can to make sure we are not heard in the public square. And you call us fascists? You are the quintessence of fascism."
    And we should note that even their charges against us are a mere diversionary tactic, designed to frighten people of goodwill away from our message and to divert attention away from the reality of jihad and Islamic supremacism. And that they demonstrate the bankruptcy of their position by heaping abuse on us instead of answering our arguments, which in fact they cannot answer.

    Andrew Breitbart was never defensive. He called the left out for its hypocrisy, its thuggery, its totalitarian impulses, its self-contradictions and inconsistency, its naked hatred. That's why they hated and feared him so.
    We should be hated and feared by the enemies of freedom. We should never bow to them, never apologize to them, never play the game they want us to play. Their hate is a badge of honor. Their fury and abuse are signs of our effectiveness. The people on the right whom the left love most are those who gore their oxen the least. These soft conservatives don't dare upset politically correct pieties. They wouldn't dream of challenging our government and law enforcement officials to stop peddling soothing falsehoods about the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, or of calling the Muslim community in the U.S. to account for the 80% of mosques that teach jihad and hatred of infidels, and for the Muslim Brotherhood ties of major Islamic groups in this country. Instead, they peddle the same false narrative, spending their time retailing crowd-pleasing fictions about the vast majority of moderate Muslims who are proudly American and accept constitutional freedoms, and whose vocal and vociferous and active support for anti-terror measures is no doubt right around the corner.

    This is a false hope. Ten years after 9/11, and we are still waiting for this large cadre of moderate Muslims to begin fighting against their violent and supremacist coreligionists. And twenty years after 9/11, we will still be waiting.
    It is time to give up false hopes and stop playing defense against the Islamic supremacists and the left. That is Andrew Breitbart's lesson, and his legacy. May we all emulate him, and may his memory be eternal.

    Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

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    400-28. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 11:04 am

    Machete-wielding Muslim slashes man’s throat in London tube station

    December 5, 2015 6:11 pm By Robert Spencer 64 Comments

    We shall see once again in the coverage of this incident that the one thing the UK government and media will want you to know about it is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, and that Muslims in the UK fear an “Islamophobic” backlash.

    “BREAKING: Machete ‘Syria revenge’ stabbing in London now treated as TERROR attack,” by Alix Culbertson, Express, December 5, 2015:

    A man was stabbed in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station this evening by another man who witnesses say shouted “This is for Syria” as he slashed his throat.
    Another three are thought to have been injured.
    The Met Police said its counter-terrorism command unit is now investigating the incident.

    Police said they used a taser on the suspect as he threatened others with a knife, before they managed to arrest him.
    The victim was rushed to hospital in a serious condition with multiple stab wounds, paramedics said.
    Frightened witnesses described how their normal Saturday night-out turned into a horror show.

    One said the victim was an “elderly” man with a younger female family member while another said the man had a long knife, which looked like a machete.
    A video taken by another witness shows a big pool of blood just outside the ticket barrier as police confront the attacker, then taser him before putting handcuffs on him and arresting him.
    One witness, who did not want to be named, said: “So as I was going to Leytonstone station was dressed to go to Christmas dinner with people from work.
    “As I walked down I just saw a lot of people running but I ignored it and kept walking to get my train, but suddenly what I saw I couldn’t believe my eyes and what I saw was I guy with a knife and a dead guy on the floor.
    “I was so scared I ran for my life. After good 10-15 police came and got the guy and arrested him.

    “And as he was coming out this is what he said “This is what happens when you f*** with mother Syria all of your blood will be spilled”.”

    Evitri Payet said fellow witnesses were shouting at the suspect: “You’re not Muslim.” …

    Yes, he ceased being Muslim the moment he did something that made Islam look bad.

    SB jihadi to Christian coworker: "Christians and Jews deserve to die"
    Islamic State jihad suicide bombers murder 27 on island in Lake Chad

    SB jihadi to Christian coworker: “Christians and Jews deserve to die”

    December 5, 2015 7:29 pm By Robert Spencer

    Farook also threatened Nicholas Thalasinos, whom he eventually murdered. A friend of the victim recounted:

    The islamic terrorist who took the Life of my friend & bro in Christ, Nicholas Thalasinos, on yesterday in San Bernadino, CA, had been threatening him, telling him that islam will rule the world, Christians and Jews deserve to die; and that he (Nicholas) was going to die.
    But, they aren’t reporting that in the “news” …
    I wonder why …

    Did Thalasinos report these threats to police? If so, what did they do — ascribe Thalasinos’ concerns to “Islamophobia”? Or did he not report them, and if not, did he fear charges of “racism”?

    Farook told a Jewish coworker: “You will never see Israel.”

    Thanks to Pamela Geller for the video and all links.

    Islamocritical ex-Congressman to Atty General: "Prosecute me. I dare you."
    Machete-wielding Muslim slashes man's throat in London tube station

    Shiloh Za-RaH empty.

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!

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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 5:36 am

    NY Daily News’ Linda Stasi justifies SB jihad murders, says victim was “male equivalent of Pamela Geller”
    December 6, 2015 12:39 pm By Robert Spencer

    The mainstream media has for years been in the business of justifying jihad terror and demonizing those who oppose it, but this piece reaches an appalling new low. Linda Stasi here portrays jihad murderer Syed Rizwan Farook and his victim Nicholas Thalasinos as two sides of the same coin: “Make no mistake, as disgusting and deservedly dead as the hate-filled fanatical Muslim killers were, Thalasinos was also a hate-filled bigot.”
    Her equivalence founders, of course, on the simple and titanic fact that Farook was a mass murderer, while Thalasinos was never going to kill anyone. But in her madness to justify the San Bernardino jihad murders, Stasi doesn’t bother to mention that.

    “One man, the Muslim, was a loser who had to travel all the way to Pakistan to get himself an email bride. (I refuse to add to their fame by using the killer and his murderous wife’s names.)” But she doesn’t hesitate to defecate on the memory of the man Farook murdered, Nicholas Thalasinos. And Thalasinos isn’t the only one Stasi defames: “The killer, however, became half of an Islamic Bonnie & Clyde, while the other died as the male equivalent of Pamela Geller.”
    Why does Stasi believe that Pamela Geller is a hate-filled bigot, the equivalent of Syed Rizwan Farook? Because she has put her life on the line calling attention to and opposing the Islamic hatred and bloodlust that leads to the San Bernardino jihad murders and other jihad mass murders. If Pamela Geller’s warnings had been heeded, Nicholas Thalasinos and the other San Bernardino victims might be alive today. But they were not heeded, because of the relentless demonization that has been carried out for years against her, and continues to be, by people like Linda Stasi and her accomplices in the mainstream media.

    By spitting on the dead and the one person leading the resistance to jihad terror, Linda Stasi is only perpetuating the environment that enabled the San Bernardino jihad attack to happen. The next time there is a jihad mass murder on American soil, Linda Stasi should stand up and take a bow — and if there is a “right-winger” among the dead, she can run another victory lap like this one.

    What a vile human being
    “Stasi: San Bernardino killers were radical, ISIS-loving monsters — but one of their victims was just as bigoted,” by Linda Stasi, New York Daily News, December 5, 2015:

    They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage.
    One man spent his free time writing frightening, NRA-loving, hate-filled screeds on Facebook about the other’s religion.
    The other man quietly stewed and brewed his bigotry, collecting the kind of arsenal that the Facebook poster would have envied.
    What they didn’t realize is that except for their different religions they were in many ways similar men who even had the same job.
    One man, the Muslim, was a loser who had to travel all the way to Pakistan to get himself an email bride. (I refuse to add to their fame by using the killer and his murderous wife’s names.)
    That wife radicalized him and fueled his hatred. The FBI is investigating her ties to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Go to the Middle East, meet your new wife, meet some terror leaders, begin your wedded bliss back in the USA.
    The other man, the victim, Nicholas Thalasinos, was a radical Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew, who also connected with his future wife online and had traveled across the country to meet her.
    The killer, however, became half of an Islamic Bonnie & Clyde, while the other died as the male equivalent of Pamela Geller.
    The killers deserve every disgusting adjective thrown at them. And more.
    But the victim is also inaccurately being eulogized as a kind and loving religious man.
    Make no mistake, as disgusting and deservedly dead as the hate-filled fanatical Muslim killers were, Thalasinos was also a hate-filled bigot. Death can’t change that. But in the U.S., we don’t die for speaking our minds. Or we’re not supposed to anyway.
    Thalasinos was an anti-government, anti-Islam, pro-NRA, rabidly anti-Planned Parenthood kinda guy, who posted that it would be “Freaking Awesome” if hateful Ann Coulter was named head of Homeland Security.
    He asked, “IS
    3. EVERY POLITICIAN IS RACIST AGAINST JEWS?” He also posted screeds like, “You can stick your Muslim Million Man march up your asses,” and how “Hashem” should blow up Iran.

    His Facebook page warns that “Without HEALTHY PREGNANT WOMAN (Democrats) would have NO SOURCE of BABIES to SACRIFICE and SELL!”
    We have freedom of speech but even so, a city worker should refrain from such public bigotry. Municipal workers have been fired for spewing and posting racial and sexual slurs.
    On the other side, the killer and his Jihad-loving Pakistani wife were keeping their hatred quiet, while legally assembling an arsenal of assault weapons, 7,000 rounds of ammo, and illegally making 15 pipe bombs under their neighbors’ noses.
    Whatever spurred the carnage, the end result was the murder and maiming of innocent people enjoying a holiday party.
    Keeping an arsenal is a protected right, but using the term, “Christmas” party? Now that could be trouble.​

    Robert Spencer in Italy's Libero: "Occidente remissivo fino al suicidio"
    Hamas-linked CAIR official giving active shooter training in Florida mosques

    gravenimage says
    December 6, 2015 at 6:21 pm
    NY Daily News’ Linda Stasi justifies SB jihad murders, says victim was “male equivalent of Pamela Geller”
    Even by the standards of the MSM, this is *utterly appalling*.
    It also implies that Pamela Geller deserves to be murdered–even though she has never advocated violence, any more than did these Jihad’s victim Nicholas Thalasinos. This is not just morally repulsive, it is also highly irresponsible.
    It also does not explain, if Thalasinos was supposedly the only intended victim, that these mass murderers managed to slaughter thirteen other people, while wounding many more. Why would they dress as commandos, arm themselves with automatic weapons, and have a home full of IEDs if they just intended to kill one unarmed “hate-filled bigot”?
    This is simply grotesque, and more of a red herring than the meme that this was just about poor gun control–something else the MSM is flogging right now. But more to the point, it is many times more sickening. This man had hurt no one–and now Stasi is blaming him for his own murder–and by implication the murder of his friends and coworkers.

    Here are all the victims who were murdered:

    Note that among the victims is an Iranian Christian, Bennetta Bet-Badal, who fled Iran after the Islamic revolution there to escape the persecution of Christians at the hands of devout Mohammedans. That she was then murdered by ravening Muslim Jihadists in the place she fled to for sanctuary is especially appalling.
    Please note there is a link in the article where you can donate to her children through a GoFundMe account. There is another account for another of the victim’s children, as well.

    The mainstream media has for years been in the business of justifying jihad terror and demonizing those who oppose it, but this piece reaches an appalling new low. Linda Stasi here portrays jihad murderer Syed Rizwan Farook and his victim Nicholas Thalasinos as two sides of the same coin: “Make no mistake, as disgusting and deservedly dead as the hate-filled fanatical Muslim killers were, Thalasinos was also a hate-filled bigot.”
    Her equivalence founders, of course, on the simple and titanic fact that Farook was a mass murderer, while Thalasinos was never going to kill anyone. But in her madness to justify the San Bernardino jihad murders, Stasi doesn’t bother to mention that.
    *Sickening* false moral equivalence.
    She says, “But the victim is also inaccurately being eulogized as a kind and loving religious man”–even though there is no reason to suppose he was anything but. She sneers at his being “a radical Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew”.
    His “crime” was supporting Israel–and for daring to consider the attacks of 9/11 a bad thing.
    The NY Daily News article features a large photo of Thalasinos and his wife on their wedding day–and then goes on to identify *the victim* as the cause of the murders.
    One can only imagine the additional pain this is causing Nicholas’s grieving widow, Jennifer.
    Stasi *has no shame*.
    “One man, the Muslim, was a loser who had to travel all the way to Pakistan to get himself an email bride. (I refuse to add to their fame by using the killer and his murderous wife’s names.)” But she doesn’t hesitate to defecate on the memory of the man Farook murdered, Nicholas Thalasinos. And Thalasinos isn’t the only one Stasi defames: “The killer, however, became half of an Islamic Bonnie & Clyde, while the other died as the male equivalent of Pamela Geller.”
    She won’t name the Jihad killers, but is happy to defame Nicholas Talasinos? *Horrifying*.
    Also, referring to Farook as a “loser” who couldn’t find any woman to marry him her is ridiculous. He was a reasonably good looking man, and he made $71,000 a year and had a skilled job with good security.

    The reason he went to Dar-al-Islam was not to find a nice girl, but to find a dedicated Muslimah who would wage violent Jihad with him.
    Why does Stasi believe that Pamela Geller is a hate-filled bigot, the equivalent of Syed Rizwan Farook? Because she has put her life on the line calling attention to and opposing the Islamic hatred and bloodlust that leads to the San Bernardino jihad murders and other jihad mass murders. If Pamela Geller’s warnings had been heeded, Nicholas Thalasinos and the other San Bernardino victims might be alive today. But they were not heeded, because of the relentless demonization that has been carried out for years against her, and continues to be, by people like Linda Stasi and her accomplices in the mainstream media.
    Yes–it is not just that Pamela Geller is ‘not as bad’ as Farook and his homicidal bride–it is that she is a heroine who stands against the evil ideology that perpetrated this horrifying Jihad mass murder.
    That makes this calumny all the more repellent.

    By spitting on the dead and the one person leading the resistance to jihad terror, Linda Stasi is only perpetuating the environment that enabled the San Bernardino jihad attack to happen. The next time there is a jihad mass murder on American soil, Linda Stasi should stand up and take a bow — and if there is a “right-winger” among the dead, she can run another victory lap like this one.
    What a vile human being
    Indeed so.
    And she spends more time endlessly defaming the victim on her Twitter feed:

    Pamela Geller: If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban ‘Violent Talk,’ She Should Ban the Quran

    December 6, 2015 2:40 pm By Robert Spencer 39 Comments
    Plain and simple truths that few people dare acknowledge (and none of those few are in the Washington establishment).


    “Pamela Geller: If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban ‘Violent Talk,’ She Should Ban the Quran,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart, December 5, 2015:

    In the wake of the San Bernardino jihad slaughter, Obama’s jihad denial took a malevolent and tyrannical turn. The day after a horrific ISIS rampage, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, pledged to an Islamic supremacist lobbying group that she would prosecute anyone who used “anti-Muslim” rhetoric.
    Lynch declared: “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted. My message not just to the Muslim community but to all Americans is: we cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.”

    If Lynch is serious in prosecuting hate speech, then she will have to start closing down mosques and banning the Quran. She wants to restrict the First Amendment so as to curb “actions predicated on violent talk?” Then she should ban this “violent talk”:

    And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers. (Quran 2:191-193)

    Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that Allah has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for Allah’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. (Quran 4:34)

    They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper. (Quran 4:89)

    This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement. (Quran 5:33)

    When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ˜I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them! (Quran 8:12)

    Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatsoever you expend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged. (Quran 8:60)

    Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. (Quran 9:5)

    Fight those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden — such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book — until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled. (Quran 9:29)

    Allah has bought from the believers their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill, and are killed; that is a promise binding upon Allah in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran; and who fulfils his covenant truer than Allah? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him; that is the mighty triumph. (Quran 9:111)

    O believers, fight the unbelievers who are near to you; and let them find in you a harshness; and know that Allah is with the godfearing. (Quran 9:123)

    When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray. (Quran 47:4)​

    When Lynch made her revolting statement, the bodies were still warm in San Bernardino. Eyewitnesses inside the conference room at the center described the scene as “surreal”: “It was unspeakable the carnage that we were seeing….There were victims who were clearly, obviously deceased outside of the conference room. To be honest, it was a little surreal. You train for it and you know your job is dealing in reality…but I did the job I was supposed to do –- go in there.” The eyewitness recalled that the faces of the survivors showed “pure panic.”

    Yet when she spoke to the 10th Anniversary Dinner of Muslim Advocates, the group that got the Obama administration to scrub all counter-terror training materials of any mention of jihad and Islam, Lynch said that her “greatest fear” was the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” in America.

    After jihad attacks in Garland, Chattanooga, Boston, Fort Hood, the University of California Merced, and now San Bernardino, that’s the take-away. Jihad slaughter is Obama’s clarion call to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law). Lynch said: “The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence.” Lynch has also called on Muslim parents to contact her if their children are bullied in school – that’s just grooming more Clockmeds.

    Loretta Lynch said that the San Bernardino jihad attack gave her a “wonderful opportunity.” She said, “We’re at the point where these issues have come together really like never before in law enforcement thought and in our nation’s history and it gives us a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment to really make significant change.”

    “A wonderful opportunity?” To impose the sharia.

    Muslim bangs on cockpit door, threatens to down plane, "wanted to see Allah"
    Robert Spencer in Italy's Libero: "Occidente remissivo fino al suicidio

    Shiloh Za-RaH hidden-09.
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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 6:55 am
    When the true 'evil' hits home, some of the sleeping ones awake!

    French press sees parties in meltdown after FN victory

    • 7 December 2015
    • From the section Europe

    Image copyright BBC Monitoring - Image caption
    Le Figaro's headline expresses 'shock' at the result of the poll

    The French press sees the apparent victory of the far-right National Front (FN) in the first round of regional elections as a disaster for the traditional parties, both left and centre-right.
    Centre-right daily Le Figaro says that the result represents a "bitter failure" for both left and right, but is one that they should have seen coming.
    Editor-in-chief Alexis Brezet says that the wave of public anger that has put an election victory within the FN's grasp has been spurred on by "thirty years of public powerlessness and government failures" and that a vote for the FN is simply "the most spectacular expression" of this anger.
    Mr Brezet says that all France's leaders since Francois Mitterrand have contributed to this gathering wave of anger, but that "it is Francoise Hollande to whom posterity will accord the sad privilege of having made it explode".
    "Now indisputably the first party of France, the FN has noisily established itself at the heart of our political landscape. For both left and right, it is a bitter failure. For France, it is a leap into the unknown, whose political consequences, whatever the ultimate gains for the FN in the regions, will have an impact well beyond the second round."

    "Slap in the face"

    Centre-left daily Le Monde sees the result as being also a slap in the face for Nicolas Sarkozy, the leader of the centre-right Republicans party, which appears to be in second place ahead of the governing Socialist Party of Mr Hollande.

    Image copyright EPA - Image caption
    Former President Nicolas Sarkozy (C) leads the centre-right Republicans

    Political commentator Alexandre Lemarie says that "the scenario so dreaded by the chairman of the Republican party has actually happened: his party has been overtaken by the Front National in the first round of the regional elections".
    He adds that the FN has capitalised on the 13 November terror attacks in Paris, which allowed it "to siphon off part of the Republicans' traditional electorate", and that Mr Sarkozy showed himself unable to head off this danger.
    "Despite his warnings against the 'dangerous disorders' that would be triggered by the FN victories, the former head of state failed to mobilise voters beyond his own camp."

    "No. 1 danger"

    Writing in left-leaning La Liberation, Dominique Albertini sees the FN as "the No.1 danger for France", but clings to the hope that its first-round triumph will not necessarily be repeated in the second round.

    Image copyright AP - Image caption
    Marion Marechal-Le Pen, niece of FN leader Marine Le Pen, won over 40% of the vote in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur

    "For the Front, the hardest part is yet to come," he says, pointing out that in the past, the party has often done well in the first round but stumbled in the second.
    "With a turnout that is already higher than the one it had in 2010, especially in areas where it enjoys strong support, it will have to prove that it has not already peaked in the first round."

    "Chilling" result

    In northern France, the region in which Marine Le Pen herself stood and the FN made a particularly strong showing, one local paper, the Courrier picard, says that the result is an "extreme humiliation" for the established parties but hardly a surprise.
    Commentator Mickael Tassart describes the FN's triumph as "chilling" but says it is "a true reflection of the anger of voters in Picardy and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region."
    "While the national context benefited Francois Hollande as President of the Republic, whose popularity surged in the wave of emotion that followed the [Paris] attacks, it has not benefited François Hollande as the figurehead of a Socialist ship adrift in a raging storm," he adds.

    Image copyright BBC Monitoring - Image caption
    Ouest France's headline notes that 'The West is against the trend'

    In western France - one of the few areas in which the FN still appears to be trailing behind the Socialists and the Republicans - the regional paper Ouest-France still sees the result as delivering a slap in the face for the traditional parties.
    Ouest France's political commentator, Michel Urvoy, notes that the "historic" result has exceeded all expectations, and blames a lack of unity in the Socialist camp for producing yet another election "debacle".
    Urvoy concludes that "until now, we reassured ourselves by saying that as the FN had no allies, it could not win an election. The problem... is that today it no longer necessarily needs allies in order to win."
    BBC Monitoring reports and analyses news from TV, radio, web and print media around the world. You can follow BBC Monitoring on Twitter and Facebook.

    Leftists, Islamic supremacists enraged that media “disrespected” jihad murderer by publishing photo of her face

    December 7, 2015 10:37 am By Robert Spencer 68 Comments

    We have to show “respect” for mass murderers, you see — if they’re Muslims.

    “Harris-Perry: New York Times Wrong to Show Malik in Hijab Because It Suggests ‘This is What Terrorism Looks Like,’” by David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon, December 7, 2015:

    The New York Times, despite a front-page editorial advocating for gun control, still failed to live up to the left-wing sensibilities of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday because it had a picture of San Bernardino shooter and devout Muslim Tafsheen Malik wearing her hijab.
    Now, Harris-Perry complained in the clip first flagged by NewsBusters, the newspaper was problematic for suggesting “this is what terrorism looks like.”

    Malik pledged allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist organization the same day she and husband Syed Farook killed 14 people. The New York Times reported Malik was “visibly devout” with her use of the hijab and face-covering niqab. It is unclear how any other picture of Malik could have been circulated. As NewsBusters suggested, was the newspaper expected to photoshop the hijab off her?

    Arab-American activist Linda Sarsour claimed Saturday on Harris-Perry’s eponymous show that the media’s rhetoric about the massacre shifted when it turned out the perpetrators were Islamic.
    “All of a sudden we find out they’re Muslim. Bam, gun violence is out of the question,” she said. “We start talking about terrorism. And I’m extremely disturbed. I mean, I looked at the New York Times cover today. There, you have a whole op-ed on gun control. Great. Right next to it is pictures from the apartment of things that I have in my house.”

    “Yes!” Harris-Perry said.
    “These are things that all Muslims have in their house,” Sarsour said. “There’s nothing about that that tells you a story about what terrorism looks like. So you’re telling me that when my friends who are not Muslim come into my home and see a Koran on see frames on the wall with a scripture from my religion, is that supposed to tell you something?…”

    Uh, yeah.
    “Photo of San Bernardino shooter without burqa causes controversy,” by Susana Guerrero,, December 6, 2015:

    Al-Jazeera producer Hashem Said is being criticized after tweeting that ABC News should have respected San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik by not sharing photos of her without a burqa, the Gateway Pundit writes.
    One individual responded to Said’s comment by posting a picture of Malik after she was shot and killed by law enforcers. Malik is shown lying on her back on pavement as one arm covers her face. The individual who posted the photo wrote “Here is a picture of her without her face.”
    Said has since retracted the tweet and apologized for his remark on Twitter. He also issued several tweets clarifying that he didn’t mean to offend anyone by his comment, and he explained that what he meant to say is that the image ABC used could be offensive to Malik’s family.

    ABC News was the first to reveal an image of Malik. Malik typically donned a burka but the image they used reveals her face….

    AFDI’s Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains all this: “The Sad Reasons for the Delay in Publishing Photos of Tashfeen Malik,” by Nonie Darwish,, December 6, 2015:

    Most Americans are wondering why the photo of the female Muslim terrorist of the recent San Bernardino attack, Tashfeen Malik, was for several days after the attack withheld without explanation by the authorities. Some guessed that it is for the sake of preserving the integrity of the investigation. That is the only logical explanation to most Americans. But I am afraid there are other reasons that only people with deep knowledge of the Islamic culture understand why Malik’s photo was not immediately published.
    After the San Bernardino massacre by a Muslim married couple who left their new born baby orphaned for the sake of killing Americans, President Obama still refused to call the well-planned slaughter of Americans “terrorism,” let alone “Islamic” terrorism.

    Obama does not even care about appearances when it comes to Islam and protecting Muslim sensitivities. It is not just Americans who are left wondering why Obama appears more concerned about the reputation of Islam than the reputation of America. But many around the world, including Muslims in the Middle East, are wondering about Obama’s loyalties and priorities.
    Like her boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, instead of meeting families of the San Bernardino terror victims, met with a group of Muslims in Washington DC. She told them that her “greatest fear” was retaliatory violence against members of the Muslim community. That meant that her priority was to prevent a backlash against Muslims before protecting the American people.
    Having been born and raised in a Muslim culture, I have little doubt that the Muslim leaders Lynch met with asked her not to show the photo of the Muslim female terrorist. Their explanation for keeping the photo away from the public eye was probably because they claimed that showing a photo of a veiled Muslim terrorist who was also a new immigrant would inflame Americans against veiled Muslim women.
    Another reason the Obama administration found good reason to keep the public from seeing her photo initially is because the veiled Muslim female terrorist who killed 14 Americans and injured 21 would have a negative impact on Obama’s plan to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to America.

    There is also another reason probably not spoken, and that is that observant Muslims do not like their women’s photos exhibited in public, even if the woman in question is a mass murdering terrorist. The Muslims who met with Lynch still expected Americans to respect their traditions of not showing Muslim women’s photos publicly.
    The Islamic culture is a “pride and shame”-based culture, and Obama fully understands how important it is for Muslims to not be embarrassed. Obama and Lynch’s desire to please their Muslim friends and to prevent a backlash is more important to them than telling Americans the full story of jihad activity. In Obama’s world, Islam must be protected at any cost, even at the cost of keeping the American people uninformed.
    Thousands and even millions of Muslims are not ashamed to openly sympathize with ISIS, but at the same time, they are too proud to accept the consequences of the shame associated with Islamic terrorism. The so-called moderate Muslim leaders who met Lynch were helping, aiding and abetting the Islamic game of eating their cake and having it too. It is a well-known convoluted feature of Islamic cultural logic, to preserve their pride and hide their shame, and Obama is helping them do just that.

    Even though Muslims claim that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, they still identify with and want to protect the image of a Muslim veiled woman who committed terrorism in the name of the Islamic State. And that is why the photo of the Muslim terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, were too precious to Muslim leaders to be posted on newspapers and TV screens for several days, until the public made it impossible for them to continue to withhold them. It was all about protecting the image of Islam and Muslims: we are told that the female terrorist does not represent Islam and has nothing to do with it.
    The American people need to wake up and smell the jihad, even though their leader is keeping them away from knowing the sad truth.
    AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish is the author “The Devil We Don’t Know” and president of “Former Muslims United,” a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

    Hugh Fitzgerald: The Mainstream Media's Multifarious Mental Junk
    Howard Dean: "Free speech is good. Respecting others is better"
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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 7:33 am
    Hugh Fitzgerald: The Mainstream Media’s Multifarious Mental Junk

    December 7, 2015 12:45 pm By Hugh Fitzgerald 36 Comments


    I have been watching, listening to, and reading all the multifarious mental junk that has been on offer on NPR and on CNN and on Fox, and at The Times and The Post and tutti quanti, and witnessing all these sudden scholars of terrorism, ranging from tough-guy ex-FBI agents to left-wing Democrats alike, offering every conceivable variety of obfuscation, misdirection, incomprehension, sheer nonsense — such as placing blame for the San Bernardino jihad terror attack on the “gun lobby.” This is because in this case the Muslim murderers in question used guns, so let’s all concentrate on the instrument used for the mass murder, and pay no attention to the ideology that prompted that particular use of that instrument.

    I have heard repeatedly how what the heavy-lidded couple did “was a political act and had nothing to do with religion”; heard how they were “radicalized” here or there or possibly over there — though what that word “radicalized” would mean, i.e., following faithfully the dictates of Islam, no one seems interested in discussing. I have heard that the FBI has finally bravely concluded that “Yes, it was an act of terrorism,” but beyond that apparently daring declaration, nothing is said about what that “terrorism” was intended to do, or about how it was prompted by what texts of what religion.

    Instead, we hold in our puzzled hands this mush-word “terrorism,” which has become a kind of free-floating Leibnizian monad unconnected to a particular faith Whose Name We Dare Not Speak. Our betters tell us they are still trying to puzzle out the whole mysterious business of that couple that was so mysteriously “radicalized.” They will still be puzzling it out during the next such attack, and the one after that, and the one after that. In the midst of all this, just possibly something like a hemidemisemiquaver of the truth will be allowed in.

    I hate to think, of how today’s NPR and CNN and Fox and The Times and The Post would have covered the propagandists for Fascists and Nazis in the 1920s and 1930s. But this was happening even then. Why, no sooner had Mussolini made his March on Rome, and the Ventennio just started, than a certain Count Constantini was telling the society ladies of Boston about how wonderful that splendid fellow and his wonderful Blackshirts were: “Tells Mussolini’s aims and progress; Count Constantini Speaks at the Chilton Club Italy’s leader Has Won Whole Nation’s Confidence, He Says.” (Boston Daily Globe. Jan 16, 1923, p. 13)

    In contrast to this disinformation to which we are daily subjected, no one should be embarrassed, much less apologetic, for daring to consider the evidence of his senses – that is, the Jihad news that mounts and mounts from all over the world, and especially that which demonstrates the cruel treatment of non-Muslims by Muslims wherever Muslims rule, save in a handful of cases where special circumstances have allowed for a taming or constraining – possibly temporary – of Islam, as in Kazakhstan or Kemalist Turkey. Nor should we be apologetic about becoming aware of the evidence provided in books, rather than from television reports or newspaper dispatches, by the historians of Islamic conquest: that is, the 1350-year history of the conquest of non-Muslim lands and the subsequent subjugation of the autochthonous non-Muslims. And we should be unapologetic about reading the scholars of Islam, such as C. Snouck Hurgronje, Joseph Schacht, Arthur Jeffery, and dozens of others, who wrote before Arab money and influence and other factors aided the Muslim takeover of many academic departments in the West having to do with Islam and related studies. And finally, we can read Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Magdi Allam, Nonie Darwish, and a growing list of other Defectors from the Army of Islam, whose articulate works, whose morally and intellectually advanced temoignages, can be compared with the deceit practiced by Muslim spokesmen who are given such credulous treatment by the formulators of popular opinion.

    The West is now imperiled in a way unique in its history, mostly from an ideological pressure brought from within, and not by military pressure from without. Not everyone thinks we should simply throw up our hands and wail “but what can we do?” and “there’s nothing to be done.” There are those who are not, sometimes out of a mere want of imagination and intellect, able to figure out the many things that they could legitimately and rationally do to preserve (and perhaps even extend) the civilisational legacy they inherited. But there are also those who wish to protect it from its present-day most dangerous enemies, those who have not lost their senses, those who refuse to make burnt offerings of themselves or their children on the Altars of the Idols of the Age, Tolerance and Diversity – a limitless and unintelligent and even suicidal “Tolerance,” a diseased conception of “Diversity.” The latter group must regard with alarm and disgust the irresponsibility of the media coverage that has followed the San Bernardino murders.

    Suspect charged in "anti-Muslim hate crime" touted by Hamas-linked CAIR is named…Mohamed
    Leftists, Islamic supremacists enraged that media "disrespected" jihad murderer by publishing photo of her face

    Shiloh Za-RaH hidden-09.

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!

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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 9:07 am
    Op-Ed: Post San Bernardino: How stupid are we supposed to be?

    So they lived the American dream, did they? And the president is keeping us safe, is he?

    Published: Monday, December 07, 2015 10:45 AM

    Jack Engelhard
    Jack Engelhard’s classic international bestselling novel Indecent Proposal,...
    ► More from this writer

    A house filled with some 2,000 rounds of ammunition and nobody saw nothin’. Zip.
    The place was crawling with a massive arsenal of weapons that likely filled the garage to the kitchen sink -- but who, me?
    Nothing. Looked pretty normal, say relatives, friends, acquaintances and anybody who visited a house that was stockpiled for mass destruction.
    Even people who lived in and around the house – WHAT? We saw nothing unusual.

    They had to step over and around a mountain of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to get from the living room to the bathroom, but nobody winced?
    Typical American wifey in a hijab. Most likely clipped coupons to save on milk and explosives.
    q_bottom. Nobody asked – “Yo, Syed, what’s this?”

    That’s what we are supposed to believe. Nobody else but those two had a hand in the murder of 14 innocents in San Bernardino.
    Accomplices? Zero. So they say and so we are expected to believe.
    Mr. Obama spoke to us a few moments ago. Finally called it terrorism, though not Islamic terrorism. For us to guess.
    He announced that he is taking the fight to ISIS. We should feel safe. Except that ISIS, or ISIL, as he calls it, is one problem.
    Worse is the local, the unaffiliated but radicalized freelancer who comes from within our own neighborhood.
    We know where ISIS lives. But for the introvert, the retail operator we have no address until it’s too late. Case in point, San Bernardino.
    We are not at war with Islam, said the president, so no wonder people who knew the Farooks were shocked…shocked!
    Typical Americans, say people who knew them.

    Quiet. Unassuming. Friendly. Hard-working, Doting father. Loving mother. Played Scrabble. How do you spell jihad? Capital J?
    There were no clues. Nope. Nothing to suggest a husband and wife radicalized to the hilt and armed to the teeth.
    “They lived the American dream,” said a neighbor, who likewise saw nothing, knew nothing, suspected nothing. Nothing at all.
    Golly, he was born here, good old Syed. What more do you want? Wife came from Pakistan. Wonderful country, Pakistan.
    So what if, as rumor has it, he hated Jews and maybe Christians. Doesn’t everybody? A regular Joe, Syed.
    She kept to herself, did Tashfeen. All agree to this. Typical American wifey in a hijab. Most likely clipped coupons to save on milk and explosives.
    “They were the perfect couple,” say people who knew them as the perfect couple.

    Too bad it had to end like this. Obviously it was our fault. Global warming.
    So the president assures us that he is keeping us safe.
    Ban Radical Islamists and those Syrian migrants from entering the country and we’ll start believing.

    New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website:

    Op-Ed: You can never be "nice" enough to the Muslims

    They want your country, your religion and your life.

    Published: Monday, December 07, 2015 10:27 AM

    Naomi Ragen
    The writer is a best-selling American-born novelist, playwright and journalist...
    ► More from this writer

    For years, Israel has been demonized, held responsible for every terrorist atrocity from blowing up Holocaust survivors at a Passover Seder to the mutilation and murder of her Olympic athletes. It was all Israel’s fault, because she had mistreated the poor Palestinians.
    The French welcomed thousands of Muslims to France. They made them citizens, gave them access to everything the Western world has to offer.
    The French sided openly with the Palestinians, and had a hands-off policy towards Muslims, making their neighborhoods no-go zones for the police.

    Their reward? Mass killings in supermarkets, magazine offices, restaurants, a sports arena, and a concert hall by Muslims. But why? After all, the French were so “nice?”

    After the most recent French atrocity, ISIS, claiming responsibility, posted the following on its website: “Hundreds of apostates were attending an adulterous party.”
    That’s right. That’s what France is to them. Immoral. According to their standards. And so, they deserve to die. So now, what is France planning to do? To pass a law recognizing a Palestinian State.
    Huh! What?! To recognize the supporters and accomplices of the people who blew them up? Because that’s what the Palestinians are: radical Muslim terrorists. Our Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu is flabbergasted, furious. But I’m not. The French want to be “nice,” to spare themselves further terror attacks.

    They won’t succeed. Just the opposite. This is a fact. Israel tried that. We gave them the entire Gaza Strip. We uprooted thousands of Jews. Handed over their multi-million dollar hot-house businesses. Gave them our synagogues. We even dug Jewish corpses out of the graves of Gaza cemeteries, many of them put there by Muslim terrorists, and took them out of Gaza before handing it over. We also thought we could be “nice,” make them happy, make them not hate us so much.

    And what happened? They thought we were idiots. Worse, they thought we were weak. If terror got us to do that, a lot of terror would get us to give them even more. From the site of Jewish settlements and destroyed synagogues, they set up their rocket launchers sending tens of thousands of rockets into Israel, making life unbearable for every Jew within shooting range. They dug hundreds of terror tunnels under the borders, planning a mass, murderous invasion, until the IDF had to finally go in there. And it’s still not over and won’t be until we kick every, single one of them out of Gaza, and re-take it.

    That’s the truth for anyone willing to hear it.

    Last week, Syed Rizwan Farook and his new Pakistani bride, parents of a six month-old baby, who were living the American dream, killed fourteen people, his co-workers, and injured dozens of others. And he was only just getting started on his “jihad.” Police found thousands of rounds of ammunition, pipe bombs, you name it.
    Oh, he had big plans, little Syed and his blushing Pakistani jihadi bride. He did this, even though Americans had saved his immigrant parents from that disgusting s***-hole called Pakistan, and provided him with the means to obtain higher education and a high paying job. Even though his workmates had never had any arguments with him, and had indeed, even thrown him and his new wife a baby shower!

    “They were radicalized,” the President of the United States, that ISIS-lover (that’s what the Egyptians are calling him now) has said. Not the same thing as saying they were terrorists. It means, they were good, peace-loving people but YOU made them terrorists, because … you weren’t nice enough to them.

    Listen to Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece CAIR: “When we support coup leaders in Egypt or other places, when we support dictatorship, oppressive regimes around the world that push people over on the edge, then they become extremists, then they become terrorists.”

    Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General has addressed Muslim murderers killing Americans by saying she will prosecute anyone engaging in “hate speech” towards Muslims, while CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to get the wife of a victim – a co-worker who was a Christian who loved Israel – to admit that her husband probably wasn’t “nice” enough to Syed and therefore he had it coming.

    Yes, my friends, whatever you do, you can never be “nice” enough to today’s Muslims.


    They hate you not because of how you treat them, but because you exist and you don’t believe in their religion...

    Listen to what I’m going to tell you now. And trust me, as an American-born Israeli who has lived with Muslim terror for fifty years, it’s the truth: They hate you not because of how you treat them, but because you exist and you don’t believe in their religion, or their wondrous prophet. Because you treat women and homosexuals as human beings. Because you won’t agree that they take over your country and your lives, and submit to their rules.

    So when you die, they will tell you it’s all your fault. Because you made them mad. You made them really, really mad, so whatever horrors they are at this very moment busily planning to inflict on you (because that’s the only thing they are good at; the only thing they believe in), you deserve them. It is inevitable and you should have seen it coming.

    And so if you welcome them into your country, and give them good jobs and educations, and you throw them baby showers, and allow their foreign born fiancées K-1 visas to enter the country, they will add to their anger their contempt because you are weak and foolish and don’t understand that they are at war with you and want you dead.

    And your politicians, who are still getting advice from CAIR, will outlaw guns to make it easier for them, because they don’t need licenses for guns, believe me. But you will.
    And the states who had the guts to stand up to Obama’s flooding the U.S. with “refugees” will all back down, the way Texas has. After all, why would you want to fight against a nice Syrian family – two lovely parents, two lovely grandparents, two little kids? And why wouldn’t you give a visa for the lovely fiancée of the environmental health specialist from San Bernardino with their lovely, dimpled six month-old baby? Why?

    So you will. And in return you are going to get San Bernardinos all over the U.S.A. Then you will need to live like we live in Israel, except maybe not as safely because the people in charge of your safety have to do what your President, who is such good friends with CAIR, tells them to do, while we are protected by fellow Jews, who have wised up over the years from our own Leftist crazies who got hundreds of us blown up in buses and coffee houses while they were “giving peace a chance,” and giving the Palestinians “good-will gestures” like not frisking them at check-points for weapons, or arming their “police.”

    Now, we let our moron Leftists talk. But we don’t elect them or give them power, like you did, do, and are planning to do (Hillary is the last nail in your coffin.) Even Mr. Trump, who has said so much that is true, is a moron when it comes to Islam. He’s going to get Israel to “give concessions” to “make peace in six months.”

    I feel sorry for you America, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain. So many more of you are going to die trying to be “nice” to the Muslims. Trying to make life good for them, until you realize they hate you and want you dead no matter what you do for them. You and your wife and your kids. Dead or sold into slavery, or raped or educated to be killers. Dead or willing to be part of their new world order, the great Caliphate.

    And without a radical change in thinking by the West, they are going to succeed. There is a slim window of opportunity to defeat them. But it would take extreme guts, and extreme measures, which, frankly, I don’t know if you’re capable of.
    But here it goes: Take back your country by taking away the power from your ISIS-loving presidents and prime ministers and the people and media who put them in power.
    Close down the mosques and Muslim Cultural Centers (Islamic Center of North America, CAIR etc. All the Islamic centers and mosques are connected with terror, especially in America, according to John Guandolo, an FBI expert.

    It’s not about gun control. Yes, America has a gun problem, and is filled with crazies. But terrorists are not crazy. They are warriors. They will obtain guns to make war, legal or not, and they will use them to kill people and further their agenda. Tightening gun control just at this moment when jihad has come to America isn’t a good idea, because it might mean the victims won’t be able to protect themselves.

    Besides, guns in themselves are not the problem. Israel has guns all over the place! People use them to kill terrorists, and to keep guns out of their hands. There has never been a mass shooting of women and children in Israel that wasn’t connected to a radical Muslim terrorist.

    Shiloh Za-RaH hidden-09.

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!
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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 11:24 am
    Raymond Ibrahim: Obama’s Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians

    November 23, 2015 8:22 am By Raymond Ibrahim 41 Comments


    Obama recently lashed out against the idea of giving preference to Christian refugees, describing it as “shameful”: “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” loftily added the American president.
    Accordingly, the administration is still determined to accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees, almost all of whom will be Muslim, despite the fact that some are ISIS operatives, while many share the ISIS worldview (as explained below).
    Yet right as Obama was grandstanding about “who we are,” statistics were released indicating that “the current [refugee] system overwhelmingly favors Muslim refugees. Of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim.”
    Aside from the obvious—or to use Obama’s own word, “shameful”—pro-Muslim, anti-Christian bias evident in these statistics, there are a number of other troubling factors as well.

    For starters, the overwhelming majority of “refugees” being brought into the United States are not just Muslim, but Sunnis—the one Muslim sect that the Islamic State is not persecuting and displacing. After all, ISIS—and most Islamic terrorist groups (Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Hamas, et al)—are all Sunnis. Even Obama was arguably raised a Sunni.
    In this context, how are Sunnis “refugees”? Who are they fleeing? Considering that the Obama administration defines refugees as people “persecuted by their government,” most of those coming into the U.S. either aided or at least sympathized with the jihad against Assad (even if they only revealed their true colors when the time was right).

    Simply put, some 98% of all refugees belong to the same Islamic sect that ISIS does. And many of them, unsurprisingly, share the same vision—such as the “refugees” who recently murdered some 120 people in France, or the “refugees” who persecute Christian minorities in European camps and settlements. (None of this should be surprising considering that Al Azhar—the Sunni world’s most prestigious university of Islamic law, which co-hosted Obama’s 2009 “A New Beginning” speech—was recently exposed as teaching and legitimizing all the atrocities that ISIS commits.)

    As for those who are being raped, slaughtered, and enslaved based on their non-Sunni religious identity—not by Assad, but by so-called “rebel” forces (AKA jihadis)—many of them are being denied refuge in America.
    Thus, although Christians were approximately 10 percent of Syria’s population in 2011, only one percent has been granted refuge in America. This despite the fact that, from a strictly humanitarian point of view—and humanitarianism is the chief reason being cited in accepting refugees, Obama’s “compassion”—Christians should receive priority simply because they are the most persecuted group in the Middle East.

    At the hands of the Islamic State, which supposedly precipitated the migrant crisis, Christians have been repeatedly forced to renounce Christ or die; they have been enslaved and raped; and they have had more than 400 of their churches desecrated and destroyed.
    ISIS has committed no such atrocities against fellow Sunnis, they who are being accepted into the U.S. in droves. Nor does Assad enslave, behead, or crucify people based on their religious identity (despite Jeb Bush’s recent, and absurd, assertions).
    Obama should further prioritize Christian refugees simply because his own policies in the Middle East have directly exacerbated their plight. Christians and other religions minorities did not flee from Bashar Assad’s Syria, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, or Muamar Gaddafi’s Libya. Their systematic persecution began only after the U.S. interfered in those nations in the name of “democracy” but succeeding in only uncorking the jihadi terrorists that the dictators had long kept suppressed.

    Incidentally, prioritizing Christian refugees would not merely be an altruistic gesture or the U.S. government’s way of righting its wrongs: rather it brings many benefits to America’s security. (Unlike Muslims or even Yazidis, Christians are easily assimilated into Western nations due to the shared Christian heritage, and they bring trustworthy language and cultural skills that are beneficial to the “war on terror.”)

    Finally, no one should be shocked by these recent revelations of the Obama administration’s pro-Muslim and anti-Christian policies. They fit a clear and established pattern of religious bias within his administration… Keep reading

    Hugh Fitzgerald: Those Muslim “Refugees”
    Five more Syrians stopped at Texas border -- 13 in the past week

    The religion of peace and of a persecuted minority!

    Shiloh Za-RaH hidden-09.

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!
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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 12:08 pm


    Women have the right to wear a sheet covering their entire body or risk rape or acid thrown in their face.
    Women get to pick from the many shades of black for their Burka, Abaya or Jalbeeb.
    Women have the right to have male escorts whenever they leave their house or risk rape or arrest
    Women have the right to genital mutilation. Then they have the right to get sewn up so they can’t hardly piss.
    Women have the right to have 4 male witnesses to testify she was NOT raped
    Women have the right to have their hand cut off for using a cell phone in public
    Women have the right to be honor killed
    Women have the right to be forced to become human incubators for future terrorists.
    Women have the right to be stoned to death for the crime of NOT being able to produce 4 male witnesses in the case of adultery
    Women have the right to be treated like shi20 by their husband, their children and just about any muslim man
    Women have the right to get beat with a chair because they got their husband angry.
    Women have the right to be married off at ANY age to ANY man (most likely their first cousin) their father SELLS them to.
    Women have the right to get only half of what their brother gets of an inheritance.
    Women have the right to obligatorily have another woman assist them at testifying in court, because their minds are too feeble and only half as good as a man's.
    Women have the right to not report rape, sodomy, incest, assault in Islamic countries because these crimes are never recorded by officials and not used in statistics.
    Married girls have the right to walk themselves to one of the many Obstetric Fistula Clinic (Only available in Islamic countries) where they can get the hole between their vagina and urethra repaired, after being raped at too young an age by their husband.
    Married girls have the right to go to Jannah early when they die in childbirth because their immature bodies can't handle pregnancy.
    Women have the right to share their husband’s earnings with up to 3 more women.
    Women have the right to a divorce, in a sharia court, after they obtain a lawyer to represent them, and only if their husband agrees, (Otherwise they can just hope their husband utters the words "i divorce you" thrice)
    Women have the right to have traffic stopped in the middle of a Saudi street intersection, so they can be quickly decapitated in said intersection for suspected witchcraft.
    Women and girls have the right to be traded as war booty sex slaves if their family belongs to the losing side of any battle started by men.
    Women and girls have the right to be sexually harassed and groped, in the streets and in broad daylight, if any man or boy thinks her female form isn't concealed enough
    Women or girls have the right to be buried chest deep in a pit and pelted with stones until they die if they are suspected by their husbands of infidelity.
    Women used to have the right to suicide to escape the ecstasies of islam until Suicide amongst women was at record highs in Iran and a Mullah enacted a fatwa to prevent further suicides...
    "Any woman who commits suicide will have her daughters executed"
    This has stopped many unappreciative women from leaving the most perfect religion in the world.
    And women’s rights even extend to Janna where virgins have the right to work in a heavenly whorehouse where they can be abused in every way possible by muslim men and then their merciful and most beneficent pimp, alla, turns them back into virgins so the next muslim man can make them bleed and hear them scream. And they don’t even get paid whore wages.

    Now where oh where are the 'politically corrected' multicultural feminists of the western civilization?
    Ah I forgot, the 'same sex marriage' and the sexploitation of the 'Hollywood Industry' , the Kardashian attires and body things and the Zionist conspirators are keeping the ardent defenders of 'women's rights' a little preoccupied.

    Daniel 11:36-38 - King James Version (KJV)
    36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.
    37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
    38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

    And now something rather different!
    A TRUE Moderate Muslim with a fake disguise versus a FAKE Moderate Muslim without a fake disguise and a sheik aka 'islamic scholar' - no other 'western' input religious or secular required

    Shiloh Za-RaH hidden-09.
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    Arabs and Muslims and a Loss of a 'Stolen' Cultural Identity
    Islam as a Vehicle for Arab Supremacism

    July 20, 2015 9:09 am By Hugh Fitzgerald

    Long ago, Bernard Lewis wrote about the “multiple identities” of the peoples of the Middle East. By that he meant that one could be Muslim, but not necessarily Arab — as Berbers and Kurds were also Muslim. One could be Arab, but not necessarily Muslim, or identify by language and culture with Arabdom, as some Arab Christians (especially “Palestinians”) do, while Copts and Maronites may not. Then there are Shi’ite Iranians, but also Shi’ite Arabs, as in Syria, who might favor one part of their identity over another. And then there were smaller peoples in the area whose identity was neither Muslim nor Arab, which made them particularly vulnerable to aggression, having no one to call upon, for they stood alone — such as the lamented Yazidis.

    The recent fighting between Berbers and Arabs in a town — Ghaadia — in southern Algeria reminds us of this crazy-quilt of peoples and tugging identities in North Africa and the Middle East. To the extent that a Berber is keenly aware of being a Berber, he is less likely to be a keen embracer of fanatical Islam, for Islam is identified with ‘Uruba, or Arabdom, the “gift of the Arabs” that demanded of non-Arab Muslims that they pray five times a day in the direction of Arabia (Mecca), ideally take Arab names, read the Qur’an in Arabic, and sometimes even construct a false Arab ancestry (as the “Sayeeds” of Pakistan) that links them to the Prophet. Not all Berbers want to be told they must ideally be Arabs.
    The clashes in Ghaadia between Arabs and Berbers offer a chance to consider how those “multiple identities” can be played upon, or appealed to, to lessen the tug of Islam among non-Arab Muslims.
    It is no mystery as to why Christian missionaries might be having their greatest success in the Kabyle, which remains the Berber heartland in Algeria. It is where the Berbers are concentrated, that is, those who were not forcibly transformed, during the centuries of Arab rule (interrupted by 132 years of French rule) into “Arabs.” (How many of those “Arabs” who now persecute the Berbers realize that they themselves are a generation, or two, or five, removed from their clearly Berber origins?)

    The cause of the Berbers is hardly known in this country. Yet the writer Kateb Yacine, a Berber who refused to write in Arabic, but chose French, is celebrated in France, especially among Berbers — but unknown in this country, and his anti-Arab rage is not likely to cause his books to be included in the syllabuses of courses on “Francophone” literature, given that so many such courses are now taught by French-speaking Arabs.
    What is that cause? In the first place, it is linguistic and cultural. In Algeria, where the French saw the Berbers as superior to the Arabs — one French general wrote a book about the “Europeanness” of the Berbers — the Berbers were not discriminated against, but as soon as the French left, the forced arabisation of the Berbers started up at once, as if the French interregnum, with the wider possibilities that French education made possible to both Berbers and Arabs, had never existed. Older people in Algeria speak and use French; the younger ones are forgetting. And meanwhile, the Berbers were forbidden to use their own language, Tamazight, in their schools or in their institutions, and even, at times, they could be punished for using it among themselves, on the street. Berber culture was officially ignored.

    About thirty years ago, news of Berber agitation began to reach the outside world. There were riots in Tizi-Ouzou that were reported in France, but hardly anywhere else in the Western world. In America, of course, we had all been sufficiently subject to ARAMCO propaganda (performed as a “public service” by the big oil companies, as part of their propaganda payoff to the Saudis for allowing them to find, produce, and then pay exorbitantly for the oil that happens to lie under the malevolent sands of “Saudi” Arabia), to believe that there is something called “the Arab world,” and in this “Arab world” there are no Copts, no Armenians, no Assyrians, no Chaldeans, no Turkmen, no Mandeans, no Maronites, and of course no Berbers, no Jews (no, there never were any Jews in North Africa or the Middle East — they all came to Israel, you see, from Europe), for everyone in the Arab world was an “Arab.”
    The discovery or re-discovery of a Berber identity (and, again, how many of those North African “Arabs” should begin to realize that they are Berbers?) is or could be an important weapon in unsettling the world of Islam, and perhaps causing the Maghreb to see itself, as it should, not as “Arab” but as the victim of Arab imperialism.
    For what is Islam if not a vehicle of Arab imperialism, and what are the Berbers, if not the victims of that Arab imperialism, an imperialism far more potent and long-lasting than the European kind, for it attempts to efface the historic identity of whole peoples?

    And it makes perfect sense that Berbers in the Kabyle, having felt along their pulses the Arab imperialism of which Islam is the vehicle, would be more open to the efforts of Christian missionaries, or more likely, are not so much responding to missionary activity, but to their own observations as to what Christianity is like, and what Islam has brought them.
    In this respect, one should not underestimate the fact that many Berbers now live in France, that they make up most of the membership of such groups as the “maghrebins laiques,” and that they, not the Arabs whose ethnic identity is so bound up with Islam, are capable, in some cases, not of identifying with the Arabs, but more closely with the French. And those Berbers communicate with Berbers at home, or through the Internet. And sometimes they return to Algeria and Morocco to see their families, and bring with them their own observations on the relative merits of the Islamic world, a world suffused with Islam, and the non-Islamic world, the one they have experienced in France.

    The more the non-Arab Muslims of the world, and 80% of the world’s Muslims are not Arab, come to realize — and it would not be hard to help them to realize, for they will not be able to deny the facts, having experienced so much of it themselves — that Islam is a vehicle for Arab supremacism, the more likely it is that at least some of them will fall away. And others, who may believe in a kind of Islam not dominated by Arabs, a “non-Arab” Islam (as if such were possible) will, in so doing, at least help to divide, and therefore to weaken, the Camp of Islam.
    Ideally, one would wish this Total System, that has held so many hundreds of millions in thrall, and thwarted over so many centuries so much human potential (think of the art, think of the science, that might have resulted in the absence of the dead hand of Islam on so many people, prevented from so many forms of artistic expression, from so many avenues for free and skeptical inquiry that are necessary for the enterprise of science, think of so much dull fanaticism, so much boredom, so much violence, in posse and in esse) will be seen, by Berbers, by Kurds, by people in the subcontinent (why should Muslims in India not “rediscover” their own history, their Hindu, or Buddhist, or other non-Muslim roots?), by those in Malaysia and the East Indies, with its rich pre-Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist past, as having helped to make them forget their own history, and this history deserves to be rediscovered.
    Meanwhile, start reading and promoting those Berber sites. And hope that the French state, instead of “integrating” its Muslims by government-supported mosques, will try to work with Berbers in France, work to make them see the light, work to help them to achieve their own destiny, one different from, and superior to, that of the Arabs whose method of cultural and linguistic domination comes from, and is supplied by, Islam.

    We should help those in North Africa (and in France) who know, are well aware, of their Berber identity. DNA could come to the rescue. There is a genetic marker that, in studies by French geneticists in Tunisia, shows that Berbers and Arabs can be easily distinguished. Some who proudly identify themselves as “Arabs” will resist. But others may listen. And as they recognize the violence, the “culture of death” of Islam, in its fanatical form, perhaps those who wish to make a break from Islam, and recognize that such a break is hardest of all for Arabs, and that another identity needs to be accepted, invented, believed in, will manage to discover, and embrace, their Berber “roots.”
    It seems fanciful, just as it seems fanciful that Iranians, those who are not merely disgusted with the mullahs running things, but are coming to be disgusted with Islam — that “gift of the Arabs” — itself, may wish to rediscover Zoroastrianism. Not because of any particular wonderfulness in what Zoroastrianism has to offer, but simply because it offers another identity (see Bernard Lewis’s excellent “The Multiple Identities of the Middle East,” to which I referred earlier), in a part of the world, and among people, who believe that “everyone simply has to be something.” And that “something” cannot be, as it is in the advanced West, a collection of ideas or ideals — as an American might define himself as loyal to the American Constitution, and wishing to defend the political and legal institutions of this country, fortunately fashioned by an inimitable group of geniuses, and fortunately, not yet made complete hash even by those who embody the degradation of the democratic dogma.

    Some Berbers accepted being considered as “Arabs,” the way some Copts and Maronites have had a false “Arab identity” pushed on them, or have only semi-accepted it, an “identity” constructed out of nothing more than the fact that they are speakers, “users,” of Arabic, and may have had Arabic names forced on them over time. Indeed, there are differences between Arabs who have become Christians (as a few did in the 19th and early 20th centuries) and those Arabic-using Christians — Maronites, Copts, Assyrians, Chaldeans — who are not Arabs, but some of whom have, in order to survive in an ever-threatening Muslim sea, had to find their role as “Arabs” or even, in the manner of the Christian Syrian Michel Aflaq (one of the founders of Ba’athism), become hyper-Arab nationalists, as promoters of an Arab identity, pan-Arabism, the whole works — an alternative to Islam (they were fooling themselves, because pan-Arabism for Muslim Arabs was never a real alternative to Islam, but merely a temporary goal, a subset, of the goal of a reunified Muslim world. In the end Islam triumphed).
    Not every ill that befell the non-Muslims in the Muslim world, or non-Arabs in the Muslim Arab world, can be attributed to colonial powers. There were French, during the time of the “presence francaise” who brought schools, hospitals, modern agriculture, and other elements of modern civilization, to North Africa (in Morocco and Tunisia, over about half-a-century; and in Algeria, over a 132-year period) who were quite capable of distinguishing Berbers from Arabs, and it was not their pressure that caused some Berbers to forget their own identity, any more than it was France as the guarantor of the Christians in Lebanon and Syria who caused some to make themselves hyper-Arabs. Aflaq co-founded the Ba’ath party with two associates not when the French seemed to be there to stay, but when it was clear that they would, in a few years, be leaving, and Arab nationalism would be the cover to protect the Arab Christians from Islam.

    Aflaq’s “Ba’athism” came to dominate only two countries, and for two similar reasons. The first was Syria, with a large Christian population, and with a powerful military caste, the Alawites, who were not regarded as orthodox Muslims, were indeed disliked by orthodox Muslims for the obvious elements of syncretism in their worship (go to an Alawite village and see the pictures of Mary everywhere), these Alawites who had been miserable under the domination of Sunni Islam but under that of the French formed part of the Troupes speciales, were trained to fight, and when the French left, the Alawites remained in the army, and the air force (with Colonel Hafez al-Assad), and gradually took over, in the way that people or groups always take over in the Muslim Middle East — through the application, or threat, of military force. In Syria Ba’athism tried to disguise, was the facade, for the rule by the Alawites.
    In Iraq, Ba’athism took a different turn. There, the Sunnis knew that they were numerically far inferior to the Shi’a, even if they kept denying it. Nonetheless, once they were put in control of modern Iraq, by the British, they never lost their grip until the Americans arrived in 2003 and overturned the old order.

    The Hashemite king, Feisal, a Sunni, was put in control of Iraq, and aided throughout the 1920s by British troops, and such British civilians as the celebrated archaeologist Gertrude Bell, until finally, the expense of suppressing the tribes, and the obvious hopelessness of it all, caused the British to leave. It was Winston Churchill who described Mesopotamia (Iraq) as an “ungrateful volcano.” And when the British left, the local Arabs solemnly promised not to harm the local Christians, and five months after the last British troops pulled out, Muslim Arabs killed up to 100,000 largely helpless Assyrians. (William Saroyan wrote a book about it).
    Everywhere Muslims spreading Islam are careful to present it as the vehicle for whatever grievance the potential local converts may have. If it is black prisoners in the United States, then Islam is presented as the vehicle both of “social justice” (see how Muslim ruling classes everywhere seize the national wealth, see how well the poor are treated in Muslim countries), and against “racism.” And the Infidels do little or nothing. Have you seen any campaigns of deliberate counter-Da’wa anywhere in the prisons of the West? It would be easy to show, and to keep showing, perhaps by organizing the “Lost Boys” of the Sudan, that anti-black racism, of the purest and most virulent kind, is found among the Arabs. Anyone who has studied in an Arab country returns amazed at what is openly said about blacks, and not a few are shaken. Anyone who looks into the history of African slavery soon discovers that the Arab slave trade began earlier, and ended later, than that of the Europeans – or rather, ended formally later, but actually continues, in several countries, to this day. Why is this not screamed from every housetop? Why have the countries of the advanced world, that have poured $400 billion into aid to black Africa, not tried to halt the spread of the most retrograde force, a force which encourages the habit of mental submission, and which, in its inshallah-fatalism, is in fact fatal to economic development, not tried to stop the spread of Islam? If they have the wellbeing of black Africans at heart, they must begin to understand, and to share their understanding, that Islam has been, is, and always will be, a force that hinders, with that inshallah-fatalism and that habit of mental submission, any possibility of either economic or intellectual development.

    The evidence is there. What sustained the Muslims for centuries, at a low level, was simply the accumulated intellectual capital of those peoples whom they conquered, and slowly leached of life, and of property as well. Now North Africa and the Middle East are virtually emptied of the local non-Muslims who once provided a certain supply of Jizyah. What sustains the Arabs and Muslims are two things, and only two things; the new disguised Jizyah of Western foreign aid (which should be ended, and used to meet the new expenses of monitoring Muslim populations in the West), and the manna of oil wealth, entirely undeserved, and the only conceivable way that the Arabs and Muslims might acquire great wealth – through an accident of geology. Are the peoples of black Africa to be misled into thinking that they, too, will somehow share in that wealth if they are Muslim?

    There was once a very large and intelligent, because it focused on small-scale, doable projects, aid effort by Israel in black Africa. It was the most successful of all such foreign aid efforts. It was widespread. It was widely welcomed. But it came to an end, after the Six-Day War, under Arab pressure, and bribery – the same bribery that caused several dozen African states, under Arab command, to break diplomatic relations with Israel. Some of those African states no doubt thought that the Arabs would share just a little of that vast unearned wealth – if only to replace what Israel, a tiny country, had so remarkably provided. It was not to be. It will never be. The Arab Muslims are trying in Africa to dominate the Continent. They are patient. They are methodical. In West Africa, where Islam is already dominant, as in uranium-rich Niger, they have transformed the easygoing, syncretistic practice of Islam to something much more akin to what can be seen in Saudi Arabia. And everywhere mosques are becoming subject to the strictures of those who pay for them, or pay the imams – and that usually means the Saudis. In some countries that once had a clear Christian majority, such as the Ivory Coast, the Christians are feeling besieged by Muslims who come in from the north, and the French government under Chirac understood their fear, but did not support the local black Christians, but rather attempted to appease the world’s Muslims. Boko Haram has not been stopped; it becomes more powerful every day and not just in Nigeria.

    In East Africa, when the black Africans rose up against their Arab masters in Zanzibar and Pemba some decades ago (the slave trade by the Arabs in East Africa had been centered there – indeed, the Sultan of Muscat and Oman had for a time ruled directly from Zanzibar), little was made of this in the West. No one discussed the long history of the Arab slave trade, with its practice of castrating black children when they were first caught, and then taking them by slave coffle or dhow to the slave markets of Islam, a trip which about 10% survived (see “The Hideous Trade” by Jan Hogedorn). And so the Arabs have continued their march southward. The Sudan had very few Arabs in the southern part one hundred years ago. But steadily they have taken territory, pushed back, killed, black Africans. 1.8 million non-Muslim blacks were killed, or deliberately starved to death, in the southern Sudan in the last two decades. Not content with that, not content with having seized complete control of the oil wealth that lies under the Christian and animist areas of the artificial state of Sudan, the Arabs are now trying to seize, by mass murder, the lands as well of the Muslim, but non-“Arab” blacks of Darfur. The campaign of mass rape, destruction of property, and killing of every man, woman and child they can get their hands on has been reported and reported, and reported. It has been reported without any understanding of Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism (the nicholas-kristofs of this world never bothered to figure out what was going on, what ideology prompted the Janjaweed and the Sudanese government that supported it, or the other Arab and Muslim governments that ran interference for that Sudanese government), but are content with writing endless columns of easy anguish.

    Americans and other Infidel peoples should be supporting Ethiopian efforts to halt the spread of Islam, or of the purest kind of Islam, whether in Somalia or in Ethiopia itself, and to help Ethiopia remain a Christian kingdom that can help prevent the takeover of southern East Africa by Islam. Muslims owe their loyalty to the umma al-islamiyya, to fellow Muslims. It would make sense, in Africa, for the Americans not only to have handfuls of advisors and troops here and there, but to engage in propaganda. This propaganda, which happens to be the truth simply megaphoned to make a point, should describe in vivid detail the history of the Arab slave trade. It should explain to Africans that slavery is permanently sanctioned by both Qur’an and Sunnah, and can therefore never, within Islam, be banished. It should detail the continuing racism of the Arabs. And it should show how Islam stands in the way of economic and other kinds of development in two ways: in the encouragement of the habit of mental submission, central to Islam, and in the inshallah-fatalism that limits economic activity, and how Islam has relied on two kinds of manna: the Jizyah that is demanded from, or voluntarily supplied by, non-Muslims, and the oil wealth that has resulted from an accident of geology. And despite the thirty trillion dollars that the Arab and Muslim states have received from oil revenues since 1973, not a single one has managed to create a real economy, not a single one–those, like Turkey or Tunisia or Lebanon, that had both a large non-Muslim or secular class, and income from tourism and trade to count on — has ceased to be hopelessly dependent on oil.

    Islam, as it spreads, will merely guarantee that the countries and peoples of sub-Saharan Africa will be forced to endure the political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual failures of Muslim states and societies – failures whose source can be found in Islam itself.
    Do we wish black Africa well, or ill? If we do wish to help the peoples of black Africa, preventing or halting the spread of Islam makes sense. And it makes sense for us to help others, such as the Berbers who were fighting in Ghaadia, to regain their history, their language and their culture, and it makes sense for us, in other ways, as well to promote pride in pre- or non-Islamic culture, among the many peoples called “Muslim” who have another identity to look to, if they feel the impulse to do so.

    Charlie Hebdo surrenders, will no longer draw Muhammad
    UK jihadi who supported Taliban returns to UK after release from US jail
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    empty. Re: The Reporting of Information of Events associated with Islam

    empty. shiloh Today at 4:31 pm

    A Not so 'Radicalised' Unplanned Abberration of Terrorist Islam - Disclosure for the Sheeple, alternative and mainstream

    The Politics of Islam

    Document reveals ISIS plot for world domination in chilling detail: Full translation below

    By Document reveals ISIS plot for world domination in chilling detail: Full translation below ByPamela Geller on December 7, 2015
    - See more at: Pamela Geller on December 7, 2015
    Global Jihad

    - See more at:

    The report “shows an unprecedented level of sophistication.” Unprecedented? There’s plenty of precedent, from Muhammad on down. Read the document. It’s 24 pages. It is all in the cause Islam, jihad, and Muhammad.
    Anyone who suggests the Islamic State is not Islam is clueless, complicit or evil. A document outlining how ISIS organises the vast territory it controls has been unearthed – and the terror group is far more sophisticated than we feared.
    Then who feared? The liberal lapdogs for Islam? Islamic apologists? I have warned of this — for years.
    A handful (if that) of colleagues, too. We were/are attacked, ridiculed and violently opposed. I was right about it all. So believe me when I tell you, you ain’t seen nuthin yet.

    “ISIS plot for world domination revealed in chilling detail with plans for education and industry,” By Sam Webb, The Mirror, December 7, 2015 The leaked document outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military

    Dossier: An ISIS document has revealed how sophisticated their government is

    A document outlining how ISIS organises the vast territory it controls has been unearthed – and the terror group is far more sophisticated than we feared. The leaked dossier outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military.
    The 24-page document ‘Principles in the administration of the Islamic State’ gives an incredible insight into the well-funded regime. Written by an Egyptian called Abu Abdullah, outlines how kids must receive “training on bearing light arms”.
    He also calls for a single identity for the terror group to unite both foreigners and locals and makes the case for establishing independent “factories for local military and food production”. The report, which was obtained by the Guardian , shows an unprecedented level of sophistication.
    Charlie Winter, a senior researcher for Georgia State University told the newspaper: “Far from being an army of irrational, bloodthirsty fanatics, IS (Islamic State) is a deeply calculating political organisation with an extremely complex, well-planned infrastructure behind it.”


    The terror group’s horrific indoctrination techniques were laid bare in a recent propaganda video showing a young boy whose mother was raped and his father killed by ISIS.
    He is being turned into a cold-blooded killing machine by the terror group. The youngster has appeared in a new ISIS propaganda video executing a person in Syria, reports Mosul Eye, a group documenting life in the Iraqi city.
    In a statement, the group said: “ISIS kidnapped this child first thing when it took over Sinjar, and they raped his mother and sisters and killed his father and brother. “He is one in a large group of children that ISIS kidnapped. ISIS turned this innocent child to a killing machine.” Meanwhile, Syria’s government has accused the US-led coalition of launching air strikes on a Syrian army camp that killed three soldiers and wounded 13. The government has sent a protest letter to the UN over the incident, which took place in the country’s east. If confirmed, the air strikes would mark the first time coalition forces fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq have attacked Syrian government forces.

    The ISIS Papers: 4-page document, translated below, outlines principles for governing territory under the group’s control and strategy for becoming a viable state. Emphasis are mine:

    Islamic State Caliphate on the prophetic methodology
    In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful:

    “No, by your Lord, they will not believe until they have you rule over them in what they have disagreed and find in themselves from what you have judged and willingly submit.”

    Principles in the administration of the Islamic State – 1435AH [2103-2014]
    Introduction In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful As for what follows: After 50 years of jihad whose sides have fallen prostrate in the totality of the land, and the states gathered against the centres of the Sunni jihad in the world, God ennobled his true soldiers whom he selected to establish the caliphate state whose fortresses had fallen at the hands of global Zionism in al-Astana [Istanbul] 100 years ago.
    [Note: This is a reference to the end of the Ottoman caliphate in 1924].

    Indeed the establishment of the Islamic State, its concept does not stand on the basis of a mujahid soldier fighting and bearing his arms, nor does it rest on da’wa [evangelising] in a mosque or a street, but rather it is a comprehensive system requiring the leaders of the ummah [Muslim nation] to realise its concepts.

    So on the expansion of the Islamic State, the state requires an Islamic system of life, a Qur’anic constitution and a system to implement it, and there must not be suppression of the role of qualifications, skills of expertise and the training of the current generation on administering the state.
    From the start of the uprising of blessed Syria against the Nusayris [derogatory for Alawites], the mujahideen came in great numbers out of zeal for their religion.

    But some of them harboured Arab nationalist and tribalist arrogance, and others a zeal and will without shari’a aims.
    But it was inevitable that there would be an organisation of these numbers and their principles as a shari’i [Islamically legitimate] organisation accepting the current reality that the world marshalled against it from its soldiers and intelligence services.

    And from then there would be the confrontation of altering the principles and selling out to which the first mujahideen [fighters] did not show deference in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya and elsewhere. And from then there would be the cultivation of educational and societal change with which the muhajireen [immigrants] co-existed and organisation of their ranks with the ansar [natives] – the people of the land.

    And there were many challenges and difficulties that one would have to deal with according to its establishment and according to its special ideological programme, and one must deal with each one of them on an individual basis.

    Chapter one - Announcement of the Islamic Caliphate

    The announcement of the renewal of the caliphate in Iraq in the year 1427AH [2006] was the arbiter between division and separation as well as the glory of the Muslims. That year was tantamount to the hemiplegia for the idolatrous west that began preparing equipment and projects to strike any project of the Islamic State, and the announcement of the caliphate.

    And the announcement of the caliphate was the result of the mujahideen’s realising the lack of advantage in fighting against the idolaters without the existence of a leader and caliph who could gather the Muslims under his banner and be a figure of strength for them.

    America and its allies were able to destroy the caliphate project [ie the Islamic State of Iraq] to a great extent in Iraq after they established the Sunni Iraqi Sahwa forces [Sunni Awakening tribal forces that fought the Islamic State of Iraq] and struck the Sunni nursemaid [ie basis of Sunni support for the Islamic State of Iraq], by portraying it as a treacherous terrorist state of hypocritical political projects, with great marshalling of the media to accomplish that.

    The deeds of the soldiers of the state thus became limited to security operations to strike American targets and their allies. After the arising of the blessed uprising of Syria, the Islamic State had a great role in striking the Nusayris in it and destroying the pillars of the rule of Assad in the heart of the command centres. And it has therefore been the case that the lesson to be learned from the prior leaders of the state is the way to benefit from prior mistakes, and the means to preserve the revolutionaries of Syria on the jihadi trend while not moulding them in a western framework which that western support brings. And in the second chapter is a statement on the administration of the muhajir (foreign) mujahid in particular and developing the creed of the Islamic State among the ansar in Syria.

    The announcement of the caliphate in Syria was a powerful blow that the agents of the west who were set on the direction of the Sahwat of Iraq by whom the west thought that it could put an end to the Islamic caliphate project as it had weakened it in Iraq did not expect.

    There were new modified problems that the leadership of the state was able to deal with, among them [Abu Muhammad] al-Joulani, [Note: the leader of al-Qaida in Syria formerly of Islamic State] announcement of his rejection of joining the Islamic State despite his allegiance to the caliph in Iraq, and in that he was trying to split the ranks and sabotage the project in subordination to his personal agendas bound with regional states, and his rejection was a confrontation for the Islamic project that God gave victory to despite the multitude of those discouraged and the callers to humiliation and servitude.

    And the one who witnesses the events of Syria sees how God has given might to the Islamic State and lowered Joulani and those with him.

    Chapter two - Organisation of the individual and group

    With the entry of the second year of the uprising of Syria, the Shia militias of various nationalities entered Syria to fight at the side of the Nusayri-Rafidite [Assad] regime which flaunted its crimes with regards to the Sunnis, which led to a global Islamic uprising represented in the hijra [migration] of thousands of Muslim youths to fight in the rank of the Sunnis from the various regions of the land.

    Thousands migrated to Syria to fight alongside the mujahideen, without their knowing the direction of any faction, its affiliation or private agendas.

    It was necessary to prepare a sound programme in which the muhajireen might take refuge as their jihad is the result of the glory to Islam and the monotheists. So the announcement of the caliphate was the obligation that gathers those arriving in the land of jihad, strengthens their hearts – and through it their minds are set – and gathers them over the difference of their colours under one banner, one word and one caliph.

    The majority of the first muhajireen came from the Gulf states and the Arabic Maghreb whose zeal for their religion urged them on, and among them were those with zeal for their Arab Sunni brothers without religious jihadist inhibition, and without there being for them prior expertise in global jihadi organisations. After them was hijra [migration] from the states of the world after the announcement of the caliphate, as no disbelieving state has remained which hasn’t also suffered from the hijra [migration] of its youth to support the Islamic State which the soldiers of Joulani and the apostate Sahwa forces from the Free [Syrian] Army and others besides them rejected.

    And after that, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ordered to establish a first camp which included the new muhajireen [immigrants] who had no deeply ingrained expertise and creed, near the prior borders for the Sykes-Picot “Iraq-Syria” lines.
    And the camp included the organisation of the muhajir [immigrant] individual in the Islamic State and laying aside local tribalism and ignorance before him, and making his affiliation to the religion alone and under one banner. And the camp included nurturing the spirit of the brothers between the muhajireen and the ansar through laying aside the prior identity for the muhajir, and making him a resident in the Islamic State with his family without feelings of estrangement or distinguishing between him and his brothers from the muhajireen and the ansar.

    And without Islam it is not possible for this change to be included which encountered difficulty in the beginning on account of place affiliation that the mujahideen felt on the day of their fight with the Free Army Sahwa and inclinations of nationalism and ethnic division which was making the muhajir lose his zeal to fight alongside them.

    And there resulted from the camp the formation of joint fighting groups between the muhajireen and the ansar established on the basis of the leadership of the individual most capable of bearing responsibility, having prior expertise and the military and sharia [law] tests of the camp.

    And there also resulted from the camp the formation of groups composed of the muhajireen from the western states in particular in view of the difficulty of linguistic communication in the beginning and launch stage and in view of the mutual understanding and precedence of coordination between some of the muhajireen from Chechnya and France to fight in single cells without the existence of any distinction for members from those besides them [ie there was no differential treatment on the basis of ethnic identity].

    And it was inevitable that Arabic character should precede over the character of the muhajireen, for the language of the Qur’an is Arabic, and the prophetic hadiths [sayings] are in Arabic and the customs of Islamic society were Arabic in great part, and in view of the nature of the local society of the peoples of Syria it was inevitable that Arabic character should be cultivated in the language and religious culture in the muhajireen and laying aside the foreign identity that bears in its hidden nature hostility to Islam, its culture and its roots.

    For unifying the life of the mujahid and his language and culture is the guarantor for unifying the rank of the mujahideen and realising their total belonging in the Islamic State that includes muhajireen from every corner of the earth.

    Chapter three - Administration of the camps

    The preparatory camp is the first home and school of the mujahid in which his military and jihadi training sessions take place and he undergoes sufficient education in matters of his religion, life and jihad.
    And according to the plans of the Islamic State to nurture the caliphate generation, the camps are divided into three types:

    1. Continuation camps

    And these are special camps for the mujahideen who lead in the jihad and those who are masters of expertise in managing and planning the battle in beginning and end. And the camp includes physical preparation for 15 days. And that is in a training session every year, and the mujahid through that camp comes upon the latest arts of using weapons, military planning and military technologies currently put forth in battles and weapons whose use by the enemy are anticipated, along with detailed commentary on the technologies of enemy use of the weapons, areas of their use, their strength and how the soldiers of the state can take advantage of them.

    2. First preparation camps

    For the mujahid on the day he joins the Islamic State, whether as a muhajir or from the ansar: and the camp includes sharia sessions through which the mujahid studies the fiqh [jurisprudence] of the rulings, Islamic doctrine, al-wala’ and al-bara’ [loyalty and disavowal], in addition to the arts of fighting and the arts of using weapons, with screening of every mujahid in a specialty in which he excels and completing his camp according to his skill in specific weapons.

    3. Preparation camp for children

    The camp includes sharia sessions in fiqh of doctrine and rulings, with special sessions in Islamic society and manners, and training on bearing light arms and the principles of use.
    Outstanding individuals are selected from them for security portfolio assignments, including checkpoints, patrols and the various Amniyat units [internal security units].
    And the camps administration is responsible for planning, aims and results, and as the results of the camp should be in alignment with the aims and principles of the Islamic State, it has been necessary to establish a centre for the administration of the camps whose tasks are as follows:

    1. Preparing special sharia sessions in the camps in coordination with the al-Buhuth and al-Eftaa [fatwa – legal opinion] committee.
    2. Preparing educational programmes to teach the Arabic language and recitation of the Qur’an in coordination with the Diwan al-Ta’aleem [department of education] for every province.
    3. Preparing military programmes teaching the types of weapons and military tactics with the supervision of the military commander in every province.
    4. Studying expenditures and allowances for every camp whose study and analysis are to be completed by the military leader or wali [governor] of every area according to the needs connected with every wilaya [province] and submitting the study to the wali.
    5. Overseeing the selection of the educational and training staff in the camp.
    6. Putting in place detailed planning and programmes on the course of the battle.
    7. Tracking the supervision of the camp according to the defined programmes.
    8. Assessing the camp session and raising a report to the officials concerning the readiness of the session after the camp.

    Chapter four - Direction administration

    The mujahid [soldier] remains in need of direction and tracking after his completion of the special training session for him, for spiritual direction is the foundation of his success in every matter he undertakes and the mujahid’s direction in every stage will consist of reminding him of the aims of the Islamic State and hadiths [prophetic sayings] on the virtue of the mujahid and persevering and continuing despite the difficulty of the path of jihad.

    1. Direction before the battle

    And here the military commander for the mission or the sharia official accompanying him should undertake it, and the direction should be a little before the launching of the mujahid to battle through mentioning hadiths on the virtue of jihad and endurance on encountering the enemy as well as following the decisions and instructions of the field commander during the battle, along with the virtue of martyrdom in the path of God to raise the banner of Islam and the caliphate and the virtue of the one struck with wounds in the land of the battle. All this should be done during the readying and preparation for the battle. And the director oversees the mujahideen in all their moments until their absence from him in the battle. And the director should not be discouraged, having doubts, hesitating or cowardly because he is the example that the mujahid summons whenever the furnace of the battle flares up.

    2. Direction after the battle:

    In the event of victory, the director summons what came from the Prophet from sayings on the virtue of the mujahid and their feelings that what they have accomplished aspires to be in the service of their religion and creed, with their being reminded to embrace the instructions coming from the battle leadership from the rulings of spoils and not adopting any decision to plunder the wealth of the people except by its rights and by explicit order from the commander responsible. In the event of being broken, the direction should be on patience, reckoning and steadfastness on meeting the enemy while not heeding those having doubts and those who spread rumour and terror in the ranks of the soldiers.

    3. Lasting direction:

    Remaining on activity and steadfastness with the mujahid in all his states and lessons in al-wala and al-bara [loyalty and disavowal] as well as fiqh, Islamic creed and listening to and obeying the amir [leader]. The staff of direction in every province should be from the cream of the crop of free sharia and military officials who have the ability to argue, convince and encourage as well as from the soldiers around whom the group have congregated and should be possessors of confidence among them.

    Chapter five - Organisation of the provinces

    The Sykes-Picot agreement and after them the indirect rule of the west over the states of Islam tried to place administrative borders drawing social, madhhabist and ethnic differences in every region, and deepening the roots of the differences between the Sunni Muslims. Thus the distinction of the Sunnis from the Shia in the provinces of Iraq and oversight of the centres of administration in every Sunni region, and even the appointment of officials in the Sunnis’ regions from the filth of the Rafidites have been clear, while the regions have been entrusted under the rule of [their own] Kurdish and Shia sects independent in decision-making from the ruling presidency as we have seen in Kirkuk and Irbil and in even smaller regions including from them in the cursed Najaf and Karbala and that have enjoyed “religious” administrative independence, unannounced. All those divisions have also forbidden the Sunnis from the simplest of their rights while making the Nusayris masters of the sea, and the Shia in Iraq the kings of oil and the merchant pathways, and the Yazidi Kurds the sheikhs of the mountains while the Druze have become masters over the mountains overseeing Israel. All that has not merely been a coincidence, but it was a dirty political decision in order to implement a tightening stranglehold on the Sunnis and make them the most remote people and strip them of all assets for advancement or thinking of a rightly-guided Islamic State. If we were to see today the borders of the Islamic State and the borders of the Sunnis regions, we would see them torn apart, besieged and persecuted, for there are the Shia from the south of Iraq, the Nusayris from the west of Syria and the communist Kurdish parties to their north, and the Druze to their south. So it is no surprise that today we see the bloodshed flowing in the land of Syria and Iraq. So it has been from the law and sound mind to redraw the borders of the provinces and give lengthy consideration to every development that occurs in the region. Thus we protect the power of the Sunnis and strengthen its expansion and focal points, and then special teams can be deployed for fundamental change in the structuring of the regions that are subject to the rule of the Islamic State. And that was what the companions [of the Prophet Muhammad] and after them the caliphs pursued against every heretic community: that is, dispersing their groupings so there no longer remained any impeding opinion, strength or ability, and the Muslim alone remains the master of the state and decision-making and no one is in conflict with him. And in what there is no doubt is the fact that among the assets of the ummah [Islamic nation] are: its wealth, the nature of its land, its inhabitants and its water. And in everything is distinction:

    1.Wealth of the state

    It is the principal component and source of financing for all internal and external operations, and the existence of secure financial resources whose value does not change in every time and place is a must – and the need of the people for them should be clear with the nations unable to do without them despite the existence of the impediments that prevent their use and purchase from the land of the state.
    This includes oil and gas and what the land possesses including gold as currency that does not deteriorate or decline, as well as trade routes from which they have no wealth and all of it should be the intervention of the Islamic State as a powerful side in all their plans and such that they cannot pretend that it has no existence and might.

    2. The nature of its land

    The state cannot remain without the existence of the land that allows for its continuation and expansion, for the assets of the land are – the mountains, the agricultural lands, the sea and the river – for these natural assets are what makes the Islamic State acquire its importance and the importance of location, and the agreement of the west in Sykes-Picot were established on the basis of depriving the Sunnis from those assets, as the mountains were granted to the Kurds, Druze and Alawites, while the sea was granted to the Rafidites and Nusayris, while the river and what surrounds it in investment for the Jews and the agricultural lands under their administration. And that was a new setback that was added to all the ambitions in establishing the Islamic State and freeing it from servitude of the filthy Nusayris and the disbelieving Rafidites [Alawites and Shia]. When there is no asset for them the enemy have been shut on their openings from every side.

    3. The traitorous governments have tried to mislead the Sunni peoples in every Arab land, as corrupt programmes were introduced for them and there spread among them the love of vice, bonds, bribery, usury and abandoning worship and forgetting the rulings of jihad. So the Sunnis in Syria have lived in a new ignorance after ignorance during the French occupation of their land as there was the Alawite government that planted its vices in every house, permitted the forbidden and made forbidden development and civilisation.

    But after the uprising undertaken by the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria and their getting rid of the servitude to the tyrants began the second plan that requires implementing the “demographic” change in their regions and expelling the Sunnis from their areas, for it has been what we saw in Fallujah, Aleppo, Homs, Tikrit and other areas besides them from the regions of the Sunnis many of whose people have suffered during their presence in their land.

    Indeed they realise that the Islamic State cannot renew the ummah’s blood without a human member capable of always producing, and there was the alluring of the best of its youth and plundering the land with hijra outside their areas and liquidating many of them.

    And today it is necessary to have a studied plan that responds in kind and brings about like change in the profane abode of disbelief, expelling its people and killing its people until there is no base for them and the land is for God and his servants.

    And in turn implementing the plans that include the return of the Muslim youth to their land and bringing together the skills from the land of the Muslims, and the going out of the state for specialised staff in their fields if they are not of those of the pact in Islam [ie Jews and Christians].

    Chapter six - Administration of wealth

    Indeed the might of the Islamic State can only be through its being free entirely from all bonds of tyranny that the west possesses as means of leverage against it, and it moves them according to its need and whim based on knowing from it the need of the mujahideen for support, wealth and weapons.
    Jihadi groups in Iraq and Syria have lived through long bonds of humiliation pledged on conditional western support, until they seized wide areas of the land and possessed all assets of advancement. And all of that is on account of the ignorant administration that controls them and keeps them under western guardianship for all their activities, wars and expansion.

    Indeed the Islamic State’s seizure of vast areas includes all assets of advancement that does not suffice without the existence of an administration managing the interests and managing the crises. So it is necessary for a plan to be put in place including the might of the state and its independence as we specify in the following points:
    – Preserving the capabilities [personnel and infrastructure] that managed the production projects under the prior governments, whilst taking into account the need to place strict oversights and an administration affiliated with the Islamic State.
    – Placing specialists in accounting and oversight over all production directorates in the Islamic State including establishments of oil, gas, archaeological areas and factories for manufacturing and production.
    – Preserving additional reserves that ensure the continuation of operation in one successive arrangement in all circumstances.
    – Regulating expenses through a comprehensive administration including collective expenses and collective production without singling out a province or group by provision of estimates exceeding their needs in normal circumstances.
    – Establishing factories for local military and food production and independence from the monopoly of arms dealers for materials of necessity and cutting them off in the event of contravening the interests.
    – Realising local needs and providing for them within the borders of the state in isolated safe zones and connecting trade routes inside the state through principal centres and beneficiary wings.
    – Reducing excess expenditure through the administration of the province; it must operate independently and be able to take its own decisions in matters concerning the province.
    – Relying on external business as a principal source of income through the openings of the state to the other side without an intermediary. Direct exchange has better guarantees than the monopoly of the intermediary for business transactions and means of connection.

    Chapter seven - Administration of the projects

    In parallel with military preparation in the lines of fighting and the camps, a committee is to be put in place to administer production projects and put in place plans to implement new investment projects. The one who invests in the lands of the state is to be given comprehensive protection according to the agreement that arises with the observance of the interests of the Islamic State in production, exporting and prices. The independence of the investor from the administration of the province is a more preferred means for the administration of the wealth, increasing local production and improving the capability of the producing material, and regulating the time and expenditure.

    And it will [also] be a better guarantee against losses resulting from any sizeable investment project. Advertisement For the independent foundation is outside the limits of liability that arise for those projects that are affiliated with a province of the Islamic State. And it is not right for the investor according to the law, to hand over the production to those who have no right to it and they [those who have the right to it] are the ones determined in an agreement by the administration that is entrusted over the project and overseeing its organisation by the province in which the project is established. And such an agreement is stipulated on determining the beneficiaries and the means of profit with the guarantee of the [Islamic] State to convey the products internally to the borders of the Islamic State without exposing them to any risk. And it is not allowed to invest in the following projects:

    1. Oil products

    It is not allowed for a person who has no pledge of allegiance on his neck to the caliph to invest in an oil or gas field or what has arisen from their trajectory, but it is allowed besides that to produce derivatives after buying the crude products from the fields of the Islamic State, just as it is allowed to sell and deal in them inside and outside the state.

    2. Gold and antiquities

    It is not allowed to excavate for gold and antiquities except by expressed agreement from the resources department, and all transferred and stored materials will be confiscated for the interest of the treasury. And it is allowed to deal in gold not excavated from the ground according to the well-known aharia frameworks with immediate effect.

    3. Weapons

    It is forbidden to establish factories to produce weapons and materials particular to them without granting of any explicit permits for the situation, just as it is forbidden to establish shops to sell public weapons besides personal weapons and deal in them without prior knowledge and agreement from the responsible military amir in the wilaya. As for the other principal goods that also come under the crux of people’s lives, the officials must know about all means of operation and production like dealing in water, flour and livestock.

    Chapter eight - Administration of education

    Education is the foundation upon which Islamic society is built, and it is the division that makes the Muslims differ in their lives from the rest of the paths of disbelief. The previous Ba’athist and Shia governments tried to deviate the Muslim generation from their path through their educational programmes that concord with their governments and political whims. The programmes focused on glorifying the ruling authorities and discarding differences between sects, stripping Sunnis of their identity. And among the most important of their goals were:

    1. Focusing on glorifying and eternalising the leaders and taking refuge in God and inserting them into hidden shirk [idolatry] through immortalising ephemeral, temporary personalities.

    2. Spreading the aims of their parties and their ideas whilst distancing the nurtured from Islamic thought, because the ruling party considers itself the pulse of society and the symbol of its endurance, while Islamic principles are for the mosque only and between man and his Lord with severe proceedings against all those who tried to do away with party thinking or modify it.

    3. Discarding the difference with the disbelieving sects, and considering co-existence with them as the true societal bond that the ummah must operate in accordance with in order to preserve its goals, while in reality protection is implemented for the rights of all the communities of disbelief while oppressing the Sunnis and their principles.

    4. Spreading the culture of moral dissolution by promoting it through expressions of civilisation and exchanges of cultures with the west.

    And thus it was that the ummah entered into labyrinths of confusion that made it forget its glory, its strength and its past, while the prior Islamic caliphates were portrayed as being a foreign occupation that arose on the basis of ignorance and the decline of the ummah and nationalism.

    – And among the aims of the Islamic programme in the Islamic State:

    1. Implanting Islamic values in society as well as sound, sharia-based societal manners and customs.

    2. Correcting the erroneous narrations that the prior programmes had implanted about the prior caliphs and imams.

    3. Developing Islamic society on the basis of manners and on sharia.

    4. Raising a knowledgeable Islamic generation capable of bearing the ummah and its future without needing the expertises of the west.

    So it is also that the Islamic school is one of the houses of worship, whose aims are confined to acquiring knowledge also, but also it is an educational nurturing ground that raises the individual with comprehensive development of mind and body.
    And in it there should be training facilities for mind, body and vocation, as successful programmes cannot rely on what is written between the lines, without practical training on all given subjects.
    Also it is the case that the interest in the Arabic language and its use in daily life for the individual is an important matter in the Islamic State as is distancing from vulgar expressions that were put forward in society in a well-considered plan to guarantee the forgetting of the Islamic identity for society.

    Chapter nine - Administration of relations

    External relations are the first foundation for building every nascent state, and they are among the foundations that show the strength and might of the state. They should constitute for it a general stance in everything that happens in the world with the people of Islam and be for it an external hand protecting its dealings.

    And the Prophet (peace be upon him) was considered the master of the global Islamic message; it was necessary for him to be acquainted with what was happening around him in the neighbouring states, and knowing their latest affairs and thus inviting them to Islam.
    And indeed the messenger (God’s peace and blessings be upon him and his family) established his proficiency and skill in external movements through viewing at a distance and personifying the just of the just, and appropriate evaluation of matters as well as outstanding ability in the operation of recruiting to Islam.

    Indeed external relations are key to knowing the international politics surrounding the Islamic State, and alliances should be as a guarantee of force and leverage that the Islamic leadership can use in all its matters with the external world.

    According to sharia politics, the leadership is not allowed to adopt decisions to ally with a state or implement an agreement with it if that violates sharia politics, as agreed on by the majority of ulama [religious scholars] and symbols of jihad. So indeed every agreement must include the following:

    1.The internal sovereignty of the Islamic State and not allowing for other states to intervene in matters of Islamic rule or the general politics of the Islamic State.

    2. Protecting the borders of the Islamic State from every mushrik [idolater], disbeliever, aggressor and even friend, for no army or other force is allowed to enter the borders of the Islamic State whatever the pretext.

    3. A provision that the [Islamic] State should be witness to good treatment of Muslims in its lands and mutual affection with Muslims in other areas of the world, and that it is not allowed to deal with another state that has a history of hostility to Islam’s spread, the building of mosques and oppression of Muslims in its lands.

    4. A provision that the agreement should first be in the interest of the Muslims, not in the interest of the disbelievers.

    5. That the agreement should not include any future provisions touching on the freedom and sovereignty of the Muslim state, and no bonds of debt or conditions of harmful exploitation even if in the future with regards to the matters of the state.

    6. That there should be for the Muslims their rights and freedoms within the state that is to enter into an agreement with us.

    7. That all points of the agreement should be clear to the imam [the caliph] and those with him.

    And in the event of the nullification of any one of the conditions or lack of their provision, it is not allowed for the imam to enter the ummah and the Muslims into dubious bonds that oppress the ummah and the fate of it development.

    Chapter ten - Administration of media

    Indeed everything that I have previously mentioned constitutes practical steps on the ground and [so] there must be a principal means to promote them that should be comprehensive. All of its ideas and activities should be advertised in the interest of the aforementioned practical steps. That will not be realised without media foundations that are branched out and comprehensive in operation within one administration and background. So there should be one media foundation branched out within multiple pockets according to the following outline:

    1. The Base Foundation:

    To be directly affiliated with the Diwan al-Khilafa [office of the caliph] or Majlis al-Shura [advisory council] of whoever so represents them, and the official for it should be connected by his relations with the military commander, [chief] security official and the caliph himself.

    The office will put implement the main media principles and tasks and it should be supervising the distribution of the media offices in the provinces and the media foundations that take a name and are independent from the administration of the provinces [ie so-called auxiliary agencies and foundations mentioned below]. And the Base Foundation defines the priorities of publication and broadcasting as well as the media campaigns, just as it directly supervises through a committee the activities of the offices and undertakes inspection campaigns in the provinces and activist places.
    The foundation also sets the preparation of media staff, their expenses and requirements and receives monthly reports on the activities of every office.

    2. The provincial media

    And in every province there should be a media office affiliated with the governor himself and in coordination with the military and security official in its region, and its director should be in direct contact with the media official in the Base Foundation.
    And among the offices’ tasks are covering the military operations and their results, with issues concluding the end of every great military operation or distinguished operations for the soldiers of the state, as well as services’ facilities, implementing sharia rulings and the course of life in the province. Also the office should be interested in implementing tasks of printing and distribution or supervising them within the province.

    3. Auxiliary agencies and foundations:

    It is suggested that production foundations or auxiliary agencies are established according to the mother office’s needs and interests.
    The auxiliary office specialises in tracking military and services coverage in a province or number of provinces without there being in the name of the foundation or its symbol something to directly link it with the Islamic State.
    The auxiliary foundations are not to be allowed to cover security operations or implementations of [judicial] rulings. These are general suggestions placed for you by the poor slave of God, the servant of the Islamic State, in order to be a lighthouse by which there is guidance, as well as general and prompt systems of organisation. And the administrative cadres will receive training sessions on operating according to the following programme.

    Abu Abdullah al-Masri.

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