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    Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

    August 11, 2018 / grayastrology
    from The Hermetic Child of the Sun and Moon (1752)​

    Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

    On 11 August 2018 we experience a Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo, the final solar eclipse in the series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius we have been experiencing since 2017. Although it is not a “total” eclipse as we experienced a year ago, meaning that the Moon will not completely cover the face of the shining Sun in total blackness, the impact of the partially eclipsed Sun is more than enough to open gates to hidden, unconscious, or otherworldly visitation. Dane Rudhyar in The Planetary and Lunar Nodes wrote that “the past tends to obscure the present” during a solar eclipse, rooting interpretation in the living symbolism of the Moon obscuring the illuminating rays of our great solar star. This also means that all lunar content, which can relate to not only memories but also irrational thoughts and feelings, as well as previously unrecognized subconscious desires, will invade conscious attempts to keep them at bay.

    Due to the Leo eclipse occurring on the side of the North Node of the Moon, these emerging desires and feelings may be linked to hunger for growth and development, as well as all sides of ambition including needs for recognition. As this is the final solar eclipse in Leo of the series, it will be wise to use the messages received through contemplation to reflect back upon one’s trajectory of development over the past year and a half. We may not only learn more about our path of development, but also discern a deeper underlying level of motivation behind why we have been doing what we have been doing.
    The last time we experienced a solar eclipse in the saros series of this eclipse path was on 31 July 2000 at 8º Leo. Bernadette Brady in Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark analyzed this series as bringing difficult information in relationships, including ideas of separation, but that it also brings the capacity to respond effectively in a way that “can bring good results.” Her interpretation in part is due to the original eclipse in the series (24 June 792) occurring in conjunction with Jupiter while being on the midpoint of Mars and Uranus. Interestingly, the 11 August 2018 eclipse has a lot of meaning connected with Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars.

    Vitally, the Leo Eclipse happens a few days after the inferior conjunction of Mercury retrograde in Leo. Thus a newly reborn Mercury retrograde is close by the eclipse, only four degrees away. This influence of Mercury amplifies our capacity to pick up, interpret, and transmit unconscious awareness and messages that are normally out of range without deliberate attempts to penetrate inner depths. On a practical level this means that many people in our environment who are not used to working with their shadow or rarely attempt to clarify unconscious feelings will be projecting and acting from their shadow without realization they are doing so. Again, because all of this is occurring on the side of the North Node of the Moon in Leo, there are many growth opportunities to be found in the awareness that can be gained from hidden material coming out to be processed in relationships. It doesn’t make the experience necessarily easier to deal with in the moment, but keeping in mind the larger picture and the passing nature of this time can help keep things in a larger perspective.

    The other element of the eclipse significantly amplifying subconscious dynamics is that Uranus in Taurus stationed retrograde four days before the eclipse. Whenever a planet stations it saturates the astrological atmosphere with its influence in the surrounding week, and since this is the first time that Uranus has stationed while being in the sign of Taurus, it means that impactful events and messages will be arriving in our life that demonstrate what the transit of Uranus in Taurus is initially meaning for us. The saving grace of this stationing is that Uranus in Taurus is in a stabilizing, flowing trine with Saturn in Capricorn. As a result no matter how difficult the associated experiences are, the harmonious interaction with Saturn in Capricorn will facilitate responding and adjusting effectively as needed. Moreover, if the stationing of Uranus is coinciding with breakthrough thoughts and innovative ideas, the trine with Saturn in Capricorn will help bring visionary ideas into eventual manifestation.

    Jack Whitten (1972) Broken Plane #3

    Another major factor in the Leo eclipse is that it is in range of a catalytic square with Jupiter in Scorpio, while applying toward an uncomfortable quincunx with Pluto in Capricorn. There is strong visionary capacity to be found within these aspects coupled with the difficulty of bringing the full vision into reality due to current responsibilities and limitations of time, space, and currently available resources. There is also a shadow of ambition to look out for here, and so it will be wise to reflect upon and investigate one’s underlying motives for whatever one becomes called to create and work on. If one’s ambitions are for the greater good, such as helping to empower others rather than have power over others, it will further be worth the time to reflect upon how to best go about achieving one’s goals, again keeping in mind the greater good of the collective and our relationship dynamics. Though there is a lot of emphasis on the North Node of Leo at the eclipse, we still must work with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius as part of the process.

    An additional star within the eclipse drama we must pay attention to is Venus in Libra. At the time of the eclipse, Venus in Libra is separating from a square with Saturn in Capricorn (after recently completing a trine with Mars retrograde), and is applying toward a sextile with the North Node of the Moon in Leo and a trine with the South Node in Aquarius. Venus then heads toward a sextile with Mercury that will occur at the same time that Mercury stations direct on August 19. Venus is at home in Libra, yet she had her work cut out for her in the week leading into the eclipse as she engaged with first a wild Mars and then an overbearing and resolute Saturn. However, Venus in Libra can bring what we need to mediate relationship conflicts and harmonize whatever has been coming out of balance. In particular Venus in Libra will be able to facilitate creative actualization of whatever insights are gained as Mercury finally stations direct in Leo a week from now.

    Jack Whitten, Black Monolith II: Homage to Ralph Ellison The Invisible Man

    The Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo is the beginning of a new lunation cycle, and in particular demarcates a significant shift in the astrological atmosphere due to Mars leaving Aquarius and entering Capricorn a day after the eclipse on August 12. Mars entering its exaltation of Capricorn will lower levels of volatility somewhat due to Mars no longer occupying Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo that contains the transiting Mercury retrograde and the Sun. Mars is cooler and more effectively calculating in Capricorn, and as it settles into the same place that Pluto and Saturn are also occupying, Capricorn becomes an incredibly potent section of the zodiac for the rest of the month. There is incredible power in the place of Capricorn to reshape matter from the realizations of inner guidance we have been gaining over the course of Mars being retrograde since June.

    Mars left Capricorn on May 15, the same day that Uranus entered Taurus. Previously, Mars had been in Capricorn from March 17 through May 15, and so the return of Mars to Capricorn brings added desire and willpower to return to any work we began to formulate then that for one reason or another we had been experiencing setbacks or difficulties in completing or further developing. Ideally, after sifting through all of the realizations coming into our awareness from the recent series of eclipses as well as Mercury being retrograde in Leo, we can then direct our clarified perception into productive work and effort worthy of the empowering strength Mars, Pluto, and Saturn bring to any endeavor.

    Six of Wands by Pamela Colman Smith

    Leo 2 Decan

    The partial solar eclipse is in the second face of Leo, associated with the Six of Wands card illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith. We find here an image of triumphant victory, a strident champion riding a white horse and hailed by a wreath of laurel and an adoring crowd. Austin Coppock in his book 36 Faces ascribed the image of “A Crown of Laurels” to this face, proclaiming it “holds within it the magical power of authenticity- here defined as a harmonious connection between the external sphere in which one acts and the spirit fire within each individual.” The pride and glory of victory in the Six of Wands image also reflects its shadow of hubris, a complex that deserves attention since the Leo Sun will be partially covered in lunar shadow.

    Jupiter rules the second face of Leo in both the Chaldean as well as the triplicity rulership schemes. Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a square to the eclipse and calls us to look at the hidden elements under the surface of the prideful hero in the Six of Wands image. For example, we can observe that the very horse being ridden is concealed, as well as elements of the triumphant crowd bearing three of the six wands. As Austin Coppock wrote in 36 Faces, the spirit of this decan can help guide us toward realizing any elements of our public persona that are out of alignment with our inner integrity, or instead how we may need to embody more humility within experiences of recent praise or glory. Coppock astutely made the point that “recognition of one’s virtues does not dispel the reality of one’s vices,” since many images of the decan in ancient text show it is “the temptations of selfishness and cruelty which stain the triumphal nature of this decan.”

    Coppock declared that the promise and power of victory is so strong in this decan we must guard against becoming blinded by the solar light of success.
    Thus it is imperative to search within during the shadowy time of the Leo eclipse, using insight gained to help refine the manner in which we project the indomitable light of our inner soul into the world around us. Fascinatingly, it is none other than the great goddess Isis who resides in the second face of Leo according to the Hellenistic text the 36 Airs. Isis became syncretized as the goddess containing all goddesses in the Hellenistic era, and just as she weaves many spiritual traditions together in her history, so does she weave a web of love through times of trauma to bring about an eventual healing and retrieval of our Self. Isis brings the courage needed to resiliently persist on inner journeys to reanimate whatever aspects of our essential self have become fragmented. As we regain communion with the eternal, indestructible nature of our soul within, so can we more effectively find ways to align our action and work in the world with our inner authenticity.

    Brady, Bernadette. (1999). Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark. Weiser Books.
    Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.
    Rudhyar, Dane. (1971). The Planetary and Lunar Nodes. CSA Press.

    7monthcore. May2018.
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    The Intelligent Designer found in Physically definable Consciousness


    Dear Institute!

    Your approach to establish the ‘Intelligent Universe Created’ paradigm of course revisits a historical revisitation of pre-Renaissance human culture and civilization.
    It was then, that the concept of an ‘Intelligent Creator’ was indeed the prevailing worldview at a time when only a superficial divide between science and theology existed under a common term of ‘Natural Philosophy’.

    The present ‘precarious’, some might term them ‘prophetic’ times have enabled the collective human co-creators, acting from a position of hermeneutic ‘afterthought’ or insight, to tap into a metaphysical cosmogony as a hermeneutic ‘forethought’ precursor of a or many physical cosmologies.
    In other words, the rapid advancement of technology and information- and communication science, has allowed a collective part or ‘remnant’ of the human co-creators to ‘tap’ into the Logos of the unified, but in some manner exiled creator monad, responsible for the ‘intelligent design’ of the universe in say a creator-creation dyad, dividing the monad of the foresight from the dyadic monad of the experienced ‘after the factness’.

    The attached files then address the ‘Missing God of Science’ from a purely academic position in the semantics of theoretical physics, in utilizing a century old problem, regarding the electromagnetic self-interaction of the quantum relativistic electron. In conjunction with this paper addressing the ‘size of the electron’ and quantum field theory in general, the supplementary short essay links this to the problem of defining the well studied, but often ‘cul de saced’ nature of physically definable consciousness.

    Please allow me to end this letter with a short introduction about our common aim for a new scientific revolution, which re-introduces the concept of a human co-created and centred purposeful and intelligently designed universe.

    The Death of the Supernaturality Virus !

    Introduction and Disclaimer:

    This essay shall take the form of a dialogue between two philosophers and as a play of words in seven acts. A claim to have some answers to pertinent and profound questions in regards to the perennial quest of the human race to understand itself in being and in mind can be no statement of whimsicality.
    Such a proposition demands a thorough investigation of the issues at hand; not a onesided or biased examination of selected data and information; but a rigorous scientific approach to evaluate all the evidence supplied in the history of the developments, both in the popular culture and its science and the philosophies supporting it.

    It is of limited value to parade the scientific discipline as the rational and impartial paradigm for the future; if that same worldview proves itself incapable to elucidate or to explain the most basic of elementary questions asked or problems faced by the now globalized citizen, placing hisher hope and expectation into that same projected future. And the overwhelming problem facing mankind at the beginning of the 21st century is that of its own philosophy.

    ‘Where are we now as a race?’, ‘Where are we going ?’ and ‘Where did we come from?’ are some common questions asked, but not answered by the expert authorities in organised politics, science, culture and religion. Why do we seem incapable, despite having built a monumental edifice called the scientific way and methodology; and notwithstanding the progressing technology derived from that; why then can that same worldview not answer a simple question like:

    If there is such a thing as God, as so many of us have been told, then where and what is it?”

    We find an evolved human genetic disposition to form allegiances and to carry and ascribe to certain beliefs, often founded or exposited upon by certain individuals or groups. Kings and knights, magicians, clerics and sages of old have transformed into the experts and advisors of the new.
    Consultancy has become the catch-phrase, often stifling the natural curiousity to find answers for one’s own questions in a denial of one’s own creative impulses through an adventure of self-discovery. Today, we find allegiances to political ideologies, religious dogmas or some other culturally based agenda. All those liasons and associations have something in common however; they all become coloured in the individuals which belong to them. Redemption from this filtered state of affairs is found in a paradigm which is based on the precept of disallowing personality to individualise the work to be done or to colour the information to be collected as one’s personal archive or one’s private library of creation, subject to one’s own individual fancies and desires Albert Einstein once remarked:

    “The greatest trouble in the world is the idea of a personal God!”

    And so one might agree with the depersonification of Albert Einstein’s ‘God’, whom he rather affectionately called: "The Old One” and of whom he also said: “God does not play dice with the world”, referring to his rejection of the idea that life and nature’s processes are intrinsically arbitrary in an universe defined by chance and random events.

    He thought of ‘God’ as being the intelligence behind the natural laws of nature, as found in the sciences and the mathematics which he studied and he believed that nature had to be based in geometrical principles, rather than in probabilities defined in statistics and stochastic matrices. And there were others before and after him; Plato and Aristotle, upon whose dialogues this treatise is based; Pythagoras, the Greek geometers and Niels Bohr, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, all contemporaries of Albert Einstein with Paul Dirac, Max Born and Wolfgang Pauli in their contributions to the birth of quantum mechanics.
    The symmetries in nature, numbers and sequences and fundamental constants; all seem finetuned and set into relationships with one another to create the universe and all the cosmological entities within it.

    And one should not forget another genius of contemporary science in Isaac Newton. But what the modern world has tried to forget and to sequester away under an umbrella of a perceived historical ignorance, was the immense interest Isaac Newton, the father of all of classical mechanics, had in the concepts of religion.
    And what is the modern moral evaluation by his peers, judging a man whom they portray to the students of science as having had no equal in his time in regards to his scientific work, inventions and mathematical insights?

    His power of pure intellect, like Einstein’s, is often used to exemplify the necessity for logical thought and concentration in the pursuit of scientific and mathematical excellence by the students in those fields. Is it embarrassing to tell the full story; that Isaac Newton spent months at a time trying to decipher scrolls, like the ‘Book of Daniel’ and the ‘Book of Revelation’ in the bible?

    He must have been deluded in the religious fervour of his age!”, they would have said.

    But was he?

    Could a mathematical prodigy like Isaac Newton have been so gullible? Isn’t it more likely, that he sensed that there was something to it – and that it had to be scientific?! Isaac Newton’s ‘God’ is the same as Albert Einstein’s ‘God’ and yet it is completely impersonal. It must be, by the definition of the working ethic!

    But is it?

    Could it be possible, that once the ‘God of Science’ has become totally impersonal, that then this same ‘God’ is reborn in a ‘God of OmniScience’, who allows, even demands a personification, because of its own definition?

    And what if that had been the masterplan throughout the ages anyway? Can we then ever know and understand such a masterplan?

    And what if all the clerical authorities around the globe are forced by their own followers to take notice? What if modern science can prove to them that their ‘Allah’ and ‘Jehovah’ and Yahwhey and ‘Brahma’ and ‘Baha’ and ‘Krishna’ and ‘Ra’ and ‘Osiris’ and ‘Set’ and ‘The Big Goat behind the Old Oaken Tree in the Walpurgisnacht on April 30th’ are all one and the same?

    What if their scriptures and ancient scrolls became illumined in a new light of omniscience; should their powerbase not become depersonalised, if they are shown to have followed a very limited interpretation of their ‘sacred texts’ indeed?

    Where would they go in their grandstanding of and about ‘God’s Law’ for the ‘chosen people’ and for the ‘infidels’?

    It would be the end of falsified religious dogma and the death of manipulative religion as such. Because omniscience is Omni-Science, the Science of ‘The All’ for ‘The All’ and the German word for the cosmos or the universe is “Das ALL” - Albert Einstein and Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born would have liked that in their contemplations upon the natural order of things.

    Albert Einstein also said: “Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind”- and this book shall try to synergise the two worldviews in a redefinition of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and its statistical nature within a geometrical interpretation of quantum mechanics.

    And then would peace between the nations have a chance, because of the demise of the old religions and the already internationally accepted profundity of the scientific way and methodology. Like music, dance or mathematics, a new language would sweep the old world of hate and dispossession, the ways of disempowerment and disbelief under the carpet of the illumination of a new base of knowledge.
    A new song would be sung and the nations and tribes and families at war with each other could embrace one another in a new way of looking at the world around themselves and their individuated places within it. And all the many things they had learned from their history through the ages of humankind; all their legends, myths and fables, their religions and their sciences; all would become integrated within themselves in a renewed understanding and the death of their ignorance regarding themselves.

    But to succeed, the initiation of this omniscience is first required to effect its own birthing process. The mathematical principles of necessity and sufficiency must be satisfied and the scientific global community must become informed about the new dispensation. The premises of the new model also necessitate their scientific validation through experiment and verification in the collective scientific data base.
    This then is the disclaimer for this play of words.

    To scientifically empower the new dispensation; a scientifically rigorous approach in its elementary application cannot be avoided. Science cannot ‘prove’ something, without clearly identifying its parameters and boundary conditions. There is an abundance of literature, which explains the present status quo in the specialised fields of particle physics, quantum theory, unification physics and cosmology in a populist genre of communication.

    Many discoveries add to that edifice on a daily basis.
    This treatise then does not retell the stories, which have already been told in many other ways and media. A list of references points to supportive accounts of some popular ones amongst them. This essay attempts to explain the fundamentals, the principles and preconditions for what brought about the universe’s occurrence and the parameters which led to its definition in the natural laws.

    And it is happenstance, that those precepts and prerequisites existing before space and time came into being, have a relevance for the birth of the religions of history or what one could term the ‘spiritual impulse’.
    The bearing upon the personality is found to be a subset of a collective psyche; what one might perceive as the groupmind of a race or species; a somewhat very unique genus, which despite the relativity of the observer and the heliocentric reality – finds itself at the centre of the universe, as itself – the race of mankind!

    The story is told in a dialogue of two grand experts in the fields of science; both exponents of the artform, but also in possession of academic qualifications in theology and comparative religion. They discuss how the story of science could be told to a largely mathematically illiterate populace. And because of their expertise in the fields of religious studies and their ancient histories; they fluctuate in their discussions between a highly scientific form of expression and the semantics of a more popular tradition, often using the similes of mythological metaphor and imagery.

    That context is given as a percentage indicator at the beginning of each act.
    One Robert Sceptico of Jones has a genealogical lineage tracing back to celtic blood, which culminates in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Northern America and the state of Michigan in the USA. His anglosaxon heritage is however a derivative from the most ancient bloodline of the House of Ahriman Azurguya, in the Genesis of the starhuman species in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.
    Robert Sceptico is an adherent to the divisionist school of science; progress and advancement are achieved in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific method in the testing and subsequent validation or falsification of proposed models and hypotheses.

    Robert Sceptico’s science is one of order and compartments; things are in their place and separated by form and in substance; yet are unified in the symmetries of quantum geometry via quantum relativistic principles applied to the smallest particles found in nature in the realm of the subatomic quarks and leptons. Robert Sceptico is a renown world authority on the 12-dimensional CMF-theory of supermembranes and is a visiting professor in the physics departments of universities around the world.
    One Logan Antico of Arndale has a genetic inheritance tracing back to celtic bloodlines and which culminate in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Australia and the state of Victoria. His celtic lineage derives however from the most ancient blood of the House of Adaman Azurguya, in the manifesto of the starhuman race in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.

    Logan Antico is a proponent for the unifying school of science; progress and advancements are made in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific methodology in the testing of hypotheses and their experimental validation or rejection. Logan Antico’s science is one of order and of symmetry; things are found separated in space and in time; yet are unified in a holographic mode of operation, based on the energetic dynamics of principles in quantum relativity and in the quantum geometry of the largest particles found in nature in the form of galaxies and their cosmological origins as white-hole-sources and as black-hole-sinks, operating as a dyadic vortex system of duality. Logan Antico is a renown world authority on cosmology and the structure of the omniverse as a collection of universes and is a visiting professor in the cosmology departments of universities around the globe.

    The ultimate aim of science to unify all aspects of existence so becomes a quest to enhance all energy and matter towards their most basic and elementary form of manifestation. Once such a fundamental oneness is found and classified by science; then the scientific worldview will become enabled to crossfertilise all its interdisciplinary factions and the global culture will be ready to purge itself from all unscientific and irrationally derived paradigms and belief systems.

    That will be the death of superstition and of pseudoscience; the unscientific way of thinking and its many flawed perceptions in regards to observed natural phenomena.
    Both Robert Sceptico and Logan Antico hold professorships in theology and comparative religion, and both are initiates to the mythologies of ancient thought and the gnostic interpretations of the Dead-Sea-Scrolls and the documents of Nag Hammadi.
    And both hold the Einstein-Chair of Quantum Relativity in the Department of OmniScience at the University of New Alexandria. Their professional status is that of Doctor of the Perennial Philosophy (PphD).

    Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

    The labels of 'mind' and 'self-awareness' and of 'consciousness' have for long awaited rigorous definition in the nomenclature of science. Whilst most researchers and philosophers accept the existence of those labels; what those namings represent in a physically measurable sense of physical parameters have remained largely unexplored.
    These notions have remained as one of the major mysteries of science and have become subject to a number of speculations; from a purely materialistic interpretation of the 'mind' being a biochemical response to environmental stimuli, to the 'mind' being part of a 'spiritual soul' and subsequently constituting a transcendent aspect of biophysical life.

    A related mystery is that of 'life' itself. How did the universe evolve 'life' from a generally accepted premise of a prior or older cosmology, which disallowed biological life as is observed today? The thermodynamically expanding universe follows well tested physical parameters engaging the quantum nature of physical existence in the form of nucleosynthesizing interactions such as nuclear fusion of atomic elements and an associated natural radioactivity inherent in nature and its laws of conservation of energy and momentum. Those same processes occurred in the primordial universe and due to the smaller volume then occupied by the expanding universe; the descriptive cosmology describes a much hotter universe (as a Black Body Planckian Radiator) and a universe in which say the lifeforms observed on planet earth could not exist in their biochemical and molecular constitutions.
    Recent advances in the demetricated forms of supermembrane theory (M-Theory for 11-dimensional supermembranes propagating 10-dimensional superstrings in a 12-dimensional selfdual mirror-spacetime of supervolumars (Vafa-F-Space encompassing Witten-M-Space) have allowed a rigorous definition for the above labels in the parameters of the physics of the superbranes.

    Sincerely, Tony Bermanseder; Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia, September 13th, 2018
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    The Order of the 24 Elders of Sardinius Jasper in 12 Tribes of Thuban Draconis in the Jobian
    Urim Behemoth of FireEarth and Thummin Leviathan of AirWater
    of Gaia Serpentinuis aka Gaius Serpentina - the New Earth and New Jerusalem

    1. House of Sardius-Sardius of Peter with Andrew Barjona/Andrea = Mars with Aresina
    under Aries/Reuben


    2. House of Topaz-Topaz of Andrew with James Zebedee/Jacqui
    = Venus with Vulcan under Taurus/Simeon


    3. House of Carbuncle-Chalcedony of James with John Zebedee/Joanna
    = Mercury with Hermenia under Gemini/Levi


    4. House of Emerald-Emerald of John with Philip Bethsaida/Philippia
    = Rahsol with Gaia under Leo/Judah


    5. House of Ligure-Chrysoprasus of Philip with Nathanael Bart/Nathalia
    = Full Moon with Southern Dragon Tail under Cancer/Dan


    6. House of Agate-Chrysolite of Bartholomew with Matthew Levi/Martha
    = New Moon with Northern Dragon Head under Libra/Naphtali


    7. House of Amethyst-Amethyst of Matthew with Simon Zealotes/Simone
    = Sharona with Chiron under Virgo/Gad


    8. House of Beryl-Beryl of Simon with James Alphaeus/Jamila
    = Nemesis with Pluto under Scorpio/Asher


    9. House of Sapphire-Sapphire of Alphaeus with Judas Lebbaeus/Alfea
    = Jupiter with Zeusina under Sagittarius/Issachar


    10. House of Diamond-Sardonyx of Judas Thaddeus with Thomas/Tamasin
    = Saturnia with Saturn under Capricorn/Zebulon


    11. House of Onyx-Jacinth of Thomas Didymos with Judas Iscariot/Judith
    = Uranus with Urania under Aquarius/Joseph


    12. House of Jasper-Jasper of Paul Judas with Saul Cephas/Pauline
    = under Poseidia with Neptune under Pisces/Benjamin


    The Bloodstone of Israel (Heliotrope)


    The mineral heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a form of CHALCEDONY (which is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz and its monoclinic polymorp morganite).
    The "classic" bloodstone is green chalcedony with red inclusions or iron oxide or RED JASPER.
    Sometimes the inclusions are yellow, in which case the mineral is given the name plasma.
    The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of BLOOD; hence the name "BLOODSTONE".
    The name "heliotrope" (from Greek ήλιος helios, Sun, τρέπειν trepein, to turn) derives from various ancient notions about the manner in which the mineral reflects light. These are described, e.g., by Pliny the Elder (Nat.Hist. 37.165).
    Heliotrope is the traditional BIRTHSTONE for March.
    {The Birth of Jesus of Nazareth defined in March 20th to April 17th, 6BC and Crucifixion Date of March 28th, 31 AD.}

    The 'Ring of Shamir' aka the Magic Worm, who inscribes and blends the colours of the tribes and the gemstones of the New Jerusalem and which manifests the 'Word of God' in its cosmic lawfulness.





    Solomon's Ring, the Worm or Little Serpent of Shamir

    In the Gemara the shamir (Hebrew: שמיר‎) is a mythical worm or a substance that had the power to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond and in the myth King Solomon used it in the building of the First Temple in Jerusalem in the place of cutting tools. For the building of the Temple, which promoted peace, it was inappropriate to use tools that could also cause war and bloodshed.
    Referenced throughout the Talmud and the Midrashim, the Shamir was reputed to have existed in the time of Moses. Moses reputedly used the Shamir to carve the Hoshen (Priestly breastplate) into the tablets of stone. King Solomon, aware of the existence of the Shamir, but unaware of its location, commissioned a search that turned up a "grain of Shamir the size of a barley-corn."
    Solomon's artisans reputedly used the Shamir in the construction of Solomon's Temple. The material to be worked, whether stone, wood or metal, was affected by being "shown to the Shamir." Following this line of logic (anything that can be 'shown' something must have eyes to see), early Rabbinical scholars described the Shamir almost as a living being. Other early sources, however, describe it as a green stone. For storage, the Shamir was meant to have been always wrapped in wool and stored in a container made of lead; any other vessel would burst and disintegrate under the Shamir's gaze. The Shamir was said to have been either lost or had lost its potency (along with the "dripping of the honeycomb") by the time of the destruction of the First Temple at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.

    Ashmedai or Asmodeus

    According to the legend, the shamir was given to Solomon as a gift from Asmodeus, the king of demons.
    Another version of the story holds that a captured Asmodeus told Solomon the Shamir was entrusted to the care of a woodcock. Solomon then sends his trusted aide Benaiah on a quest to retrieve it.'s_shamir

    The 24 Elders in the Cosmic Twinship of the Lion of Judea-Egypt:

    1. Peter and (Mary Magdalene)

    2. Andrew and Andrea

    3. James and Jacqui

    4. John and Joanna

    5. Philip and Phillipia

    6. Bartholomew and Nathalia

    7. Matthew and Martha

    8. Simon and Simone

    9. Alphaeus and Jamila

    10. Judas Thaddeus and Alfea

    11. Thomas and Tamasin

    12. Paul Judas and Judith

    13. (Matthias) and Pauline

    Continuity in (Dynamic Mary)

    14. (Justus) and (Justine)


    1When the morning was come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death:
    2And when they had bound him, they led him away, and delivered him to Pontius Pilate the governor.
    3Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders,
    4Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that.
    5And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.
    6And the chief priests took the silver pieces, and said, It is not lawful for to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood.
    7And they took counsel, and bought with them the potter's field, to bury strangers in.
    8Wherefore that field was called, The field of blood, unto this day.
    9Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying, And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of him that was valued, whom they of the children of Israel did value;
    10And gave them for the potter's field, as the Lord appointed me.

    15And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said, (the number of names together were about an hundred and twenty,)
    16Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus.
    17For he was numbered with us, and had obtained part of this ministry.
    18Now this man purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.
    19And it was known unto all the dwellers at Jerusalem; insomuch as that field is called in their proper tongue, Aceldama, that is to say, The field of blood.
    20For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.

    The Gospel According to Thomas
    (7) Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man."
    (8) And he said, "The man is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a fine large fish. He threw all the small fish back into the sea and chose the large fish without difficulty. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear."
    (114) Simon Peter said to him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life."

    Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.

    Judas Iscariot is the 'Son of Perdition' and so must reurgitate the 'Holy Euchrist' of the Last Supper of the 'Eating of the Lion of Judah'.
    In this manner Judas Iscariot becomes the 'Daughter of Deliverance' in Judith and via the Twinned Tribe of Joseph in Mannaseh and Ephraim mirrored in the Jacob's daughter Dinah to Leah and Jacob's Granddaughter Serah in Asher as the completion of Zilpah's lineage as the 'handmaiden' of Leah (Dinah being the last Child of Leah to Jacob; followed in the birth of Rachel's Children Joseph and Benjamin).

    As Simon Peter as the Cephas the Rock has no female mirror in the 24 Elders; he' protests' in regards to Mary Magdalene becoming a female disciple. Mary Magdalene becomes 'dynamic' in allowing the shifting of the stations of the 12 Sons of Jacob Israel in the Twinship of Joseph and Dinah connecting the Sons of Leah to the Sons of Rachel as the 11th Child of 13.

    Mary Magdalene as The Dynamic Sister for all the Brothers so transmutes Judas Iscariot into Judith under the archetype of Dinah. Judas Iscariot so exchanges his maleness with the femaleness of Mary Magdalene and so mirrors the cosmic sexchange operation of the Dragon=ON DRAG of Satan into Satanina or Lucifera/Lilith; as well as the RaHaR Egyption cartouchian symbolism of the Kabbalistic Egyptian Ennead in the ciphered Set=10 changing the even 'maleness' into an even femaleness.

    1 And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
    2 Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.
    3 Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth.
    4 For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.
    5 And Noah did according unto all that the Lord commanded him.


    {1=Osiris; 3=Horus; 5=Thoth; 8=Ptah} as the Noahic male 'clean sexes' and {2=Isis; 4=Bast; 7=Nephthys} as the Noahic female 'clean sexes' with transmuter {7-8} allowing the 'unclean' androgenous sexes {6=Hathor and 9=Anubis} to manifest 10=Set of the Root Kingdom or Malkuth to transform into HaR from the 1=RaH of the Crown or Kether}.

    Daath as the 11th 'Secret Path of Initiation' then mirrors Set in the Hathor-Anubis Twinship mirror and in the particular central Hathor-Mirror of the Solar Eye of Rah-Osiris and the Lunar Eye of the Uraeus as the Son of Set and Nephthys (with Osiris also as Nephthyses' Lover) in Anubis of the doublesidedness of the Divine Androgyny or the Alchemy of the Hermaphrodite as the 'Child of Hermes and Aphrodite' aka Mercury and Venus in the dragonomy of Hermenia with Vulcan in the doubling of the 12 of the Old 'clean sexyness' to 24 Elders of the New 'unclean' sexyness.

    The Ephod of Melchizedek, the Twinned Rainbow Serpent of Israel's Abrahamic Starseed Legacy

    b_plate. choshen-ephod. solomon_seal1_400. rainbow. sos.

    The Combined Ephod of the Breastplate of Melchizedek stations the Mosaic Upper Rainbow in Exodus of the order of the Birth of Jacob's Sons superpositioned onto the Lower Rainbow of Revelation.
    To harmonise and match the upper and lower Rainbows, the gemstones are exchanged under the auspices of the fixed station of the Levitical priesthood as the Right Upper Corner of Leah's Ephod and in diagonal mirror to the Left Lower Corner fixed in the Emerald of Judah.

    1. [Carbuncle/Chalcedony] is fixed as House of Levi in the Right Upper Corner of the Leah Half of the Ephod.

    2. [Sardius/Jasper]+[Diamond/Sardius] → [Sardius/Sardius]+[Diamond/Jasper] and sets the House of Reuben as the Left Upper Corner of Leah's Ephod.

    3. [Diamond/Jasper]+[Sapphire/Sardonyx] →[Diamond/Sardonyx]+[Sapphire/Jasper] and sets the House of Zebulon as the Right Lower Corner for Leah.

    4. [Sapphire/Jasper]+[Topaz/Sapphire] → [Sapphire/Sapphire]+[Topaz/Jasper] and fixates the House of Issachar as the Middle Lower Gem for Leah.

    5. [Topaz/Jasper]+[Amethyst/Topaz] → [Topaz/Topaz]+[Amethyst/Jasper] setting the House of Simeon as the Middle Upper Gemstone for Leah's Ephod.

    6. [Amethyst/Jasper]+[Jasper/Amethyst] → [Amethyst/Amethyst]+[Jasper/Jasper] setting the House of Gad as the Upper Right Corner and fixating the House of Benjamin as the Lower Right Corner for the Ephod of Rachel.

    7. [Emerald/Emerald] defines the House of Judah as the Left Lower Corner of Leah's Ephod in diagonal mirroring in the Gemstone of Levi.

    8. [Beryl/Chrysoprasus]+[Agate/Beryl] → [Beryl/Beryl]+[Agate/Chrysoprasus] setting the House of Asher as the Lower Left Corner for Rachel's Ephod.

    9. [Agate/Chrysoprasus]+Ligure/Chrysolite] → [Agate/Chrysolite]+[Ligure/Chrysoprasus] setting the House of Naphtali as the Middle Upper Gemstone for Rachel's Ephod and fixing the House of Dan as the Upper Left Corner for Rachel's Lower Half of the superposed Ephod.

    10. [Onyx/Jacinth] then completes the combined two halves of the Ephod in the House of Joseph, then twinned as the House of Manasseh+Ephraim in the Middle Lower Gemstone of Rachel's Firstborn separated from Leah's Lastborn by the Twinship of Dinah-Serah; Dinah being the Daughter of Leah and Jacob and Serah being the Daughter of Asher and so the Granddaughter of Jacob and Granddaughter of Zilpah by Leah in the extension of the Generations of Israel.

    The Ephod positions 1 to 12 are so completed in a sequence of the Southern Gate of {Levi-Reuben}-{Zebulon-Issachar-Simeon} Cornered in Reuben as the Upper Left Corner and Judah as the Upper Right Corner and with the adjudicator Levi in between.

    This Upper Sequence mutates the Ephod of Leah and becomes mirrored in the Ephod of Rachel in the priesthood of Levi the Twin (to Simeon; Genesis.49.5-7) reflecting in the two half-tribes of Joseph as Manasseh+Ephraim.

    The Davidic Priesthood of Zadok so supercedes the Highpriest of Levi in the Tribe of Joseph and so connects the Sons of Leah as the Upper Rainbow with the Lower Rainbow of the Sons of Bilhah, Zilpah and Rachel.


    The Measurements are in Reeds (not Cubits for 1 Cubit=18 Inches=1.5 Feet=45 cm) for 1 Reed=6 Cubits=9 Feet=108 Inches=270 cm
    The Holy Portion so spans a Square of 25,000x25,000 Square Reeds or about 67.5x67.5 Square Kilometers.
    The Temple of Solomon becomes a Square of 4,500x4,500 Square Reeds or about 12.15x12.15 Square Kilometers as the 'City of Dark Light'

    Northern Gate = Reuben-Judah-Levi
    Eastern Gate = Joseph-Benjamin-Dan
    Southern Gate = Simeon-Issachar-Zebulon
    Western Gate = Gad-Asher-Naphtali

    This is the tribal sequence as given in Ezekiel.48; of {Dan-(Asher-Naphtali)}-(Joseph=Manasseh+Ephraim)-{Reuben-Judah-(Levi-Zadok)-Joseph}-Benjamin-{Simeon-Issachar-Zebulon}-Gad and where Dan and Gad are the firstborns of the Handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah respectively as the Beginning and the End of the Transformation mechanics of the exchaning of the gemstones.



    The Measurements of the New Jerusalem in the Stargates of Ezekiel

    Genesis.6.15-18: - KJV
    15And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

    {Dimensions of the Ark relate to the 15 Cubits as the 15 days of the WOC Offset and the timewarpsee below. 300x50x30=450,000=15x30,000 in the ratio 30:5:3 and LengthxArea=300x1500 in ratio 1:5 in the height of the Ark of 30 cubits being covered in 15 cubits of water that is halfway as 30+15=45. The total 'Height' of the Flood, to 'cover the mountains', so is 150% the Height of the Ark. The 'StarHuman Merkabah' is defined in a wavelength of √15=2πR=πD for R=√15/2π=0.61640....~0.618033....and 3D/2=3R=1.8492...~185 (cm).

    The ratio 5:3=1.666.. approximates the Golden Mean (Y=1.618033...) in the Fibonacci Series: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, adjacent numbers and so the decoding for the 'Ancient Span' or 'Foot' as 3 'Handbreadths' becomes 0.308 centimeters or about 12 'inches' with 24 inches or 2 'Spans' defining the 'Ancient Cubit' (6 Cubit/4 Cubit=108/72=3/2) as the Inverse of the Golden Mean as 1/Y=X=0.618033...~0.616...and for 6 'foot' or 6 'spans' of 72 'inches' being the 'Height of a StarMan' as approximately 6 'foot' or 4 'cubits' or 18 'handbreadths' of so 185 cm - again in the 3/2 or 150% ratio. }.

    16A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.

    {The 'Ancient Cubit' becomes the 'Measurement Unit'}.

    17And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
    18But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee.

    17And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth.
    18And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters.
    19And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.
    20Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.

    {The 15 day Offset of the warptime and the Dimensions of the Arkian Merkabah - see above}.

    The 15 Scales of the Starship-Merkabahs or 4D-Holograms are tabulated and derived in the following treatises.
    All volumars describe the circumscription of a cubical volume by a spherical encompassment or envelope in 3 geometric volume dimensions.

    There are 15 scales because the Dimensions of Noah's Ark in Genesis (here the length of the Ark is doubled from 300 to 600 in the 'closing of the circle' and the measurement alignments to the 'Temple of Solomon', 'Ezekiel's City' and the 'House of the Forest in Lebanon', which are analysed following) are given as an approximation of Length:Width:Height = 600:50:30 Cubits (1 Cubit=18 Inches=45 Centimeters, again as an approximation) to a precise numerical series given by the Euler Identity:

    X+Y=XY=-1=i2= exp{iπ}=cos(π)+isin(π)

    and with root solutions X,Y from the Quadratic: n2+n-1=0 or the Unity Function T(n)=n(n+1)=1

    Using the generating Formula for counter n: |Yn - Xn|/√5

    the following terms Fn for this series, called the Fibonacci Sequence are obtained
    F0=0; F1=1; F2=1; F3=2; F4=3; F5=5; F6=8; F7=13; F8=21; F9=34; F10=55; F11=89; F12=144; F13=233; F14=377; F15=610;

    F16=987; F17=1,597; F18=2,584; F19=4,181; F20=6,765; F21=10,946; F22=17,711; F23=28,657; F24=46,368; F25=75,025; F26=121,393; F27=196,418; F28=317,811; F29=514,229;

    F30=832,040;...; F45=1,134,903,170;...; F60=1,548,008,755,920;...;
    F75=2,111,485,077,978,050;...; F90=2,880,067,194,370,816,120;...;

    F105=3,928,413,764,606,871,165,730;...; F120=5,358,359,254,990,966,640,871,840;...; F135=7,308,805,952,221,443,105,020,355,490;...; F150=9,969,216,677,189,303,386,214,405,760,200;...;


    and so on always generating a fractal Fibonacci number, divisible by ten and separated in the geometric multiplication factor of the 103 =1000.

    So the 1st Fibonacci Number of Unity 1 'millennianised' in the 15th Fibonacci number of 3 digits in F15=610; then is 'millionised' in the 30th Fibonacci Number F30=832,040 with 6 digits; 'trillionised' in F45=1,134,903,170 of the 10 digits in F60 of 13 digits F75 of 16 digits; F90 with 19 digits and so on in the thousandfold increases encoded in the mentioned scriptures.

    This increase by 3 digits however 'jumps' to 4 digits after a ten-tiered series is completed after F150 with F165 being a 35 digit number, compared to the 31 digits of F150.

    The Digit count from F1 to F150 as the tenfoldedness of the 'decimal fractalisation of the Fibonacci numbers so is the set:

    DF={DF1=1;3;6;10;13;16;19;22;25;28;DF150=31;DF165=35;38} and continues from DF180=38 as
    DF={DF165=35;38;41;44;47;50;53;DF270=57;60;63;66;69;72;75; DF375= 79;82;85;88;91;94;97;DF480=100;DF495=104} and with F495 the 33rd Iteration as 15x33=495 for the first 500 Fibonacci Numbers.

    The 104 Digit Jerusalem Number also relates to the Distribution of the Prime Numbers and to the Isaac Code of a 26-member alphanumerical gematria, as well as the membrane physics of the magnetocharges as the source energy formulation E.e*=1 for the Space-Consciousness Unit of the StarCoulomb C* defined in e*=500=1/Eps=1/hfps=2Relectronc2.

    for 104=JERUSALEM=10+5+18+21+19+1+12+5+13=LOVEJOY=EXPERIENCE=EXISTENCE

    in the set
    DF={DF165=35;38;41;44;47;50;53;DF270=57;60;63;66;69;72;75; DF375= 79;82;85;88;91;94;97;DF480=100;DF495=104}

    The Digital Series of the DF elements so can be written as a sequence of 7-membered magnetopolar segments of odd-even-odd-even-odd-even-odd or OEOEOEO magnetocharges and where the odd-odd couplings represent the charge switching in magnetic repulsion.

    The completed series for the first 500 Fibonacci Numbers accentuated in the fratalization of the decimal 15 factor so is written as:


    The Head of the sequence is OOEE as the digit counts 1;3;6;10 as the fractal of the total digitcount in 10x10=100 and the Tail of the sequence is EE as the digit counts 100 and 104.

    As the odd count is 4x4+2=18 for the even count of 4x3+4=4x4=16 in the symmetry of the 4 7-tiers; the overall series is harmonised in the grafting of the Tail as the Ouroboros of the Mazzaroth Serpent of the evenness with both Head and Tail becoming odd as:


    The 'Original Spark' of F1=1=DF1 so become Doubled as the polarisation of the negative Infinity in the positive Infinity and as say the Feynman path-Integral of quantum particular histories in the Summation Integral of ALL Integers in the Arithmetic Summation;

    T(n)=n(n+1), applied to the Numberline as: -∞;...;(-n);(1-n);(2-n);...;(-3);(-2);(-1);0;1;2;3;...;(n-2);(n-1);n;...;∞

    The New 'Om' of the New Jerusalem Created as the first sound so becomes the Closing of the Circle in:


    The 'jumps' in the digits so harmonises the number map for the first 500 Fibonacci Numbers as the 26 Primes of the Isaac Code between Unity 1 and the Binary 5 as the Decimal 26th Prime Number and the first such number greater than 100.

    The Set of Primes:
    Pn={P1=2;3;5;7;11;P6=13;17;19;23;29; P11=31;37; P13=41;43;47;53;59;61;67;71;73;79;83;87;89;P25=97;P26=101}

    The 150th Fibonacci Number of 31 digits as a member of a polarisation sequence of oddness and evenness so can be said to become a '13th Bridge' for the 'Original Spark' of the Odd Unity as F1=1 in mirroring the 31 digits in the 13 digits of F60=1,548,008,755,920
    The twelfth Fibonacci Number F12=144 so is generated in the ratio of F13/F12=233/144=1.618055.. as approximation for the
    Golden Mean Phi Φ=½{1+√5} as Noahs approximations for the Ark.

    ]The Correct dimensions for the Doubled (or twinned) Ark of Noah so are the Fibonacci ratios:
    Length:Width:Height=610:55:34, approximated in the Cubits of Noah as 600:50:30.
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    A History of Planet Earth
    by Sarah Bermanseder

    1. Early Model

    The early model for the earth was geocentric with the earth being the center of the universe.
    It is called ptolemaic after an Egyptian astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy of Alexandria, (Claudius Ptolemaeus, born c. 100 ce—died c. 170 ce).
    The earth was thought of being flat with the heavens in 7 circles above it.

    2. Present Model

    The present model for the earth is heliocentric with the earth orbiting as one of 9 planets around the sun.
    It is called copernican after Polish astronomer and mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus, (19 February 1473 – 24 May 1543). Copernicus played an important part in the 'Scientific Revolution' of the Renaissance.

    Cropped image of page 9 verso of the autograph manuscript of Nicolaus Copernicus's De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium

    3. Future Model

    A future model for the earth is speculated on by scientists and philosophers as futurists, such as Arthur C. Clarke, (Arthur Charles Clarke, Dec 16, 1917, Minehead, Somerset, England Died:Mar 19, 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka), who write about human civilization, which has evolved mentally to become part of a galactic community.

    "This novel begins with a brief prologue describing the bioforms — dubbed the First-Born — who created the black monoliths. They evolved from "primordial soup", and over the course of millions of years, became a space-faring species. Perceiving that nothing was more precious than "mind," they catalysed the evolution of intelligent species wherever they went, by increasing the intelligent species' chance of survival. After visiting Earth, the First-Born found a way to impress themselves into the fabric of space and time, becoming effectively immortal. Meanwhile, the monoliths—implied to have been forgotten by their creators when they ascended to a higher state of being—continued to watch over their subjects." -EndofQuote

    Clarke, Arthur C. (1998). 3001: The Final Odyssey (1st ed.). New York: Ballantine Books. p. 272. ISBN 0345423496.

    A. The Origin of the Earth

    The solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago by a gravitational collapse of a molecular cloud and became a solar nebula of mostly hydrogen and helium molecules with other elements from the debris of other stars exploding as supernovas.

    As this cloud of gases rotated with the inner regions rotating faster than the outer regions, the cloud flattened into a disk and the gases could gravitate as circular rings to form the planets in orbits around a center of mass which formed the sun.
    The third ring from the sun became the planet earth by the gases collecting with other elements under gravity.

    B. Geology Evolution of the Earth

    The earth created from the ring of the solar disk was hot and without atmosphere and without liquid water at the beginning.
    The earth then formed its geometric structure of inner core and mantle and outer crust under gravity in a process called differentiation.

    Then radioactive decay of elements from the core and the movement of mantle material caused heat from the core to erupt as volcanoes at the crust or surface of the earth, which was also cooling.
    The volcanic eruptions brought acidic gases to form a first atmosphere. This is called outgassing. There was no molecular oxygen in the first atmosphere.

    The first weather on earth so became acid rains, which formed the oceans.
    Many chemical reactions and evaporation then changed the acidic water to the water of today and form the molecular oxygen and nitrogen as a second atmosphere.

    C. Evolution of Life on Earth

    The time for this was about half way of the age of the earth at about 2.3 billion years ago. It was then that the first life began on earth.
    This first life was bacteria and algae as micro-organisms in the oceans as unicellular organisms.

    No multi cellular organisms existed, as the reproduction of the first life forms required cells to have a nucleus for their multiplication using the genetic code of life; kn own as the biochemistry of DNA.
    Those cells are called 'eukaryotic', (meaning true kernel) and they were created by a process called endosymbiosis, meaning a larger 'prokaryotic' cell (meaning before kernel) absorbed a smaller prokaryotic cell, which evolved as the nucleus of the first eukaryotic cells.

    The time of the first cells with DNA in a nucleus was about 2 billion years ago, but as isolated cases (stem cells) with a great multiplication of multi-cellular reproduction happening about 800 million years ago and thought to relate to the availability of particular chemical elements such as zinc.

    From then onwards the code of life was used by the earth to evolve the eukaryotic cellular families into evergrowing multi-cellular organisms and life forms in the geological eons or time periods.

    D. The Continental Evolution of the Earth

    The surface of the earth had the continents and the liquid oceans together in a great supercontinent called Pangea surrounded by a great superocean called Tethys, about 225 million years ago and in the age of the dinosaurs, called Mesozoic (meaning middle age).

    In the Mesozoic about 150 million years ago, Pangea split into two supercontinents called Gondwanaland and Laurasia and the continent as we know them today formed under a process of a movement of the earth's crust, made up from tectonic plates, whose shifting causes the continents to shift and drift.

    The tectonic dynamics so can also become responsible for earthquakes and natural geological disasters and especially when the continental plates collide, often under the water in the oceans.

    5. References

    3. Clarke, Arthur C. (1998). 3001: The Final Odyssey (1st ed.). New York: Ballantine Books. p. 272. ISBN 0345423496.

    Sarah Bermanseder, October 2018

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    under edit

    soltemptab. lastprophecy1.


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    This decoder 9Nania engages a valid approach to deciphering the scripture numeracies; but omits a number of relevant codes, such as Genesis.47.28, which defines the 'Age of Jacob' as 147 years. Further Interpretation of Exodus.6.16-20 then misreads the generations of Levi-Kohath-Amram to the birth of Moses and Aaron (Moses+3) in a {137+133+137} Year code to miscalculate the 430 sojourn in Egypt, which correctly calculates from Joseph's 30th Year, becoming integrated into the Egyptian rulership.
    Using 9Nania's methodology then corrects the 14 generations count from Abraham to David from 941 years to
    100+180+430+40+17+450+40=1257=1260-3 Years from Isaac+Egypt+Sinai+Joshua+Age of Judges+Saul.
    These are the 3½ 'Times' from which the 3 years difference between Aaron and Moses are subtracted as a halfweek 3+|1|+3=7 with the timeline from Abraham to Joseph defining the 'Time' of the 360-Day Year.

    9Nania's additional decodings can be shown to be equally misguided in details, pointing to the correct 'endtimes' scenario in the overall scriptural encodings and numeracy patterns however.
    The 'prediction' for a 7-year endtime corresponding to the 70-year existence of political Israel is correct and appropriate.
    The 'Asteroid-Nibiru-September 2015' associations are misguided, as are her definitions regarding the 1290-1335-2300 day juxtapostions; albeit again correlating to the appropriate 'Endtimes prophecies' ending in 2018.

    Detailed and corrected decoding of the interwoven 'scriptural prophetic encodings' can be found at the linked websites and threads.

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    A Box of Shortened Time

    Xeia, i really like your newfound respect for the timelines encoded in the ancient scrolls, as they will prove absolutely decisive to spoil the plans of the elitists. The elitists take those codes extremely serious and in fact are attempting to forestall any ET developments in remaining in control as to the fulfilment or revealing of those codes (telepathically transmitted from ET sources btw).

    Having said this your strong recommendation of decoder 9Nania is somewhat misguided as she has made many mistakes in her decoding attempts.

    14 Generations.

    This decoder 9Nania engages a valid approach to deciphering the scripture numeracies; but omits a number of relevant codes, such as Genesis.47.28, which defines the 'Age of Jacob' as 147 years. Further Interpretation of Exodus.6.16-20 then misreads the generations of Levi-Kohath-Amram to the birth of Moses and Aaron (Moses+3) in a {137+133+137} Year code to miscalculate the 430 sojourn in Egypt, which correctly calculates from Joseph's 30th Year, becoming integrated into the Egyptian rulership.

    An even better example as to what she is trying to do, is the 430 Egypt code she often addresses.
    Look at this excerpt to discover the basics for this 'captivity in Egypt for 430 years', first stated in Exodus.12.40.


    In this picture you can retrace the exodus code in both a scriptural and a historical manner and relating to the 11th-16th Egyptian dynasties known as the Hyskos invasion heralding the 17th-18th dynasties of the so called Middle Kingdom under pharaohs Ahmose.
    Can you see the 'Moses' name in Thutmosis, Ahmose and Rameses as historical characters, rendering Moses a composite code and not necessarily historical?

    As you can see in the excerpt about Abraham to Joseph ages, the ET codes in the Torah here are far more fundamental as an encoding pattern, than the bible literalists, of whom 9Nania is one, have envisaged.
    Those encoding patterns then repeat themselves in various contexts to literally allow a time warping of the abstract codes to match a future history and which is say indicated in Matthew.24 as a way to look for the signs of the implementation of this say 3000 year old 'prophecy'.

    It is not so much a prophecy, but a time capsule from the ETs who are the next generation of an old human form changed into say a starhuman form as the ETs time travelling from the future into the past - as us.

    As you know we are the ETs but in two forms. Physically we are their ancestors and they will eventually allow a transformation of the old animalistically evolved bodyform into its new form of its 23-24 chromosome mutation, which split the physical evolution of nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms. This is often misinterpreted by bible bashers and skeptics alike as ET gene manipulation.
    It was electromagnetic monopolar induction from the universal intelligence say, which so becomes the mental or 'spiritual' ancestor of all of the old humanity. Iow we do indeed 'come from the stars'.

    The old humans so serve the purpose of physical evolution for the new humans to mentally blend and merge with. Myths about demons and angels etc all relate to this basic premise. Physically and bodywise we are the elders for our ET children, but mentally we are their children and they have 'watched' and guided human 'mind' evolution for so 2,240 million years now and since a time when the ET universal mind was born.

    Now there are many ET 'belivers' out there in an increasingly old world going literally insane. This is simply the effect of the timewarping of the alpha-omega timeline.
    The alpha timewarp is displaced about 1985½ years from now as the omega timeline and a median timeline is so 23 years from the omega timeline to specify the socalled 'building of the 3rd temple'.
    I am addressing this because decoders like 9Nania know of the significance of the 3rd temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and since the 70 year 'captivity' of Israel political under muslim threat has ended on May 14th this year (recall Trumps moving of the embassy).

    Herod built the 2nd temple in 46 years as per codes in the Gospel of John and so linking the temple to the alpha timeline and as this construction is halved in the 3½+3½ codes found throughout Daniel and Revelation as the 'tribulation week' a halving of the 46-47 year code defines the median timewarp as about 23 years (exactly 23 years + 128 days).

    Now many new agers feel or sense that this temple is their merkabah and similar labellings.
    This is correct but it is deeper than that association, say as Vitruvian manwoman or Zodiak man.
    This temple is also the 'Ark of the covenant' and the sarcophagus in the great pyramid.
    Again you see the emphasis on Egypt relating to the Hebrew codes, also known by Josephus and other historians of antiquity.

    Ultimately, the temple to be built and relating to the 'new bodyform of the starhuman' say, is itself a time capsule. I can give you the dates for this period of 'the destruction of linear time' ubiquitously described and misinterpreted as a physical destruction in the armageddon scenarios and as one third of all things dying say in Rev.8).
    The third simply means a third of the 3½ half-time of the tribulation time warp.As you know from nania9's channels this time is 1260 days and so a third of this time is 'cut out' and two thirds continue as normal. A third is 420 days from July 1st, 2017 to August 25th 2018.

    What does this mean? It means that those 420 days of linear time destruction allow both the past to collapse into this temple aka ark aka Noah's merkabah aka mothership as say a mirror for the past history of the planet of the old humanity and say from the left and also allows a collapse of the future onto a timewarp mirror from the right.So normal day-to-day time is 'shortened' as proclaimed in Matthew.24. in a 'box of cut-off time' as described.

    Matthew 24:22 - (KJV)
    And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

    Mark 13:20 - (KJV)
    And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.

    So now who are 'the elect'? This is no question of belief or creed, but simply a statement of resonance (just as is the mark of the beast, the sealing of 144,000 etc and other codes causing so much ire in believers due to mistranslations and misinterpretations).
    The 'elect' are the pioneers of an old human genetic stock, able to 'awaken' dormant genetic markers enabling a sort of telepathic communication with its ancestor-descendent ET family.

    Iow whoever can talk to himherself in a rational timewarping sense has elected herhimself as a pioneer for the human-starhuman metamorphosis.Now you can predict the response from most of the old human stock, either dismissing this as fantasy or delusion or mental insanity.But in this is found the cosmic jurisprudence and justice.
    The rational and unbelieving old world is going insane with say political correctness and the misapplication of science and technological innovation and in its self delusion calls the pioneers of the new world as being insane in its own mirror of perception. And now you can understand why I have ceased to share this kind of information with anyone except a few.
    The old world will continue to be unresponsive to this information and will actually vehemently fight, deny and distort it.
    The time of Thubanese teachings is over and a time for actual preparations has begun.

    Gospel of Thomas - Lambdin:
    (34) Jesus said, "If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit."

    Isaiah 66:4 - (KJV)
    I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 - (KJV)
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    The 'pit' is the 'box of time'.
    And this has become the status quo and modus operandi for new agers and the 'normals' and the elitists alike. All this is simply an effect of the dissonance with the say ET transmitted 'telepathic' energy of the stated timewarps in the Future meeting the Past in the Present Now and where the Present is also a Present and a Serpent of renewal.
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    Fragment at the Edge of the Universe

    Julienne Alvarez·Friday, December 28, 2018

    You lashed me to the lathe of heaven
    a harsh judgment
    and now
    I cannot unfold my wings
    cut off they are
    hanging within the whole
    of black space
    how can I fly like this?

    © Julienne Alvarez

    Written 9/30/2016
    Released 12/27/2018​
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    Prophecies of a Caterpillar

    Julienne Alvarez·Saturday, December 22, 2018

    when the goddess descended to earth
    was not kind
    impotent they were
    having rewritten and edited the entire history
    of her tree of life
    they were hacking it down fervently
    a complete fuckfest
    the lungs of the earth
    flayed open
    blood eagle
    a dripping rotting carcass.

    mother ships
    thousands and thousands
    huge and swollen
    pregnant bellies full of divinity
    descended Jacob's ladder to
    birth themselves
    upon every city and town
    even the seas
    were not spared
    the whole world was flooded in
    her great light
    beams of serpents
    spilled out of their voids like starlight
    carrying the eggs of
    their mother and her heirs to their thrones.

    the men thought they had won
    but in their complete arrogance
    all of their historical editing
    done to erase her,
    the words themselves
    written in all the holy tomes
    becoming her flesh
    forming a ruby mouth
    that sang loudly her blessing
    and the magic spell
    of truth
    they turned to ash on her tongue.

    patriarchy had failed to prevent
    her final conception in the form of inception
    all their violent wars had opened
    the wormhole
    from the blood of her unborn wombs
    that were sacrificed to those fake male gods
    caused the great dragon queen to
    curl upon herself
    forming the ouroboros
    anus of the beginning
    succulent divine female holy mouth
    of the end.

    Sophia had the last laugh
    her womb swallowed them all whole
    serpent body forming the final act
    she turned herself inside out
    nakedness shining crystalline
    the cape of the universe adorning
    her in the darkness of it's skin
    no rib of Adam
    no demon was she nor a mother of demons
    NO terrible nightmare dream
    she was
    Lilith reborn
    flesh formed into pure soul
    reclaiming all her titles, glory
    and sovereignty
    Goddess, Creatrix, mother of all living
    Shakti seed, pure and free
    Immortal one
    Lotus flower blooming
    parthenogentic virgin beginning
    a new universe
    the story rewritten in her body
    authored by the goddess herself.

    A beautiful thing is never perfect. (Egyptian proverb)
    © Julienne Alvarez
    Written 10-18-18
    Published winter solstice 12-21-18

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    Julienne Alvarez
    Thanks for the read Roy <3

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    · Reply · 9h
    Alma De La Cruz
    Wow! Quite the poem!

    Those pesky caterpillars definitely love my passionflowers. My temptation passionflower is nearly bare. At least I know the butterflies are flourishing.

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    Julienne Alvarez
    Thank you Alma. I don't write often and this one in particular I sat on for a while before I shared it. It is like a release from a long dark night or an escape from hell.

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    Alma De La Cruz
    Julienne ~ I find writing, art or playing music to be very cathartic ~ more people should try it more often. Far better than drugs or alcohol!

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    Julienne Alvarez
    Oh most definitely for sure it is. Drugs offer nothing in return. Creativity on the other hand offers a release and a healing.


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      Julienne Alvarez
      Thank you for reading it Leo. The new universe is inside of each of us and we are the ones who can birth it.

    dragonqueen. dragonketchup. dragon-heart-love-image-31000.
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    1922-2018. Ascension2015.

    The Land of the Dead

    I am Tony B. and I am sharing this because of an incident which shall become apparent later in the story line.

    The heatwave of the new year transition 2005/2006 wrought havoc to my already tortured body; struck with a disability of motory balance, rendering walking extremely difficult.
    I developed symptoms of pneumonia in my left lung and found breathing exceedingly difficult.
    Then the lung infection migrated from the left lung tissue to its right counterpart, rendering me bedridden again. The slightest movement caused chestpains and then parts of my hands and legs developed numb spots, often cramping up and adding to the pain.

    Now whatever one might call ones innermost identity in ones life, I shall call it soul. And my soul decided to escape this torturous situation and I experienced a form of OBE or Out-of-Body-Experience.

    Lucid Dreaming

    I am a lucid dreamer; meaning that I know when I am dreaming. So I remember my dreams in knowing that I am bilocated in the dreamstate.
    I have often dreamt about the past, my working life, adventures and activities and peoples fully aware that I would wake up and find myself in my wretched physical circumstances once again.

    The intensity of my dreams relates to the easiness I walk, run and jump about in my dreams. This could be of course a compensation given to me by my soul, freed from the physical impairements during those occasions.
    As I was in the military (Air Force), once I dreamt of the marching drills and my going to the pub afterwards with my friends. Now I would often say to my friends in my dreams that I was dreaming this and that I would not know when I would simply disappear from Dreamland, corresponding with my awakening from the dreamstate.

    Yet there is a graduation of those dreamstates; say one's working life and memories, one's physical remembrances of a healthy body, one's family and friends and so on.
    The following is different and another reason why I am choosing to share this. There is normally a graduation of dreamstates into OBEs into comatosis into death. This graduation engages the OBE in a more aprupt manner, say the white tunnel of light and the magnetic attractions experienced by the souls written about.

    Now I am not trying to be presumptious here; but somehow I know that the following is what comes after the white tunnel. The transcension of the vortex of the magnetic source would actually transport the dying person into the Land of the Dead.

    The Land of the Dead

    I found myself in a natural setting of luscious trees, characterised by the shadow giving properties of the former. There were people lazying about everywhere, either strolling about or sitting in groups doing nothing in particular.

    Now it must be said that I was located in a specific area, and a setting which so should not be generalised; but there were no cars or traffic, but there were cottages nested amongst the ubiquitous majestic trees. Also whilst the place was swarming with peoples, those people were not eating, smoking or consuming anything. I saw no young children or old people either, the ages seemingly ranging from about 20 to 50.

    Ah another one of those dreams I said to myself; lets explore the environment. My body was perfect once again and I could effortlessly move about.
    But something felt rather different from my previous experiences; I somehow knew that this place was a transition point, like a airport terminal and that I should ask some pertinent questions.

    There was one guy leaning against a post or something and I approached him.

    "Is this the Land of the Dead?", I asked.

    "Yes", he replied in a manner of matter of fact.

    "I had to ask", I said, "because I do not know how long I will be able to be here. I might suddenly disappear, because I am still alive on earth."

    He shook his head in disbelief and I felt that his understanding was that one either is alive on earth or dead there and not at two places at once.
    "Oh, I am so happy!", I exclaimed loudly moving on; knowing that I could now put my scientific mind into gear and explore the so called afterlife.

    First I went to a post and checked its solidity; it was solid with resistance just as on earth. I continued to stroll about observing the grouped people and approached a group of about 10 sitting and standing about a certain spot.
    There was a girl of about 20, whom I went to and took her hand and tried to pinch the skin on her wrist.

    "Does this hurt?", I asked her. She did not answer but I felt a kind of ignobility as having offended her. This changed suddenly however as our eyes met and we kissed spontaneously.
    "Ah so you liked that", I said. The group of about 10 also included what seemed to be two twin brothers in their 30's sitting on a bench about 2 metres apart. They had long protruding noses and their personal demeanor and attire induced me to ask them:


    "Rafka(?) and this is our sister", they replied, pointing to the girl I had just interacted with.

    "How did you die?", I continued.

    "Ah, we were sitting in our house when a bomb hit".

    I wandered on now forming more concrete ideas as what to do or look for. I also began to think that I might have died on earth and that I now could stay here in the Land of the Dead without continuing my sufferings.

    Stool 408

    I strolled on and came onto another group of mostly youngish women.

    "You know about continents?", I enquired from them;

    "you know Africa, the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia on earth. What is the geography here?"

    They mumbled a number of complicated names like zigibfilis, figoz.., ? Anyway I got the impression that this place was huge. I went on and asked a bypasser:

    "How do I meet my daughter Deborah, who committed suicide on earth?"

    "Go to a receptionist desk", he replied, pointing to a pulpit-like wooden construction nearby. I went there and met a say 50 year old man.

    "Can you give me an express way to meet my daughter Debbie, please".

    "Sure wait for my call", he answered and I noticed that a number of peoples were gathered waiting for their names to be called.

    But what a confused and chaotic setup I thought, it should be organised.They did not even ask me for my name.

    Yet, after only a short while I did not hear an audible, but a mental or holographic image voice:


    This was my name and I had not conveyed this name to the receptionist. So I went to the receptionist and he said to me:

    "She's working - Stool 408, not 48 but 4-0-8".

    "Thanking You", I said and continuing,

    "you know that I could just disappear from here. I am unsure if I am really dead or not on earth; but if I am alive on earth than this information about the Land of the Dead can help a lot of people down there."

    He looked at me and simply nodded approvingly,


    He continued, addressing his motivation of being a receptionist:

    "Here I can talk to the doctor after leaving the consultancy room and I am appreciated, whilst before noone really cared".

    I left the receptionist and asked someone what a stool number was. The someone pointed at little wooden pegs, like street markers associated with the cottages in the Land of the Dead.

    So I went to one of those markers and it read 22. Now where do I go from here I pondered, when a most dreaded feeling invaded my soul space.

    I was still alive on earth and just about to wake up, before I could meet Debbie and further investigate the Land of the Dead.

    Tony Bermanseder, authenticated January 6/7th, 2006.

    PS.: Personal Analysis

    The reader should know, that normal social etiquette and conformities do not generally apply in either dreamstates or OBEs.

    Neither does logic as generally applied in the context of space and time. One must learn to think logically in a learning curve, rather similar to any good educational processes.

    My understanding of the subject matter from both the scientific, and the philosophical or spiritual perspective is that I found myself indeed at a junction point in the Land of the Dead.
    All people were very friendly where I found myself, characterised by a common consciousness, say the seeming lazying about.

    My daughter Debbie 'was working' and at a different location which I experienced; say the stool numbers at my location were around 22, whilst Debbie was at 408.
    The Bulgarians seemingly had not moved on from their sudden death when their earthly house was bombed. They were still sitting about, just being themselves.

    The groups of young women reminded me of earthly drug abusers and their respective peer groups.
    So I can see interwoven and graduating vibration levels without sickness, disability and a complete freedom of choice.

    All endeavour is completely left to the individual; subject to the individual's mental awareness and inquisitivity.
    If one has a question, one simply asks at a receptionist desk, where the receptionist knows whereto one should be directed to satisfy one's requests.

    I shall end here with the simple statement that many mourners and distressed people may find solace with respect to this shared experience.

    The reality of the soul is beyond question in my experience and the transient earthly body has a shadow counterpart, but DNA perfected - in the Land of the Dead.

    Love and Insights to All.

    Tony B.


    {Deborah Martina Bermanseder * January 8th, 1982 (1.32 am, Brisbane, Australia) - December 8th, 2004}

    Eulogy to Deborah Martina Bermanseder !

    To Our Darling GrandDaughter, Daughter, Sister and Friend!

    Nanna Sylvia's GreatGrandDaughter and Nanna Cynthia's GrandDaughter


    Now you find yourself where you said you wished to be;

    with Bob and Mary and your baby you now suddenly can see.

    So pretty and demure, a tender butterfly you've now become;

    your past sorrows and pains vanished, forgotten, all but done.

    Allow the love of your surroundings to give you mind of peace;

    like a snowhite dove, you have crossed the troubled seas.

    We are always with you dearest Debbie, time cannot hold;

    across the worlds of separation, we travel on ever so bold.

    To be in a body is not all there is for the spirit to know;

    the soul remembers its home, where it longs to be without a foe.

    The Living are Dead and the Dead are Alive, as Jesus said;

    so we all bid you Hello and not Farewell as words instead.

    Hello darling Debbie; we all love you and try to share your peace and joy!


    Dad, Mum, Richard, Christine, David, Adam, Cassie, Lynell, Gordon, Sandy and friends!

    {Composed by Dad Tony; December 19th, 2004

    and iterated by Sister Cassie December 20th, 2004}

    Remembrance Day of the Dead Alive Ones in the Logos of all the Worlds of the Living Dead Ones
    Good Friday, April 22nd, 2011 warping Monday, March 28th, 2011 and warping a 1980th anniversary in Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD

    {Speak Nothing but Good of the Dead}

    Out in the graveyard;
    inscriptions, words and plaques, all withering away;
    like the flowers adorning them, so the dead do lay.
    Waiting and waiting for someone to remember them
    and not just in photoalbums or on the special days.

    Memorials are built, meaningless constructions - lest we forget!
    They all are forgotten, given time enough to sigh, to pass away.
    The living are so busy preparing for their own demise, to die.
    Little do they know, the busy ones, that the dead are still alive.

    They watch over the living ones, they do, from a place so far;
    yet so near they are, but why would they watch the way they do?
    To understand the mystery is the noble thing to do - a gallant quest.
    They wish to be remembered, to join in soul and mind , the body's zest.

    A marriage betwixt the dimensions, a holy union in heaven with hell.
    But can the fearful thoughts of the living see, their lovehearts tell?
    The living are like snowflakes, made of water, so unique one by one.
    But they melt away, to be fluid again - into the one great ocean, gone!

    The dead are all one in the great seas, waiting to crystallise again in two.
    To wake up to a new life again, as a snowflake-twin, asking: 'Love me too!'
    Eternal life awaits the living, could they only reply to the dead's request.
    But the alive ones linger and doubt, in vanity do they live their only quest.

    {Thus passes away the glory of the world}

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