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    Allisiam - Posted Jun 18th 2010
    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for being here in our den of dragons. I would like everyone to introduce themselves in this thread, tell us all a little bit about yourself and lets get to know each other. We are creating a new world family here and our goal is to get to know each of you just as you would a family member. So don't be shy, come on, tell us a bit about your selves. Please feel free to also share on your profile pages, if you look, most members have something there, and its highly encouraged. The new world is about being open, inclusive and from the heart, and so this forum and the heaven forum are here for that purpose.

    Also, and this is very important, this particular forum is mainly a library and storehouse for our family members. We have another forum where we discuss, debate and really define ourselves in real time. Please go to this link and sign up. The heaven forum is where we would like most of the discussion to be, because it's faster and easier to navigate.

    Follow this link and introduce yourselves there as well. I think you will find the discussions enlightening and provocative. The heaven forum is pretty much the most open forum you will find, we speak our minds and hearts rather sincerely, maybe something you haven't seen before. We encourage you to do the same. Feel free to post to your hearts content there, and come discuss the journey we are all under taking together.
    Loving you all as myself, Allisiam
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    • Allisiam - Posted Jun 18th 2010

      My introduction .........stay tuned till next week. I am on vacation and leaving eairly, I am already up way past my bedtime LOL. Check my profile if your seriously curious :p *winks* Allisiam
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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Jun 23rd 2010

    I am Tonyblue and the controversial Dragon Abraxasinas from the Old Project Avalon Forum of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy.
    Following the 'banning' from that forum; of myself as a contributor and the voluminous material (in the form of messages from Thuban) I posted there; a number of people who found value in those messages continued their affiliation with me and the 'Dragon Data'.

    Under initial guidance of Susan eXchanger the ''obscure' Thuban Social Group on the Old Project Avalon Forum became transplanted to a NING network following the banning.

    Economic considerations in regards to the restructuring of the NING platform however foresaw structural changes, which enforced the Thuban group to migrate to here at cosmosdawn/spruz and its sister platform at heavenforum, administered by SuiGeneris and Rok Spregovori.

    This then describes the present situation and the past histories and endeavours can be analysed and discerned in the Thuban Q&A thread on this forum. It represents the resurrection of the message forum, which was responsible for the upheavals on Project Avalon at the end of February and early March 2010.

    Personally writing and in this world of the say presumed human history of civilization for the last 6 millennia; I am rather an ordinary standard individuation out from the creator's toolbox.

    I generally do not like at all talking about myself, but this little forum here, started by our Allisiam entertains such indulgements and the muse of the reminisciences.
    So whoever continues reading this; the bemusements or preponderances of boredoms are your own, not mine, you have been warned.
    I was born in Australia, Brisbane, Queensland in June 1957 and was fostered in Germany in December 1959; so losing both my mother and my father in 'normal' familiar interaction.

    From early days onwards then; I 'searched' for a 'greater family', a cosmic family and I was more attracted to animals than to people, who seemed to not know what they were doing no matter how old or mature they appeared and pretended to be relative to themselves.

    I experienced a 'happy' childhood nevertheless, despite always knowing that I had 'lost' my parents; my biological father, a Bavarian from Eberfing; who I have no recall of, last seeing him at age two-and-a-half at Christmas Time 1959; and my biological mother who is alive in Brisbane, Australia; but with whom I have had no contact (except some cards) since moving to Queanbeyan, New-South-Wales (near Canberra) following some personal break-up issues in 1996.

    My mother is of Irish descent, her father, my grandpa Leslie Lovejoy died in 1970 or so died of liver cancer, and the heartbreak of losing his oldest grandson (your's truly) to the 'old continent' who he had escaped after the second world war from Ireland.
    He did not approve of his daughter marrying this German renegade from the 'Foreign Army' of France and then when my parents 'split up'; they or the then rather patriarchial Australian Government decided that it was i at 2 and a bit years who had to leave the country with the 'homesick' father and my younger brother at 1 and a bit had to stay with my mother in Australia.

    But Sylvia Lovejoy is my matriarchial grandmother and she is still alive, holding Gaia's Pertinel at 96 years of age, being born April 2nd, 1915 and a descendent of Ole' Admiral Nelson of the Battle of Trafalgar - or so she says. She also says, that she derives from Spanish and Russian lineages and she has all the works of Shakespeare in her collection and she studied her lineages.

    I dont know about that and as i have absolutely no data about my patriarchal lineage; except it being German of course (But I could describe the Bermanseder Name in the Gene of the Remembrance thread found elsewhere in the cosmic agenda); I simply have to take the matriarchy as the bloodline history and that is Irish after Leslie Lovejoy {Born April 1st, 1912 - 1970} and English and perhaps Spanish and Russian and whatever else according to Sylvia Lovejoy.

    What is known, that my GreatGrandFather Harry Lovejoy married a Emma Bertha Cecile Dawes {Brisbane, January 26th, 1883 - August 19th, 1962} and from this matriarchy of Grandfathers was traced by Sylvia across the migration to Australia in April 1839. The family name Daw changed to Dawes about the year 1850.

    ]My GrandGreatGrandFather so is Henry Dawes {Castlemaine, November 2nd, 1857 - Brisbane, April 11th, 1945} married {Brisbane, March 18th, 1882} to Selina Mary Roberts {Peryn, Cornwall, April 2nd, 1857 - Brisbane, December 20th, 1924}.

    My GreatGrandGreatGrandFather then is George Daw(es) {Peasmarsh, August 7th, 1832 - Castlemaine, December 3rd, 1867} married {Melbourne, September 30th, 1853} Sarah Attenborough {Leicestershire, 1829}.

    My GrandGreatGrandGreatGrandFather becomes George Daw {Peasmarsh, 1802 - Church, Sydney, May 23rd, 1886} married {October 25th, 1825} Eliza Goedsell with Loisa Payne {a second marriage about 1837} and emigrated to Australia in April 1839. His son George Dawes is by Eliza Goedsell.

    My GreatGrandGreatGrandGreatGrandFather is none other than Aaron Daw {Baptized January 9th, 1780, Peasmarsh, Sussex} married {April 7th, 1801 St.Peter's/St.Paul's Church} Elizabeth Bannister {Baptized April 1st, 1783}

    And counting the 'seven holy spirits' of the (matriarchial) grandpaness of my, and everyones real cosmic Grandpa, the creator of the universe; then loses the 'biological' ancestry tracings in my GrandGreatGrandGreatGrandGreatGrandFather Aaron Daw {Born 1745 in Sussex - May 22nd, 1822} married {December 23rd, 1775 at St. Peter's/St.Paul's, Peasmarch, Sussex} Ester Stevens {Born 1752 in Sussex - November 12th, 1824}.

    Then all I sort of know, is that the Lovejoy Lineage runs parallel to the Bermanseder=Lovejoy=Jerusalem=Existence=104=work it out yourself higher dimensional cosmic encoding lineage and which can be exemplified in the matriarchial grandpa names in the order:

    Aaron Daw1745Senior-Aaron Daw1780Junior-George1802Daw Senior-George1832Dawes-Henry1857Dawes-Harry?Lovejoy -Leslie1912Lovejoy---Gustav Paul Bermanseder {Eberfing, Bavaria November 4th, 1933-?}&Cynthia Dawn Lovejoy {Brisbane, November 27th, 1937}.

    My nickname in Germany was 'Skippy' - the Bush Kangaroo, as everyone in closer contact quickly found out, that I was an Australian who could not speak English.
    Being only 2 years old when leaving Australia, my vocubulary was not much greater than Mummy and Daddy and so my mothertongue became the German-Austrian dialect.
    In my high school days I normally passed all subjects except English and the occassions when I was asked to read something from the English textbooks were much anticipated by my fellow students.
    My Bavarian accent, attempting to pronounce the English words ordinarily resulted in great laughter around the class room. I was quite the joker and did not mind being it.

    Turning 18, I tried hard to lose my virginity and finally lost it in the Bavarian Alps with a cute farmer's daughter called Rosy.
    I was in the Bavarian Police-Squad then; being conscripted without my input by my foster-parents Hans Ostermeier {November 23rd, 1908=Day of Ophiuchus - July 30th, 1995} with his wife Maria Ehmann {19th October 1911 - June 8th, 2001}; both of whom had survived the war of the Hitlerian madness of the Illuminati-Luminari attempt to manifest the millennium as the '1000-Year-Reich'.


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    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Jul 11th 2012

      Greetings, and, welcome to &
      I am, Susan Lynne Schwenger (Serafina aka Seraf'ina)
      aka The 13th Bridge aka The eXchanger from the Old Project Avalon & Project Camelot Forum of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy,
      on the airwaves (radio shows) i was known as White Lotus Star (when i didn't want anyone to know who i was)
      My Ojibway - Ojibwa - Ojibwe elder name is Ziigwin Nibi ~ which translates into English as Spring Waters
      although my original name, was Kit Si Ni ~ which translate into English as She is Bright, like the sun, like the stars.
      A few friends, call me "eagle talker", "talks with thunder", "thundertalker" or, One who talks with The Thunders.
      On Project Avalon, and Project Camelot, i was the #8 person to join, and, i joined just ahead of the doors opening up to the public.
      I introduced my old friend Rebecca Jerigan of to Kerry Cassidy,
      and, then never heard from her again ?
      I was an online / email, and, telephone friend of Kerry Cassidy, along with Bill Ryan.
      I was the number one poster on their site, when it was closed down.
      I was invited to Bill Ryan's new forum on Project Avalon,
      although, i quickly discovered, i was given a 'ghost forum'.
      A ghost forum, is a place online, within a forum site, where only your friends can read what you publish,
      and, if you were NOT my friend, or, if you were a member of the public
      you would NEVER be privy to see what i published.
      Since, i was a moderator of my own forum, i choose to hit the delete key, and, deep six, the contents.
      I will soon publish, those postings here - (on this post - insert link)
      and, i NEVER posted again.
      Apparently, i can still sign into the site, but, i can NOT do anything
      (this is why, i didn't respond to private emails)
      If anyone needs to contact me, do it, through this site aka
      ~ i was instrumental in helping Tony migrate his forums to a 'ning' platform.
      Most of this "original" group are still working together ~ doing 'good work'

      My story starts with a drowning on 7/29/1966 - in my 8th year, at the age of 7, a near death experience (NDE).
      My second NDE occured on 06 april 1993, and, was also a part of an interesting voyage of 520 days (260 x 2)
      which started on 03 NOVEMBER 1991, a year of a mirror 19 = 91
      I started my business, "Spirits helping Spirits" in 1975, in my 18th year, at the age of 17,
      when i graduated from high school.
      I have a very diversified background,
      working for an assortment of companies,
      notably, Imperial Oil (Esso), Travelers Insurance & Direct Lumber,
      from age 15, til age 22.
      I was involved in the change overs, from full service gas stations to self-service gas stations,
      and, learned very quickly, that i was vastly different than most of the other employees.
      In Janurary of 1977, at the age of 19
      I started in the "automobile claims dept, and, personal loss" and, worked for the assistant to The General Manager,
      i was promoted into the "health insurance claims department"
      - where, i discovered an assortment of different fraud claims, since, NOTHING in those days, was processed by computers.
      Almost everything, except policies, where done by hand, and,
      checks were actually typed on a typewriter, i was, able to type over 120 wpm (with NO errors)
      and, i handled a portfolio of some of Travelers, biggest corporate clients.
      ~ i was absolutely shocked into 'wellness', when i saw, what some people took, and, what it actually costed the insurance company.
      Also, that was at the time of the consideration of creating a product for 'bankrupty insurance'
      ~ i was absolutely shocked, that anyone would actually consider creating such a crazy product
      "spend - spend - spend - and, go bankrupt and, broke",
      and, you could pay premiums on an insurance product would protect you - and, your bad choices ?
      My memory on this is vague, but, i believe, 'Enron" might have been involved,
      my own advise to Travelers, was that this was NOT a good idea !!!
      ~ fortunately, Travelers choose, NOT to create this product.
      After three years, with this company, i realised i would likely work there, until i retired
      and, never be able to get ahead, so, i left - when a new job, was offered to me,
      that paid me $52,000.00 per annum, and, i started work, with a company called "Direct Lumber".
      The owner of this company, had many different tenants in his assortment of buildings in downtown toronto,
      and, after having my 'wallet stolen' from 'my office' etc.,
      and, having to put up with a lot of 'spoiled brat' kids of the 1% of this world,
      many of his tenants,
      and, having a few of them do unethical things,
      and, then try to blame me, for things they did, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions,
      i resigned, and, decided ~ there had to be better things for me.
      Due to the vast amount of business this man ran, i learned a lot of things
      ~it was like a crash course in 'how to do anything, and, how to anything well'.
      I was quickly discovering that Grade 12, at the 5 year level, was NOT enough,
      so, i spent 2 years, upgrading my mathematics, etc.,
      on a part-time basis, at night - and, eventually i managed to get into college part-time,
      to pursue my 'purchasing & materials management' diploma through Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology.
      During high school, i was always 'the one' who everyone came to for advise,
      funny thing, i didn't have much 'personal experience' - because i avoided getting deeply involved with anyone.
      in fact, i was scared of it, perhaps, i had lived through a lot of 'abandonment' - and, 'hopelessly loving - hopelessly loved" monads.
      however, i was 'the one' people trusted,
      and, i learned a lot by listening, and, then giving the best advise, i could possibly muster,
      with the help from my own 'guardians and guides'
      - a team of ancient beings, who i knew, as "The Thunders" - grandmother & grandfather discarnate spirits
      - who had guided me, since 1966, when, i had my first NDE (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE)
      1966 - WAS A YEAR OF 1+9+6+6 = 22 AKA A MASTER NUMBER
      (under edit)

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    • Jorgelito - Posted Jul 23rd 2012

      My name is Doug. I like the poetic name Jorgelito my sister gave me. I retired a yiear ago. So I make myself do the things I love because I don't want to go back to work cause I don't know what to do with myself.
      I enjoy going to a special place high up overlooking the ocean every day. Maybe twice. I love it.
      Then I spend a lot of time listening to music and looking at images that have a special appeal that day that resonates with what I am writing. When all the elements come together I make a video. Really just for myself
      I am a student at heart but I know now that that the stuff I am interested in is best found within me
      I love to travel.

      After reading the blogs before me, I am moved to say more of myself,

      My first memories begin at age 3 - 1950. My Dad was a California State Park ranger. This park was near Bodega Bay. The Hitchcock film The Birds was made here. There was no one my age to visit. So when my Mother said "go out and play" and locked he door after my sister and me, I gravitated to the trees. Which I loved dearly. They have been and always will be my friends. Recently I became aware of the wonderful shadows they give on the road and white stucco walls. I call it tree light because if it feels like light and comes form trees.
      Then we moved to a state park on Lake Tahoe. The water is super clear like Cancun but the water is so cold you invite heart arrest if you stay in longer than 60 seconds. Again I was pretty much on my own. Our nearest neighbor was about three miles away. The snow plow did not go any further than our house. My mother looked forward to anyone who might drop by - by offering cookies, tea rings, donuts and wonderful pastries she made. They never lasted too long - we would devour these wonderful delights in seconds. This did upset her some.

      Then we moved to the city - Sacramento. Things changed for everyone. My Dad did not like his new administrative job. And he became verbally abusive to my sister and I. My Mother was happy to have sidewalks. I discovered what it was like to be around people. I was fortunate to have a good friend teach me how to do things like baseball, basketball, looking for interesting bugs in vacant lots, looking for coins of the gold rush era under old buildings. He seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth, so maybe what he wanted to do is complete. This is the way for many that I call friends.
      I see my Dad has given several gifts. There is the sense of adventure of exploring where no man has gone before (at least it felt that way).. A sense of autononomy firmly entrenched - he gave me $600 to travel through Mexico when I was 16.. To this day my benchmark for just being just Who I am is when I'm visiting nature or on an excursions to some foreign place. The best gift gave was his verbal abuse!!! Although 50 years of understanding was not helpful, when I encountered another with the same bent 50 years later, it became clear to view feelings and experiences in terms of energy. No right no wrong. No mine no yours. Just energy. Many things fell into place. What a relief.


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    I am a Direct Descendant of House Stuart 3rd duke of lennox,

    avatar_female_s. Hello.

    I am Fiona Murphy A direct descendant of House Stuart/Stewart. , also a descendant of The Royal House of de Vere von Drakenburg. You can see in the tree where they changed the spelling of Stuart to Stewert.

    My cousin presented me with my father and grandmothers Family tree. Which clearly shows We are from Esme Stuart 3rd Duke of Lennox Scotland. Making us also Direct descendant of The royal house of de Vere von Drakenburg.

    I have also laid claim to our Family name. As I found an artivcle stating House Stuart is open to those who can prove teir bloodline. there are 2 who have stepped forward, their blood goes back to 1800's ours goes back to 660. Esme was 1600.

    Ok thing is. I and my younger Cousin are the only family members aware spiritually what is going on. and I had told my cousin and friends some months back that I suspectd we were of the Annunaki line. And then last month while acessing our Akashic records, Which I now realize I have been acessing for some time. And told my cousin and friends just last month we were Elven. It turns out we are both alright. I knew it. But to have confirmation is EPIC/

    So just to let you know that this Dragon has awoken. in New Zealand, and we are coming back to claim our ansestoral seat and to be where I should to see in the new earth.

    I have known for my entire life there was going to be change and I was going to be part of it.

    For the last month I was being told to access my history. Being as i am only born in NZ and my blood is scottish and english, I had gone back as far as i could afford financially. And kept asking HOW i have not got the money. I was even considering a trip to scotland. How I have no idea, but I knew if i had to find it I would one way or another. And then this month it landed in my lap!!!!!!! And as I have alsready told everyone. YES we are Annunaki, and YES we are elven!!!!! just as I was told. and only a month after announcing we were Elven it fell into my lap. We have Pointy ears also and very lyth and athletic, tiny tho and my granny was even shorter. But I am an accomplished horse woman born to it. I started communicating with horses while healing them, Then I just acellerated from there. I have some EPIC gifts coming alive. I can see the electrical grid that has been surrounding us. And as it has been fading away I can see the Plasma field theough it. I can see things on the moon also when we are not suppose to be able to see that part of the moon. And I can speak in star. Very Powerful. I have had that ability for 25 years. but was told it was christian tongues. It was not. it NEVER sounded like theirs. And INoone could tell me why. I thought oh again im odd and left it. only to ever use it till recently as a gimmick for my children when called on to speak it like an organ grinders monkey. NOW however, I am using it to cover resistance movement missions.

    There is musch I can do and reading minds is another. it stareted with horses and now i can read minds from the other side of the world. and i do not even have to have direct contact with them, they just need a passing thought of my and im hooked in.

    I know that my cousin and I are the postive elementals here to see in the new earth. And to oversee it also. To take our place and bring back the Hermidica of peace love harmoney and abundance. We are the positives comining to take back from the negative what was stolen from us in the beginning.

    I am having serious issues trying to enter the code for your website. Everytine i enter it i just go round in a circle to have to reenter it and get nowhere.

    So good to hear your call for the dragons to wake up. We ar and we are here waiting for the shift.

    so very hope you can help me search more and find more.

    And I laid claim to the house Stuart the day before the UK pulled out of the EU. I did not know this was going to happen. but it seems to conincidental. the Elemental positives are coming back. xx

    love and harmony'

    Fiona Murphy
    New Zealand.

    I am from house Stuart and my Cousin and myself are the Positive elementals

    5:18 PM (9 hours ago)
    Fiona Murphy <>
    I cannot get past the 2 step process./ It is NOT working. I cannot access website.

    And I MUST. I landed my family tree in my lap last thursday. I am gifted and have now realized with the conformation of the family tree, that I am acessing the akashic records. As I had only told my cousin in the summer. (Im in NZ) that we were Annunaki. I saw some Morphing crafts. AND then 20 mins later I had the most bizaar experience, I stopped it. then later that day, NONE that was with, exceptt my 3 year old grandson remembered it!!!. I knew they had wiped memories. and that was the bizaar experience. I knew right then we were Annunaki. Then last month I said I dont know my cuz if its your line,( as she is my auntys granddaughter. I am of the male line, I was laaaaate in life. im like a hidden floor. of the old generation but not quite in the new either!!!! If you get what I mean). But I just KNOW we are Elven. I have always joked about it but called us pixies or leprahcorns as we have pointy ears!!! Myself and my daughter and granddaughter. we are tiny and very lyth and well balanced. Good athletes. I am HORSE MAD. have been all my life. My cousin led a different city life I have always been country minded. I am very gifted it seems. it is coming to the fore. My cousin and I she is over a decade youngerthan me are now working as a team. she is an invalid also. but i have to graft daily with the horses. I hurt. so does she. she has scoleosis, so does my sister. I can do quite a bit. and she has witnessed all i have voiced come to pass. We only have each other in the family who are on the ascension path so to speak. She does the research and guides me to what i need to see. I also do my won research. But she has the tme to dig deep.

    It came to pass last week that we are from the House Stuart/Stewart We are the direct descendants fo Esme Stuart 3rd duke of lennox. Lennox Castle Scotland. We are also of the same blood as King Charles the 1st 2nd and 3rd. and king james the 1st 2nd and 3rd. My Cousin has taken the family tree further back now knowing as I have said we ARE Elven and Annunaki and we are back to the Emerald King I think it was she said Galactic. ANCIENT.

    So Here is a Dragon who knows things are going on on the moon, as I can see things not meant to be seen by man. I know things and have done from a child. We my cousin and I are the paoitive elementals coming to take our place and see in the new earth. and to take back our rightful place and see the negative entities removed.

    I have laid claim to House stuart in scotland. I saw some articles where it states house Stuart/Stewart is open to anyone who can prove the bloodline. And the 2 that have stepped up only go back to the 1800's! How suprising......yeah right. the Rothchild takeover of money saw all of us the real royals displaced. the murdered and stole our EVERYTHING. Gone for centuries, if not longer. But we are waking up. and man oh man have I got some EPIC abilities. I communicate with horses and heal them, and from ther I have just taken off. Esp since the fence was blown apart. I saw that also. and can see the plasma field that has come through. We can prove we are house Stuart. AND I had no idea, I eradicated TV and alllll main stream ANYTHING some time ago. so unless i see any current affairs on FB thats it for me, That the day I sent the email to put in the claim for our ancestoral home, was infact the day before the UK pulled out of the EU! And the winter solstice here!! I am oblivious to what day it is. as Every day is the same with the horses day in and day out. I just do what i am told and look what I have found OUT WOOHOOO.

    So I saw your name on the top of the de Vere von Drakenburg information, and i tried many times to make contact. but just cannot get onto the webpage sadly. the 2 step activation is just not doing it.

    I am only born in NZ My father is Scottish and that was where my brother was born also. Sterling Castle is our house also. I am a pauper, honest. I live on a govt benefit due to my disability. It not nice i tell ya. And I would very much like to go back through the Murphy bloodline as their crest has a dragon. this family tree info has come down his mothers line. And my mother is english. My Dads Dad was the first Irish born scot. so we were from Ireland and the history is deep there. However I must actually travel to Ireland to do that tree. as every birth and death cert sighting from NZ costs. so would prob end up costing less to go there. So we to are the direct descendants of de Vere von Drakenburg. and even further back again.

    Was a bit distrubed to hear the Nicholas has been murdered. But not suprised. they have hunted and slaughtered us from the beginning of time. And funny as my cousin and I always felt we were being watched. I use to think it was the moon. and I would dismiss my initial reaction of fright, and think how silly its just a planet. HA, and then would become mesmerized with it!!! Now I know it was the moon. And no longer feel that initial reaction of fright any longer. I always knew and still am trying to find the signifigance with the horses is all of this. As i have been born to ride. and am extremely good at it, however have never had the money to take the competion to the levels that i would like sadly.

    Do so hope to hear back from you

    Fiona Murphy

    Hi Fiona, Scottish princess from Dragonia!

    I took the liberty to post your email introduction here and it seems you could register on this forum.
    Welcome to the library and data vault of Thuban. The forum of Susan the Exchanger might contain information akin your universal identity.



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