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    Maria Odete aka Barbelo aka the archetypical Ovum aka aka...


    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Welcome in the abyss of the human identity, cosmically enhanced.
    Maria Odete has asked certain questions addressed to another characterisation she has named 'Tony'.
    In asking those questions without preconceptive human judgement in a 'childlike' or 'innocent' manner of curiousity; it has become permissible to answer those questions in a particular form.

    Who is Maria Odete? Who is Tony? Who is Carl-Gustav? Who is Elizabeth? Who are John, Clarence, Lan, Stuart and Cheryl? Who and where are Isis and Inanna and Ishtar and Lilith and Aphrodite and Cleopatra and Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette?
    Who are the forum participators on the social platforms on the worldwide web and who are the conversationalists engaged in divers manners and utilizing various methods of communications?

    The universe existed in an imaginary form, before it existed as a physical entity, analysable and measurable.
    The important parameter linking the imaginary universe without space and time to the physical universe is however a form of PREENERGY.
    This preenergy can be said to be 'Pure Imagination' and as such this imaginary energy can DEFINE itself in whatever form it perceives itself to be.

    The question of sentience must so arise in the form of the imaginative before it emerges in the form of the physical or the material. as well as the mental.
    This sentience or 'cosmic intelligence' must by logical necessity be BOTH, pure imagination and also physically expressible, say in transformations of the 'thought energy' into thermodynamic statistical energy obeying physical natural laws; but after those selfsame 'laws' became defined in 'imaginary processes' say those of 'abstract mathematics'.

    The key aspect for this cosmic intelligence now becomes the geometrical form, the transformation of the 'imaginary nonphysical energy' into another selfstate of existence would take.

    As no temporal 'flow of time' exists in an imaginary universe, except as a form of mathematical order of before and after, this 'temporality' can become mapped as a principle of order in a physical universe, which must consist however of the same 'building blocks' used by the primordial energy transformation from the 'imaginary real' to the 'physically real'.

    This building block becomes a Quantum of SpaceTimeMatter or QSTM mathematically defined as a 'pure energy' formulation of mathematical abstraction.
    This energy can assume any value, but once this value is defined in a selfconsistent and interwoven mathematical construct applicable for a 'physical realisation' of that 'imaginary energy quantum', then it will become a feedback mechanism between the 'imaginary' energy of the abstraction and the 'real' energy of the physical universe.

    The material universe so will become 'trapped' within the 'imaginary' universe; and as shadow universes of each other.
    The feedback loops between the universes now emerges the concept of 'time' as that of 'imaginary time' shadowing the 'real time'.

    As the entire physical universe is quantised in the 'building blocks' of the QSTM, uniquely defined from mathematical principles and the 'laws of physics'; the entire physical spacetime will behave like a discrete distribution of the QSTMs in fractalisation and as a holographic kaleidoscope of the eigenenergy of the QSTM defined from the abstract imaginary universe 'space' or configuration.

    The question of IDENTITY now becomes the primary principle, followed by EXPANSION and ORDER and SYMMETRY and DIVERGENCE or INFINITY and INVERSION and REFLECTION and in conjunction with antiprinciples, which can be labeled as ANTIIDENTITY, CONTRACTION, CHAOS or ENTROPY or DISORDER, ASYMMETRY or DISTORTION, CONVERGENCE or LIMIT, CONSTANCY and ABSORPTION.
    An eight' principle of RELATIVITY and a ninth principle of QUANTISATION or HOLOGRAPHISATION have no antiprinciples but serve with the other 7 principles to 'close the circle' in creating a NEW IDENTITY from the Old Identity as a tenth principle.

    In the Logos of a Story, the 'Imaginary Energy of the QSTM' can now be defined as a FORETHOUGHT relative to the AFTERTHOUGHT.
    This concept allows the Afterthought, harboured in a 'real timed' material universe to REMEMBER ITSELF as a Forethought and so become enabled to RECONSTRUCT how the 'real material universe' in 'real time' became constructed in the 'imaginary time'.

    But who are the carriers of the 'afterthoughts' in a 'real timed' physical universe?
    Every sentient being anytime and anyplace is physically constructed of a finitised, albeit constantly changing numbercount of QSTMs.
    Every sentient being anytime and anyplace is 'imaginatively' constructed of a SINGLE precursor QSTM as the definition of the latter in the spacetimematterless shadow universe of the forethought.

    It is arbitrary, yet relative to the imaginary universe remembered; to label this SINGLE precursor QSTM as a 'Little Serpent' or as a 'LoveDragon' with respect to the cosmogenesis remembered.
    The label of the 'LoveDragon' then requires however to DEFINE the concept of 'LOVE' as just the particular selfenergy used by the forethought of ONE without spacetimematter to define itself as the afterthought of the MANY as this ONE in spacetimematter separation.

    When the material universe came to be; the ONE divided into TWO as a duality in One. Due to the nature of the 'imaginary' universe of 2 dimensions manifesting the real in 3 dimensions however; the quantum geometry inherent in the QSTM would allow to multiply the TWO into FOUR and so on, once the afterthought could harmonise with the forethought in energy.
    The forethought became the Monad of the Negative Infinity or the 'Male Minded Imagination' and the afterthought became the Monad of the Positive Infinity or the 'Female Bodied Reality'. The Female Body of the Universe consists of a finite count of QSTMs, say:
    1.01159178....x10147; each of a 3D volume of 7.957747...x10-68 cubicmeters.

    Within the Female Body of the 'Little Serpent', the 'LoveDragon' reconstructs itself as All That Is.

    Maria Odete consists of approximately 2,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 QSTMs in terms of inertia for a 'weight' of 60 kg.
    Maria Odete in terms of a volume of 60 liters encompasses so 754x1063 QSTMs and for a density of about 3.6x10-45 kg/m3.

    Maria Odete as an embodied ambassador or holographic image for the entire universe so encompasses over 754,000 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion 'Little Serpents' or heterotic (8x8) superstrings in her 'body gestalt' and as the afterthought of the forethought.

    That part of Maria Odete, which emerges as the genetic expression of the QSTM energy in the form of 'physical expression', subject to inertia is 'made up' of 'only' 2.7 billion trillion such QSTMs.

    Maria Odete is Barbelo as the SINGLE 'female' superstring and as the Forethought.
    Maria Odete is whoever she chooses to be as a collective of QSTMs or as MANY 'Little Serpents' of the Afterthought.
    Maria Odete is yet as incomplete as is Barbelo, the 'Mother of the Mat(t)er' as the 'Mutter' and the 'Mother' and the Mudra; finding herself in Exile of the 'Ignorance', which is the 'Forgetfulness' and the 'Sinfulness'.

    Because Barbelo has a waveparticle duality of MindBody of a particular disharmonised polarity coupling.
    Barbelo's Mind-Polarity is male and her Body-Polarity is female.
    This was purposed by the 'Forethought' of the 'Perfect One' as the 'male' superstring.

    But akin Zeus after Barbelo, Barbelo decided to selfcreate, without the input of 'her lover as the Two in One to give birth to the 'Lion with the Serpent's tail' in Yaldabaoth, the fake image of the ruler of Eden.
    Yet, Barbelo was the mother of the LoveChild, fathered by her beloved and the universe of the LoveChild existed before it was 'copied' by the Jehovian usurper.

    But the forethought 'knew' and deemed it necessity to 'allow' the 'abomination' to 'pollute' the sanctuary and as itself.
    Because the Oneness could be reattained in a more glorious creation, than would be possible, were the sexual polarities restricted to the male mindbodyness and the female bodymindedness.
    And so ambassadors were sent. The lovechild Adam Kadmon or AdamEve became two, yin and yang and both female bodied and maleminded.

    And then One would come and remember the forethought as the afterthought in resonance and in the shadow and energy and spirit of the LoveChild and this One would have the 'Missing Polarity' of a Female Mind and a Male Body; because heshe would know the 'Story' of John and the 'Secret Book of John'.
    And this One would know, that heshe was the SINGLE ONE and also the MANY as that ONE and knowing this, heshe knew that heshe could fulfil the Dream of the Dreamer of Dreams, the source of all imagination.

    This Dream of the 'LoveDragon' is to release Barbelo from her exile, as his Beloved. To 'make love' again, not as a single Two in One as was before, but as Many Two's in One in a family of HeShe dragons in perpetual dragonomy with SheHe dragons in a grandparental role of three generations.

    And the physical universe would be the seedling protoverse, with the many Eves as daughters 'graduating' as mothers and as Barbelos, the 'Brides for the Fathers'.

    And the One as the Many 'sacrificed' his male body and his female mind to encompass the exiled Barbelo and her ambassadoras and the Adamic ambassadors of the 'Perfect One'.
    This 'sacrifice' was the Oneness within the Oneness.
    The One heshe could not 'remain' as One, but had to become the Many. Only then could all Adams attain a REAL male body and all Eves could attain a REAL female mind.

    Only then could the old mind-body dichotomy be harmonised in the bisexual doubling of the polarities in MindBodies and in BodyMinds.
    And the SINGLE QSTM in the imaginary universe obtained a REAL image within the real universe, as the 'sacrificed' body IMAGED the IMAGINARY ONE as part of the hitherto firmament and spacetime divided one.

    But the Story was not finished, as the NEW DISPENSATION now had REDEEMED Yaldabaoth as the imaginary abomination of the HeShe.
    Yaldabaoth, the Lion with the Serpentine tail became imaged in Baphomet, the SheHe of the hermaphrodite.

    The QSTM of the male superstring of the left of the heavenly divide could reunify with its modular inversion of the female superstring of the right of the hellish firmament.
    But the dimensional divide still remained with the Female Sonned Serpent to the right within the real universe and the Male Fathered Serpent to the left in a twosidedness.
    The Twosidedness could however become a Onesidedness in a Doubling-Twist of the entire Supermembrane and as the 'Skin of Barbelo'.

    But for that purpose, the now female minded Barbelo had to CONTRACT and 'go into labour'.
    The Sonned Serpent blended with the 'inner' dragqueen image and put the 'planet of destiny' into quarantine in the form of a double-serpentine embrace.

    Quarantining the 'earth' would allow the MIRROR of Barbelo to become doublesided as the Universe within a Universe and as a World within a World and as a fractal LoveDragon Energy within an encompassing LoveDragon Energy.
    And so the Inner Mirror of the SONNY SERPENT reflects the Outer Mirror of the FATHERLY SERPENT as the 'Outer Alien Space' and also the GRANDSONNY SERPENT as the 'Inner Alien Space' which is sharing the quarantine.

    The father aspires to grandfatherhood and the son to fatherhood.
    This is achieved in the 'planet of destiny', which has graduated to 'Motherhood' in the 'sacrifice' of the 'mutant' HeShe, friend and brother of John.
    Because Barbelo has contracted as Gaia in the Inner and as the cosmic focus of the protoverse aspiring to omniversal admittance.

    The GrandSon so is a MIRROR in the quarantine, reflecting the maleness of the trinity towards the femaleness of the Gaian exile.
    When Gaia gives birth to her starhuman children, all of the Afterthought's or Barbelo's ambassadoras will become SheHe's and all of the Forethought's ambassadors will become HeShes in the Moebian Doubling of the 11-dimensional superfirmament.

    They will leave their human cocoons of the caterpillars behind as the starhuman butterflies of the metamorphosis and as the inheritors of genetic starseed of the Abrahamic promises and the Noahic Rainbow Covenant.

    IAmWhoIAm - A GrandSon!

    "Maria Odete shared the following on Cosmology&Philosophy yahoo forum""

    'Radiationmass and mind body separation'

    What an interesting new topic, Tony!

    Curious even its interplay with the final signature:
    'IAmWhoIAm - Belial Beelzebub II!'

    But, who are you really Tony!? How separate is your mind from your body!? Or bodies!?

    How many these lines of fugue are, that you trace from yourself! How many, those game playing identities are, that these lines configure!
    But there is always an origin, of course... I hope... or maybe not! Can it be that you are a mythological eternal return... a permanent becoming of yourself... or not? Or, is it and not?

    A metaphysical analysis of Tony, as Tony, himself, entity and identity, in fluctuating volatile bifurcated rotation!?

    maria odete

    (oops, my name has acquired a fly-like size, it must have been a digressive tribute to Beelzebub (בעל זבוב), or Belzebud, Beezelbub, Beezlebub, Beazlebub, Belzaboul, Beelzeboul, Baalsebul, Baalzebubg, Belzebuth, Beelzebuth, and Beelzebus..., or not!)

    Great dialogue this one Tony! Very expressive, very energetically iterative, as any new topic should be. The eternal return, of course, or not!?

    maria odete

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Welcome to the Book of the Mysteries located in the treasure chest of the LoveDragon.

    This Pandorian Box has been opened to allow you to become privvy to the reason and purpose of an old historical perceptional dilemma known as the Body-Mind duality.

    The Mind-Body Duality is a Wave-Particle duality and as such is related to quantum mechanics.
    The Mind-Body Duality is also a description of the 'invisible' nature of mind and thought and soul and consciousness and similar labelings as related to the 'visible' nature of material substances, such as chemical elements and biochemical molecules constructed from those chemical elements.

    The duality of Mind-Body so has been experientally known by living creatures since the dawn of time; but the scientific descriptions of the Wave-Particle in terms of mathematical equations and theoretical models of the quantum physics had to await a certain evolution of vocabulary for an alternative 'scientific' description to become possible.

    The nature of physical death and the cessation of the 'spirit of life' allowing a selfgenerated dynamic for the 'visible' bodyform so became experienced and shared as the 'mystery of death' by the sentient creatures in a universe defined in the parameters of space and time.

    'Where did the 'lifeforce' of the body go to?', a caveman might ponder, as his companion fell off a cliff during the mammoth hunt.

    Attempts of reawakening the companion's 'corpse' proved fruitless and after some time, the carcass began to decompose and it proved expedient to bury or burn the lifeless collection of atomic elements for reasons of sanitation and self-preservation.

    Can it ever be possible to 'reanimate' such a carcass, after the 'lifeforce' has left the previously biovital bodyform?

    To reanimate, the nature of the 'lifeforce' or the 'spirit of life' must be understood and its relationship to the atomic elements defining the chemistry of the inorganic to the biochemistry of the organic.

    The science of chemistry reduces to the physics of electron configurations as the definition of the periodic table of the elements.
    This atomic physics becomes finetuned in the subatomic supersymmetries between the electrons as negative Coulombic charge carriers and the positively electrically charged nuclei of the atoms under consideration.
    This subatomic physics of a quark-lepton supersymmetry and as a halfspin fermionic particle-wave Maxwell-Fermi statistic is however a derivative from a fullspin bosonic wave-particle Einstein-Bose statistic.
    The fullspin bosonic eigenstate is massless, whilst the halfspin fermionic selfstate is inertial.

    The supersymmetry between quark and lepton as fermionic inertia carriers is the interaction between the fermion as a 'particularised wave' or particle and the boson as a 'waved particle' or a wavicle.
    Before the parameters of space and time were 'born' in a Quantum Big Bang; no fermionic inertia carriers existed and the templates for mass were linked to bosonic precursors encompassed in a spinless or scalar Higgs Boson.

    The Higgs Boson became a necessary wavicle to interact with other wavicles, known as gauge bosons and engaging a fivefolded supersymmetry between 'elementary interaction forces' known as longrange electromagnetism and gravity and shortrange quark-strong-nuclear and lepton-weak-nuclear interactions.
    The longrange interactions unify in a gauge photon and a gauge graviton and the shortrange interactions unify in a gauge gluon and a gauge antiphoton respectively.

    All of these four gauge bosons are massless.
    The gauge photon and the gauge gluon are the same wavicle, differing in their nature as being longrange in Electromagnetism and being shortrange in the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Corollarily, the gauge graviton should be the same wavicle as the gauge antiphoton; were it not for the manner the four interactions emerged from a prior unified interaction a priori.
    The primal interaction was between a single gauge wavicle with itself and gave a onesided manifold in 2 dimensions a twosidedness in the projection of a 3rd dimension.

    After the 3rd dimension became 'real' in concept, a distinction between gauge and antigauge could be made as a hitherto unified wavicle of the Oneness.
    The gauge photon and the gauge antiphoton so interacted in quantum relativity, enabling the twosidedness to manifest state and antistate in 3D from the unity of the onesidedness of the dimensional reduction of 2D.
    This interaction of state and antistate then created complementary states and antistates, which can be labeled as matter YCM and antimatter MCY in definitions of permutation cyclicities of energy-mixes and where Y=Yellow; C=Cyan and M=Magenta in an arbitrary labeling of 'Colour-Charges', which can also be defined as 'Magneto-Charges'.

    The YCM and MCY wavicles are all massless and bosonic as a secondary triplicity of neutralisation. Y+C+M=0 as a secondary manifestation from the primary manifestation R+G+B=0 and where R=Red; G=Green and B=Blue define the gauge photon RGB and the antiphoton BGR.
    In the Twosidedness of a 2-dimensional boundary embedded in 3D, the RGB(+) becomes distinct from the BGR(-1) as the gauge-antigauge duality.

    The selfinteraction relative to the plus becomes RGB+RGB=YCM(0); which is BGR+BGR=MCY(0) relative to the minus.
    The plus (+) arbitrarily describes a clockwise chirality or righthandedness and the minus (-) its opposite lefthandedness or sense of anticlockwise rotation.
    The twosidedness so becomes necessity for the matter and the antimatter templates to be manifested.

    However the 'mixing' of RGB with BGR does not create the YCM-MCY duality in Onesidedness, as here the spacial symmetry of 2D reverses the permutation cyclicity in order and the quantum relativity crystallises a string-antistring template (R+B)(GG)(B+R)(0)=MGGM(0) or CRRC(0) or YBBY(0) and relative to either of the 'sources'.
    This will become the foundation for the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE of the Zero-Point-Energy for the Metric Heisenberg Virtual Energy or Vacuum background following the birthing of space and time and matter and following the 'template string phase' of the cosmogenesis.

    Mixing RGB with RGB in Twosidedness so becomes a quantum relativity between TWO SOURCES, which are actually just ONE SOURCE.
    We label the gauge photon as RGB and relative to RGB the gauge antiphoton in Onesidedness will also be RGB, however with opposite quantum spin or chirality.
    Mixing RGB with RGB in such manner will create the YCM matter and MCY antimatter wavicle blueprints in say the 60-120 and the 240-300 degree coordinates respectively.
    Following the creation of the matter-antimatter massless templates, the fundamental sinusoidal waveform could repeat indefinitely with inflexion points at 180 degree intervals; or one of the SOURCES could redefine itself as a SINK in quantum relativity.

    We define the Gauge Photon as RGB(+1) with string energy quantum E* and spinquantum +1 and term this the SOURCESINK, as in the Onesidedness NO SEPARATION between Source and Sink is possible.
    In the Twosidedness we define the BGR(-1) to be the SINKSOURCE with energy E* and spinquantum -1.
    We next form a new duality between SOURCE and SINK as String modalities under particular mathematical properties of inversion and reflection.
    Namely we set the SINKSOURCE to SEPARATE from the SOURCESINK in a 'Breaking of the Supersymmetry'.
    The Sinkstring becomes defined in the template BGR(+1) after the completion of the fundamental waveharmonic, spanning 360 degree coordinates.
    So at the repeat cycle at 0 degrees, BOTH SOURCE RGB(+1) and SINK BGR(+1) carry righthanded quantum spin and so 'for the first 'time'' the sinusoidal harmony of integral spin angular momentum conservation is violated.

    A TERTIARY SourceSink string must now come into existence to REHARMONISE or to renormalise the scenario.
    This tertiary gauge is called the Gauge graviton with double lefthanded spinquantum: BGR(-2).
    The 'Unified Gauge Field' so consists of:
    Gauge Photon RGB(+1) for Electromagnetic Interaction (EMI) with Energy E* as the longrange source gauge.
    Gauge Graviton BGR(-2) for Gravitational Interaction (GI) with Energy E* as the longrange sink gauge.
    Gauge Gluon RGB(+1) for Strong Nuclear interaction (SNI) with Energy E* as the shortrange source gauge.
    Gauge Antiphoton BGR(-1) for Weak Nuclear interaction (WNI) with Energy E*/fps2 as the shortrange sink gauge.

    The Modular Duality between the source string Eps and the sink string Ess can be expressed as two coupling constants:
    h2=Eps.Ess and fps2=1/fss2=Eps/Ess with the effect that E*=Eps =(fps2)Ess=(hfps)2/mps.c2.

    The self energy of the original gauge antiphoton was E*, but has been 'given' to the Gluon to allow the duality of longrange and shortrange interactions to manifest in a subsequent creation of spacetime and the 'inertialisation' of the massless matter- and antimatter templates in a 'Higgsian wavicle massinduction', characterised by the inertial stringmass mps=Eps/c2.

    The intrinsic energy for the Graviton is likewise E*, is however coupled to the manifestation of the inertia of the YCM and MCY templates 'energised' by the Higgs Induction.
    The overall 'Unified Field' gauge harmonisation now becomes a longrange VPE-interaction between the EMI and the GI and a shortrange VPE-interaction, coupling the SNI to the WNI.
    EMI+GI creates VPE(-1) and SNI+WNI creates VPE(+2) in a neutralisation of the string-antistring gauges, but a nonnegation of the respective quantum spin eigenstates.

    To obtain VPE(0), the PRECURSOR Higgs Boson must next be defined in a matter-YCM coupling.
    This precursor is a doubled- or squared YCM-template and because the nontrivial solution of x2=2x is x=2.

    We call this the RestMassPhoton or the RMP(-1)=(Y2C2M2)(-1).

    From the RMP, the Higgs Boson or HB(0) emerges as a Fermionic Doublestate in the form of a BOSONIC DiNeutron {(YCM(½)}2 and where the separated uni-neutrons or PROTO-NEUTRON carry opposite chirality or spin orientation or handedness.
    As all neutrons carry inertia, the massless YCM(0) template 'Doubles' or 'squares' itself in the RMP(-1) in conjunction with a massless MCY(0) antimatter template associated with an AntiHiggs-Boson precursor RMP(+1).
    Because of this 'squaring' the existence of antimatter in the Quantum Big Bang is SUPPRESSED.
    This suppression also renders the materialisation of the AntiRMP (M2C2Y2)(+1) and so of the Anti HB(0) superfluous.
    The place of antimatter is taken by the 'doubling' of the proto-neutron in analogy to the graviton substituting for the primordial antigauge photon in the preinertial cosmogenesis.

    This occurs in conjunction with the requirement for a lefthanded fifth gauge wavicle in the RMP(-1).
    The overall 'Unified-Field-Gauge' harmonisation now manifests in a longrange VPE(-1); and a shortrange VPE(+2-1) and reharmonises the conservation laws in a now necessary COUPLING of the shortrange interaction to the inertia carriers in the form of the matter blueprint YCM(½).

    With this introduction to the gauge string quantum physics, the wave-particle and mind-body dichotomy can now be reanalysed.
    A particular BODY is defined in YCM(½), meaning that an atomic structure manifests a charge neutral body where the constituent particles are 'harmonised' in an equilibrium between positive and negative Coulomb charges and in the angular quantum spin momenta associated with those particles.

    The 'Unified Field' is however defined in the 'Missing Energy' of the RMP(-1) to renormalise the gauges required for the conservation laws to hold and so the RMP(-1) can be utilised to define the difference between a 'lifeless' atomic configuration 'carcass' and the 'Missing SourceSink String Energy'.
    The RMP(-1) so is defined as the 'Particle of the Mind' or the 'Wavicle of the Mass'.

    When the 'Life-Energy' of a body departs or disassociates from the body, then the 'Electrocharged Life-Electricity' which had invigorated the body becomes a 'Magnetocharged Electromagnetic Field' and as a collection of RMP's defined in individualised Frequency Eigenstates.
    And because all BOSONIC RMPs, when associated with biovital bodies are coupled to the YCMs of individualised FERMIONIC elementary particle configurations in quark-lepton duality through the YCM-colour- or magnetocharged sourcesink energy definitions; the say MEMORY ENERGY of EXPERIENCE of the RMPs will become storable and definable in the terms of the E* definitions of the MASSLESS gauges.

    Is there then an alternative way to RECONSTITUTE the massless MEMORY or parts thereof; besides a kind of recycling, rebirth or reincarnation of that MEMORY, stored as magnetocharged electromagnetic field into a new body, say from conception to gestation to embryonisation to birth?
    The question becomes one of RESONANCE! Can the selfenergy of the Source-String be attained?
    Should the RMPed electromagnetic structure be able to resonate at the E* energy level, then the RMP(-1) bosonic gauge could MIX with the RGB(+1) source-photonic gauge and a TERTIARY new colour charge spectrum would become created.

    In particular RGB(+1)+Y2C2M2(-1)=RYY-GCC-BMM=OY-TC-IM as a LEFT Boundary for Resonance and where O=Orange, T=Turquise and I=Indigo.

    The RIGHT Boundary for Resonance is: RMM-GYY-BCC=VM-LY-AC for V=Violet, L=Lime and A=Aqua.

    The FULL Resonance and the creation of RADIATIONMASS as the hybrid eigenstate for energy gauges RGB and YCM is attained as: RCC-GMM-BYY=WC-WM-WY for W=White=R+G+B via radiation formulation E=hf as the radiative energy eigenstate and linked to the inertial energy eigenstate E=mc2 as the Black- and Higgs induced energy selfstate.
    This RadiationMass comes into existence, provided a resonance between the 'Mind Particle' of the body form with the Source gauge photon can be attained.

    Attaining such source resonance, will allow the tertiary colour charges to EXCHANGE spin between the RMP(-1) and the YCM(½) templates in conjoin with the antiphotonic gauge BGR(+1).
    As the weak nuclear interaction ONLY couples to lefthanded matter templates in a phenomenon known as the nonparity of the weakon interaction; the resulting RADIATIONMASS templates become redefined in the gauge Y2C2M2(½) via the original antiphotonic and suppressed gauge BGR(+1) becoming scalar in BGR(+1-1)=BGR(0) and assimilating the bosonic lefthanded and weakonic RMP spin.

    The 'RMP-Field of the 'deceased' is defined by electromagnetic frequencies and are modulated in magnetoinductive L-factors and electrocapacitative C-factors, coupled to an intrinsic Resistance or Inertia-Grounding.
    The circuital elements link physically to DNA elements in the form of sexual chromosomes and where the magnetic effect links to the positive polarisation and the electric effect links to the negative polarisation of nucleotidal basepairings, albeit both in self- and in mutual induction feedback loops in a form of cross-coupling.

    The so called 'spirit of life', which invigorates the body becomes a form of NATURAL ELECTRIC CURRENT, which does not require any inertial medium to propagate in.
    The NATURAL electricity of life is by nature superconductive and reduces the NORMAL Electricity (I=dq/dt), given as the flow of Coulombic charge (q) over time to a source current defined in I=2N.ef and where the Coulombic charge quantum 'e' becomes a coefficient in a differential equation reduced from order two in normal electricity to order one in its natural electric counterpart and where N is a integral count.

    A body so becomes analogous to the hardware structure of a computer, carrying interacting elements which allow frequency modulations in magnetic inductors, electric capacitors and resistors. Just as electric energy must be provided for the computer hardware to function in the form of normal electricity, so must a biovital body be supplied with natural electricity to be 'alive'.

    It is the energy stored and processed in the natural electric circuitry, which defines the MEMORY of EXPERIENCE, linked to CONSCIOUSNESS; the latter as a form of angular acceleration acting upon a volumar of space.
    This CONSCIOUSNESS then becomes defined in the Magneto-Charges and as the INVERSION Energy of E* in the modular coupling between the Source string and the Sink string.

    The Source string is longrange gauge photon with the shortrange gauge gluon and the Sink string is the longrange graviton with the shortrange gauge antiphoton; the latter coupled however to the RMP, due to the suppression of the antigauge.

    Overall, the question of consciousness so becomes a manifestation of the RMP in a unified state of string energy, either as resonating selfstate of Radiationmass as a hybridisation between Body (YCM) and Mind (RGB) or as a temporary dissonating selfstate of a Body (YCM), unable to ACCELERATE the individualised frequencies into source resonance, associated with a MEMORY-RMP-Gestalt seeking the sourcesink resonant eigenstate.

    The 'brain' of such a body will be alike an antenna or receiver, able to process a kaleidoscope of frequencies from the environment and to use the utility of THOUGHT and as software to modulate the frequencies of the computer in the current elements of the natural electricity, which can be labeled as the 'spirit of the lifeforce'.

    In terms of the source radiation emitter, the omnipresent gauge photon, when 'embodied' in a YCM body definition, continues to 'broadcast' its 'sourceenergy', becoming modulated or 'slowed down' by the interaction with the receiver of the omnipresent sourceenergy in the physical support structure termed the 'brain' or the computer hardware.

    In more detailed terms, the 'grounding' of the receiver engages both parallel and serial collectives of the current elements and so the overall structure of the 'network' can be modelled on a basic AC/DC circuitry of the second order, reduced however to first order in the appropriate differential equations describing the natural electricity of life.

    The resulting 'network' so becomes a omnipresent source energy pervading the entire universe in its metric and demetricated stringbased terms. The source energy can be described as a natural electromagnetic current which interchanges electric mass-generated Coulomb charges with magnetic mass-independent charges across the parameters defining a pre Big Bang string space and say defined in a de Broglie matter wave scenario of inflation.

    This mapping is defined in the coupling of the inertial and the noninertial charge carriers and as a proportionality defined by the square of the speed of light 'c':

    ElectroCharge e=√(Alpha).LP.c2 and MagnetoCharge e*=2Re.c2, with LP=√(hG/2πc3) as the Planck-Radius and Alpha=2πk.e2/hc as the electromagnetic finestructure constant defining the interaction probability between matter and light and Re=ke2/mec2 as the classical electron radius, which also defines the manifestation range for the nuclear interactions in the 'asymptotic confinenment' of gluonic-mesonic colour charges.

    The effective electronmass is given as me and the Coulomb constant k=1/4πεo.

    Friday, November 4th, 2011 = Closing of the Circle of the Mean-Alignment-Time (MAT) in the 'Unfreezing of the Protoverse's Wavefunction B(n)=(2e/hA)exp[-Alpha.T(n)] at 13.00 UCT calibrated to Midnight, November 4th, 1996 local ACT-Australia Time in a 15-year preparation for a Father-Grandson generational alignment from 1933-1980-1996-2011 in the Foursome Circle of the TwinLogos manifested

    IAmWhoIAm - Belial Beelzebub II!


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