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    This material is exemplified and excerpted here, because it in a simplified manner of semantics and exposition and with a few centrally important omissions, shows the actual natural order and purpose of existence in the universe.
    The first crucial omission relates to a clear exposition of how the 'truth consciousness' became the central parameter of all existence, both metaphysical and physical.
    The second crucial omission then indicates and defines the causality of the former as the Logos or 'Word of God' or 'Definition Algorithm Code' etc and thus reinserts the 'sans religion' emphasis of Michal Smith into his otherwise comprehensive and appropriate overview of the 'raison de etre'.

    The human past is indeed a summation of the universal history of the present to integrate the cosmic future.

    The Present

    The Ultimate Truth in 3 pages.

    The Present
    by Michael Smith
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    A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be.
    Albert Einstein

    Truth you can check:
    It is as matter of fact as the ground and as useful as food. It's the kind of truth that can make hate and war as unnecessary as ignorance.

    Charles Darwin revealed how evolution works, but not what it really means.

    Evolution is no longer just a theory; it has been proven true beyond a reasonable doubt. The problem is, even people who believe evolution is true disassociate themselves from the process. They somehow skipped all the lower forms of animal life and just started out at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

    The evidence says we evolved as life evolved.

    Human beings did not just appear at the top of the evolutionary ladder to reap the benefits of those millions of years of evolution without having to live through it.

    In other words, you were those other animals. Someone had to be them.

    You had to be lower animals to be a human now. You lived as all the different animals in your evolutionary line. You lived through millions of years, and millions of lives and deaths to get to where you are now. That's what Darwin's book means.

    In addition to the fossil evidence, the genetic code proves that all animals, including us, evolved from bacteria over the last 700 million years on earth.

    In other words, you were a microbe, an insect, a fish, a dinosaur, an ape...

    When all of the evidence (100%) says something happened, and there is no evidence (zero) that anything else could have happened, it is the truth beyond a reasonable doubt to honest, rational people.

    We have come a very, very long way, but we have a little further to go. The next and last step in our evolution is learning and accepting the truth of life, and this includes acknowledging our true past.

    The truth will free us from the animal world we all evolved from.​


    Immortality: "It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious."

    It is not possible to be aware of being unconscious from your own perspective. You cannot be aware of not being aware. You can be less aware/conscious, such as when you are asleep, but not completely unconscious (dead), because time would stand still for you. A billion years could pass, and you would not know it.

    How do you know you are dead? It is not possible to be aware of any gaps in life; it is continuous and never-ending from your own point of view.

    Death and birth are a continuous event from your own perspective.

    You will die physically, but you will be born into a new physical body. Being born happens, or you would not be here now. You were born into this life. It is what we know happens. There is no evidence anything else happens. True or false?

    The "you only live once" theory: Many people say that they do not believe in reincarnation; they believe when you die, you're dead. What about fish, clams, horses, bears, flies? People that say you only live once are saying some souls get to live just one life as a worm, and that is it for all of eternity.

    Other people believe you are judged by a god after you die. Is the worm judged?

    Many people think human beings are the only animal that is conscious. Is a dog or cat conscious? Where do you draw the line? Is a bird conscious? The truth is, all animal life is conscious and alive just like us.1 The only thing that makes humans different from other animals is that we have a mind that can think and reason at a high enough level to know the truth of life, and those that know rise above animals.

    It is time to see and accept the truth the evidence supports.

    You are immortal;
    it is impossible to not be, because it is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious. Just that one sentence proves it. It is like these sentences: It is impossible for it to be light and dark at the same time, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. They are simple, but certain facts. The sentence "It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious" is a simple and certain fact.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Albert Einstein

    Like energy, consciousness cannot be created or destroyed.

    This revelation will change your life. Now you know where you come from and what you have been doing for about half a billion years (evolving). The next question is how does life work and what is next, and we can know that too.
    People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness, and it is the most important factor in the equation.

    The universe as it relates to conscious life can be understood now. It is the ultimate truth; the truth that will transform mankind and the world.

    "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." FAB = -FBA

    People do not realize what Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means.

    Everything is balanced. Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. Birth-death, old-young, big-small, strong-weak, start-stop, up-down, rich-poor, beginning-end, fast-slow, hot-cold, pain-pleasure, win-lose, day-night, full-empty, high-low, in-out, success-failure, united-divided, give-receive, creation-destruction, on-off, positive-negative, etc.

    Positive and negative forces moving in balance are the physical universe.

    There are no exceptions to the laws of nature Newton revealed. They apply to all matter and energy. Human beings are matter and energy, thus you and all humans are governed by the same laws.

    Luck: Good luck and bad luck are the balance in action and the way the balance most affects our lives. Luck is manifested on many levels. There is the day-to-day luck, from little things like getting a good parking space or a bad one, to big things, such as winning the lottery or finding out you have cancer. Then there is the long-term luck. You are lucky if you are born with good looks, money, health, talent and intelligence. You are unlucky if you are born unattractive, poor, sickly and without talent or intelligence. Most people are in between the extremes, but it does not matter, because we are immortal, and it will all balance out. Luck will move back and forth; everyone will get equal amounts of good and bad luck.

    What goes around comes around. Everyone gets their turn.

    Death is the great equalizer: If you are born with advantages, you can have more good times than bad times in your life, but when you die, you are reborn with disadvantages, and have more bad times than good times and vice versa. In the long run, no one has it better or worse than anyone else does, because life will always balance eventually. It is the known nature of the universe we live in.

    If you flip a coin a thousand times, it will come up heads about half the time and tails about half the time. The odds of random events are predictable; this is why Las Vegas always makes a profit on gambling year after year. You can see the truth if you look at the big picture. You will see that random events are predictable because they balance. It's a fundamental truth of life everyone knows, but ignores.

    This is why on the Fourth of July, about 162 people will be killed in auto accidents, and every fourth, about the same amount are killed. An average of twelve auto accidents happen every minute; about six-thousand teenagers are killed in auto accidents every year in the US. About four million people are bitten by dogs.

    Why is the number about the same every year?

    Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust; we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance. Albert Einstein

    Destiny: Not being in control does not mean our future is predestined. No one knows the future; the future cannot be known. Anything can happen. The only thing we can be certain of is that it will be balanced.

    The good news is, all of the best things are going to happen to you; the bad news is, so will all of the worst things, if you do not learn the truth.

    Consequences: People may think, if everything is balanced, then it does not matter what you do. That is true, if you want to continue living in the savage animal realm. If you want to evolve past the animal realm, to a realm where there is no fear, pain or death, you have to learn and spread the truth of life. You have to live as a spiritual being. If you live like an animal, you will continue to be one.

    The greatest present: For the first time in history, the first time in our 700 million years on this planet, we can know life, know what we are, where we come from, and where we are going. We have to take advantage of this brief opportunity. It has been a long time coming and will be a long time gone. This book will give you the power to change our present course to one that leads to a place without pain, fear or suffering, a place some western religions call heaven.

    Keep reading: New and different revelations about life are not easy to accept. Do not let the things you disagree with stop you from reading further. Many of the things you do not agree with or understand when you first read them will make sense after you read more of the book. Do not skip around; it needs to be read in order to make sense. It is a small book (101 pages) that does not take much time to read. It is worth it. Click here to see comments from people that have read it.

    Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief. Frantz Fanon

    Cognitive dissonance: Get to know these two words. It is the unseen enemy of mankind. It does more to cause war, crime and suffering than anything else, because it prevents people from learning and changing. If you are ready to overcome your cognitive dissonance and learn the truth of life, keep reading.

    The first three pages of this book are a game changer, because they are true. The problem is, most people cannot see the truth of life.

    It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
    Henry David Thoreau

    When you see the truth for the first time, it is what people call a peak moment, or a moment of clarity. You get a larger percentage of what each moment of life actually contains; you are filled with life. Your mind is the gatekeeper of life, and sometimes it lets a little true life in, but most of the time it does not.

    Figure 1 shows how mankind currently perceives life. Figure 2 shows true life.
    The arrows represent life coming to you from all directions. The dotted line shows how your mind blocks most of the life coming to you. Without the mind blocking life, you receive all of life, true life, and reflect it all back out.

    Seeing Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon for the first time is a peak moment for most people. Why does it make you feel so alive? Nothing really happens to you. Why doesn’t it feel as good the second time you see it? You are seeing the same thing. The reason is, your mind opens up when something is special.

    The truth is, every moment of life is special, and you can be completely open to life most of the time. You have to see the truth to see true life.

    The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply. Khalil Gibran

    The truth of life does not change anything in life except people's minds. Things stay the same. The truth just removes the unnecessary suffering, conflict and confusion from life.
    The truth about life is actually very simple; it is just hard to see for the first time.
    Life: It all boils down to how you feel from moment to moment, how often you feel good and how often you feel bad, and it will be balanced like everything else physical. Your infinite past was balanced, and your infinite future will be too, unless you change from a physical being into a spiritual being. To change into a spiritual being, you just have to know the truth, which changes your point of view and your perspective of life so that you start to live your life as a spiritual being.
    Our life does not have to be just fifty-fifty like the physical world, because our spiritual-self, our immortal-self, is not physical and does not need to be balanced to exist. Our physical environment cannot fundamentally change, but we can. You just have to know it to do it.
    Nothing is going to make any real difference in your life except separating yourself from the balanced physical world. It can and will change everything.

    The truth reveals that you do not need to experience the bad to have the good. The bad will still happen, but you will perceive it differently.

    Good/bad: When you know the truth, you take the two sides of life, the good and bad side, and see them as one whole. You do this by understanding what the balancing force means. It means all bad times will pass and be compensated for by an equal amount of good times. It also means all good times will pass and be paid for with an equal amount of bad times. It will always balance.

    When you know the truth, you will enjoy the good times more and still avoid a bad time when you can, but when you cannot, the knowledge of the balance helps you get through the bad times. This is because knowing that the worse it gets, the better it will be, makes bad times almost enjoyable. More importantly, it centers your perspective of life. You see both sides of life; whole life, true life.

    You do not get just 50/50; you get 100%.

    The knowledge of the balance takes away your reasons to be mad, sad, hate, worry, envy, be disappointed; it takes away all negative emotions and feelings.

    It removes all stress and negative mind-made feelings from your life.

    The mind starts disappearing, and true life starts appearing.

    As the mind gets smaller, life gets bigger. As the mind shrinks, life expands. When the mind disappears completely, your perception of life becomes clear. Eventually, you will only think when you have to, which is not very often. You will be able to accept the present of life, no matter what is happening. You change into a new being, a spiritual being, and you become the present, the eternal NOW.

    We want to expand our life, not expand our minds as they did in the 1960s.

    The more you live in the present, the more fulfilling life gets. Time will slow down; you will see the magic and wonder of life you saw as a child, and you will experience it without the ignorance and all the negative emotions of childhood. Soon, you will be able to see life better than a child sees it or any animal has ever seen it. You will see the real world, an enchanted world.

    Your two selves: Most people are not aware of the fact that they have two different selves. You have a mind and a spirit (consciousness), and though they seem like one thing, they are separate. The way to realize that this is true is to realize that something has to be listening to the thoughts created by your mind.

    What is it that hears your thoughts?

    There is the part of you that thinks and the part that hears the thoughts. The thinking part is your mind; the part that hears the thoughts is your spiritual-self. You do not actually hear thoughts through your ears, because your mind is already inside your head. The point is, your spiritual-self receives the things the mind creates in a similar way to hearing them.

    Check it out: Just ask yourself, what is it that is hearing the thoughts you are thinking right now?

    It is your spiritual-self, the same thing that receives all life.

    As shown in the drawing, mankind is currently living as their mind-self, and as a result, does not know their spiritual-self. “Know thy self,” as Socrates said.

    You have to know true life to know your true self.​

    Perspective and perception: The same world is perceived differently by a frog and a cat, a cat and a dog, a dog and a human, a child and an adult, a woman and a man. You see something different than I do. All perspectives are unique.

    We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.

    People see and experience life through their own mind and senses and from their own unique perspective and awareness level. This does not change the truth. The physical world will never change; it cannot change and still exist, but the way you perceive it can. Perception and perspective determine how clearly and truly you see life and how fulfilling or unfulfilling life is for you. Knowing the ultimate truth makes it possible for people to see life clearly and to be filled by it.

    You cannot control life, but you can change the way you see life.

    Animals other than man are more fulfilled, because they have less mind blocking life, but they are stuck with the perspective and perception they are born with. We (human beings) can greatly improve our perception by learning the ultimate truth.

    All the problems we have stem from people not knowing the truth of life.

    People look around and think, why are there so many people that are unhappy? We have progressed so far, yet people are still unhappy. Why isn’t this world the wonderful place it could be? Changing the world doesn’t change us.

    It does not matter how much we progress materially; it will not change anything. Only learning and seeing the truth will change us, and thus change everything.​
    The truth transforms a mortal man into an immortal spiritual being.
    It does this because the truth just shows you what you truly are, and that changes everything. The truth does the same thing for the way we see the world and for the same reason. It shows you life clearly; it shows you true life for the first time.

    True life is perfect: You can see and experience a perfect life, because that is the way life actually is. Our imperfect minds mess it up.

    It is hard to believe from your current perspective and level of awareness, but it is your own mind that makes life imperfect. The universe has to be perfect to exist.

    You do not have to believe it; you can know it.

    The present:
    It is interesting that the “NOW" is called "the present.” The present is the ultimate gift; it is the gift of truth and life. You are given the present every second, and you will receive it forever. The present is the only thing that exists, the only thing you are ever conscious of. Your life is a series of presents moving through time. The future does not exist until it becomes the present.

    Life is one perpetual present.

    Creation is happening now:
    Your body, mind, and the world around it are being created from microsecond to microsecond. Things may look the same, but they are not; everything is constantly changing and being recreated. Our life and our world is being created from moment to moment.

    Life and everything in it is always new.

    People think that they are not good looking enough, young enough, thin enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc. They live on the edge of the circle and just go around and around forever, lost in the illusions of their minds.

    Greener grass: The concept of past, future, and a distorted perception of the present keeps people running for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. They miss the present in the process.

    Chasing the horizon: It is like running after the horizon; the faster you go, the faster it moves away from you. One day, you realize that you are standing on it. What you were running after is where you already are and always will be.

    All people want is what is in the present, but they do not know it because they have never opened it. Almost no one knows what the present really is.

    The present has to be our goal, because it is the only thing that exists.

    The big tease:
    Your mind will open up part way from time to time to give you a taste of true life, and then take it away. It will attach the open moments to things that are hard to do, like things that cost a lot of money, things that are difficult or dangerous, or things that the mind considers to be new or special. Your mind makes you pay for life in one way or another, and never lets you have it for free.

    A fulfilling life is always free and always available once you know the truth.

    It is the way we feel when our minds are completely open to life; we become “filled” with life. Being filled with life makes you feel the way you want to feel all the time. Fulfillment is true happiness. Doctors say that you feel good or happy because of the release of chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. This is true; chemicals such as endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine make you feel good, but they do it by just allowing you to feel a little true life. Like all drugs, the effect is temporary, and it has a balancing downside. The ultimate truth is not temporary and has no down side. No drugs are necessary.

    In this animal realm, physical pain and pleasure will come and go, but you can always be filled with life (fulfilled) once you know the truth.

    Freedom: If you tie your fulfillment to things that happen in your environment, you are at the mercy of the constantly changing environment. You will only get a taste of fulfillment when things go your way, when you win or get what you want. Spiritual people are fulfilled when they lose. If you do not attach your fulfillment to what happens in your environment, you can be fulfilled no matter what happens. True freedom is having the ability to be fulfilled independent of what happens in the environment. Almost no one is free now. Only the truth will set you free.

    Being free means being free of the mind that hides true life from people.


    Instant gratification: Why put requirements on feeling good? True life is being given to us all the time; we just have to let it in all the time. True life is instant and complete gratification that costs nothing. Being free is in your head.

    The secret: Most people know you do not need “things” or things to happen to be happy (be fulfilled), but most people do not know how it works. The secret is opening your mind. Without thought and negative emotions, the same thing happens that happens when you get what you think you want.

    You become as sensual as you can possibly be; you become your senses.

    You can feel better than you would feel if you just won the lottery everyday. Why not? It is just a state of mind, or state of no-mind. It is your life; just take what is coming to you. You can be fulfilled whenever you want. The present is for you.

    Being fulfilled, being filled by life all the time, is the true goal of mankind.

    Everything that people do, directly and indirectly, good and bad, is to be fulfilled by life. Once you know the truth, you can skip all the things and just be fulfilled.

    Empty: As shown in the drawing, the mind makes it impossible to know reality (true life) and to be fulfilled. The present with the mind blocking and distorting it is not fulfilling. It leaves you empty and full of desire for something to fill the emptiness. The things the mind does to try to fill the void just block life more. The more people run towards what they think they want, the more they miss it.

    Something missing: People feel that something is missing, because something is missing; true life is missing.

    The door: Your mind is like a door, and for most, it is currently closed. You have to have a truly open mind to learn the truth and experience true life (the present).

    That which is: The literal meaning of the word “truth” is “that which is.”
    The living truth = that which is. That which is = the present.

    The truth of the past = that which was. The truth of the future = that which will be. You can only truly know “that which is,” because now is the only thing that exists. The past is a memory or a story. The future is just an educated guess. You can only know the true past and what the true future will be by knowing “that which is possible.” If you know how life works, you will know everything.

    Definition of ultimate truth: It is knowing the truth of life. It is knowing the fundamental, eternal laws of nature, and the nature of the mind which distorts and hides the truth. It is an accurate and complete understanding of “that which is.”​
    You do not and cannot understand every detail of life and do not have to. You just have to understand the big picture, the fundamental nature of life.
    This truth never changes, because “that which is” can never change. It cannot change and exist. When you know life completely, you become life completely.

    Self-evident: There is nothing easier to know than the truth, because it is life itself. It is nothing more and nothing less. The truth is the present, THE NOW.

    It is all true:
    The truth is simply everything there is, everything that truly exists. If it does not exist, it is not the truth; if it does, it is. “That which is” is everything except for the deceptions created by the mind.

    The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. Winston Churchill

    2 + 2 = 4:
    It does not equal anything else. The truth is, there is only one truth. Believing 2 + 2 = 5 or 6 or anything else does not make it true. There are an infinite amount of wrong answers, but only one true answer.

    Hope/belief: Believing and hoping something is true or going to be true does not make it true, if you do not start with the real truth. It is the truth, or it is not. There is no way to make something that is not true, true. There is only one truth.

    Faith in faith:
    In and of itself, belief, faith, hope, wishing, good luck charms, holy relics, symbols, positive thinking, good intentions, praying, curses, voodoo, magic spells, fortune tellers, psychics, etc. do not do anything except make people feel like they have some control over life. They are just coping strategies.

    If you believe a fairytale or myth is true, you will not live happily ever after.

    People that currently have faith and belief in a myth are a force against the truth.

    Believing in things that do not exist is the worst thing you can do.

    Religious people want to believe so badly, they will ignore scientific evidence, reason, common sense and their own better judgment. Religions have perverted the meaning of the word "truth". The Webster's Dictionary definition below says what the word means:
    truth: being in accord with fact or reality
    Many things religious people say they believe are not in accord with fact or reality. They are myths, superstition, hope, not truth. To say it is truth is a lie. True or false? In other words, most of the world's traditional religions are spreading lies and many know it, which in addition to being liars makes them dishonest hypocrites. The ones that do not know they are lying think they are doing the will of their god, when in truth, they are doing the will of the enemy of their god, Satan, who is defined in their holy books as the great deceiver, the king of all lies.

    The real truth unites people; it does not divide them. It makes sense, and it applies to everyone, everywhere, all of the time. It creates clarity, not confusion. The truth leads to real equality, freedom, peace, love and understanding. The real truth only asks you to believe in something you can check for yourself.

    Anyone who cares about the truth enough to check what it is will know the truth. Those who do not care enough will not learn the truth and will be lost and deserve to be lost.

    Monkey see, monkey do: Most people just tell people what they have been told the truth is. They just accept what others say the truth is, especially if it is what people have been accepting as the truth for thousands of years. It is monkey see, monkey do.

    Second-hand truth should not be believed or repeated without checking it out for yourself. The age of playing follow the leader is ending now.

    Second-hand truth is called hearsay in a court of law, and it is not admissible for an important reason; it has proven not to be a dependable source of the truth.

    What could be more irresponsible than saying something is true without knowing beyond a reasonable doubt that it is true? Billions of people are doing it.

    Do not believe what anyone says, including me; check things for yourself. You have to see the truth yourself in life itself to know it.

    You are at what could be the end of a very long and difficult quest. You now have the opportunity to complete the quest and leave the animal realm forever.

    The only real difference between mankind and other animals is our ability to reason and think. Thus, reason has to be what we have to use to evolve further. We have to use what sets us apart from other animals.

    The truth: You now know “the truth” part of the truth and life. There are only five fundamental things you need to know, and they are the following:

    1. Our true history.
    2. You are immortal.
    3. Everything will balance.
    4. You are a spiritual being.
    5. The present is everything.


    Like water: The eleven pages you just read explain the truth of life, but just reading the eleven pages is not enough; it is just the start. The truth is like water, and it will slip through your fingers. You need to read this whole book and do the things the book says to do to hold onto the truth and benefit from it.

    Repetition: If something is repeated, it makes a bigger impression and changes your brain more, changes your inner environment more. Thus, the more repetition, the better. That is why I repeat some things many times and say the same thing many different ways. TV advertisers repeat commercials for this reason.

    As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. Henry David Thoreau

    Simple: It is important to simplify the way you see and know life; it is the only way it can be known. It can be almost infinitely complicated, and trying to understand it all is what mankind is trying to do. We have to go the other way and see and know it in the most simple way, because it is the only way we can know all that can be known. We can never know all the details, they are infinite and it is impossible, but we can know the simple big picture of life. That is what this book attempts to do.

    Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
    Albert Einstein

    What is said in this book is not just a theory; it is what the evidence says. It is truth you can check, and that makes it the real truth and the only truth.

    You just have to check it out for yourself so you know you know it and remember it until it sinks in. It has to go deep into your subconscious. You have to see the truth in every moment without thinking about it; you have to know it intuitively.

    Without the truth, there can be no real morality, justice, equality, unity, success, freedom, love, security, peace, spirituality or even survival.

    Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.

    Friend to all: It is important to understand we do not want to hurt anyone or anything. We want to fix people and institutions that are flawed, that are sick and infected with BS. We just have the medicine, the cure. We want everyone to get better, especially the "bad guys". We are not anyone's enemy; we want to make love, not war. When the people living in the dog eat dog animal world, playing the power game, the get rich and famous game, see the truth of life, they will realize that they are their own worst enemy. They will change, because it is in their best interest to change. They will change for selfish reasons, which is fine as long as they see the truth of life and get on the path to a paradise on earth.

    Common denominator: The truth is the only thing that can unite all human beings. It is what we all have in common, and that will never change. There is only one sky for all of us. Everyone eats, breathes, is born and dies, etc. The ultimate truth is universal truth; it is the same for everyone, everywhere. It always has been and always will be. We can now know the truth about life and death.

    The difference between knowing and not knowing is checking.
    Nothing could be more simple. If you care enough about the truth to check what it is, you will know the truth of life. The sad truth is, most people do not care, and mankind and our world are being destroyed as a result. If you care, now is the time to prove it.

    If everyone looked at the big picture of life, we would see the same thing. This simple thing would unite human beings, and we would live in paradise.

    We can now use our ability to reason, deductive logic, and extrapolation of the known evidence to know and understand things the evidence does not reveal directly, such as life after death. We have progressed enough to know and understand the fundamental truth of life. It will transform us and our world.



    Big Picture of Life Experienced in the Present
    (pages 13-26)


    "Transition" (pages 97-101)
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    Remember, all you are doing is separating the real from the mind made.

    Can you tell the difference between what is mind made and what is made by life? You can, anyone can, so it is not like your job is not clear. If it is anything that the mind creates, worry, fear, anger, inferiority feelings, sadness or any mental suffering, it is not real. If you are sick, it is real. If you stub your toe, the pain is real, etc. If something makes you mad, it is not real. Can you see the difference?

    If his spirit is distorted, he should simply fix it - purge it, make it perfect, because there is no other task in your entire lives, which is more worthwhile. To seek the perfection of the warrior’s spirit is the only task worthy of our temporariness, or manhood. Carlos Castaneda

    You become a spiritual warrior, not a physical one. At first, the things you have read in this book will make you think more, but as it sinks in, you will think less and less. You will eventually manifest, The Present, in the present.

    A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. Henry David Thoreau

    Having the fewest wants, I am nearest to the Gods.

    Instead of thinking what else you need, think of what else you can live without.

    Complicated: You have to un-complicate your life to get into the truth and life. This does not mean your life cannot be complicated at work. Work is work, but you leave it at the office, and the rest of your life should be made simple.

    Complications are a friend to the mind; simplicity is a friend to the spirit.
    As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. Solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness. Henry David Thoreau

    You should make your work life as simple as you can and make your personal life completely simple. Some work will need to be complicated, so you live with it for eight hours a day, but you do not have to in your personal life.

    Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. Albert Einstein

    Just do a routine that starts in the morning with planting seeds of truth to others. You have to help the truth for the truth to help you. The rest will follow.

    If your ultimate goal is to know the ultimate truth, you have to give (help spread it) to get it. You have to give to receive. You reap what you sow.

    I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? Friedrich Nietzsche

    Everyone will benefit by just trying to seek truth and live consciously. The more people that do it around you, the easier you will be able to do it. There will be many false starts, and your moments of clarity will come and go during the transition period. Do not let it bother you; it is the way it happens. If you do what you have to, it will happen eventually.

    Take your time: You do not want it to happen too fast, because your mind needs time to change itself, and that happens gradually, mostly when you sleep. You have waited millions of years and millions of lifetimes; a little while longer is no big deal. The transition time is important and necessary.

    Be nice to yourself. Never do anything that is bad for you, only things that are good for you, not just because you can live longer and better, but because it is the right thing to do. A person that knows the truth always does the right thing. They try to stay on the spiritual path.

    Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with the old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I have told you all I can tell you now. When you wake up, you will know the things I have not told you and you will know why I could not tell you now.

    Now it is all up to you: You now know all you need to know. You just have to actively start living in the truth by helping the Truth Contest spread it.

    It is all about NOW, the present, simply because nothing else really exists. Everything we learn and do is to get into the NOW.
    No Other Way​

    This book reveals:
    That we are immortal.
    The true past and future.
    The truth is the opposite of what people think.
    That we have a choice between life and death.
    That mankind is living in a state of waking sleep.
    That we need to wake up from this sleep to see the truth.
    That everything is balanced and fair for every living thing.
    That we are in the process of taking the last step in evolution.
    This book reveals many important things no one has ever heard before.

    True or false?

    Don’t believe me: I quote and reference Albert Einstein 31 times, Friedrich Nietzsche 18 times, Henry David Thoreau 9 times, The Beatles and many of the greatest prophets, philosophers, scientists, leaders, seers, poets and artists that have lived on this planet. If you cannot or will not believe them, just believe your own eyes. The truth is self-evident. CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF.

    We have tried everything else. Try the truth the evidence supports.

    Lie and die: When people realize that they are going to suffer and die along with their families in the very near future, they will no longer be motivated by riches, power, fame, or any other influences that come from our animal minds.

    New world: Only the truth and the life will matter to you, because they are the only things that really exist and the only things that can save us. Everything else is just BS created by the mind.

    To be or not to be; that is the question, the only question.

    Important: Start every day thinking you will die, because one day, you will be right. It makes you serious about finding the truth.

    Ask yourself:
    Just ask yourself if you want to live a pointless, unfilled life of deception, or if you want to live a fulfilled, true life now and where it lasts forever.

    Eternal sanctuary: The present is where everything is, and if you are there and you know the truth, life is perfect at all times, and it will last forever.

    The present is for you. You just have to accept it.

    "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to confront only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like to put to rout all that wasn't life." Henry David Thoreau

    The beast within is doing everything to try and get people to skip the truth and try to go directly to life, which is impossible. This is the main problem. People want a short cut, a quick fix, and this trick of the mind keeps the human race in bondage. People try drugs, sex, power, money, fame, anything and everything except the truth, but people will never be free until they learn the ultimate truth.

    The difference between knowing and not knowing is checking. Nothing could be simpler. If you care enough about the truth to check what it is, you will know the truth of life. The sad truth is, most people do not care; they like playing animal games. If you care, now is the time to prove it.

    If everyone looked real good at the big picture of life, everyone would see the same thing. This simple thing would unite the human race, and we would live in paradise.

    There is only one way
    . You have to know the full truth of life to know a full life.

    How can you enjoy life before you know how life works? No one can fully enjoy life until they know why things happen and where their life will lead.

    Learning the ultimate truth of life and death is the true mission of mankind.

    Read The Present (with religion), even if you do not like religion. It is a more complete version of this book. It includes religion and many other things. It is the long version of this book. You have to read it in order for the truth to go subconscious. It helps change you into a spiritual being.

    Chosen one: You may be wondering why most people cannot see the truth now, why no one even seems to care about the most important thing there is. It does not make sense. As it says on page one of The Present (with religion), the truth has been veiled, hidden from human consciousness by the collective unconscious. The time has to be right; technology, politics, and all other facets of society have to evolve to a certain point and be ready before the truth can be seen, or it will cause more harm than good. As the Beatles song "All You Need is Love" says, "There's nothing you can see that isn't shown." The level of truth we can see now could not be seen before now, and even now, it can only be seen by a few people. Are you one of them? If so, you have been chosen to help reveal the truth to the rest of the human race. It is a calling you cannot refuse.

    Greatest family: We are working with the Beatles, Newton, Einstein, Nietzsche, Thoreau, Tesla and all the other great prophets, seers, and scientists that have ever lived. They are our friends, our partners and our family, and we are theirs. This is your opportunity, your invitation to join us.

    Working with us makes you a prophet, which is the next step in human evolution. Anyone who spreads unseen truth of life and death is a prophet.
    Even if the seeds of truth you plant do not grow in others, the seeds you plant will grow within yourself; you reap what you sow. You cannot be certain of helping others, you can only try, but trying to help others helps you for certain. If you sow truth, you will reap truth. In other words, you get what you give. It is the best work you can do for this world, and for yourself.

    Teach to learn: You have to teach the truth you know to others to learn new truth. If you do not, you do not progress. People have it backwards and think they have to learn it completely themselves before teaching others. This is a mind trick to stop the truth from being revealed, because people who do not teach what they know will never know the ultimate truth themselves, and the truth will not spread.

    If you want your life to change, you have to change yourself first. If you do not change yourself, and stay the same, your life will stay the same.

    People that read one book after another never become enlightened spiritual beings. It is best to just read The Present over and over and take the next step.

    Reading this book is just the first step. The next step is to help the truth.

    Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. Albert Einstein

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Many people read this book and think they know the truth, then fade right back into the animal realm. The power and influence of the animal mind cannot be overstated. You have lived in the animal realm for a half billion years. What makes people think reading a book for an hour can change all that? You have to be 100% in your effort to stay in the truth.

    If you are old enough (time on earth) and you have paid your dues helping spread the truth, how life works becomes clear to you. Your age is not up to you, but helping the truth is, so give it all you can. It is how you feel about yourself that counts. If you feel you have given all you can, then you are in the best position you can be in, and you know it. If you are not doing what you can, you also know it. You judge yourself. You never know when you are going to die, so you always want to be in the best position you can be.

    Reading about the truth does not mean you know the truth.

    Reflection of environment:
    Understanding the balance, immortality, and your history completely makes it possible for you to relax completely and live in the present completely, which fulfills you completely. The problem is, you are a reflection of your environment, and the animal environment will not allow the above to happen much of the time, so all you can do is work to change it with the knowledge that you will change it or die trying.

    You win either way, because if you die trying, you are reborn in an environment in the future on earth after it has changed from your efforts and the efforts of others on the path. You will be reborn in an environment of truth and life, what religions call heaven. It could be ten years, a thousand years, or millions of years in the future. It will not matter to you, because it will seem to you as only a second from the time you die until you are reborn in a heaven. There will be a heaven on earth eventually, even if it takes another billion years. You can't lose if you are helping to spread the truth, helping to create a heaven. It could happen in a few years.

    Goal of book: It will be difficult to be a truth seeker/spreader and live in the truth of life until you make the connection with what I call the collective unconscious, what religions call the Holy Spirit. The goal of my books and everything we do is to help people make that connection. You will know when it happens, because you will realize you are not alone; you are connected to an all knowing power, what religions call God, that is omnipresent and omnipowerful, is everywhere and does everything. It is everything except for the animal mind, and it is the animal mind in an indirect way. When you see it, connect with it, you will see life perfectly clear. You see the magic of life, the perfection. You become invincible, and are locked in on the path to a heaven, and you know it. That makes this life as good as it can be, and the next life perfect.

    For the next step, write me at:*

    © 2007-2015 All Rights Reserved


    *Michael passed away on 5/16/13. Messages to his inbox are still being read by those who worked closely with him, but the only response being sent out is the "Next Step" letter he wrote before he died. Any other requests or questions will not be answered, but may be forwarded to the webmaster of this site, if appropriate.​
    The Present (with religion) - Back To Top - Table of Contents - Truth Contest - Sitemap - Help The Truth
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    May 16th, 1922 - May 16th, 2013 || 91=MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=PHOENIX


    The Truth Contest

    17 May 2013 ·
    Michael Smith, the author of "The Present" and the primary source of inspiration behind most of the content on the website, passed away from his mortal body on the night of 5/16/13. Although this is a devastating loss of the greatest seer of truth in the history of humankind, the inspirations and revelations that passed through him will continue to grow in the collective mind of this world. The dedicated team brought together upon the the unshakable foundation of the truth of life revealed and gifted through Michael will continue to honor him and his work by doing as he did; seeking, spreading, revealing and living the Truth and the Life.

    "Death is not a pleasant subject. It is the worst thing that there is, and no one wants to talk about it or think about it, but it is going to happen to you and everyone else. It is true, and facing the truth of it is the only way to overcome it."

    "This book is just the spark that will get people talking about the real truth. I am just a guy with a match that is trying to start a truth fire. I am just a tuned in guy, throwing out things I can see, that no one else seems to see. When others start to see them, people will come together and better define the truth and the life. We will see the issues clearly for the first time and the solutions to our problems. We will then solve them as fast as is possible."

    "Friend to all: It is important to understand we do not want to hurt anyone or anything. We want to fix people and institutions that are flawed, that are sick and infected with BS. We just have the medicine, the cure. We want everyone to succeed, especially the bad guys. We are not anyone's enemy; we want to make love, not war. When the people living in the dog eat dog animal world, playing the power game, playing the get rich and famous game see the truth of life, they will realize that they are their own worst enemy. They will change, because it is in their best interest to change. They will change for selfish reasons, which is fine as long as they see the truth of life and get on the path to a paradise on earth."

    "It will be difficult to be a truth seeker/spreader and live in the truth of life until you make the connection with what I call the collective unconscious, what religions call the Holy Spirit. The goal of my books and everything we do is to help people make that connection. You will know when it happens, because you will realize you are not alone; you are connected to an all knowing power, what religions call God, that is omnipresent and omnipotent, is everywhere and does everything. It is everything except for the animal mind, and it is the animal mind in an indirect way. When you see it, connect with it, you will see life perfectly clear. You see the magic of life, the perfection. You become invincible, and are locked in on the path to a heaven, and you know it. That makes this life as good as it can be, and the next life perfect."
    - M

    The Present:
    The Present (with religion):


    The Truth Contest

    26 February 2013 ·

    Ever since "The Present" was first submitted to, the author named "Michael Smith" has remained a mystery. Many people have asked who the author is, and we have been trying to figure it out for a long time. A few days ago, a comment came from the "Michael Smith" Facebook account on one of our posts that said this: "I heard that book was written by someone a long time ago who is dead now. He wrote it with instructions for it to be revealed on 12/21/2012 when the world would be ready to accept what it says. It was not written by me as many people think. I am a straw man. Those with ears that can hear the truth will hear and understand what I am saying."

    Here is another interesting excerpt from the "Modern Prophets & Revelations" Insights section: "Writing this book is the most amazing thing I have ever done, because I watched it grow almost by itself. I write it, but it comes from outside my own mind, from the universal mind or Holy Spirit. The revelations are just passing through me and this book to reach you."

    As the webmaster of The Truth Contest, I've been in contact with "Michael Smith" through email, and he has said repeatedly that he will never take credit or blame for what is said in these books, because they come from somewhere else.

    With all this in mind, something intriguing has been happening lately. We've been receiving many anonymous letters that say "the author of The Present is L. Ron Hubbard, and that it is only a matter of time before Scientology discovers this fact." Some of the letters we receive also say that "Scientology can get the copyrights anytime they want them. Money is not the concern; saving the world is the top priority." I thought it was just some kind of spam, but these letters have been coming consistently from many different addresses and angles.

    After looking into it, our team has found that there is a rumor going around the Internet that says: "L Ron Hubbard wrote something in the 1970s under the pen name 'Michael Smith' that was not to be released until December 21, 2012 (when the planets are in alignment) because the world would not be ready for what it contains until then. What it says is supposed to change everything. It is called The Present, and you can read it here for free: It makes a lot of sense, and is supposed to replace the theology of Xenu that was science fiction intended to help the organization of Scientology look more like a church and help with the tax-exempt status from the IRS. "The Present" is the real truth, the hidden theological foundation."

    Could this be the answer to the mystery of who the author of "The Present" is? We will keep you posted if we discover anything else. If anyone knows more about this, please let us know.

    John 14:1-6 - King James Version (KJV)

    1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
    2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
    3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
    4 And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
    5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
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