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    "You receive through the same doorway through which you give.
    The way to receive freely is to give freely." - Brad Jensen

    Here are the secrets of the universe:

    1. The big secret first: Our physical world is a dream world,
    and it works just like dreaming, but generally slower.

    As you acknowledge the dreaminess of it, and begin to work with it from that perspective,
    the apparent speed of action increases. The way to direct the world is through your imagination and will. Exercising your will strengthens it. You can exercise it by doing something unpleasant
    until it becomes pleasant.

    2. You receive through the same doorway through which you give.
    The way to receive freely is to give freely. Quality is more important than quantity,
    since the universe amplifies thought into circumstance.
    Begin giving, and let God perfect your giving.

    3. Forgive God. Loving your neighbor is loving God. Forgiving your neighbor is forgiving God.
    When you think you see a lack of God's love or grace in any condition, look again. Look deeper.

    4. No matter how you stumble and fall, are unable to meditate, turn your attention from your real self
    for years, hurt and are indifferent to the love of those around you, get back up
    and expect forgiveness from God, and accept his grace wherever you find it.

    Whether your friend or your enemy gives you something, it is a gift from your own true self.

    5. Do not waste energy on the impossible. Do not try to convince anyone or change anyone's mind.
    Do not ask others to make choices for you, do not make choices for others.
    Both of these are illusions and a denial of the love of God.

    The best thing you can do for anyone else is help them make a conscious choice,
    so that they can learn from it. The best way to teach is by example.

    6. You are wealthy now with an abundance of what you are thinking about.
    The world is a creative engine, and will create whatever you are really thinking.
    Every thought in your mind is a prayer about you, no matter who the subject seems to be.

    The only way to manifest lack is to hold something against someone else.

    Give up all thoughts of offense, revenge, of being injured, of self-justification,
    of needing to defend yourself against others' expectations, of the unfairness of life,
    of others getting some unearned advantage.

    Joy breeds joy and sorrow breeds sorrow. When you hear of someone's good fortune, think,
    "Good for them! God is blessing and prospering them, and I bless them also!"

    Charles Fillmore says, "The inexhaustible resource of spirit is equal to every demand.
    There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest!"

    And he is absolutely right!

    7. Trust yourself consciously. You really do anyway! The key to mastery is to acknowledge reality.
    Reality is a simulation. The future pours into the past through the funnel of your thinking.
    Change what you are thinking now, and the future will take care of itself.

    8. Your life is in a dynamic balance, based on your present thinking.

    What happens when you take two percent of the amount on one pan of a balanced scale
    and put it on the other side? Of course that now-heavier side goes down, the other goes up,
    and the change is complete.

    Two percent of your waking, non-working life is ten minutes a day.

    Ten minutes a day of concentrated thought will change your life completely.

    As a starting point, you might print this message out and read it daily for one full month.

    When things start to change, don't get excited and distracted, but stick with it.
    Don't talk it away to others. Let the energy concentrate and build.
    The only thing God knows how to make is a miracle.

    9. You don't earn it, you learn it.

    In any challenging situation, ask yourself, "What am I trying to learn here?"
    Then begin to act on that principle. Experiment with your life.
    Invest in your relationships by taking risks in your communication.

    10. When you are stuck, find someone else with a similar situation,
    and teach them what you have learned so far.

    (Often they will come and find you!) Until you give it away, you don't own it.
    This goes for wisdom above all things.

    11. Understand that you will never create a situation that you can't learn from.

    What would be the point? God is with you every moment — it's his job.
    "I can handle this with God's help" is the beginning and the ending of faith.

    12. The only limitations are self-limitations. Let abundance begin right now.

    Watch out for the tendency to "Name it and blame it." Responsibility is the opposite of blame.
    When you blame yourself or others, you temporarily deny your power to change
    (which is wasting energy on the impossible again.)

    Sooner or later, everyone in your life that you think is preventing you from being
    or having whatever you want will either die or move away,
    and you will find out that the condition is made in your own mind.
    Why not act on this awareness NOW?

    13. If you are alive, you deserve to be rich. God wants you to be rich.
    He is more willing to give than we are willing to receive
    — no matter how willing we are to receive.

    14. We are infinite beings pretending to be finite. We have created forms and conditions to escape the limitations of formlessness. But let's not forget who we really are, and let's not pretend too hard.

    The first step to abundant living is to relax, the second is to focus attention,
    the third is to concentrate, the fourth is joy, the fifth is to allow manifestation,
    the sixth is to give freely, the seventh is gratitude to the True Source.

    15. Let go of what you aren't really using. If you are holding onto something
    (person, place, or thing — or even an idea) because you think you might need it later,
    you are really telling yourself that you do not own that thing, you do not deserve it,
    and you do not believe you can recreate it in the future.

    These are all poverty thoughts.

    Clean out your closets, have a garage sale or give it all to Goodwill
    [a not-for-profit organization that runs thrift stores and other operations to teach job skills],
    but let go of all that spiritual cholesterol that is clogging your arteries of good.

    16. Tithing is giving ten percent of your income to those groups or individuals that you see
    using spiritual principles in a way that you would like to have grow in your life.
    The secret to tithing is to understand that you are tithing now, through your thoughts,
    and that conscious tithing is just taking control of a process that is already occurring.
    Regular, conscious tithing builds your conscious power to accept God's abundance in your life.

    For most people, a good place to start is tithing to your church or other faith community,
    your support group, someone who is teaching you, or someone who is a good spiritual example to you.

    Many churches and centers teach you to tithe to "your channel for spiritual good."

    Well, that's the whole world if you choose to live in the spirit!

    I say give where you feel good about giving — where you can give without doubt or restriction.

    If there is no such place, create one. Give with no strings attached, and receive the same way.

    Thank you for sharing with me the opportunity to express on this subject.

    I have been enormously blessed as a result.

    ~ Julian Mastermind


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