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    I got inspired to update this Sedona vortex grid map.

    There are a lot of conflicting views about the Sedona vortex
    and energy grids.

    This is the grid map that I feel the best with.

    It was originally created by Nicholas Mann
    for his book Sedona Sacred Earth.

    I took him on several of my tours
    and was also a part of the process that brought it into being.

    With the map I have here I have added some of my own ideas to it,
    and what I at times share on my Mystic tours...

    In this map we see two circles, one containing a pentagram
    and the other a hexagram, and a symbolic chakra line up the center.

    The smaller pentagram is centered on the rock formations
    called the Madonna and the Nuns.

    It was a woman named Margarite B. Stoud
    e that secured the land for the Chapel of the Holy Cross
    which holds space for this area on the grid.

    At the top of the Hexagon circle a woman
    named Rachel Lunt secured the land as sacred,
    holding space for the crown chakra
    which I have called the Temple of Isis.

    And in the center of the Hexagon below Chimney rock
    which is the head of the snake and just in front of Thunder Mt
    another woman named Jetsunma has secured the land
    as sacred placing a Tibetan Buddhist Stupa on the land,
    as well as the Medicine Wheel that I built there.

    So we have had three woman with the vision
    and sacred intent contributing to the well being
    of this modern expression of the sedona energy grid.

    I think it speaks to the awakening of the Divine Feminine
    that is so necessary to bring humanity back into balance
    with the Mother Earth...

    The circles, the lines and the star points,
    along with the bird whose head is the Airport Mesa
    and eye is the Airport Mesa overlook, all express an influence.

    All 4 of the popular vortex sites are either on the points
    of the stars or on a circle, with Cathedral, Airport
    and Bell / Courthouse on the pentagram.

    And Boynton ruins on the circle just west of the Temple of Isis.

    Of course, there is more here than just this grid
    but I feel by working with it, we help to bring the influence
    into greater harmony...

    Rahelio Rodriguez
    March 18, 2018

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


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