Are You Wondering What Is Going On In This Crazy World Today ?

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    Here is an explanation for your consideration…

    There is a “government” that exists globally

    - led by high-powered Americans and non-Americans
    - encompasses Democrats and Republicans
    - many U.S. political and corporate leaders are a part of it
    - many U.S. citizens and leaders unknowingly support it
    - it comes in the form of a (extreme globalism)
    - they will do to maintain / regain control

    Why do they care about extreme globalism?
    - they want
    Why do they want complete control?
    - so they can
    Why do they want to stay in control?
    - so they can remain
    Why do they want to remain above the law?
    - so they can continue to cover up their
    What are their crimes against humanity?

    - weapon trafficking
    - drug trafficking
    - wars for profit
    - division for profit
    - misuse of taxpayer funds
    - misuse of charitable funds
    The Deep State has
    - (MSM)
    - 20 to 30 years ago, journalism was about integrity
    - slowly, the MSM has shifted to being controlled by 5 or 6 entities
    - they control what you hear
    - they control what you see
    - they control the agenda
    The Deep State has
    - they display the advertisements they agree with
    - they ban the advertisements they don’t agree with
    - they delete posts and accounts of those they don’t agree with
    - they information (peaceful) similar to
    The Deep State has
    - they control your entertainment
    - they normalize social issues to their favor
    The Deep State has
    - they indoctrinate our kids with their propaganda
    - if you aren’t active in your kids education, they can be easily groomed
    The Deep State has
    - the Democratic Party is being led down a dangerous path by emerging leaders
    - these emerging leaders are for socialism, communism, open boarders, etc.
    - the Democratic Party of today is NOT the Democratic Party of 15 years ago
    - sensible Democratic platforms of 10 years ago are now obsolete because “ ”
    As stated above, the
    - it just so happens the current Republican leader is not Deep State driven
    - as a result, the current Republican direction is not Deep State driven
    - the current Democratic platform is Deep State driven (towards a New World Order)
    - but not all Democratic leaders are Deep State
    - and some Republican leaders remain loyal to the Deep State ?
    - there are good people and bad people in the world
    - eventually, a bad person rises to a political or corporate leadership position
    - once there, they do not easily give up control
    - they either hold on to power or hand it off (if possible) to a bad counterpart
    - over time, bad people comprise a large majority of leadership positions
    - they work together to protect one another and remain in power
    - the Deep State’s purpose is to protect and shield those in control
    - but they don’t always win
    President Trump is one of only a few recent U.S. Presidents who have been bought / paid for for by the Deep State
    - true Presidents who put
    - this short list (since 1960) includes JFK, Reagan, and now Trump
    - they were not / are by the Deep State
    Back when Trump was just a business man, and revered by most
    - the media loved him (for his success and huge draw)
    - politicians loved him (for his success and clout)
    - minority leaders loved him (for the work he did toward equality)
    As soon as it became evident that Trump has a shot at President of the United States, the
    - they belittled him
    - they coined him as racist
    - they coined him as xenophobic
    - they coined him as sexist
    - they coined him as a bigot
    - they coined him as a fascist
    - they they
    - they they try to

    This is vs. type of battle

    This is
    America is the of in the world

    The of
    This the battle that determines the direction of the world
    The following has been orchestrated by the Deep State to attempt to maintain / regain control (in order of occurrence):

    - of the moles/spies at the highest levels of U.S. government
    -- those that could be controlled or of like-mind
    - & set up a shadow government, controlled by him when he left office

    - & used INTELLIGENCE ASSETS to SPY on Trump BEFORE and AFTER becoming President
    . -
    - attempted to pin Russian Collusion on Trump
    -- process drug on for years

    -- waste of taxpayer funds
    - attempted to pin Russian Collusion on General Flynn
    -- still in the course of acquitting Flynn for erroneous charges

    - attempted to pin sexual assault on Kavanaugh
    -- based on weak allegations
    -- unnecessarily drug his good name and family through mud
    . -
    - attempted to turn around toward Trump
    - waste of taxpayer funds
    - waste of elected officials time / bandwidth
    - led to partisan impeachment of Trump by House of Representatives
    -- not upheld by Senate
    . (-)
    - partially funded by Obama (America)
    -- ties to Soros, Gates, Fauci
    - outbreak severity hidden by China & WHO
    - r ?
    - '
    -- used to population
    -- strip freedoms in the name of “public safety”
    -- attempt to change “rules” of the election (see below)
    - misuse of need for equality and police reform by compromised / Deep State organizations
    - protests turn to riots / looting
    -- issue summer before Presidential elections (2016 & 2020)
    -- placement of and weapons (bricks / rocks / etc)
    -- bussing agitators into high population areas
    - planting seeds of amongst Americans that wasn’t there to begin with
    - misdirecting millions of dollars directly to Democratic campaign funds
    . -
    - voting fraud a concern in the past
    - measures have been taken to reduce voting fraud via electronic voting
    - Deep State realizes their ability to voting results is waning
    - voting by mail deemed as “only way to stay safe from Covid-19”
    -- minorities more susceptible to virus
    -- claimed to not allow them to stay safe
    -- protests ’
    -- but one day of voting
    -- claims are absent of logic
    - censorship happens by MSM
    -- cover stories that fit their agenda
    -- run opinion pieces bashing current administration
    - censorship happens by Social Media
    -- ban ads from current administration
    -- biased fact-checkers censor free flow of information
    -- / with anti-Deep State message
    - Barr called in front of Senate to be heard regarding his efforts as Attorney General
    - target Barr because he had the guts to call out the on Trump
    - Barr forced to listed to allegations 5 minutes at a time without being given time to respond

    • orchestrated Democratic response
    • to “reclaim my time” to Barr’s responses

    The will do to maintain / regain control

    Buckle up for a next 4 months
    leading up to the 2020 Election
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