Grand Theory Of Unification

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    It's me, Susan S.

    So much has happened!

    I'll be entering court in a few days. I was held up for many reasons not the least of which is... finally! I can reason this so ANYBODY can understand it. I was laughing when I was how mystified they are regarding supercooled liquid. I'll answer Navies Stokes, the Millennium Clay Institute Questions and the list of unanswered questions in physics plus the remaining Hilbert questions if the Millennium Questions don't cover that.

    I'm going to use pics, numbers and sciebce they've confirmed to show you. I'll make that my last attachment and then?

    The 10th Amendment as not all rights are exactly enumerated.
    And: the 9th. I will invoke the incorporation clauses to incorporate women, girls and NM and then the other states! I must incorporate us into the Law to then undo the damage and restore the Constitution.

    How long have I had cold fusion? Umm, July of 2008? I mailed it to SCOTUS to secure a receipt but I'd have to look. And only as I can?
    I am going to claim, I did claim!, that Trump has ineffective and inadequate counsel and acting upon case law then appoint myself as his advocate.

    I'll be back soon. Do you want me to begin a thread dedicated to what I know? I'll need Ray or others to write it up as formal equations.

    In Re Susan Herbert aka The Liberty Oracle


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