Grandmother Arla Collett Williams - Cherokee - Big Foot People - Kashima

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    Arla Collett Williams grew up in Oklahoma.

    The greatest influence on her life was her Cherokee Grandmother
    who told her many stories and told her to always be proud
    that she carried Cherokee Blood.

    Arla travels and makes presentations inspired
    and in support of the vision of the International Council
    of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
    as a Sister Grandmother,
    and to share the wisdom of her Native American Elders.

    Starting at age six Arla has had life-long interactions
    with the Bigfoot People.

    She has a personal relationship with them
    and has learned much about their way of life
    from that relationship and from Kashima,
    whom she calls her "Teacher".

    In her travels she shares stories of her connection
    with the Bigfoot People and facilitates gatherings
    of people who want a better understanding of the Bigfoot People.

    She also travels to provide consultations to others
    who are working with groups of Bigfoot
    or who are having interactions they don't understand.

    Arla spreads Kashima's messages
    as well as what she has been taught by her Elders.

    Her overall message is that we must regain respect
    for all that is around us, including ourselves,
    and to see that we are all related as family.

    Listen as Arla shares with us her messages
    and what she has been taught as she will teach us!!
    (From 10/11/2011)


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