Almond Milk Recipe

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    Making your own

    1 Cup of Raw Organic Almonds
    (SOAK these for 24 hrs in water, and, then discard the water - keeping just the nuts)
    and, do this about 3-4 times, during the 24 hrs - about every 6-8 hrs

    2 Cups of Purified Water

    1 Date (pitted) - take out the pit

    1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

    1/4 tsp of pure cinnamon spice

    Place all the ingredients into a blender
    and then blend it, until it becomes smooth

    Then strain it ---
    you can utilise a nylon bag, a hemp bag, real cheesecloth, and/or even a paint strainer cloth
    (just make sure, whatever you are straining in is clean)

    This liquid will be just like 'real' milk - only it is NUT milk - very good for you
    and, a great substitute for 'dairy' milk

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