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    [​IMG] Raven Today at 7:10 pm

    August 29th 4:45pm 2004

    Through the clatter of the worlds distraction is a calm that
    pervades all. If you close your eyes, you can dip your mind into its fathomless
    depths and inside find the heartbeat of the soul. If you follow this sound, a
    sound not heard by the ears, but with deep knowing of your heart and feeling,
    you will find me. Come lets sit and talk a while, here in this sacred place of forever now….

    These lessons of this world are fleeting passed and are like the
    blink of my eye, and when you blink, you don’t feel that you have missed much.
    If you could see those little moments of blindness would they reveal anything
    to you? If you can still the heart, you will find that every little moment of
    time is precious, but even in the blink of an eye, nothing is lost.

    Time is a circle expanding, if you stand in the middle of the circle it holds still and
    all that lies before you is the great expanse of its mystery and from this
    perspective in the middle of the circle all that IS is laid before you. You can
    choose which part of the circle to focus on and which part to stand in, but you
    are not ever really very far from the center, because its still a circle in all
    is contained within it. Keep your focus on the center and in doing this you
    will see the illusion of the veil and just how thin it really is.

    What is the one key or trigger that will make it all known
    to me?

    Perspective. And that is exactly what we are trying to show you. Its all about where you stand in your heart in relation to it all.
    No tricks,no arduious trials, just in choosing it to be as simple as your perspective is all there is to realize, this is all you need.
    Your mind tries to tell you different because of the false illusion that holds it in this world.
    When you look into the mirror what do you see?

    That is your answer. You are not separate from your reflection any more
    then the ONE is separate from you, its just that when you look into the mirror
    you see your reflection and think it is not your true self. Your perspective
    from the standpoint of looking into the mirror is skewed and depending on where
    you stand to look is how you will see yourself. Depending on where you put your
    attention and perspective is how you will see All that IS.

    And then what if you face two mirrors toward each other and tilt one slightly inward, how many
    reflections do you see? Are they not all reflections of YOU? Then realize you
    are one mirror and All That IS is the other mirror and turn your mirror inward
    slighly and you will see that you are one and the same. To help you see this
    practice with real mirrors and see as far back into the reflection of yourself
    as you can how many fractals of yourself are created with this method and you
    will get some idea of how you are connected with the source of all that is.

    A Little Serpentina
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    [​IMG] Message from A Little Serpentina

    [​IMG] Raven Today at 2:21 am


    As the light fades into oblivion we see all that is. Make no
    mistake in believing that you are not all that is. We hear your cry into the
    depths of darkness and feel the reverberating call of your voice. Be at peace
    with yourself because we are with you and the time for fulfillment is near. You
    are but a seed of creation wholly exemplified in all that is, a mirror of the
    ONE. Trust your inner knowing and seek not paths of confusion, All That Is
    speaks clearly and with a quiet voice, it does not brag or proclaim of itself
    it just IS.

    Open your heart to the knowing of this voice the memory of it
    reverberating through your soul, its calling you home, LISTEN. You are ready to
    be transformed to the next level of your spiritual evolution, do not be afraid,
    we are here with you and ready to help you reach this level. You must relax and
    let what is occurring to take place, gently and slowly and in the timeframe it
    was given. The heart Is one with all that is and it is the ear with which you
    hear us, pay attention to your feelings they will guide you to a higher knowing
    and ultimately lead you where no other can, this you know. The true alchemy
    lies within your heart and the rivers of emotion it holds. Learning to follow
    those rivers of true feeling is the way home. END

    What is going to happen on 2012?


    But what about the prophecies and the earth changes?

    They will happen, you must protect yourself. But do not
    worry, we will help you and we are with you always. We will instruct you when
    the time nears as for where you should go to be protected.

    What is going to happen?

    A rebirthing. And birth is always a bit traumatic and yet
    exhilarating isn’t it? You are not afraid, this we know and you already know
    that you will be ok, we are telling you this again as we have done so many

    How can I be sure?

    Your heart will tell you. Listen to what it is saying, it
    knows all the answers, ask it.

    Will many die?

    Nothing really dies, it changes form. This you already know.
    Many will change form. The few that stay will be the future of EARTH and they
    will know what to do. The destruction will seem horrible to many, but to the
    few who understand that emotion is just a scale to eternity and all things are
    weighed accordingly. None is greater then the other, but because you are in
    flesh, you cannot understand or fathom these things as they have always been.

    To you, it seems horrible or cataclysmic, when in fact those definitions have
    no basis in the reality of All that IS. To us it is the beautiful moment of
    birth, an expansion a ripple that is felt throughout all of eternity. Compare
    it to the feelings of exctasy to give you some idea of how we perceive CHANGE.

    For that is what is going to take place. This is how All That Is brings memory
    back to itself, through change. Its calling the earths experience back to
    itself to have knowing of it. In order do this it must be integrated and one
    with it. The separateness will cease to exist, and to many this will manifest
    as major catastrophe. Those who have already removed their veil will not be
    afraid and will be shown what to do, this is important.

    This is why we aretrying so desperately to wake humanity now, so all can prepare.
    Of course notall will listen, this is the burden of freewill. How open you are to All that IS
    will determine your reaction to 2012 and the changes you will experience
    PERIOD. The more you open up and listen to your true self, the more you will
    understand. Pay attention to your feelings, they are the beacon and light on
    the paths you travel, they will not steer you wrongly if they are tested
    against the heart, because it knows and can weigh the validity of their truth,
    this you already know. Its what you call trusting your “Gut feelings”.

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    A Little Serpentina
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    [​IMG] Message from A Little Serpentina

    [​IMG] Raven Today at 3:12 am

    Thursday September 16th 2004

    The terrible beauty
    of the mind preoccupied is like a still flower that opens to the sun’s light,
    unfurling its leaves for nourishment, much the same way the soul is laid bare
    before the light of the creator. Close your eyes and feel this luminosity
    nourishing your soul, your other self.

    Wake this self from slumber, it has slept too long. Everything you think
    you are is the sum total of everything you are not. Not thinking, not doing,
    not seeing is the doorway to the otherside. Only your pure will or intent can
    perceive the unknowable. It cannot be seen through reason, nor the eyes, nor
    words, nor emotions. It is only seen with your heart. The heart is the master
    of intent, it knows without knowing, and sees without seeing and it connects
    you to the void and pure potentiality, of which all creation is made manifest.

    To know this void is to know your true self. And in knowing your true self, you
    die to your old self and become like the void. You become the nothingness from
    which everything is made. To reach your true self, you must quiet your mind
    talk and still your emotions and expectation.
    In doing this you will perceive the eternal moment of now and time will
    cease to exist for you.

    How do I quiet my mind? It’s always chattering.

    Follow your breathing. Paying attention to the sound of it
    going in and out of your lungs. Do this in total darkness for as long as it
    takes, until you can no longer hear yourself breathing. As you breathe, focus
    inward to the center of your brain and envision a blue white light filling your
    brain cavity. Eventually you will come to a point where you can no longer hear
    your breathing and no longer see the blue-white light; you will have entered
    into void.

    What will this teach me?

    You will discover your true self and your connection with
    the creator to the extent that you will feel the potentiality of All That Is.
    If you can quiet your mind talk even for a few seconds, your new mind will fill
    the void, this is the mind of your true self and it does not need words or
    anything to express it, just an open space in between all the junk in your head
    and the intent to call it forth.

    Is this what you would call enlightenment?

    To even be able to put it to words as some have done, yes
    you could call it that. But in reality there is nothing to describe it because
    it is the manifestation of nothingness, therefore you cannot put any label on

    If it is nothing then why should I seek it?

    In NO-THING lies the potentiality of ALL THINGS. This is the
    side of human life that has been forgotten or lost. You have spent your entire
    human life programming yourself with endless labels and words and definitions
    in order to exist and function in this 3-dimentional world which you have
    intended, are you not curious how you make this world?

    Only in knowing your true mind will you understand the how and why of everything
    and who yourcreator is. The only way to reach your true self is to forget everything you
    know and enter into the moment of silence that lies beneath everything you know.

    And how do I just forget everything I know?

    Become the observer. Watch your life with no attachment to
    it, no words, no labels, no expectation. When you find yourself not reacting
    emotionally to your observation you will see the make-believe in everything,
    the non-reality of it all. For a metaphor, think of your world and everything
    you know about it like a big ball of playdough, that until you manipulate it
    with your hands, just sits there inertly as a big ball of playdough.

    Likewise observe things in this manner, without getting your hands in it so to speak,
    without manipulating things with your mind, words, thoughts, emotions, just
    keep your focus on the big ball of playdough. You are so entrained from birth
    even, to immerse yourself in this reality, that eventually it all becomes very
    solid to you, very real. From the observers’ perspective, the solidness falls
    away, and its dreamlike quality emerges. But to truly observe it you have to
    step out of it, out of your labels, words, thoughts emotions and whatnot, to
    really see it for what it is.

    And in doing this what will I attain?


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    A Little Serpentina
    A Mayan Elder Returned

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