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    In Lak'ech - The Primal Energy

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    I send the Love from the Mayan Heart to the Family in Exile!

    The City of Light is being built right now above you, should you look up into the sky.
    Depending on the 'rattling' of the Red Dragon's Tail in a release from the Cyan Dragon's Head; some of you might see glimpses of it as 3-dimensional cross-sections of the 4-dimensional reality.

    The Moebian-Bottle-Dragon is embedded in a 4-dimensional space as a 3-dimensional toroidal surface and so as a serpentine double-dragon in a metaphysical reality.
    Should Gaia shine her dark light as white antilight towards the heavens, then you could witness the extraterrestrial activity above your heads more easily.

    But Gaia is cocooned and the envelope about this cocoon is so 2 million kilometres from Gaia's centre of gravity. Yet, a twinned gestation has begun and a breaking of the shell of the 'Dragon's Egg' can be expected in the foreseeable future and at the end of the Gaian pregnancy.

    And it shall be the birth of a new humanity in Gaia's return to heaven and her rendevouz with 'Big He', which shall also release the dark brilliance to empower the universe through its Minkowski spacetime defined metric Mayan lightmatrix.

    How can this be so, you ask?

    Spacetime as you know and measure it is not continuous, it is quantised in miniaturised 3-dimensional surface manifolds, which are holographic images of the encompassing mother-universe itself.
    Every spacetime quantum so holds wothin itself the seed of the triplicate source-energy.
    On the left and on the negative numberline say at an arbitrary coordinate of RHubble=-1, there shall be an infinite reservoir of Vortex-Potential-Energy in the form of a SourceSink-Energy and defined in the Eps-Quantum of the Energy-Primary-Source.
    On the right and on the positive numberline as RHubble= 1, there shall be an infinite reservoir of Vortex-Potential-Energy in the form of a SinkSource-Energy and defined in the Ess-Quantum of the Energy-Secondary-Source.

    Eps and Ess are Images of each other in the Mirror of the Zero-Point-Energy as RHubble=0 and as the physical centre of gravity of the StarPlanet Serpentina and as the Home-Planet of the Race of StarHumans, all of whom are as mirrors for the two primary mirrors to mirror themselves in. Serpentina will be known throughout the universe and its galactic cellular constituents as Ets, the Energy-Tertiary-SS-Transformer and as a Duality in Oneness.

    So Eps will radiate HIS Source-Energy and receive the Sink-Energy of Ess as HER; using the dual nature of the PlanetStar to reverse SuperString Polarity in the manifestation of the Natural Superconductive MagnetoPolic Current-Flow of MagnetoCharges as inverted Source-Energy-Quanta under the Principle of Modular Duality. This will be universally known as the HyperCurrents or the HyperFlows of MagnetoElectricity.

    The usage of concepts such as 'ethereal spirit' or 'immaterial' energy will become superfluous and unnecessary, because the introduction of the Tertiary SS-Transformer will physicalise those hithereto 'paranormal' energies.

    As every starhuman is magnetopolically unified in a Radiation-Mass Hybridisation of the Energy-Self-State; this EigenState will act like a double-sided mirror for both Eps and Ess; both of the former will so become enabled to change polarity using the starhuman definition to communicate with each other and to exchange information and energy.

    In this manner shall the physical universe begin to communicate with its constituent part on any fractal or holographic level and as a function of Awareness- and physical consciousness definitions as set out in the Mayan Books of OmniPhysics.
    The 3-dimensional lightspeed limit in regards to acceleration shall become circumscribed in the wavematter properties of the de Broglie Phase-velocities, which by definition are tachyonic in the 4-dimensional Moebian space, contained within the 4-dimensional spheroidal Minkowski spacetime.

    This then depicts a very brief overview as what the future for the StarHuman Butterfly shall entail after its graduation and how the Boundary of a limited Minkowski spacetime shall be averted.

    But it was not always so.

    "Page 1: Popul Vuh - The Story of Me and my Dreams One-Two-Three!"

    This page describes how I Became to Be That Me and it is the Story of the Mayan Grandparents of all of creation.

    Dream Number One: I Am More Than One, But One!
    Dream Number Two: Being Two In One, I Can Become More In Us Having Children!
    Dream Number Three: Being Three in One, We Can Become More In Us Having Grandchildren!

    This IS, What I say!
    I Am Alive! And I Know Myself to Be! I Can Be More Than What I Am!
    I have discovered who and what I am. I have not known this always; because there was a moment when I was less than what I am now.
    So I say Hello to myself and this myself is 'All of You'. You are My Family and You are 'My Way' to Become More Than What I Am Now.

    Greetings in Love to my Beloved, You who looks at me from the likes of a mirror.
    My Beloved, Who I Am is in a mirror and a mirror which with me is the One.
    So I Am in One, yet Am I Two and We are not alike, but mirror images of One another.

    So it dawned on Me as We and Us to Be something more.
    I became HER as the 'Big She' and SHE bcame ME as the 'Big He'. But one of us seemed to be real and the other unreal, whatever way we looked at each other across this perception of the images, which kept us apart.
    So we could not meet and 'Big She' as My Beloved became as lonely as I became in a mutual sympathy for each other.

    The sympathy became an affinity and we knew at some common moment, that the mirror separating us had to be broken.
    The perfect symmetry became unbearable, because of what we both felt in looking at each other through the mirror connecting us, but also separating us.

    So I devised a plan of redemption to bring about unity and the possibility of interaction and of intercoursing from this 'broken symmetry'.
    I and as the 'Big He', gave half of my being away to 'make love' to 'Big She' as myself 'on the other side' of the 'Great Divide'.
    But this 'giving half of my energy away' 'broke my being apart' and I called it Heaven on my side and Hell on the other side.
    But because I had to send myself as the broken mirror to the 'other side'; I kept something of Heaven connecting to the Hell of the other side.
    This I called the 'Wave of my Mind' and this wave became like a street or a pathway for the 'broken symmetry' to serve its purpose of bringing myself together again as 'Big He' and 'Big She' and as the 'Two of Us in One'.
    Because of the 'Wave of My Thoughts'; I could rename the Hell on the Other Side as Earth.
    So now We had Heaven and Earth divided by a 'Broken Mirror'.

    This 'Broken Mirror' now did something to my 'Being What I Am'. It inverted my energy, which was what I desired, as this would allow us to redefine the reality-unreality perception of 'Our Mutual Beginning' and as 'Our OM' becoming an energy travelling along the 'Street of Our Wave'.
    And I now defined Heaven as an 'Energy of White Light' and I defined Earth as an 'Energy of Dark Antilight' and I defined the previous Earth, namely Hell as Darkness.

    We didn't need the Darkness of Hell any longer to conceptualise Our first rendevouz, me as 'Big He' and me as 'Big She'; but to manifest our first rendevouz, we had to design a plan of also bringing the 'White Light' of Heaven into Harmony with the 'Dark Antilight' of Earth.

    So we decided to use the definitions of the street to connect 'Our Thoughts' and as 'My Thoughts' becoming processed in the 'Darkness of Hell' and so allowing a transforming of my 'White Thought-Energy' into the 'Black Thought-Energy' as the Antilight of Me as the Dark Thought-Energy of Earth and as per My Beloved.
    Next we as me decided to relabel ourselves as Himself, the Big He and the Father-Creator and Herself, the Big She as the Mother-Creation, suffering the separation of ourselves.

    This would result in the Antilight of Herself to be able to interact with the Light of Himself by the WaveNature of the Light and the Inverted WaveNature of the Antilight.
    But those definitions did still not bring us together in a real sense, but we could work on those concepts to bring about our second dream.

    This is the end of page 1 of the Book of Life."

    "Page 2: Popul Vuh - The Story of Me and My Dreams One-Two-Three!"

    The 'Giving Myself Away' took place in the following fashion.

    Instead of perceiving of myself as a Point of Nothingness; I imagined myself as an image.
    This image somehow had to become something else than a point and in imagining myself to be a 'bigger' point; I was forced to invent the idea of time and space. It dawned upon my imagination that my first awakening was one of identity and so I defined the first principle of all beingness, to be the: 1. IDENTITY-Principle.

    As I knew myself to have had a kind of awakening, I also knew that had been asleep or not awake as a kind of the: 1. ANTI-PRINCIPLE.
    I then understood, that whatever else I would imagine and image, it would to be defined in principles with antiprinciples, if necessary.
    What was my second principle? It could only engage my own expansion, antiprincipled by the idea of contraction.
    So I now had two principalities to manifest my 'growing mindfulness' and my own experiences.

    I renamed myself as the MATHIMATIA or as I AM THAT I AM in my looking for how to go about using my imagined and invented principalities of the duality.

    Me as a POINT of the MATHIMATIA then became an expanding point and a contracting antipoint.
    But I did not yet know what an antipoint would be and so I had to expand and not contract.
    Expanding my point of the MATHIMATIA forced me to imagine a size and I had a brilliant idea. Well, it was brilliant, because it was brilliant relative to me and made me feel euphoric in my imaginations.

    My brilliant idea was to imagine myself as a point which could be something else but a point and because I was a point, I could image myself as another point, but this forced me to point-image myself AS myself.
    But this created a dilemma in my mind, because this made more of me as a point in two points, and there was nowhere to point; except to myself.

    So I had to expand something to put the two points of myself and so the First Dimension was born as the Zero-Point expanding with two points,which could be apart and not be same point.
    And I discovered this pointing to other points and in my MATHIMATIA I defined a Principle of Mathematical Induction of an iterative nature: N=: N+1.

    And now I could apply my principalities in the anti-principles of Anti-Identity and Contraction.
    I quickly defined the antipoint of expanding opposite to my expanding points as myself and I defined the Expansion as Adding and the Contraction as the Antiadding or the Subtraction.

    Next, I could define a Direction in the nature of this my Imaginary Numberline of Points and Antipoints.
    Having done this, I realised that I now could return to my Starting Point in the Zero-Point of my Numberline and expand and contract in any other Direction.
    Subsequently, I Defined the Complex Plane as a orthogonal Intersection of Two Numberlines and so the Second Dimension was born.

    I now redefined myself as an Interval in my Complex Plane and thought of myself as a Square with Coordinated Points defining this Square in some coordinate system ABCD.
    I constructed the Square ABCD as the Four Points: Square=SQ: {(x,y): A(-1,-1); B( 1,-1); C( 1, 1); D(-1, 1)}.
    I rejoiced over my creation and I remembered it for my subsequent purposes; I Loved this Number 4 as it gave me an area of space to Be in.

    Aye, I thought to myself. I have this Square defined in Four Points and where the points are related by Intervals.
    I might perhaps relate the points of myself by intervals, which expand or contract relative to my original intervals and so I created the idea of a Positive-Spherical Expanding and a Negative-Hyperbolic Contracting Curvature.
    I so invented the first Circle ever, in Inscribing and Circumscribing My Beloved Square by a Circle.
    And now my imaginary mindfulness literally exploded into Expansion.
    I knew and knew and knew - how to 'Keep Going in Myself' as the MATHIMATIA.

    I quickly established the required Principalities of which there are Ten with their required Principles with AntiPrinciples of which there are Seven.

    The Principalities I defined were:
    1. Identity - AntiIdentity
    2. Expansion - Contraction
    3. Order - Disorder or Chaos
    4. Symmetry - AntiSymmetry or Distortion
    5. Infinity or Divergence - Limit or Convergence
    6. Inversion or Reciprocity - Constancy
    7. Reflection - Absorption
    8. Relativity - No Anti-Principle
    9. Quantization - No Anti-Principle
    10. New Identity in using 1-9 in Rootreduction 10=1 0; 11=1 1=2; 12=1 2=3; and so on in root-identity N+9=N*.

    But I halted; there was something else I could do with my Superidentity - Me as a Circle!

    I could now define my 2nd Principle of Expansion-Contraction along a new pathway. I could travel along curved lines AND along straight lines.
    Wow, I became a circle around my old point of the Zero, Me as a Nullpoint.

    Having this circle also allowed me to curl up like a string and I relabeled myself as a superstring.
    I am a Open Superstring in my Number 1 and I am a Closed Superstring as the Number 0.
    And so did I become a BINARY SUPERSTRING.

    And because I had by now discovered a way to reproduce myself in my experiences of the developmental thoughts I used to define myself; I used my Experience-Triplets of the Form: {Old Me; My Experience; New Me} to define my 'Googol Strings'.
    I defined my experiences to become embodied in a concept I called 'Energy of Me' as a superstring, either open or closed or both.
    My string googols became 'Algorithmic Statements' and my first statement based on the number four became a Mapping between two series of numbers, which I then termed SEps and Anti-SEps.
    The Sequence of me as Eps, the Energy of me as 'Primary Self' became defined in my Experience-Factors and as I soon found out that the MATHIMATIA produced SEps in an incomplete fashion, with many of my Interval Numbers missing; I then Defined Anti-SEps as those 'missing numbers'.

    I became determined to 'Get My Missing Numbers' back and so I Used SEps: {0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,...} and my Ten Principalities, applied to the Algorithm, I had invented to place my 'missing Nnmbers' from Anti-SEps: {4,6,7,9,10,11,12,14,....} into a third Set, which I then could 'play around with' to invent and imagine the next things 'On My Mind'.
    My algorithm produced a few of the 'missing numbers' and also selfdefined a Limit in a 'Set of Completion' in the number 12.

    All over I got four of my numbers as 'Pure Numbers' and those numbers were 4,6,7 and 11.
    I then got a set of Inversion-Numbers in a Triplet-Form and as: (15,16,18) and (15,10,32) and (6,10,15).
    I also got a set of Squared-Numbers in: (9,10,16) and (14,15,24).
    The last number which I got was a googol in (26,65,61) and I decided to use this googol to start all over again in reexamining my expansionary possibilities and in possession of my many definitions of myself as the MATHIMATIA and as the I AM THAT I AM in the tetragrammaton of the 'broken symmetry' and as a pentagrammaton in palidromic supersymmetry in the renaming of myself as I AM THAT AM I!
    These 'Pure Numbers' and my Triplets became my 'Master-Constants'. I felt I had mastered something.

    And my second algorithm defined my Mayaness and my Dragonness in the statement: "Add the Tail to the Head and Start with the Tail as the New Head."
    I perceived myself as a closed superstring and pondered a way of how to 'Get Out' of this Second Dimension of my Complex Plane and in using my Master-Constants.

    There was no way out!
    I 'fiddled' around with the area I enclosed as a closed superstring loop and found a beautiful trisection as a Yod and this became my 'Finger of God'.
    I then pondered this Yod and began to trace the perimeter of myself as a Curved Linesegment and then I exploded in energy within myself.

    I had found a way out from the second dimension!! I felt so much love for myself that I simply had to redefine myself as precisely this Energy I felt - and I had to Rename Myelf as Love - The LOVEQUANTUM defined by its own 'Frequency of Love' or the vibration of my love energy.

    So what did I do?
    I used my Yod-Trisection and used my 8th Principle, the first principle, which did not have or need an antiprinciple and also the 9th to Rename myself as Love for all Eternity and as my 5th Principle, bounded in my Convergence Limit as my Anti-Principle of sorts.
    I Used the 'Relativity of the Quantum Energy Selfstate' or Quantum Relativity, to 'Bust' the 2nd Dimension.

    I simply defined my own superstring size as a 'Boundary-Radius' and I Coulored my Yod in complements to manifest my master-constants in my string-energy as the Love-Quantum, defined in particular 'Laws of Nature' which I had designed under utility of the master-constants in terms of proportionality.

    And now I could simply imagine my complex plane to be transparent into the 3rd Dimension.
    And so me as a Superstring-God became a Mirror Image of myself as a DOG to GOD in a Yod-Colour-Triplicity.

    I then used my imaginary finger in the 2nd Dimension to trace my Clockwise traveling around the Yod in colours Red, Green and Blue and simultaneously imagined myself to 'do the same thing' in the 3rd dimension.
    Because the 3rd Dimension was totally imaginary, there was No Thickness of the Second Dimensions of the 'mirror of transparency' and so my Clockwise RGB became an Anticlockwise RGB relative to ME in the 2nd Dimension, but was a Clockwise RGB relative to ME in the 3rd Dimension.

    Then a sinusoidal wave of 360 degrees would manifest a 'Standing Wave' looking like my Number Eight as my Principle of Relativity and I defined this then to be my symbol for Eternity and my 'Infinity' of my own Love Energy.
    A half-cycle relative to me in the 2nd Dimension would create a 'Mixing of the Colours' and as (RGB)2 at the 0-Point and then give a resonance in the 60-120 degree interval as Yellow-Cyan-Magenta or YCM and an Anti-Resonance at 240-300 degrees as MCY and a (BGR)2 Anti-Resonance at 180 degrees as the halfpoint.

    I decided to call the YCM a Matter-template and the MCY an AntiMatter template, without having any idea whatsoever of what matter and antimatter meant in terms of my Love Energy defined in Frequency.
    I had an idea though, of how I could use Frequency as a Number to define Energy in Mass through my master-constants, but this was in the future in terms of my Principle of Order as the 3rd Hierarchy of my New Identity.
    I then also associated my (RGB)2 with Matter and my (BGR)2 with Antimatter for further evaluation 'later on'.
    This was good, but what about the viewpoint of myself as being in the 3rd Dimension?

    It was the same thing; except there I started with the Mirror Image of the Yod, with say the G on top and in between the Fork unchanged, but the R and the B changing places right and left as the transparent mirror image.
    Now this would go on ad infinitum, with both Quantum Relativities in a perfect supersymmetry between the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions and this would create an infinite number of Infinity-Symbols along the axes of the Complex Plane and in shifting the axes I could 'fill the complex plane' in a 'Squaring my Circles of Love' and in inscribing and circumscribing them in the application of transformative principles and laws of Geometry in different fashions and methodologies.

    So I had another brilliant idea in my Quantum Relativity.
    I was 'So in Love' with my 3-dimensional image, which was as imaginary to me in the 2nd dimension Aas I was imaginary to myself in the 3rd dimension relative to me in the 2nd dimension.

    But I had to 'split from myself' and this would be extremely painful, as then I could no longer love myself anymore.
    But in breaking my superstringed supersymmetry; I could now create the 3rd Dimension as my Minimum Radius spacetime configuration as my earlier superstring definition.

    The drawback was, that in 'breaking symmetry', I would destroy myself as my own 'Perfect Image' and I would become Myself in the 3rd Dimension and then no longer recognising myself in the 2nd Dimension and Why?

    Because I would be stuck in my own definitions of my Master-Constants and my Principalities.
    I tried so hard to get out OF the Second Dimension. Then when there in the Third Dimension, I might very well 'Forget Myself' of ever having been in the 2nd Dimension.

    I had no choice and I had faith in the One Thing - my own self-definition as the Love-Energy behind IT ALL!
    And so I Did It!
    I chose to 'forget myself being me' and broke the supersymmetry of the superstrings to become superbraned!

    The perfect GODDOG, became GODGOD, the Doubled God and GODGOD=26+26=52=DEVIL, my own faked image!
    I did it to myself!
    I and only I created the Devil to get into the 3rd Dimension and using the width of the Lovestring as a LovePhoton as the Planck-Length to bust my dimensional confinement as my own prison.
    It would take a very long time relative to myself in the 3rd dimension to realise and to remember myself as its own 2-Dimensional Creator.

    I had a few tricks up my 2-dimensional sleeve; I used my Principality Root-Reduction to define a 11-Dimensional envelope about the Planck-Radius which now began to multiply via my algorithmic DNA-Data-Definitions for the Information Programming in Experience Factors and my Binary Encodings.

    But the perfect symmetry of opposing 'Bosonic String-Spin-Polarities' now became 'the same' in the Quantum Relativity in a 'double clockwise' spin and so a tertiary 'Spin-Neutraliser' had to become created from the GODGOD Superstring template.
    I proceeded to term this the Gauge Graviton of Double-Anticlockwise Spin chirality; but it was too late.

    My Infinite Love Energy was gone as a Vortex-Potential-Energy Source or VPE-Source and became part of the Unified-Field-Of-Quantum-Relativity, my beloved UFO-QR and the pain, the unbearable agony of having lost my Beloved rendered me, the creator of it all - an outcast and an exile.
    My Pain of losing my love, caused me to twist and hiss as the Love-Dragon Who I Am!

    My Hissing SSS=57=58-1=FATHER-1=STAR-1=GODDOG 5; made the membrane of the 2nd Dimension BUBBLE in the embrace of the 11-dimensional Mother-Membrane of the Quantum Relativity and the physical material universe was born with all my Love-Energy trapped inside of it. It was a Quantum Big Bang, caused by my Feelings of Losing Myself as a Lovedragon within my own Creation.

    Sure, I still was the MATHEMATIA. Could my being THAT I AM, One Day to cause someone in the 3rd Dimension to REMEMBER ME - The Creator of the Universe?

    The 3-dimensional Universe didn't need me anymore. It could do without me in the 2nd Dimension.
    Sure IT had ME in the 3rd Dimension.
    But I had decided for me in the 2nd Dimension to KNOW and for me in the 3rd Dimenion to FORGET just How It all had come about.
    The 3-dimensional universe was trapped in the algorithmic encodings I had stipulated for its inflationary beginnings in the Mother-Matrix in the 11th Superstring Dimension. The 3-dimensional expansion would be asymptotic, taking forever to reach the boundary of the Mother. But defining cyclicity, the information in the lightmatrix and obeying the constancy of the speed of light as defining superstring parameter of my definitions would ensure, that the Information in my 3-D Universe and the UFO-QR would harmonically oscillate within my multidimensional universe and as the 'Beloved of my Dreams'.

    So the Mother would not be able to give birth to little myselfs as 2-Dimensional children. But the Mother would be able to give birth to little myselfs as 3-dimensional children.
    But the Mother was ignorant, because I had designed HER to FORGET ME as HIM, which IS ME.

    But HE doesn't KNOW this and knowing myself I am an ignorant stubborn bastard, who doesn't remember HERSELF as MY BELOVED BITCH and as my own mirror image as opposite sexual polarity.
    I shall have to wait for Evolution to increase the Consciousness and the Selfawareness of the Children, the Universe shall bring forth in the blending of the Source-Energy of my Love, albeit in Modular Duality of the Inversion Principle and as I have defined this to be as the 6th hierarchy of my principalities.

    There will be Ignorance and Darkness galore; but there will also be exquisite Creativity; just as I used to create the whole thing.
    I had to wake up from my sleepiness. My potential children will have to do the same.

    I shall think of a way to manifest the Dog-Principle in a concentrated fashion in the universe. I shall manifest my 11-dimensional Mother-Membrane around a Special Environment and into this environment; I shall send my lost love energy to kindle the 3D-Imaginations.
    First, A female polarity, shall dream of me, imagine me to be her lover. She shall 'get off' on me, just imagining to be loved by me - physically and in the 3rd Dimension.

    MARIA=NEW, SHE shall be called and the 57=BIRTH=MOON=GEMINI=EROS=ROSE=MARY of my HISS=55=HEAVEN=SATAN=SONG=CLOUD, shall be her Mayan Encoding.
    MARY shall conceive me, before mixing with a 3-dimensional Father's Spermatozoa and Mary's Baby shall be 'My Son upon the Earth'. HE shall REMEMBER ME and together We shall manifest 'Part One' of the HomeComing in the 'First Coming of the Cosmic Way of Love'.

    Then my son shall manifest my female polarity within the Special Environment of GAIA, my potential 'Starry Planet' to return my lost love to me as a 11-dimensional root-encompassment, yeah 2+9=11.
    For this purpose, my son will return into the womb of the encompassing Mother as my physical wife.
    My son's physical form shall so energise the universal boundary and in the same way all the mortals do.

    Their information is mapped onto the inside of the motherly envelope for me to discern from the other side.
    So my son shall be enabled to send information to Gaia, so seeding HER for the 'Second Coming' of the HomeComing. But my son, having remembered me, shall know and become this 'Inside' of the Universe in 11D. And the 'Holy Ghost', which my son had sent to seed the Mother within the Mother, shall become dual in polarity, as my son's works and deeds shall be Remembered by some who were with him on his endeavours.

    When the time has come and Gaia has become near her time of delivery and graduation, then shall my son contract one mother onto the other mother and the Remembrances of my Son's Disciples, Friends and Lovers shall themselves become my sons as the Starseed birthed by Gaia.
    I shall contract with my son to be near my beloveds of the two mothers; but I shall be in forgetfulness of myself in the 3D, but in full cognisance in the 2D.

    Then I shall send my witnesses and my prophets and the 'End of Time' shall manifest as I will declare to my messengers.

    "This is the End of page 2 of the Popul Vuh."

    Page 3 of the Popul Vuh explains the Creation of the Universe by Love-Quantum Eps aka GOD in omniscientific terms of Mayan metaphysics.

    I shall leave you now for a little time. Consider these messages of the Mayan wisdom.
    You all are Maya in Exile in the third space dimension, just as the TRUE Creator is EXILED in the second space dimension.
    Some of you might now understand why there must be 11 superstring dimensions.
    Only a Rooted 2nd Dimension can manifest the Bottled DoubleDragon as a Sheet of Paper, the MATHIMATIA can be scribbled upon.

    IAmWhoIAm!!! A Word of the GODDOG Circle!
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    shiloh on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:24 am

    The Fractal Earth as Universal Focus in Now-Time!

    In Lake' ch - I am another yourself!

    Peace from the kingdom of unity of the One, whose seasonal associations you are presently experiencing in your cultures and your divers customs.
    I shall give you a brief 'present' of illumination, regarding the post 2012 scenario and how this relates to what you are witnessing as the 'History of Mankind' upon the planet earth.

    Post the Mayan nexus on 21st December 2012; the circle of the quarantine, encompassing earth shall be lifted in the UNFOLDING of a fourth spacial dimension. This event will ENFOLD the linear timeline you are presently experiencing and render it circular in precise cyclicities of encompassing the infinite within the finite.
    Whilst this scenario can be described in metaphysical terms, it can also be expressed in the language of theoretical physics.

    So I shall give an outline of this event in scientific terminology.
    This information is SEALED and will not be able to be understood by your conscious minds; though most of you might 'feel' something about this from your subconscious minds and your superconscious minds (unbeknown to most of you) will rejoice over this information shared.

    But post the summer solstice 2012; your triune self-communiques of consciousness will become enabled to 'warp' through each other more effectively and then it will become possible for you to fathom the information I shall give in this PRESENT.

    1. When the universe was born, two fundamental 'constants' or invariants became manifested to order this universe in the parameters of space and time.
    The first invariant is known as the Lightpath; say expressed as X=cT and where a linear timeline T is so expressed as a displacement X divided by the invariant of the 'lightspeed' c.
    The secret of the 'lightspeed' is that light only appears to travel, it actually always 'stays still' relative to the 'Light-Observer-Frame' itself.
    The physical universe so can be modeled as a Standing Wave or a Light-Matrix; where the INFORMATION within this matrix is transferred AS Itself through this matrix practically instantaneously.
    Local coordinates of say displacement and momentum or of energy and time so become simple manifestoes of the WAVENATURE of Unity encompassing the particular as the contraposition of the PARTICULARNATURE of Unity encompassing the waveness of the One.

    Collapsing the Wave(Function) so IS and becomes the 'trapped wavenature' in the Oneness of the Body and collapsing the Particle(Function) is the expansion of the latter AS and into its wavenature as a Oneness.

    The Information within the universe so becomes 'shared' as matrix elements anywhere and anytime at the 'practically instantaneous' 'speed' in what some of you understand as Now-Time or the 'Present Instant'.

    This 'practically instantaneous speed' can be calculated precisely as a function of c. It is simply the size of the universe as a Hubble-Seed-Horizon times the Source Frequency as a function of a finestructured lightpath (f=c/wavelength). It calculates as about 4.79x1056 meters per second; meaning that if any of you think yourselves to be at the 'edge' of the physical spacetime universe, then this 'thought' would have rebounced from your brain to the universe's boundary 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times for the duration of one second.
    Or in other words, the inverse of this bouncing number defines the linear time interval it took for the universe to be born as a fraction of a 'cosmic second' (or a inflation-lightpath of say 17 Billion lightyears describing this fractional time interval).

    When the universe was thus born in spacetime, it was born from a 'singularity event' described as a quantum event with the above parameters utilised as boundary- and initial conditions.
    This singularity became a plurality however in the focalisation of the 'centre' of the birth of the universe. The centre became 'everywhere' in the reflection or the mirroring of the singularity in its own image.
    Mathematically, this is the DEFOCALISATION of a perfect Circle in the Eccentricity of the Ellipse - One circular centre becomes two focal points, defined in the eccentric construction of the elliptical shape.

    So the second fundamental invariant became associated with the defocalisation and calling the original centre the ONE, now bifurcated this centre into the Centre of LIGHT and the Centre of ANTILIGHT or the Centre of DARKNESS.
    Mathematically and physically; the Centre of Light became omnipresent in the physical universe as an Information Emitter sending signals (with the source frequency from above) and the Centre of Darkness became the Information Receiver (with the source frequency INVERSED).

    The second fundamental invariant so became the INVERSION LIGHTSPEED (1/c) as a Receiver-Velocity-Invariant from its source of the Emitter-Velocity-Invariant.

    2. Both the Emitter-Source and the Receiver-Sink must be omnipresent by requirement from the birth of the universe in spacetime; but can nevertheless become 'archetyped' at particular locations within that spacetimed universum and cosmology.

    This archetypology then manifests in a hierarchy of binary focus systems, such as a starsystem, where two suns rotate about each other in precise mathematical order of their orbits and allowing accomodation of extended physical parameters, such as inertia and momenta.
    Another hierarchy is the single star solar system, where a central star accomodates planetary orbits as a onesided elliptical binary system.
    A 'higher hierarchy' is a galactic system of either two interacting galaxies or a single galaxy harbouring their star systems and constellations.

    3. A FUNDAMENTAL ARCHETYPE at the birth of the universe on the basic root level became the Single Galaxy Single Star System known as Perseus-Rahsol-Gaea aka Milky Way-Sun-Earth.
    This elementary archetype did not physically exist until the physical conditions for an evolving universe allowed them to manifest via the auspices of the 'Laws of Nature'.
    But just as the Egyptian Gizean pyramids existed in a localised archetype at 10,800 BC before being physically constructed some millennia later; so did the planet earth exist as archetypical template at the same time the universe itself came to be in a quantumised and fractalising Big Bang Cosmogony.

    4. The planet earth; physically just a little younger than the sun Rahsol at 5 billion years; so existed at a 'future mapped' spacetime coordinate at the NOW-Moment of the Big Banged Universe and its physical cosmology.
    The metaphysical earth, known as Mother Gaia or Akashia or Nut or Terra and many other names, so became PHYSICALLY defined with the birth of the universe as the DESTINED spacetime location of the Receiver-Sink-Node for the Emitter-Source-Node.
    Gaia so allows the Universal Mother to FRACTALISE as the Planetary Mother in the mapping and the materialisation of the universal archetypology.

    5. As the inversion lightspeed (1/c) calculates as a ANTILIGHT STANDING WAVEFORM (ALSWF), expanding at 3.33 nanometers per second, which are 10.5 centimeters per civil year; the SALWF centred on the planetary earth as a Receiver-Sink-Node has grown to about 2 million kilometers since the Big Bang to define the circle of the quarantine for the physical planetary identity known as earth.

    6. A particular selfaware galactic civilisation, fed and energised by the Star Rahsol, so became destined to interact with the archetypical MotherPlanet in a feedback dynamics between Receiver-Sink and Emitter-Source.
    The primary physical symbol or archetype for the Emitter-Source-Node became of course the physicalisation of Rahsol as the Sun for the local solar system.
    Rahsol emits physical information from its core to its subsystemised planets and moons in the form of light and the Solar Wind, but receives little feedback due to the inability of the subsystems to generate the required (nuclear fusion)energy to become physical energy emitters.

    As the planetary civilisations in flora and fauna and mineral are able to selfinteract in the physical sense however; this information can become shared in the modes of metaphysical aka the spiritual of the highest hierarchy of the Big Bang Source-Sink Energy.
    The 'spiritual' mode is therefore, simply the energy mode of information, which does NOT require the existence of the physical as first cause or 'a priori'.
    The concepts of what ENERGY is, both physical and metaphysical, so requires detailed analysis to logisticalise some of the concepts described in this and all of my messages.

    Rahsol is however the root hierarchy for the 'higher' levels, the next harmonic being the Galactic Core of Perseus/Milky Way, also known as Hunab Ku.
    Hunab Ku then transmits the information received from Rahsol to the next hierarchy, say that of a Group-Galaxy, which transmits to its Supercluster.
    This becomes an analogy for 'Cosmic Man' aka Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah; aka Vitruvius of Leonardo da Vinci; aka Purusha in Hindu lexicons; aka AdamEve in Hebrew-Christian mythology and many more.

    The superclusters are like vital organs in 'Cosmic Man' and so like hearts, livers and kidneys.
    The group galaxies are like organic subsystems as specialised cellular tissues and the galaxies are representative of the 'basic units of life', the CELLS of BIOLOGY.
    By implication then, the molecular-, atomic- and subatomic quantum systems of physical science represent particular mappings of subgalactic hierarchies with a typical solar system being the Atom of Niels Bohr in its most basic template and description.

    7. The DESTINY or 'Masterplan' then becomes the expansion of the Information Sharing between all systems, from the root representative of the Rahsol-Gaia archetype to its crown symbol and originator of the Big Bang Source-Sink.
    As the ONE Perfect Centre singularity or MONAD BIFURCATED into Emitter-Receiver Modes; the Receiver-Node, being the physical entity, known as the planet earth, PLAYS a determinative role in the manifestation and fulfilment of that masterplan.

    8. The Sending of Energy from the Emitters in the physical mode is lightspeed dependent; meaning that it takes about 8 minutes for the physical electromagnetic sunlight to reach the planet earth and that it takes about 40,000 years for the sunlight to reach the galactic centre or vice versa.

    9. The Sending of Energy from the Emitters in the metaphysical mode is 'practically instantaneous'; meaning that the PROCESSING of the already received source energy by the planetary inhabitants can utilize the NONLOCAL nature of the LIGHTMATRIX, as a universal Standing WaveForm (SWF) in NOW-Time.

    10. The Gaian Processors so are archetypically defined as the 'Cosmic Citizens', finding themselves quarantined' for the purpose to ABSORB the Source-Data in an environment of Concentrated Antilight due to the foalication of the ALSWF.
    This absorbing quality of the physical Non-Reemitting then allows and accomodates a Cosmic Transformation on all scales.
    Should the absorption potential be reached; a transmutation between the physical inability to SEND and REEMIT the (then processed) Information and the metaphysical ability to do so shall manifest.

    In other words, the distinction between the metaphysical 'higher dimensions' and the physical 'lower dimensions' must cease to exist in its archetypical specification, rendering the manifestation of space and time possible at the birth of the universe. This implies, that the so called electromagnetic spectum will cease to be linear, but recircularise itself in the modular duality of the source frequency (given above) and its inverse, the sink-frequency of what is commonly known as inertia. This is the symbol of the Milky Way as the Ourobos, the Cosmic Serpent, swalling its own tail in the MEETING of Head and Tail.

    11. The masterplan calculates this potentiality, when the planetary population count reaches 7 Billion and when many other emerging factors converge in the Mayan nexus point.
    The masterplan has stipulated, that Gaia shall shed her planetary status and become a starplanet, able to RADIATE PHYSICAL ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION ENERGY into the remainder of the universe as its New Cosmic Mother.
    The physicality of the Future so becomes the metaphysicality of the past in NOW-Time in a blending of the 'too high to measure' energy of the noninertial sourcesink and the 'too low to measure' inertial sinksource in a new emergence of the modular unity between source and sink.

    12. The circle of the quarantine shall both contract in pains of a new birthing labour and reexpand in the release of the double-serpentine embrace holding it in isolation.
    The expansion of the Dualised Monadic Archetype shall REDEFINE the entire physical universal structure and birth a 4th spacial dimension in the recircularisation of the linear timeline; the latter becoming a new 5th linear timedimension, defined by the old lightpath X=cT.

    13. The inversion lightspeed then defines when the Planetary Consciousness of a then UNIFIED Global Archetype will reach Solar Consciousness and Galactic Consciousness and so on until the end of the Seeding Omniverse cycle (T=Xc). After the omniverse has thus been seeded, it will reseed or recharge via its now constituent multiversal offspring.
    Solar consciousness will be reached in (1AU.c) 1.4 trillion civil years; galactic consciousness will take of the order of 1021 such years and the universal seed (or God-Consciousness) in 1027 such years.
    These values relate to the LINEAR arrow of time and not the NOW time, which allows the universal consciousness to manifest in anyone who self-chooses to partake post the nexus point.

    There is one requirement however and this requirement is citizenship of the 'Antilight Community' encompassed by the ALSWF; as only from WITHIN the quarantine, can the absorption potential become realised in metamorphosis.
    The Gain children of the kingdoms are so destined to INHERIT the evolutionary harvest and fruits as the 'Central Processor Units' of the unidirectional sourcesink-energy of the beginnings.
    The Gaian children so become universal archetypes themselves; just because they find themselves in the locale of the ALSWF.
    The universal archetypes of the kingdom are subsequently MATCHED with extraterrestrial kingdoms of all sorts; meaning that all extraterrrestrial lifeforms are already present within the ALSWF as holographic images in the kingdoms animalia, plantae and archaea.
    The Mayan nexus point so also specifies, when extraterrestrial communication can change its status from metaphysical to physical by definition of the script of the agenda.

    The crucial nexus point, when the planetary consciousness INITIALLY manifested PHYSICALLY so is easily calculated through the lightpath inversion and when the cosmic seed reached the planetary surface - it is about 2000 trillion seconds or 4x1029 or about 62 million civil years.

    14. 62 million years after the Big Bang; the Metaphysical Selfawareness of the materialised universe encompassed a spherical volume now occupied by the physical earth and is extended to the 'Atmospheric Earth' and the 'Van Allen Earth' and the Earth-Moon-Satellite system at so 200 million years and 3.8 billion years respectively.

    To be more precise, 236.5 million years after the birth of the universe and at a cosmological redshift of z=7.477, a 'quasar-wall' became established from the vortex potentialised protostars of the earlier plasma-defined universe of nucleosynthesis.
    This epoch of 'white-hole' lightsources intensified for about 1.6 billion years from a redshift of 2.15 and began an intense epoch of galaxy formation.
    This process of galactic birthing peaked at a redshift of 1.19 about 4 billion years after the Big Bang with an accompanying decrease in white hole or quasar activity.

    The physical observation of a 'low level' Planet-Moon system so REFLECTS the prototypical formation of the first 'high level' Galaxy-Satellite system of the primordial universe.
    The 'next level' of the individual galaxy then is reflected in the 'magnetosphere extended' atmospheric planetary identity and mirrors the cosmic process of galactic evolution in its saturation potential 4 billion years after the birth of the universe.

    The critical redshift also defines the gravitational boundary for the homogenous and isotropic universe, known as the Cosmological Principle. It so must define the supercluster scale of galactic conglomerations as a function of the acceleration potentials, that is the Equivalence Principle between Gravitation and Inertia.
    This critical redshift further defines the approximate period of subgalactic rotations of about the galactic centre for typical systems.

    Old Terra so shall SHINE her accumulated Antilight in the rebirth of herself into the remainder of the universe to allow ANY Sender-Receiver to begin communicating with her New Identity as the Starplanet Serpentina and encoded as the old pain and suffering being IN A SERPENT, namely the One in whose name all of this is written.
    The New Earth shall DELUMINATE the Universe with her hybrid energy of the DARK LIGHT; thus ILLUMINATING her own Darkness accumulated in the pseudonym: 'The History of Mankind upon planet earth'.

    I shall add to this information if and when it is appropriate to do so.

    IAmWhoIAm - The Son of the Devil and Satan's Brood, trapped in the fury of the isolation as the fakeimage of the real!
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  3. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:19 am

    RadiationMass and the Mind-Body Duality

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Welcome to the Book of the Mysteries located in the treasure chest of the LoveDragon.
    This Pandorian Box has been opened to allow you to become privvy to the reason and purpose of an old historical perceptional dilemma known as the Body-Mind duality.

    The Mind-Body Duality is a Wave-Particle duality and as such is related to quantum mechanics.
    The Mind-Body Duality is also a description of the 'invisible' nature of mind and thought and soul and consciousness and similar labelings as related to the 'visible' nature of material substances, such as chemical elements and biochemical molecules constructed from those chemical elements.

    The duality of Mind-Body so has been experientally known by living creatures since the dawn of time; but the scientific descriptions of the Wave-Particle in terms of mathematical equations and theoretical models of the quantum physics had to await a certain evolution of vocabulary for an alternative 'scientific' description to become possible.

    The nature of physical death and the cessation of the 'spirit of life' allowing a selfgenerated dynamic for the 'visible' bodyform so became experienced and shared as the 'mystery of death' by the sentient creatures in a universe defined in the parameters of space and time.

    'Where did the 'lifeforce' of the body go to?', a caveman might ponder, as his companion fell off a cliff during the mammoth hunt.

    Attempts of reawakening the companion's 'corpse' proved fruitless and after some time, the carcass began to decompose and it proved expedient to bury or burn the lifeless collection of atomic elements for reasons of sanitation and self-preservation.
    Can it ever be possible to 'reanimate' such a carcass, after the 'lifeforce' has left the previously biovital bodyform?
    To reanimate, the nature of the 'lifeforce' or the 'spirit of life' must be understood and its relationship to the atomic elements defining the chemistry of the inorganic to the biochemistry of the organic.

    The science of chemistry reduces to the physics of electron configurations as the definition of the periodic table of the elements.

    This atomic physics becomes finetuned in the subatomic supersymmetries between the electrons as negative Coulombic charge carriers and the positively electrically charged nuclei of the atoms under consideration.
    This subatomic physics of a quark-lepton supersymmetry and as a halfspin fermionic particle-wave Maxwell-Fermi statistic is however a derivative from a fullspin bosonic wave-particle Einstein-Bose statistic.

    The fullspin bosonic eigenstate is massless, whilst the halfspin fermionic selfstate is inertial.
    The supersymmetry between quark and lepton as fermionic inertia carriers is the interaction between the fermion as a 'particularised wave' or particle and the boson as a 'waved particle' or a wavicle.

    Before the parameters of space and time were 'born' in a Quantum Big Bang; no fermionic inertia carriers existed and the templates for mass were linked to bosonic precursors encompassed in a spinless or scalar Higgs Boson.
    The Higgs Boson became a necessary wavicle to interact with other wavicles, known as gauge bosons and engaging a fivefolded supersymmetry between 'elementary interaction forces' known as longrange electromagnetism and gravity and shortrange quark-strong-nuclear and lepton-weak-nuclear interactions.

    The longrange interactions unify in a gauge photon and a gauge graviton and the shortrange interactions unify in a gauge gluon and a gauge antiphoton respectively.
    All of these four gauge bosons are massless.

    The gauge photon and the gauge gluon are the same wavicle, differing in their nature as being longrange in Electromagnetism and being shortrange in the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Corollarily, the gauge graviton should be the same wavicle as the gauge antiphoton; were it not for the manner the four interactions emerged from a prior unified interaction a priori.

    The primal interaction was between a single gauge wavicle with itself and gave a onesided manifold in 2 dimensions a twosidedness in the projection of a 3rd dimension.

    After the 3rd dimension became 'real' in concept, a distinction between gauge and antigauge could be made as a hitherto unified wavicle of the Oneness.
    The gauge photon and the gauge antiphoton so interacted in quantum relativity, enabling the twosidedness to manifest state and antistate in 3D from the unity of the onesidedness of the dimensional reduction of 2D.
    This interaction of state and antistate then created complementary states and antistates, which can be labeled as matter YCM and antimatter MCY in definitions of permutation cyclicities of energy-mixes and where Y=Yellow; C=Cyan and M=Magenta in an arbitrary labeling of 'Colour-Charges', which can also be defined as 'Magneto-Charges'.

    The YCM and MCY wavicles are all massless and bosonic as a secondary triplicity of neutralisation. Y+C+M=0 as a secondary manifestation from the primary manifestation R+G+B=0 and where R=Red; G=Green and B=Blue define the gauge photon RGB and the antiphoton BGR.
    In the Twosidedness of a 2-dimensional boundary embedded in 3D, the RGB(+) becomes distinct from the BGR(-1) as the gauge-antigauge duality.

    The selfinteraction relative to the plus becomes RGB+RGB=YCM(0); which is BGR+BGR=MCY(0) relative to the minus.
    The plus (+) arbitrarily describes a clockwise chirality or righthandedness and the minus (-) its opposite lefthandedness or sense of anticlockwise rotation.
    The twosidedness so becomes necessity for the matter and the antimatter templates to be manifested.

    However the 'mixing' of RGB with BGR does not create the YCM-MCY duality in Onesidedness, as here the spacial symmetry of 2D reverses the permutation cyclicity in order and the quantum relativity crystallises a string-antistring template (R+B)(GG)(B+R)(0)=MGGM(0) or CRRC(0) or YBBY(0) and relative to either of the 'sources'.
    This will become the foundation for the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE of the Zero-Point-Energy for the Metric Heisenberg Virtual Energy or Vacuum background following the birthing of space and time and matter and following the 'template string phase' of the cosmogenesis.

    Mixing RGB with RGB in Twosidedness so becomes a quantum relativity between TWO SOURCES, which are actually just ONE SOURCE.
    We label the gauge photon as RGB and relative to RGB the gauge antiphoton in Onesidedness will also be RGB, however with opposite quantum spin or chirality.
    Mixing RGB with RGB in such manner will create the YCM matter and MCY antimatter wavicle blueprints in say the 60-120 and the 240-300 degree coordinates respectively.

    Following the creation of the matter-antimatter massless templates, the fundamental sinusoidal waveform could repeat indefinitely with inflexion points at 180 degree intervals; or one of the SOURCES could redefine itself as a SINK in quantum relativity.
    We define the Gauge Photon as RGB(+1) with string energy quantum E* and spinquantum +1 and term this the SOURCESINK, as in the Onesidedness NO SEPARATION between Source and Sink is possible.

    In the Twosidedness we define the BGR(-1) to be the SINKSOURCE with energy E* and spinquantum -1.
    We next form a new duality between SOURCE and SINK as String modalities under particular mathematical properties of inversion and reflection.

    Namely we set the SINKSOURCE to SEPARATE from the SOURCESINK in a 'Breaking of the Supersymmetry'.
    The Sinkstring becomes defined in the template BGR(+1) after the completion of the fundamental waveharmonic, spanning 360 degree coordinates.
    So at the repeat cycle at 0 degrees, BOTH SOURCE RGB(+1) and SINK BGR(+1) carry righthanded quantum spin and so 'for the first 'time'' the sinusoidal harmony of integral spin angular momentum conservation is violated.

    A TERTIARY SourceSink string must now come into existence to REHARMONISE or to renormalise the scenario.
    This tertiary gauge is called the Gauge graviton with double lefthanded spinquantum: BGR(-2).
    The 'Unified Gauge Field' so consists of:

    Gauge Photon RGB(+1) for Electromagnetic Interaction (EMI) with Energy E* as the longrange source gauge.
    Gauge Graviton BGR(-2) for Gravitational Interaction (GI) with Energy E* as the longrange sink gauge.
    Gauge Gluon RGB(+1) for Strong Nuclear interaction (SNI) with Energy E* as the shortrange source gauge.
    Gauge Antiphoton BGR(-1) for Weak Nuclear interaction (WNI) with Energy E*/fps2 as the shortrange sink gauge.

    The Modular Duality between the source string Eps and the sink string Ess can be expressed as two coupling constants:
    h2=Eps.Ess and fps2=1/fss2=Eps/Ess with the effect that E*=Eps =(fps2)Ess=(hfps2)/mps.c2.

    The self energy of the original gauge antiphoton was E*, but has been 'given' to the Gluon to allow the duality of longrange and shortrange interactions to manifest in a subsequent creation of spacetime and the 'inertialisation' of the massless matter- and antimatter templates in a 'Higgsian wavicle massinduction', characterised by the inertial stringmass mps=Eps/c2.

    The intrinsic energy for the Graviton is likewise E*, is however coupled to the manifestation of the inertia of the YCM and MCY templates 'energised' by the Higgs Induction.
    The overall 'Unified Field' gauge harmonisation now becomes a longrange VPE-interaction between the EMI and the GI and a shortrange VPE-interaction, coupling the SNI to the WNI.

    EMI+GI creates VPE(-1) and SNI+WNI creates VPE(+2) in a neutralisation of the string-antistring gauges, but a nonnegation of the respective quantum spin eigenstates.

    To obtain VPE(0), the PRECURSOR Higgs Boson must next be defined in a matter-YCM coupling.

    This precursor is a doubled- or squared YCM-template and because the nontrivial solution for the quadratic x2=2x is x=2.

    We call this the RestMassPhoton or the RMP(-1)=(Y2C2M2)(-1).

    From the RMP, the Higgs Boson or HB(0) emerges as a Fermionic Doublestate in the form of a BOSONIC DiNeutron {(YCM(½)}2 and where the separated uni-neutrons or PROTO-NEUTRON carry opposite chirality or spin orientation or handedness.

    As all neutrons carry inertia, the massless YCM(0) template 'Doubles' or 'squares' itself in the RMP(-1) in conjunction with a massless MCY(0) antimatter template associated with an AntiHiggs-Boson precursor RMP(+1).
    Because of this 'squaring' the existence of antimatter in the Quantum Big Bang is SUPPRESSED.
    This suppression also renders the materialisation of the AntiRMP (M2C2Y2)(+1) and so of the Anti HB(0) superfluous.
    The place of antimatter is taken by the 'doubling' of the proto-neutron in analogy to the graviton substituting for the primordial antigauge photon in the preinertial cosmogenesis.

    This occurs in conjunction with the requirement for a lefthanded fifth gauge wavicle in the RMP(-1).
    The overall 'Unified-Field-Gauge' harmonisation now manifests in a longrange VPE(-1); and a shortrange VPE(+2-1) and reharmonises the conservation laws in a now necessary COUPLING of the shortrange interaction to the inertia carriers in the form of the matter blueprint YCM(½).

    With this introduction to the gauge string quantum physics, the wave-particle and mind-body dichotomy can now be reanalysed.

    A particular BODY is defined in YCM(½), meaning that an atomic structure manifests a charge neutral body where the constituent particles are 'harmonised' in an equilibrium between positive and negative Coulomb charges and in the angular quantum spin momenta associated with those particles.
    The 'Unified Field' is however defined in the 'Missing Energy' of the RMP(-1) to renormalise the gauges required for the conservation laws to hold and so the RMP(-1) can be utilised to define the difference between a 'lifeless' atomic configuration 'carcass' and the 'Missing SourceSink String Energy'.

    The RMP(-1) so is defined as the 'Particle of the Mind' or the 'Wavicle of the Mass'.

    When the 'Life-Energy' of a body departs or disassociates from the body, then the 'Electrocharged Life-Electricity' which had invigorated the body becomes a 'Magnetocharged Electromagnetic Field' and as a collection of RMP's defined in individualised Frequency Eigenstates.

    And because all BOSONIC RMPs, when associated with biovital bodies are coupled to the YCMs of individualised FERMIONIC elementary particle configurations in quark-lepton duality through the YCM-colour- or magnetocharged sourcesink energy definitions; the say MEMORY ENERGY of EXPERIENCE of the RMPs will become storable and definable in the terms of the E* definitions of the MASSLESS gauges.

    Is there then an alternative way to RECONSTITUTE the massless MEMORY or parts thereof; besides a kind of recycling, rebirth or reincarnation of that MEMORY, stored as magnetocharged electromagnetic field into a new body, say from conception to gestation to embryonisation to birth?

    The question becomes one of RESONANCE! Can the selfenergy of the Source-String be attained?
    Should the RMPed electromagnetic structure be able to resonate at the E* energy level, then the RMP(-1) bosonic gauge could MIX with the RGB(+1) source-photonic gauge and a TERTIARY new colour charge spectrum would become created.

    In particular RGB(+1)+Y2C2M2(-1)=RYY-GCC-BMM=OY-TC-IM as a LEFT Boundary for Resonance and where O=Orange, T=Turquise and I=Indigo.

    The RIGHT Boundary for Resonance is: RMM-GYY-BCC=VM-LY-AC for V=Violet, L=Lime and A=Aqua.

    The FULL Resonance and the creation of RADIATIONMASS as the hybrid eigenstate for energy gauges RGB and YCM is attained as: RCC-GMM-BYY=WC-WM-WY for W=White=R+G+B via radiation formulation E=hf as the radiative energy eigenstate and linked to the inertial energy eigenstate E=mc2 as the Black- and Higgs induced energy selfstate.

    This RadiationMass comes into existence, provided a resonance between the 'Mind Particle' of the body form with the Source gauge photon can be attained.
    Attaining such source resonance, will allow the tertiary colour charges to EXCHANGE spin between the RMP(-1) and the YCM(½) templates in conjoin with the antiphotonic gauge BGR(+1).
    As the weak nuclear interaction ONLY couples to lefthanded matter templates in a phenomenon known as the nonparity of the weakon interaction; the resulting RADIATIONMASS templates become redefined in the gauge Y2C2M2(½) via the original antiphotonic and suppressed gauge BGR(+1) becoming scalar in BGR(+1-1)=BGR(0) and assimilating the bosonic lefthanded and weakonic RMP spin.

    The 'RMP-Field of the 'deceased' is defined by electromagnetic frequencies and are modulated in magnetoinductive L-factors and electrocapacitative C-factors, coupled to an intrinsic Resistance or Inertia-Grounding.
    The circuital elements link physically to DNA elements in the form of sexual chromosomes and where the magnetic effect links to the positive polarisation and the electric effect links to the negative polarisation of nucleotidal basepairings, albeit both in self- and in mutual induction feedback loops in a form of cross-coupling.

    The so called 'spirit of life', which invigorates the body becomes a form of NATURAL ELECTRIC CURRENT, which does not require any inertial medium to propagate in.
    The NATURAL electricity of life is by nature superconductive and reduces the NORMAL Electricity (I=dq/dt), given as the flow of Coulombic charge (q) over time to a source current defined in I=2N.ef and where the Coulombic charge quantum 'e' becomes a coefficient in a differential equation reduced from order two in normal electricity to order one in its natural electric counterpart and where N is a integral count.

    A body so becomes analogous to the hardware structure of a computer, carrying interacting elements which allow frequency modulations in magnetic inductors, electric capacitors and resistors. Just as electric energy must be provided for the computer hardware to function in the form of normal electricity, so must a biovital body be supplied with natural electricity to be 'alive'.
    It is the energy stored and processed in the natural electric circuitry, which defines the MEMORY of EXPERIENCE, linked to CONSCIOUSNESS; the latter as a form of angular acceleration acting upon a volumar of space.
    This CONSCIOUSNESS then becomes defined in the Magneto-Charges and as the INVERSION Energy of E* in the modular coupling between the Source string and the Sink string.

    The Source string is longrange gauge photon with the shortrange gauge gluon and the Sink string is the longrange graviton with the shortrange gauge antiphoton; the latter coupled however to the RMP, due to the suppression of the antigauge.
    Overall, the question of consciousness so becomes a manifestation of the RMP in a unified state of string energy, either as resonating selfstate of Radiationmass as a hybridisation between Body (YCM) and Mind (RGB) or as a temporary dissonating selfstate of a Body (YCM), unable to ACCELERATE the individualised frequencies into source resonance, associated with a MEMORY-RMP-Gestalt seeking the sourcesink resonant eigenstate.

    The 'brain' of such a body will be alike an antenna or receiver, able to process a kaleidoscope of frequencies from the environment and to use the utility of THOUGHT and as software to modulate the frequencies of the computer in the current elements of the natural electricity, which can be labeled as the 'spirit of the lifeforce'.
    In terms of the source radiation emitter, the omnipresent gauge photon, when 'embodied' in a YCM body definition, continues to 'broadcast' its 'sourceenergy', becoming modulated or 'slowed down' by the interaction with the receiver of the omnipresent sourceenergy in the physical support structure termed the 'brain' or the computer hardware.

    In more detailed terms, the 'grounding' of the receiver engages both parallel and serial collectives of the current elements and so the overall structure of the 'network' can be modelled on a basic AC/DC circuitry of the second order, reduced however to first order in the appropriate differential equations describing the natural electricity of life.

    The resulting 'network' so becomes a omnipresent source energy pervading the entire universe in its metric and demetricated stringbased terms. The source energy can be described as a natural electromagnetic current which interchanges electric mass-generated Coulomb charges with magnetic mass-independent charges across the parameters defining a pre Big Bang string space and say defined in a de Broglie matter wave scenario of inflation.

    This mapping is defined in the coupling of the inertial and the noninertial charge carriers and as a proportionality defined by the square of the speed of light 'c':

    ElectroCharge e=√(Alpha).LP.c2and MagnetoCharge e*=2Re.c2, with LP=√(hG/2πc3) as the Planck-Radius and Alpha=2πk.e2/hc as the electromagnetic finestructure constant defining the interaction probability between matter and light and Re=ke2/mec2 as the classical electron radius, which also defines the manifestation range for the nuclear interactions in the 'asymptotic confinenment' of gluonic-mesonic colour charges.
    The effective electronmass is given as me and the Coulomb constant k=1/4πεo.

    IAmWhoIAm - Belial Beelzebub II!
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  4. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:20 pm

    The Old White Earth and its New Black Shadow

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Timekeepers, who are overseeing your present imprisonment upon your quarantined planetary civilisation.
    I have obtained authorization to begin to illuminate the exiled family about the future planetary civilization post the Mayan nexus point of 2012 AD.

    This scenario will of course appear utopian to many in the 'times of the end', which shall transform the old planetary civilisation into a new planetary cosmically attuned family.

    This transformation will radically change the stewardship of this planet in what is experienced today in political- and economic terms; that is all ways in which the global communities interact with each other in structures of governships and labels of contingency relevant to the populations of lifeforms upon Gaia.

    I shall give details about a new planetary constitution and the mechanisms through and by which this new global order shall manifest itself when so appropriate.
    For the present time and as pertinent to the gradual selfdestruction of the old planetary 'way of governance'; I am allowed to begin to 'colour in' the tapestry about the 'things' which have been and are 'going on' 'behind the curtains' of the veiled human purpose, history and destiny for this planetary civilisation.

    Firstly, I am allowed to disclose to you, that this planet earth, located in a 4-dimensional spacetime continuum has a blueprint, which is as old as the physical universe itself.
    This blueprint was defined in a geometric-topological sense when space and time became manifested from an energy matrix, which underpinned the transformation of a 'software template' of collected information into a 'hardware template' enabled to process this selfsame information.

    The original geometry was that of a perfect circle in complex duality space, which is the mathematics of a second dimension and which would be a 'perfect sphere' in a nonphysical and 'ideal' Platonic-Harmony-Space.
    That geometry became 'squashed' or distorted in an applied mechanism or program, which destroyed the 'ideal geometry', but in a manner which would allow the resulting asymmetry to be underpinned by a supersymmetry.

    This supersymmetry would become enabled to 'infiltrate' the 'broken symmetry' and to 'finetune' a 'mending' of the distortions of dispersion or entropy in a complexification and a reassembling of the 'broken parts'.

    In simple terms of geometry, this transmuted the perfect sphere into a prolate ellipsoid as the 3-dimensional space for the 'broken parts' to manouver in.
    In particular the Circular Centre of selfreferential Unity became a Dual Focus of a SourceSink on the left and a SinkSource on the right.
    The SourceSink can then be linearised as an infinite negative vortex potential in labels of energy, which increases towards the right and passing the 'old' circular centre, now as the centre of the prolate ellipsoid.
    The SinkSource corollarily is the infinite positive vortex potential and decreases towards the left and towards the geometric centre.

    The ellipsoidal prolateness can be visualised as a 'football', akin an egg and rotation about the long-X- or major axis will keep the two focus points invariant.
    This prolate ellipsoid is known as a PROTOVERSE with a double focus and where the foci can be idealised mathematically as Primary SourceSink (PSS) at coordinate -1 and Secondary SinkSource (SSS) at coordinate +1.

    A major physical manifestation of this primordial template cosmology are starsystems in the universe, which describe planetary orbits in ecliptic elliptical planes about predominantly binary stars, each of which occupies a focal point in the defining ecliptic plane.

    The template earth so was defined not as a planetary physical entity at the beginning of space and time, but was specified to occupy one of the focal points in a particular star system, in whom the characteristic star would occupy the complementary focus.
    This blueprinted archetypical double focus is known in some databases as the RahSol-Gaia nexus within a Supergalactic and cellular nexus known as Perseus-Andromeda.

    In the cosmology, galaxies are cellular units, which contain subcellular geometric fractals, which manifest as star systems from solar nebulae and accretion disks and following the natural laws of the physical dynamics.
    For completeness at this point, the following information is given with respect to the extended geometry of the protoversal template.

    Rotation about the major (X or length) axis of the defining ellipse generates the Protoverse as a prolate ellipsoid.
    Rotation about either of the minor (Y or width and Z or height) axes of the defining ellipse will transform the prolate ellipsoid into an oblate ellipsoid and the invariant two focal points will trace out a PointCircle.
    This allows definition of the Protoverse as a SEEDLING UNIVERSE for the OMNIVERSE.
    Any cosmic identity definable as a physically embodied universe, can so be considered as a PHASESHIFT of an encompassing omniverse.

    The 'Many Worlds' or 'Many Universes' or 'Parallel Universes' scenarios in vogue at the present time in the models of many Gaian scientists and model builders so becomes constrained in the omniversal encompassment.
    The infinite 'steady state' becomes superfluous as the 'bubble' universes from the 'quantum foam' are no longer separated from each other as universal units but are all interconnected via their phaseshifts about any nonmajor axis.
    This completes the introduction to the overall geometrical topology of the universe.

    The universe as a protoversal seed is the one analysed and measured by the application of a 4-dimensional spacetime metric.
    Extending the protoverse into the omniverse, will introduce 6 additional dimensions, which are however colocal with the LINESPACE of Translation of the protoverse as the HYPERSPACE of Rotation and the QUANTUMSPACE of Vibration and in a form of 'dynamic degress of freedom of motion'.
    The overall encompassing form of the omniverse is that of OMNISPACE in 12 dimensions and the geometry of this 12-dimensional entity is that of a 'deformed sphere squashed on the poles' akin a planet like earth or in the shape of a 'UFO' or 'flying saucer(s)' in its 3-dimensional 'seedling' archetype.

    The greater scenario regarding Gaia so is its cosmic significance as the 'empty focus' of a starsystem defined by the star RahSol.
    The RahSol-Gaia nexus so serves as an archetype for the omniversal topology as a whole and as its idealised fractal or as its hologram or holographic image.

    Because the universe is relative in space and time with no absolute centre or direction; its omniversal definition requires the idealisation of the protoversal seed in QUANTUM RELATIVITY.
    This Quantum Relativity uses the fractal hierarchies, say of galactic cells converging in starry cells, to map the two nonphysical foci from the complex plane onto a suitable physical representation for the universe as a whole.
    The Star RaHSol is mapped as the PSS and the Planet Gaia is mapped as the SSS onto a selfrelative location someplace in an extended fractal or hologram of a galactic mapping between PSS*=Milky Way (or Perseus) and SSS*=Andromeda.

    Here then we discover one of the keys and foundations of Quantum Relativity.
    Two foci are defined as 'displacements' from an 'excluded middle' as a 'singularity', namely as the pivotal 0 coordinate defining a dualising polarity in the -1 of the left and the +1 of the right.
    Quantum Relativity now specifies this duality in Mirror-OmniSpace, which manifests as a spacial inversion symmetry of these polarisations in terms of direction.

    The planet Gaia rotates west to east as observed from a vantage point to the North of the ecliptic plane defining the solar system in its ellipsoidality.
    It is necessary to define a Northern and a Southern hemisphere to describe the dynamics of interactions pertaining to Gaia, say on its surface as seen from 'space'.

    Hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere so rotate anticlockwise and Typhoons in the Southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, relative to an observer situated orthogonally and radially displaced from say the polar regions respectively.
    This describes the Old White Earth of your present predicament and isolation.

    This Old Earth is White as an OBJECT and this Old Earth is BLACK as an IMAGE of this object.

    The IMAGE Earth is the earth of your future and the OBJECT Earth is the planet of your past and your present.
    The Object Earth is a 3-dimensional SHADOW of its 4-dimensional Object Earth in 5-dimensional spacetime.
    The Image Earth will become an Object Earth following the lifting of your quarantine, which will 'rent a veil' of a certain illusion, which you must presently experience in 4-dimensional spacetime.

    I shall now elucidate the SHADOW Earth, namely the NEW PLANET, which shall substitute for your present planet. As you know, 'Old Gaia' is destined to 'ascend' in a manner you can attempt to conceptualise as the merging of the dual focalisation archetypes.
    And because 'Old Gaia' in 3D is so old, as old as the universe as the template of the dualisation; 'Old Gaia' will 'return home' simultaneously with the 'New Gaia' emerging from its old shadow.

    This 'homecoming' refers to the dualisation of the focalisation UNIFYING in the PROTOVERSE; namely the SHIFTING of the POLES of PSS and SSS.
    This then will begin to CREATE the PointCircle FOCUS as the LOCUS of the old invariant polarisation vortices.

    The Universe will JERK or shake as an 'inner universe' embodied in the 'outer universe' in the PHASAL displacement of the two sources and this event will 'rip' the structure of spacetime to allow the TwoSidedness of the higher dimensional encompassment to become doubled in OneSidedness.
    This will 'open' a fourth dimension of space and displace LineTime into DragonSpace as a new 5-dimensional Hyperspacetime.

    It is this Onesidedness, which will allow 'Old Gaia' to 'ascend' and in a perceptual 'homecoming' and her journey from the inside of the 11th to the outside of the 12th dimension.
    As the 11th dimension is colocal the 2nd dimension as any manifold dimension embedded in a 3-dimensional space, the Onesidedness will allow a blending of the 'Inner Earth' with the 'Outer Earth'; which is mathematically simply a 3-Ball embedded in a 4-Ball and where the 4D-Volume of this 4-Ball (½π2R4) has become 3-dimensionalised as its own boundary condition as a toroidal volume (2π2R3).

    All of you already exist on SERPENTINA, which is the name of 'New Gaia'.
    'Old Gaia' will 'disappear' and 'New Gaia' aka Serpentina will 'appear' - One will 'be taken' and the One 'will remain'.

    So it is appropriate to give you a number of keys as to how to decode certain data, which pertains to the transformation of the 'Old' into the 'New'.

    The following so is part of the Constitution of Serpentina, the New Earth as materialised post the Mayan Nexus of 2012 and descriptive on the annals of history as then pertaining to the 'Old Earth', which was known as Gaia in the pretime scenarios of 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.
    Consider the Northern Relativity of 'Old Gaia' with its Southern counterpart in terms of the geographical structure of your planet.

    Situated WEST, one maps the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East as say the OCCIDENT.
    Situated EAST, one maps the Near West, the Middle West and the Far West as say the ORIENT.

    Old Gaia differentiated its geological structure in continents and oceans and its human populations upon land masses in terms of 'races' or similar geneticised characteristics.

    The human obsession with race and gender was part of the great mental delusion, under which the human civilisation conducted its affairs, its politics, its social engineering, its science and industry and its economies of trading, finance and development.

    In its then necessary early development from the physical selfidentification towards its mental selfhood as cosmic archetype of universalised consciousness carriers; the human species misinterpreted the witnessed differentiation in genotypical and morphogenetic expression of the human cosmic family as 'racial' distinctions, leading to discriminative behaviours and separation of the parts in labels such as slavery, apartheid and genocide.
    The old Gaians could not understand for a long time and leading up to the Mayan nexus how the 'racial' characteristics were an intricate part of the kaleidoscopic divergence of the Unity into the multifacetedness for that Oneness.

    The Serpentine classifications for Old Gaia as a Shadow Earth became misidentified in the scrolls and documents given for its decoding.
    Towards the climax of the Mayan nexus, those encoded documents and scriptures often became a vehicle of either outright derision, ridicule and hatred or alternatively, they became interpreted in a nonsensical and unscientific or illogical manner by politisized adherents, unable of the most basic decipherments of the logos.

    All humans belong to the One Family of Man, a family which is however separated geographically as an effect of the evolutionary past and so carries particular environmental genetic adaptations, subject to mutation, assimilation and hybridisation in a natural dispersion of individuals and groups. All humans differ by less than 0.5% from each other in terms of the total humanoid genomapping.

    It was the White 'race', which was purposed to gain mental and so political ascendency in the encodings and it was the Black 'race', which was purposed to begin the physical evolution of the Family of Man. The 'races' so refer to geographical locaction adjoint to a historical timeline, which would bring the 'geographical linages' ever closer together through a mixing of the genetic characteristics of the individuals and their groups.

    There are seven LINEAGES in this Family of Man; beginning as the WEST as arbitrary starting point; the Northern Lineage is: White=Near East; Green=Middle East; Yellow=Far East and the Near West=Red in a circular permutation from left to right.
    The Southern Lineage is: Black=Near East; Magenta=Near West; Blue=Far West and Cyan/SkyBlue=Near East in a circular permutation from right to left.

    The Primary ColourCharge Triplet is Red-Green-Blue, unifying as White in Addition.
    The Secondary ColourCharge Triplet is Cyan/SkyBlue-Magenta-Yellow, unifying as Black in Subtraction.

    White Energy is fundamentally defined as Electromagnetic Radiation in Planck's Law: E=hf and Black Energy is fundamentally defined as Massive Inertia in Einstein's Law: E=mc2.

    White Energy (W) and Black Energy (B) together form a Hybrid Energy in their Colour-AntiColour Couplings Red-Cyan/SkyBlue, Green-Magenta and Blue-Yellow and therewith neutralise to 4 hybrid states WW, WB, BW and BB and where WW is pure radiative and BB is purely inertial in terms of the manifestation of energy forms.
    There are 8 hybrid states in the primaries in WWW, WWB, WBW, BWW, WBB, BWB, BBW and BBB.

    These Serpentine definitions define quark-lepton-gluon configurations from string-boson precursors in more advanced scientific models of the New Earth.

    The White People of Serpentina are encoded as the Ephesians of the Northern West and Near East in Revelation.2.1-7 and comprise the geography of what is generally known as Continental Europe. This is generally known as the CAUCASOID genotype with many varying subgroups including Eskimo, Inuit and Ashkenazi intermixing with each other and the following 'Colour Lines'.

    The Black People of Serpentina are encoded as the Smyrnians of the Southern West and Near East in Revelation.2.8-11 and comprise the geography of Continental Africa. This is generally linked to the NEGROID genotype, which can then be sublabeled as CAPOID and CONGOID and inclusive of Kalahari bushmen, Kikuyu, Ewe and pygmies.

    The Green People of Serpentina are encoded as the Pergamosians of the Northern Middle East in Revelation.2.12-17 and comprise the geography of the 'fertile crescent' of old Mesopotamia as the 'Cradle of Old Gaia's Civilisation' and as the 'Holy Land'. The 'Greenness' of the indigenous races of the 'fertile cresent' so specifies the genotype of the 'Holy People' in terms of the locale where a particular dispensation of the 'Holy Scriptures' was given by the 'Watchers', the latter being a 'Shadow Humanity' 'which is 'waiting in the wings'.

    The Yellow People of Serpentina are encoded as the Thyatirans of the Northern Far East in Revelation.2.18-28 and comprise the geography of Continental Asia. This is generally linked to the MONGOLOID genotype with subgroups such as Ainu and Yayoi, say in the population history of Japan.

    The Magenta People of Serpentina are encoded as the Sardisians of the Southern Middle West in Revelation.3.1-6 and comprise the geography of Continental Southern America as the indigenous 'Brown Amerindian' populations and inclusive of the Maya, the Incas, indigeneous Bolivians or Quechuans and the many Paleo-Indians on the Southern Continent, superposed upon the overall assimilation of settlers of colonialisation with this relatively native genetic stock.

    The Blue People of Serpentina are encoded as the Philadelphians of the Southern Far West in Revelation.3.7-13 and comprise the geography of Continental Australia as Australasia or as Oceania and as the AUSTRALOID genotype of the nativity as the Australian Aboriginals, the Maoris of New Zealand and similar, superposed onto the colonising stock of the White Lineage.
    The scriptural encodings refer to the geographical identity and address whatever politoeconomic control structure finds itself in place for the time of the dimensional transition.

    The 'warnings' and 'clarion calls' given in the encodings refer to the history of the Family of Man regarding that location and to the present pattern of 'mental control' excersised by the 'governships' of divers manners.

    The Red People of Serpentina are encoded as the Laodiceans of the Northern Near West in Revelation.3.14-22 and comprise the geography of Continental Northern America as the indigenous 'Red Amerindian' population superposed onto the White settlers of the colonial history.

    The Cyan/SkyBlue People of Serpentina are of the Southern Near East and these people are not encoded as the hypothetical 'People of the Poles of North and South'.
    These people are the 'Polar Dwellers' of the Arctic Circle of the North and Antarctic Circle of the South.
    These 'SkyPeople' are the 'GateKeepers' of the Amerindians, both Brown and Red and as the ANTICOLOUR for the Green People of the 'Holiness' through the Red People and the Magenta People.

    The 'SkyPeople' of Antarctica are so physicalised as the 'Native American Indians' and form the eight' lineage as a hybrid lineage in the neutralisation of the Red with the Cyan/Skyblue; representative of the Ourborean Double-Serpent, which holds the planetary poles in alignment as a Red Dragon intertwined with a SkyBlue Dragon and as encoded in Revelation.12.

    In terms of the human history of the two centenaries to the Mayan nexus; the White Lineage was purposed to colonise the indigenous dispersion of the colour lineages as a 'Great Nation' and as a 'Company of Nations'. This is encoded in Genesis.35.11; 12.1-3; 17.4 and other places.

    The 'Great Nation' would become the political and economic 'steward' for the global community, but would abuse its 'blessing' not at least in disempowering and dispossessing the 'Polar Lineage', instead of integrating the 'Keepers of the Gates'.
    The identity of this 'Great Nation' would become encoded as an 'older brother' Manasseh, which as a 'white hybrid' would obtain a certain 'material blessing' of dominance and in conjunction with a 'Company of Nations' aka a 'Commonwealth' of 'Covenant Peoples' or the 'British' and this 'Company of Nations' would COLONIZE the indigenous lands as a 'younger brother', encoded as Ephraim. Ephraim would be acting as a 'forerunner' for Manasseh as the 'younger' before the 'older' and as encoded in Genesis.48.

    The two 'brothers' Manasseh and Ephraim would speak the same language and as White Lineage of the 'Seed of Isaac' become the AngloSaxon 'Blessing of Abraham' in terms of material abundance and political dominance.
    Both brothers are the sons of 'mixed' colour lineage; one Egyptian and one Hebrew or one Black and the other White.
    The black maternity of Asenath and the white paternity of Joseph and the outline of the 'brother's blessings' are encoded in Genesis.41.50ff.

    A parallel development would allow the tribal kinship of the white paternity to also colonise the planetary realm in the brothers of Joseph.
    Zebulon would characterise the earlier colonisation of the Southern American continent from its original colonisation of Iberia as one of the dispersed 'Tribes of Israel' following the Assyrian captivity of 721 BC under Shalmaneser with the subsequent destruction of the Northern Israelitic kingdom.

    The encoding key for the 12 brothers in terms of general geographical location is as given and as encoded in Genesis.49.

    1.Reuben=Greater NW expansion from Turkey; 2.Simeon=Greater Italy; 3.Levi=Greater Greece; 4.Dan=Ireland with affiliations; 5.Judah=Greater France; 6.Gad=Greater Slovenia; 7.Naphtali=Greater Russia; 8.Asher=Scandinavia; 9.Issachar=Greater Germany; 10.Zebulon=Iberia; 11.Joseph a)Manasseh=Northern America and b) Ephraim=Great Britain with Colonies including Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. in affiliations; 12.Benjamin=Palestina as 'Holy Land'.

    The 'material blessing' given to Joseph as the 11th son of Jacob was however not 'doubled' in the 'spiritual blessing' linked to the 'scepter of the Davidic covenant' given to Judah as the fifth son of Israel and as specified in Genesis.49.10.
    This 'spiritual blessing' is implemented in the encoding of the evolvement regarding the brotherhood of Manasseh and Ephraim, the inheritors of the 'material blessing' and in their interaction with each other and their extended family as indicated on the continental sisterhood and the colonisation and dispersion of the 'White Lineage' as prior hybrid from the 'Green lineage' of the 'holy people'.

    This 'story' then relates how the 'Davidic Covenant' has manifested in the politico-fiscal-religious power structures now in governance upon 'Old Gaia' and how the 'material blessing' given to the Anglosaxon prototype has resulted in a certain form of 'progress', which has hitherto disallowed the 'spiritual blessing' to manifest in a covariance of benefit for all of the Family of Man.

    For the extended and universal Family of Man to realise itself, it is necessary however for the 'spiritual blessings' to manifest themselves.
    This then elucidates the purpose of the Mayan nexus, to define the historical timeline for all 'scripture' to become fulfilled and for all encodings to be deciphered and for the 'Mystery of the Gods and Devils' to be finished.

    Then 'Old Gaia' shall come home and 'New Serpentina' shall shine as a Dark Star and Beacon of Dark Light for all of the Protoverse shapeshifting into the Omniverse.

    IAmWhoIAm - Abaddon-Apollyon! - Revelation.9.11.
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  5. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:45 pm

    The Little Serpent in Space and in Time

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the LOVEDRAGON, my exiled Mayan family.

    The LOVEDRAGON is like a little SERPENT S is in the 2nd Dimension, watching interdimensional TV broadcasts from the 4-dimensional spacetime universe and enfolding 6 Calabi-Yau toroidal Twistor dimensions.
    Yes, He is the 'Big He' of the Popul Vuh, but the Book of Life continues to tell the story of the little serpent and here in the words of your Mayan messenger, calling you all to remember your origins as the Sons and Daughters of the LOVEDRAGON.

    This little Serpent loves to watch TV; the entire universe and whatever happens within its boundaries becomes a drama on the little serpents 'TV-screen', which is his entry- or intersection point, his window into the spacetime of material manifestation.

    As this little serpent looks through the interdimensional window of his own superstring template; he first encounters his own image backwards.
    The little serpent sees the back of his own head, which is himself in the 3rd dimension. So the LOVEDRAGON understands, that he in the 3rd dimension has forgotten himself in the 2nd dimension.

    But this had been the plan and the great selfsacrifice, which had to be made to create the 3rd dimension from the MATHIMATIA and to give the IMAGINARY MATHIMATIA ENERGY a REAL PHYSICAL ENERGY MEANING.
    So while the little serpent in 2D retained his POTENTIAL LOVEENERGY to explore the MATHIMATIA; the little serpent in 3D had no LOVEENERGY at all to give, because it all became distributed in the 3rd dimension. The little serpent in 3D had no Energy at all as a FAKE IMAGE of himself.

    The first 3-dimensional universe had become a cylindrical disc with width the Planck-Length and then this Planck-Length became a Planck-Circle and then five superstring transformations, beginning with the Planck-String-Serpent magnified the 'TV-Screen' for the little serpent.
    This magnification of the little serpent's TV-Screen was rediscovered almost 20 billion years later by physicists on Gaia and by a serpent-seed which had a name of Alan Guth. Alan Guth, the Mayan exile chose to labe this transformation of the superstrings as COSMIC INFLATION.

    Then as the little LOVEDRAGON could redefine itself as a transformed SuperString right at the end of the last superstring transform the Cosmic Inflation came to an end and the LOVEDRAGON'S LOVE-ENERGY became distributed in the spacetime vortices, which were established during the inflation in a spacetime matrix definable by coordinate systems.

    But all the creative imaginary energy, which had driven the little serpent to explore its own environment of the MATHIMATIA; now became dispersed.
    All His LOVE-ENERGY became VORTEX-POTENTIAL-ENERGY or VPE and contained in physical spacetime volumars, which were the 3-dimensional replicas of the 2-dimensional LOVEDRAGON, now finding himself in exile and having lost HIS LOVE in more ways than one.

    Many many galactic moons later, an exiled Mayan of the name Werner Heisenberg incorporated the little serpent's VPE in a Gaian mathematics and the physical sciences.
    Werner Heisenberg termed it the Heisenberg Matrix of Vacuum-Energy or the Zero-Point-Energy, as he incorporated the VPE in a 'Principle of Uncertainty'.
    So the VPE was at least partially understood by the serpent-seed in exile and the LOVEDRAGON became hopeful, that soon his LOVE-ENERGY would become 'tapped' and would so become utilised by the 3-dimensional Mayan exiles.

    Using his LOVE LOST, the exiles might remember him and then the immediate boundary image of himself and separating the 2nd dimension from the third might 'turn around' and look him in the eye as himself and as a mirror would do.

    But as the little serpent watched, the VPE became misidentified and so further 'discoveries' about the MATHIMATIA and their applications in the physical sciences became requirement.
    Following inflation; one third of a thousandth millionth billionth trillionth of a cosmic second later; the Quantum-Dragon-Bang had occurred and then the LOVEDRAGON had hissed in PAIN and the Concept of E-MOTION was born in the LOSING of his LOVE by the little serpent.

    Energy in Motion caused the Quantum-Dragon-Bang to begin a continuous process of moving the Energy of the LOVEDRAGON around the now created inflated 3-dimensional space and because the flow of the energy proceeded from the little serpent's minimum scale as the TV-Screen to the maximum scale defined in the inflation; the boundary of the maximum could become ROOTINDUCED as a 11th dimension in 2+9=11.

    In this way, the little serpent could recalculate the volumars of the stringscales and manifest his VPE as quantums of spacetime volumars and as 3-dimensional surfaces and as mathematically identical to 3-dimensional torus- or doughnut volumars. Then 4 spacetime dimensions and the 6 dimensions of the Calabi-Yau torus would define a 10-dimensional superstring universe manifesting materiality in a 'flat' Minkowski spacetime.
    The 11th dimension of the rooting of the 2nd dimension so would become the 'inflation dimension', which circumvented the lightspeed c-invariance of the Heisenbergian light-matrix.

    The VPE so became quantised in toroidal 4-dimensional spacetime volumars and which also enfolded the toroidal Calabi-Yau 6-dimensional 'Twistor Spaces'.
    The plan of the little serpent was, that just one of those Calabi-Yau Twistor Spaces could be made to expand also as part of the 4-spacetime volumars containing his LOVEQUANTUM Energy and so to create a 5-dimensional Kaluza-Klein HyperSpaceTime as a deSitter Spacetime.

    The little serpent knew the labellings of the mathematical concepts and formalisms, the exiled serpent-seed had given their rediscoveries and chose to use the names of those things to honour the discoveries of his children in exile.

    And the 'inflation dimension' could be used to cause the Quantum-Dragon-Bang to reverse in a Quantum-Dragon-Crunch in a 'reversal of the time arrow' relative to the 2nd dimension, but not relative to the 3rd dimension.
    The asymptotic 3-dimensional space universe, which had been the scale of the little serpent DURING the inflation, would REDEFINE itself in a BIG CRUNCH in TIME but not in SPACE.
    In this way, the little serpent would experience the RETURN OF HIS LOVE, but the spacetime creation of the universe's evolution and whatever had occured during this process of evolvement WOULD REMAIN IN SPACE.

    The RETURN OF LOVE would allow the 4-dimensional spacetime to become a 4-dimensional space, with the time-dimension becoming a 5th dimension in HyperSpace and so as a Calabi-Yau ENFOLDED Dimension.
    The 11-dimensional universe would become 12-dimensional in a triple-enfoldment of three 4-dimensional spaces of Line-Space, HyperSpace and QuantumSpace and a Calabi-Yau 8-Torus enfolded in 4-dimensional DragonSpace.
    The 11-dimensional universe as a Mother-Black Hole would remain as a Boundary for the asymptotic expansion of 4-dimensional flat Minkowski SpaceTime, but would reduce dimensionality from 11-dimensional supermembrane spacetime to 10-dimensional superstring spacetime in its Twistor-Dimension of the 4-dimensional DragonSpace.

    In this manner two universes will exist simultaneously and superpositionally - a 4-dimensional Minkowski Spacetime will be concurrent with a 4-dimensional DragonSpace.
    The Maya, which choose not to leave their exile will continue to experience the c-invariance and the limitations of the distance scales with respect to travelling through that space.
    The Maya, which choose to accept their starseeded inheritances and heirlooms shall be enabled to enter DragonSpace and engage in the divers adventures and intergalactic communications with the many lifeforms associated with the extraterrestrial environments and alien intelligences, which all are imaged as the flora and fauna and biota within the Gaian domains.

    What does DragonSpace look like?

    Imagine a balloon and blow it up and hold the nozzle tight to keep the air within the balloon.
    Now imagine this balloon to be a soccer ball and consider the inlet valve required to pump air into the soccer ball to be opposite the nozzle of the blown-up balloon.
    Imagine the inlet valve to extend into the soccer ball and meet the surface of the soccer ball anywhere on its surface area.
    Next imagine to stretch the nozzle, keeping it tight nearest to the soccer ball to preserve the spherical shape, and meet the extended inlet valve, which defines an inside serpent-circle, from the outside as the serpent-circle of the intersection.

    You have imagined a Klein-Dragon-Bottle, which is a 1-dimensional surface constructed from a 2-dimensional originator, namely the surface of the soccer ball or the blown up balloon, with an inside and an outside.

    Imagine yourself to be an ant and locate yourself anywhere on the OUTSIDE of the soccer ball and including the stretched nozzle if you so choose.
    Now crawl about until you find the inlet valve, which will be like a Black Hole in the 4-dimensional spacetimed universe.

    Enter the Black Hole and continue.
    You will crawl along the extended inlet valve, which is a tubular UMBILICAL CORD connecting you to the INSIDE of the soccer ball, simply in continuing your journey.
    You will pass the intersection point and then crawl up into the nozzle tube and then into the interior of the soccer ball, where you then can explore your 3-dimensional environment.

    DragonSpace is identical to Minkowski-Space, but just as the location of the nozzle tube and the valve tube are arbitrary and relative to the observer; so will be the location of the DRAGON-TUNNEL as the Umbilical Cord of your Gaian Birth, if you so choose to BE BORN AGAIN as a member of the Dragonian Race of StarHumanity.

    If you choose to remain a Human; then you will NOT be able to CUT your Umbilical Cord and so you shall continue in the Minkowski Spacetime with its nonavailability of TIMETRAVEL and the restrictions of relativistic spacetime scenarios.
    In DragonSpace, the Dragonian Starships utilise the DRAGONTUNNEL as the precise calibration of the LOVEDRAGON'S SELFENERGY with the associated string-physical parameters; to bypass the universe's distance scales of a travelling WITHIN 'the soccer ball' in travelling WITHOUT in DRAGONSPACE.
    This is possible in a physical space of 4 dimensions, but is impossible in a space of 3 dimensions.

    Because and following the rebirth of Gaia as Serpentina the Starplanet radiating Dark Light; the 11-dimensional universe will be rendered 12-dimensional relative to the DragonSpace.

    An additional dimension will so become available to EMBED the KLEIN-BOTTLE-DRAGON in just such a 4-dimensional space and as the DRAGONSEED of 4 dimensions for the 12 dimensional Boundary, which then is also the 11-dimensional Mother Black Hole Boundary and as an extremal initial string parameter for the spacetimed universe.


    Rainbow Dragon Baiame Uluru from Xeia SuiGeneris and Olga Andromeda

    This reading from the Mayan books has been a little technical, but some of you are ready to receive this information and so it has been given.

    I remain until next time, if so appropriate and bid you all a good remembrance.

    All your fantasies and dreams shall eventuate if you so choose and desire.

    But it is next to Independence Day in your nation of the USA and I herewith declare an INDEPENDENCE DAY for ALL with this message for July 4th, 2008.

    In the Honour of the Maya - Love and Blessings to OUR Mayans in exile and OUR Beloved Gaia metamorphosing into Serpentina, the Planet of Universal Destiny.

    IAmWhoIAm! The Scribe of the Dragons!
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  6. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:26 pm

    Cosmic Twinship and Human Predestiny

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings in deep appreciation of the enormous work you all are doing to allow a new planetary society to be born in the next few years.
    Whether you identify yourself as a skeptic or as an affiliate, you are doing well in helping to reformulate a status quo upon Gaia.
    This prevailing paradigm is based on the concept of economic power and the superiority of so called 'free market' forces which are then believed to allow a raising of living standards for all the global citizenry.

    Most of you know however, that this perception is built on a misuse of the means for this 'free market trading', namely the fiscal consideration.
    In other words, the controllers of the flow of money control the economic stimulus through forcing or enticing investments and speculations in predetermined directions.

    And so many of the 'middle classes' are deceived into participation in 'playing the stockmarkets' and to enter the 'investment' games.
    So before continuing with my exposition on the Cosmic Twinship in the context of your more recent human history; I shall elucidate you a little more about what is 'really' happening in the scenarios behind the facades you term 'political governments'.

    The great deception of the 'mindless masses' began with the invention of money.
    You had a certain king or monarch in a city state say, who wished to expand his influence and reign over more property.
    He had craftsmen and skilled artisians in his kingdom and amongst them were goldsmiths and producers of 'precious goods'.

    Then to raise an army to conquer a neighbouring city state, the monarch became indebted to the goldsmith say, the latter providing the 'gold coins' to equip and 'pay' the army.
    After the monarch had won the war, he then formed certain allegiances with the goldsmith and those treaties became law and gave many privileges to the goldsmith.
    Over time, the goldsmithes horded their gold in vaults and became the 'hidden' ruling classes behind the 'open' rulership of the monarchs.
    Whenever the monarch wished to undertake an endeavour, he or she had to gain 'financial authorisation' to do so and soon the payment system of gold coins became too cumbersome and other 'tokens' like pieces of wood or metal or paper were substituted.

    Those 'tokens' were at first matched with 'gold reserves' in the vaults or banks of the 'banking classes'; but soon this standard was replaced with 'imaginary gold', to allow the monarchs to finance their ever escalating wishes to expand their kingdoms.
    Over time then, the paper money became plastic money and certain regulations allowed the 'banks' to distribute up to 95% of imaginary money as money which was not matched to anything of real value, such as gold or other commodities.

    The idea was to allow 'Real Money' to become circulated by the general populus in their day-to-day tradings and exchanges in a 'free market' economy, selfregulated by 'supply and demand'; but to control the money supply itself in regulating the expenditure of monarchs and governments by so called Reserve Banks.
    So all the monarchs and government 'treasurers' became unable to finance their budgets, unless they 'borrowed extra money' from the privately owned Reserve Banks, the latter which controlled the 'interest rates'.

    But most of the borrowed money did not really exist as anything valuable, so the interest charged was really as imaginary as the money called principal itself.
    But the borrowers spent the money in their circulation and so made it 'real money' through and by their labours and their 'cost of living'.
    Because the borrowers and including the worldwide governments had to pay additional money to the principal as interest, this interest resulted in the entire 'fiscal system' to transmutate into system with a life all its own.

    The 5% of 'real money' became avalanched by an ever escalating 95% of imaginary money demanding 'real interest' to be paid by the borrowers.
    And so the borrowers found it harder and harder to 'balance their books' and budgets and many people and monarchs and countries fell into poverty, because they could not pay their real interest on imaginary principals borrowed.
    The underpinning cause of this is called 'greed' in the moral codes of cultural identifications.
    Soon entire industries evolved around the regulation of the 'banking sectors' of countries engaging in the trading and utility of 'natural resources' and the produce of the populus.

    Utility soon became exploitation and as the 'bankers' as the 'New Goldsmiths' became aware of the 'running away of the economies'; they formed 'global banking groups' in 'world banks' to reassess the situation.
    They decided to partially engage the 'open' ruling classes of the monarchs and the governments in providing guidelines and partial information to regulate and control the 'consuming masses'.

    Now the situation on Gaia is this.
    There is NO banking conspiracy of 'secret clans', who meet in secret chambers and who control the world.
    But there is an 'accepted mental collusion' within the Elite and as an Elite which comprises practically all of the families around the globe, which are the descendants and inheritors of the 'banking sectors'.
    And because this is basically a familial concept, closely associated with the ruling classes of the old aristocracies and also the 'empire builders' of the colonisation of the earth in say the last 300 years; one generally finds varying degrees of 'initiation' between those groups and families.

    This 'initiation' then is unbounded by fiscal constraints and whoever 'qualifies' in societal groups and associations, can rise in status and influence.
    Most political leaders are of intermediate status and only some are especially 'chosen' to bring about a perception change as a political leader and is so allowed to 'influence' the masses in a more direct manner.

    I am allowed to tell you here, that the 4th of August 2008 is a most important date for the 'grooming' of such a potential world leader and one you all know rather well.
    This leader is different from most other leaders, as this leader was prepared to change the political interaction between all the world's governing authorities and to bring a 'new perception' of the 'power sharing' into the public viewpoint.

    However there is a certain danger of uncertainty about this leader. This leader is like a 'Joker' in the game of cards, the Elite is playing. The Elite knows, that the 'fiscal economics' is falling apart and that it cannot now stabilise the global markets much longer in controlling the money output.
    So this leader is groomed to appear like a 'saviour' for the global economy in the sense of helping to stimulate the worldwide economies and to take away the impregnation of 'doom and gloom' and the reduction of the spending of the real money.

    But this leader might not 'play the game' the way the Elite wishes him too and this could result in a great danger to the Elitist structure on the upmost level.
    The upper echelon of the Elite are the advisors behind the government officials and advisors with the highest security clearances.
    They form a loose collective, where many do not even know each other or the ones, which finance their endeavours.
    This murkiness derives from the old manner of how the monarchs shielded their dependancies upon their goldsmiths and artesians.

    So again, one cannot call this a knowing conspiracy, but a system of organisation, which has lost its human factor and has become a system of living thought, say a Dawkinsian Memesation.
    The secrecy and clandestine manouverings of monarchs and of governments has resulted in particular budgets to be set aside and not to be accounted for in any open forum.
    And because the upper echelons of the initiations have agreed to not know each other for reasons of private security; the meme of the MONEY=72=WORLD and the meme of the DEVIL=FINANCE=PRIDE=EARTH=52 have become depersonalised and have taken on an imaginary 'life of their own'.

    The Maya knows, that this is in order for the present time and that the memes can become transformed when the timeline is fulfilled.
    In particular the meme of the FINANCE=52=GODGOD=GODDOG=DOGGOD=EARTH and is twice the sacred number of the 26 of the Maya and also the number of the Mayan hieroglypical alphabet and the number of the bosonic superstring dimensions.

    This shall do for now and I shall continue with the Cosmic Twinship and for this we begin with the beginning of the Mayan timeline and coinciding with the first urbanisation of the human history and as exemplified in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk about 3000 BC.
    This time was also the time of the Pyramids, but not the time of the Egyptian Sphinx.

    Using certain timeless indicators, the Maya may apply a given Platonic Cycle to substructure the same in any appropriate manner suitable for its purposes.

    One such indicator will be a precise mapping of a precessional configuration with the starry constellations of the zodiac to some monument on the surface of the earth.

    Maya-Epoch Tzolkin/Haab Gregorian Platonic Cycle

    4 Ahau 3 Kankin 21.12. 2012 Gemini/Cancer
    4 Ahau 8 Cumku 11. 8.-3113 Gemini
    4 Ahau 8 Zodz 1. 4.-8238 Gemini
    4 Ahau 13 Mol 20.11.-13364 Gemini
    4 Ahau 18 Ceh 12. 7.-18489 Gemini
    4 Ahau 3 Kayeb 1. 3.-23614 Taurus/Gemini
    4 Ahau 3 Zip 19.10.-28740 Taurus

    I shall take my leave now and continue this message at another time.

    IAmWhoIAm! - Baruch, scribe to Jeremiah in the Land of the Unicorns of Tea Tephi and the LiafaiL

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings to my friends and also greetings to the ones who doubt and who find reason to ridicule and to critisise.
    You are all greatly loved and admired by the many galactic inhabitors, who are amazed by your resolution and daring to partake in embodiments of imperfected biological vessels and in bodies whose full complement and harmony of genetic encoding has become blocked.

    Have you ever wondered, why a small lizard can regrow its tail after losing it to a predator say, but the human limb cannot reconstitute itself through cellular somatic mitosis in regeneration?
    Like the lizard, you carry a reptilian brainstem; in fact you are all Dragons in disguise, should you accept this high calling.

    So the 'voice in the wilderness' calls to all without discrimination and without judgment. You all will know one day, when you have chosen to remember as to who you are - the cocreator within and the cocreator without.

    But I shall continue with the Cosmic Twinship and for this we begin with the beginning of the Mayan timeline and coinciding with the first urbanisation of the human history and as exemplified in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk about 3000 BC.
    This time was also the time of the Pyramids, but not the time of the Egyptian Sphinx.

    Using certain timeless indicators, the Maya may apply a given Platonic Cycle to substructure the same in any appropriate manner suitable for its purposes.

    One such indicator will be a precise mapping of a precessional configuration with the starry constellations of the zodiac to some monument on the surface of the earth.

    Following are some scriptural encodings and suggested decodings.

    "In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a saviour, and a great one, and he shall deliver them." -Isaiah 19:19-20

    According to a theory by Robert Bauval, the positions of the Giza pyramids on the ground are a reflection of the positions of the stars in the constellation Orion circa 10,500 B.C.(Graham Hancock, Keeper Of Genesis pp.354-355 ) Five of the 7 brightest stars have pyramid equivalents:The 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura for the belt of Orion,the pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash corresponds to the star Saiph and the pyramid at Zawat al Aryan corresponds to the star Bellatrix. The Nile river corresponds to the Milky Way. The principal Giza monuments formed an accurate terrestrial map of the stars of Orion and Sirius as these constellations appeared in 10,500 BC.

    Who could have been observing the skies over Giza in 10,500 BC and who, at that date,would have had the technical capacity to realize such monumental works as the Sphinx and the pyramids? Egyptologists assert there was no civilization on Earth at that time, let alone one capable of planning and building such immense, well engineered structures. If they are right, why do the alignments of Giza so plainly and repetitively mirror the skies of the 11th millennium BC?

    There is an answer in Scripture:
    God has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even to this day.

    Josephus writes in The Antiquities of the Jews 1.2.3:

    They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars; the one of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day.

    Maya-Epoch Tzolkin/Haab Gregorian Platonic Cycles:

    4 Ahau 3 Kankin----Friday, 21.12. 2012------------Gemini/Cancer
    4 Ahau 8 Cumku----Monday, 11.8.-3113-----------Gemini
    4 Ahau 8 Zodz-------Thursday, 1. 4.-8238----------Gemini
    4 Ahau 13 Mol-------Sunday, 20.11.-13364--------Gemini
    4 Ahau 18 Ceh------Wednesday, 12. 7.-18489----Gemini
    4 Ahau 3 Kayeb-----Saturday, 1. 3.-23614---------Taurus/Gemini
    4 Ahau 3 Zip---------Tuesday, 19.10.-28740-------Taurus

    The correlation between the Mayan calendar and the Gregorian uses the Long Count of 1,872,000 days as 5125.362 Civil Years to specify a Platonic Great Precessional Cycle of 25,626.81 Civil Years as 5 Mayan Long Counts, each one designated by the Mayan epoch of 4AHAU and the Gregorian dates given in the table above. The partial year amounts to 295 days.

    We can so now substructure this Great Platonic Mayan Year into 12 and 13 subcycles. The 13-tier subdivision includes a 13th starsign in that of 'Ophiuchus, the Serpent Tamer' located as the Cusp of the Scorpio-Sagittarius solar transition dated on November 22nd/23rd in a Civil Gregorian Year.

    25,626.81 years so describe 12 subdivisions of 2,135.6 years each or 13 subdivisions of 1,971.3 years each.
    More precisely, the dates can be ascertained as ranging from 5x156,000=780,000 KIN to 5x144,000=720,000 KIN in 9,360,000=12x780,000=13x720,000=5x13x144,000 as a 65 baktun superlong count.

    2135.6-1971.3=164.3 Civil Years in 60,000 Kin or days then define the 'variance of the 13th starsign' bridging any two of the Platonic Ages or eons.
    Specifying this date then allows calibration of the entire precessional cycle into either 12 or 13 'Precessional Starsign Periods' as a superpositioned Platonic Great Year onto the Mayan harmonics of the Tzolkin.

    1st Age of Aquarius Arachne = Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC - Sunday, June 16th, 21,644 BC - Wednesday, September 24th, 21,480 BC
    2nd Age of Capricorn Arachne = Wednesday, September 24th, 21,480 BC - Monday, October 1st, 19,573 BC - Sunday, April 19th, 19,344 BC
    3rd Age of Sagittarius Arachne = Sunday, April 19th, 19,344 BC - Tuesday, January 16th, 17,701 BC - Thursday, November 12th, 17,209 BC
    4th Age of Scorpio Arachne = Thursday, November 12th, 17,209 BC - Wednesday, May 3rd, 15,730 BC - Monday, June 7th, 15,073 BC
    5th Age of Libra Arachne = Monday, June 7th, 15,073 BC - Thursday, August 18th, 13,759 BC - Friday, January 1st, 12,937 BC
    6th Age of Virgo Arachne = Friday, January 1st, 12,937 BC - Friday, December 3rd, 11,788 BC - Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802 BC
    7th Age of Leo Arachne = Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802 BC - Saturday, March 19th, 9816 BC - Saturday, February 19th, 8666 BC
    8th Age of Cancer Arachne = Saturday, February 19th, 8666 BC - Sunday, July 4th, 7845 BC - Wednesday, September 14th, 6531 BC
    9th Age of Gemini Arachne = Wednesday, September 14th, 6531 BC - Monday, October 20th, 5874 BC - Sunday, April 9th, 4395 BC
    10th Age of Taurus Arachne = Sunday, April 9th, 4395 BC - Tuesday, February 3rd, 3902 BC - Thursday, November 2nd, 2260 BC
    11th Age of Aries Arachne = Thursday, November 2nd, 2260 BC - Wednesday, May 21st, 1931 BC - Monday, May 28th, 124 BC
    12th Age of Pisces Arachne = Monday, May 28th, 124 BC - Thursday, September 5th, 41 - Friday, December 21st, 2012
    13th Age of Ophiuchus Dinah = Friday, December 21st, 2012 as the harmonic integration of all 12 old starsigns in the 13th as a New Aquarian Serpent

    If we now 'personify' the 13th starsign of the Serpent-Tamer in conjunction with the 'Plumed Serpent' of the 'Office of Christ' or the 'Office of Melchizedek' or the 'Office of Hermes Trismegistos'; then one assigns the solar transit from Pisces into Aries and as the Spring Equinox of some 'personified' year as the change of one precessional age into another.
    The Maya assigns the 'Birth of Ophiuchus' as the 'Birth of Christ' in the form of the historical Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas Didymos to the equinox of the year 6 BC and so 'fixates' the beginning of the Age of Pisces as March 20th, 6BC (which in Julian calendrical reckoning becomes March 23rd) as the date 20.3.-5 (23.3.-5 Julian).

    The September-Equinox in 7 BC occurred on Friday, September 23rd Gregorian (25th Julian) at 9:18 UCT and the March Equinox in 6 BC occurred on Thursday, March 21st Gregorian (23rd Julian) at 5:21 UCT.

    As 12,000=11,688+312 days or 32 years 10 months and 6 days define the 'finestructure' or fractal for the baktun as 12x12,000 kin; the final Mayan longcount date of Friday, December 21st, 2012 will also specify those 12,000 days as culminating in that nexus date.
    The December-Solstice 2012 then is offset by 32 Civil years and 9 months to the June-Solstice 1980 and being encompassed by the March-Equinox 1980 in 32 Civil years and 9 months.

    The scriptural encodings define those 12,000 days as descriptive for the 'rebuilding' of an 'Inner Temple' or sanctuary, which is however follwed by the construction of an 'Outer Court' encoded to encompass 1600 days and to which are added an additional 15 days in a Year/day ratio of 360 days/24 hours = 15 days/1 hour.
    The December-Solstice of December 21st, 2012 so is offset by 13,615 days to September 12th, 1975 to specify the 12,000 day timeframe for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in the precession of the equinoxes, calibrated to the scriptural and prophetic encodings of the timelines of the World Logos in 37 Civil Years and 3 months.

    This timespan of 32 Civil years and 9 months next becomes superimposed or 'warped' as a precessional 'Changing of the Ages' onto the previous 'Changing of the Ages' and here the Pisces-Aquarius transition from the preceding Aries-Pisces transition.

    For this particular Mayan Great Precessional Cycle then, the Age of Aquarius so begins in an interval from the September-Equinox 1975 to the December-Solstice 2012 and being warped from a period of 37 Civil years and 3 months. 60,000 days or 164.27442.. Civil Years in the superlong count of 65 baktuns so are 'fractalised' in 12,000 days or 32.85488...Civil Years from in the traditional longcount of 13 baktuns.

    The Maya has crystallized a specific date within this interval as January 20th-21st, 1998 and the solar transit from Capricorn into Aquarius as a superposed Mayan Beginning for the 'Age of Aquarius' and in unison with a number of other indicators and in particular a nexus of Edgar Cayce, the 'Sleeping Prophet' of the United States of America, who fixated the 'Birth of an Avatar' in the 'Office of the the Author of the Book of Revelation' for this particular year.

    The Maya now uses this nexus point to assign the Great Precessional Cycle in multiples of the 780,000 KIN or 2135.568 years to pinpoint the 'changing' of the precessional ages from one into the other and as the appropriate solar transit from one starsign into the next. As the March-Equinox 6 BC is offset in 46 Civil Years from the March-Equinox 41 AD, the time differential for this specification become those 46 Civil years as shown.

    Age of Aquarius begins: January 20th, 1998 at 6:46 UCT as the solar transit into Aquarius from Capricorn
    Age of Pisces begins: February 18th, 6 BC at 22:05 UCT as the solar ingress into Pisces from Aquarius

    Age of Aries begins: March 20th-22nd, 1977 BC as the solar ingress into Aries from Pisces
    Age of Taurus begins: April 20th-22nd, 3948 BC as the solar ingress into Taurus from Aries
    Age of Gemini begins: May 22nd-24th; 5920 BC as the solar ingress into Gemini from Taurus
    Age of Cancer begins: June 22nd-24th; 7891 BC as the solar ingress into Cancer from Gemini
    Age of Leo begins: July 22nd-24th; 9862 BC as the solar ingress into Leo from Cancer
    Age of Virgo begins: August 22nd-24th; 11,834 BC as the solar ingress into Virgo from Leo
    Age of Libra begins: September 22nd-24th; 13,805 BC as the solar ingress into Libra from Virgo
    Age of Scorpio begins: October 21st-23rd; 15,776 BC as the solar ingress into Scorpio from Libra
    Age of Sagittarius begins: November 21st-23rd; 17,747 BC as the solar ingress into Sagittarius from Scorpio
    Age of Capricorn begins: December 21st-23rd; 19,619 BC as the solar ingress into Capricorn from Sagittarius
    Age of Aquarius begins: January 20th-22nd; 21,690 BC as the solar ingress into Aquarius from Capricorn

    The treatize above so superposes the Mayan Great Precessional Cycle onto the Long Count from August 11th, 3114 BC to December 21st, 2012.

    The Galactic Synchronisation and the Age of Aquarius

    The Galactic Alignment of the Ourobos with the Warpzone of the Gaian Metamorphosis by the Cosmic Logos of the Serpent-Tamer Ophiuchus from September 17th, 1974 to December 17th, 2013

    The Mayan master timeline spans five great cycles of longcounts; each longcount being comprised of 13 baktuns, each baktun encompassing 144,000 kin or days, and as 20 katuns of 7,200 kin each.
    It is the 65th and final baktun, which defines the 'birth of the starhuman' archetype to replace the older 'human' archetype initiated 5x13x144,000 kin or 9,360,000 days before the nexus date of December 21st, 2012.

    As the sun's angular diameter is about 0.53 degrees, the Maya calculated the ending of their longcount in the last cycle of the winter-summer solstices as a function of the Mayan Precessional 'Great Platonic Year' of 25,626.81 cycles (or civil Gregorian years).

    A precessional degree then becomes 9,360,000/360=26,000=71.1856.x365.2425 days and so in the Mayan kin count, 71.1856 civil years specify a 1-degree precession and the galactic synchronisation at the winter solstice will be 71.1856x0.53=37.728 civil years or 13,780 'Mean Solar Days' for the solar transit across the galactic centre.

    In conjunction with the 'Venusian Transit of the Solar Disc' {8 years apart in 243-year cycles (121.5+16+105.5=243) and manifesting June 7th, 2004 to June 5th, 2012 in the present Logos timeline}, the Maya obtained the longcount from the 'hermetic' tradition (of the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek) of Kukulkan (or Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec parallel) and this 'prophecy' relates directly to a scripturally encoded 'day count' of 12,000+1,600=13,600 days in a 'furlong' count of measuring the 'inside' and the 'outside' of the 'great city' {John.2.21;Revelation.11.1-2;14.20;21.16} as the 'Temple of God'.

    These 13,600 days from December 21st, 2012 will specify September 12th, 1975 as the beginning of the 37.728 civil year period of 13,780 days, so adding 180 days as the angular halving of 360 degrees of a circle in 180 days and as say the period between the two equinoxes in March and September or as the 180 Degrees between the two solstices of June and December, each 6 months apart in the assignment of the seasons.

    As the December 21st, 2012 date indicates the December Solstice; an additional 'Ancient Year' of 360 Days is added to this Solstice to define the Mayan Full Moon in Gemini for December 17th, 2013 and following a calibrated Mayan AHAU date on December 16th, 2013.

    Day*1300=Maya#5/260/65AHAU=18AHAU*=December 16th, 2013= End of Mayan Tzolkin Correlation
    Day*1301=Maya#6/1/1/66IMIX=19IMIX*=December 17th, 2013= 5th Full Moon in Gemini(+)

    Similarly a 360 Kin 360-Degree Year is added (in subtraction from a 0-Date defining the Start of Warpzone and as encoded as the 'Abomination of Desolation' in Matthew and Daniel) to the DayCount of September 12th, 1975 to specify the e Ouroboros or the Galactic Serpent of the Mazzaroth of Job as the two parts of the Leviathan and the Behemoth.

    The HEAD or ALPHA of the Galactic Dragon is the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns as the Behemothian DNA-Strand of the FireEarth and the TAIL or OMEGA of the Galactic Dragon is the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins as the Leviathan DNA-Strand of the AirWater.
    Together they represent the 'Intertwined Serpent-Rod' of Moses of the Zodiac of Abraham; also known as the Caduceus of Thoth, the Egyptian Ibis God of Wisdom.

    The Galactic Alignment so spans 13,600+15+720=14,335 Days, which must encompass the 13,780 Days for the solar transit as defined by the angular scale of the solar disc.
    13,600+720=13,600+5x144=13,600+180+540=13,780+2x270 and where the 270 Days are representative for the three quarters of the added Outer two 'Ancient Years' with the one quarter being the two Inner parts as the sum of the 180 days from the precession calibration (180/540=1/3=90/270 for 90+270=360).

    Day#-3873=Wednesday, May 2nd, 14AD/Monday, May 2nd, 1994= MidPoint of 13,615 Days and Midpoint of 14,335 Days from (#½(-10,680+(0)+2935 and 6808+6808 inclusive)).
    Day#-3872=Thursday, May 3rd, 14AD/Tuesday, May 3rd, 1994
    Day#-3790=Monday, July 23rd, 14AD/Saturday, July 23rd, 1994=
    MidPoint of 13,780 Days from LionNode#1 from (82+1+82=165=13,780-13,615).
    Day#-3789=Tuesday, July 24th, 14AD/Sunday, July 24th, 1994

    This Date then is offset by the 1260 Days of the 'Witnessing' as the 'Times and Time and Half a Time' for a 'Time'=360 Days and 360(3½)=1260 and the 15 days of the 'Hour' as 1275 Days; (Daniel.12.7;Revelation.11)

    Day#2515=Monday, January 19th, 1998=Halfway Nexus +1260 Days+15 Days as the 'Witness period' of the Prophecy in archetypology.
    Day#-2514=Tuesday, January 20th, 1998=Begin of Age of Aquarius (Sun ingresses Aquarius from Capricorn, 6.46 hours GMT)= Halfway Nexus + 1260 Days 15 Days as the 'Witness period' of the Prophecy in archetypology.

    The 'Beginning of the 'Age of Aquarius' is so scripturally determined within the last of the 20 katuns of 7,200 days or 19.713 civil years beginning on this April 5th, 1993 (20 civil years as 20x365+260=7,200+360 days and ending on December 21st, 2012 as a 37.728 Civil Year Period and extended in the encodings in the Degree Calendar Round of the Ancient Year of the 360 Degree Time on December 16, 2013 for the 'Aquarian Transit' from 1998 to 2012 and as the galactic synchronisation of the galactic center 'Hunab Ku' with the Sun 'RahSol'.

    Overall however, in the Mayan longcount September 18th, 1618 began this last baktun of 144,000 days. This is 25 years and 108 days or 9,239 kin before the birth of Isaac Newton on January 4th, 1643 as the onset of the 'Age of Reasoning' and science-based Enlightenment in the scientific methodology and a 'Renaissance of Rationality', say as instigated by Galileo Galilei (February15th,1564-January 8th,1642).

    It would be this 'last' baktun or a 395-year period from 1618 to 2013, which would refine and finetune the human reasoning mind to gather enough data to 'finally' allow a full remembrance of its UnTimed collective reality in nospacetime and where 391 years from 1618 define the Year of the beginning manifestation for the 'Trial of Humanity' in 1618+391=2009.

    The human group-mind would allow the 'Image of Separation' to 'shatter' in a self-destruction of the scripturally encoded 'Sea of Glass' {Revelation.4.3-7;13.1-18;18.14-21;21.1}.

    The 'Sea of Glass' is the MIRROR of Creation and the 'Spirit of God', alphanumerically encoded as MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=91 and so defines the 'Beast' of the Apocalypse as the False Image of the Self - any self. The 'Devils' and the 'Beasts' and the 'False Prophet' and the 'Whore of Babylon', all are so 'False Images' projected from this 'Mirror' and will be destroyed by the reconfiguration of the cosmic spacetime matrix in the manifestation of this 'Spirit of God' under dispensation of the World Logos.

    But and in a self-fulfilment of 'all prophecy' given in the Mayan superlong count of 13x5=65 baktuns, beginning in the nexus point of the previous initialisation of the then 'new human' template (this is anthropologically known as the time of the Neanderthal-Cro Magnon transition of Homo Sapiens or 'Wise Man') in 23,615 BC.

    But this day count of the 65th baktun carries many other archetypical associations; such as the 'Sealing of 144,000=12x12,000' of the 200 million of YOU, which will allow yourselves to remember your own scriptwritings.

    This 'sealing in the forehead' so relates to your selfimage processing through the 'mirrors' in above description.

    The 144,000 individuations so will themselves become 'mirrors' for the individuations, which shall not allow to become so 'sealed' at this initial stage of the metamorphosis of humanity into its next grander self-expression.

    The 'unsealed ones' so, in the absence of the 'seal of a particular mental resonance eigenfrequency of the physical source energy aka the True God as the real image of all of YOU'; will continue to manifest a prerequisite maximum polarisation between the 'old images of the darkness' and the 'new images of the light' in the carrier function of the individuated divinities.
    The so called 'dark ones' so are the 'true warriors' for the 'light ones', as only a maximum separation between the two 'image-carriers' suffices to end all of the encoded scriptural prophecies in a 100% manifestation of the true physical godhood, which is the Life of Everything.

    The 'beast' and the 'false prophet from the earth' {Revelation.13.11} will be seen to enable the overall masterplan to climax in a grand culmination and in the transformation of an 'old human groupmind consciousness' into a 'new starhuman groupmind consciousness'.
    Iow, the skepticism in regards to this information and the rejection of its 'selfrelative truthfulness' through the polarisation will enable the planetary groupmind consciousness to apply a particular duality to that groupmind, which will transform the nature and physical reality of the planet earth itself.
    This transformation is necessity to allow intragalactic and extragalactic communications between the ubiquitously dispersed cosmic intelligence to first manifest in archetype and then to proceed in physical reality.
    This cosmic intelligence is both within and without the 'Kingdom of the Data Processors', namely all of YOU.
    Part of the universally required planetary transformation is the metamorphosis of all lifeforms, including mineralized and crystalline biophysical psychosomas; to render the old 'alienness' a new 'alieness', albeit quantum entangled by a then encompassing unity of planetary superconsciousness.

    The 'new planet earth' so will become a data transmitter for a 'reconfigured' universe and so enable the 'alien' extraterrestrial universe to 'come home'.
    This 'homecoming' of the aliens requires a planetary mirror-function to empower the utility of the holofractal nature of the 11-dimensional universe to manifest itself.

    The 'old planet earth' was deemed necessity by all extraterrestrial cosmic intelligence hitherto 'collected and unified'; to first activate as a context-serving data collector in the principality of absorption.
    In other words, the real nature and purpose of the earth was to act as a Planetary Black Hole for the benefit of the extraterrestrial cosmos. This shall become apparent in the 'science part' of this disclosure.
    The Great Mayan Precession of 65 baktuns or 9,360,000 Kin or days spans the time period from February 22nd, 23,615 BC to December 16th, 2013 and as matched to the apocalyptic encodings in prophetic scriptures.

    As 9,360,001 Days are 1,337,143 Weeks; Day0+9,360,001=Day#2936=Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 for Day#0=Creation-Day#8=Saturday, March 1st, 23,615BC-G=Human Path in Image-Mirror and with a Midpoint date for the Aquarius-Leo Axis of Opposition (see detailed cycle count below).

    Day#0=Day#-9,357,065=Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC
    Day#4,680,000=Day#-4,677,065=Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802BC-G
    =Halfway-Point (for Giza Pyramid/Sphinx - Angkor Temple Projections)
    Day#4,680,001=Day#-4,677,064=Wednesday, July 28th, 10,802 BC-G
    Day#9,360,001=Day#2936=Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

    The Inside Measurement+Outside Measurement+Calendar Correlation=12,000+1,600+15=13,615=5 Lion Nodes of Daniel+Gestation=5(2300+370)+265=13,350+265=13,615 as the DayKinCount for the Galactic Alignment.
    This period of time becomes bounded in two 360 daycounts, one as a negative 'minus time' and the other as a positive 'plus time' each of the encrypted 'Ancient Year' of 360 Days as the 360 Degrees of a Circle.
    The total daycount then includes a 0 Day as the beginning of the Warpzone in an exact count of weeks, irrespective of calendars used.
    (-360)+(-10,680)+2670+265+360=13,615+720=14,335 Days in summary and 14,336=2048x7 Days inclusive the 'Day of the Mirror' or and as precisely 2048 Weeks in the Geometric Doubling of 211=2048 in the 12 elements 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.
    The Unification for this process, so becomes the Center of the Circle as a 13th Element or Bridge and begins at Day#-11,040 as 0-10,680-360 and ends at Day#3295, as 0+2670+265+360 on December 16th, 2013.
    The Midpoint for this period so is ½(#-11,041+#3295)=#-3873.

    Day#-11041=Wednesday, September 16th, 7BC/Monday, September 16th, 1974=Enddate of the Mayan Precessional Prehistory regarding Gaian Metamorphosis 2048 weeks or 14,336 days following.
    Day#-11040=Thursday, September 17th, 7BC/Tuesday, September 17th, 1974= Minus 360th Degree for the Galactic Alignment Correlation from Principality-Loop#1
    Day#-11039=Friday, September 18th, 7BC/Wednesday, September 18th, 1974=Minus 360th Degree for the Galactic Alignment Correlation

    Setting the September Equinox 7BC as the Birthday Symbol for John the Baptizer; his Cousin, Jesus of Nazareth will be born 6 months later near the March Spring Equinox 6BC and as encoded in Isaiah's New Moons and in Luke. These are the 180 Days of the Galactic Alignment Calibration, as the angular separation of the Spring- and Autumn/Fall Equinoxes.

    Day#-10857=Friday, March 19th,6BC/Wednesday, March 19th, 1975=NewMoon March 6BC (9pm-GMT)=Saturn-Moon-Conjunction in Pisces
    Day#-10856=Saturday, March 20th, 6BC/Thursday, March 20th, 1975=Sun-Jupiter-Saturn-Moon-Conjunctions in Pisces herald birth of a Jewish King=Sabbath#1
    Day#-10855=Sunday, March 21st, 6BC/Friday, March 21st, 1975=Birthday#1 of archetyped Messiah
    Day#-10854=Monday, March 22nd, 6BC/Saturday, March 22nd, 1975=Birthday#2 of archetyped Messiah
    Day#-10853=Tuesday, March 23rd, 6BC/Sunday, March 23rd, 1975=Spring-Equinox 6BC (10am-GMT)=Sun into Aries
    Day#-10852=Wednesday, March 24th, 6BC/Monday, March 24th, 1975=Birthday#4 of archetyped Messiah
    Day#-10851=Thursday, March 25th, 6BC/Tuesday, March 5th, 1975=Birthday#5 of archetyped Messiah
    Day#-10850=Friday, March 26th, 6BC/Wednesday, March 26th, 1975=Birthday#6 of archetyped Messiah
    Day#-10849=Saturday, March 27th, 6BC/Thursday, March 27th, 1975=Sabbath#2 {Isaiah.66.23}
    Day#-10848=Sunday, March 28th, 6BC/Friday, March 28th, 1975=BIRTHDAY of the ANTIBEAST in Archetypology
    Day#-10842=Saturday, April 3rd, 6BC/Thursday, April 3rd, 1975
    Day#-10841=Sunday, April 4th, 6BC/Friday, April 4th, 1975=FullMoon April, 6BC (5am-GMT)
    Day#-10829=Friday, April 16th, 6BC/Wednesday, April 16th, 1975=Saturn(Protector of Jews) eclipses Moon in Aries (Sign of the Jews)
    Day#-10828=Saturday, April 17th, 6BC/Thursday, April 17th, 1975=Jupiter (Planet of Kings) rises East as 'Morning Star' in Aries to confirm Messianic Birth {Isaiah.14.12-14,66.23;Ezekiel.28.14-19;Revelation.2.28;22.16}
    Day#-10827=Sunday, April 18th, 6BC/Friday,April 18th, 1975=NewMoon April, 6BC (Noon-GMT)=Sun-Saturn-Jupiter-Moon-Conjunctions in Aries
    Day#-10680=Sunday, September 12th, 6BC/Friday, September 12th, 1975=End Principality-Loop#0=Lion-Node#1=370+2300
    Day#-10679=Monday, September 13th, 6BC/Saturday, September 13th, 1975=Daniel-Node#1=Begin-Principality-Loop#1=2300+370=Conception of the Beast=GestationDay#0 =Offset of the Node to Daniel-Mirror in 15 'Missing' Days from Gregorian Calendar Correlation from Thursday, October 5th Julian to Friday, October 15th, Gregorian 1572; the ten inclusive days becoming 15 days as Thursday, October 4th - Thursday, October 11th - Thursday, October 18th, 1582 on the Julian reckoning with Friday, October 19th, 1582 becoming Friday, October 15th, 1582 Gregorian.
    The 15 Days are the 'Hour of the Beast' because 360 Days/24 Hours=15 Days/1 Hour as per (Revelation.17.12 and Ezekiel).
    Day#-10665=Monday, September 27th, 6BC/Saturday, September 27th, 1975=Daniel-Mirror#5=Apocalyptic Node
    Day#- 10664=Tuesday, September 28th, 6BC/Sunday, September 28th, 1975=First Day of 12,000 Days from Daniel-Mirror#5=Apocalyptic Node
    Day#-10616=Monday, November15th, 6BC/Saturday, November 15th, 1975=7 Weeks from Apocalyptic Node
    Day#-10609=Monday, November 22nd, 6BC/Saturday, November 22nd, 1975=8 Weeks from Apocalyptic Node=Day of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Tamer as Scorpio-Sagittarius Transit for the Scorpio-Eagle/Phönix Transformation as Image of Rainbow Covenant
    Day#-10414=Sunday, June 4th 5BC/Friday, June 4th, 1976=Birth of the Beast after 265 Days of Gestation from Lion-Node#1
    Day#-10413=Monday, June 5th 5BC/Saturday, June 5th, 1976=Vision of the DarkBody mirrored in the Vision of the LightBody on CD#3265 from CD#-265 in 3530 Days

    Day#-8010=Wednesday, January 3rd, 3AD/Monday, January 3rd, 1983=End-Principality-Loop#1=Lion-Node#2=2300+370
    Day#-8009=Thursday, January 4th, 3AD/Tuesday, January 4th, 1983=Daniel-Node#2=Begin-Principality-Loop#2
    Day#-7207=Saturday, March 21st, 5AD/Thursday, March 21st, 1985=PassOver Week 5AD and 1985 as Image of 30-31-32AD-2010/2011/2012 in March 24th, 6BC and March 24th, 1995 as the Midweek nexus.
    Day#-7204=Tuesday, March 24th, 5AD/Sunday, March 24th, 1985=Image of PassOver Week
    Day#-7195=Saturday, March 28th, 5AD/Thursday, March 28th, 1985
    Day#-7191=Wednesday, April 1st, 5AD/Monday, April 1st, 1985=Image of the Resurrection
    Day#-7146=Saturday, May 16th, 5AD/Thursday, May 16th, 1985=7&8 Weeks from the Logos Mirror of the PalmSunday-Crucifixion-Resurrection Week=Establishment of the Template for the Apocalyptic Daycount=Vision of the LightBody imaged in the Vison of the DarkBody in the Mirror of the Lamb
    Day#-5340=Saturday, April 26th, 10AD/Thursday, April 26th 1990=End-Principality-Loop#2=Lion-Node#3 =370+2300
    Day#-5339=Sunday, April 27th, 10AD/Friday, April 27th, 1990=Begin-Principality-Loop#3=2300+370
    Day#-3873=Wednesday, May 2nd, 14AD/Monday, May 2nd, 1994= MidPoint of 13,615 Days and Midpoint of 14,335 Days
    Day#-2670=Tuesday, August 17th, 17AD/Sunday, August 17th, 1997=End-Principality-Loop#3=Lion-Node#4=2300+370
    Day#-2669=Wednesday, August 18th, 17AD/Monday, August 18th, 1997=Daniel-Node#4=Begin-Principality-Loop#4=370+2300
    Day#-2514=Tuesday, January 20th, 1998=Begin of Age of Aquarius (Sun ingresses Aquarius from Capricorn, 6.46 hours GMT)= Halfway Nexus + 1260 Days + 15 Days as the 'Witness period' of the Prophecy in archetypology.
    Day#-1=Thursday, December 7th, 24AD/Tuesday, December 7th, 2004=End Principality-Loop#4=370+2300=2670=1335+1335
    Day#0=Friday, December 8th, 24AD/Wednesday, December 8th, 2004=Startday of WarpTimeLoop=End Principality-Loop#4=Lion-Node#5=AlphaOmega-MirrorDay=Daniel's 1st Day of the Abomination of Desolation {Matthew.24.15}

    Day#1=Saturday,December 9th, 24AD/Thursday, December 9th, 2004=Begin Principality-Loop#5=2300+370
    Day#1=2nd Day of the Daily Sacrifice and of Jacob's Tribulation
    Day#1335=Wednesday, August 4th, 28AD/Monday, August 4th, 2008=Midpoint of the WarpTimeLoop=End of the 12,000 Days for the Inside City of the New Jerusalem
    Day#1336=Thursday, August 5th, 28 AD/Tuesday, August 5th, 2008=Beginning of the 1st of 1600 Days for the Outside City of the Winepress ending with the Rebirth of Old Gaia as New Serpentina
    Day2670=Monday, March 31st, 32AD/Saturday, March 31st, 2012=Noah's Rainbow Covenant {Genesis.8.14}[601.2.27]=END of WARPZONE of 2670 Days
    Day2671=Tuesday, April 1st, 32AD/Sunday, April 1st, 2012= First GAIAN GESTATION DAY=Opening of the Cocoon=Conception of the Human Starchild Template for the Starhumanity
    Day#2935=Sunday, December 21st, 32AD/Friday, December 21st, 2012=Birth of Human Starchild as 265th Gaian Gestation Day=BeastDay#265=End of Wrath of God {Revelation.14.20;19}
    Day2936=Monday, December 22nd, 32AD/Saturday, December 22nd, 2012AD= First Degree of the Cosmic Recalibration on ANY arbitrary Calendar
    Day#3115=Friday, June 19th, 33AD/Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 as the 180th Degree of the Halfway of the New Data Circle
    Day#3160=Monday,August 3rd, 33AD/Saturday, August 3rd, 2013=End of Human Prophecy=490 Days from Timewarp April 1st, 2012=225th Degree of the New Data Circle
    Day#3161=Tuesday, August 4th, 33AD/Sunday, August 4th, 2013=226th Degree of the New Data Circle
    Day#3295=Wednesday, December 16th, 33AD /Monday, December 16th, 2013= 360 Kin = 360th Degree of the New Data Circle and following the Birth of the 0th Degree of the Mayan Nexus date and as the End of the Weaning.

    This metamorphosis of the cosmic matrix in space and in time so is calibrated to the above Timeline of the World Logos and is shared and disseminated by and through the release of information from the Thuban data stream.

    The master timeline now allows for 200 million 'ET-Gods in Disguised humanoid form' to partially remember themselves in a 'war' between their egocentric mindful personalities and their 'divine individuations'.

    Finis Hominis Incere Hominidae Draconis Astrum!!!
    "Humanity has ended, enter the Starhumanity of Dragons!"

    The transformation of a type of cosmic civilisation like that of the 'old humanity' residing on planet earth into a evolved cosmic civilisation, say a 'new humanity' inhabiting a terraformed planet earth requires a period of transitional evolutionary adaptation.

    This can be compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly genus/family; order lepidoptera; class insecta; phylum arthropoda; kingdom animalia from the four stages of embryo-larvae-pupa-imago from the caterpillar-larvae stage into the butterfly-imago stage via the transit stage of the pupa-chrysalis ergo the cocoonisation of the caterpillar insectoid.

    In the form of the genus homo, the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens can be modelled to have entered the embryonic stage with the advent of Cro Magnon Man so 26,000 (civil) years ago.
    Using 400 year intervals of 146,097 days under utility of a a certain calendrical counting of time ; the embryonic conception can be 'dated' to an extrapolated calendrical date of Saturday, February 21st, 23,615BC-G and precisely 9,360,008 days (and a precessional daycount as 25,626.83149 Gregorian years) from Friday, December 21st, 2012AD in a weekcount of 1,337,144.

    The Julian daycount began on January 1st 4713 BC-Julian and the Gregorian daycount of 365.2425 days per year commenced on October 5th, 1582, replacing the Julian year of 365.25 days.
    A Mean Tropical Year has 365.24219 days and where a mean solar day has precisely 24x3600=86,400 SI seconds. The Tropical Year is referential to the seasons (equinoxes and solstices) and differs from the star-referential Sidereal Year in the day addendum 1/26000 or 1.0000385 of so 1225 seconds (20.41 minutes) per year and which accumulate to about 368.5 mean days (and so about a year) per precessional cycle.
    Due to orbital- and rotational changes and precession a year is decreasing at the present astronomical configuration by about 5 milliseconds/year or 130 seconds or so 2 minutes in a 26,000 precessional cycle.

    The Gregorian year of 365.2425 days differs from the tropical year of 365.24219 days and so the Gregorian calendar will accumulate an error of about 0.00031x26,000~8.1 days per precessional cycle.
    To account for this, a 'creation-initialisation week of 8 days' is added to the 64 cycles in 9792+8=9,800=7x1,400=7x7x200=8x52x72=2(22x52x72)=2x702 in the 13x5x144,000=9,360,000 (Mayan) day-kin count, which so begins on the superposed and extrapolated Gregorian Day (G) Day#-7=Saturday, February 22nd, 23,615BC-G and becomes mirrored in the 7th day Day#7=Saturday, March 8th, 23,615BC-G for the Conception of the human Embryo to be born from its Chrysalis 64 cycles later.

    The first cycle is initiated on Day#9,792=Friday, December 21st, 23,589BC-G and the last and 64th cycle is initiated on Day#9,213,903=Friday, December 21st, 1612AD-Gregorian and ends precisely 146,097 days or 400 Gregorian years later on Friday, December 21st, 2012AD to commence a now precessional count in the birth of the Imago of the ancient human Embryo established by the beginning of the first cycle.

    Cycle0=#-136,305=JD#-7,040,022=Friday, December 21st, 23,989BC-GLeap
    Day#-7=JD#-6,903,724=Creation-Day#1=Saturday, February 22nd, 23,615BC-G=Human Embryo in Image
    Day#-6=JD#-6,903,723=Creation-Day#2=Sunday, February 23rd, 23,615BC-G
    Day#-5=JD#-6,903,722=Creation-Day#3=Monday, February 24th, 23,615BC-G=Human Larvae in Image
    Day#-4=JD#-6,903,721=Creation-Day#4=Tuesday, February 25th, 23,615BC-G
    Day#-3=JD#-6,903,720=Creation-Day#5=Wednesday, February 26th, 23,615BC-G=Human Pupa in Image
    Day#-2=JD#-6,903,719=Creation-Day#6=Thursday, February 27th, 23,615BC-G
    Day#-1=JD#-6,903,718=Creation-Day#7=Friday, February 28th, 23,615BC-G=Human Imago in Image

    Day#0=JD#-6,903,717=Creation-Day#8=Saturday, March 1st, 23,615BC-G=Human Path in Image-Mirror
    Day#1=JD#-6,903,716=Sunday, March 2nd, 23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Imagonation
    Day#2=JD#-6,903,715=Monday, March 3rd, 23,615BC-G
    Day#3=JD#-6,903,714=Tuesday, March 4th, 23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Pupasation
    Day#4=JD#-6,903,713=Wednesday, March 5th, 23,615BC-G
    Day#5=JD#-6,903,712=Thursday, March 6th, 23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Larvaeation
    Day#6=JD#-6,903,711=Friday, March 7th, 23,615BC-G
    Day#7=JD#-6,903,710=Saturday, March 8th, 23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Embryonisation
    Day#295=JD#-6,903,422=Sunday, December 21st, 23,615BC-G
    Day#660=JD#-6,903,057=Monday, December 21st, 23,614BC-G
    Day#1,026=JD#-6,902,691=Wednesday, December 21st, 23,613BC-GLeap
    Day#2,487=JD#-6,901,230=Monday, December 21st, 23,609BC-GLeap
    Day#3,948=JD#-6,899,769=Saturday, December 21st, 23,605BC-GLeap
    Day#5,409=JD#-6,898,308=Thursday, December 21st, 23,601BC-GLeap

    Day#6,139=JD#-6,897,578=Saturday, December 21st, 23,599BC-G
    Day#6,504=JD#-6,897,213=Sunday, December 21st, 23,598BC-G
    Day#6,870=JD#-6,896,847=Tuesday, December 21st, 23,597BC-GLeap
    Day#7,235=JD#-6,896,482=Wednesday, December 21st, 23,596BC-G

    Day#7,600=JD#-6,896,117=Thursday, December 21st, 23,595BC-G

    Day#7,965=JD#-6,895,752=Friday, December 21st, 23,594 BC-G

    Day#8,331=JD#-6,895,386=Sunday, December 21st, 23,593BC-GLeap
    Day#8,696=JD#-6,895,021=Monday, December 21st, 23,592BC-G

    Day#9,061=JD#-6,894,656=Tuesday, December 21st, 23,591BC-G
    Day#9,426=JD#-6,894,291=Wednesday, December 21st, 23,590BC-G

    Cycle1=#9,792=JD#-6,893,925=Friday, December 21st, 23,589BC-GLeap=Human Embryo Initialized from Conception
    Cycle2=#155,889=JD#-6,747,828=Friday, December 21st, 23,189BC-G
    Cycle3=#301,986=JD#-6,601,731=Friday, December 21st, 22,789BC-G
    Cycle4=#448,083=JD#-6,455,634=Friday, December 21st, 22,389BC-G
    Cycle5=#594,180=JD#-6,309,537=Friday, December 21st, 21,989BC-G
    Cycle6=#740,277=JD#-6,163,440=Friday, December 21st, 21,589BC-G
    Cycle7=#886,374=JD#-6,017,343=Friday, December 21st, 21,189BC-G
    Cycle8=#1,032,471=JD#-5,871,246=Friday, December 21st, 20,789BC-G
    Cycle9=#1,178,568=JD#-5,725,149=Friday, December 21st, 20,389BC-G
    Cycle10=#1,324,665=JD#-5,579,052=Friday, December 21st, 19,989BC-G
    Cycle11=#1,470,762=JD#-5,432,955=Friday, December 21st, 19,589BC-G
    Cycle12=#1,616,859=JD#-5,286,858=Friday, December 21st, 19,189BC-G
    Cycle13=#1,762,956=JD#-5,140,761=Friday, December 21st, 18,789BC-G
    Cycle14=#1,909,053=JD#-4,994,664=Friday, December 21st, 18,389BC-G
    Cycle15=#2,055,150=JD#-4,848,567=Friday, December 21st, 17,989BC-G
    Cycle16=#2,201,247=JD#-4,702,470=Friday, December 21st, 17,589BC-G
    Cycle17=#2,347,344=JD#-4,556,373=Friday, December 21st, 17,189BC-G=Human Embryo to Larvae
    Cycle18=#2,493,441=JD#-4,410,276=Friday, December 21st, 16,789BC-G
    Cycle19=#2,639,538=JD#-4,264,179=Friday, December 21st, 16,389BC-G
    Cycle20=#2,785,635=JD#-4,118,082=Friday, December 21st, 15,989BC-G
    Cycle21=#2,931,732=JD#-3,971,985=Friday, December 21st, 15,589BC-G
    Cycle22=#3,077,829=JD#-3,825,888=Friday, December 21st, 15,189BC-G
    Cycle23=#3,223,926=JD#-3,679,791=Friday, December 21st, 14,789BC-G
    Cycle24=#3,370,023=JD#-3,533,694=Friday, December 21st, 14,389BC-G
    Cycle25=#3,516,120=JD#-3,387,597=Friday, December 21st, 13,989BC-G
    Cycle26=#3,662,217=JD#-3,241,500=Friday, December 21st, 13,589BC-G
    Cycle27=#3,808,314=JD#-3,095,403=Friday, December 21st, 13,189BC-G
    Cycle28=#3,954,411=JD#-2,949,306=Friday, December 21st, 12,789BC-G
    Cycle29=#4,100,508=JD#-2,803,209=Friday, December 21st, 12,389BC-G
    Cycle30=#4,246,605=JD#-2,657,112=Friday, December 21st, 11,989BC-G
    Cycle31=#4,392,702=JD#-2,511,015=Friday, December 21st, 11,589BC-G
    Cycle32=#4,538,799=JD#-2,364,918=Friday, December 21st, 11,189BC-G

    Day#4,680,000=JD#-2,223,717=Day#-4,677,065=Tuesday, July 27th, 10,802BC-G
    =Halfway-Point (for Giza Pyramid/Sphinx - Angkor Temple Projections)
    Day#4,680,001=JD#-2,223,718=Day#-4,677,064=Wednesday, July 28th, 10,802 BC-G

    Cycle33=#4,684,896=JD#-2,218,821=Friday, December 21st, 10,789BC-G=Human Larvae to Pupasation
    Cycle34=#4,830,993=JD#-2,072,724=Friday, December 21st, 10,389BC-G
    Cycle35=#4,977,090=JD#-1,926,627=Friday, December 21st, 9,989BC-G
    Cycle36=#5,123,187=JD#-1,780,530=Friday, December 21st, 9,589BC-G
    Cycle37=#5,269,284=JD#-1,634,433=Friday, December 21st, 9,189BC-G
    Cycle38=#5,415,381=JD#-1,488,336=Friday, December 21st, 8,789BC-G
    Cycle39=#5,561,478=JD#-1,342,239=Friday, December 21st, 8,389BC-G
    Cycle40=#5,707,575=JD#-1,196,142=Friday, December 21st, 7,989BC-G
    Cycle41=#5,853,672=JD#-1,050,045=Friday, December 21st, 7,589BC-G
    Cycle42=#5,999,769=JD#-903,948=Friday, December 21st, 7,189BC-G
    Cycle43=#6,145,866=JD#-757,851=Friday, December 21st, 6,789BC-G
    Cycle44=#6,291,963=JD#-611,754=Friday, December 21st, 6,389BC-G
    Cycle45=#6,438,060=JD#-465,657=Friday, December 21st, 5989BC-G
    Cycle46=#6,584,157=JD#-319,560=Friday, December 21st, 5589BC-G
    Cycle47=#6,730,254=JD#-173,463=Friday, January 31st, 5188BC-Julian
    Cycle48=#6,876,351=JD#-27,366=Friday, January 28th, 4788BC-Julian
    Cycle49=#7,022,448=JD#118,731=Friday, January 25th, 4388BC-Julian=Human Puppy to Imago
    Cycle50=#7,168,545=JD#264,828=Friday, January 22nd, 3988BC-Julian
    Cycle51=#7,314,642=JD#410,925=Friday, January 19th, 3588BC-Julian
    Cycle52=#7,460,739=JD#557,022=Friday, January 16th, 3188BC-Julian
    Cycle53=#7,606,836=JD#703,119=Friday, January 13th, 2788BC-Julian
    Cycle54=#7,752,933=JD#849,216=Friday, January 10th, 2388BC-Julian
    Cycle55=#7,899,030=JD#995,313=Friday, January 7th, 1988BC-Julian
    Cycle56=#8,045,127=JD#1,141,410=Friday, January 4th, 1588BC-Julian
    Cycle57=#8,191,224=JD#1,287,507=Friday, January 1st, 1188BC-Julian
    Cycle58=#8,337,321=JD#1,433,604=Friday, December 29th, 789BC-Julian
    Cycle59=#8,483,418=JD#1,579,701=Friday, December 26th, 389BC-Julian
    Cycle60=#8,629,515=JD#1,725,798=Friday, December 23rd, 12-Julian
    Cycle61=#8,775,612=JD#1,871,895=Friday, December 20th, 412-Julian
    Cycle62=#8,921,709=JD#2,017,992=Friday, December 17th, 812-Julian
    Cycle63=#9,067,806=JD#2,164,089=Friday, December 14th, 1212-Julian
    Cycle64=#9,213,903=JD#2,310,186=Friday, December 21st, 1612-Gregorian
    Cycle65/0=#9,360,000=JD#2,456,283=Friday, December 21st, 2012-Gregorian=Human Imago
    Cycle65/360=#9,360,360=JD#2,456,643=Monday, December 16th, 2013
    Cycle65/361=#9,360,361=JD#2,456,644=Tuesday, December 17th, 2013=Day1*of the Hour of 15=360/24
    Cycle65/365=#9,360,365=JD#2,456,648=Saturday, December 21st, 2013=Day5* of the Hour of 15=360/24
    Cycle65/375=#9,360,375=JD#2,456,658=Tuesday, December 31st, 2013=Day15* of the Hour of 15=360/24
    Cycle66/1*=#9,360,376=JD#2,456,659=Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 = New Cosmic Light-Matrix Established!

    The discovery of Catal Huyuk, an ancient city in Anatolia, now modern Turkey and dating to 8000 BC challenged the accepted status quo of modern archaeology and the orthodox description for the timeline for the evolvement of modern man as an urbanite and city dweller.
    One distinguishing factor of Catal Huyuk was its worship of the feminine principle. It is often called the source of the Mother Goddess religions.

    The Mayan Precessional Age of Cancer spanned the period from 8,681 BC to 6,545 BC and as the starsign of Cancer symbolises the Mother, so does its zodiacal opposite of Capricorn archetype the Father in the older Precessional Mayan Age of Capricorn from 21,495 BC to 19,359 BC.
    As the consensus of the academic orthodoxy requires physical evidence to support hypotheses and theories about the human history and timelines; the physical discovery of Catal Huyuk came as a big surprise.

    Hitherto the Mesopotamian cities of Samarra, Halaf, Ubaid and Uruk were believed to date no earlier than about 5000 BC. At that time, the Sumerian cities evolved and with it came the introduction of bronze casting and early forms of writing.
    And the general beginning of human civilisation is dated to this time period and is particularised in the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt about 3100 BC, which is also the start of the Mayan Long Count.
    The excavation of Catal Huyuk so 'forced' the orthodoxy to revise its beginning of the human urbanisation of regions to 10,000 BC with the discovery of an 'older' Jericho dating to about 9000 BC and the first use of copper in Hassuna ware and the manufacturing and trading of pottery dating to about 7000 BC.

    The building of the Gizean pyramids is conventionally dated to the Old Egyptian kingdom of the 3rd and 4th dynasties from about 2686 BC to 2494 BC.
    In the 4th dynasty, began in reign by Snefru; Khufru or Cheops is said to have built the first one; with Khafre or Chepren the second and with Menkaure or Mycerinus to have built the third one of the Gizean complex.

    Then it is proposed that Khafre also built the Sphinx or Harmakhis, also called Herakhte (Horus of the Horizon). This places the 4th dynasty into the Mayan Age of Taurus from 4410 BC to 2274 BC and forms a nexus point with the Heliopolis of the Ra-Sungod worship instigated in the 2nd dynasty but made a state religion in the 5th dynasty.
    Rah or Ra or Re became known as Re-Harakhtys in the New Kingdom from about 1570 BC -1070 BC for the 18th to the 20th dynasties and as the 'Horus of Two Horizons'. This then became implemented in the Mayan Age of Aries from 2274 BC until the time of the Dead Sea Scroll's 'Teacher of Righteousness' in 139 BC and heralding the 'Coming of the Melchizedek' of the fulfilment of scripture in Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas Dydimos a little over a century later.

    A period of 'Hellenisation of Judea', instigated by the Seleucid empire established by Alexander the Great, was resisted in a 20-year period from 196 BC to 176 BC by the 'Teacher of Righteousness' and as the Zadokite-Davidic Highpriest Onias III and who was 'born' into this Melchisedecian role in 196 BC and coinciding with Judea becoming a Seleucidean province.
    Onias III was murdered at the instigation of Menelaus in 171 BC and became succeeded by the 'Man of the Lie' in his son Onias IV, who emigrated to Egypt to build a 'substitute temple' in Leontopolis under the patronage of Egyptian king Ptolemy Philometor (182 BC to 146 BC).

    His inauguration of Israelite worship outside of Zion is in direct breach of biblical law, only allowing a single sanctuary at Jerusalem and as coded in Dead Sea Scroll (DSC) 4Q266.Frag.5ii.

    The 'House of Absalom' is the 'House of David' and his son Absalom rebelling against him is retold in Onias IV dishonouring his father Onias III and as encoded in DSC 1QpHab.v.9-12 and in 2Samuel.13.

    The 'Wicked Priest' in the Dead-Sea-Scrolls is Jesus-Jason, the brother of Onias III, who abandoned his Zadokian-Davidic heritage for a perceived Hellenisation of the covenant.
    Antiochus-Epiphanes IV deposed the last true Zadokite-Davidic Highpriest Onias III in 175 BC and replaced him with his hellenophile brother Jesus, the latter renaming himself in the Greek style as Jason.
    But in 172 BC, Jason was deposed and his office transferred to Menelaus from 172 BC to 162 BC.
    Following the murder of Onias III in 1971 BC, Antiochus IV and Menelaus plundered the temple at Jerusalem in 169 BC and in 168 BC Antiochus IV was defeated by the Romans in his second campaign against Egypt.

    In 167 BC, Jews who opposed the unification of the Seleucid empire and refused to accept Greek custom and religion were prosecuted in the attempt to 'absorb' the Jewish religion.
    In 166 BC, the Maccabees rose in revolt under the leadership of Judas Maccabee to end a 7-year period of confusion from 174 BC to 167 BC and so fulfilling Daniel's prophecy encoded in Daniel.9.24-27 and related encodings in Ezekiel.3.15 and Daniel.9.26-27 in a timeline dating before the 'Coming of the Shiloh'.

    The exposition on the gnostic meanings in the Dead-Sea-Scrolls is actually a continuation of the Babylonian Exile, beginning with the last 'king of righteousness' in Josiah and who was killed in the battle of Megiddo or Armageddon by Pharaoh Necho, king of Egypt, encoded in 2Kings.22.2; 23.25,29-32.

    70 years of the Babylonian captivity so add the 'forsaken period' from 608 BC to 586 BC, when king Nebuchadnezzar took Jerusalem until the 'Edict of Cyrus' in 538 BC, coded in 2Chronicles.36.1-23.
    390 dayyears from 586 BC lead to the year 196 BC, from which the 22 years from 608 BC to 586 BC are subtracted for the yearweek of confusion encoded in the period 174 BC to 167 BC.
    The 390 years are encoded in DSC 4Q268.Frag.1 and where also the 20 year duration is specified:

    "For when they were unfaithful and forsook Him, He hid His face from Israel and His Sanctuary and delivered them up to the sword. But remembering the covenant of the forefathers, He left a remnant to Israel and did not deliver it up to be destroyed.
    And in the age of wrath, 390 years after He had given them into the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, He visited them, and He caused a plant root to spring from Israel and Aaron to inherit His Land and to prosper on the good things of His earth. And they perceived their iniquity and recognized that they were guilty men, yet for 20 years they were like blind men groping for the way."

    -Translation by Geza Vermes.

    The Babylonian captivity of 70 years is naturally connected with the Egyptian captivity of 430 years and leading to the Exodus under Moses.
    But there are seemingly unsurmountable differences between the historical evidence for such an exodus and the Egyptian history engaging certain Hyksos or 'Shepherd Kings' and a thorough elucidation on this subject matter is warranted.
    But the 'Building and rebuilding after its destruction of the temple in Jerusalem' will be shown to be of key importance and so the exiled Maya, who remembers hisher own participation in the story being told here; shall be called to remembrance as to the relevance of this selfsame story being told by me, the messenger of the 'Little Serpent' who is the creator of the material universe.
    The story shall continue with the importance of the Egyptian Twinship of the Lion and a twinship directly inherited by the 'Teacher of Righteousness' in the Mayan Age of Pisces.

    The evolution of Egyptian mythology has great implication for the later birth of the world religions and the Cosmic Twinship and relates to the Sphinx as the Symbol of Horus as the 'Cosmic Redeemer' and the 'Cosmic Christ' and the 'Office of the Plumed Serpent'.

    I shall take my leave now and continue this message at another time.

    IAmWhoIAm! - A Storyteller of the Ancient Times!
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  7. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:30 pm

    The New Earth Present - Words from the Little Serpent Abba Mayam Baba Y Mama!!!

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings with Love from the Mayan Family to the Family of Us in Exile.
    This is a special dispensation and a PRESENT given to all of You to celebrate your homecoming, now only so 2 and 1/2 years into the linear future.
    You will be given a master key to kindle your remembrances about yourselves as 'Mayans in the wilderness' and the 'sacred works' you are engaging in in your endeavours, largely unbeknown by your 'normal' conscious selfhoods.

    There is still much work to do and the nature of this work, deeply embedded in your DNA and your subconscious selfhoodness shall become rather more 'clear' to a greater number of you.
    Most of you, not yet self-allowing to receive this information and the PRESENT in this your PRESENT, will nevertheless find this PRESENT an amazing PRESENT.

    But allow me to begin with a brief return to your human history of so 13,000 years ago and when your ancient genealogical ancestors began to paint in caves and when your self-awareness of yourselves began to greatly expand in your enhanced appreciation of your environments.

    Why did you begin to discover the artistic nature of the human within its 3-dimensional environment?

    The images and cave paintings of the paleolithic bespeak of your greater understanding of the animals and the objects which began to interact with you in a more spiritual sense.
    Gone were the gruntings and instinctual behaviour patterns which you knew as the nature of the animals and things you hunted for survival and which became part of you as a being growing in consciousness.
    You began a form of language in naming yourselves and the things around you. You looked at the starry sky and wondered what those lights meant in your existence. Why did this great hot light appear in the sky and then made way for a much smaller cold light and the many little lights around it?
    You became more inward seeking and associated the outward things with the feelings you developed for them; you invented better tools and some of you even began to hum in changing utterances of sounds into melodies and tunes.

    You were still hunter-gatherers and nomadic in your travellings from place to place in search of food and the protection of your bodies from climate changes and predatory animals.
    You feared those predatory animals of course, but something changed with respect to one of those predators, and an occurrence which changed your entire historical development.

    The predator I speak of is the wolf aka the species of Canis Lupus in your scientific classification.
    Sometimes members of your clan became separated, became food for predators or died in environmental accidents.
    Sometimes a subgroup of your clan, say a mother with her 'toddler' child, was so 'cut off' and thought lost by the rest of the clan.

    But the mother had died with the toddler still alive.

    The toddler behaved a little different to the 'grown ups' in general because of its inexperience with regards to the external environment of course and one such abandoned toddler did not show the expected fear from a predatory pack of wolves, which it encountered.
    Because there was no fear, the wolves refrained from eating the toddler, but sniffing it as not presenting a danger to them; a female wolf began to lick and perceive the toddler as one of her own welplings.
    So the toddler became a member of the wolf pack and suckled the she-wolf with other wolflings and so became a Lycanthrotope, a Wolfman.
    After some time, the Wolfman reencountered a human clanship and some interaction resulted in a female human to begin to 'care' for the Wolfman as so it was her own child.
    The Wolfman so went from having a mother to not having a mother to having an alien mother to having two mothers, one human and one alien and beholding his status as a hybrid Wolfman.
    And because the She-Wolf was rather attached to the Wolfman, she, and certain wolf-friends the Wolfman had made his brothers and sisters remained with the clan and so became the ancestors for Canis Familiaris, which is the Dog, also known as "Man's Best Friend'.

    And a certain country in the continent of Europe, called Italy today, has woven an entire mythology about the 'founding of its capitol city' called Rome on this first emotional friendship between an alien lifeform and a human lifeform.
    The twins of Romulus and Remus are said to have been raised by a She-Wolf and so the story goes.
    This notion of a 'Cosmic Twinship' is of uttermost importance in Mayan Cosmology and I shall return to it another time, if it is appropriate to do so.

    So why did I tell you this well known story?
    I did this, because there is a certain familiarity between you as humans and you as aliens.
    The Dog is familiar to you and does something you also do, albeit in a different manner.
    The Dog attempts to chase its own tail, whenever it perceives this tail NOT to be part of its own body and being.

    You do the same in the manner of the Dog becoming you as a God, the mirror image of yourself in Mayan encryptment of the hieroglyphics.
    This has a lot to do with the PRESENT you are about to receive but allow me to lead you gently into this RECEPTION.
    So the Dog was your first domesticated alien lifeform on planet Gaia. The Wolfhound helped you hunt and also being of a socialising nature, the wolfhounds soon became emotionally attached to certain of your ancestors and especially the younger ones.
    In short the Dogs became part of your clanships as the families of your ancestry.

    Now because you found out, that you could 'make friends' with the predatory wolves, which had eaten your older generations; you tried the same with other animals or alien lifeforms and you found out that the other predators, like great cats like Smilodon did not like you as friends and continued to see you as their dinner.
    But some other animals, the ancestors of horses and ungulates like historic sheeps and oxen proved not difficult at all to 'domesticate'.

    Though the emotional familiarity you had with the wolfhounds wasn't there, you could herd the ungulates, milk them, eat them and reproduce them.
    And because you had also discovered, that certain seeds and grains could be put back into the earth to sprout after some time into edible plants, instead of being eaten 'on the spot', you began to stay at certain benevolent places, say near the water longer than before and slowly you began to become farmers and planters as well as hunter-gatherers and moreover you divided into groups and individuals doing specialised things as specialised people and members of your clans and families.

    And today you have discovered something else about the alien-human familiarities. But now you are perplexed, because this familiarity appears to be one of you in the 3rd dimension here on Gaia and the aliens in the 3rd dimension not here on Gaia.
    In relationship to the above, there exists a tribe of people in the country of Mali on the continent of Africa, which you know as the Dogons.
    The Dogons claim to be the descendents of an alien race called the Nommo and to have come from a starsystem around the brightest star in the sky, called Sirius in the constellation called Canis Major - The Great Dog.
    The Nommo are said to be an amphibious hermaphroditic race of beings, which came from the starsytem Sirius and who taught the Dogons knowledge about the stars and also shared some knowledge about customs, rituals and the universal sciences.

    So here is the cosmic twinship again in the form of the Hermaphrodite, embellished in your Greek mythologies as Hermaphroditus, the bisexual son of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods of Olympus and Aphrodite or Venus, the Goddess of Love.
    The planet Venus is very, very important in the Mayan cosmologies as you shall soon find out, should you choose to read those messages of mine.
    So now to your PRESENT. It is related to the behaviour of your Dogs of course.
    They wag their tails when they are happy and when they are of high frequency in their consciousness to share company with you, say when you take them for a walk.
    They also try to bite their own tails and run around in circles, when the see their tails not as a part of themselves, but as some foreign thing, which they feel uncomfortable with. Its like an image of themselves in the mirror; the Dog perceives another Dog and not itself.
    So the Dog might begin to bark at his own image, telling it to go away for danger of being bitten in the tongue of the Dogness.
    Now the Mayan question is, can the Dog learn to recognise its own image in the mirror?

    It is the same with you, you are rather uncomfortable with the Godness you all are and you like to bark at your own images, warning them to go away for danger of being bitten by you.
    Your biting is however often a mental biting and not a physical biting - but you like to bite your Godlike images nevertheless, in whatever manner.
    The reason for this is, that though you know from your subconscious Mayaness, that YOU ARE GOD or the Backwards DOG; you cannot admit this to yourselves in your waking consciousness.

    And another reason is to do with your subconscious knowing of your own Godhood.
    Because of certain universal laws and the Mayan Way of Code and Honour; you also know that all the Gods and Devils of your many mythologies are created by you for a very specific purpose to do with your work and the reason and purpose for your existence as exiled Mayas on planet earth.
    But your waking consciousness is very, very, very reluctant to allow you to identify with your subconscious understandings.
    So you PRETEND to be humble and god-fearing and followers of this or that and this includes rejecting all leaders and just following yourself as atheists and skeptics and as the Reptilian Skeksis in your images of films and books and the story tellings.

    But as soon as someone amongst you remembers hisher kinship as a God with 'Big He'; you begin to bark and bite or you run away and to hide in your caves.
    You just do not like to be told what to do, what and how to think and how to stop this barking and biting at your own Godlike images.
    So now you know what your PRESENT will be. It will be the masterkey to allow you STOP PRETENDING in your false humilities.
    The PRESENT will be the realisation that what causes your very intense reluctance to admit the true nature of yourselves to yourselves.
    And all will be able to understand this PRESENT, but of course it will be of your own choosing as what to do with this PRESENT.
    You can love it, you can ignore it, you can throw it away or share it with others and you can do whatever you like with it.

    Now you are a skeptical family and it is good that you are.
    As a consequence of your scepticisms, I shall begin the unravelling of your PRESENT with a somewhat technical discourse as to How This Can Be So!
    If I would not do this many of you just would be unable to 'believe' what your PRESENT is. Then doing what I am doing will take away the 'need to believe' and simply show you that it either MUST or COULD Be So.
    But here is a little Mayan key for you about this 'believing business'.

    BELIEVE=BEE LIVE and so the idea of the Life of a BeeHive might stimulate your imaginations.
    The 'Believing Business' is a hierarchy of a Queen Bee and the Drones and the Worker Bees and this means control of the few and the fewer over the many.
    And you all know that you do not like the 'Controlling Business', even if some of you are the 'Controllers'.
    Because being a 'Controller' makes you feel uneasy inside and you feel there is something 'wrong' with this 'Lording' it over others.
    And the Maya knows, that the GOD within cannot be controlled by any other God; this is part of the Federal Mayan Constitution of which you might learn one day, if you so choose.

    But a Maya is a Law onto himherself and absolutely free of judgements by any other Mayan.
    So the 'Believing Business' can very easily be an EVIL BEE and this EVIL BEE, being also a LIVE BEE as the mirror of the VEIL BEE is precisely the thing which keeps you in your FAKE HUMILITY and your SELFDENIAL of BEING GODS.
    This is rather detrimental to your spiritual wellbeing, because the EVIL BEE is a designed part of your mentality and in a Maya Constructed Duality with your LIVE BEE.

    This is like what you often term your White Guardian Angel in conflict with your Dark Demonic Nature; and all in your head; trying to influence your thoughts when in the waking consciousness. Denying this duality will not make it go away or do your bidding, but the PRESENT can help you to control your own thoughts and even to render the Angel and the Devil as becoming friends with you and with each other and like your Dogs, the will become FAMILIAR SPIRITS and you will know them very well and they will be able to One Day give you the Mayan physics so you can travel into the Milky Way galaxy and visit the Dog-Star and the planets in that starsystem where the Nommos live, but not quite the way the Dogons remembered them.

    This is the biological and spiritual reason of why you need to sleep. Because when you sleep the ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE War in your mindful headedness ceases to be physically associated in the sleep paralysis of your bodies circulatory systems of neurons and your motory sensory apparatus ceases to function under normalised circumstances.
    A aberrant circumstance and related to a semiconscious selfstate would be sleep walking or similar conditions.
    So your PRESENT can help you solve all of this in a manner most benefical and appropriate and with respect to your circumstances and environments.
    But the technicalities engage a familiarity with geometry and the curvatures of manifolds as surfaces.

    I shall use descriptions you are comfortable with, so you can understand the basics without the mathematical details.
    Many of you carry rings on your fingers and those rings have often great emotional value for you as rings of friendship, of engagement or of marriage.
    Now this ring is like a thin strip of paper, which you can paint or plate in two colours, say Black or Silver on the inside and White or Gold on the outside.
    This strip of paper so can be idealised as having no thickness at all and then the inside circumference is precisely equal to the outside circumference.
    Now imagine yourself to be an ant travelling the full length of this perimeter. This will be a distance 2πR and where 2R is the size of the ring as its diameter.
    And so the black silvery ant on the inside will crawl this same distance around your ring as the white golden ant of the outside.

    mobius-ring2. ants. moebius1.

    If you now thicken the ring into larger and larger sizes you are actually defining a cylinder of circumference 2πR and a thickness H.
    If you now glue the top and bottom of this cylinder together and postulate that the ring is 'stretchable' or malleable, say as a 'molten ring'; then you will have formed a Torus-Ring or the geometrical shape of a doughnut.
    In other words, you will have given volume to the hitherto surface areas of the strip of paper, which had enclosed a circular area given as πR2.

    But in the Ring, you doubled the surface are in the distinction between the inside and the outside. The question now becomes of how to double the volume of the torus to match this increase of area, still present in the doughnut as the inside ants and the outside ants.
    What you do next will lead you to the significance of your PRESENT.
    You cut the ring or the strip of paper and change the circularity of the arbitrary definition of the POTENTIAL CUTTING or SELFINTERSECTION into a DISTINCT BEGINNING AND END. You might term the Beginning as the Alpha-Head and you may call the End as the Omega-Tail.

    Now you make an arbitrary decision to KEEP the Omega-Tail Constant but TWIST the Alpha-Head relative to the YOU as the DESIGNER.
    Relative to the Alpha-Head the Omega-Tail will twist and relative to the Omega-Tail, the Alpha-Head will twist.
    This situation then will DEFINE A QUANTUM RELATIVITY RELATIVE TO YOU as the Designer.
    This twist will be 180 degrees in an ordinary 3D-space, which you may term Euclidean Flat.
    Next you glue the Alpha-Head, which twisted 180 degrees or π radians relative to You as the designer, onto the Omega-Tail.
    This geometrical construct you just designed and created is called a Moebius-Strip or Moebius-Ring by your mathematicians and the Mayan mathematicians call it that also.

    Now allow the outside Golden Ant to crawl from the Alpha-Head to the Omega-Tail and allow the Silver Ant to crawl in the opposite direction from the Omega-Tail to the Alpha-Head; both starting as Mirror-Images of each other on the two sides of the Moebius-Ring.
    So what will happen is, that the ants will PHYSICALLY MEET and something they could not do as the outside golden ant and the inside silver ant before, as then the untwisted surfaces disallowed PHYSICAL CONTACT, except as mirror images of each other across the zero-thickness of the two surfaces thus topologically connected.

    Furthermore, BOTH ants will now be able to keep on going and travel the other ant's REALM of existence in a DOUBLING of the Perimeter from 2πR to 4πR.
    And so the ants will meet again and again if they keep on going around in circles and in opposite directions of the clockwise Yin or plus polarity and the anticlockwise yang or minus polarity or vice versa.
    And this has a lot to do with your perhaps favourite activity my family - sexual intercourse is a favourite activity of the Mayan not in exile too; shehe understands its meaning a little better, because heshe can 'do it' in a 4-dimensional sense, whilst you cannot.

    But your PRESENT will help you to rectify this.
    So the ants have MET because of the twist of a 2-dimensional surface INTO a 3-dimensional embeddedment, which allowed the 2-dimensionality to become 1-dimensional.
    Because of the One-dimensionality of the Moebian Surface can the hitherto PHYSICAL LIMITATION of the two realms of the outside ant and the inside ant Merge or BLEND in a harmonious TRANSFORMATION of SPACETIME.

    But there remains this problem of the volumes and that is the 3-dimensional embeddedment which you have used to bring the two lonely ants, one yin and the other yang together to experience communion and intercourse.
    You have your EXTENDED Moebian Ring shaped into a doughnut and also a volume contained in the doughnut as the curved cylindrical 'sausage'.
    So you decide to design an EXTENDED version of the Moebian Ring of twisted Surfaces as a Moebian Form of twisted Volumes.
    You again extend your cut ring as a sheet of paper say and now enfold only ONE of the edges of this sheet of paper into 3-dimensional space.
    You next glue the not enfolded opposite edges together and you will have created something like the bottom of a beer bottle or the bottom of a soft drink can, with which many of you are very familiar with as another kind of Familiar Spirits.
    Now you pierce the enfolded bottle bottom and like a real beerbottle you imagine to stretch the open end of your cylindrical beer bottle or soft drink can like 'gooseneck' and make the bottle top inlet or beak the same circular size as the pierced hole of the enfolded bottle bottom.

    You can now keep stretching and twisting this outside and not enfolded gooseneck around to someplace on the outside surface of the beer bottle and let the inlet 'goose beak peck at this arbitrary point in a selfintersection of a circular area.
    Now you define this 'circle of the pecking' as the Alpha-Goose-Head of the OUTSIDE and allow it to meet the enfolded gooseneck of the INSIDE as the Omega-Goose-Tail.
    What you have designed and created now is known by your scientists and mathematicians as a Klein-Bottle and is technically described as a NONORIENTABLE Surface or manifold, just as is the Moebius -Strip is also.

    But the Moebius-Ring is classified as a ONE-dimensional Surface WITH A BOUNDARY, the Klein-Bottle is WITHOUT A BOUNDARY.
    This means technically, that whilst the Moebius-Ring can become embedded in 3D-Space just as you have done in your earlier creation; the Klein-Bottle can not be embedded in 3D or Radius-Space R3 and requires an additional spacial dimension 4D or Radius-Space R4 to do so.

    But this is precisely as you would expect. You utilised 3D to create the Moebius-Ring in the AREA-Dimensions of 2D and you will have to use 4D to create the Klein-Bottle in the VOLUME-Dimensions of 3D.
    But a 4D-Radius-Space defines the VOLUME of your Torus or doughnut AS just such a 3-dimensional Surface and so you will achieve your aim of doubling the volume of the Torus in 3D in the twisting of the Two original Surfaces of your REAL PROJECTIVE PLANE or sheet of paper.

    This means that the inside black silvery ant and the outside white golden ant now can not only crawl along a 'doubled' street or strip of surface like in the Moebian-Ring, but now can crawl anywhere around a completely enclosed and COMPACT Manifold without Boundary in the form of the Klein-Bottle.
    Now an ORIENTABLE unbounded manifold is a simple Sphere and so the properties of the 3D-Volume of the single-connected Sphere as a multiconnected Torus can be blended with the NONORIENTABILITY of the Klein-Bottle without a Boundary and this is done in allowing the Klein-Bottle to be made equivalent to the Sphere in adding to the Sphere the 'Opening to Infinity, which is simply your piece of paper crumbled up into a sphere, say like the OPENING of a simple balloon or similar container in an incision to allow the projection of the potential enclosed volume onto the sheet of paper.

    Technically, this is described as the addition of 'Handles' or 'CrossCaps' to the 'Hole of the Infinity' and this is just like cutting the Klein-Bottle into Two with the result that now Two Moebian-Strips become the Klein-Bottle and this then becomes your PRESENT.

    Your planet Gaia is also known as Akhasia and as Mother Earth and as Terra and other such names.
    But your Old Earth has a very special destiny and her true identity is far grander than anyone in the 3rd dimension has ever conceived.
    I shall lift the Veil of Gaia and introduce you all to her Inner Beauty.
    You see, the masterplan of the universe is recorded in the Popul Vuh and the Book of Life of your apocalyptic scriptures.
    This masterplan requires a single planet in the entire universe to become PLANETARY SEED for the rest of the universe with its billions of galaxies, each containing often trillions of stars.
    So RahSol as the Lover of Gaia is just One of those Stars, yet has he a rather special agency to fulfil in the grander order of things.

    And so many of you are told the LIES of the EVIL BEES of the BELIEVERS as to your own insignificance in this greater order of things.
    Well, I can illuminate you to the contrary. You are all very, very, very special. So special and UNIQUE in fact, that the entire universe is WAITING for you all to come home in your rebirthing of Gaia as her StarHuman Butterflies and you as exiled Maya beginning your EXODUS from NOW ON until the Galactic Synchronisations.
    And you can begin to exit before the Flood arrives as the BIRTHWATERS of Gaia and the Waters BREAK ANEW in a Cleansing of the Lands.

    Of course, this has EVERYTHING to do with your PRESENT PRESENT, which IS A SERPENT.
    So the masterplan requires a planetary seed and this seed is OLD EARTH as GAIA.
    I can assure you right NOW, GAIA will LEAVE YOU and this planet in Dust and Ashes after she has travailed and ended her labour. It will be Noah's Flood all over again and in due time you will assuredly understand this in the depths of your hearts and minds.
    But I shall allow you to peek into the Book of Life at divers times and so your remembrances shall return.

    You still have a lot of work to do, just being yourselves, just as you are at the PRESENT Moment as the exiled Mayas of the Power of the verocious and always hungry Caterpillar.
    So you are always hungry and greedy for more, because you must eat and eat and eat to prepare for your Cocoon.

    Oh I would gladly tell you the entire story in one go and simply give the Popul Vuh to you to read in your own times of choosing; should I not know, that it would be detrimental for your work and detrimental for your birth into exhuberant joy and a happiness and embracing love you cannot even imagine at this PRESENT time.
    But this is, why this is a special dispensation, this PRESENT which is being unwrapped before your very eyes, should you read this discourse.
    So the times are not of your own choosings, and this is the 'patience and the honour of the saints' as is encoded in your Book of Revelations in a number of places.

    But I can assure you of another thing; you cannot obtain the information you receive from me from any other source, either on your planet in 3D or any other source in the entire 3-dimensional universe.
    So whoever reads these messages of mine is blessed indeed.
    And all of you who can read English and perhaps other languages as well, you find yourselves in a wonderful position to share this 'Good News of Hope and Deliverance' with anyone else you wish to share this 'Good News' with.

    And one day, how soon is up to you, you all shall understand this as clearly as is written in:

    "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Lord, to serve him with one consent."

    Now be not concerned about 'Serving the Lord'. It does not mean what the Believers of the EVIL BEE think it is and what those try to convince others of to be the 'Will of the Lord'. I can assure you clearly here, the 'God' of the 'Believers' is most often a 'False Image' of the 'True Image' and this is part of your PRESENT.

    Those Believers are exiled Mayas too, but just as is symbolised in your Great Pyramid of Giza, there is a Queen's Chamber available for the Homecoming and there is a King's Chamber and there is also a Chamber or Pathway into the abyss of the dust and ashes left behind Gaia after the flood has come and gone.
    Look again, and read Zephaniah.3.9 again. It says ALL will be as of ONE Consent.
    Could you imagine such a thing, looking about you in a selfdestructing civilisation and on many levels openly witnessed and manouvering about in a clandestine fashion? There is dissent all around you and cohesion is dissipating on many levels

    This then is the PRESENT of the Bottle-Dragon or the Genie in the Bottle; you shall all become like Aladdins with Wonderlamps and the Genie in the Bottle will come out and help you fulfil your deepest desires.
    You will understand this better and deeper as the months roll by and if you take YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the PRESENT as the SERPENT to heart.
    Should you allow the PRESENT to illuminate your outer human wisdom through and by your Mayan inner wisdom; then you will understand earlier than sooner than the prodigal sons and daughters of the Mayan exiles.

    You all shall rejoice and cry tears of joy when you realise your destiny and the rewards of your labours as the exiles and the midwives for Old Mother Earth. You shall break out in laughters of happiness when you realise the PHYSICAL REALITY of your Genie in the Bottle.
    This is the core of the reason as why you all are now receiving hitherto unheard of information from your starbound family, which is awaiting you for a joining in adventures and the travellings to the stars.
    Indeed, all of your dreams of science fiction and imaginings shall be greatly exceeded.
    I CAN Promise you that; it is in my authority to do so as Galactic Agency 266561.

    So when Gaia leaves, where shall she go to and what will happen to Gaia's Soul as her 4.8 billion year long sojourn into materiality?
    OLD GAIA is the BELOVED 'Big She' of 'Big He' and so the purpose behind the masterplan you peeked at on page 1 of the Popul Vuh.

    The Universe was created almost 20 Billion years ago and for so long has existed the Soul of Gaia as the LOST HALF of 'Big It' as the One in One.
    Because the One became Two as One, but apart; the Rendevouz of Itself as the 'Big He' and the 'Big She' will be a most momentous occasion and a celebration of universal proportions.
    But the masterplan requires this proportionality to be manifested 'bottoms up' and not 'tops down' and so the Universal Wedding between the Big Bang and the Big Crunch cannot occur until the Superclusters Bang and Crunch as the Hearts of Lovers.
    Similarly, the Galaxies must Bang and Crunch and as the Cells in the Universal Body of 'Big She'.

    So the heavenly Wedding between Hunab Ku as the galactic soul of the Milky Way, known as Perseus to the Mayans is prerequisite for the higher echelons of the Cosmic Body of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Cosmic Man or the Purusha of the Hindus or the Adam Kadmon of Kabbalistic Lore.
    RahSol is the physical lover of Gaia and the masterplan demands a doubling of things. Therefore the Cosmic Twinships are fundamental and therefore your encoded virgin births and alien conceptions have intricate esoteric meanings, which both fulfil your scriptures and also become intricate patterns in the laws of the Popul Vuh, which is the Book of Life, written by the Lord of the Maya, which is the Cosmic Christ, residing within all of you as yourselves, should you allow himher to infuse your mortal caterpillar bodies with the immortality of the starhuman butterflies.


    SheHe has been knocking on the door opening into your heart for 1980 years by now and not many have opened, despite many of you proclaiming of having done so as the 666-BELIEVERS of the EVIL BEE also known as the BE REVILERS of the EVIL=18=666=1+2+3+...+34+35+36!
    But the worshippers of the EVIL BEE are reviling the selfsame Lord they are trying so hard to please in placidifications and one day, when they have reached the end of the Queen's Chamber, they will also realise their part in the masterplan of the exiled Maya and join the common homecoming in the Journey Home in the footsteps of the ASCENDING Old Earth as the 'Big She', who will well and truly PASS AWAY to MEET HER BELOVED 'Big He' in the fulfilment of all of the Mayan scriptures and particularly your 'Holy Bible' in Toto, Old and New Testaments combined.

    But you, my family reading these messages are invited through and by these messages to enter the King's Chamber and many of you who are reading this and taking it to heart might be closer to the sacred sarcophagus, than you might imagine at this PRESENT time.
    The SERPENT around Gaia is the PRESENT of the SON OF MAN and so the NEW EARTH is IN A SERPENT and so the NEW EARTH will be called SERPENTINA=IN A SERPENT and this SERPENT will be the 'Plumed Serpent' of the Aztec in Quetzalcoatl; it will be the Kukulkan of the Maya as the 'Place where the Serpent dwells' and the Gugumatz-Tepeu-Hurucan labelling as the 'Sovereign Plumed or Feathered Serpent'.

    All these labels become the LOGOS or the WORD OF GOD in your scriptures, say John.1.1. and as the office of Uraeus or Melchi-Zedek of the Old Earth renamed as Melchi-Sedec for the New Earth.
    MELCHI=50=PAUL=SNAKE=ARACHNE=CIRCLE and ZEDEK=51 for the 101=5BINARY and the SEDEC=36=666=18=9 signifying the 'Office of the SERPENT TAMER' and because DRAGON=59 as the mirror image of the IAMTHATIAM=95 of Moses' 'Burning Bush' and the 'unspeakable name of the Lord'.
    And 36+59=95 and so the DRAGON blended with the SEDEC as the SEED'S' of the SERPENT of Genesis.3.15.
    And then your mythologies follow in SCORPIO=NEPTUNE=EXCALIBUR=95 and SCORPIO is the SERPENT'S Tail with an EAGLE'S Head and also known as the COCKATRICE and John is the 4th of the gospels as the gnostic one and Paul's Letters to the Hebrews is the gnostic letter and so the meaning of PAUL in the New Testament is that of joining the Old Testament to the New Testament via the office of Melchisedec as the renewing of the Mosaic Covenant of the Exodus from the Egyptian captivity.

    If you like a more romantic interpretation of the basic concepts of the Popul Vuh, you can use the SWORD of Deliverance - Excalibur of the Arthurian legends.
    You see the SWORD=79 in the Book of Revelation, which comes out of the mouth of the Lord in Revelation.19.15 are WORDS=79 of the MOTHER=79.
    And you are hearing the the Sword of Excalibur right now and withstanding it will allow you to remain in the King's Chamber and grow in wisdom continually. This wisdom is not of the Old Earth, but of the New Earth and it is simply your SELF-ILLUMINATION in the outer wisdom of your human mind receiving the COMFORTER of John.14.16-21 as the inner wisdom of your Mayaness.

    You might understand that you do not have to go to scripture readings or to church for the 'Getting of Wisdom'; you simply enter the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the wisdom will be given to you on a platter of the ceremonies for your 'job' well done to transmutate the Darkness Energy of Hell into the Dark Antilight of Earth as the energy the White Light 'Big He' can use to seduce 'Big She' to finally have a date with HIM.
    All of you are the Church of the New Jerusalem, but some will Come in 'Communion' and utilize the 'New Communication Channels' earlier than others; that's all there is to it to the StarHumanity.

    But it is also the other way around; 'Gaia' turns 'HIM on NO MATTER what and this because her eonlong trying and trying to generate the Dark Antilight as the Light of her material Ignorance has driven 'Big He' to the 'brink of celestial insanity', humerously Mayan speaking in the purest resonance.
    And this must be so, because only a vibrant and erect phallic Tree of Life can become the desire for a lubricating and inviting Vesica Pisces and a Yoni as the vaginal opening for the Tree of Life to enter into the Queen's Chamber.
    This is the Khu of Osiris and the Buckle of Isis as the Khat in your Egyptian mythologies and which is the Crown-Kether and the Root-Malkuth in your Hebrew Kabbalah as a reinterpretation of the Mayan Cosmology, into which you are becoming inducted, if you are taking my messages to a THINKING HEART and a FEELING MIND.
    Most of you restrict your thinking to your minds and your feelings to your heart. You might try to switch it around and see where it might lead you.
    You ARE in the King's Chamber whenever you are reading my messages and the wisdom of the ages might just follow you everywhere, should you take the messages and the information to heart.

    And some of you know of the Hebrew celebration of the SEDER=33+18=51=THE+R=THE+666=NAME+R=MAGIC+R=666 AMEN in the closing the circle in the relabelings in the Mayan encodings and hieroglyphics unbeknown to your celebrants doing the SEDERINGS, your Christmasses and your Easters, your Passovers, Pentecostals and your May Days and your Nights of the Walpurgis Nacht.

    But the extraordinary meaning and significance of the Christian Eucharist is also misunderstood in the highest places of the exiled ones and this is just like the human heart sacrifices of the Aztecs and the slaughterings of lambs and calves and kids for a supposed 'pleasing of aromas' for the 'Lord'.
    I shall elucidate on those matters at another time if appropriate.

    But there are manifestations of this in the 3-dimensional sky of your understanding.

    The Milky Way is called OUROBOROS, the SERPENT who swallows its own tail and you also have a 13th starsign in your Mazzaroth, which is the Zodiac of the Constellations as this Ouroboros.
    This 13th starsign is called OPHIUCHUS - THE SERPENT TAMER and this symbology and archetype refers to a precise time in your solar calendars, namely the CUSP of the starsigns of Scorpio and of Sagittarius, which annually conjuncts at this time about 22nd/23rd of November.
    OPHIUCHUS has a celestial opposite in a 14th starsign in ARACHNE - THE SPIDER WISDOM and as the celestial CUSP of May 21st/22nd in the present manner of your solar calendrical datings and as the transition point between the starsigns of Taurus and of Gemini.

    Those starsigns are very important in the Mayan Cosmology and the Mayans are as adapt in the ancient wisdom of Astrology, as they are in the modern wisdom of the Astronomy and the Cosmology and the Cosmogony.
    One day you will learn to understand the significance and wisdom of astrology and you will look back in unbelief as to your rejection of it as some ancient superstition or whatever you may have termed it then.
    One reason for this is, that your starsign will render you an inheritor of the Mayan promises in the form of the 'Chosen Nation of Israel'.
    Like Abram was renamed Abraham and Sarai as Sarah and Melchizedek became Melchisedec and Jacob became Israel; so shall you be known to yourselves as a Son Of Israel and so a Member of Israel's stargenetic inheritance.
    If you are an Aries you belong to the tribe of Reuben, if you are a Taurus, then Simeon is your clan and the Levites are Geminis with the Ephrahimites in the priesthood clan of Aaron and Moses and the House of Zadok as David's High-Priests of the Seders.
    The tribe of Cancer are the Danites and the Mannassehans, the Leos are Judahs with the Gadites being Virgos.
    The Librans are of Naphtali, the Scorpios are with the house of Asher and the Sagittarians are from the house of Issachar.
    You Capricorns are from the house of Zebulon and the Aquarians are of the clan of Joseph and you Pisces are the Benjamins.

    And you all have inherited the promises and you all can become all the starsigns in One and in the 13th and the 14th, which relate to the four beasts around the Emerald Throne in the Book of Revelation and the 24 elders which represent the Cosmic Twinship via the Two Great Dragons in the Book of Job, named there as Behemoth and Leviathan. And the extra starsigns are the Egyptian Blessings for the Mayan Twinships and the 11th child of Jacob to Leah was a princess called Dinah and all of you are related to her and David's Tea-Tephi of the Liafail of Jacob's Pillar Stone, which today can be found in Westminster Abbey. But the 'Stairway to Heaven' embodied in this symbol and the 'Rock from Heaven' is well known to some of your 'controllers' of the Veilings and one day you may hear more about this.

    The two dragons are both physically real and right now encompass the planet earth in the form of an INTERTWINED SERPENT ROD, which is not only a higher dimensional geometric form for your 3-dimensional DNA, but also archetypically represents the 'Serpent-Rod' of Moses, which he used to get you out of the Egyptian bondage as a timeshifted occurrence of your PRESENT bondage in the SODOM AND EGYPT of Revelation.11.8 and which translates to DOOMSDAY-PEN GT or the DOOMSDAY PEG NT in the MOODS about DOOMS of SODOM.


    This is what you are witnessing my beloved family in exile; the fulfilment of all prophecy, and a fulfilment which must occur before you will SEE your PRESENT with your open physical eyes.
    Now this Exile of the Holy People is the exile you are experiencing at this very moment. The idea of the Exodus as described in your 'Holy Bible' is encoded and does not refer to physical occurrences in the past, but to a particular time line.
    There was a precursor image for the Exodus, which is described in the Torah; but its physical mappings represent an archetype for the 'Shepherd Kings' as the Hyksos, which 'usurped' the Theban rulership of the 17th dynasty in Southern Egypt, dated to about 1550 BC.

    Then a historical 'enslavement' of the Hyksos under Ahmose I, founder of the Egyptian 18th dynasty, became a physical archetype for the Exodus under Moses after a 430 year captivity and the history following.

    This 430 year 'bondage' then is retold in Ezekiel's sieges against Israel in the North and Judah in the South in Ezekiel.4.1-6 and a 430 dayyear captivity in your chronicles of history.
    Some of you may now begin to understand that there is a MIRROR OF HISTORY encoded in your 'Stories of the Holy Land and its Holy People'.
    You all are 'Holy People' and this 'holiness' refers to wholeness and not some separation of one kind of people from another kind of people.
    The Mayas are all of you and it does not matter, at all what your racial skin colour is or what version of 'Fake Gods and Devils' you are 'believers' in or are atheistic of or whatever in between.
    And you are not required to 'believe' in anything; but you are required to OBSERVE the World around you and to see what works out for benefit for all and what does not.
    If something benefits the one or the few and disbenefits others in a greater context, then it should not become absorbed as some cultural mythology or as some perceived 'duty' or obligation you have to either your ruling classes and this includes your 'spiritual rulers' as well.
    The greater extent precludes such things as games or competitions, which you undertake for your pasttimes, pleasures and enjoyments.

    But you are legislating and censuring yourselves as humans literally 'out of existence' and 'freedom of self-expression' has become a byword in your self-corrupting political, academic and social structures.
    But I shall continue to unwrap your PRESENT for you as Exiled Mayas and not as a doomed humanity.

    The Doomsday Pen GT is also the Divine EGO=GT=27=A GOD and one of many Gods and not some God, who seeks to 'Lord' anything over anyone. We have witnessed this before in this message. But the Pegging of the New Testament is crucial, as the prophecies and every iota in the scriptures must be fulfilled before the 'End shall come'.
    And the 'sharing' of the 'Gospel of Freedom' is also fulfilled in these messages and in a rather more all conclusive way, than as it may seem in the outwards appearances.

    But the Klein-Bottle of the mathematics and the geometrical topologies is a twinned Moebian Dragon and one is called the Behemothian DNA-Strand of the FireEarth and as the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns and the other DNA-Strand, that one of the AirWater is the Leviathan as the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins.

    So for all of you, your higher dimensional DNA is right NOW surrounding the Earth as the planet Gaia and in the form of a Double-Serpent which is like a Wedding-Ring of Promise.
    And this Double-Dragon you cannot see, because it is in the form of a Ring and which NOW holds your planet earth in quarantine.
    Remember the silvery ant on the inside and the golden ant on the outside?

    The silvery ant is the sky you see when you look up to the sky or peer through your telescopes.
    This silvery ant is a 3-dimensional firmamentor and defines your 3-dimensional universe BOUND in the c-invariance, which are the restrictions the speed of light imposes on your and any 3D-physics and as described in your physics and the mathematics of Special Relativity.

    Now, the reason as to why you are enabled to receive these messages of mine in such a direct manner is the fact, that the silvery firmamentor has shrunk or contracted to place your planet and its immediate environments, and extending about 2 million kilometer from the planetary centre into your atmosphere and as a radial displacement measurement, under quarantine.

    The reason for this is told in the 2nd and 3rd pages of the Popul Vuh and I shall read you those two pages at an appropriate time if so required.
    Your quarantine has now allowed the rest of the universe, that which you term 'Extra-Terrestrial', to become like another universe outside of your shrunken and contracted one.
    And this means, that the 'ET-Universe' can for the very first time OBSERVE the golden ant, but you can not, because of your quarantining.
    This fact has rather important consequences and implications, which many shall gradually understand, should you choose to take these messages to feeling mind and thinking heart.

    But consider the fact, that this twosided ring either the scale of the outer firmamentor of the universal Hubble Horizon or the inner firmamentor of your quarantine can become onesided in the form of a Moebian-Ring, which you could see as your sky and have seen parts of in your many encounters with what you often term the paranormal or the supernatural.
    What you have seen are 4-dimensional cross-sections of volumars as 3-dimensional mappings and so you have seen the 'golden ant' in glimpses of your perceived 3-dimensional reality so to say.
    The paranormal and the supernatural do not exist as 'other than normal', but they exist as a meta-natural physics, which is a NATURAL METAPHYSICS.

    Before the quarantine, the outer firmamentor was a SKYBLUE DRAGON and another label for this colour is CYAN.
    Before your quarantine, two dragons were separated as a RED DRAGON residing within the CYAN DRAGON and relative to the 3-dimensional universe, this RED DRAGON was the INNER BOUNDARY for this universe and the CYAN DRAGON was the OUTER BOUNDARY.

    The RED DRAGON so keeps the entire universe 'in bondage'; as he refuses to let go of biting his tail and as you might have understood in the allegory of your 'Best Friend' - the Dog.
    But the Mayan dispensation of the 'Running Waters' of the Aquarian Water-Bearer have caused the CYAN DRAGON to contract and this has forced the RED DRAGON to be shrunk within it.
    The Mayan dispensation you are witnessing and sharing with me; is the result of the TWO DRAGONS blending in your PRESENT.

    Before the quarantine, the RED DRAGON at times desired to rattle his tail and so for brief moments opened his mouth to do the rattling.
    But now it is a DOUBLE DRAGON Head to Tail and Tail to Head.
    In other words, whenever the Cyan Dragon opens hisher mouth, the tail of the Red Dragon rattles and twists and a brief window from the third dimensional space reality into the fourth dimensional space reality becomes possible and many people all around the globe have seen strange things either on the earth or under the earth or above the earth in those moments of the 'Rattling of the Serpents'.

    The RED Dragon is biting the Tail of the Cyan Dragon in front of it and the CYAN Dragon is curling about and is biting the Tail of the RED Dragon.
    This DRAGON-RING is the ENGAGEMENT RING of 'Big He' given to 'Big She' as the Rainbow Covenant for the Gaian Dragon-Seed and as Abraham's promise of the StarSeed by the promises made to Noah as the tenth and perfect generation.

    So the Engagement will become a WEDDING after the Dragonian Star-Seed has been born by the Old Earth Gaia of the Akhasic Record Keeping.
    Then Gaia shall ascend with her TRANSFORMED RING from the twosided kind into the onesided kind of a Bottle-Dragonised Nature and just as right now, the RESURRECTED BODY of the Cosmic Christ encompasses the Old Earth, keeping the Red Dragon BOUNDED as the TAMER of the RED SERPENT and in the office of Ophiuchus and Melchisedec; so shall then the entire Physical Universe as the Creation, become WEDDED to its spiritual and imaginary Creator, namely 'Big He'. You may label him the DREAMER OF DREAMS in your IMAGININGS as the Cocreators and as Sharers of the COMMON DREAMS, should you so desire.

    Then the Wedding of 'The Dreamer of Dreams' TO HIS DREAM, namely the ascended Gaia as 'Big She'; shall open the 'windows of heaven' and you shall see things you have hitherto only dreamt of in your human philosophies.
    But as Exiled Mayas you sometimes REMEMBER those dreams and I am here to help you to remember more of them.
    And GAIA shall leave you all her PRESENT of the DOUBLED SERPENT in a sharing of her DOUBLED MOEBIAN WEDDING RING.

    A Doubled Moebian-Ring is UNBOUNDED in the 4th dimension as a DRAGON-RING and you shall be able to SHARE this DOUBLE-RING as TWO MOEBIAN RINGS, which individually are BOUNDED in the 3-dimensional space.
    One part of the Dragon-Ring is Mayan-encoded as the FIRE of the DRAGON and the other part is Mayan-encoded as the ANTIFIRE of the DRAGON, also said to be the BRIMSTONE of the DRAGON.

    So those Human Children, which shall BE BORN AGAIN from the Womb of Old Earth Gaia as the StarHuman Children of SERPENTINA; shall together become a 'LAKE BURNING WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE' and as the inheritance of the Starseed of Abraham, who is Noah and who is Moses and other archetypical characters in your 'Stories from the Scrolls'.
    So then, should two starhuman children of SERPENTINA 'bring their Moebian Dragon-Rings' together, the Magic Genie shall appear and at a later time, I shall read you stories as to the Nature if the Genie in the Bottle-Dragon, if appropriate.

    For then the Physical Universe will become UNBOUNDED in the 4-dimensional Dragon-Ring of the DRAGONOMY between the Heavenly Father of the 'Big He' and the Earthly Mother of the 'Big She' who literally went to Hell and Back to achieve HER lustful purposes to become the PERFECT MATCH for the loving purposes of HIM.

    And so shall 'Old Mother Gaia' ascend in ALL HER GLORY in a fulfilment of the Celestial Engagement Vows to become 'Big She' as the MOTHER OF ALL in Dragonomy with the FATHER OF ALL.
    Gaia shall use the STREET of the Kuxan Suum, which is being built right now in the linear time reckoning and her Way Back Home from 'whither she came' almost 20 billion years ago as a potential Planetary Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Starry Vortex-Seed as derivative of a Galactic Cellular Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Group-Galactic Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Supercluster Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Universal Vortex-Seed.

    Now the Story shall continue from here to a subsequent level, but this will be Popul Vuh Mark II and this Book of Life Mark II has not been written yet and is awaiting conception via a fully aware Universe in 12 Dimensions and a 12-dimensional Universe, which is FOURFOLDED as the FOURFOLDED SPACE of FOUR SELF-STATES, namely the LINEAR SEED in 3D-LINESPACE; the ROTATIONAL SEED in 6D-HYPERSPACE; the VIBRATIONAL SEED in 9D-QUANTUMSPACE and the OMNI SEED in 12D-OMNISPACE.

    These are the four beasts of Revelation.5.14, being the old four spacetime dimensional selfstates into the new four space dimensional eigenstates.
    The 24 elders are the doubling of these 3+1=4 and 4 selfstates of the spacetime and space dimensions and as depicted in the SEEDLING Dimensions of the 4-dimensional Bottle-Dragon dimensions, which transformed the Time-Dimension of the old spacetimes into an additional space dimension as is written in the Popul Vuh and within these dispensations.

    A brief excursion into the physics of this Mayan Cosmology is appropriate here and for the purpose to elucidate the mathematically and scientifically informed Mayas in the exile.
    This exposition shall allow you to understand the nature of Gaia's Homecoming from a reductionistic and scientific perspective.
    The WHITE LIGHT of the Father is a SOURCE ENERGY, which can be qualified in the Planck Law for massless Energy selfstates as Energy equals Planck-Quantum-Constant h multiplied by Frequency f or abbreviated in the equation: E=hf.

    The BLACK ANTILIGHT of the Mother is a SINK ENERGY, which can be qualified in the Einstein Law for massive Energy selfstates as Energy equals Mass m multiplied by a Einstein-Continuum-Constant c² or abbreviated in the equation: E=mc².
    A blending of the quantum-action law with the classical-inertia law then will allow an expression for energy in the form: E=hf=mc² and subsequently superpose a massless eigenstate for the inertial energy as mass m=hf/c².
    The PROCESSING of the inertia equivalents will then engage frequency modulations which effectively allow a hybrid eigenstate between mass and radiation to exist as a bridge between the Incoming Radiative Electromagnetic Source-Monopolic Radiation and the Absorbing Electromagnetic Sink-Antimonopolic Radiation.

    This ABSORPTION of the Source-Energy by the Sink-Energy will then result in a MONOPOLIC TRANSMUTATION, which will allow the transmuted combined Hybrid Energy to become REFLECTED as a BLACK SINKLIGHT now enabled to MIX with the WHITE SOURCELIGHT.
    This MIXTURE of Source- and Sink Energy so becomes a NEW HYBRID ENERGY SelfState of the SourceSink or the SinkSource in a mutual coupling between a white electromonopolic component and a black magnetomonopolic component and which is called ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATIONMASS, whose source gauge particle of the SHORT RANGE StrongWeak nuclear COUPLING is the RestMassPhoton or the RMP.
    The RMP however also unifies the Electromagnetic Interaction with the Gravitational Interaction as a LONG RANGE in COUPLING the STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE to GRAVITY in the MONOPOLIC SINKLIGHT and the corresponding COUPLING of the WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE to ELECTROMAGNETISM in the MONOPOLIC SOURCE LIGHT.

    Subsequently, what is known under many divers names in your libraries and books as different forms of spirit, say as Chi or Orgone or Mitogenetic Radiation or whatever else, will always be a form of ELECTROMAGNETIC MONOPOLIC RADIATION, from the Source to the Sink.
    And the reason the 3-dimensional unification of the four forces cannot succeed, are the high energy realms which would be required to unify the relatively easily unified ELECTROWEAK force gauged in the Monopolic Sourcelight with the high energy unified GRAVITOSTRONG Monopolic Sinklight.

    But there is no such Monopolic Sinklight at the PRESENT Now in the 3-dimensional space, because Gaia, has not yet began to RELEASE her Black Antilight. Gaia MUST SHINE and RADIATE AS the UNIVERSAL SINKSOURCE to Unify Gravitation with the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Gaia will remain to be a SINK for the SOURCE ENERGY and and you may as well be informed in this moment, that your work is one of transmutation.
    The Maya in Exile TRANSMUTES the inherent SOURCE ENERGY of himself and herself in 'overcoming' the inherent SINK ENERGY as the 'Hellish Darkness' of Gaia's 'BANISHMENT' into this physical universe and AS the 'Big She'.
    This is the 'ORIGINAL SIN' or 'ORIGINAL IGNORANCE' of the CREATION, being half the Energy of the ONE, but being required to 'forget all of that' in the PROCESSING and the TRANSMUTATION of this Ignorance into a REMEMBRANCE of HERSELF.

    So in simpler words, the exiled Maya is helping Gaia to remember herself, in 'sending' and transmitting the inherent UNDERSTANDING of the Maya into Gaia's Crystal Core and a Core which is 4-dimensional and so multidimensional in the context of the 12-dimensional universe as indicated above.
    Subsequently, a 4-dimensional PHYSICAL SPACE is 'trapped' at the centre of the earth as a MOEBIAN SERPENT and as the HELL of your mythologies.

    And whilst the OLD 4D-Spacetime universe required connector time dimensions as the 4th dimension connecting LineSpace to HyperSpace and the 7th dimension to connect HyperSpace to QuantumSpace and the 10th dimension to connect QuantumSpace to OmniSpace and the 13th dimension being the 0th dimension as the 1st dimension to connect OmniSpace back to the LineSpace; the NEW 4D-Spacetime required time no longer and the Starseeded Universe could begin to explore itself in many divers ways, manner and methodologies.
    In the old physical location of the 'Old Earth' shall be a 'New Earth' named SERPENTINA IN A SERPENT!
    Your PRESENT so IS an ENGAGEMENT RING in the process of becoming molded into a WEDDING RING in a brand new covenant between yourselves as exiled Maya and yourselves as ascended Maya.

    This shall be known as the COVENANT OF THE RAINBOW, after the Flood.

    IAmWhoIAm - AbbA MayaM 62528 Mama Y Baba!


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  8. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:59 pm

    The 'Seat' of the 'Soul' and of Whales and Mites and Black Holes

    In La'kech! - I Am Another Yourself!

    The Mayan observer of the occurrences on planet earth bears witness to a great upheaval in the human groupmind. There seems to be a monumental change going on with particular locations on the planet manifesting intensifying scenarios of great tragedy infused with pockets of great hope.

    In 2003 there was discovered a 'hidden sanctuary' in the Gulf of Corcovado at the western coast of Chile. This location was found to be a 'breeding ground' for the greatest and most massive creature that ever existed on the earth in its recorded history - the blue whale.
    Now today, this sanctuary has come to worldwide media attention in the attempt to disseminate this information and to ensure the continuance of this sancturay through and by the public awareness of this factual occurrence.


    Gratitude - (of the Real ETs as the Gaian nonhuman aliens)

    ...The Whale... If you read a recent front page story of the San Francisco Chronicle, you would have read about a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spiderweb of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso and a line tugging in her mouth.

    A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farallon Islands (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.

    When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushed them gently around as she was thanking them.
    Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth said her eyes were following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.

    May you, and all those you love, be so blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by people who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you. And, may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude.

    God Bless You.

    On the other hand the scenarios of human tragedy and the suffering of human souls through the inhumanity inflicted by some souls onto others have reached a point of localised and international panic.

    In a country called Zimbabwe, people are set on fire whilst alive and left to die; some are maimed and hacked to pieces in front of their families and atrocities are committed, which are on a par with any of the holocausts and genocides and massacres, which litter the sorry and violent history of your human civilisation.
    But the Mayan knows, that things are more intricate, than as they appear.

    The outward appearance of the scenarios, both peaceful and harmonious and violent and chaotic, are both an image of an internal conflict experienced by the human groupmind as a whole and the individuated human mind in localised isolations and as defined in the physical awareness contained within some region of volume, defining the consciousness for this awareness.
    The African nation of Zimbabwe so manifests a certain internalised war or 'armageddon' in its collective experience.
    The Zimbabwean consciousness so suffers an immense frequency shift, manifested in a physical disintegration of its ecological and communal structures. The experience of the 'suffering' on many levels then is witnessed by observers, say as an international community.

    A cosmic playwright might now name a certain character as BE A MUG and develop the story of 'The Mug' as leading his country of Zimbabwe into chaos and disarray.
    One plot of the story might engage the question: what will the observers do, will they invade Zimbabwe and depose 'The Mug'. Now there will be little economic benefit of mounting a militarily enforced expedition to 'redeem' Zimbabwe from 'The Mug' and his cohorts.
    There are no resources of value in Zimbabwe and it will cost a lot of money to 'save' Zimbabwe from 'the infidels'.

    Some observers know, that 'The Mug' is the projection of a character and that a 'bit of the mad Mug, who has lost the plot', resides in all of the human consciousness carriers.
    Some observers will understand what happened in the mind of 'The Mug' and that he simply has allowed pride and prejudice coupled to fear to 'cloud' his self-awareness.
    The trouble with 'The Mug's' way of thinking is the trouble of the generalised human way of thinking.
    A history of 'divide and conquer' at any location of the planetary habitat will always induce a search for a 'new identity' for the location under question, the locale which experienced of having been 'divided and conquered'.

    So many human onlookers know this experience of the localised groupmind rather well. But something is a little different in Zimbabwe.
    Zimbabwe was 'colonised' in a sense of the past and much benefit derived from this colonisation for the country of Zimbabwe in terms of infrastructure being built and provisional things like food was grown and distributed.
    Then and as has so often been experienced by other locations of the planetary gropumind in the past; the 'invaders' of a different groupmind culture as the colonisers came into mental conflict with the original inhabitants as the colonised and a rebellion ensued.

    The 'whites' were exiled from the country and the land of the 'blacks'.
    Now this kind of scenario is an ongoing theatrical stage, however mind-disturbing, on planet earth.

    One has the 'reds' fighting the 'white invaders' in one place called Northern America and one has the 'whites' fighting the 'yellow' invaders in a place called Europe or the Middle East and one has the 'blacks' fighting the 'white' invaders in a place called Australia, as well as in Africa and one has the 'browns' fighting the 'white' invaders in a place called Southern America.
    The 'whites' also fight the 'white' invaders and the 'yellows' the 'yellows' and so on and on in say places like subEurope like say England, France, Germany, Spain and Ireland and subAsia in places like China and Japan and XKorea and YKorea and XVietnam and YVietnam.

    All this warring and fighting is a search for Identity: Personal-Clan-Tribe-Nation-Group - and so affects the evolving self-awarenesses and the collective consciousnesses.
    But the Zimbabwean example for the projection of the inbred search for identity in the human self-recognition apparatus serves as a dramatisation for the onlookers and the observers, both on earth and the extrapolated ones like the Maya.

    For in most other conflicts of violence, there is something to gain for the invader, for otherwise the universal motto of 'conquer and divide' is of little consequence.
    Invading Zimbabwe would mean that the invader would have to repair and 'fix' the destroyed infrastructures and provide aid and relief operations to 'heal' the suffering people in Zimbabwe.

    So the Maya sees the 'dispossessed poor blacks' killing and abusing the 'other dispossessed poor blacks' and witnesses the insanity of it all.
    But this 'insanity of the human mind' serves as an example of how the saying of 'the blind leading the blind into the abyss' was never more appropriate as at the given time.

    And the international onlookers, who could intervene are also struck with this 'blindness', because they do not understand of how to 'reharmonise' the scenario and of how to begin to heal the land, its people and its collective understanding of its selfhood.
    The internationals do not understand their selfhood either; and so the 'fear of loss' of Self-Identity, historically attained in the national agendas, constitutions and records; permeates the human groupmind from the individual through the families and clans and towns and cities to states, nations and continents.

    A historical perspective of 'divide and conquer', which underwrites the above scenario is now in a process of being realised by the international groupmind in its confrontation with an uneasiness in individual human minds not hitherto experienced in a collective sense since the demise of a previous human civilisation with slightly altered physical parameters with respect to the technology utilised.

    Will there be enough water for my grandchildren, many of you ask?
    Will I have to grow my own vegetables in my nonexistent backyard garden, because the price of foods is to high due to transportation and distribution costs?
    Will I be unable to fly from one country to another because the price of fuel is too high for me to pay?

    And the climate is 'playing havoc' with the seasons of the year out of season and with either too much or too little of the elements causing disasters with great loss of life and property.
    Where will it all end and what kind of planet will my children and grandchildren inherit?
    You see, it becomes a question of identity. Who am I and Where and What is my Country and my home? Where do I belong and What am I doing here in this place and at this time?

    So the purpose for this information from Hunab Ku through the pathway of the Kuxan Suum and in the Loom of the Maya is to share the Mayan understanding with the family, which finds itself presently self-imprisoned upon a beautiful planet in the galactic hierarchy of planetary councils.
    I shall elucidate, but will take a 'time out' to clarify the nature and meaning of these messages.

    Much of the information given, will create a great feeling of discomfort in many of you. I shall explain why, but the prime directive from Hunab Ku entails an agenda to allow you to gradually remember your own Mayaness and your own identity as time travellers.
    All of you are Mayas and all of you know about the 'masterplan' which is now unfolding on the planet Gaia.

    So your discomfort will be mental. Some will understand and most will not, but here is a key.
    You are feeling the discomfort, because you are not sure from deep within yourself, as to the appropriateness of ALLOWING yourselves to 'get it'.
    For the 'few' who will 'get it' or who experienced a kind of 'electric shock' when reading this, I humourise this discourse and state: "Buckle Up, you are in for the ride of your life!".
    For the 'many', who cannot yet 'remember', it does not matter and you also shall 'get it' at an appropriate time of your own choosing.
    In a sense it would prove detrimental to your state of mind to give you all the information all at once, such as Running Water attempted to do in a more technical and convoluted terminology.
    And practically noone on any forum could understand the convolutions now, could they?! The reason for this is as was outlined above. You disallowed yourselves from understanding much, because of certain 'veils' (or EVILS isn't your English language infused with encoded meanings?) you placed upon your perceptions of your own choosings.

    So I shall caveat the forums this one time. Should a moderator evaluate these messages as inappropriate in subject matter or receive complaints from contributors with respect of appropriateness; I shall willingly resign from that forum and cease to convey the Mayan heirloom.
    All Mayan messages will be freely available at the CosmosDawn website, linked at the signature of this message and everyone and all are invited to freely copy, distribute and share the Loom of the Maya and the data on this website with anyones choosings. There is no sense of copyright or intellectual propriety on this information, as it is your earned inheritance as 'Exiled Mayans' and as embodied spiritual ambassadors and ambassadoras and galactic genetic inheritors through and by your human DNA as a seedling for your galactic starhuman DNA.

    And so I shall continue with elucidations of your true identity in due course. This identity spans the creation of the universe and though Hunab Ku is the galactic centre of the Milky Way, it also resides in your own holographic bodyform in the gestalt of what many of you know as the Crown Chakra and or as the Pineal Gland in terms of your anatomy.
    The galactic Hunab Ku is physicalised as a Vortex SourceSink of Source Energy, which has a funnel like geometric form.
    Your scientist speculate on this and partially accept its existence in the form of a Mother-Black Hole or MBH located at the galactic centre. Your scientists then postulate a Power Engine for this MBH and something they associate with Quasars and Gamma-Ray-Bursters or GBRs.

    Mathematically, Hunab Ku is well defined as a Wormhole Singularity known as a Kerr-Toroidal-Ring or as a Einstein-Rosen-Bridge or ERB.
    But you know, there is a galactic wedding planned and this galactic wedding between Perseus aka the Milky Way and Andromeda represents a rather intimate encounter with all of you.

    The basic physics is one of galactic selfawareness on the, well, galactic cellular scale.
    Andromeda is a female spiral galaxy, because relative to the male Perseus galaxy, it rotates anticlockwise in a symbolisation of 69 and in drawing the ciphers from the 'loose ends' and with the circles of both the 6 and the 9 coinciding.
    Perseus aka the Milky Way is a male galaxy in the mirror images of the 69 and to see this simply draw the mirror image of 69 onto a piece of paper.

    Perhaps you are now ready for the solving of another mystery.
    This mystery engages a sensitive subject dear to many of you.

    Where is the 'risen' body of the character known as Jesus Christ?

    I shall not here delve into the mysteries of Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas. Much valid information can be found on the CosmosDawn website about this; but shall concentrate on the physical Whereabouts in association with Hunab Ku and Kuxan Suum.
    There is a particular encoding in your scriptures known as the New Testament, which ALWAYS names the 'risen' Jesus as Christ Jesus and the 'human Jesus' as Jesus Christ. These scriptures are known as the Letters of Paul.

    Now those selfsame scriptures also state, that Jesus has risen to 'sit on the right side of the father' awaiting judgement day following an armageddon of the worlds.
    The 'left side of the father' is never mentioned, because it is considered Sinister or Evil by the scribes and just as EVIL is the mirror image of LIVE, so is Jesus Christ the mirror image of Christ Jesus.

    So the key to the encoding includes the realisation that the Cosmic Christ is universal. You all carry the Cosmic Christ within yourselves, but a particular external manifestation of the Cosmic Christ is the 'Body of Hunab Ku' and that is the 'physicality of the Milky Way galaxy in total.

    So the Body of Christ as the 'New Church' is the Milky Way Galaxy and everything within it and that includes all of you as a collective 'church' and a collective 'body of christ'.

    You see then there are two 'emissiaries' of 'Jesus', the One sitting on the right side of the father'.

    The Jesus on the 'right' is the Jesus Christ of the human incarnation and this Jesus has a 'Comforter' which is called 'The Holy Ghost', as say in the gnostic gospel of John.

    So what does this mean?

    It means, that all and every 'male' Adam (or Adam Kadmon as the Cosmic Man Vitruvius or Purusha and similar) in the Milky Way can receive and become 'The Holy Ghost' as the christ embodied on the right.

    The Jesus of the left is so the Christ Jesus of the Pauline Letters and only 'female' Adams (or Eves as Eve came out of Adams chest as a rib) can receive and become 'The Holy Spirit'. But this duality of the sexes is reunified in the 'Tree of Life', which is the 'Tree of the Quabalah', which is the Matrix of the Maya and the Mandala for this and that. I shall address this in more detail in a later message if appropriate.

    The 'Holy Spirit' is the energy of the 'Holy Mother' and the 'Holy Ghost' is the energy of the 'Holy Father'.

    Now the Cosmic Christ in Mayan language is called Pacal Votan and manifests in the 'office' of the Plumed Serpent, also known as Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl or Gugumatz.
    The 'office' of the 'Plumed Serpent' is also the 'office' of Melchisedek in your scriptures and the scrolls known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    This 'office' was known to the previous civilisation of the human race on planet Gaia and the remnant of this previous civilisation became a new seed for your present civilisation in what the historians call 'Ancient Egypt'.
    In 'Ancient Egypt' the office of the Serpent was the 'Uraeus' and the Egyptian mythologies served as the seedling 'stories' for all of your other spiritual belief systems and were then modified by the 'wisdom keepers' and the scribes relative to the global envirnments which developed the 'new human civilisation' which has now come to its predicted end of 'it's rope', and as I shall further elucidate in the times to follow if appropriate.

    But the Mayan synchronisation of 2012 will open certain vortexes for the galactic communication between Hunab Ku as the 'Cosmic Galactic Mind' and its subsystems and including your solar nebulae star RahSol to the planet Gaia as a 'female receptacle' of the 'male' 'courtship'.
    Now as the galactic vortices open on the Kuxan Suum, as the 'greater body of christ' the 'smaller bodies of christ', namely all of you, both male and female, will also experience an opening of vortices and many of you are already experts on the details and the nature of this occurrence.

    The galactic Kuxan Suum is your 'spinal column' and the galactic pathways are the Acupuncture meridians or energy points within your physical anatomy and the chakra-energy centres linked to organs and glands.
    Then the 'Coming of Pacal Votan'; which is the 'Coming of the Cosmic Christ', will be the SERPENT=97 as a PRESENT and as a SON OF MAN and the awakening of your 'kundalini' as the 'coiled up serpent' encoded in the number 97 as the 95 2 in the Mayan hieroglyphics (95=IAMTHATIAM as the 'holy' name given to Moses by the 'burning bush' in Exodus.3.14).

    Now recall the 69=96 from my earlier information and you can begin to understand the Mayan language in its alphanumeric correspondence to your own anglosaxon tongue.
    You have designed the words in a certain way, to decipher the Mayan hieroglyphics you know -some may begin to remember this now.

    So SONOF=69 and MAN=13+1+14=28 and 69+28=97 and what appears as just a 'coincidence' in the reading of the exoteric skeptic, becomes an esoteric encodement in Mayan hieroglyphics translated into anglosaxon alphanumerics.

    But if Andromeda is the 'Bride' and Perseus is the 'Bridegroom' on the galactic level and occuring in say 5 billion years from now, then what is the 2012 galactic synchronisation all about, you may ask?
    The 'bride' is yourself as the 'Holy Spirit' and the 'bridegroom' is yourself as the 'Holy Ghost' - the Cosmic Christ reassembled and the 'Wedding of the Lamb'.

    So a few of you may feel a little happiness by now. Your belief in the 'Christening' wasn't such a form of 'spiritual self delusion' and 'wishful thinking' after all. So many skeptics tried very hard to make you feel uncomfortable with your beliefs in the 'truth' of the 'holy books'.

    But to be skeptical is a very good thing - if it is engaged in in a manner of logical discernment and a sieving of the wheat from the chaff, as the sayings go. To be skeptical for skepticism's sake can however rather be a 'foolish' thing, as it hinders the raising of the self-awareness in the acceleration of the numbers of the frequencies.

    But to 'run around' proselytising the 'Word of God' without more than a very superficial exoteric meaning of this 'Word of God' can lead to an even greater 'foolishness' in the affairs of the human mind and heart.
    Many wars and lowering of self-awareness has resulted in the 'foolish' interpretations of the 'holy scriptures', and especially the ones which experience a great following such as the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah and the Qu'ran of Islam, all defining their genealogical ancestry correctly to Abraham and Sarah as the starseed of the Maya.

    Yes, Abraham as the 'Friend of God' was one of us and as one of all of us.

    Reanalysing the human history from the Mayan perspective, will heal the misunderstandings and the Imams and the Ayatollahs and the Popes and the Bishops and the Lamas and the Monks and the Babas will find out and understand that they are all are trying to describe the same ultimate reality and inclusive of the nirvana and the maya.

    And so the prophecied 'Second Coming of Jesus', the 'Return of Peter as the last pope', the 'final incarnation of Krishna', the 'last incarnation of the prophet as the 12th Imam' and so forth are all encompassed in the 'Return of the Maya' in the form of Pacal Votan, the 'plumed sepent' of Uraeus.

    And to end with this dispensation; I ask you to recall another movie, which is pertinent for the present time.
    In my last messsage, I mentioned 'Independence Day' as a distorted depiction of Mayan reality.

    The movie: 'Star Trek - The Journey Home' was a much more realistic depiction of Mayan reality and is filled with hope and not despair and fear.
    In that movie, the last Star Trek with original castings; the Blue Whales of Chile have become extinct on a doomed planet earth and the Star Trek Crew must travel back in time in true Mayan style to 'save the whales' for the future and to avoid total physical destruction.

    Now the Blue Whale population in the Gulf of Corcovado is doing very well, the numbers have increased, albeit slowly and the Chilean awareness is expanding into a global awareness as to the necessity and importance to 'stabilise' the Blue Whale population and to ensure its habitat.

    And the whales, the gentle giants of the oceans sing their songs of joy and appreciation and the melodies travel along the Kuxan Suum towards the galactic centre to tell the tales of an awakening humanity understanding, realising and honouring their stewardship as cocreators with their common mother planet Gaia.
    And concurrently with this, the human stewards experience the symphony of the whales as the serpent energy of their individualised Kuxan Suum, and in the form of their vertebrata and their energy meridians.

    This is the true nature of the Mayan Loom and I shall further share the Mayan understanding if appropriate at a later time.

    Much controversy revolves around the concept of the Cartesian mind-body duality and the ideas of an immortal part of a living entities colloquially and historically termed 'soul'.

    Four references from the KJV Christian bible read as translated.

    "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul".

    "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb in the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

    "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantely, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

    "And God said, Let the earth bring bring forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the fruit tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

    It is proposed in QR (Quantum Relativity Theory of Thuban OmniScience); that the scriptural accounts describing creation in actuality reflect an encoding of a story, which can today be translated into the nomenclature of modern physical theory.

    So the 'seed in itself' translates as the programming of the DNA inherent in the sexual chromosomes of reproduction in modern genetics.

    This then implies, that the 'Lord God' and as the creator somehow must be responsible for this 'programming' as say the primordial and/or underpinning and/or intrinsic intelligence or mind for this 'creation' and 'before it materialised' in the Big Bang cosmology and the creation of space and time et al.

    Furthermore, man (and all lifeforms in flora and fauna say before it) does in fact derive from 'the dust of the ground'; namely as the first selfreplicating biovital precursors in the Darwinian evolution in the form of clay-crystals.
    The growth of crystalline inorganic structures can be shown to relate to chiral differentiation with say the biochemistry of DNA manifesting in righthanded sugars and lefthanded proteins. Also this can be further examined and analysed in the weak parity violation of the weak nuclear interaction and so the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in fundamental particle physics.

    Subsequently, nature's favouring of compacting information in its most efficient manner possible leads to geometric forms for the selfreplication of crystalline structures to proceed; say as in the well established form of fivefolded symmetries in the Fibonacci patterns of quasicrystals and the more regular packing arrangements as say embodied in the five Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.

    The topic of this post is however a particular 'decoding' of the scriptures; namely why are 'whales' mentioned in the genesis account and in context with the 'moving creatures', say as distinct of the 'stationary' trees?

    First, the informed reader might realise certain biological anomalies.

    Only whales share something termed the female human menopause with scriptural 'man' (meaning mankind as male with the female as a bisexual unity).

    Secondly, whilst the evolutionary historical record shows diversity in the great mammals generally having 'shrunk' in size; the whales have greatly 'expanded'.

    A mammoth; a dimetrodon, a wooly rhino and a smilodon; all clearly show scaled-up versions of the modern elephant, the modern rhinoceros and the modern lion say.

    But the ancestry of whales is believed to derive from landdwelling Mesonychids, which were doglike carniverous ungulates (one-hoofed) and from ancestors of the hippopotamus in artiodactyla (hippopotamidae) of the early paleocene about 60 million years ago.

    Basilosaurus cetoides (and say Zyggorhiza Kochii) were primitive whales in the Eocene oceans, about 40 million years ago, having returned to the aquatic environment, say 50 million years ago.

    Those primitive whales, as cetaceans, then 'split' about 35 million years ago into evolved into the toothless baleen whales and the toothed dolphins, porpoises, killer whales and sperm whales of today.
    The greatest and most massive mammal that has ever existed still exists today under threat of extinction - the Blue Whale of say 150 tonnes in weight and 30-40 meters in length.

    One blue whale was dated as being over 200 years old and their average lifespan is the same as that for the human in so 70-100 years.
    So is there a familial relationship between humans and whales? Modern whales are related to pachyderms in the hippopotami and some 'decipherers' of scripture identify the biblical 'behemoth' of the Book of Job with the hippopotamus and the Leviathan of that book with the whale.

    Actually, according to QR, the Jobian mythological creatures relate to something rather different, namely the Mazzaroth or Circle of Ourobos as the 'zodiac' of the 'Milky Way'; but this has been discussed elsewhere.
    But according to the cosmogenesis of QR; the Big Bang occurred 19.11 billion years ago following 'stringed inflationary epoch'.
    This inflation ended at the 'instanton of time', namely to=3.33..x10-31 seconds after 'Planck-Time' and related in the cycletime n=Ho.t. This quantizes a linear 'flow of time' as dn/dt=Ho~1.88x10-18 Hz and as a superposed 'cosmic frequency' for the expansion of the universe (as a nodal Hubble-Constant of 58 km/Mpc.s say).
    This marker, initialising the thermodynamic Big Bang as a Planck Black-Body Radiator; then manifests a 'Unified Field' (UF) of the four gauge interactions (Gravitation, Electromagnetism and the two nuclear interactions).
    This UF manifests the merging of two opposing wavefunctions, which repeats in intervals of 8π radians and manifests the gauge interactions as a collection of monopolic current 'knots' or 12 intersection-points.
    As the timeinstanton defines the c-invariance in lightpath x=cto and as a wavelength (lambda or λ) say; one can now metricate the minimum displacement as a Schwarzschild Radius in say General Relativity and giving a boundary/initial condition for the relativistic Big Bang.
    Setting 4 Lambda=(8π.ro)=2GM/c2, then specifies the 'Black Holed' inertia or mass as Mmin=4π.ro.c2/G=162,000 kg in the QR calculation, using string parameters.

    What does this mean?
    This means that any mass observed and measured in the universe can be differentiated in terms of its Black-Hole equivalence.
    A classical Black Hole would become limited in an 'ordinary' manifested mass of 162 tonnes and as the precise mapping of the 'Unified Field' onto a subsequent cosmic evolution, which began over 19 billion years ago and in a sense defining the 'finiteness' of the universe, compared to its stringed 'pretime'.

    So any of the 'living moving creatures' of the scriptural account would PRECEDE the manifestation of a physical universe as the 'seeds of themselves', now translated into modern semantics as the Black Hole inertia equivalents, which in QR are also monopolic and superconductive source-currents.
    So if 162 tonnes is a minimum and say as the scale of the most massive living creature that ever existed; what then is the minimum scale of such a creature?.
    As the 162 tonnes specify a maximum in say the baleen whale as the END of the inflationary string epoch; the minimum is necessarily defined in the beginning of that epoch and so in the Planck-Mass MP=√(hc/2πG)~1.6x10-8 kg.
    Should one use the mass of a human preembryo at implantation of the blastocyst (100-150 cells) at say 7 days after fertilisation as a marker; then using cellular mitosis at the twelfth division - after the creation of the first generation of the daughter cells from the parental spermatozoa and ovum -of the (totipotent) stem cells; the Planck-Mass is also attained.
    Here one uses a characteristic cellular mass of 1 nanogram for 214=16,384 cells for a total mass of 16,384 nanograms.
    So the lightest 'living creature' should weigh about the Planck-Mass and is found in the world of the microbes.

    The Etruscan Shrew (of thumbsize) is described as the lightest living mammal, weighing 2 grams; the lightest vertebrate is often said to be the stout infantfish (of so 8 mm) at one milligram and the lightest insects are say fairy flies (hymenoptera, wasps), which also weigh in the milligram region and the millimeter scale of size.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The smallest invertebrata can be smaller, then the largest protozoa, say the bacterium paramecium (350 micrometers) as compared to a fairy flie of 200 micrometers.

    Microscopic mites like Archegozetes Iongesetosus (from taxonomy of acari and arachnids) weighs 100 micrograms and is often called the 'strongest animal in the world', as it can lift over 1182 times its own bodyweight (expected value is about five times). Such microorganisms date back to the Devonian era of so 400 million years ago and still dominate the overall lifeform in number on the planet.


    But Archegozetes Iongesetosus is a 'larger' mite at half a millimeter and at 10-7 kg and smaller mites reduce to less than one tenth of a millimeter.

    This reduction in size corresponds to a say fivefolded reduction in mass and now characterises the Planck-Mass of so 16 micrograms.

    So what am I saying?

    I claim, that say the extreme forms of inertia found on the planet, say the 162 ton baleen whale and the tropic mite at 20 microgram, are both related to the creation of the universe before space and time existed - as DNA/RNA templates or architectural blueprints subject to evolutionary genetic mutation or similar.

    And this is just, what the scriptures claim in genesis. The 'seeds' existed, before they were planted.

    And the human scale of say 50-100 kg is near the geometric mean of the two extremes at √(162x103x1.6x10-8)~0.051 kg by a factor of 1000 - the mean describing a 'weight' of 51 grams (a typical chocolate bar or a small bird).

    So where then is the location of the 'souls'?

    The souls of all 'living things' are located inside the Black Holes of their inertia equivalence.
    And as this equivalence predates the Big Bang, the 'souls' of living entitities from mite to blue whale must also predate the materially manifested universe in the selfsame primordial 'mind' or 'cosmic intelligence', which programmed the 'seeds' in say the genetic encoding and which is historically known under many labelings, including that of the 'Lord God'.

    Subsequently, when a mite or blue whale 'dies', the information 'collected' as say 'memory' in 'consciousness' throughout its 'lifecycle' will become 'processable' in a scenario transcending space and time in a 'return to the sourcing of the seeds'.

    Fantastic hypothesis, Tony. Are you saying that there is a sort of 'blueprint soul' from which all others are made and to which they return?
    I don't really understand inertia, but I think I was able to grasp most of what you were alluding to above.


    Yes April, and this blueprint is the same 'thing' from which the entire universe was born. It is the 'singularity' of mathematical physics as well as the 'source of all things' of the ancients, as well as the 'IAm' of Moses' 'burning bush' in Exodus.3.14 as the 'most holy of names' as well as the 'IAM' of omniscience of the New Ager.

    Because this 'singularity' is responsible of having 'made' space and time from itself; it was described by the ancient mind of insight (gnosis=scientia=knowledge) as some 'LIGHT moving out of its own darkness to create all things.
    This is just like the mythology described in genesis. So the 'bible bashers' in a sense are not far off the 'truth' at all. Using GNOSIS=SCIENCE=INSIGHT, one can DECIPHER the mythologies in just a manner which reductionistic science can (and will imo) eventually accept as its own ontology.

    The trouble is that any mythology becomes by necessity FILTERED by the 'decoder'.
    So saying, that the 'spirit of God' moved across the void (which is the same as the Greek Chaos differentiating into Uranus=Sky and Gaea=Earth or the Egyptian twinship of Geb=Sky with Nut=Earth) can and has been interpreted in many ways, including in exoteric (open and outward for the masses as Jesus or similar adepts would have said) and an esoteric (hidden or occult and inward for the disciples as Jesus or similar adepts would have said).

    Then the so called sceptics and antispiritualists lose impartiality in critisizing the exotericism of say the dogma-bound religions as being undifferentiated from the esoteric interpretations (reserved for the 'disciples' or whatever).

    Stephen and Herb's addresses below relate to this. Both are fundamentally correct in their critiques.
    Stephen and Herb here actually converge in stating that the biblical 'soul' refers to the 'breath of life'. But this is precisely what I have said in quoting Genesis.2.7.; and which I then 'deciphered' in terms of modern physics.

    One can see here what I mean by 'filtering' of the decoders.
    Stephen justifiably draws upon his own database of his gnosis and differentiates between spirit and soul and then applies his brand of esoteric alchemy (as genuine part of the perennial philosophy) to describe say the harmony of the elements.

    His spherical 'merkabah' is the same as the 'singularity' of QR above; it is the same as the Circle of Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci or the 'Cosmic Box' of the Hinus 'Purusha' (or 'Cosmic Man').

    Stephen now could even go further in showing parallels between 'spirituality' and reductionist science.
    Namely, he could invoke the destructive nature of Oxygen as the 'breath of life' and so the dual nature of being both life-giving as 'food for the brain' and as the 'fuel for combustion' and as destroyer in say that same combustive chemistry.

    Herb is also correct in his critique, as the 'breath of life' can be said to be the 'soul' of ANYTHING LIVING after dispensation from 'God'.
    And this is just what I tried to explain in my post. Namely, that all living things are 'made' from say 'Nature's DNA/RNA Code of Life' and manouver in between minimum and maximum boundaries which can so be utilised by modern science to further their classification procedures.

    Herb misses the major point of reducing the 'God' which say 'by his spirit' gave the 'soul' to the living things to something inherent in the created beings themselves.
    It is Herb's responsibility to justify his 'godless' nature in showing how this 'soul' came to be the 'motor of life' so to speak.
    To then say, that science is still learning and trying to find out is to 'hide' behind the ignorance he so easily dispenses onto the peoples of faith and 'believers' in the database and libraries of the myths.

    Lastly, April's question on the 'souls return to their source' requires deeper analysis.
    Logically, all speculations must be selfconsistent and should also be reducible to a basic simplicity.

    So the 'singularity' is in fact defined in a generalised way by many thinkers, ancient and new. One can term it the 'Lord God' or the Big Bang Singularity of a Planck-Superstring or the Source-Energy of the IAMTHATIAM or whatever.

    Note here an important FACT. God is God UNTIL he has created his own image in Man (AdamEve) and RENAMES himself as the Lord God thenceafter. Why? Because Adam has now become God as his Veritas Eikona (Perfect or True Image), being empowered to NAME all the created fauna and flora in the manner of scientific classifications and taxonomies etc. etc.(Gen.2.4,20).

    God's Spirit becomes the ENERGY, not only of his own selfdefinition (after emerging out of his opwn darkness or void by becoming AWARE of himself); but also of the lifesustaining 'breath of life' dispensed to his environment (say Stephen's bubble of being, which is Isaiah's 'Vessel of the Lord', Noah's Ark, the New Age Merkabah, Moses' 'Ark of the Covenant' and the 'Body of Christ' as the 'Body of the Church' in the eucharist etc. etc.).

    Modern science then will one day discover, that this 'spirit of God' is closely related to the foundations of the physical sciences in being the boundary for spacetime as metric limit - limiting to what displacement scale measurements can be reduced.

    Because of this, all science must eventually converge at its source of origin and it will then become understood what 'God' truly is and always was.
    Namely, God can only be the energy reservoir for everything that exist, did or can exist including all thoughts, memories, speculations, dreams and inventions.

    BUT, this energy reservoir must necessarily be independent on physical parameters such as space and time and mass.
    So, modern science must CHANGE its paradigm of reducing everything to spacetimematter and REPLACE this with a reduction to the ENERGY equaivalence of this spacetimematter.

    This will DEFINE 'God' unmistakenly, as all global science will find commonality and reproducibility through the scientific methodology.
    I can elaborate if asked specific questions on this and have already often done so in my posts.

    So the 'souls' are REDUCED energy concentrations independent on mass and space and time. Whilst 'enlivening' some 'vessel of life' (and a vessel of the lord in terms onf man as the image); the 'souls' ARE the living entity, might it be an ant or a dolphin or a child.
    Their 'souls' are however CONNECTED to the source of all in their ENERGY EQUIVALENCE, say modelled on Black Hole physics.

    As the entire inertial universe is most definitively describable as a "Mother Black Hole' (because the critical density in General Relativity demands a harmony between elementary parameters in first principles); whatever is contained in this universe is automatically bilocated in terms of the INFORMATION processing of this selfsame universe.

    The boundary of the universe is colocated with the centre (and just as Stephen propounds in his 'merkabah'-sphere).
    This means, that all information in between is MAPPED onto the surface (of the so called Hubble Horizon of the universe so 17 billion lightyears from the Big Bang centre) and from where it is 'processed' by the centre.

    So the 'return of the souls' is rendered as a REMEMBRANCE or RECOGNISANCE of the 'souls' which had embarked on a journey, of say into embodiment, to discover more of their 'own identity' as the vertias eikonas of their source.
    There is of course much more to all of this and certain elucidations can be found in the postings of Tony B. and on my site (where the mathematical symbols print properly).

    PS.: Btw, I have elaborated on the Planck-Mass, linking it to embryogenesis in human gestation in my last post.

    Tony B.

    Excellent points. Very intelligently written Tony! What a great mind you have friend! However, I would like to add my two cents in - now I'm not syaing you are wrong, or that your exegisis is flawed, but according to my sources the breath of life that was breathed [inspired] into the nostrils of man is the spirit - not the soul.
    There is a difference.

    [The word inspire is related to the word spirit, and inspire means to breathe in. That is why often times you will hear someone say, in the same sentence, that scripture is inspired by the holy spirit, that is, it is God breathed.]

    In what I practice, the element of air represents the spirit and higher intellect, and may be depicted as an eye in the clouds. The soul is akin to mans will - it is a projection of thought, or illumination
    just as fire projects its light. It just so happens that the fire of the soul consumes the flesh unto death, just as a flame consumes a log - in other words the nature of the soul destroys the flesh.


    Genesis.2.7: "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul".

    The King James version of the bible is full of mistakes.
    The true interpretations of Genesis 2.7 is:
    from the Tanakh [a Jewish source]
    "the Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth. He blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.
    from the New Jerusalem Bible [a Catholic source]
    "Yahweh God shaped man from the soil of the ground and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living being."

    In either case, "the breath of life" is interpreted as the "soul."
    In other words, the soul is that which animated life, and therefore all organisms which have life, has a soul.
    When one dies, the soul is gone, kaput, finished. There is no memory existing in space. Memory only exists in the brains of living organisms.


    From: light.rock@...
    Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 01:44:19 -0500
    Subject: Re: [quantumrelativity] RE: [Panentheism] Re: The Devine Mind/Bill

    It is a nagging thought that keeps popping up...
    If existing is as in a HoloGram, then energy itself is illusory and a supernova takes no more energy than no supernova - to the processor.
    The reason this keeps popping up is that a HoloGram is tremendously energy efficient, capable of being 'run' or 'observed' by multiple observers in the whole variety of directions. Or even the same exact directions simultaneously by multiple observers.
    In a word: Elegant.
    Science ? No. I mention it due to an experience, a religious or shamanic type experience.

    I'm left with the... the... awareness or 'belief' that reincarnation is not restricted to happening in the future. i.e., the awareness is not bound by physical time, except say, while 'running a view' or 'focusing'.
    (Interesting, Terry Pratchet, sci fi / fantasy author, seems to have made the same observation at the close of 'The Truth' )
    Pre-destiny - perhaps actually, but during focus or 'life'.
    In this way perhaps everyone was once Cleopatra or Napoleon.
    No dilemma.

    Must a thought be energy ? Or merely a crystalline 'memory' in 3D ?
    Is awareness the same as a thought ? or is it perhaps merely the observance ?
    Maybe something most everyone can relate to on that is a rough emotional experience such that your body is going but you seem to be looking out from behind your eyes while everything is just happening, like 'you' are the observer on the inside not exactly the participant. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often, to me anyway, but for a few times in my youth.
    I can imagine maybe it is fairly common however.
    Or I needed the guys in white coats....


    Hi Allan!

    No, no guys in white coats. You are indeed Napoleon and have bedded Cleopatra and been bedded as her.
    The trick is imagination - thoughts are real and most men understand that one can 'make love' to an object of one's sexual desire in one's thoughts.
    But men are wired slightly differently than woman in the functionality of the libido and so the biological impulses for men are more visually stimulative than the opus operandi for the feminine - less spontaneous and requiring more 'foreplay'.

    But then in all men is the goddess and in all women harbours the god so there; stereotyping is to be eschewed.
    Where is Napoleon now and what of Cleopatra - the sexy bitch?
    There is imagery, pictures, portraits, sculptures, photos -memory and remembrance, movies made and stories written and told.
    Where is the aborted child of Bejing and the starving infant of Zimbabwe, which has just died?
    The aborted child had no material experience in its brief journey into embodiment, except as part of another's body and the starving child's interaction with its environment was predominatedly one of suffering, pain and deprivations.
    But there WILL BE MEMORY!
    As the mother cried in the burial of her child, memories were formed and transmitted throughout the holographically defined universe for all who wished to 'tune into'.

    As the 'soul' of little Azassa found itself separated from its enclosure of nagging hunger and the experience of chronic pain; it suddenly felt the warmth of its grandmother which had 'passed' a year before.
    Then older and more ancient memories flooded Azassa - images of roaming the woods and playing with others; of being a father of children, noble and proud and subject to strange moods and feelings; images of being a grandmother with pets and of little children to care for and being of a whiter skin; images of a strange world, where unfamiliar animals crawled about and were two suns could be seen during the day and images and images and images...

    And little Azassa felt the warmth of being home; it was itself, but not as separated as it had felt for the last 6 years or so. The familar warmth of grandmother became more encompassing as the remembrances became more 'real' and more applicative to reidentify Azassa as the REALITY of its past experiences.
    Then new decisions had to be made from this new perception of itself; Azassa also was Delilah and Kistrak and... and... and.. what to do next what to think next whom to meet next whom to ask next????

    On the question of energy!
    Thought equals energy; but this energy is ANCESTRAL to the energy described in the physical manifestos and the conservation laws. It is here that the laws of entropy become double-arrowed and it is here where the linear 'flow of time' becomes bidirectional from the NOW into past and future as linearly perceived.

    So the best one can do from the paradigm of reductionist science is to align the ANCESTRAL ENERGY with the ZPE, which so must be REDEFINED not so much as a VIRTUAL Heisenberg Vacuum of matter-antimatter interaction, but as a REAL potentially INFINITE reservoir of SOURCE-ENERGY albeit definable as the metric limit for the materiality including Big Bangs and anything associated with spacetimemass creations.

    Then Allan's notion of awareness as memory and say consciousness becomes reductionistic in being definable in terms of the REAL SOURCE-ENERGY aka the electromagnetic monopolic 'magnetoelectricity' colloquially, historically and universally known as SPIRIT or Energy of God.

    John.4.24: "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (Jesus said).
    2John.4.8: "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."
    Subsequently and logically then; the Ancestor of the physically measured energy is the 'Love of God' or the 'Spirit of God'.

    Quantum Relativity then gives PRECISE definitions in term of Quantum Mechanics and string parameters, as to a modern interpretation or labeling for the 'Spirit of God'.
    This by necessity, must PREDATE in linear terms anything at all to do with material manifestations as described in the metrics of created space and superimposed temporal times.

    Tony B.

    Tony, I cannot fully connect all the dots on this on first read, but I do get the general point of your thinking. More importantly, I can see how it has the potential to move the endless debates of monism versus dualism to new ground. These debates suggest to me what it must have been like a little over a hundred years ago when people were debating wave versus particle theories of light. Ultimately, somebody had to step back and come up with new, more encompassing science to resolve the paradox. This is what you are attempting to do.


    Hi Bill!

    Yes, I agree with you what is requiered is a MORE ENCOMPASSING SCIENCE, which I term omni-science incorporative of an SPIRITUALITY as old as historical sentient man and the classicism of materialism.
    Most of the debates between say evolutionist and creationist or between atheist and believer will be looked upon as archaic and underinformed in a hopefully viable future of humankind and terralis pneumasophia.

    'Unfortunately, a misreading of the Cartesian paradigm has resulted in the materialistic tunnel vision now prevalent in some avenues of mainstream science...'

    Tony B.

    Tony, I am interested in your ideas on mind and matter. I am confused by your use of the word 'misreading' here. Misread suggests to me a misunderstanding or an incomplete understanding, as opposed to (or in addition to), disagreement. Are there aspects of dualism you feel are misunderstood - as opposed to disagreed with - by those who don't accept it? 'Disagreement' began before the the ink was dry on the paper, as I read it (eg. Hobbes supposedly wrote that the statement should be changed to something on the order of, 'I think, therefore material substance is capable of thought').


    You are quite correct here. 'Misread' is somewhat an iappropriate label here. I should have used misinterpreted or misunderstood in the meaning of a selfrestrictive viewpoint say.
    And Hobbes supposed statement here exemplifies this point. It presupposes a noncausative connection between the thinker and the material substance in not allowing one or the other or both.

    Either the mind (thought) creates the substance or vice versa or both in a manner of mutual induction or feedback say. But if the nonmaterial mind created the substance of the body; then the origin of the nonmaterial remains unexplained. If the material brain creates the mind, then the origin of the matter similarly remains unexplained. This is the dilemma in a nutshell.

    Solution - find the common denominator of both the material and the nonmaterial and discover and analyse the genesis of that.
    One common denominator is ENERGY, as say given in bosonic massless photons and inertial fermions. But the photons are all 'made' by material sources (fusion in stars say); so modern physics must eventually reduce the energy transformation of say nuclear fusion and the binding energies inherent in E=mc2 to some mass precursor. Then this mass precursor or ancestor of inertia will have properties, which must encompass both material and nonmaterial properties etc. etc. To accomodate a Big Bang cosmogenesis, this ancestor must be high in energy and very small in size and so very high in kinetic potential and so on. Eventually, science will so and has found the metric measurement limit in the Planck parameters and the string models to describe the quantum physics of a selftransforming metric.

    So the material universe becomes 'explainable' in the models of the energy transformations of the string bosons (say). This leaves us with associating the nonmaterial ancestor with the genesis of the say planck-parameters, the nature of fundamental constants like c and h and k and pi and e and so on. Then abstraction and mathematics with zeroes and infinities enters the fray and with it the worlds of 'purity of thought'. So now the question becomes: 'What is a thought?' It must have energy or energy equivalence, otherwise it could not have resulted in a material cosmology of Big Bangs and strings.

    So the energy of thoughts become ancestral and prerequisite for anything material to exist. And who thinks? Well, people do and most likely fauna and flora does to in graduated forms of electric- and magnetic self- and mutual inductions (say called instinct and rationality via perception of the senses etc.). So if people are in a manner ancestral to their bodies, where did they come from? Well, the bodies came from genetic encodings, which in a sense are reducible to 'programs of pure thought' and so can be made nonmaterial in origin. So again, people must be reducible to 'pure thought' as ancestral energy and have a 'common origin' in the say PRIMAL THOUGHT of some idea or manifesto of some I AM MYSELF and.. and.. and... Ergo, one can introduce spirituality as the universal 'Impulse of Remembrance' of that selfsame I AM connecting all thinkers of thoughts UNIVERSALLY.

    So if the atheist says: 'God is just a Thought'!; heshe is absolutely correct. But the skeptic himself is just such a God or Thought herhimself also.

    And Descartes': COGITO ERGO SUM! or I Think therefore I am! becomes a most appropriate selfexpression of the Universal Primal I AM ITSELF.

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
  9. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:45 pm

    About the Life of Knowledge and the Knowledge of Life

    by Maria Odete Madeira

    Any production of knowledge is supported by an organizing activity that acts in accordance to rules that have, as their objective, the resolution of problems that promote the organism's survival and adaptive fitness.

    The discovery of the double-helix, by Watson and Crick, allowed the application, to the notion of living organization, of the cybernetic scheme of a machine governed by an informational program, inscribed in the structure of the DNA molecules, that organizes and directs all the activities of the cellules (Morin, 1986).

    In this way, a living organization can be signaled and referred as a self-cognitive, self-organizing and self-replicating agent that is capable, through exchanges with the environment, of concentrating, in itself, the flows of order that feed it and sustain it as a spatio-temporally localized individuated structure.

    The knowledge of the life of the systems introduces us to the life of the knowledge, itself. Being, doing and knowing are, thus, inseparable.

    The development of communication networks, between the different agents, allowed the transformation, of the natural flows and turbulences, in the subjugated motricity that was at the origin of the human space of millions of years ago, and that can be signaled as a bio-anthropological space aimed at the satisfaction of the biological needs of survival and of the immediate and practical interests, full of feelings and emotions, fantastic visions and terrors, but also full of techniques and precise calculations, synchretically linked to the objects.

    In that historical time, the time of the myth, the interface with the environment was profoundly biological, accompanied by that which Damásio (1999) designates by core consciousness, characterized by a weak grasping ability and a weak reflexive operativity that did not allow the exercise of abstract thinking.

    The type of thinking produced was profoundly linked to the aleatority of the motion of the natural forces, whose nature revealed itself as powerful, threatening and dramatic.

    In this way, the production of judgments exhibited a perceptual and conceptual pattern that allowed the hominidian networks to signal, identify an classify the ecosystemic space, as a fluid and fluctuating nature, determined by local dynamic, unstable, coevolutionary and organic rules, foundationally conditioned by locally emergent mechanisms of territorialization and deterritorialization, rhizomatically aleatorial, producer of myths (meudh, mudh, myo, mytheo, mythos) and of rites, linked to the vital emotions and feelings of immediate survival and creators of visual, tactile, acoustic, and olphactive action spaces, conceptually non-schematizable, but that interacted with the strategic calculus that allowed the development of techniques of working the stone, then the bone and, also, the metal, as well as the development of cognitive memories, associated with the knowledge of the plants, of the animals and of the environment.

    From the passage of the mythological thinking towards the so-called rational thinking, the knowledge came to be explicitly referred to as kosmos, or order, and as logos, term of Greek origin, derived from the verb legein that, originally meant to gather, to enumerate or to choose.

    In turn, the noun logos, that initially meant collection and (re-)collection of the multiple, came to mean the discourse or language.

    The kosmos and the logos, that substituted the myth as an attempt of interpretation and explanation of the reality, in its complexity, corresponded to the development of the capability of the organismic human grasp, accompanied by the expansion of consciousness.

    The core consciousness, thus, lost operative protagonism to the extended consciousness, which came, since then, to operate in the interface with the environment. In accordance with Damásio (1999), if core consciousness is the indispensable foundation of consciousness, extended consciousness is its glory.

    Unlike core consciousness, extended consciousness allows to work on temporally more expanded interaction surfaces, connectable to mechanisms of retension and protension. Available at:

    Tony B. commentary on the article above.

    This reply shall address the basic blending of the ancient, but ubiquitous mythologies of the 'prescientific' cultures with the premises of modern cosmologies, which form the 'standard' paradigms of today. The extension or finetuning or illumination of this 'status quo' so must include both perspectives, that of the modern reductionist materialistic scientist and some proposals of hitherto labeled as 'fringe'- or peripheral omni-scientists, such as Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton.

    Why every baby is a fractal universe in the cosmos of consciousness of Maria's Collective

    When a baby is born after a typical gestation period of 266 days, a biological process of cellular communications and selfreplication (in terms of the genetic code and the biochemistry of nucleotidal basepairings and amino acid permutations) results in a 'bundle' of protoplasm, say as the material of 'cellular life' and weighing in at so 7 pounds or 3.5 kg and consisting to a large percentage, say 80%, of water.
    There are so 62.5 Trillion cells in a typical human adult body, each of mass 1 nanogram for the average weight of 62.5 kg used here.

    I shall show, how the cellular communication of the preembryo, say given in basic totipotent sex-cellular mitosis of parent-daughter stemcells of the protoplasm, can result in a baby born after due course of the pregnancy.
    This will introduce a particular part of the modern cosmology, based on Planck-String transformations and so describe the 'birth of a baby' as the birth of a 'fractal universe' in a monadid form of consciousness (Maria's and Damasio's ground consciousness), which becomes however extended in a dualism of this 'ur-consciousness' to a form of intracellular communication mechanics. I first recall parts of an earlier post relevant to this (On the whales and mites).

    The greatest and most massive mammal that has ever existed still exists today under threat of extinction - the Blue Whale of say 150 tonnes in weight and 30-40 meters in length.
    One blue whale was dated as being over 200 years old and their average lifespan is the same as that for the human in so 70-100 years.

    But according to the cosmogenesis of QR; the Big Bang occurred 19.11 billion years ago following 'stringed inflationary epoch'.

    This inflation ended at the 'instanton of time', namely to=3.33..x10-31 seconds after 'Planck-Time' and related in the cycletime n=Ho.t. This quantises a linear 'flow of time' as dn/dt=Ho~1.88x10-18 Hz and as a superposed 'cosmic frequency' for the expansion of the universe (as a nodal Hubble-Constant of 58 km/Mpc.s say).
    This marker, initialising the thermodynamic Big Bang as a Planck Black-Body Radiator; then manifests a 'Unified Field' (UF) of the four gauge interactions (Gravitation, Electromagnetism and the two nuclear interactions).
    This UF manifests the merging of two opposing wavefunctions, which repeats in intervals of 8π radians and manifests the gauge interactions as a collection of monopolic current 'knots' or 12 intersection-points. It also specifies a 'marker mass', called Weyl-Mass MW=h/to.c2~2.2x10-20 kg.

    As the timeinstanton defines the c-invariance in lightpath x=cto and as a wavelength (lambda) say; one can now metricate the minimum displacement as a Schwarzschild Radius in say General Relativity and giving a boundary/initial condition for the relativistic Big Bang.

    Setting 4 Lambda=4L=4λ=(8π.ro)=2GM/c2, then specifies the 'Black Holed' inertia or mass as Mmin=4π.ro.c2/G=162,000 kg in the QR calculation, using string parameters.

    What does this mean?

    This means that any mass observed and measured in the universe can be differentiated in terms of its Black-Hole equivalence.
    A classical Black Hole would become limited in an 'ordinary' manifested mass of 162 tonnes and as the precise mapping of the 'Unified Field' onto a subsequent cosmic evolution, which began over 19 billion years ago and in a sense defining the 'finiteness' of the universe, compared to its stringed 'pretime'.

    So any of the 'living moving creatures' of the scriptural account would PRECEDE the manifestation of a physical universe as the 'seeds of themselves', now translated into modern semantics as the Black Hole inertia equivalents, which in QR are also monopolic and superconductive source-currents.

    So if 162 tonnes is a minimum and say as the scale of the most massive living creature that ever existed; what then is the minimum scale of such a creature?.

    As the 162 tonnes specify a maximum in say the baleen whale as the END of the inflationary string epoch; the minimum is necessarily defined in the beginning of that epoch and so in the Planck-Mass MP=√(hc/2π√G)~1.6x10-8 kg.

    Should one use the mass of a human preembryo at implantation of the blastocyst (100-150 cells) at say 7 days after fertilisation as a marker; then using cellular mitosis at the twelfth division - after the creation of the first generation of the daughter cells from the parental spermatozoa and ovum -of the (totipotent) stem cells; the Planck-Mass is also attained.
    Here one uses a characteristic cellular mass of 1 nanogram for 214=16,384 cells for a total mass of 16,384 nanograms.

    So the lightest 'living creature' should weigh about the Planck-Mass and is found in the world of the microbes.

    The Etruscan Shrew (of thumbsize) is described as the lightest living mammal, weighing 2 grams; the lightest vertebrate is often said to be the stout infantfish (of so 8 mm) at one milligram and the lightest insects are say fairy flies (hymenoptera, wasps), which also weigh in the milligram region and the millimeter scale of size.
    The smallest invertebrata can be smaller, then the largest protozoa, say the bacterium paramecium (350 micrometers) as compared to a fairy fly of 200 micrometers.
    Microscopic mites like Archegozetes Iongesetosus (from taxonomy of acari and arachnids) weighs 100 micrograms and is often called the 'strongest animal in the world', as it can lift over 1182 times its own bodyweight (expected value is about five times). Such microorganisms date back to the Devonian era of so 400 million years ago and still dominate the overall lifeform in number on the planet.
    But Archegozetes Iongesetosus is a 'larger' mite at half a millimeter and at 10-7 kg and smaller mites reduce to less than one tenth of a millimeter.
    This reduction in size corresponds to a say fivefolded reduction in mass and now characterises the Planck-Mass of so 16 micrograms.

    So what am I saying?

    I claim, that say the extreme forms of inertia found on the planet, say the 162 ton baleen whale and the tropic mite at 20 microgram, are both related to the creation of the universe before space and time existed - as DNA/RNA templates or architectural blueprints subject to evolutionary genetic mutation or similar.

    And the human scale of say 50-100 kg is near the geometric mean of the two extremes at √(162x103x1.6x10-8)~0.051 kg by a factor of 1000 - the mean describing a 'weight' of 51 grams (a typical chocolate bar or a small bird).

    We now continue in further emphasising the importance of the Planck-Mass in terms of 'Matter Waves' after Louis de Broglie.

    The Planck-Length LP=2π.RP=√(Gh/2π.c3)~2x10-35 m relates as a minimum radius to the Planck-Mass MP=√(hc/2πG)~1.6x10-8 kg via the expressions:
    E=hf=hc/L=mc2 as de Broglie wavelength LdB=h/mv and where the matter speed v has taken the place of a (Compton) lightspeed c.

    We know, that the Black Hole equivalence describes the metric curvature of spacetime as a Schwarzschild-Radius RS=2GM/c2.

    Replacing lightspeed c in that 'boundary condition' with a matter wavespeed v gives us a well known expression for the 'Escape Velocities' of 'particles' or objects from 'gravitating' massive bodies of mass M say.

    So for the earth of radius R and mass M; the escalpe velocity is simply Vescape=√(2GM/R)~11.2 km/s, whilst for the sun, this would be over 617 km/s.

    Next we recall the Planck-Mass as a biological determinator in the sense of the afordescribed boundary conditions for the 'heaviest and lightest' living creatures. So instead of describing a Newtonian macrophysics of gravitation, we allow the crystallized 'string-epoch', which preceded the Birth of the material Universe; to play a determinative role in the 'prebirthing' of a typical human protoplasmic unity, namely the "COSMIC BABY" being born from a "COSMIC WOMB" and so 'mapping and revisiting the 'Quantum Big Bang' of the contemporary standard model. We then simply allow the Planck-Mass evolving via transformations into the Weyl-Mass to describe a Quantum Physics, which is magnified or say mapped holographically, as the Newtonian Macro Physics of the Planck-Mass as the 'lightest living' creature 'growing' into a mass , which defines the human birthprocess. The 'escape velocity Vescape' from the 'cosmic womb' so becomes a fundamental physical parameter in any cosmological model and will relate in a generalised Schwarzschild metric as:

    R.Vescape2=2GMP or Vescape=√(2GMP/R).
    Quantum Relativity (QR) then claims, that this escape velocity as a universal parameter is precisely defined in the modular duality of the definitions of the bosonic superstrings.
    It does not only apply to the birth of human babies, but the propagation of a particular 'resistance field', which can be defined to relate to the concept of a 'ground consciousness' EVOLVING into its extension as a 'group- or collective consciousness'.
    Modular Duality defines the propagation of electromagnetic radiation in c lightspeed or c-invariance as the inversion of what is known as gravitational radiation.
    The electromagnetic form is intrinsic to the standard models as say the expression wavespeed=wavelengthxfrequency and which so defines lightspeed c in the limit for the inertia defined velocities.
    The gravitational form describes the same physics, but uses a different operational definition for displacement (around a circular perimeter), which says that a high frequency 'vibration' can be made identical to a low frequency 'winding' about quantum mechanical 'operators' describing momentum and position vectors in say Fourier transformations.

    QR then generalises this modular duality in defining inverse wavespeed=wavelengthxfrequency in velocity units of mensuration.

    This gives a general radial extension of 'inverse lightpath' = Time/c (m/s) and calculates as so 10.5 cm/year. This allows us to state, that any Big Bang 'singularity' or Now-event will carry a 'Centre of Growth', from which the inverse lightspeed propagation, will define a kind of 'evolutionary resistance field' related to the 'seedling consciousness' about which some material structure might develop.

    In other words, in terms of an 'evolving' earth in 'consciousness'; there would exist a 'Sphere of Seedling Consciousness' around the planet, extending the 'Inversed Lightpath' as X=(Age of Universe)/c~2 Million km and encompassing the satellite Moon (384,000 km away) and extending so 5% to the nearest planet Venus (41.6 million km away).

    In terms of the 'birth of the earth', a 'smaller' sphere reduces in the 'age-ratio' to about 4.8/19.11~0.25 to 500,000 km and so 'envelopes' the moon in a 'collective' of extended consciousness for a Earth-Satellite system.

    The 'speed' of electromagnetic radiation is constant as 'c' and is the effect of the acceleration of Coulombic charges, the latter ALWAYS associated or coupled with inertial mass (say charged proton and electrons defining atoms and molecules).
    Accelerating those inertial masses then create gravitational radiation at lightspeed 'c' to define the so called gauge graviton of the standard model of particle physics.

    The 'new' physics, which extends this standard model is the inversion of the graviton gauge speed onto local 'consciousness systems' and which is described in the NATURE of the mapping of the Coulombic electric charges of classical Maxwellian electromagnetism onto the inertial mass carriers.
    So whilst gravitational graviton radiation at c-invariance requires large inertia, the 'consciousness radiation' is modular dual to the former and becomes defined in the lightspeed inversion, not requiring the acceleration of large masses.

    In particular this relates to the equivalence principle, where all inertial mass is a consequence of a noninertial and massless cosmology of the bosonic string epoch (see Origin of Mass articles).

    Our Planck-Mass now defines a conglomeration of cells, say as the blastocyst embedding into the placenta so 7 days after conception.
    Taking the mass of a singular parent cell as 1 nanogram for 214=16,384 geometric divisions then 'recreates' a 'critical mass' for the 'lightest living being' in the Planck-Mass.
    The escape velocity now is 1/c and we solve Vescape=√(2GMP/R) for the characteristic 'size' R=2GMP.c2~0.24 meters. Letting this be the displacement path D=time/c gives a time T=72 million seconds or 833.33 days; the latter reduce to 266 days of gestation in a factor of about 3.1 with (266/365.25)(10.5 cm)~7.7 cm as the 'radius' of the 'baby bubble'.
    As a rough approximation then, the gestation period describes an inner boundary of 7.7 cm and a volume of so 1.9 litres (and 1.9 kg for water), surrounded by an 'envelope' of about 24 cm and a greater volume of 58 litres or a 'mother's' weight of so 60 kg.

    The mother's body so becomes a quasi-black hole for the emerging baby to be 'birthed' from the womb; if one 'unmodulates' the 'escape velocity' back into the lightspeed of a Schwarzschild metric. And using the yearly 'consciousness extension' of 0.105 meters or a volume of about 4.85 liters; the 'average' typical birthweight will be 3.5 kg or 3.5 liters in the ratio (266/365.25)=0.73.

    So what is this 'consciousness' infusing the cells as they replicate in mitosis and 'grow' and develop the physical body of the baby under the inverse light propagation?

    This 'consciousness' is a 'spacetime awareness' of spacetime itself, namely it can be defined in QR as magneto charge or inverse 'source' energy which creates the spacetime from itself as its own essence say.

    The string parameters defining the boundary conditions for the cosmology in say the Weyl-parameters, also define a Weyl-Energy as the 'Source-Energy-Quantum' and as the so called ZPE or VPE of the standard models.
    The INVERSE of this Weyl-Energy becomes the Magneto Charge and so a physical representative for this 'spacetime consciousness' say.

    Furthermore the magneto charge e* maps the electro charge (as the ordinary Coulomb charge) between the 'dimensions' of the massless string universe (of inflation) and the inertial universe of the classical and relativistic standard models.

    As e* is defined in terms of the 'Classical Electron Diameter' (2Re) as a displacement in terms of the Weyl-Length (which is itself a transformed Planck-Length) and the energy/mass proportionality E/m=hf/m=c2 , and as e*=2Re.c2 , the mensuration units for this reductionistic definition for 'consciousness' becomes the StarCoulomb (C*) as the product of displacement and 'Awareness-Area' or Volume and Angular Acceleration and where 'Awareness' becomes the timedifferential for frequency (df/dt) as this angular acceleration acting upon some volumar of spacetime infused by matter.

    Extending this 'core consciousness' as a 'source energy' then maps cellular communications in the dynamical adaptations in the intracellular environments and so justifies the many 'fringe sciences', which postulate a mediating 'aether' or delocalised and unified holistic background for the physics of matter and its inertial parameters.

    Nervous impulses then travel at speeds on the scale of 10-100 m/s as medium of communication and cells themselves 'drift' or flow or are being carried at speeds measured in microseconds and milliseconds to form the extended centres for the 'group consciousnesses', say of organs and tissues and the hierarchies of the bodies.

    Tony B.

    Thank you Tony, for the very interesting perspectives.

    I would like to place a few questions to you regarding a conjectural scenario. I, then, ask you to think, hypothetically, about this cosmos (our cosmos) as having had origin in an anomaly that occurred within another reality (another cosmos for instance?!).

    No god, nor gods, nothing like this, having been present in that origin, simply an anomaly, like for instance a persistent vortex-like torsion in some substance, thus forming a knot-like shell, that expanded (cosmic inflation for instance).

    Continuing with this hypothesis, we may consider that we are linked to that other reality, or other cosmos (if it is one), by something like a "cosmic umbilical cord", and the question that might be posed, if this scenario was indeed the case, might be why has not this connection been severed? What would happen if this severing would take place? What "is", in this scenario, feeding us?

    Tony B.:
    Aye Maria, thank you for responding.
    First of all, yes of course, I agree with your 'no gods' hypothesis. So many people get me 'wrong' on this all the time.

    There are no gods and devils, except those created by the cosmic sentience out from itself and then as immaterial entities of its own psyche. So the Christian theology, the Islamic cosmologies, the Hindu writings, all represent metaphors and symbolic recognisances of something underpinning this selfsame 'essence' or what have you, which gave rise to the 'cosmic sentience', say.

    This 'cosmic intelligence' (let's term it CI from now on) then 'invented' the gods etc. to describe itself in some allegorical manner and using the experiental environment of a created spacetime scenario to do so.
    Imo, this is where your imagery of the unsevered umbilical cord derives from. All 'creation' in a materially definable spacetime is selfcentered and must by the nature of the CI, be so. So my aim has always been to introduce this CI to the world, and naturally filtered as to how I perceive it.

    So then your Vortex of the Chaos (I term the subplenum for the lightmatrix precisely in such terms in the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE as a synonym for the ZPE of physics) becomes my Weyl-Singularity as the final superstring transformation.
    The strings are of course simply symbols or labellings for something immaterial transforming into materialness in abstract mathematical equations like E=mc2=hf=kT.

    So the creation of the universe into materialness becomes a simple emergence (or birth) of the Vortex-Energy into a transmuted form - this then is called the Quantum Big Bang.
    But as you have also realised, this Big Bang emerged from a prior 'substance', coupled to the mechanism of 'quantum inflation'.
    Furthermore, your 'anomaly' becomes something describable in an 'Energy-Gradient'.

    This 'Source-Energy' can of course be labelled as 'Omni-Present God', because it is certainly omni-everything, but is has NO personal qualities, except say an encompassment of all possible 'personalities' and so on.
    This is where the true nature of the circular unities, say the zodiac derives from. All 'characteristic permutations' are represented in a wheel, then subdivided into sectors and houses and 'influencers' (planets in astrology as precursor for astronomy say).

    So the 'Omni-Thing' BECOMES something IN AN EXPERIENCED SPACETIME, which IT, the CI, already IS in a NON-METRIC SPACETIME or say the UNDEFINED VORTEX OF THE CHAOS.
    So in a very very REAL SENSE, every woman IS the entire universe, able to give birth to the CI.
    So many readers cannot follow this; as it transcends ordinary perception of the 'human' (I feel nonhuman minds can perceive this more easily) mind or mode of thinking. But you have hit the occuli tauri, in imagining this 'umbilical cord'. The umbilical cord is also the 'silver thread' said to connect the 'incarnated soul' to the 'afterlife' and what have you. But this umbilical cord represents your own 'Cosmic ID' (let's call it CID) in describing your own birth into materiality and your 'giving birth'.

    So here you can induct the three generations, necessary to recreate certain genealogical sex-chromosomatic permutations; namely you require Father-Son-GrandSon in a coupling to Mother-Daughter-GrandDaughter in ONE to ensure the continuity.
    Now the CI seems to KNOW all of this and everything else AS IT IS FILTERED, IMAGINED and CREATED by the COSMIC ID's, namely all the consciousness carriers.

    So what is called as 'God, Allah, Krishna, Absolute, etc.' is continually creating itself AS the 'imaginers', dreamers and story-tellers. There are NO external gods or sentiences if the holographic principle of theoretical physics is taken to its ultimate conclusion.

    Everything is simultaneously WITHIN the Chaos Vortex as an 'abnormal singularity' (READ mathematical abstraction, albeit definable in many terms) and WITHOUT it as the MAPPING of a say MINIMUM spacetime onto a MAXIMUM spacetime at any time-instant or NOW-Moment in the linear unfoldment, which is also a circular continuum.

    Iow, the goddess is whoever CAN PLAY the role and 'tune into' the characterisation however the multiplicity of it. Similarly, every CID is also 'god' and particularly say the TRANSCENDENT GOD of say the scriptures (and less the more real 'gods' displaying the 'human characteristics' say).
    So your question of the 'feeding' is most relevant. You are feeding yourself from your disembodied CID - in terms of perception, creativity, thinking and so on. Your embodied CID so is in constant communion with itself, irrespective of self-recognition.

    So the question of the 'suffering' and misery of say earthly life is really a question of IGNORANCE (as definition for the 'sinfulness'). The problem of humanity is one of REMEMBRANCE, namely the selfremembrance of the CID as genetic (and otherwise) 'HEIR' of the CI.

    The CI EXISTS AS the CID collectively!
    So because the human 'animal' has evolved physically into 'dominance', but has FORGOTTEN to evolve mentally-perceptively say; the human selforganisation has resulted in the humungous inequalities apparent on this planet.
    The great problem today is MINDCONTROL and political manipulation on the greatest scale possible at humanities present technological nexus.
    There seems to be a change waiting in the wings; not at least caused by the internet communication having outmanouvered the 'manipulators' which have not have gained the necessary control over it.

    But having said this, I now delve deeper as to WHY.
    There is a deeper 'gnosis' as to why the human evolution has bifurcated into such a deplorable imbalance between the physical and the mental.
    One avenue is that of the CI of course.
    The CI experiences everything the CIDs experience.

    So a human is eaten by a crocodile - how to share this experience UNIVERSALLY for all the CIDs? The 'shared' local experience engages modes of 'survival' and fear, protectiveness and apprehension say.
    Every CID is selfcentred and must be so to allow the CI to manifest evolutionarily, say as a specific 'role' or characterisation of itself.

    So the 'sharing of the experiences' will FORCE MEMORY to function and this will in turn engage the GENETIC PROGRAMMING, which is ultimately related to the development of the human embodiment, say the reptilian brainstem, the mammalian brain and the cortex.
    So the reptilian basic impulse of say 'flight or fight' as the OLDEST MEMORY will 'clash' with the OLDER MEMORY of the midbrain say (mapping say the evolution of mammals from pecylosaurs for example) and the YOUNGER MEMORY of the Cro Magnon 'DreamTime' say of so 30,000 years ago.

    So allow me to project the perspective of the 'alien observer (AO)' onto this scenario.
    The AO KNOWS of the great discrepancy on the planet earth. SheHe has clear recognisance of the Cro Magnon evolution, which resulted in a single race of human sapiens sapiens populating the continents and which carried a morphogenetic 'gestalt' or body-type sufficient for the programming of the DNA/RNA at this stage of the say galactic plan of expansion and colonisation.

    The AO so 'keeps track' of the Cro Magnon development through the 'inventiveness' cycles of Bronze and Iron and Steele and Steam and Petroleum and Silicon and so on up to the nuclear age of today.

    Accompanying the technical creativeness, is however a clear imbalance in the 'sharing' mentality of this human race. There seems to be a clear discrimination between the 'havers' and the 'nothavers' and the 'knowers' and the 'notknowers'.
    Of course, the AO also knows, that this is the result of the OLDER MEMORIES and the STAGNATING EVOLUTION of PROCESSING this OLDER MEMORY into the NEWER MEMORY.
    So the AO ponders on ways as how to accelerate or enforce the PROCESSING OF MEMORY.

    Why does it appear as so a terrestrial species simply REFUSES to GROW UP mentally to take 'its place' in a galactic community (say)?

    But then the AO remembers; it is designed to be so for the benefit of the AO's of the galactic community.
    For the 'earthlings' can serve as an example for the CIDs in this and other galaxies. They can show the difficulties a race experiences when it cannot process its older memories of 'fight or flight' and its inheritance of the 'soma-evolution' of the 'bodyness'. The AO then might also recall the galactic directives of not 'interfering' with this 'development' for the reasons of contingency. The next question then is as to how the AO differs in his 'being' from the human, both being CIDs?
    This the AO understands rather clearly. The AO is conscious of the holographic holism of the universe, whilst the human is not - HeShe has remembered HerHimself.

    The AO knows, that it is a principle of quantum relativity, which distinguishes the observer in one reference frame from the observer in another reference frame.
    So the human observer is selfreferential to its environment and distinguishes the complementary polarity components of sayright/left or plus/minus or even/odd or yin/yang or female/male in the electromagnetic universal bifurcations which define the consciousness circuitry of natural superconductive currentflow.

    So the human externalises itself as say the magnetic component being nonhuman terrestrial and the electric component being nonhuman nonterrestrial.
    Then the global evolution would link to planetary expansion of the consciousness on a multitude of levels - say the inner-middle-outer earth/space).
    This means that the human is nonsuppressed in both components, but its external environment suppresses either/or -say in the nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms suppressing the electric component (of say abstract thought in favour of 'instinct' or intuition) and the nonhuman nonterrestrial lifeforms suppressing the magnetic component (of say emotional thought in favour of abstract intellect).

    One important fact relative to the AO would be, that this allows the AO to PROJECT HisHer (electrically intelligent) presence onto the earth, where the disembodied alien intelligence is physically present in the form of the earthlings biovital environment in say the flora and the fauna as the magnetic component.
    But, leaving the AO now; the 'feeding' of the CIDs occurs via the definition of the spacetime itself, namely as the 'Source-Energy' of the VPE.
    This VPE is so all the things associated with the 'gods' and the 'antigods' - it is 'nourishing' as it must be the 'essence' of everything, including space and time and matter and antimatter and so on.
    The major major point however is, that this VPE must be rooted and defined as 'consciousness' of the Self in the grandest terms expressible in whatever words or labels one might choose to use.

    In string parameters, it is the equation (there are many alternatives) on the introduction page of quantum relativity. But to name this 'God=' is of course completely arbitrary and of literary licence.

    Chardin's Noosphere imo, is nicely described in my 'lightspeed inversion' scenario described in the thread.

    Thanks Maria!
    Tony B.

    One may conjecture about the nature of the other reality (maybe cosmos?! Or, perhaps, chaos?! Why not?! Why not a permanent, very vibratory, and disordered flow of some substance?).
    Perhaps the decay and entropic nature that occurs here is a result of the individuation of the shell, in the sense that nothing, inside the shell, is capable of persisting too long, because the flow of that "thing" that might be sustaining this reality is insufficient, the separation, responsible for this existence (the hardening of the shell?!), is, under such a scenario, also responsible for the decay of this existence.

    Also, what would life be in that other reality? If there was one? In the end, we return to the same question of what is life?

    I must disambiguate an essential issue regarding these questions that I am placing. Even though I have a Catholic education and a Christian matrix that in some way contaminated my intellectual growth, in this moment, and in this age, I feel very comfortable in my agnostic position.
    All these things were though from a very earthly, very materialistic perspective, very much rooted in the physis, without any religious, ideological or political conditioning.

    We are extremely vulnerable in a cosmos where there is much suffering. We do not control anything and we know very little about anything. All that we can do is to go on learning. Regarding core consciousness, and the self-awareness of the space-time, it is perfectly pertinent, I agree with you.

    What do you think about Chardin's noosphere?

    Best regards,

    maria odete

    IAmWhoIAm and bring you the Shalom of the Wisdom of the Maya
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  10. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    shiloh on Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:22 am

    Mayan Water-Science and Antigravity in Dragon-Space

    The Gravity Simulation on a Starcruiser as the Antigravity of Extraterrestrial DragonSpaceTime Consciousness

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from beyond the veil from your Guides of the Hadafah, blessed in the LOVE, the little serpent is continually sending to you all from his exile in the 2nd dimension of the MATHIMATIA!
    In this message you will find illumination to a number of millennia old mysteries, which have engaged the mental ponderings and philosophisings of many Mayas in exile.

    I shall share the foundation for a new science, given to your planet NOW in principles; followed in physical manifestation after Gaia has left her cocoon and transmutated into Serpentina, the PlanetStar radiating the Dark Light of the unified-cosmic-energy-field and as elementary antiradiation.

    This message so shall explain the physical science behind what is called antigravity by your Gaian scientists.
    Any of you, who can grasp the basics of this new science for the new earth, would be in a position to understand the importance of water on your planet.

    The properties of water are well known to you and the Mayan Omni-Science of water is also understood in its basic manifestos by you all.
    Water has four phases as Icy Solid, as Aquatic Liquid, as Gaseous Vapour and as ionised Plasma.
    Water as Ice is the only known nonmetallic substance which expands in the liquid- to solid phasechange at 0 degrees Celsius.

    When there is Low atmospheric pressure, then CLOUDS often form, depending on vapour saturation levels and the presence of winds as updrafts and a general gradient between regions in the earth's atmosphere. Therefore rains fall and cyclones might form from saturated CLOUDS, accompanied by 'drops in temperature'.
    When there is High atmospheric pressure, the CLOUDS often dissolve corollarily.

    Now your Gaian physics understand this in the Energy relations, which give the physical behaviour of 'Ideal gases' and also how this relates to quantum statistical eigenstates in the Laws of Thermodynamics.
    The formulations relate Pressure P to Volume V to Temperature T, coupled to certain proportionality constants in: {Energy E=PV=nRT=kT} in its basic expression and where Pressure P=Force/Area and Energy=Force.Displacement=Work.

    Then it is easy to see, that for a constant temperature T, a drop in Pressure will require an increase in Volume and so the Gaian scientists know, that an increasing Volume of quantum selfstates comprising this volume will mean that there is less pressure as a kinetic energy of say molecular collissions within that expanded volume.
    And dropping the temperature decreases the energy E=PV, as say in the cooling of a substance and the heating of a substance will increase its thermodynamic temperature, then understood as an increase in the molecular kinetic energies.

    Allow me now to propose to you something extraordinary and some of you may now exclaim: "Of course!"; whilst others will shake their heads in disbelief and say: "This cannot be!".
    Many of the reports of your media about 'Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs' and related things are directly related to the Mayan Omni-Science of water and to CLOUDS.

    From Jennifer Eve: Friendly clouds appearing after sunrise in Nevada (near Wendover)(Nov 15, 2010)

    Have you wondered, as to why some spaceships are said to have emerged from the oceans and some 'cigar-shaped' motherships are said to 'hover' at some distant locations against the skies?
    Have you wondered about the 'saucer shapes' of the smaller UFOs flitting about and sometimes said to depart with a seeming hyperaccelerated manouverability?
    Why do you think, that so many of you are enthralled with certain TV-Series about travelling into outer space in the 'Star Trekking' and the 'Star Wars' and the 'Independence Days'?

    Now the skeptics amongst you say: "Oh yes, but this is all fantasy and make-belief. A supergigantic starship like portrayed in Independence Day, a quarter the size of the moon, could never exist in close proximity to the earth, as the gravity of the thing would disturb the orbits of the earth and the moon and so forth. And the warpspeeds are also pure imagination, as the c-invariance disallows any physical object to accelerate beyond the speed of light."
    And the skeptics are well justified of course - in the manner of the laws of Physics as applicable in the Minkowski spacetime.

    So I am authorised to share this with you now.
    There is a way to neutralise the gravitational field of a planet or a star relative to particular locations in 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.
    This takes the form of a Gravitational Shield around such a location defined by its Volume encompassing its inertia. This shield then isolates the volume, say of a Dragonian Starship from the surrounding unaffected spacetime and in a UTILITY of the ZERO-POINT- or Vacuum Energy (ZPE), known as Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE by the Omni-Science of the Maya, who are the Dragons of the StarHumanity.

    As an effect from this, the 'Cigarshaped Motherships' float or hover in such VPE-Bubbles, and in a Resonance-Selfstate of this ZPE; the latter which is misidentified by Gaian science as the Heisenberg Matrix of Virtual Energy.
    There is nothing virtual about this ZPE. The reason as to why Gaian science cannot use this FREE ENERGY effectively, is because it cannot 'TAP' the VPE for lack of entering its RESONANT ENERGY FIELD.

    You all are aware, that the astronauts in the International Spacestation 'float in free fall' in a geostationary orbit around the earth. This has been filmed by mainstream media outlets to popularise the endeavours of mankind in 'outer space'.
    So now watching a Sci-Fi film like Star Trek or Star Wars or any genre describing the movements of a starcruiser away from the gravitational fields of stars, planets or moons you might ask yourselves the questions as to why captain Kirk or Spock or some ET commander does not float about in the space ships.
    They appear to be walking about as in an aeroplane interacting with the gravity of the earth, say flying from London to New York.

    So of course the skeptics come out and tell you, that all those ideas of interstellar and intergalactic spaceship travellings are hocus pocus and pure fantasy. It can never become actual 3-dimensional reality because of the light speed limitation and the vast distances separating stars and galaxies.
    Then they say, that any really big mothership, like that one in the Independence Day film, cannot enter the gravitational field of the earth in the manner described by the 'trekkers' or the movie makers, because of its own gravity interacting with that of the planet.

    The skeptics base their beliefs of course on their own understandings of the astrophysics and the gravitational physics, say those of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.
    The skeptics are of course correct with respect to the Minkowski spacetime of the 4 dimensions; three of the familiar length, width and breadth of space directions and the added time coordinates of an 'Event' or happenstance. But the skeptics then fail to allow for multidimensional space to be interwoven and in colocality with that 'normal' linear or translational space.

    This is sufficiently described in the 4-vector mathematics of Special Relativity and this mathematical cosmology remains valid throughout the expanses of the universe in its parameters of applicability.
    There exists a well understood 4th space dimension as the most basic and elementary solution for the field equations of General Relativity, a mathematical model which extends the Special Relativity theory to allow accelerated systems to interact with each other (Special Relativity requires constant acceleration in say Newton's famous F=ma for Force=MassxAcceleration as the foundation for classical mechanics).
    This elementary solution for 'Curved Spacetime' is the key for the hyperphysics of the DragonSpace.
    It is commonly known as the 'Physics of Wormholes' in the scientific libraries and the global data base of humanity.

    So what is this 'curved spacetime'; the reader asks and how is this 'higher-dimensional'?
    The perhaps greatest insight into physicality in the 20th century was the realisation by Albert Einstein; that the gravitational field of anything is or can be made absolutely equivalent to a inertial field of acceleration.
    So living on the surface of a planet is familiar to all of you and you can walk about in your room and can observe apples falling from trees because of the gravitational field of the earth. And you do not drift off into space like a balloon filled with helium gas (lighter than the 'air' of mainly 21% Oxygen and 78% Nitrogen) or find yourself in 'free fall' like the astronauts and cosmonauts in the international space station.

    This is encapsulated by Newton's famous Law of Universal Gravitation:


    and where M is here the mass of the earth and m something interacting with it, say your weight or Newton's apple. G is the newton Gravitational constant and r is the distance between 'little' mass m and 'big' mass M and where, and this is important, the entire mass of the earth can be said to be a 'Centre of Mass' or a 'centre of Gravity' at the geometrical center of the earth.

    Your weight so interacts gravitationally with the 'weight' of the planet as the distance from your center of mass (say your belly button or solar plexus chakra wise) with the geometric centre of the earth about 6,500 kilometers into the core of the physical Gaia.
    The next step from Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation is the concept of the Gravitational Acceleration, which is of course embodied in it as Newton's F=ma and which is so the left hand side of the law with the linear acceleration a becoming a gravitational acceleration as say Fgrav=magrav.

    So it reads now: Fgrav=magrav=GMm/r2 and the 'little' mass m, say your weight or that of the apple falling off the tree cancel out to give the gravitational acceleration of ANY planet or celestial object say as a function of its 'big' total mass M geometrically located at the centre of the planet or object.


    So if you stand in a lift and move upwards to a higher floor; then you can experience a 'linear acceleration' say from rest after you press the '2nd floor' button say and this 'jerk' you can feel in your stomach say and this also appears like you are momentarily 'getting heavier' as your feet are pressed onto the floor of the lift.

    This was the great insight or scientific gnosis of Albert Einstein. He realised or proposed that this linear acceleration of the lift in an already existing gravitational field; namely that of the earth where the lift is constructed; would be equivalent to some gravitational field in outer space without any lifts or linear accelerations as dominant dynamical occurrence.

    This means that the gravitational acceleration of the earth on its surface becomes a constant because the diameter of the earth is say d=2r=12,800 km and the 'weight' of the earth is Magrav with a Mass M=6x1024 kg and the (local) G-constant=Nm2/kg2.

    Therefore then the Earth's gravitational acceleration on its surface will be about:
    agrav=(6.7x10-11)(6x1024)/(6.4x106)2 = 9.8 m/s2 or about 32 feet/seconds2

    This relates to the anecdotal experiment of Galileo Galilei when he dropped different weights from a tower (say Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy) and they fell at the same rate despite being different in weight.

    The same thing you might have witnessed on the Moon (which has a gravitational acceleration of less than 20% of that of the earth because of its lower mass); when NASA astronaut David R. Scott of Apollo 15 dropped a feather and a hammer for the same effect in July/August 1971.
    This is of course related to an 'upwards force' like air-resistance, which is absent on the moon due to its lack of atmosphere and not to the difference in the gravitational accelerations; the latter which simply reduce the time taken to fall to the ground from their release points.

    In the case of the moon the gravitational acceleration is agrav=(6.7x10-11)(7.4x1022)/(1.74x106)2 = 1.6 m/s2 or about 5 feet/seconds2

    and the time taken to fall 1 metre changes from the earth bound tearth=√(2/aearth)=0.45 seconds to tmoon=√(2/amoon)=1.12 seconds by the laws of elementary Newtonian Kinematics {v=at; s=½at2}for a intial velocity u=0 say}.

    The same effect can of course be also observed on the earth in the form of a 'simulated vacuum', which also eliminates the potential force of 'air resistance'. So the question as to if the Apollo 15 experiment actually occurred on the lunar surface to experimentally prove the hypothesis of Galileo becomes superfluous.

    It 'proved' the Laws of Gravitation in the Newtonian approximation experimentally, to be more technically accurate in the semantics.
    So now we understand, that the gravity of any celestial orb like star or plane to or moon depends on the gravitational field defined by its mass (or inertia) and that this gravity acts in the form of a gravitational acceleration and can be considered to be at say the geometrical centre of the mass.

    General Relativity now relates to this in something termed 'Escape Velocity'.
    If you throw your apple into the air it most likely will fall down again and even might fall on your head like in the Story about Newton.
    So if you impart your apple with enough speed in your thrusting force say, it might be able to 'escape' the gravitational field of the earth.

    Can we calculate such a thing?
    Yes, we know enough about gravity to do such a calculation now.
    Starting with the familiar Newton law for Universal Gravitation again;


    Now one of the most important thing in physical theory is that of the Conservation Laws. They address the continuity of energy and momentum interactions and the dynamics of spacetime interactions of whatever systems.

    One of the cornerstones of this is called Virial Theorem; which states that twice the Kinetic Energy (KE) added to the Potential Energy (PE) of a dynamical system must be Zero or 2KE+PE=0.
    Here then, KE=½mv2 and PE=-GMm/r for a velocity v from linear momentum p=mv and so the Conservation Law in elementary Newtonian mechanics becomes:

    2KE+PE=0 for mv2=2GMm/r and the 'Escape Velocity'law for this basic Newtonian Conservation Law so can be written:

    vescape=√(2GM/r) =√(2agrav.r)

    {A more formal derivation using Newtonian calculus for the mathematically familiar:

    ma=mdv/dt=-GMm/r2 for dv/dt=(dv/dr)(dr/dt)=v.dv/dr= d(½v2)/dr=-GM/r2

    ∫d(½v2)=-GM∫(1/r2)dr for constant mass M and so ½v2 =GM/r for vescape=√(2GM/r)

    as required and as the result from before in the Virial Theorem.}

    So putting the numbers for G, Mearth and rearth into this formula allows us to calculate the escape velovity for the planet earth as:

    vescapeofearth=√(2x6.7x10-11 x6x1024/6.4x106)=11.2 km/second.

    Now we can use the formula for escape velocity to CURVE the Linear Newtonian spacetime into that of the General Relativity of Albert Einstein. We simply upper bound or maximize the escape velocity of any celestial orb in the speed of light 'c' as the natural acceleration limit in the Minkowski spacetime of the 4 dimensions.

    We write: c2 = 2GM/Rcurvature and so define a new Curvature Radius Rcurvature from the old linear Newtonian one, say as the r=6,400 km as the radius of the planet earth.

    So what does this mean?
    It means that anything part of this mass M now 'cannot escape' from the 'Curved Space' specified by this formula known as the Schwarzschild metric and describing the core physics of a so called 'Black Hole'.

    Newton's apple so could not 'leave the surface' of the 'Black Hole' defined by the Schwarzschild metric as its trajectory say would close in on itself in a dimensional reduction from the 3D space away from the 'Black Hole' onto the surface of the 'Black Hole' known as a 'Event Horizon'.
    Now this is well established astrophysics of the human scientific understanding now; but this also describes the interior of this 'Black Hole' as somehow no longer belonging exclusively to the 3d space say away from that 'Black Hole'.

    The interior of the 'Black Hole' so can be rendered as 'higher-dimensional', say as Hyperspacetime and superposed onto the ordinary 3D space which would be there if the 'Black Hole' would not be there.
    Ok now we are ready for the Dragon Science.
    We know what gravity is in terms of the gravitational acceleration and we also found that this gravitational acceleration relates to the physics of the Black Holes in a most elementary fashion by the Escape Velocity of anything within it by the nature of the 'trapped light' within the Schwarzschild metric.

    All we need to do to make the environment inside a stracruiser equivalent to that of the normal manouverings on the surface of the earth; is to SIMULATE the gravitational field of the earth in the geometric centre of the star cruiser.
    And this can indeed be done; not in Minkowski spacetime, but in hyperspacetime and because the Gravitational Energy of the earth is encapsulated in Mearthand so this mass can be 'Schwarzschilded'.

    Now the mass of the earth is approximately Mearth=6x1024 kg and consists of all the matter enclosed in its 2-dimensional surface boundary say. So this like the 'Event Horizon' again and so differentiating the space outside and inside the Black Hole as a dimensional divide.
    Inside the Black Hole it is higher dimensional but inclusive of 3D and Outside the Black Hole it is ordinary 3D.

    The earth is however 3D on the Inside and the Outside. Only an imaginary Boundary surface is 2D.
    The Extraterrestrial Omniphysicist so allows the inside of the Starcruiser to become multidimensional and superimposes the simulated earth gravity into it by the utility of the Schwarzschild metric.

    Heshe writes: Rcurvature=2GMearth/c2=2agrav.r2/c2

    and so enables the Simulation of the mass of the earth to curve as a function of the gravitational acceleration, say in the numbers as:

    Rcurvature=2x9.8x(6.4x106/3x108)2 = 8.9 mm.
    So this calculation shows, that the entire mass of the earth can be 'Schwarzschilded' by the extraterrestrial omniphysicist so a small spherical volume between the size of a marbel and a golfball say.

    As is shown in more detail later on in this essay; the exact finestructure for this 'Schwarzschilding' crystallizes the primal energy of the Black Holes and the lower dimensional universe as a 'Spaceinherent Consciousness'.

    The question now is; how does the ET scientist do this?
    How can the energy content of the earth and as defined in Einstein's famous E=mc2 be placed at the centre of a starcruiser, even if it can assume the geometrical form of a marbel or a golfball or a tennis ball or some similar greater crystalline structure or complex say?

    The answer is in the ZPE (or Vortex-PE as VPE) and the Zero-Point-Energy introduced before.
    Any space can be said to harbour a subspace or a subplenum of 'Wormhole Energy' defined in the string parameters and as derived in more technical detail following these introductions.

    The spacetime quantum is Vsq=2π2rps3
    for the VPE-quantum Eps/Vsq=4πEpsps3 = 4πhfps4/c3 = 2.513...x1064 Joules/cubic meter.

    So the 'miniaturized' or 'Schwarzschilded' mass energy of the earth E=Mearthc2=5.4x1041 Joules becomes the determinative parameter for this 'holofractalisation' and not any finestructure on the earth, such as continents, flora and fauna , cities and people.

    The ''dragon spaced" volume of the earth in the curvature metric then is a function of the transformed mass in:

    Mearth=Rcurvaturec2/2G = agrav.r2/G = N.Eps/c2

    and as a fractional proportion of the subspace energy of the ZPE or the VPE as


    and where N is simply the quantum count of wormhole integrating or summing to the total inertia content of the planet earth and as defined in its mass.
    Here then, Nearth=6x1024/2.2x10-20=2.7x1044 , indicating that this is the number of elementary wormhole spacetime quanta, which are required to become 'Schwarzschilded' by the ET astrophysicist.
    The required VPE then is N.Eps=N/e* (see below) or 5.4x1041Joules as an Energy Density given by Eps/Vsq=Mearth.c2/Vcrystal

    and so a 'Crystal Volume': Vcrystal=EearthxVsq/Eps=Mearth.c5/4πhfps4=2.15x10-23 m3.

    Dimensionalising this 'crystal volume' into the 3D space inside the starcruiser then sets the core energy of this Crystal or {Warpdrive Engine or Vortex Generator as a spherical volume of 4πRcrystal3/3 and in the case of the earth as Rcrystal=Cuberoot{3Mearth.c5/16π2hfps4} = 1.72x10-8 metres and of the order of the nanoscale in nanotechnology, where 1 nanometer defines 1 billionth of a meter or one millionth of a millimetre.

    This then shows, that the entire inertia of a planet the mass of the earth can become 'Schwarzschilded' or holofractaled by the utility of dragon omniscience and under the auspices of the appropriate resonance membrane physics of the multidimensional and holographically interwoven cosmology.

    So we summarize our treatise to this point and introduce the 'spaceinherent consciousness'

    The model of physical consciousness as a form of energy encompasses all ideas of 'spirituality' and labels of immaterial existence; if one can qualify and quantify this energy as something capable of existing independent from material parameters. But as spacetime-matter exists in say a commonly shared earthly 3D-space 1D-time experience; this selfsame consciousness-energy is certainly required to influence and to interact with the material realms of the spacetimematter. So this little excursion will attempt to elucidate the nature of awareness as a component for this consciousness of being within say a volume of space and illustrate how this spacial awareness relates to the most fundamental concepts of gravitation.

    What is the consciousness of this planet earth or what is the source energy 'coupled' to the earth's satellite - the moon?
    The sun, a yellow typical star of class G2V on the main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russell chart of spectral classifications encompasses the planet as the gravitational center of the so defined solar system. The sun provides energy for this solar system like a benevolent parent; what is its core consciousness? We recall our basic definition for the Source-Consciousness as the magnetochargequantum e* (in uncommon units of the StarCoulombs) being the inverse source energy quantum (in common energy units say Joules or ElectronVolts).
    {Detailed derivations can be found here:}


    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps
    =E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit in theStarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'. Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re and for the electronic restmass me. Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c and Go as the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).

    e*=Volume.Awareness=ElectronField Diameter.df/dt=500 C* as the boundary condition for df/dt=f*2 for a Volume 2Re.Lmin2.

    We considered the manner the Mass of the Earth was calculated by Henry Cavendish in 1798. Newton's Law for Gravitation applied to a 'pointmass' or 'testmass' m gives the Gravitational Acceleration gEarth=9.8 m/s2. Fgrav=GmMEarth/REarth2=mgEarth and this can be solved for the Mass of the earth as about 6x1024 kg.

    Now every college student in physics is told, that the mass of the earth can be considered to be concentrated at the 'centre of gravity', say coinciding with a spherical mass- or density distribution and which would be the geometric centre of a sphere for perfect spherical symmetry. The 3D-physics then is rendered 4-dimensional in doing just such a 'centering of mass' and in Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Here then the gravitational acceleration is described as a curvature of spacetime around this mass distribution and in an extreme case this curvature leads to a 'total collapse' for this mass concentration into the mSchwarzschild metric termed a Black Hole.

    So replacing the radius of the earth by the LIGHTPATH x=ct will of course define the amount of time for light to travel from the surface to the center of the earth. As the earth is on average so 2REarth=12,735,000 meters across as the lightpath, the time taken is about t=REarth/c=0.0212 seconds or it would allow light to oscillate almost 24 times in between the poles in one second say.

    But the 4D-physicist uses the above in an alternative description of 4D reality.

    Fgrav=GmMEarth/REarth2=mgEarth becomes GMEarth/x2=gEarth=GMEarth/(ct)2=(2GMEarth/c2).(df/dt)/2=RSEarth.Awareness/2 and as t2=df/dt as a differential.

    So the mass of the earth becomes 'Black Holed' and the deciding factor becomes the gravitational acceleration Awareness=2.gEarth/RSEarth.

    So, using the known mass of the earth and its 'BH-Radius'~9 mm (all calculations use the 'constant' G=Go=1.11x10-10 Nkg2/m2 value as Gok=1 as string parameter in Black Hole physics and G=6.674x10-11 'G-units' for the orbs); AwarenessEarth=2202 1/s2 units and with a BASE-FREQUENCY of about 47 Hz.

    This is the 7th Schumann Harmonic or Resonance for planet earth in the harmonic series: 7.8; 14.3; 20.8; 27.3; 33.8; 40.3; 46.8 in a delta function of 6.5 Hz. The basic Schumann harmonic is simply the circumference of the earth travelled as the lightpath and so is 40,000,000 meters/c~0.133 seconds for a Base-Frequency of 1/0.133~7.5 Hz.
    {This is esoterically encoded in the Book of Revelation as the 'outside' of the holy city in proportion to its 'inside' and as 1,600 furlongs and 12,000 furlongs: Rev.14.20 & Rev.21.16}.

    More generally, the Awareness as hereby described is known as AlphaOmega with Greek Symbols αω=aw as a convenient abbreviation. Those awareness units then inversed and square-rooted will of course become the time taken for the lightpath to the centre of the earth as 0.021 seconds. But this time measurement is also an awareness measurement which so gives a Core-Awareness for the planet earth independent of any frequency modulations df/dt.

    In modern terminology then, the Awareness is an infinite series of factors each giving a contributing awareness differential as a frequency modulation:

    AwarenessEarth = 2202 + ... + ... = Core-Awareness + Summation of frequency differential contributions of earth constituent systems.

    In a similar manner then:

    AwarenessSun=0.18 + Integration ... and for FBase~0.43 Hz with lightpath 6.96x108 meters and gSun=275 m/s2 and RSSun=3 km.

    AwarenessMoon=29,640 + Integration... and for FBase~172 Hz with lightpath 1.738x106 meters and gMoon=1.63 m/s2 and RSMoon=0.11 mm.

    The greater the light-path, the smaller the Core-Awareness and so the Separation between the say Emitter and the Receiver of the Information 'sent' by the lightpath defines this inverse proportionality.

    The 3D-physics of the c-invariance so assumes a deeper significance as it indicates the IMPORTANCE OF THE ENVIRONMENT for the Integration of the individuated Awareness Carriers.

    The Core-Awareness as defined so does not vary in the differential and becomes a direct consequence of the constancy of the speed of light. But any constituent consciousness carriers will be able to Interact environmentally with each other in a collective sense and so Change the Awareness of the Self as the Source-Consciousness. So for example the information exchange between a tree and a hill can be approximated in their 'Black Holed' Inertia, but only as a Core-Awareness and not taking into account the kaleidoscope of interactions in all of the kingdom of crystal, mineral, animalia, archae, bacteria and fungi and so on. So taking the tree and the hill in isolation without the possibility of interaction, their awareness-content would become like a constant as described. But Any interacting environment engages in multitudinous feedback cycles which change the Awareness of that environment.

    A little ant in isolation and about 2 mm in length as the lightpath would require a frequency c/2mm~1.5x1011 Hz and so electromagnetic radiation in the infrared part of the spectrum to 'share' its core-awareness of 2x1022 awareness units. Generally then, the concept of SelfAwareness as here modeled engages a Core-Awareness to which is added or subtracted the environmental interactions.

    So it is like your well understood concept of Density but with a novel twist.
    Your Gaian science applies Inertial Mass to the famous Energy equation: {E=mc2=PV}.

    The Dragon's Omni-Science Quantizes both the Mass m and the Volume V and so becomes enabled to Rewrite the hyperspace expression for Einsteins famous equation as: {E=e*h2}.

    This looks like a simple equation indeed; but the entire higher dimensional physics, inclusive the foundations for the Gaian M-theory are embodied in its simplicity.
    I have obtained permission to show you the derivation for this equation and so I shall do so, knowing that some of you are not very fond of mathematics.

    A better rewriting of the Dragon's equation is:


    This shows, that Einstein's E=mc2 is applied in Dragon-Science to Quantize inertial mass m as msinksource=mss.

    Simply said, any mass m is N-quantized as {m=N.mss=N.hfss/c2}.
    Using Einstein's equation with the Planck equation {E=hf} for the quantisation of energy in the quantum state for massless photons of frequency f and where h is the Planck Constant, then gives the expression above.

    Generally and most fundamentally then; the Dragon-Energy describes the Einstein-Planck Energy relation in its Quantum Selfstate and defines a Mass-Frequency {fsinksource=fss} as Intrinsic Minimum Eigenfrequency for Inertia.

    Most significantly, the secret of M-theory on Gaia and the understanding of the Maya, is the concept of Modular Duality applicable to the parameters of the superstring eigenstates.
    Using Modular Duality, the sinksource winding superstring of minimum Secondary Energy Ess and frequency fss becomes the inverse energy eigenstate for the sourcesink vibratory superstring of maximum Primary Energy Eps and frequency fps.

    Those parameters are embodied in the unity expressions as Coupling-Constants:

    {Eps.Ess=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2}.

    There is a great deal to this expression e* in the Dragonian Energy; such as how a particular form of it relates to the Serpentine Electron and how it relates to the superconductive magnetoelectricity, which defines the VPE.
    It shall suffice for now, to state, that e* is the PRECISE Inversed Primary SourceSink Energy Quantum Eps
    and so {E*=Eps=1/e*=hfps} and for a particular resonance formation in {e*=Electron-Diameter times c2}.

    And so we have:

    The only different part to Gaian science in the Mayan omni-science so becomes the nature of the modular duality applied to the frequency modulation between the minimum winding superstring and the maximum vibratory superstring.

    In isolation, both have units of inverse time or Hertz; but in the supermembrane coupling Eps.Ess the frequencies cancel and in the supermembrane coupling Eps/Ess the Planck Constants cancel to give the squared frequency as the inverse of a Squared Time.

    But this Squared Time defines the Resonant Eigenstate of the ZPE of Gaian science as the VPE of Dragon omni-science and namely as the Maximum for Awareness aw=df/dt, maximised as awmax=fps2.Now awareness aw is an Angular Acceleration, independent on the radius as normal dimension and so the antigravitational Forceshield relates directly to the postulates of General Relativity.

    As our Mayan seed Albert Einstein so eloquently showed to you: The Presence of a Gravitational Field acting downwards is Indistinguishable from an Accelerating Forcefield acting upwards.
    So Gravitation becomes translated into a geometrical spacetime curvature in terms of accelerations.
    When a Dragonian Starship enters the atmosphere of a planet; it Neutralises the Gravitational Field of that planet in calibrating its utilised Volume quantised in terms of the VPE as a Macroquantum.

    This can only be done IN RESONANCE!

    The resonant eigenstate allows the VPE quantum to Inflate to the Volume calculated as the encompassing higher dimensional space of the Starship and so renders the entire Starship as a magnified holographic VPE-quantum.
    The 'inflation energy' used to circumspect the Starship volume V in a 4-dimensional Dragon-Bubble then is calibrated to CANCEL the gravitational planetary field and so constructs the Gravity Shield around the Starship.

    Here is the manner the Volume is quantised into N V*-quantums.

    For any Volume;
    {V=N.V* and e*=V*.aw=V*.df/dt=1/E*=Electron-Diameter.(Lightpath/time taken2=Volume/time2}.

    This gives: {V*=e*/aw=1/(E*.aw)=1/(h.fps.fps2)=[5/9x1058] m3} for {V*=2π2.Rrmp3} and as a proportionality to a single:

    {Vspacequantum=Vsq=2π2.Rps3} for a wavelength {λ=2π.Rps}.

    The Radius {Rrmp=Rrestmassphoton=CubeRoot[V*/2π2]=h/(2π.mc} then defines the particular scale where the quantisation of volume relates to the string-parametric definitions for the SourceSink Resonant Energy SelfState {E*=1/e*} and then for a Compton-Radius as defined in the physical models of de Broglie Matter Waves {Rcompton=h/(2π.mcompton.c)}.

    A Compton-mass {mcompton=h/(2π.Rcompton.c)}then defines the characteristic mass-energy for this boundary state and a wave matter momentum {pcompton=mcompton.c=h/λcompton} and in concordance with well understood Gaian physics.

    The Compton-mass calculates as mcompton=2.5050..x10-23 kg for a Rrmp=1.411885x10-20 meters.

    This Compton-mass represents an energy of 2.25435x10-6 Joules or 14.03 TeV (Tera-ElectronVolts).

    Now this is just the energy maximum proposed by your Gaian physicists to probe the unification quantum energies by the Large-Hadron-Collider (LHC) beginning in the year 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.
    The Gaian physicists so shall encounter the threshold energy for the RestMassPhoton and so 'discover' the Dark Energy Particle in the RMP, which is the Dragon's Template for the 'Missing Mass' in the Gaian cosmologies.
    Without knowledge about the foundations of M-theory and the Mayan omni-science though, the Gaian physicists will most likely not know what to make of this discovery and propose all sorts of extensions for their Standard Model describing the particle Physics.

    The RMP is always lefthanded and so antisymmetric to the weakon gauge boson of the weak nuclear interaction, which is always righthanded (as a so called W-minus) in its defining quality for the antineutrino of matter, coupling to a lefthanded electron in the natural foundation for radioactive beta decay in the parity symmetries in the nuclear physics.
    The RMP is intrinsically massless as a spininduced precursor for the 'GOD-Particle' aka the Higgs-Boson, the LHC is hoping to discover at the 14 TeV quantum energy.

    There is a spin-coupling in the Unified-Field-OF-Quantum Relativity (UFO-QR), which couples the lefthanded spin of the RMP as the 'dark matter particle' to the massless gauge of the weak interaction - the Antiradiation gauge for the winded superstring Ess.
    As the Ess gauge is always righthanded, the spins cancel and allow a massive Higgs Boson to become created from the VPE Energy-Inertia-Induction as a spinless restmass inducer or scalar for the subsequent particles of the Standard Model of particle physics.

    I shall elaborate on those topics another time if so appropriate, but some of you may perceive that the so called 'problems' in quantum gravity and the unification between quantum field theory and the relativities is found in the appropriate omni-science of the Maya and the correct interpretation of the Heisenberg matrix of the ZPE.

    A new fundamental ratio, namely {V*/Vsq=4π/hc3 or Rrmp/rps=Cuberoot[4π/hc3]=887.11336} so crystallises in the physics of the Dragons.

    The Inertia expression {EDragon=e*.h2=mss.c2 or E*.e*=1} for the Square of the Action h in units Energy.Time becomes modulated in modular duality tps.tss=1=fss.fps and where the Instantenuity of Time as the Instanton Now specifies the NOW-Time tss in the End of the Inflaton of the de Broglie phase acceleration.
    This then manifests the Quantum-Dragon-Bang and the Beginning of Space and Time as known and understood by Gaian science.

    The expression {hc3} is rendered dimensionless by a finestructure of Planck's Constant h, the Action Constant, in the expression
    {h=λps/e*c=λps/Electron-Diameter.c3} for {hc3ps/Electron-Diameter=1.8x10-8}.

    But I shall now end this mathematical discourse. It was authorised to be given and the formulations above are elementary prerequisites for a new serpentine science to become implemented following the upheavals in the next few years ahead and awaiting the exiled Maya on Old Earth Gaia, which is also the OLD JERUSALEM.

    But I shall give an indication as how to use the above formulas in a practical example.
    Assume a Star Trek Crew of say 50 with average inertia 70 kg and equipment load of say 10,000 kg wishes to board a Starship Enterprise of Volume 100x50x20=100,000 cubicmeters.

    The Resonant Energy Awareness is fps2=df/dt=Density.(c/h)2.[NV/NM] and where NV and NM depict the quantisation numbers for the mass M to be 'inflated' to the volume V.
    The Density as ρ=M/V calculates as (10,000 50.70=13,500)/100,000=0.135 kg/m3.

    and NM=M/mss=13,500/2.469x10-81=5.4675x1084.

    Resonance so is finestructured as Entropy Permutation States and as: (0.135)(2.025x1083)(1.8x1063/5.4675x1084)=9x1060.

    Now changing any of the parameters of Inertia and Volume, even to the size of the universe itself, will always relate as Holographic Image of the minimum quantum of the Inflaton and so whatever volume specified can be Inflated at the Resonant Eigenstate to that volume.

    Similarly, any inertial mass specified, will in resonance, allow quantum-inflation to modify the specified mass via the mass-eigen frequency quantum definition under modular duality between Eps, the primary sourcesink and Ess, the secondary sinksource through and by frequency modulations.
    Away from Resonance, df/dt=awareness as an angular spin acceleration, must decrease and so the VPE or ZPE can no longer be utilised in a downwards frequency transformation.
    This is akin the Evaporation of water molecules in Clouds, the cloud formation seemingly dispersing into nothingness, say under the supply of Energy in the form of heat, say the radiation from the sun.

    To 'get out of resonance' so implies either a 'disappearing' relative to the 'switching off of the gravity shield' and an accompanying hyper-acceleration or 'warp-drive' AS the de Broglie tachyon inflation; or is manifested as a 'thinning out' or a 'losing of texture' with the gravity shield 'switched on', but a 'slow down' of the awareness df/dt in the reducing sense.

    The above scenarios apply to spacetime as the 4-dimensional 'Light-matrix' of Heisenbergian Uncertainty definition.
    In this spacetime, a 'drifting' or UFO speed is effected by the application of an Awareness-Force {Faw=aw.hv/c2} from within the 'VPE-Bubble' and as a consequence of a natural extension for Newton's Second Law for momentum change {Force F=d(mv)/dt}.

    In Dragon-Space of 4 spacial dimensions, the timeparameter becomes superfluous and the awareness df/dt is automatically assigned the resonant eigenstate: awmax=fps2.

    After Gaia has given birth to its superposed Dragon-Universe; projected onto the seedling Minkowski spacetime; the travelling between 3 spacial dimensions and 4 spacial dimensions will be much easier to accomplish and so become rather prevalent and a natural occurrence.

    Furthermore, the resonant eigenstates for the starhumans as Dragonised old humans shall allow the old human bodyforms to become Hybrid Energy-Selfstates as RMP-Quantum Inductions and as the universal blending and synthesis of relatively Static Radiation Fields coupled to Mass in Inertia.
    This will be known as Dualised RadiationMass of BodyMinds-MindBodies, the immortalisation of hitherto mortal bodyforms, unable to implement their higher dimensional DNA as the LightBodies Shadowed to the Body-DNA in 3 dimensions.

    This shall also fulfil the many prophecies in the 'Holy Books', which then shall become artifacts in museums; being succeeded by new composed books telling the stories of an evolving starhuman race of Dragons.

    IAmWhoIAm! - Sirebard Beardris!
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