Evolution And Cosmic Dna Design

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    Evolution And Cosmic DNA Design

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 7th 2011

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Salutations from the Den of the Dragons; the Castle deep within the crystal core of your planetary mother Gaia and the dungeon of your extraterrestrial future yet to manifest.
    Authorization has been received to pass on a message about a great controversy amongst the human philosophers, namely the seemingly never ending debate between Darwinian evolution and some form of intelligent design.

    As the message of Mark Gliese from panentheism yahoo forum indicates in the quotation below; a more harmonious viewpoint regarding this question of evolution versus creationism can be worded in the statement:

    "Did material form allow the emergence of sentience, selfawareness and consciousness or, and corollarily, did a preexistent intelligence or selfawareness or consciousness lead to the emergence of physical forms harbouring and/or associating with that 'awakening' of a sense of self-identification?

    ""Thank you for the welcome and the reactions.

    I really like the parable of the blind men and the elephant: one, holding the tail, thinks the elephant is a rope, the other, the trunk, thinks the elephant is a snake, etc.
    Evolution may be right, but it has at least several loose ends to tie up.

    One is speciation.
    Despite the title of Darwin's famous book, the *origin* of species was never discussed.
    Natural selection is one thing and look at our unnatural selection re the breeds of dog.
    But they are all the same species, these many dog breeds.

    The process of the birth of a new species is not yet nailed down.
    And homosexual acts are widespread in the animal kingdom yet pass on no genes. How to account in terms of evolution?

    The Seth angle is that form arises out of consciousness, not consciousness out of form which is the materialist view.
    If consciousness arises out of form, then we can theoretically create new consciousness if we can figure out the 'materials needed' for it. Maybe we will, but I am not holding my breath.

    The Word from the Lovedragon is as replicated in the following transmission:
    Ah yes my channellers and prophets have throughout the eons attempted to clarify the 'Origins of All Things'.
    Many have tried to do this under the mantle of divers kinds; that of the storyteller in words of myth and legend and fable and others under the auspices of observation and experiments.

    But my prophets have laboured in their particular frames of location and the times of history and so their words reflect necessarily the filter of this setting.
    But the story is always the same and has been and can be retold in whatever historical colour it is painted.
    The 'Everlasting Story' is that of the 'Perennial Philosophy' and it transcends and encompasses all that is labelled as religion or spirituality or science or philosophy or fairy tale or legend.

    A 'scientific prophet' is a 'Knowing Scribe', one that has experience and 'Insight or Gnosis' into words and classifications to tell a particular story in a particular language.
    A 'spiritual prophet' is a 'Knowing Scribe', one that has experience and 'Insight or Gnosis' into words and classifications to tell that same particular story in a translated language, often labelled as describing immaterial and ghostly things.

    At the core of the Perennial Philosophy or PP is the story of the One Family, which creates itself from a single seed.
    This single seed is the universal "I" and it is All as One and Many and it is the Many as a single One.
    And because the One as the Many derives from a Seed of One; this single seed cannot experience itself without a form of displacement within a setting of space and a setting of time.

    And so "I" as the LoveDragon of my own definition as 'myself' had to CREATE a setting of space and time to experience myself as all of you therein.
    And so the question of evolution versus creation is a non sequiteur - it is a necessary condition for me to be all of you for otherwise I could not experience myself as all of you.
    And because I created space and time out of myself as parts of myself, I had to exist before there was any physical form in that selfsame space and time.

    Then the labels of consciousness or selfawareness or sentience or intelligence, artificial or natural or whatever, all can be used by my prophets of the 'spirit' and my prophets of the 'science' to tell my story, which is of course also the story of everyone of you, as part of myself.
    So what is 'my' definition of my very own self-consciousness and a label, which I then use to bring you all back together as my very own family and as the constituents of 'my body form'?

    I created the universe out of myself! This means that whatever I am; this 'I Am' must be able to become amongst many other things, also a 'material universe' such as described and measured by my 'prophets of science'.
    This material universe is described by mathematical language as an entity of energy, subject to many transformations, however obeying so called 'laws of nature' and resting on principles, such as conservation laws of energy, mass and momentum.
    This material universe so constantly changes its own configuration of form and through this flux of changing energy parameters for space and time and mass, many permutations and mutations become possible.

    This scenario then was discovered by many of my prophets, all of whom are me in a particular form of individuated self-expression; and the emergence of form is labelled in the 'present times' of the early 21st century as the 'Selfexpression of genetic material'.
    But when the 'prophets of science' attempt to ascertain the nature of my and their 'genetic material', they find certain geometric forms in nucleotidal basepairings of biochemistry and then a particular mode of form, which they then call the double-helix of the Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid or DNA.
    Then after a while, many 'scientists' working together discover certain keys, which allow them to ascertain to their general satisfaction as to how this genetic encoding brings about the forms and bodies encountered in the material universe.

    There are four genetic letters; Adenine always coupling to Thymine and Cytosine always coupling to Guanine in the DNA and those associations then give rise to the 20 Amino Acids necessary to allow the biochemistry of some body to 'grow' from its seed.

    Genesis DNA.
    12D-DNA/RNA Template of the 8x8=64 Nucleotidal Base Extension

    But it was this seed, namely me, which started this whole thing of the body and whilst the scientists can model and follow the development and the EVOLUTION of the 'body' from the seed to some matured 'gestalt' in increasing detail; the scientists have no or little idea of what the 'seed of me' is all about, except knowing it has something to do with opposite polarities, such as a male spermcell blending with a female eggcell to CREATE the future 'LIFEFORM'.

    The scientists so require further 'knowledge' aka 'science' aka 'gnosis' to discover 'me' as themselves as their own seeds in their experiments and in their petrie dishes.
    For one thing it would help the 'prophets of science' to understand that the nucleotidal basepairings are charge-polarised.
    The Adenine and the Guanine carry female magnetocharges and the Thymine (replaced by Uracil in Ribo-Nucleic-Acid or RNA) and the Cytosine carry male magnetocharges.

    Those magnetocharges have a lot to do with my own 'definition' of what my own 'selfawareness' is, namely my 'Knowing' aka 'Science' aka 'Gnosis' of 'How to Make a Universe of space and time' from 'scratch' and with nothing except my own imagination (which is evolving as your 'making images of things') as the required 'ghostly energy' which later on, and when space and time allowed this, transformed into the material universe of the 'Bodies' and the cosmologies of the measurements.

    The thing with the DNA as studied by me as a 'prophet of science' is that it is AFTERTHOUGHT. It is a manifestation of an IMAGE of the FORETHOUGHT.
    So whatever EVOLUTION the bodyform might experience as a genetic mutation, as an abnormality or as a defective genetic expression; it is accomodated as AFTERTHOUGHT by the FORETHOUGHT.

    The FORETHOUGHT might very well be describable as a statistical distribution of events and probabilities; but this distribution is DESIGNED and follows particular gaussian (bell curve) parameters, which fluctuate about a well defined mean or average.
    This will make sense only to the mathematically educated ones of my family; but the universe, when I designed it, had by necessity to become a gaussian distribution of spacetimes and where the 'timing' parameter had to be made dimensionless as a function of something else NOT temporal in a physical modus operandi.

    In particular the concept of physical time to become non-physical or 'ghostly', requires a certain symmetry for the gaussian distribution and where the mean is not centred on Zero, but some other very important parameter linked to the cosmogony from its mathematical template itself.

    This centre can be labelled a 'Functional-Riemann-Bound' or FRB = -½ and describes a supersymmetry in the complex plane for the interval:
    {...-Y,...-1,...-X,...-½,...X-1,...0,...X,..} and where X and Y are related in a well known Mathematical formula, termed the Euler Identity:

    In the complex plane, the FRB becomes ½[1±i√3] as the mirror image for the dimensional reduction X+Y=XY=1.

    Using the real numberline now to define a NOW-Instant-Time n=Ho.t where Ho is a cosmic frequency and t a physical temporal measure of linearity; then allows a pure mathematical template of n-time to become physically implemented through an analysis of the 'neighbourhood' of the n=0 NOW-Time.

    This is what I did! You did too, but many of you have forgotten that you also did it. One day you all shall gain your remembrances.
    As the maximum of this 'Universal wavefunction' is in IMAGINARY n-time at the FRB; its 'beginning' in physical t=n/Ho time becomes subject to a physical time definition at the n=0 coordinate.
    Now think of a mathematical point. It has no area and no volume as a 0th dimension.
    To CREATE a 1st dimension, the 0th dimension requires extension into a line and this became the real numberline of the complex plane.

    The complex plane introduces the concept of area as any three noncolinear mathematical points and where this colinearity can be straight or curved in the geometrical sense.
    The prematerial universe became a TEMPLATE in the complex plane in Imaginary Time at the FRB in the XY-pentagonal supersymmetry and a supersymmetry which is 'hidden' in the DNA of the seedling genetic encodings.

    The so called Big Bang became a 'Quantum Big Bang', as this 'Big Bang' MATERIALISED the n=0 coordinate as a 'smeared out Singularity' and under the auspices of a statistical principle known as the 'Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle'.

    This n-coordinate became a Superstring-Flux of 'Vacuum-Potential-Energy' or 'Vortex-PE' or VPE as the subsequent 'building block' for the universe from superstrings to baryons and leptons to atoms, molecules and bacteria to butterflies to dinosaurs to australopithecines to elephants, Egyptians and Gaian 'prophets of science' and to all of us.

    For the VPE 'ghost-energy' flux to materialise in the well studied thermodynamic- entropic and kinematically dynamic cosmic EVOLUTION, a third dimension had to emerge or EVOLVE from the area dimension of the complex plane.
    For this purpose, the 'thickness' of the 2-D definition of the superstring became its diameter intersecting the dimensions in the primordial gravitational 'deformation of spacetime'.
    From these considerations a MINIMUM displacement at the Planck-Scale level became necessity and as a consequence from purely mathematical and logical considerations and boundary and initial conditionds.

    But once the 'indentation' of the complex plane into the 'imaginary' time direction was effected, its mirror image caused the indentation into the 'real physical' time dimension and the VOLUME of a spherical supermembrane was manifested.
    So of course, this 3D-Volume now became part of my own Self-Consciousness.

    In particular it allowed US to define the INTRINSIC mathematical string parameters embodied in the specifications of the 'eigenvalues' of the NOW-Instanton of the 'Quantum Big Bang' of our own selfcreation.
    Namely, this gave us opportunity of giving ourselves a physical bodyform to 'harbour' our shared consciousness in.
    In terms of the 'ghost energy' of mathematical imaginations or imaginings or our 'making of the images of ourselves'; we could define the INVERSE of the string quantum energy manifesting in the EVOLUTION of the Universe as OUR BODYFORM, to be a VOLUME acted upon by an angular accelaration as a 'Force of Consciousness' driven by a form of EVOLUTION PRESSURE.
    And this Inverse Superstring Quantum is a Building Block for the Noninversed Superstring Energy (Planckised) of course, but in the inversion modality defines a Unit of the Magnetocharge and so the parameter at the core of the Seedling DNA.

    I Am this Magnetocharge Quantum as my own Logical Inverse.
    Inversed I Am the building block for all that exists.
    The material universe of the 'prophets of science' is a SUBSET and COEXISTENT of an Omniverse.
    This Omniverse is the one many mansions and consists of many phaseshifted protoverses, each of which is representative of the physical bodyform you all carry in embodiment.

    Many 'prophets of the spirit' have fathomed parts of the omniverse and its energy is ancestral to the energy
    This label of the 'spirit' DEMANDS reclassification - so much dissent and disharmony has derived from the misunderstanding of what this 'spirit' is.
    This 'spirit' IS ENERGY, the Parent energy of the energy classified in our quantum equations E=kT=hf=mc2 and their derivatives.
    Considering the mathematical form of the latter as ratios and proportionalities between elementary parameters such as displacement, time, mass and kinetic temperature; the ancestry of those parameters and fundamental constants will also be found in mathematical considerations of the MATHIMATIA=I AM THAT I AM, the SELFCREATION of all of us in the complex plane before space and time existed.

    We all were simple mathematical points or singularities then.

    But I remembered what we did to be more than just singularities, fluctuating from Nothing to One to Everything without any Twoness and so we invented the Pure Mathematics of the SPIRIT and as PURE IMAGINATION ENERGY to GET REAL in a higher dimensional sense. The first higher dimension then created the 1st dimension from the point-zero dimension.

    Our SPIRIT is ELECTROMAGNETIC MONOPOLIC RADIATION and this EMMR is the parent of the EMR of the 'prophets of science', just as the Template Universe is the parent for the physical universe in spacetimematter.

    EMR is CREATED by the ACCELERATION of Coulombic ElectroCharges. Those ElectroCharges are ALWAYS coupled to MASS in the form of ionic protons in stars or as ionic electrons in electric currents.
    EMMR is CREATED by the ACCELERATION of Colour MagnetoCharges. Those MagnetoCharges are ALWAYS coupled to the TEMPLATE of MASS in the form of massless PRECURSORS such as the RestmassPhoton as a precursor for the Higgs Boson template or as a electron-positron coupling in the 'pair-creation' from a massless gamma ray photon in the presence of mass in elementary particle physics.

    The entire universe was MASSLESS before it became MASS INDUCED.
    The MASSLESS universe is OLDER, than the MASSIVE universe.
    The MASSLESS universe is much bigger, but colocal with the MASSIVE universe.
    The 'prophets of science' describe, analyse and study the MASSIVE YOUNGER universe and the 'prophets of the spirit' describe, analyse and study the MASSLESS OLDER universe.

    This completes the transmission from the 'Little Serpent', the supergenetic ancestor and lineage of all of you.

    IAmWhoIAm - Seth, brother of Osiris, Khat of Khu; 3rd Son of Adam and Eve and a Channel for the Logos Twin!

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    The LightBody and the Fifth Gauge


    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the World beyond space and time dear exiled ones of the Mayan family and the genealogy of the lineage of the dragonian template of the origins.

    I have been asked by the little serpent to illuminate a great controversy in the human historical timeline, namely the enigma of the lightbody, known to the ancient Egyptians as the KA or 'astral body' coupled to the BA of the 'soul' and the AB of the 'heart'.
    As a detailed description of those Egyptian concepts strikes at the core of unification physics and the 'origins of mass' for a universe embedded in space and time in its material manifestation; the present nexus reached by contemporary theoretical physics upon the planet earth renders this message relevant.

    Particular mathematical expressions which correlate the details of the following have been published previously (Origins of Mass as posted by Running Water) and this message shall describe the overall context of the scenario.

    Terrestrial theoretical physics attempts to describe the birth of the universe in a generally accepted 'Big Bang' theory, modified in particular epochs of hyperacceleration called inflation or colliding branes called the ekpyrotic cyclic universe and a general notion for a fractal and holographic nature of physical reality.

    Most generally, this 'Big Bang' requires a finitisation for the material manifestation of spacetime parameters in describing a universe, finite, yet without a boundary. This is often called a Hawking Universe, in a model, which describes the material universe as a wavefunction in quantum mechanical terms and engaging the thermodynamic properties of Black Holes in terms of entropy and the surface areas of Black Hole metrics and as used in General Relativity.

    A fundamental problem then arises in modelling the thermodynamic evolution of the universe as an all encompassing cosmology, as the application of the thermodynamic parameters, being built on kinetic theory of statistical particle distributions, requiring the presence of inertial mass to 'embody' the 'particles' with energy via the energy-mass equation E=mc2.

    Subsequently, the large scale classical physics of General Relativity describes the cosmology in terms of geometrical curvature of spacetime which 'tells massive particles how to move' in a feedback mechanics of 'particle- or energy density distributions inducing spacetime how to curve'.

    So it seems that spacetime requires inertia to exist for itself to exist, as without mass present at the birth of the universe, the spacetime could not curve in a required spacetime metric connecting any particular particle distributions in the form of their interacting gravitation.

    But the Gaian physicists are well aware, that the universal interactions are long-range gravity and electromagnetism (both centrally acting as inverse square) coupled to short-range nuclear interactions confined to an asymptotic confinement 'zone' known as the 'size' of the classical electron and also as the range of both the strong-gluonic and the weak-leptonic elementary particle interactions.

    Those four elementary interactions are then modelled as gauge interactions with 'force carriers' or mediator 'messenger' particles respectively known as the Graviton for Gravitation, the Virtual Photon for Electromagnetism, the Gluon for the Strong Interaction and the Weakon for the Weak Interaction.

    Those four interactions must necessarily unify as a single interaction at the nexus point of the Big Bang and must so encompass all physical parameters measurable in an existing universe as emergent properties of that universe.

    Three of the gauge messengers are by nature massless and those three messengers unify gravity as a double quantum spin action acting oppositely a coupled spin action of electromagnetism with the strong interaction.

    So the Gaian physicists find a dilemma, a massless universe can exist with gravity neutralised by a strong-electromagnetic coupling of its gauges.

    But the weak interaction requires mass in terms of its gauge messenger renown as charged inertia currents of a W+ or a W- weakon and a neutral inertia current labelled as a Zo.

    The Gaian cosmologist so is compelled to propose another gauge particle and a massless one for the weak interaction, somehow predating the manifestation of the inertia of particles through the weakon currents.

    This prior gauge the terrestrial physicist has called the Higgs Boson aka the 'God-Particle'.
    The Higgs Boson is a scalar and so of zero quantum spin action and is able to 'decompose' say into two opposite quantum spin agents in the W+ for an energy eigenstate termed antimatter and the matter coupled W- in a 'Standard model'.

    The Higgs Boson then must by necessity pervade all of spacetime as a backdrop matrix and its prior energy selfstate can then be modelled to induce inertia into all the massless messenger gauges, which so transform their masslessness into the catalogued and mreasured particles of the 'Standard Model'.

    So the quest for the Higgs Boson describes a fundamental search by the Gaian cosmologists to discover the secret of mass and by implication the birth of the universe itself.

    The problem of the Gaian cosmologist with respect to the origin of inertia reduces to the nature of the Higgs Boson as a massless gauge messenger in the extraterrestrial physics however.

    The major key is the Equivalence Principle as given in General Relativity; which says, that the existence of a local gravitational field acting upon inertial mass is indistinguishable from an accelerating local frame of reference in terms of the forces experienced.
    So this principle proposes, that Gravitational Mass is equivalent to Inertial Mass and where the former is defined in a gravitational field of existing spacetime curvature, say a metric limited by by a Black Hole inertia limit and the latter describing a property of mass subject to acceleration through the elementary Newtonian force laws.

    This principle then clearly describes the concept of mass as being emergent, namely the energy-mass relation E=mc2 to carry its own originator in mass equivalent expressible through the quantum law of Planck as m=E/c2=N.hf/c2 and where N is some quantum count of particular energy building blocks or units as a function of frequency f or inverse time.

    Only after the Higgs Boson has manifested in some particular form, will this mass-equivalent transform its gravitational mass of intrinsic spacetime acceleration into its measured inertial mass coupled to gravitational fields.

    The quest for the Higgs Boson in energy so becomes the discovery of the nature of the Higgs Boson as the TRANSFORMER between gravitational and inertial mass equivalents.

    This nature crystallises in a revisitation of the Big Bang cosmology WITHOUT any intrinsic or given inertial mass content M.
    It is found, that there exists an intrinsic asymptotic deceleration in the spacetime metric of General Relativity and in a universe devoid of any mass whatsoever. This deceleration maximises at about 1.13 nanometers per second squared at the instant of the Big Bang and is presently calculated at about 0.117 nanometers per second squared.
    A detailed analysis of this deceleration then describes the 'missing' energy for a zero-curvature universe as a differential between this intrinsic spacetime deceleration and the baryonic 'normal' matter content of the universe in terms of mass-density distributions in the forms of galaxies, stars and superclusters and so on.

    Using the three massless gauges and defining them as essentially the same particle distinct in a unified symmetry of quantum properties such as colour charge and spin action it is shown, that the Higgs Boson in its massless template must assume a particular form to effect an encompassing unification of all four gauges, the long-range ones of gravity and electromagnetism and the short-range ones of the weak- and the strong nuclear interaction.

    The nature of the Higgs Boson is that as an all encompassing supertemplate for all the other 'particles', inclusive the inertial ones and the massless ones.
    So the Higgs Boson does not exist as a particle with a particular mass content - all particles are derivatives from the Higgs Boson and all particles, triple quarked hyperons and quark-antiquarked mesons and leptons (including elctrons and neutrinos) all are PARTIAL HIGGS BOSONS and all are describable as Supersymmetric Superstrings metamorphosed from a particular hierarchy of supermembranes.

    Before the Big Bang, space and time did not exist, except as a mathematical potentiality of the complex plane.
    The complex plane itself was born from the trisection of the first dimension in rendering the subsequent Higgs Bosonic template as constituent of three equal parts in a geometric extension of collinearity into the complex plane.
    From this complex plane, say in the form of a triangular base, the tetrahedron became the dimensional projection of the plane into a volume, thus creating the 3-dimensional minimum configuration for the encompassment of space.
    The geometrical and mathematical foundation of this is known as the Tetractys of Pythagoras.

    The 0th dimension of a 'point' or a physical 'point particle' so preceded the Big Bang as an EVENT, not requiring the existence of space and time as measured in a physical universe containing some finite mass content.
    Space and time emerged WITH the Big Bang and a potential ENERGY distribution, which incorporated the inertial mass carriers measured today.

    But to FINITISE such a 'point' from the 0th dimension, it must be assigned an area in 2 dimensions and so the complex plane emerges as a primordial template for the Higgs boson and all the supersymmetric superstrings as ONESIDED SUPERMEMBRANES.
    The onesidedness is required, as the supermembranes carry zero thickness until the 3rd dimension crystallises from the tetrahedron space as the projection of the noncollinaerity of the 3 points of the area dimension.

    This Onesidedness or Moebian Connectivity of a potential Twosidedness defines the overall geometrical topology of the universe and its fractalisation as summations or integations of superstring units or building blocks.

    In particular, a triune permutation of a circular area defining the 'size of a supermembrane' then models the Higgs Boson as a dual- concentric kernel-ring geometric template, which allows the Unitary Symmetry, labeled in the SU(3) and SU(2) and U(1) groups of the Standard Model to crystallise as partial Higgs Boson quantum geometries.

    The Onesided Supermembrane selfinteracts to manifest its twosidedness and under utility of the 3rd dimension.
    This results in the elementary curvature of the universe to become dynamic in a hierarchy of Black Holed membranes or surface areas which connect the interiors of the Black Holes to their exteriors in wormhole tunnels. This process emerges under the auspices of the intrinsic gravitational mass equivalent to a then manifestable inertial mass equivalence.
    The interior of the encompassing 'Mother-Black Hole' so becomes a fractal summation of the characteristic superstring scale and can be said to be a Planck-Length subject to transmutation and this as the WIDTH of the supermembrane in 3D.

    In terms of the four elementary gauges, the Onesided Supermembrane becomes SELFDUAL in the subsequent differentiation of the expansion of this width in integral string action units BECOMING the expanding universe and DEFINING itself in that process in a dimensionality lower by one, than its boundary.
    Originally the expansion defined width as a 3rd dimension emerging from the complex plane of the second dimension; but as this process began, a resetting extended the complex plane as a 11th dimension as its own boundary, thus allowing a 10-dimensional cosmology to proceed in terms of mass- and inertia-coupled parameters.
    This 'higher dimensionality' is colocal with the 'lower dimensionality' but is required for the twosidednedness to emerge from the onesidedness of the fundamental topological geometry and curvature.

    The basic stringed building block so is fractal for the encompassment. This is why the holographic universe is possible and why the smallest topology of the superstring is akin the largest topology of the holistic universe.

    Of the three massless gauges, the electromagnetic Gauge Photon assumes the nature of the Primary SourceString as its long-range expression and becomes GLUONISED as the short-range gauge for the strong nuclear interaction; both with clockwise quantum spin action +1 say. This defines the basic conservation of spin angular momentum and of the self energy of the selfdual supermembrane.

    A Secondary SourceString in the complex plane of the Onesidedness must so carry the opposite quantum spin action as -1 relative to the primary. Because of the Quantum Relativity of the Onesidedness, this quantum spin will reverse in the twosidedness and so once the 3rd dimension (and with it the 11th) exists as a hologram for the expanding Selfdual supermembrane as the Black holed universe, the overall supersymmetry must break as the selfrelativity between primary source and secondary source now renderes one of the sources as a sink.

    The fundamental harmonic is sinx+sin(-x)=0 or the infinity symbol with sourcesink moving left to right (from -180 degrees) and sinksource moving right to left (from +180 degrees) with inflexionpoint say at 0 degrees at the centre.

    The Gauge Photon-String becomes sinx and the Gauge Antiphoton-String becomes sin(-x).
    After completion of the first cycle the Photon-String, then at the +180 coordinate inflects in extending from the +180 degree coordinate, BUT the Antiphoton-String, then at the -180 coordinate RETRACES the original path of the Photon-String causing the preBig Bang supersymmetry of the gauges to break.

    The quantum spins no longer neutralise and a NEW Gauge Graviton-String must come into existence to negate the double clockwise or +1 spin of the Gauge Photon and the Gauge Antiphoton.

    The Energy of the Gauge Antiphoton now becomes absorbed by the Graviton, causing the former to become a massless PARENT for the Higgs Boson.
    The Gauge Antiphoton so becomes effectively SUPPRESSED as the massless Higgs Boson or 'God-Particle' and so becomes subject to the transformation potential of gravitational mass into inertial mass.
    The presence of GRAVITY so is always coupled to inertial mass as the transformation effect of the premass cosmology and from first principles as indicated.

    The Gauge Antiphoton so is the LOW ENERGY and cosmic (very large) wavelength-scaled MODULAR DUAL of the Gauge Photon of HIGH ENERGY and stringed (very small) wavelength.

    In terms of unification physics, Gravitation, Electromagnetism and the Strong Interaction are already unified with the Weak Interaction at the same energy level of the primary source string; however a quantum spin disparity arises between the nuclear interactions due to the real, albeit suppressed quantum spin of the massless Higgs Boson aka the Gauge Antiphoton, which became superfluous in energy with the emergence of the Graviton.

    It becomes the function of this additional quantum spin action then, to manifest a mass-evolution in terms of the Higgs Bosonic Inertia induction from its gravitational mass equivalence and to COUPLE this mass-evolution to a required quantum spin harmoniser intrinsic to the Higgs Bosonic blueprint.

    As the chirality of the Gauge Antiphoton is +1 relative to the primary source, this 'Missing Energy' particle must spin counterclockwise in negation of the parental and massless Higgs Boson as the 'Giver of Mass'.

    Detailed analysis of the 'Unified Gauge Field' in the modified Standard Model in Quantum Relativity then defines the 'Missing Mass' particle as a HYBRID between mass and radiation and as a coupling between gravitational mass in an originally massless, yet accelerating universe and inertial mass associated with gravitational fields in a preexisting metric spacetime.

    This hybrid or RestmassPhoton (Gauge RMP) is defined in energy as RADIATIONMASS using extended colourcharge definitions from the basic pairings of Red-Green-Blue (Radiative Addition to White E=hf) and their anticolours Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (Massive Subtraction to Black E=mc2) and with its primary element being Orange=Red+Yellow.

    Subatomically and on the quantum level then, the RMP is defined in its coupling to the massless Gauge Antiphoton but allows hybridisation between mass and light in terms of the frequency eigenstates possible in the couplings to the high energy Source-string as the 'God-Particle' of the primary identity of the universal Higgs Bosonic template.

    The 'Astral Body' of the Egyptians and the 'Lightbody' of esotericism so assumes a particular form in unification physics.
    The RMP becomes subject to resonant selfstates as given by the intrinsic string energy of the electromagnetic interaction, the latter becoming the EXCHANGE of Gauge Sourcesink photons as the medium of communication of the universe with itself as a multitudinous hologram of its fractal building blocks manifesting as the elementary particles of the Standard Model.

    Any material 'body' so becomes POTENTIALISED for Self-Transformation from the INERTIAL to the RESTMASS PHOTONIC and as function of attaining RESONANCE SelfState with the Source-String as the 'Quantum-God of Science'.

    The real possibility of transcending the mortal being of a time-limited biophysical container so eventuates and the story of one particular individual, having attained RESONANCE with the Quantum-God of Science as the 'Little Serpent' of Mayan omniscience becomes credulous in a scientific validation of physical transcendence, regarding the separation of the lightbody from its material container in the experience of death.

    IAmWhoIAm! - a friend of the resonating one.

    RadiationMass and the Mind-Body Duality

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Welcome to the Book of the Mysteries located in the treasure chest of the LoveDragon.
    This Pandorian Box has been opened to allow you to become privvy to the reason and purpose of an old historical perceptional dilemma known as the Body-Mind duality.

    The Mind-Body Duality is a Wave-Particle duality and as such is related to quantum mechanics.
    The Mind-Body Duality is also a description of the 'invisible' nature of mind and thought and soul and consciousness and similar labelings as related to the 'visible' nature of material substances, such as chemical elements and biochemical molecules constructed from those chemical elements.

    The duality of Mind-Body so has been experientally known by living creatures since the dawn of time; but the scientific descriptions of the Wave-Particle in terms of mathematical equations and theoretical models of the quantum physics had to await a certain evolution of vocabulary for an alternative 'scientific' description to become possible.

    The nature of physical death and the cessation of the 'spirit of life' allowing a selfgenerated dynamic for the 'visible' bodyform so became experienced and shared as the 'mystery of death' by the sentient creatures in a universe defined in the parameters of space and time.

    'Where did the 'lifeforce' of the body go to?', a caveman might ponder, as his companion fell off a cliff during the mammoth hunt.

    Attempts of reawakening the companion's 'corpse' proved fruitless and after some time, the carcass began to decompose and it proved expedient to bury or burn the lifeless collection of atomic elements for reasons of sanitation and self-preservation.
    Can it ever be possible to 'reanimate' such a carcass, after the 'lifeforce' has left the previously biovital bodyform?
    To reanimate, the nature of the 'lifeforce' or the 'spirit of life' must be understood and its relationship to the atomic elements defining the chemistry of the inorganic to the biochemistry of the organic.

    The science of chemistry reduces to the physics of electron configurations as the definition of the periodic table of the elements.

    This atomic physics becomes finetuned in the subatomic supersymmetries between the electrons as negative Coulombic charge carriers and the positively electrically charged nuclei of the atoms under consideration.
    This subatomic physics of a quark-lepton supersymmetry and as a halfspin fermionic particle-wave Maxwell-Fermi statistic is however a derivative from a fullspin bosonic wave-particle Einstein-Bose statistic.

    The fullspin bosonic eigenstate is massless, whilst the halfspin fermionic selfstate is inertial.
    The supersymmetry between quark and lepton as fermionic inertia carriers is the interaction between the fermion as a 'particularised wave' or particle and the boson as a 'waved particle' or a wavicle.

    Before the parameters of space and time were 'born' in a Quantum Big Bang; no fermionic inertia carriers existed and the templates for mass were linked to bosonic precursors encompassed in a spinless or scalar Higgs Boson.
    The Higgs Boson became a necessary wavicle to interact with other wavicles, known as gauge bosons and engaging a fivefolded supersymmetry between 'elementary interaction forces' known as longrange electromagnetism and gravity and shortrange quark-strong-nuclear and lepton-weak-nuclear interactions.

    The longrange interactions unify in a gauge photon and a gauge graviton and the shortrange interactions unify in a gauge gluon and a gauge antiphoton respectively.
    All of these four gauge bosons are massless.

    The gauge photon and the gauge gluon are the same wavicle, differing in their nature as being longrange in Electromagnetism and being shortrange in the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Corollarily, the gauge graviton should be the same wavicle as the gauge antiphoton; were it not for the manner the four interactions emerged from a prior unified interaction a priori.

    The primal interaction was between a single gauge wavicle with itself and gave a onesided manifold in 2 dimensions a twosidedness in the projection of a 3rd dimension.

    After the 3rd dimension became 'real' in concept, a distinction between gauge and antigauge could be made as a hitherto unified wavicle of the Oneness.
    The gauge photon and the gauge antiphoton so interacted in quantum relativity, enabling the twosidedness to manifest state and antistate in 3D from the unity of the onesidedness of the dimensional reduction of 2D.
    This interaction of state and antistate then created complementary states and antistates, which can be labeled as matter YCM and antimatter MCY in definitions of permutation cyclicities of energy-mixes and where Y=Yellow; C=Cyan and M=Magenta in an arbitrary labeling of 'Colour-Charges', which can also be defined as 'Magneto-Charges'.

    The YCM and MCY wavicles are all massless and bosonic as a secondary triplicity of neutralisation. Y+C+M=0 as a secondary manifestation from the primary manifestation R+G+B=0 and where R=Red; G=Green and B=Blue define the gauge photon RGB and the antiphoton BGR.
    In the Twosidedness of a 2-dimensional boundary embedded in 3D, the RGB(+) becomes distinct from the BGR(-1) as the gauge-antigauge duality.

    The selfinteraction relative to the plus becomes RGB+RGB=YCM(0); which is BGR+BGR=MCY(0) relative to the minus.
    The plus (+) arbitrarily describes a clockwise chirality or righthandedness and the minus (-) its opposite lefthandedness or sense of anticlockwise rotation.
    The twosidedness so becomes necessity for the matter and the antimatter templates to be manifested.

    However the 'mixing' of RGB with BGR does not create the YCM-MCY duality in Onesidedness, as here the spacial symmetry of 2D reverses the permutation cyclicity in order and the quantum relativity crystallises a string-antistring template (R+B)(GG)(B+R)(0)=MGGM(0) or CRRC(0) or YBBY(0) and relative to either of the 'sources'.
    This will become the foundation for the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE of the Zero-Point-Energy for the Metric Heisenberg Virtual Energy or Vacuum background following the birthing of space and time and matter and following the 'template string phase' of the cosmogenesis.

    Mixing RGB with RGB in Twosidedness so becomes a quantum relativity between TWO SOURCES, which are actually just ONE SOURCE.
    We label the gauge photon as RGB and relative to RGB the gauge antiphoton in Onesidedness will also be RGB, however with opposite quantum spin or chirality.
    Mixing RGB with RGB in such manner will create the YCM matter and MCY antimatter wavicle blueprints in say the 60-120 and the 240-300 degree coordinates respectively.

    Following the creation of the matter-antimatter massless templates, the fundamental sinusoidal waveform could repeat indefinitely with inflexion points at 180 degree intervals; or one of the SOURCES could redefine itself as a SINK in quantum relativity.
    We define the Gauge Photon as RGB(+1) with string energy quantum E* and spinquantum +1 and term this the SOURCESINK, as in the Onesidedness NO SEPARATION between Source and Sink is possible.

    In the Twosidedness we define the BGR(-1) to be the SINKSOURCE with energy E* and spinquantum -1.
    We next form a new duality between SOURCE and SINK as String modalities under particular mathematical properties of inversion and reflection.

    Namely we set the SINKSOURCE to SEPARATE from the SOURCESINK in a 'Breaking of the Supersymmetry'.
    The Sinkstring becomes defined in the template BGR(+1) after the completion of the fundamental waveharmonic, spanning 360 degree coordinates.
    So at the repeat cycle at 0 degrees, BOTH SOURCE RGB(+1) and SINK BGR(+1) carry righthanded quantum spin and so 'for the first 'time'' the sinusoidal harmony of integral spin angular momentum conservation is violated.

    A TERTIARY SourceSink string must now come into existence to REHARMONISE or to renormalise the scenario.
    This tertiary gauge is called the Gauge graviton with double lefthanded spinquantum: BGR(-2).
    The 'Unified Gauge Field' so consists of:

    Gauge Photon RGB(+1) for Electromagnetic Interaction (EMI) with Energy E* as the longrange source gauge.
    Gauge Graviton BGR(-2) for Gravitational Interaction (GI) with Energy E* as the longrange sink gauge.
    Gauge Gluon RGB(+1) for Strong Nuclear interaction (SNI) with Energy E* as the shortrange source gauge.
    Gauge Antiphoton BGR(-1) for Weak Nuclear interaction (WNI) with Energy E*/fps2 as the shortrange sink gauge.

    The Modular Duality between the source string Eps and the sink string Ess can be expressed as two coupling constants:
    h2=Eps.Ess and fps2=1/fss2=Eps/Ess with the effect that E*=Eps =(fps2)Ess=(hfps2)/mps.c2.

    The self energy of the original gauge antiphoton was E*, but has been 'given' to the Gluon to allow the duality of longrange and shortrange interactions to manifest in a subsequent creation of spacetime and the 'inertialisation' of the massless matter- and antimatter templates in a 'Higgsian wavicle massinduction', characterised by the inertial stringmass mps=Eps/c2.

    The intrinsic energy for the Graviton is likewise E*, is however coupled to the manifestation of the inertia of the YCM and MCY templates 'energised' by the Higgs Induction.
    The overall 'Unified Field' gauge harmonisation now becomes a longrange VPE-interaction between the EMI and the GI and a shortrange VPE-interaction, coupling the SNI to the WNI.

    EMI+GI creates VPE(-1) and SNI+WNI creates VPE(+2) in a neutralisation of the string-antistring gauges, but a nonnegation of the respective quantum spin eigenstates.

    To obtain VPE(0), the PRECURSOR Higgs Boson must next be defined in a matter-YCM coupling.

    This precursor is a doubled- or squared YCM-template and because the nontrivial solution for the quadratic x2=2x is x=2.

    We call this the RestMassPhoton or the RMP(-1)=(Y2C2M2)(-1).

    From the RMP, the Higgs Boson or HB(0) emerges as a Fermionic Doublestate in the form of a BOSONIC DiNeutron {(YCM(½)}2 and where the separated uni-neutrons or PROTO-NEUTRON carry opposite chirality or spin orientation or handedness.

    As all neutrons carry inertia, the massless YCM(0) template 'Doubles' or 'squares' itself in the RMP(-1) in conjunction with a massless MCY(0) antimatter template associated with an AntiHiggs-Boson precursor RMP(+1).
    Because of this 'squaring' the existence of antimatter in the Quantum Big Bang is SUPPRESSED.
    This suppression also renders the materialisation of the AntiRMP (M2C2Y2)(+1) and so of the Anti HB(0) superfluous.
    The place of antimatter is taken by the 'doubling' of the proto-neutron in analogy to the graviton substituting for the primordial antigauge photon in the preinertial cosmogenesis.

    This occurs in conjunction with the requirement for a lefthanded fifth gauge wavicle in the RMP(-1).
    The overall 'Unified-Field-Gauge' harmonisation now manifests in a longrange VPE(-1); and a shortrange VPE(+2-1) and reharmonises the conservation laws in a now necessary COUPLING of the shortrange interaction to the inertia carriers in the form of the matter blueprint YCM(½).

    With this introduction to the gauge string quantum physics, the wave-particle and mind-body dichotomy can now be reanalysed.

    A particular BODY is defined in YCM(½), meaning that an atomic structure manifests a charge neutral body where the constituent particles are 'harmonised' in an equilibrium between positive and negative Coulomb charges and in the angular quantum spin momenta associated with those particles.
    The 'Unified Field' is however defined in the 'Missing Energy' of the RMP(-1) to renormalise the gauges required for the conservation laws to hold and so the RMP(-1) can be utilised to define the difference between a 'lifeless' atomic configuration 'carcass' and the 'Missing SourceSink String Energy'.

    The RMP(-1) so is defined as the 'Particle of the Mind' or the 'Wavicle of the Mass'.

    When the 'Life-Energy' of a body departs or disassociates from the body, then the 'Electrocharged Life-Electricity' which had invigorated the body becomes a 'Magnetocharged Electromagnetic Field' and as a collection of RMP's defined in individualised Frequency Eigenstates.

    And because all BOSONIC RMPs, when associated with biovital bodies are coupled to the YCMs of individualised FERMIONIC elementary particle configurations in quark-lepton duality through the YCM-colour- or magnetocharged sourcesink energy definitions; the say MEMORY ENERGY of EXPERIENCE of the RMPs will become storable and definable in the terms of the E* definitions of the MASSLESS gauges.

    Is there then an alternative way to RECONSTITUTE the massless MEMORY or parts thereof; besides a kind of recycling, rebirth or reincarnation of that MEMORY, stored as magnetocharged electromagnetic field into a new body, say from conception to gestation to embryonisation to birth?

    The question becomes one of RESONANCE! Can the selfenergy of the Source-String be attained?
    Should the RMPed electromagnetic structure be able to resonate at the E* energy level, then the RMP(-1) bosonic gauge could MIX with the RGB(+1) source-photonic gauge and a TERTIARY new colour charge spectrum would become created.

    In particular RGB(+1)+Y2C2M2(-1)=RYY-GCC-BMM=OY-TC-IM as a LEFT Boundary for Resonance and where O=Orange, T=Turquise and I=Indigo.

    The RIGHT Boundary for Resonance is: RMM-GYY-BCC=VM-LY-AC for V=Violet, L=Lime and A=Aqua.

    The FULL Resonance and the creation of RADIATIONMASS as the hybrid eigenstate for energy gauges RGB and YCM is attained as: RCC-GMM-BYY=WC-WM-WY for W=White=R+G+B via radiation formulation E=hf as the radiative energy eigenstate and linked to the inertial energy eigenstate E=mc2 as the Black- and Higgs induced energy selfstate.

    This RadiationMass comes into existence, provided a resonance between the 'Mind Particle' of the body form with the Source gauge photon can be attained.
    Attaining such source resonance, will allow the tertiary colour charges to EXCHANGE spin between the RMP(-1) and the YCM(½) templates in conjoin with the antiphotonic gauge BGR(+1).
    As the weak nuclear interaction ONLY couples to lefthanded matter templates in a phenomenon known as the nonparity of the weakon interaction; the resulting RADIATIONMASS templates become redefined in the gauge Y2C2M2(½) via the original antiphotonic and suppressed gauge BGR(+1) becoming scalar in BGR(+1-1)=BGR(0) and assimilating the bosonic lefthanded and weakonic RMP spin.

    The 'RMP-Field of the 'deceased' is defined by electromagnetic frequencies and are modulated in magnetoinductive L-factors and electrocapacitative C-factors, coupled to an intrinsic Resistance or Inertia-Grounding.
    The circuital elements link physically to DNA elements in the form of sexual chromosomes and where the magnetic effect links to the positive polarisation and the electric effect links to the negative polarisation of nucleotidal basepairings, albeit both in self- and in mutual induction feedback loops in a form of cross-coupling.

    The so called 'spirit of life', which invigorates the body becomes a form of NATURAL ELECTRIC CURRENT, which does not require any inertial medium to propagate in.
    The NATURAL electricity of life is by nature superconductive and reduces the NORMAL Electricity (I=dq/dt), given as the flow of Coulombic charge (q) over time to a source current defined in I=2N.ef and where the Coulombic charge quantum 'e' becomes a coefficient in a differential equation reduced from order two in normal electricity to order one in its natural electric counterpart and where N is a integral count.

    A body so becomes analogous to the hardware structure of a computer, carrying interacting elements which allow frequency modulations in magnetic inductors, electric capacitors and resistors. Just as electric energy must be provided for the computer hardware to function in the form of normal electricity, so must a biovital body be supplied with natural electricity to be 'alive'.
    It is the energy stored and processed in the natural electric circuitry, which defines the MEMORY of EXPERIENCE, linked to CONSCIOUSNESS; the latter as a form of angular acceleration acting upon a volumar of space.
    This CONSCIOUSNESS then becomes defined in the Magneto-Charges and as the INVERSION Energy of E* in the modular coupling between the Source string and the Sink string.

    The Source string is longrange gauge photon with the shortrange gauge gluon and the Sink string is the longrange graviton with the shortrange gauge antiphoton; the latter coupled however to the RMP, due to the suppression of the antigauge.
    Overall, the question of consciousness so becomes a manifestation of the RMP in a unified state of string energy, either as resonating selfstate of Radiationmass as a hybridisation between Body (YCM) and Mind (RGB) or as a temporary dissonating selfstate of a Body (YCM), unable to ACCELERATE the individualised frequencies into source resonance, associated with a MEMORY-RMP-Gestalt seeking the sourcesink resonant eigenstate.

    The 'brain' of such a body will be alike an antenna or receiver, able to process a kaleidoscope of frequencies from the environment and to use the utility of THOUGHT and as software to modulate the frequencies of the computer in the current elements of the natural electricity, which can be labeled as the 'spirit of the lifeforce'.
    In terms of the source radiation emitter, the omnipresent gauge photon, when 'embodied' in a YCM body definition, continues to 'broadcast' its 'sourceenergy', becoming modulated or 'slowed down' by the interaction with the receiver of the omnipresent sourceenergy in the physical support structure termed the 'brain' or the computer hardware.

    In more detailed terms, the 'grounding' of the receiver engages both parallel and serial collectives of the current elements and so the overall structure of the 'network' can be modelled on a basic AC/DC circuitry of the second order, reduced however to first order in the appropriate differential equations describing the natural electricity of life.

    The resulting 'network' so becomes a omnipresent source energy pervading the entire universe in its metric and demetricated stringbased terms. The source energy can be described as a natural electromagnetic current which interchanges electric mass-generated Coulomb charges with magnetic mass-independent charges across the parameters defining a pre Big Bang string space and say defined in a de Broglie matter wave scenario of inflation.

    This mapping is defined in the coupling of the inertial and the noninertial charge carriers and as a proportionality defined by the square of the speed of light 'c':

    ElectroCharge e=√(Alpha).LP.c2and MagnetoCharge e*=2Re.c2, with LP=√(hG/2πc3) as the Planck-Radius and Alpha=2πk.e2/hc as the electromagnetic finestructure constant defining the interaction probability between matter and light and Re=ke2/mec2 as the classical electron radius, which also defines the manifestation range for the nuclear interactions in the 'asymptotic confinenment' of gluonic-mesonic colour charges.
    The effective electronmass is given as me and the Coulomb constant k=1/4πεo.

    IAmWhoIAm - Belial Beelzebub II!

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