04 August 2020 ~ By Bessie Totten

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    4th August 2020 ritual....

    Over the years I have repeatedly written a
    bout the various rituals they hold on 4th August.

    It's such an important date that some sort of energy reaping
    activity by the Dark Brotherhood is by now predictable.

    If they do not have much of importance to reap energy on the front pages,
    then that usually means they have a major event planned to occur
    on the day which will be played out on the various news stations
    across the world as it happens...and for 4/8/2020,
    that's exactly what they did in spectacular style in Beirut,
    as befitting a major ritualistic year.

    On Saturday past, 1st August,
    Current British royal family Sun King, Prince William
    (Osiris) and a selected group sat in the grounds of Sandringham,
    and watched the FA cup along with various people connected
    with Mental Health charities,
    and in particular the charity Heads Up was promoted,
    which allowed for its name and logo in blue and white
    to be prominent beside the Prince,
    who along with the others sat in Blue and white deck chairs.

    Blue and white stripes.

    They immediately reminded me of the temple
    on his uncle Andrews friend Epsteins island,
    and of course the flag of Israel, (Isis Ra El). B

    lue and white are the colours associated with the sky and sea,
    and the virgin goddess hence we see them on depictions
    of the Virgin Mary.. (a version of Isis)

    And of course... the Israeli flag.

    Prince William was born on 21st June 1982,
    the summer solstice and a 216 day, (6x6x6).

    On the 4th August 1982 Prince William was christened
    at Buckingham Palace with water from the River Jordan,
    which is a border river between Israel and Jordan.

    Apparently at the christening a wind blew in
    from an open window and almost blew out a candle burning,
    but it did not extinguish it, and there were collective sighs
    as they knew that had this happened it would have been
    a very bad omen for the young Prince William.

    The 4th August is another 216 day
    as it was the 216th day of the year,
    but also a 4/8 day. Four is related to the goddess,
    and eight to Saturn, the Dark Sun.

    As this year is a leap year, the 216th day
    is actually August 3rd, which adds more power
    as it's also an 11 day, the number of evil magic, 3+8.

    So we have 11 and 216 combined with the 4/8 ritual date,
    which is very symbolic to the dark brotherhood.

    At 11pm on 4th August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany,
    a war which saw millions of humans slaughtered.

    As a goddess date, it is the birthday of the Queen Mother
    and Meghan Markle, both of whom played
    their dark goddess part very well.

    Yesterday was Meghan/Nephthys 39th birthday... 13+13+13.

    Nephthys, goddess of the dead, was the sister of Osiris, who had a son,
    Anubis to him.
    4th August 2020 and a massive explosion occurs
    at the port of Beirut, in Lebanon.

    The fact that it occurred beside a body of water
    is the first indication that this was in fact a mega satanic ritual.

    Water is important, it carries energy.

    The many images of the bombing was reminiscent
    of the bombing of the Twin Towers,
    which were used to programme the masses into fear mode
    by being repeated over and over again.

    The towers were also situated beside a body of water,
    the Hudson River.

    William was baptised using water from the Jordan River
    , which is fed into with rivers from Lebanon.

    The name Hezbollah, one of Israels arch enemies
    has been included in all reports of the bombing,
    along with Israels very quick denial of any involvement.

    It has all the hall marks however of a mega ritual
    designed to trigger yet more war in an already war
    weary part of the world, but I guess
    that's just a consequence of have a Rothschild
    owned state as a neighbour.

    Hezbollah in Simple Gematria equals: 89

    Osiris in Simple gematria equals: 89

    Virus in Simple gematria equals: 89

    Beirut in Jewish Gematria equals: 396

    Sun King in Jewish gematria equals: 396

    Beirut Bomb in Simple Gematria equals: 107

    The messiah in simple gematria equals: 107

    Heads Up in English Gematria equals: 444

    Heads up in simple gematria equals: 74

    Jesus/Lucifer/Messiah are all 444 in English gematria.

    444... 4/8.... 12

    Port Of Beirut in Jewish Gematria equals: 742

    Blood Sacrifice Ritual in Jewish Gematria equals: 742

    Fourth August in English Gematria equals: 1062

    The Mark of the Beast in English gematria equals: 1062

    I am the Anti Christ in English gematria equals: 1062

    And on most of today's front pages,
    along with references to the bombing
    and Virus crISIS news is the masked goddess Isis/Kate,
    photographed yesterday 4th August 2020
    in her mask and Masonic white gloves!

    BY Bessie Totten

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


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