How To Make Your Own Kettle Potatoe Chips

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    re-packaged potato chips are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase,
    but they do not have the same fresh taste and versatile flavoring options
    as homemade chips.

    Potatoes can be easily sliced and cooked into chips in your own kettle.

    Use your favorite oil and seasoning when you kettle cook potato chips
    to customize a snack that suits your own tastes.

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      Clean and peel as many potatoes as you need based on the amount of chips you want to make.
      • An average-sized potato yields about 10 to 15 chips, although amounts vary based on the size of the potato and how thinly you slice it.
      • Idaho potatoes are recommended for chips, but you can use any variety you have on hand.

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      Slice potatoes as thinly as desired, placing slices in a large bowl of water to remove excess starch and prevent browning.
      • A mandolin slicer can be used for a thin, even cut and added convenience.
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      Fill 1/3 of a large kettle with the oil of your choice and heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 degrees Celsius).
      • Recommended oils include PEANUT, rice and vegetable since they have little flavor and do not alter the taste of the potatoes.
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      Transfer potato slices from the large bowl of water to a colander. Shake off excess water, and pat the potato slices dry with paper towels.
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      Submerge potato slices in heated oil, cooking until they appear white and matte. Remove the slices from the oil with a slotted spoon, and place them on a platter lined with paper towels.
      • Do not crowd the potato slices. Cook them in multiple batches with each batch composed of a single layer at the surface of the oil.
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      Increase the oil heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius) and re-submerge chips, cooking in batches until they are golden and crisp.
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      Transfer cooked chips with the slotted spoon onto a platter lined with fresh paper towels. Pat chips lightly with additional paper towels to absorb excess oil.
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      Season chips with salt or your choice of seasoning.
      • Depending on your tastes, you can combine plain salt, sea salt with garlic salt or garlic powder, cayenne pepper, onion powder, dry mustard, dill or other seasoning mixes.
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    awesome, thanks for sharing :)

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