A Really Wild Plan ~ Brenda Thyne

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    "A handful of super wealthy people feel that the planet
    has too many people on it and that they must save it
    from the cancerous population.

    So they came up with a plan.

    A really wild plan.

    Create and unleash a problem and then create and offer a solution for it.

    Kinda like when a certain someone created a world wide web application,
    the disease that could cripple it AND the solution for it.

    Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

    So the problem and solution came about
    through a powerful introduction
    to the globe.

    Here we are again, same guy, same idea.

    Same problem, new and improved solution.

    The plan is multi-layered and multi-playered.

    It is intricately designed.

    Educate yourself. Enlighten yourself. Empower yourself.

    Then decide if you want to help them.

    But for God's sake, don't be an unwitting pawn in it.
    God gave you logic, use it. God Bless You."

    ~ Brenda Thyne

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