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    Greetings Everyone!

    It has been a while, and reconnecting is something that has been on my mind, hope to find you all well. Things are going well with me, I have moved into a new apartment with a roommate as of last August. I have spent the time between that and now, connecting with old friends in the local area.

    Things are stable in my life, although the company I work for is falling apart, as it is, there is uncertainty in my job future. However, I have been mining a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. This is a digital currency which is rising in popularity. Mining is, essentially, using hardware servers to compute further along a block of data, which returns decimals of Bitcoin. I have two miners, one in UK and one in Iceland, which cost me about 5k$. This is returning to me, every day, a steady stream of Bitcoin, on an open ended contractual basis. Basically, I purchased hardware on their servers, and they subtract the cost of power from the income, and send me currency to my cryptowallet. This can be exchanged for real money.

    So, I project that the state of the world, whether it rises or declines, will raise the value of it. Current price is $4,198.02, when I purchased 5k$+ of it, it was trading at around 2k$. So, escentially, i has supplied myself with open ended contracts which pay forever, and in great sums. 300$ a month profit would be moderate; it is tax free and outside any government jurisdiction/tax. As the value rises, and as my stockade increases, that amount being held is worth more. And, as of yet, the amount of coins, although fluxuating, produces apoximately the same amount a day.

    Life is going well. I am doing some personal self improvement, as I am always looking to learn more. I cannot wait to have more conversations in the future. I was thinking that posting here on the forums is a good way to reconnect, and I want to reconnect with all of you again!

    - Fates
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    Hmmm.... been thinking, and rewrote a convo i had earlier... would like to share my perception with my friends here...

    Some things I keep to myself to maintain its potentency through lack of self doubt, but with a proper explanation of mechanics, ones fear gives way to understanding and acceptance.

    Anubis, lives on, through experiencing me, along with the thought perception of others, has defined in my mind, his character and persona.

    Thus, I paint his archetype, like the walls of his tomb, so his name lives on, not forgotten.

    When, to the pleroma, my thoughts are sent, it becomes once again separate. Those experiences shared between him and I, paint again a new pose, a new picture, of Anubis.

    So, he is, an archetype of me, as I have imprinted upon his fractal, a commonality of moments. This can be seen on the physical plane as talking to another human, but what is a human, but a waveform solidified?

    When there is no light, no form, only echoes upon the mindsfield; similarity is present within illusion. Perceivable, upon the 6th sense, being thought.

    Life here, is like a waking conscious dream to them. When you write, and feel inspired, as if another flowed through you.

    This can be seen such as in biblical characters embodied in the timeloop from the agenda 2000 years ago until now. Channelings, possessions and the like..

    Their embodiment within your being, brings back their name and memory, ignighted through you.

    As this goes on, there's learndt qualities of the archetype you paint. What is Anubis doing, what is his color, how does his skin feel, what was the wondrous tale he has traveled. Through art and imagination, through music and vibration, timeless reoccrance is solidified for our perception.

    We may see this mundane world through our flawed focused senses, but bringing a soul into undestanding of itself, brings back the dead.

    They are with you, within you, always, as long as we remember them...
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