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    Major Astrological Influences Of 2020

    2020 promises to be a very interesting year.

    There will be more of the unexpected, more lessons to learn,
    more growth and opportunities, more dreams and ideals,
    and more transformational experiences.

    I’ll attempt to explain some of the major astrological influences
    of the year in the following paragraphs.

    There are usually three Mercury retrograde periods every year.

    In 2020, these Mercury retrograde periods will fall in the air and water signs.

    These periods are generally marked by miscommunications, misunderstandings,
    problems with communications equipment, travel delays, and plans
    that will later need to be revised or completely changed.

    It’s usually better not to make important decisions
    or to sign contracts (or anything else)
    if that is possible during these periods.

    Complications and problems are too easy to encounter,
    and often we don’t have all the information that we need.

    The best thing to do is to continue to collect this information
    throughout the period.

    How these periods will affect you personally depends
    on where it happens in your astrological chart(s).

    In 2020, we will experience a Venus retrograde period
    beginning in mid May and continuing till close to the end of June in Gemini.

    Our one on one relationships are up for review then.

    However, it’s wiser to wait till this period is over
    before making any final decisions.

    It could just be a short period of testing.

    In 2020, we will experience a Mars retrograde period
    from early September through early November in the sign of Aries.

    Taking action during this period of time will likely produce
    complicated and perhaps unexpected results.

    And, since this retrograde period occurs in Aries,
    it could be quite difficult to hold back.

    There will be eclipses in January, June, July, November,
    and December of 2020.

    They occur in Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Gemini.

    Interestingly, we will experience a solar eclipse at zero Cancer
    on June 20 this year.

    It will be a very powerful eclipse,
    and it is related/similar to the eclipse
    we experienced on June 21, 2001 (also at 0 Cancer).

    Eclipses are intense and important events that often affect the masses.

    An eclipse will affect you personally if it hits one of your natal planets
    or points (within a two degree orb).

    If you’d like to know if an eclipse will affect you personally,
    ask me.

    Most people will experience these eclipses as either a Full Moon or a New Moon.

    Saturn will continue its transit through Capricorn.

    It could influence the large multinational corporations,

    the leather and hide industries, and the iron and steel industries.

    And, then Saturn will enter Aquarius in late March
    for a little over three months.

    During this period, Saturn will affect Astrology, friendships,
    groups, humanitarian efforts, and the high tech. Industry.

    Saturn re-enters Capricorn in early July. Saturn re-enters Aquarius
    (to stay for the next two plus years) in mid December.

    This transit will affect you personally depending on where Saturn
    is transiting in your astrological chart(s)
    (its house placement and if it aspects any of your natal planets or points).

    Transiting Saturn will conjoin transiting Pluto on January 12, 2020,
    which is expected to be quite intense.

    Power structures will be transformed,
    and fate is likely to catch up with those in power.

    Uranus, the planet of change and the unexpected,
    will continue to transit financially conscious Taurus in 2020.

    Transiting Uranus will transit Taurus till July of 2025.

    Transiting Uranus could affect the high technology industry,
    astrology/astrologers, civil rights issues, and other humanitarian interests.

    Transiting Taurus, it could affect the banking industry, investments,
    and finances.

    It is likely to affect the stock market as well.

    We might come up with new ways to make money
    and/or we may change the way we think about money
    and other possessions.

    Some astrologers have indicated that this transit
    could cause more earthquakes to occur.

    My own view is that this transit alone will not be the cause of more earthquakes (should we actually experience more).

    Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Capricorn for much of 2020.

    We should experience opportunities with regard to our ambitions,

    career, and professional life.

    You will personally experience growth, opportunities,
    and good fortune in whatever house Jupiter
    is transiting in our your chart(s).

    Jupiter will conjoin transiting Pluto in Capricorn in early April,
    and will add to the Saturn/Pluto effect.

    Jupiter enters the sign of friendship, Aquarius, in mid December.

    Neptune will continue its transit through its home sign of Pisces in 2020.

    The oil and gas industries will be impacted by this transit.

    Neptune also rules the motion picture industry
    and the shipping industry.

    This transit might help us out with some
    of the heavier Capricorn transits (Saturn and Pluto) during the year.

    Pluto will continue to transit the sign of Capricorn in 2020.

    The areas related to Capricorn (see above for Saturn)
    are due for transformation.

    Pluto’s effects are subtle sometimes,
    tend to happen over a lengthy period of time, and are very powerful.

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