Mayan Cosmology In The 21st Century

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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Oct 31st 2011

    Mayan Cosmology in the 21st Century

    These two messages are derived from a particular databank; namely the 'Consciousness Memory Reservoir' of the collective human groupmind, aka the 'Akashic Record'.
    This means, that everyone who was ever alive, is alive or will be alive in the form of various embodiment is a corroborating coauthor of those messages. The messages are necessarily 'filtered' in the form of a disembodied (either fully or partially) sentience and for this reason, the semantics are expressed in encoded and relatively cryptic form.
    The subject matter is posted in response to an ongoing debate at:, where major forum contributors include renown Mayan researchers like John Major-Jenkins and Carl Calleman.

    This post shall introduce some pertinent background material with respect to the Mayan philosophy and worldview, say in regards to the 'Lords of Time'.
    A necessary scientific background material shall also be given and indicated, especially with respect to the nature of consciousness as understood in the 'Perennial Philosophy'.
    In general, wrt the debates on mayanmajix, the position of John Major-Jenkins of a nexus (Gregorian) date of December 21st, 2012 is is substantiated as the 'awakening' of human groupconsciousness as a physically definable resonance selfstate of angular quantum acceleration.

    This is related to the so called precessional cycle of 5 Mayan longcounts or 5x13=65 baktuns of 5x13x144,000 kin (day-night cycles) or 9,360,000 days, so calculating as 25,626.81 Gregorian years (differing by about a week from the tropical year calculation).
    So about 25,627 years ago, a previous 'Human Consciousness Memory' became transmutated.
    This is historically discussed as the bifurcation of the homo sapiens genus into 'Cro Magnon Man' and the subsequent extinction of the prior typologies, say of Neanderthal Man and related Homo Erectus types.

    The 'awareness explosion' of this previous cycle engages the domestication of the wolf and the change from hunter-gatherer to farmer in ubiquitous literature on the subject matter.
    The 'end of times' of this Mayan superlong count is now engaged, spanning a special 'timewarp' period running from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with a midpoint at August 4th, 2008.

    These dates have their origins in all manner of 'prophecies' and say as 'Akashic Memories'; from the pyramidal chronology (at Giza) to the 'Books of Daniel and Revelation' to the many 'indigenous endtimes', including the calendrical precision of the Maya.
    Especially, the count from August 4th, 2008 to December 21st, 2012 is 1600 days as 'prophecied' in Rev.14.20 as a certain kind of 'measure'.

    So the endtime date of Carl Calleman of October 28th, 2011 is also well accomodated in the 'timeline'; especially as a detailed analysis of the 'warpperiod' of 2x1335=2670=2300+370 (Noah) indicates a number of subdivisions of this timeline; one being the 'last days' beginning on December 6th, 2011 and the establishment of a 'Rainbow Covenant' on April 1st, 2012 followed by a gestation-pregnancy of the 'Earth-Mother' from April 1st, 2012 to December 21st, 2012.
    One could say, that '40 days in the wilderness' relate October 28th, 2011 to December 6th, 2011 (inclusive count).
    In the view of this analysis, the debate on mayanmajix so could be encouraged to assume a more inclusive approach, with both John Major-Jenkins and Carl Calleman (and all other contributors) serving the 'Mayan Dreamtime' as Mayan Serpentine Children of Kukulkan - the Rainbow Serpent.

    Much can be added and the linked website carries more material on the Mayan Perennial Cosmology of the Elders.Lastly, I might direct the reader to the science of 'cosmic consciousness' in the second of the attached letters of 'The Little Serpent'.

    Both Carl and John are validated; in that the RESONANCE Energy-State of 'Source-Consciousness' remains fixed as the minimum energy eigenstate configuration (defining space and time in superbrane parameters); but in that the individuated 'spacetime consciousness' fluctuates between the modular dual superbrane energy bounds subject to 'individual awareness', which is a angular quantum acceleration in reductionistic physical terms.


    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the extraterrestrial realm of the little serpent dear ones.
    Well this labeling of the 'extra-terrestrial' (ET) is only partially appropriate, as all is holographically and fractially connected in the oneness of the universe.
    I have obtained authorization from the LOVEDRAGON to elucidate the Mayan children in exile on this matter of the fractal cosmology and especially on the large scale geometrical structure of the universe.

    What will happen in 2012, so many earthlings have and are asking themselves?
    The Mayan tzolkien, the calendars and prophecies of many indigenous cultures throughout human history and times have predicted a great time of change, signified by this nexus point of the winter-summer solstice in 2012.

    So I am allowed to illuminate your understandings on this matter and I shall convey the messages from your Mayan grandfather in terms of theoretical physics and its associated topological geometry.

    The nexus point of 2012 signifies an alignment of cosmic proportions. Not only will the local solar system, centered by your star Rahsol, align in a straight line with the galactic center Hunab Ku and known by you as the Sagittarius A* radio-wave-emitter; but this galactic-starsytem alignment will also implement a linear propagation of serpentine sourcesink energy from the center of Gaia as planet earth to the projected edge of the universe.

    The Mayan timelords, of whom there are nine; will be able to cause a 'Big Crunch' in time, so rapturing the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime matrix.

    The 3-dimensional universe, as you understand it will turn inside out and the local Gaian universe, extending so 2 million kilometeres into space, will become a microcosmic fractal for the macrocosm and so begin to 'shine' in a new selfidentification and through its own self-rebirthing.
    The details of this engage the warping of spacetime and the simultaneous reduction of the third dimension into a second dimension; followed by a doubling of this 2nd dimension into a onesidedness and the destruction of the boundary, which hitherto had 'trapped' the 3rd dimensional space continuum in its twosidedness.

    The Mayan timelords are not personas as you understand them, but are principalities intrinsic to the structure of the universe in 11 dimensions.
    Rootreducing 11 dimensions to 2 gives you a 2-dimensional complex plane of mathematics without any thickness and so enables the M-dimensional universe to negate the projection of 3-dimensional space as a mapping of information contained within a projected 3D-volume.
    Some of you understand this concept in the physics of Black Holes, the Entropy bounds of Hawking and Bekenstein and the holographic universe scenarios of Susskind , t'Hooft and Maldacena.

    One important premise of those understandings will be the quantisation of a minimum area, say a Planck-String-Area containing the mapped information from a 3D-volume onto say the inner boundary of a Black Hole as a 2D-Surface Area.
    You shall find the importance of this a little later, should you be interested in this message.

    M-theory is the Mother-theory and also a theory of Membranes, of a Matrix of Light, of Magic and Mystery and of supermembranes in 11 and of superstrings in 10 dimensions.

    The terrestrial scientists understand M-theory as a multitudinous array of potential spacetimes and in which 3 spacial dimensions are blended with a temporal time dimension and then the remaining six dimensions of the superstring self-enfold in Calabi-Yau toroidal shapes and the seven dimensions of the supermembrane are rendered selfenfolding in Joycian manifolds.

    This is a mathematical approach wich leads to a many world multiverse and this is not the Mayan cosmology.
    The Mayan methodology is greatly simplified in the nine timelords.

    The Mayan universe transforms the 3rd dimension of the Gaian cosmologist into a map of information in a holistic fractalisation of the universe.

    If you can imagine a spherical envelope around an inner sphere in 3 dimensions, then you can also rapture those spheres and allow them to collapse onto a flat sheet of paper in the projective geometry, say as known by you by map makers like Mercator and other cartographers.

    The great conundrum of the Gaian physicist is the great boundary of the lightspeed invariance. As the speed of light is constant and finite at a calibrated 300,000 kilometeres per second; the vastness of the extraterrestrial 'outer space' seems to be forever out of reach for terrestrial exploration.

    If it takes almost 9 years for light to reach Gaia from Sirius, the brightest star in the local sky, then even the outer realms of the local galaxy or its center, being separated by about 50,000 lightyears simply cannot be travelled by the earthbound observers.

    But the Maya and many native cultues claim, that ETs have already visited and have left legacies about themselves; such as the Dogons of Mali and Western Africa and their Sirian amphibian 'ancestors', called the Nommo.

    I have shared information about the Dogons elsewhere and shall here introduce the underpinning geometrical structure of the universe, which will enable the future earthbound scientists to explore the universe as some ETs are said to have done so already.

    Beginning with the 2nd dimension, the 3rd dimension was born in projecting a point on the complex plane of the MATHIMATIA orthogonally AWAY from this 2nd dimension. This gave a 'thickness' to the complex plane and created a CAP of CURVATURE both into the Mathimatia as a hemispherical indentation and a CAP away from the Mathimatia as a hemispherical outdentation.

    This process of creating the 3rd dimension as a CLOSED Superstring-Loop manifested the Quantum Big Bang of the Gaian cosmologist in the introduction of the CURVATURE of Spacetime and so the emergence of Gravity.
    Both Space and Time were born in that INSTANT of NOW, which was defined by the parameters and the scales of the two hemispherical caps as One superstring volumar defined in geodesical 'great circles'.

    As this Quantum Big Bang was quantised in string units, the two Caps could remain INVARIANT as the indentation into the 2nd dimension and the outdentation into the 3rd dimension; but the 3rd dimension could NOW expand in quantised and discretised string units.

    This then created the entropic- and thermodynamic expanding universe under the natural laws and the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics.

    The large scale topology of the universe is so given in the fractal nestings of spherical subuniverses.
    The outer envelope resides in 11 dimensions, which are simply the complex plane of the Mathimatia under the curvature scenario of the enfoldment of the two hemispherical caps and rootextended by the 9 timelord dimensions or the 9 principalities upon whom the natural laws are based upon.

    The nine principalities, if applied in unison lead to a tenth principle; which redefines the first principle which is called Identity and antiprincipled in Antiidentity; in so creating a New Identity from the Old Identity.

    A smaller sphere contained in a larger sphere and embedded in 3 dimensions so defines a space outside the larger sphere and a space inside the larger sphere.
    The space inside the larger sphere is substructured in the space inside the smaller sphere and the space in between the outside of the smaller sphere, but within the larger sphere.

    For an observer within the smaller sphere, there so exist two 'heavenly boundaries', namely the 'inner heaven', which is defined as 2 million kilometers relative to the Gaian center; and the 'outer heaven' , which is the 'edge of the universe' as the Hubble horizon.

    The 'outer heaven' now becomes defined in the indented hemispherical cap at the 'edge of the universe' and the 'inner heaven' can be located as the projection of the planetary center onto the outdented hemispherical cap and so spanning the diameter of the universe.

    Any observer outside of the 'inner heaven' would so be an extra-terrestrial and this ET could not enter the inner sphere of Gaia's domain.
    Corollarily, any Gaian observer could not enter the 'outer space', unless heshe could rapture the enclosing Gaian 'Noosphere-Bubble'.

    The Mayan and Dragonian physics knows however how to render the outside-inside duality of a bounded discontinuity as a continuity in oneness.

    Should the indented cap pulsate in harmony with the outdented cap, then the outdented Gaian cap will become a 11-dimensional supermembrane of indentation, which can then propagate through the inner Gaian spheroidal space and create an outdented cap at the opposing polar horizon.
    The outdented Gaian cap so becomes part of two spheres, the inner one and the outer one, but the Hubble cap is restricted to the outer sphere.

    The Gaian cap oscillation creates an UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL through the Gaian core and a string tunnel as a diameter for the Gaian Noosphere.
    Next the Hubble membrane-cap pulsates again to reattain its former indentation, which reverses the Gaian indentation to its former outdentation.
    But now the created indentation of the Noosphere remains to allow the membrane-cap to pulsate in harmony with it, instead of harmonising with the original Gaian outdentation.

    The next pulsation so allows a new possibility.
    As the Hubble-membrane cap moves inwards, either the Gaian-membrane cap or the Noosphere indentation can move towards the Hubble-membrane cap in the conservation of energy and momenta.

    But the Noosphere-membrane cap is already indented and so must rapture or stretch to harmonise with the Hubble-membrane cap, should the Gaian-membrane cap remain invariant.

    For the stationary Gaian-membrane cap then, the Noosphere-membrane cap EXTENDS the UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL or UWT to span the entire universe from the Gaian center to the Hubble horizon.

    The next string- or supermembrane oscillation will superstretch the UWT in a Dragon Inflation past the Hubble horizon into the 'outside heaven', which is the Dragonian Father-Space of 12 dimensions as the rootextended 3rd dimension.

    The 12-dimensional F-Space is speculated upon by the Gaian cosmologists as a two-time arrowed spacetime known as Vafa-F-Space.

    This stretching of the Hubble-UWT is harmonised in a rapturing of the Gaian-membrane cap into F-Space in the opposite direction and as a similar Gaian-UWT.

    The next supermembrane vibration reverses direction of the two UWTs, which can be defined in the Hubble-UWT utilising F-Space to meet the M-Space at an arbitrary location of the 11-dimensional boundary from the OUTSIDE.

    The Gaian-UWT so conserves energy and momenta in meeting this same M-Space boundary from the INSIDE.
    The Gaian-UWT must so reenter the Noosphere and navigate directionally to conserve the movement of the Hubble-UWT.
    This creates a PROJECTION of the Outside Hubble-Boundary Intersection Area quantum onto the Inside Gaian-Boundary Intersection Area quantum, so connecting the Hubble-Universe to the Gaia-Universe by a WARPING TUNNEL.

    The Noosphere cap is likewise PROJECTED as the Hubble cap in a Warping Tunnel and this creates a Dragonian Klein-Bottle with two Warping Tubes, connecting the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.

    This scenario now permits the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to CONNECT with the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.

    As the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe is 12-dimensional Father-Space, which is also a 3-dimensionally rootreduced INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe; the Klein-Bottle-Dragon so topologically constructed will render the information contained in the Gaian universe as a Onesided surface mapping in 11 dimensions as its own boundary condition, rootreduced to the 2nd dimensions of mathematical manifolds.

    A 3-dimensional Gaian observer can now ascend the Hubble-UWT and enter the WARP-TUNNEL before travelling the inside of the Gaian universe and exiting at the Gaian cap to enter 12D-Father-Space.

    The Gaian cap in this instance is a White Hole-Source and the Noosphere cap its corresponding Black Hole-Sink.
    Entering from the 12th dimension renders the Gaian cap as Black Hole and the Noosphere cap its White Hole companion.

    The entire intermediate realm between the Outside of the Gaian Universe and the Inside of the Hubble Universe is however 'quarantined'. This intermediate realm is however MAPPED holographically onto both the INSIDE Surface of the Hubble-Universe and the OUTSIDE Surface of the Gaia-Universe.

    Communication between ETs and the Gaian observers becomes subject to rapturing the Warping Tunnels, as the INSIDE of the Hubble-membrane remains 'out of bounds' in conjunction with the OUTSIDE of the Gaian Noosphere.

    The definition for the extent of the Noosphere relates to the string parameters and is given in the inversion of the speed of light in a timeline defining the cosmogenesis.

    The lightspeed inversion is given in 3.33 nanometers per second or so 105 millimeters per year.

    So the year 2012 relates to certain timelines which encompass the manner of the 'quarantine' of the Gaian historical evolvement as the terrestrial nexus point for the Gaian hemispherical cap.

    In particular, the two Warping Tunnels will enable a certain dynamics as 10-dimensional superstrings form a duality between high energy vibratory and low energy winding modalities as a 11-dimensional supermembrane.

    This manouvering has already occurred and relates to a timeline of the winter-summer solstice of the year 2008.
    Since June 24th, 2008, Gaia has found itself in this 'quarantine', which represents a cocoon and as symbolised in many mythologies and archetypes throughout the Gaian histories and cultures.

    The archetype engages two intertwined serpents, say one black and one white and as tentatively depicted on the Caduceus of the medical profession, the double helix of the genetic encoding and the Ouroborus of the Milky Way as a serpent in the process of swallowing its own tail.

    In terms of the cosmology and in terms of theoretical physics, this archetypology relates to the 'unfolding' of the Gaian historical timeline in the form of its self-transformation and using the Warping Tunnels.

    Because the Gaian cap is part of an intersection between the encompassing Hubble-Universe and the Gaian-Subuniverse as a microcosm or fractal of the macrocosm; the manipulation of the Warping Tunnels, will result in cosmic consequences for the hithereto 'cocooned' ET-universe.

    When Gaia rebirthes herself in a cosmic twinship, then the Umbilical Cords of the UWT's will be CUT and those cuts will represent the WARPGATES to 'free' the quarantined ETs and the cocooned Gaians to begin communications in the 3-dimensional realms in and from between the rootreduced F-Space between the Hubble-Bubble and the Gaia-Bubble.

    The Gaian Universe so is the BABY-Universe of the Mother-Universe in M-Space with two umbilical cords represented by the Warping Tunnels.
    The rebirth of the Planet Gaia as the StarPlanet Serpentina so will imply a 'turning inside-out' of the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime which metrically defines the inside of the Hubble-Bubble.

    There shall be two STARGATES in the Hubble-Bubble and their projection onto the Gaia-Bubble.
    Opening a Stargate, will allow a UWT traveller to use the manifold mappings of the Warping Tunnels to move through this stargate into the OUTER Gaian Universe and vice versa, allow an ET UWT traveller from the OUTER Gaian Universe to enter the Gaia-Bubble of the Noosphere.

    To open a Stargate, particular resonance conditions with respect to the supermembrane parameters must be met.
    This is a consequence of the quantisation of all physical variables used in any spacetime cosmology and I have indicated such in other messages.

    The Mapping coordinates of the Outer Universe projections, will then become calibrated holographically and under utilisation of the Dragonian Inflaton physics and the 'Big Crunch of Time' into the embedment of the rootreduced 13th dimension to the Dragon-Space of 4 space dimensions will allow intragalactic and intergalactic communication from that redefined timeline forthwith.

    IAmWhoIAmBluey - A Blue Dragon!
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    What will the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 mean?

    Submitted by Carl Calleman on October 6, 2011 - 7:42am
    Carl Calleman's blog posts
    Read bio

    For some time there has been a discussion as to what is the true end date of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012, and somewhat paradoxically this has raged without a definition of what the “end” would mean. As October 28, 2011 is now coming close the definition of this “end” is something that may be important to clarify. The contemporary Maya no longer follow the long cycles of the ancient calendar system and so do not want to take a stand in the matter. The ancient Maya on the other hand has left a message in the Tortuguero monument 6 as to what they expected the end of the calendar to mean. What it says there is essentially that the nine-step, or nine-support, entity of period endings, Bolon Yokte Kuh, will appear in his full regalia. To me at least it is quite clear that this means that the nine levels of consciousness, corresponding to the nine waves of evolution, will then manifest. (Those that want a detailed discussion of this are referred either to my article on the Tortuguero monument on or Mark van Stone’s book 2012 Prophecy and Science of the Ancient Maya).

    Hence, the ancient Mayan description of the end of the calendar is quite esoteric, or abstract if you like, and it is in its place to ask for more measurable criteria for what the end of the calendar means. In my understanding, since the ninth of these waves brings a unity consciousness to the world the criteria for the end of the Mayan calendar is that the duality based civilization of the world collapses, which would include not only the systems of rule, but also the capitalist system of the economy. This, I feel is what we have reasons to expect for October 28, 2011 and not only here on our planet, but all over the universe in places that we may have no contact with. The latter is a consequence of the fact that the Mayan calendar is not based on astronomical cycles in our local solar system, but has a truly cosmic, divine, all encompassing origin.

    The December 21, 2012 date on the other hand has no real meaning whatsoever even if the archeologists mostly will say that this date, or December 23, 2012, is the end of the calendar. It has surprised me how many people, sometimes called evolutionary leaders, that have uncritically accepted this date without thinking. After all, it has the tzolkin energy of 4 Ahau, which by definition precludes that it is an end date. People, who in my view really should have known better and otherwise may be very critical of established views, have here sided with the archeologists, a group of people that look upon the Mayan calendar as a superstition to begin with. (So why would they be trusted in such a critical matter to humanity?) A true end date must have the energy of 13 Ahau, like October 28, 2011 because only with this energy would all the waves give full transparency to the light of creation. And, one might want to add, only with such a transparency would a collapse of our duality based civilization be likely to occur.

    One can also say with some certainty that time as we have experienced it up until now as directed (the so called arrow of time) is likely to come to an end as the Mayan calendar does. This is because up until October 28, 2011 the evolution of our planet and the universe has been driven by nine different waves developing phenomena in a directed manner from seed to mature fruit. It is thus essentially a misunderstanding when people say that the Mayan calendar is cyclical in nature. It is true that the tzolkin, the 260 day sacred calendar, which is the only aspect of the ancient prophetic calendar system still in use among the Maya, is cyclical in nature. But it is not this calendar that we are talking about when we are talking about the Mayan calendar coming to an end at October 28, 2011. What is coming to its fullness are the nine levels of evolution, the nine directed waves that have created the universe on the largest scale. At least regarding its level of consciousness the evolution of the universe will then have been completed and it will then have attained its highest quantum state. I have for a long time been saying that it is much more relevant to talk about the completion of a climb to the highest level of a nine-storied pyramid than to talk about an “end” of the calendar.

    There are however still some open questions as to how this attainment of the highest level of consciousness would apply to our experience of time and what calendar, if any, to follow after October 28, 2011. Will for instance the various tzolkin energies continue to influence our personal lives? Will the nine waves continue indefinitely with their current frequencies or will they stop? At closer thought it is probably unlikely that the tzolkin would continue if the waves stop, since the tzolkin is essentially a temporal microcosm of the waves. On the other hand if the waves continue the same would most likely be true for the tzolkin as it represents a microcosm of these waves. If the waves, and especially the ninth wave, continue after October 28, 2011 we should however be aware that this would not mean that evolution continues. Evolution is a phenomenon of both a biological and cultural nature that is generated as the universe has climbed to higher and higher levels of consciousness and through processes in thirteen steps from seed to mature fruit. Because on October 28, 2011 the universe attains its highest quantum state there will however be no higher state to evolve to. Rather if indeed the waves continue indefinitely this would be experienced more like a grinding process of the world and the human beings. This would go on until the unity consciousness of the Ninth wave has finally been established and all phenomena inconsistent with this weeded out.

    I do not think it is possible to judge yet if the waves will come to an end or not even if I am increasingly inclined to believe that they will continue indefinitely. Linked to this uncertainty is the question what calendars would be most meaningful to follow after October 28, 2011. We should then be aware that in the long history of the Mayan calendar many aspects of the calendar system have both come and gone. Depending on the particular era in which people have been living different aspects of the calendar system may or may not have been useful. This is how the Long Count came and went because it was essentially meaningful only in a particular era and then became less strongly experienced by the Maya to the point that they lost it altogether. We have ourselves recently experienced. The same phenomenon of an aspect of the calendar system suddenly becoming useful as it became necessary to follow the Ninth wave with a 18 day period in order to understand the course of events. A few years ago a calendar with 18 days would however not have been very useful and it still remains to be seen what calendar, if any, it will be meaningful to follow after October 28, 2011.

    Carl Johan Calleman
    4 Etznab, October 6, 2011

    Calleman Responds to "Calleman Wrong about End Date of Mayan Long Count Calendar" Article

    Editor's Note:
    This response is published verbatim with the permission of Carl Johan Calleman).

    I appreciate that you notice that among the world’s Mayan calendar experts there are some that are basing themselves on hallucinogenic experiences and others that do not. What would also have been pertinent to notice is that among those that are not hallucinogen users I may be the only one, who is a professional scientist.
    While self-styled scholars may be both intelligent and creative they usually have never been prompted to acquire the code of honor that comes with paying their dues and subjecting themselves to a qualified mentorship, and this also provides an important background to the current discussions among proclaimed Mayan calendar experts.
    On your web site you have published a number of points critical of my work including a purported proof from Geoff Stray that the October 28, 2011 completion date for the Mayan calendar is wrong. This goes back to the fact that Geoff for a long time has supported John Jenkins mechanistic understanding of the Mayan calendar, which promotes the idea that the Mayan Long Count is designed to describe a galactic alignment that ends a precessional cycle of 26000 years and has to end on a solstice day.
    This fantasy has been very successfully sold to people to the point that some think that there actually exists something to back it up despite the persistent denial of this by professional astronomers.
    What may be the most important to note however is that among the thousands of calendrical inscriptions from the Maya the 26000 year precessional cycle is not mentioned once and no Mayan text talks about a galactic alignment. As I have pointed out before the galactic alignment idea holds a great risk in that it makes human evolution dependent on some astronomical event outside of our control.

    The risk is that in as much as people believe in the galactic alignment fantasy, they will not be living up to their potential role as co-creators in due time. It should then not surprise us that also all the forces that want to back up the current world of hierarchies, including Hollywood, are doing their best to support the December 21, 2012 date. This date thus serves to foster a wait-and-see attitude and to divert the changes that are under way. In this, I think Stray and Jenkins are playing games with the future of humanity because they themselves are well aware of the complete absence of evidence in the Mayan sources for this galactic alignment theory. It is a fantasy generated on modern computer screens and without modern astronomical software no one would ever have come up with such a farfetched idea. Nonetheless, the idea is easy to grasp and a number of people wanting to be seen in the “2012” context has jumped on this bandwagon without rigorously examining its sources.

    What we know for certain from ancient Mayan sources (the books of Chilam Balam) is instead that their prophecies were based on non-astronomical time periods such as the tun and the katun (and almost certainly the baktun and longer cycles, but these were no longer in use when these books were written). According to the ancient inscriptions in for instance Palenque these time periods and their energies (deities as the Maya would say) emanated from the World Tree (or the Heart of the Heavens as contemporary Mayans would say) and not from astronomical cycles in our local solar system.​


    Mayan vase showing the Seven gods of creation (symbolic of the seven days)

    In such a perspective we may for instance understand that the katun in the Long Count with the tzolkin energy of 4 Ahau (AD 20-40) did have a special energy (we know from history that this is the energy that brought the teaching of Christ) and so there is no reason to be surprised that this tzolkin energy was celebrated as a Burner day. Without a reality background in historical processes discussions of the different celebrations of tzolkin energies are however completely meaningless and lead into a world of abstract calendar mathematics. My own work is instead based on the actual evolutionary processes of the universe and how these are related to the prophetic tradition of the Maya emphasizing the thirteen energies of baktuns, katuns and tuns etc including the seven days of creation.
    This work has resulted in a series of books where the actual phenomena in the universe, biological historical or otherwise, are understood from quantum shifts emanating from the Cosmic Tree of Life. These arguments are not speculative, but supported by massive empirical evidence. Long time Mayan calendar expert, author and publisher Barbara Hand Clow has on this basis referred to my most recent book The Purposeful Universe as “possibly the most important book that has ever been written” and others have come to concur with this assessment.

    Stray on the other hand, who has more or less painted himself into a corner by zealously supporting Jenkins computer based fantasy, trashes my work, for the singular reason that he thinks that its “end date” is wrong. I think he really knows better, but he has for a long time been criticizing my reality-based approach and may not find it easy to detach himself from this. He thus chooses to sacrifice all meaningful understanding of how the Mayan calendar describes the evolution of consciousness at nine levels each driven by seven pulses of light (seven gods of creation) and tries to prop up the galactic alignment idea. Since the galactic alignment fantasy cannot be verified by historical events, it is thus no wonder that Stray and Jenkins never make predictions based on the Mayan calendar.
    Wisely so, I must say, since if they were to base predictions on the December 21, 2012 end date these would invariably turn out to be wrong. Also in this Jenkins and Stray deviate from the very spirit of the prophetic tradition of the ancient Maya, who used their calendar to understand coming time periods and not as abstract mathematical structures. I, on the other hand, can credit myself to some very significant predictions in my books, published years in advance, that have later turned out to be correct. Very notable is for instance, the prediction of the precise timing of when the economic downturn would begin, which was based on the October 28, 2011 date. It is important to realize that this would not have been possible if I had been relying on the Hollywood-approved end date of December 21, 2012.
    This brings up the question what we are supposed to have the Mayan calendar for. Is it to understand our place in the universe and its future or is it just an abstract tool without any connection to reality as it seems to be to some? I personally think that if we are to approach the future with realism we will have to give up silly fault finding games and look primarily at the evidence for connections between the Mayan calendar and historical reality.

    Over the past century there have been many suggestions as to what the end date of the Izapan Long Count may be and like Stray I would also place this at December 21, 2012 (meaning that Geoff’s argument about invalidating the dating of old inscriptions is completely erroneous and he should know this himself). The determination of the accurate “end date” can however only be based on an understanding of how the Mayan calendar system works in its totality and how it maps out the evolution of consciousness.
    The point to realize is then that the December 21, 2012 date is not the energetic end date when all the nine waves of evolution (the nine-step god, Bolon Yokte, symbolized by the nine-step pyramid) will be manifesting fully, which instead is October 28, 2011. While an attempt was made in Palenque almost a thousand years after the Izapan Long Count had been established, it proved impossible to correct such a strong tradition accordingly.​

    Bolon Yokte, the nine-step god with the nine waves of evolution.

    A valid parallel to this is that it would today be absolutely impossible to change the day we celebrate Christmas, even though we now know that Jesus was not born on December 25. Not a long time ago some orthodox and dogmatic Christians would probably have defended the idea that Jesus was born on December 25 with the same zealousness as Stray and Jenkins now defend the December 21, 2012 date simply because according to a strong tradition Christmas is celebrated on that day. But while the error in the birthday of Jesus may be of relatively little importance to us today the same cannot be said about the completion date of the Mayan calendars, which may be the most consequential question of our time.
    It is thus very high time that people claiming to be Maya calendar experts start discussing this in terms of the prophetic time periods, tuns, katuns, baktuns etc that the Maya were actually using. Without such a common ground there is simply no meaningful basis for discussing the end date. If the reality connection of the Mayan calendar through these time periods is thrown out all of its meaning to our current time is simply lost.
    Carl Johan Calleman

    Editor's Comment:
    It is reassuring to see that the top two 2012 theorists, Jenkins and Calleman agree on the true end date of the Long Count: as Calleman says here, " Stray I would also place this at December 21, 2012."
    However, it remains difficult to see how Monument 6 at Tortuguero could be interpreted to mean anything other than that Bolon, the god or gods of nine, will return on that same date—the only date on the monument—rather than in 2011.
    At the same time, even if Calleman is wrong about the significance of October 28, 2011, that does not mean that his entire theory about the Mayan calendar is wrong. Like others—even some of the total nut cases out there—he has at least a piece of the puzzle, and it may turn out to be a big piece.
    Shay Addams​

    Calleman Proved Wrong about End Date of Long Count by Geoff Stray

    Carl Calleman's theory that the current Long Count cycle ends in 2011 instead of 2012 has been refuted in several ways by Geoff Stray, author of Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Transformation. After emailing Stray about our proof Calleman is wrong, he replied with more details. This was Stray's reply, which is published with his permission. For even more, see Stray's review of Calleman's book.
    More Proof that Calleman is Wrong

    Dear Shay,
    Glad you posted this...Also: POINT 1:
    4 Ahau 3 Kankin is going to be Night Lord 9— the one that ended every tun, since there are 9 of them and 9 divides into 360.
    However, Oct 28 2011 will be Night Lord 3.​


    Page 3 of my new essay explains why this is important
    —it represents the fully-developed maize seed-head —directly compatible to human development phases —i.e., the evolutionary phase completion will be Night Lord 9 [editor: as seen here], not night lord 3. (See Lords of the Night calculator for proof.)
    POINT 2:
    Calleman's statements reveal that he finds the internal correlation between Long Count and Tzolkin to be faulted. However, what he fails to point out is that this implies that EVERY SINGLE MAYA INSCRIPTION IS WRONG! This is because every inscription includes a reference date with Long Count and Tzolkin... this internal correlation is the same for all inscriptions. Correlation between Maya calendars and Gregorian has been much discussed, but nobody has ever questioned internal Long Count/Tzolkin correlation since it is constant and beyond dispute...yet, because it didn't suit his theory, he implies that every inscription is wrong. I pointed this out to him in a forum in Virginia Beach last year.
    I did a talk based on the info expounded in Tortuguero/Nine Gods article referenced above at Virginia, and Calleman was excited because of the number 9 in the Tortuguero prophecy, which he immediately connected to his 9 Underworlds theory...I thought he would! He asked me if I had published anything about this, and I said no, but intended to...and sure enough, within 2 weeks he had produced an article claiming the Tortuguero monument as evidence for his end-date, simply because 9 gods are mentioned. However, he failed to mention that the prophecy, in the very next line, dates the date as 4 Ahau, 3 Kankin - i.e. 21 December 2012!...a direct piece of evidence actually pointing out his error—the very opposite to what he states!
    Nice work
    All the best,
    This page was posted on 3 Q'at, 2010.

    Comment by Didymos:
    Well the squabbling between the Jenkins- and Calleman advocates goes on as can be witnessed at many places on the web.
    As Shay Addams appropriately points out in the above editor's commont though; both are right.
    The Logos timeline defines the Jenkins Date as the Birth of the starhuman Comsciousness and defines the Calleman date as the 40 days preceding the end of the witnessing timeline within the warptime loop from the nodal mirror of August 4th, 2008 and April 1st, 2012 and specifying December 8th, 2011.

    In particular (Western) New Year 2012 signifies the 'Dove of Peace finding land'; Christmas 2011 signifies 'Noah's Dove returning with a Twig' and December 17th, 2011 specifies 'Noah's Raven searching for land'.

    The 50 days of 'Noah's pentecost' so define the timespan for the 'appearing of the land in Noah sending forth of his Raven and his Dove from the window of his ark and to which are added 10 days (of imprisonment between 'ascension' and pentecost Acts.1.3 &Revelation.2.10) before the 'peaks of the mountains' appeared {Genesis.8.1-14}.

    These 50 days so become the Calleman date of completion in the timespan between the archetyped Resurrection of the World Logos (Easter Sunday) and the Pentecost-Shabuoth of the 'Coming of the Holy Ghost'.

    A= March 24th, 2010-Noah's Rainbow Covenant (+0) = April 1st, 2012 =Q

    B= May 18th, 2010 = Removal of the Covering (+56) = February 5th, 2012 =P

    C= June 23rd, 2010 = Dove of Peace (+36) = December 31st, 2011 =O

    D= June 30th, 2010 = Raven Searches (+7) = December 24th, 2011 =N

    E= July 7th, 2010 = Land Appears (+7) = December 17th, 2011 =M

    F= August 16th, 2010 = Waters Sink (+40) = November 7th, 2011 =L

    G= October 29th, 2010 = Mount Ararat (+74) = August 25th, 2011 =K

    H= February 16th, 2011 = End of Rising Flood (+110) = May 7th, 2011 =J

    I= March 28th, 2011 = Flood Begins (+40) = March 28th, 2011 =I

    The World-Tree scenarios of Calleman so dovetail nicely with the Completion of the Bolon Yokte nine-step pyramidal geometry of Palenque at the Temple of the Inscriptions (which is a large pyramid of the Maya civilization, specifically the funerary monument for K’inich Janaab Pakal also referred to as Pacal the Great), ajaw or king of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico. -wiki ref).

    Once the timeline of the World Logos implements, the squabbling of well meaning, albeit egocentric researchers shall converge in harmonisations.
    Didymos aka Tonyblue

    Dear Friends,
    Where does our understanding of the Mayan calendar begin, with a presumed "end date" or with a model for the evolution of consciousness? There still seems to be several researchers of the Mayan calendar who want to sacrifice all meaningful understanding of the Mayan calendar because they believe that the December 21, 2012 date is cut in stone. This article of mine is in response to some comments on this issue by Geoff Stray and Shay Addams and seeks to highlight what is really important:
    Carl Johan

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