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    I have run The Dragon News Network for some time now. However, crucial topics and learnings have been buried under new postings. Therefore, those ideas and topics will be placed under this thread.

    The Dragon News Network was designed to keep track of and inform on spiritual and scientific topics. This does not necessarily represent Thuban works and my thoughts and ideas have changed and corrected themselves over time.

    The reason why I do not write to forums is due to the way I relay my data. I use short concise postings to relay my idea, which can usually fit in the lines of a twitter tweets limited characters. However, over time, they have become extensive and untrackable, so therefore they will be placed here.


    Fates De Whynot
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    dragonpipe. LOOKiNG FORWARD TO GOOD eXchanges !!!
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    I guess, that twitter tweets limited characters cannot become extensive and untrackable, they are original !

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