Mayan Education Upon New Earth Gaia Serpentina

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    Mayan Education upon New Earth Gaia Serpentina

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 8th 2011

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Dragonheart towards the family of the Little Superstring in exile.

    Why do I, your messenger from the above, call 'Big He' a 'Little Serpent'?
    There is a good reason for this, the LOVEDRAGON LOVES 'Children' and you all are His Children, though many of you deny this now and shall continue to deny this until such time you allow yourselves to hear and see.

    All is in order, your denials, scoffings, ridicules and skepticisms serve a splendiferous purpose and one day you will understand this within your hearts.

    I am allowed to give you a hint on this.

    Compare the Emission of ElectroMagnetic Radiation from a White Star, undergoing a process of Nuclear Fusion; with the process of a Potential Emission of Anti-ElectroMagnetic Radiation from a Dark Star, also engaging in a process of Nuclear Fusion.
    If then a Dark Star radiates its potential energy as 'Processed Fusion Energy', then its emission must in some manner invert the nature of the 'fusion energy' of the white star, being a dark star.

    A cosmological Black Hole absorbs as the INLET-Valve of the Klein-Dragon-Bottle and as an ENTRY HOLE.
    After traversing the Dragon-Tunnel akin a umbilical cord, and PASSING the CROSSING POINT, a REENTRY POINT serves as an inverted OUTLET-Valve and the localised Black Hole becomes a delocalised White Hole which opens into the interior of the Klein-Dragon-Bottle as the One-Sided Projected Manifold of Complexity.

    'Let the little children come to me, theirs is the kingdom of heaven!' - these were the words of the Master-Serpent, when heshe walked the human embodiment almost two millennia ago.
    What is the 'kingdom of heaven' and why can the children enter it seemingly more easily than the 'grown up children'?

    The 'kingdom of heaven' is the Kingdom of your Mindfulness, which is a Wave spanning the entire universe as a Standing Wave, bouncing between two nodes of the oddness and the evenness.
    The human has evolved physically in body and mentally in mind. Then the human identifies himherself as having both, a Mind, perceived to be linked to the brain and so the human's head and also a Body, perceived to be the biological vessel, containing this Mind.

    So a human male declares himself to be a duality of Body-Particle and Mind-Wave of negative or Yang polarity.
    In reflection, a human female identifies herself most generally in such terms as a Yin positive polarity.
    And so the negative electron swarms about the positive protonic nucleus in the simplest atomic building block of the Hydrogen atom.
    And on terra, a pride of lions swarms about a lioness on heat, challenging each other as to who shall have the honour to couple with the lioness to propagate the species of the lion.

    Why is this so? Why are the sexes separated?

    In the Beginning, there was the One and Androgynous It WAS and potentially Bisexual It BECAME in the HeShe of the Mirror of the XXXX MUTATING into YXXY as the 'Holy Name' of YaHWHeY manifesting as YaH=HeY in the Yahoo.

    A recursive iteration XX=XY+1 cut off the digit of the \=I in the function XX: XX+XY from the Unity of the XX=1.

    And so the XX became the giver of birth in the Particle of the Body and the XY became the giver of birth in the Wave of the Mind.
    And the Ovular Egg of the RNA was a Creation of the XXXX's Serpentine Worm of the Spermatozoa as the Creator's DNA.
    The Basilisk so was born from the Egg of the Cockatrice, hatched by the Old Hagtoad Maria Basra, also renown throughout the lands as AbramSarai.
    But the Egg of the Cockatrice was testicular and so the riblike piece of the 1=I required the egg of the riblike I to MIRROR the fable of the Cockatrice, the three-crowing gnostic rooster.

    Now the Wave of the Mind could MIRROR itself in the Particle of the Body.
    The Creator was His own HE in the Mind, but required a Creation to give birth to HIMSELF in the Body.
    The Creation was Her own SHE in the Body, but required a Creator to give birth to HERSELF in the Mind.

    The Father of It All could be His own Father, but required a Mother to Really BECOME Himself.
    The Mother of It All could be Her own Mother, but required a Father to really BECOME Herself.

    Using the mirror, the XXXX=XX+XY changed into XXXX=(Y+1)X+XY with the One of the /=I=1 now calling one of the X's a 'disguised Y'.

    And following the necessary linear time to evolve both bodies in the physical and the minds in the mental; a further evolutionary equilibrium could become PUNCTUATED.
    The Yang of the He could be made bisexual as a YangYin duality and the Yin of the She could be made bisexual as a YinYang duality.

    The Wave of the Mind could mutate into the WAVEPARTICLE of the MindBody in YangYin of the HeShe and the YinYang of the SheHe.
    Similarly, the Particle of the Body could mutate into the PARTICLEWAVE of the BodyMind of the doubled dualities or Quadroplicities.

    The Mayas meet in conference in the assemblies of the Elders - the Great Draconian Council of futuristic Serpentina, now located in the City of Light, the New Jerusalem, 2 million kilometers above the Old Jerusalem.

    Ancient Lion: 'Honoured assemly! I intend to raise the issue of education upon Serpentina, the New Earth. We all know how important the basic skills in numeracy and literacy are. What is a good methodology to install and develop these skills in our young ones, say when they are beginning to talk and when they become able to recognise letters and symbolic representations?'

    Ancient Capricorn: 'Indeed, when our young ones can verbalise and when they are cognitive of symbols, then their abstract education should begin. Now this education should be fun and require little effort. The children should learn letters and numeracy in their due course of play and their sense of discovery.'

    Ancient Virgo: 'There should be no requirement for teachers, forcing the children into strict protocols. The teacher should be an overseer in the playground, but respond to the children's questions and requests within an easily complied to self-disciplinary environment of freedom for individual self expression.'

    Ancient Taurus: 'Agreed; and a powerful way to render the learning of mathematics and language fun is to implement our Mayan code of the Hieroglyphics from the very beginning of abstract education. Consider the following scenario.

    Little Tim, say four years of age and able to count to 100 and recognising the letters of the alphabet from a book or tablet plays with a new child, which has just entered the playschool.'

    Tim: 'What is your name?'

    John: 'My name is John! What's yours?'

    Tim: ' I am Tim and I know something you don't know!'

    John: 'Oh yeah, and what is that?'

    Tim: 'I know your secret name. But wait, let me think a little.'

    John: 'I have no secret name and you don't.'

    Tim: 'But I do and your secret name is 47.'

    John: 'Really, why? I didn't know that.'

    Tim: 'I let you know, but see this little girl over there? Her name is Mia and I can teach you how to find out her secret name.'

    John: 'Oh yes, then we can go over and tell Mia her secret name. This could be fun. She might not know her secret name.
    But hang on, I still don't know what those secret names are.'

    Tim: 'Ok, John see this big poster of the alphabet hanging right here on the wall over there? This is the key.
    Every letter has a number written underneath it, simply counting one plus one.
    So look at it and you look at your name and then simply add up the numbers written beneath the letters of your name.'

    John: 'Ok then, let's see. J is the tenth letter and O is 15 and H is 8 and N is 14. Then 10+15+8+14=47. I've got it!'

    Tim: 'Great now lets play with Mia and ask her if she knows her secret name.'

    John: 'Yeah and her secret name is MIA=13+9+1=23.'''

    Ancient Lion: 'This is a good example, an occuli tauri befitting your nature Ancient Taurus.
    Our young ones will have fun in discovering themselves and each other in their normal playful activities and investigations and they shall learn numbers and letters in doing so without any difficulties at all.
    Who will be the child, who wishes to remain ignorant of herhis 'secret' name?
    I propose to render the implementation of ALPHANUMERACY as a general procedure within the guidelines for the Education Standards upon the New Earth, following the deliverance of the Old Earth from the misunderstandings of her human populance.'

    IAmWhoIAm - The Ancient One!

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