29 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019 - 20 Core Days

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    20 CORE DAYS - Blue Central column

    NOV 10 - 29, 2019


    Once again we’re in this most intense stretch of the Mayan Calendar’s 260-day count.

    For twenty consequent days, from NOV 10 to 29, 2019,

    we're experiencing this cosmic rhythm's most powerful spell.

    This is the Mayan Calendar's spinal column,

    the core period in this sacred rhythm, the time when it's most easy to fall
    in synch with the Galactic heartbeat.

    During these 20 days everything, our lives and all,

    on one hand tend to display heightened intensity,
    however on the other hand, this also is a time

    – due to its intensity

    – when it’s most easy to be fully in the present,

    celebrating the Now, keeping that subtle balance
    between that which is no more and that which is yet to come.

    • If you'd like to learn about the DREAMSPELL MAYAN CALENDAR
    • you might want to install the android app called 'Dreamspell Calendar'.
    • It allows you to learn as you go, following the daily sequence.
    • If you click onto the glyph symbols a very good short description
    • of their meaning is popping up.
    • And this is another great site featuring the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar [color=#ffffff]http://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.pl[/color]


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