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    this is absolutely different angle of life creation and other. We have some movies about BOCK SAGA with many facts and long session of explanation with details. Just check it!

    In July, 2015 a group of people led by Jim Chesnar came to Finland.
    It is the movie - travel on secret side of Finland. The mythology connected with one of the most ancient stories around the world - BOCK SAGA. The Saga told from creation of the world which was transmitted presently by Ior Bock. In the film, we will go in places connected with the Saga. We will visit islands, caves, the real North Pole, the most ancient castle on the planet, we will open many secrets and we will visit a place of burial of Ior Bock.

    In the movie you will visit with us:
    1. Suomenlinna island
    2. Ehrensvärd Museum
    3. True North Pole
    4. Lemminkäinen Temple
    5. Ättestuppa
    6. Qypelevouri
    7. Kajaanin Linna
    8. Raaseporin linna
    9. Ior Bock Grave

    This is a full movie about it.

    Atlantis is the mysterious story of a vanished civilization, legends, searches... There are still many disputes about where Atlantis is located. Jim Chester is going to the Gotland island in Sweden for telling us another part of Bock Saga. The main point of this saga is that Atlantis is not a place, but a period of time. Atlantis - All Land Ice.

    We will visit:
    1. Gotland Island
    2. Lummelunda Grottan
    3. Gotland Museum (Visby)
    4. Historiska Museum (Stockholm)
    5. Wolf Cave (Finland)

    Jim Chesner, goes to Pushkar (Rajasthan, India) to tell new parts of the Saga:
    Story of Krishna
    Story of Narkasura King
    Story of Heart
    Something about Circoncision
    Story of Gipsies
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