11 AUGUST 1999 to 11 AUG 2018 - ONE METONIC CYCLE

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    Hevelius’ Star Atlas of The Year 1690 along with The stellar background of Starchart,
    brilliantly lettered with Photos, Created by Artist: Raymond Mardyks
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    Hevelius’ Star Atlas of The Year 1690 along with The stellar background of Starchart,
    brilliantly lettered with Photos, Created by Artist: Raymond Mardyks
    Hevelius’ Star Atlas of The Year 1690 along with The stellar background of Starchart,
    brilliantly lettered with Photos, Created by Artist: Raymond Mardyks
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    Hevelius’ Star Atlas of The Year 1690 along with The stellar background of Starchart,
    brilliantly lettered with Photos, Created by Artist: Raymond Mardyks
    Hevelius’ Star Atlas of The Year 1690 along with The stellar background of Starchart,
    brilliantly lettered with Photos, Created by Artist: Raymond Mardyks
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    Art above:

    Raymond Mardyks

    celebrates a partial solar eclipse ...
    that occurs 19-years, one metonic cycle after the epic August 11, 1999,
    total solar eclipse.
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    Hevelius’ star atlas of 1690 and the stellar background is from the Starchart app and the lettering from my Photos app and ...
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    2018 Leo Super New Moon
    And partial Solar Eclipse

    2018 Leo Super New Moon
    And partial Solar Eclipse

    11 Aug 2018 at 2.58 am PDT- 5.58 am EDT- 10.58 am BST (summer time GMT)
    5.58 pm AWST Perth, Australia- 7.58 pm AEST Sydney, NSW, Australia

    It was still dark as Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple.
    The Shaman had told them it was important for them to arrive at the Sacred Circle
    very early on this New Moon day.

    As soon as they approached the Standing One who guided their magic flying capes they knew why.
    Little Owl was perched on a lower branch waiting for them.

    Snowy Owl’s Totem was going to take them on a journey.

    The sisters put on their flying capes and followed Little Owl into the still dark sky.

    He led them to the eastern coast of Turtle Island and then turned north.

    Their own homeland was filled with lakes and forests but here it was a place of rugged cliffs and inlets.

    It had a stark beauty that was mysteriously mystical.

    Finally they reached their destination in the far north.

    As the trio landed on a rocky outcrop Grandfather Sun was rising red over the great ocean.

    The sisters could see he had a companion.

    Luna was rising with him partially covering his brilliant light.

    At New Moon her face was dark but Snowy Owl and Shooting Star
    could see the outline of her perfect dark circle.

    Sister Moon spoke “This meeting of Grandfather Sun and I
    continues the journey of healing and heart opening
    and that is the theme for the next five Moon cycles.

    It is leading you to breaking through limitation and restriction that the ego mind creates
    and always listening to your heart’s wisdom when you make choices.

    The Goddess of wisdom and justice is travelling with us.

    She gifts you with creative intelligence, courage, confidence, and healing power.

    She is also a Warrior Goddess who fights for your right to be your true self.

    She will be an important guide for you over these next Moon cycles.

    Her Totem guides are Snake, healing and release, and Owl,
    the wisdom to see through deception and to be able to recognize
    those who want to steal your power.

    As warrior she gifts you with strength and stamina to face whatever challenges you may encounter.”

    Sister Moon continued “In the far away time there are many more disruptions occurring on the Earth Mother
    and in her kingdoms, particularly her human kingdom.

    Grandfather Sun and I and all the Wanderers and Starry Ones have been sending this message
    of the need for heart opening for many, many Moon cycles.

    It is time for the two leggeds to follow their heart paths with Loving Kindness for all.


    As Sister Moon disappeared into the sunlight Snowy Owl and Shooting Star made a vow
    to teach others, now and in the far away time, to follow a path with Heart and Loving Kindness.

    This is a powerful New Moon. It is a Super Moon which stirs the emotions, positive and negative.

    In Leo the challenge is to move from ego centered selfishness to being centered in the compassionate heart.

    Because it is a Solar Eclipse (even though it is only a partial eclipse)
    it influences us until Jan 05, 2019 (the next Solar Eclipse).

    Here is the theme as described by Bernadette Brady in Predictive Astrology.

    “If this family of eclipses affects a chart, the person will experience the sudden collapse of plans or life-styles.

    Confusion may reign but the long-term effects are those of rebuilding and transformation.

    After the dust has settled, the rebuilding starts and the consequences of this reshaping
    will have far-reaching effects.

    This eclipse family changes a person’s direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure.”

    I interpret this as; when one door closes another door opens.

    Certainly many people in the world are experiencing this reshaping
    and rebuilding through the volcanoes erupting,
    earthquakes, flooding, and forest fires.

    But it is also happening on an inner level for those on a spiritual path.

    We can associate the planetary patterns with a Maze.

    Once inside we encounter blocks and delays and sometimes get lost not being able to find our way out.

    But if we see it as a Labyrinth when we enter the Sacred Circle our purpose is to find the Spiritual Center.

    We may encounter having to retrace our steps but eventually if we allow our Heart to guide us
    we reach that Spiritual Center and discover our True Essence Self.

    The Sun is the ruler of Leo and so is strong at this New Moon Eclipse.

    He wants us to shine our special light and use creation energy to move forward in a new direction.

    But we are still in Retrograde Season. Mercury Rx at 14 degrees Leo is prominent and is travelling
    with Pallas Athene at 17 degrees Leo and the Sun/Moon at 18 degrees Leo.

    Pallas is the Goddess our story talked about.

    She supports us to find our inner strength and courage to change our lives.

    Mercury’s message is “change your thoughts, change your life”.

    The Sun/Moon ask us to be heart centered and emanate Loving Kindness.

    But first we have to heal and transform our fearful shadow selves.

    All the retrograde energies are supporting us to look deeply within and do that healing.

    All the Leo planets are opposite (finding balance) the astrological Earth in Aquarius (grounding Cosmic Consciousness).

    They form a Grand Fixed Cross with Jupiter (now moving direct)

    at 14 degrees Scorpio (spiritual transformation and renewal)

    and the Asteroid Juno at 17 degrees Taurus (relationship values and trust).

    The Fixed Grand Cross is a completion energy and adds to the retrograde influence.

    The question is “What are you ready to break free from”. Neptune (deception or spiritual power)

    is at 15 degrees Pisces (illumination) and is trine (ease and flow)

    Jupiter in Scorpio and sextile (easy opportunities) Juno in Taurus.

    So there is a way to break out of the box (Grand Cross) and free yourself.

    We do have a Maze like pattern. Venus at 04 degrees Libra (harmony in relationship and within the self)

    is sextile (ease of opportunity) the North Node at 05 degrees Leo (new creative directions)

    and trine (removal of obstacles) the South Node at 05 degrees Aquarius (releasing the past with love)

    and Mars Rx at 00 degrees Aquarius (visionary action guided by Cosmic Wisdom).

    Mars Rx (inner reflection) is travelling with Black Moon Lilith at 00 degrees Aquarius
    (new opportunities to release issues of illusion and break free from the shadow).

    So what is the Maze?

    Venus is square (motivation for change and finding new ways of doing things)

    Saturn Rx at 03 degrees Capricorn (limitation, restriction, blocks, and delays).

    Saturn in turn is trine (removal of obstacles) Uranus Rx at 02 degrees Taurus (what is of true value)

    . Easy doorway? First we have to heal our inner demons.

    Uranus is in a T Square (feeling backed into a corner)

    with the Leo North Node (the ego or the heart) and Mars/Black Moon/South Node

    in Aquarius (releasing old patterns and behaviours).

    There is a way out of the Maze so we can walk the Labyrinth to our Sacred Self.

    Chiron the healer is retrograde at 01 degrees Aries (healing our woundedness).

    He is opposite (finding balance) Venus in Libra (self-love)

    and he is trine the North Node (the heart path)

    and sextile the Aquarius trio (letting go with love).

    He is also square (motivation for change)

    Saturn in Capricorn (freeing ourselves from self-limitation).

    And he is semi-sextile (easy support) Uranus in Taurus (break through).

    The Leo planets (Mercury/Pallus/Sun/Moon) are trine (removal of obstacles)

    the asteroid Vesta at 22 degrees Sagittarius (commitment to our Spiritual Vision).

    When we free ourselves from the Maze and we walk the Labyrinth

    he is there to hand us our personal torch to light our path forward

    and shine that light into the world.

    Mercury moves forward on Aug 18/19 and Mars moves forward Aug 27/28.

    That is when we can move forward too.

    Our Animal Totem guide for Leo is Salmon, courage and determination,

    and for Aquarius it is Otter, companionship and sharing.

    (They are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere).

    The Archangels who guide us at this New Moon

    (and for the next five moon cycles because this is an Eclipse)

    are Raphael, the shinning one who heals, Mary, Divine Love,

    Michael, protector and spiritual destiny guide, and Faith, trust and belief in self.

    The Clan Mother for Leo is She Who Heals, keeper of the healing arts

    who teaches us how to serve the truth.

    For Aquarius it is Wisdom Keeper, the mother of the planetary family

    and mutual understanding. She teaches us to honor the truth.

    (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams).

    I will leave you with my favorite Mantra

    from Jack Kornfield’s “A Path With Heart”

    "May I be filled with Loving Kindness,
    May I be well,
    May I be peaceful and at ease,
    May I be happy and whole."

    Namaste and blessings,
    Dale Osadchuk

    Dale is available for astrological consultations.

    To contact her you can e-mail her at daleosadchuk@rogers.com

    Shared by: Susan Lynne Schwenger - 13
    The eXchanger aka White Lotus Star
    Talks with Thunder with Thunders
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    11 AUGUST 1999 to 11 AUG 2018
    The Discovery of Susan Lynne Schwenger & Tony Bermanseder
    -The alignment of all the ancient & tribal calendars showing:
    The End of The Macha (9,360,000 days) & Pacha (360 days) Grand Cycle
    which ends December 16th, 2013 at sunset
    - and, The Start of The Pacha iNTi (9,360,000 Days)
    Grand Cycle of December 17th, 2013 at sunrise.
    Susan Lynne Schwenger was the first person
    to identify The Grand Cycle change in 1984,
    as The Last Full Moon in 2013- 17 DEC 2013,
    in alignment with The Six (6) Season Calendar
    aka The Ancient Year
    aka The Calendar Round
    aka The Thirteen(13) Moon Calendar
    aka The Six (6) Event Calendar
    aka The Eight (8) Event Calendar.
    The Aztec, Mayan, Maori, Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis
    & Native American Tribes
    also have cycles of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 18, 20, 52, 60, 180, 260, 360,
    360+5, 360+1+5, 23,400, 26,000, 26,001, 52,000, 52,002,
    144,000, 180,000, 1,872,000 & 9,360,000 Days, along with yearly Cycles.
    She was also the first to align The Celtic Calendar, The Metonic Calendar,
    The Ancient Egyptian Calendar, The Chinese 60-year Calendar Cycle,
    and, an assortment of other chinese calendars etc.,
    Her Forum: https://www.cosmosdawn.net/forum/categories/forum-of-susan-lynne-schwenger-the-exchanger.144/
    Her Blog: www.The13thBridge.com
    The Bermanseder Bible Codes & The Bermanseder Pyramid Formula
    (which closes the 12 pointed star) can also be aligned to these calendars:
    1366560 has been cracked by Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger
    -- which mathematically proves we live in a 12 level universe

    #TheSource #The13thBridge #TheFiNALFiRE
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    Tomorrow’s (August 11) partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (5:58 am EDT)
    is the completion of a three-eclipse series that began on July 12, 2018
    I’ve written about components of our present astrological landscape,
    so I won’t go into the details in this post.
    Suffice it to say, this is a tumultuous time with unpredictability
    intertwined with opportunities for personal
    and collective breakthroughs.
    The period between the beginning of an eclipse series
    and the end is like a tunnel or birth canal
    between one phase of being to another.
    We can’t see where we are and don’t know where we’re going.
    The last eclipse series ended with a partial solar eclipse
    on February 15. Looking back at what happened in your life
    and in our collective from February 15 through July 12
    can give context.
    The phase we’re entering runs from August 11
    through January 5, 2019.
    Four of the five 2018 eclipses aligned
    with the Leo/Aquarius polarity; the individual versus
    the collective.
    In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology this is Anubis versus Ptah.
    Anubis associated with the fire sign Leo is the young being
    who comes to understand that he must place any attachment
    to childhood wounding on the altar,
    die to it and be reborn
    as a mature being in sync with his soul purpose.
    Ptah is the creator god who manifests Heaven and Earth
    through the words that he speaks.
    His message – particularly germane to our world
    as we haltingly stumble into a New Age
    – is that our thoughts and words must be connected
    to our heart so that our creations support life.
    Over the last two weeks,
    Earth has been infused by cosmic energy pouring
    through the Lion’s Gate, stressing our physical forms
    and enriching our dreams.
    The collective atmosphere feels dense and at times very unpleasant.
    Yet hidden in this density are pockets of great magic
    with amazing synchronicities and opportunities for creation.
    We are all manifestations of Anubis and Ptah
    and the creation of our new world is up to us.
    August 10, 2018 by Ruby Falconer
    Image: Trancension by Cameron Gray
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    You should add the following information about both a 9-year cycle from December 21st, 2012 to January 9th, 2022 and the 5 month period containing 7 eclipses ending with the August 11rth, 2018 partial solar eclipse to this Susan.

    Jan18.2017. [​IMG] 7monthcore.
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    NEW MOON SUPERMOON PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo on August 11, 2018 - Part1

    Carol Ciocco, astrologer

    What is a NEW Moon Supermoon? - Tomorrow’s NEW Moon in Gemini is a Supermoon.

    There is a difference between a FULL Supermoon and a NEW Supermoon.

    When the moon is Full it is fully lit by the Sun and glows in the sky for all to see.

    The New Moon is the opposite. Also called the Dark Moon, it has absolutely no light whatsoever.

    It is completely hidden.

    We can’t see any moon at all until two and a half days later,
    and that is called the Crescent Moon phase. Many ancient cultures didn’t bring forward
    their intentions until that time.

    New Moons are indeed about intentions; they are about New Beginnings.

    At the precise moment of a New Moon, there is a tiny PING (of frequency, of vibration)
    as the Sun and Moon line up – similar to the moment of conception of a human being
    in the dark womb. That tiny ping of Light (Sun) connecting with Matter (Moon)
    will give rise to a fully developed being when the cycle reaches its peak
    – that is the fully illuminated fully lit Full Moon.

    So a new moon process is very dark.

    Many sages, priestesses, lightworkers and healers work with New Moon energy
    and some of them acknowledge that the moon at this stage is basically lifeless.

    Most don’t.

    But the truth about the New Moon is that it is indeed dead.

    Because the moon itself does not have light of its own
    - it reflects the light of the sun.

    The New Moon, from our perspective on earth, is completely sun-less.

    Barbara Hand Clow, Cherokee High-Priestess and Astrologer-Prophet,
    advises in ‘The Pleiadean Agenda’ a simple technique for New Moon magic:
    sit (at the exact time of the new moon), be still and listen for the ping.

    She doesn’t say anything about action, because indeed how can there be action
    when there is no life? But that ping will open up your intentions in two and a half days.

    The New Moon doesn't occur out there or up there in the sky;
    it occurs at the level of consciousness, deep within the recesses of our awareness.

    Now, when the New Moon is a Supermoon (definition = closer to earth than an ordinary moon)
    - this darkness, this lack of light, this lifelessness, this sunlessness, this tiny ping of vibration
    that is but an inaudible penetration of light into matter
    - is closer to us than normal and thus very much right up in our faces.

    Impossible to ignore.

    To me the Super New Moon feels like those nights when
    I was convinced there was a bogeyman under the bed.

    Not in the closet or down the hall, but RIGHT UNDER the bed.

    Lying there as I was lying there.

    So close that I could hardly move for fear of stirring her!

    In other words, a New Moon Supermoon is a darkness that is bigger and closer
    than in ordinary times.

    It’s closer to us and looms very large, but we can’t see it.

    The feeling is that you can run but you can’t hide
    – because you have no idea where it’s even coming from. But it’s breathing down your neck.

    A close moon means there is an invisible massive tidal pull on us that can stimulate primal ‘paranoid’ fixations about those who are out to get us.

    You see this a lot in the media these days, and I think we all do it personally.

    Quick: think of one person in your life that you feel certain if they just went away
    and left you alone many of your problems would disappear;

    that if they would just stop behaving in ways that are causing you trouble your life
    would be so much better.

    Think about THAT person and realize they are your doppelganger,
    the bogeyman mimicking you who is lying under the bed,
    seeming to cackle menacingly, waiting for you to move a muscle.

    Of course this is just another way of describing your Shadow side,
    but I think the New Supermoon is slightly different than that.

    I think it brings up a kind of ancient anxiety of how humans felt before they had fire.

    For them, until the moon reached Crescent there was no light to show them
    what was lurking around them.

    This kind of fear still lives on in our racial memory.

    For the moon represents the primitive part of the human brain,
    the reptilian brain; and as a species we have a whole lot of collective bogeymen
    running around in our subconscious.

    This year, 2018, has a very LUNAR quality to it.

    The year kicked off with a SUPER BLUE MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
    as well as a BLACK MOON (which has similar themes to what I’m talking about here),
    with another Blue Moon thrown in for good measure!

    And now, a Trifecta of Super New Moons.

    So we will have 3 of these New Supermoons which will overlap with 3 eclipses
    and 2 retrograde periods between now and the end of August.

    It will be a summer of looking under the bed, turning on the light
    and seeking higher levels of awareness. P

    erhaps it will be like evolving from sea creatures
    -- who creep onto shore intent only on survival at any cost to anyone or anything

    -- to fully conscious beings who walk in peace upon the earth.

    Strategy: be still, allow space and grace, go within. Your intentions will be supercharged
    , but the Crescent Moon phase in 2.5 days is more favorable.

    Seek salt and salt water for clearing (salt = lunar). That includes tears.

    Since this New Moon Supermoon is in Gemini, keep steering clear of irrational thoughts
    and nameless anxieties and stepping toward rational thought emerging from the Higher Mind
    , the Neo Cortex of the human brain where the light of Divine Reason resides.

    Some info on the Supermoon here:http://earthsky.org/tonight/june-new-moon-is-a-supermoon?


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