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    Getting to Know Energies

    The wave that feels like fire sounds like a growl that shudders through my body, every atom, when for an instant, everything is clear -- I think is I AM Presence testing the waters.


    The closed eyes that sleep are angels not wanting to awaken.


    The dross -- those energies no longer relevant -- that soon follow after a little bit of clarity -- is the body’s way of upgrading to new frequencies -- throwing out the old energies for new connections.


    Taking Care of Business or any pro-active activity we take always elicits an immediate loving response from life in some way.


    Activity -- especially the mindless variety like organizing our desk, balacing our checkbook or figuring out how to use our computer -- allows things to happen that need to happen according to its time -- by getting out of the way -- seemingly (but incorrectly) through our hard work and diligence.

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    Angel Being
    Carole King - Beautiful


    "you've got to get up every morning with a smile in your face, and show the world all the love in your heart . . ."

    I think this may be describing the angel inside us . . .
So Beautiful! It gives words to why I get up each day and respond to life in any way I can. Thank you Allisiam. In the service of the angel within us, we might appear different . . .

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    I am Angel
    who dwells within you


    Every name or description of myself is a metaphor and approximates what really is. This is because I am an infinite being in a tangible, finite, bounded world. These are feelings that refer to what I am that are true and real but cannot be seen . . .

    I am the Earth. It feels like home -- the love, being whole, being complete. It feels like home because this is what I am.

    I am the light, the love, the body and the source. I am these things for there is no other. There is just me and no other.

    I am the wind, the waters, the Earth, the sun. They are always in my heart and through them I move. Anchored and grounded is the feeling.

    I Am That I Am. I am the love, a spark of a common fire shared by all -- in the whole and in the part because there is really only one.

    I connect. I connect in love Heaven and Earth, above and below, but I have neither shape nor form, The edgy quivering alive feeling of Presence this is.

    The Earth feeling this is . . .

    May have peace wherever you walk, wherever you are.
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    Dark Angels


    I call them dark angels because they are not only beautiful but help us know what we do not want. Seen this way they are loving angels. I encounter them daily on the freeways of Southern California in the form of very anxious people honking their horn whenever they can, seemingly with the intent to run me off the road.


    These -- and the more powerful archetypal variety -- deal in energies of fear and anxiety -- or more precisely in an energy of separation. It separates. This is its function. Nothing more. Some call these energies false gods because they stand in between us and God, between Spirit and personality.


    They can -- if I give it that power -- make me feel lost (I cannot see my North Star), without power (I canot feel my inner strength and source) and numb (I cannot know for sure that my heart is even there). It has taught me well this is not what I want. Not even the-not-wanting it. Zip all around. So it has done well and I am grateful to all angels black and white both. Both are good.


    When I see the energy of dark angels on the horizon, I purposefully let it flow right by me -- not grabbing, not pushing away. Its home is of a lower world. Not mine.

    We give power to these energies when we participate in them. Participation is embracing the energy or fighting the energy. Both. Because both are aspects of the same energy. So both (embracing or fighting) is like shooting ourselves in the foot.
    If an angel could speak, I think it might be this . . .

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