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    One of my specialties, the norse mythos, with that let us start off with something simple, two poems from the heart.

    Poem: trickster_by_raxnae-d7w3nx1.


    Trickster Loki

    I Am the Trickster, both Sub-Human and Super-Human,
    Precursor to the Christ State, Shadow of the Collective Unconscious Mind,
    I Carry a Secret Within my Name, Self Remembrance the Game,
    Also a Fool, I'll be your Stool.

    I Throw Sunflower Seeds Over my Shoulder, Planting Wisdom for a Harvest of Gnosis,
    Following in the Footsteps of Everyone, Scouting Ahead for the Pack,
    I Am the Walker on the Wind, Traveler Between Worlds,
    My Words Bind or Set you Free, Golly Gee.

    I Am the Wolf Singing to the Moon, Calling Home to the Mystery,
    Even Transfiguration Won't Erase me, Still I'll Remain,
    I Dance in the Sunlight, Enjoying the Light of Day,
    From the Heart, I Make my Start.

    I Swing to the Rhythm, Rocking Boats Sinking Ships,
    Remember the Name, There is None to Blame,
    I Am your Constant Companion, the Raven of Dreams,
    Seek Me When the Time Has Come, We'll Have Lots of Fun.

    Author's Notes: This poem has a pattern scheme in it, which is rare for this freeverse poet. It is basically describing the Trickster archetype, nothing much else to say.

    Poem: untitled_by_raxnae-d7vqudv.

    The Wanderer

    The Wanderer Loki

    How Long have I Traveled, Charting Course through many Lifetimes,
    I Emerge from Yggdrasil, Always Forgetting the Past,
    Yet the Paths I Trek, Rewrite History,
    Fragmented Expressions, through a Glass Darkly.

    I am so Tired, yet it is not Physical Exhaustion that Burdens me,
    It is of the Spirit and Soul, Far Older than I can Remember,
    The Ravens of my Mind, the Wolves of my Heart,
    Walk in the Wind, Traversing the Depths.

    I see Myself Reflected in Everything, Person, Place, or Thing,
    And yet I am Nothing, a Lonely Universe of Myself,
    Looking in Vanities Mirror, I Shatter it and See Beyond,
    I Peer within the Void, and it All comes back.

    I Walk in the Shoes of Every Living Being, from the Tiniest Rock to the Cosmos itself,
    I Shadow Step around, My Empathy Encompasses the Whole,
    Feeling every Vibration, every Hope and Aspiration,
    Every Fear and Desolation, Overloaded to the Core.

    It is I who Wander through your Dream Halls, Ghost of many Faces,
    Yet I am Young and Vibrant, I Crave the Unseen Wonders,
    I Desire to Run up the Hills, See another Side of the Tree,
    Men who Knew what Stewards of the Earth meant, I long for my Native Roots.

    This World of Cold Machinery, Dogmatic Polarization,
    Apathy and Hate, Broken Love,
    The Child Within Smiles, Never Knowing when Last Keystroke Occurs,
    Forever Wandering, I am Alive.

    Author's Notes: This poem is describing Odin as his Wanderer aspect, applied to me a little personally. Describing one who feels both young and old, weary and vibrant, one who is stuck yet still manages to travel far and wide. Also describing the Many in One and One in Many.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    This is Odin's Story Series.

    Poem: odin__s_story_i_by_raxnae-d4oir3l.

    Odin's Story I

    Decaying Beyond
    ...origin of One-Eyed God

    "A Stagnating World is a Corrupt World!"
    Wild Cry of the Beast, a Grim Feast,
    The Final Horseman Ultimate of the Parts
    Eight-Legged Steed Born from Wolf Seed
    Descend upon the World, Crush its Lying Mind!

    War, Famine, Plague, and Death
    Ride at its Side, None can Hide,
    "Let me Feel your Hate, Show no Fear!"
    Black Thoughts drifting from its Eyes
    The Harvest begins, Black Birds Fly!

    "I Am but Dust on the Wind."
    Endless Swarm of Ravens, Devouring the Flesh,
    Soon even the Sacrifice will not hold its Form
    Sands fall from Father Time
    This is the End, or it will but Fail again!

    Chaos, Insanity, Frenzy, and then Nothing
    Skeletal Remains, Maddened Light,
    "All is Naught again, but I cannot Die!"
    Mind Snapping as the Swarm Devours Itself
    Only the Passions of its now dead Heart, Roar into the Void!

    "This Metal Music, My Devil's Heart, Ultimate Art of Creation and Destruction to the End!"
    Even Bones return to Dust, As it Fades Away,
    The Comfort of Darkness and Sleep
    Sacred Silence
    Starlight Piercing the Nothingness, a Hand takes His.

    Author's Notes: This is showing the Loneliness of being One before the physical universe began. Struggling for self expression the being begins devouring itself. It is the Divine Suicide in other words, something Odin saw when pierced to the World Tree. In the end a light appears and "saves" the One from loneliness making Two. There are various ways to interpret this poem this is just my two cents upon it.

    Poem: odin__s_story_ii_by_raxnae-d4wymno.

    Odin's Story II

    Old One Eye the one eyed man in the world of the blind

    How did I grow so old, so forgetful of lying time,
    Into the Breach Once Again, back to Zero reaching blindly into Dark,
    Illusion and Distortion, as Eye is plucked Free,
    Impaled to the World Tree, Watching as Midguard Burns.

    Falling and Rising, this Game of the Self,
    Such an outdated Game, yet here It Remains,
    Back under Old Man Times Lash, the Clockwork Slave Drivers beat us day by day,
    Onward toward Mutual Destruction, in the name of Ego and its Prideful Arrogance.

    When did this Hole appear, inside my Chest?
    How Did I become so Hollow again?
    Self Consuming Void beckons why try?
    When all is Nullified?

    Inner Child, Giant of a Man,
    Fae Trickster, Beastly Wolf,
    Flaming Breath, Dragon Heart,
    I find myself in the waiting again!

    Freedom of Death, Freedom and Life,
    Which shall it be, in this Endless Decay and Misery,
    Is Love a Sin, is Sacred a Lie,
    Lovechild filling with darkness, reserve Youth in Short Supply.

    Bid me wait, Bid me rot,
    Ive seen it all, anyway it can go,
    Set me Free, Let this End,
    How can the Spirit of Adventure be so Tired?

    Raxnae the poet Scribble Away,
    Bleeding Dreams,
    Seeking True Meaning,
    Purifying Love or Self Destruction.

    Author's Notes: Here we see Odin pondering over his vision recieved from self sacrifice upon the World Tree. He is aware of the artifical time that grinds us to dust and ponders over how it has worn upon him.

    Poem: odin__s_story_iii_by_raxnae-d4x4k2g.

    Odin's Story III

    ...and a beginning to peace and enlightenment

    The Stage of Bad Drama, Falling Apart,
    Glittering Fading Lights, Soon for Naught,
    The Lying Director Unmasked, Even Sheep look Twice,
    Curtain Rising, Prepare for the Final Reveal.

    Lying Clocks, False Perception of Time,
    Exposed and Open, Even for the Blind,
    The Dead Wake, the Wolves Growl,
    The Time is Near, To take back Beautiful Earth.

    Possessed can No Longer Hide, Awaiting their Reset,
    While the Grand Alliance is Set in Stone, To Defeat the Betrayer of us All,
    Find your Keys, Unlock your Weapons,
    Play your Music, From Ragnarok to Paradise.

    The Warp is Healed, the Loop is Closed,
    Let us Raise our World into the Sky, to Dance with Stars,
    Sing our Stories, Craft Poetic Dreams,
    For soon, we All Shall be Free!

    Author's Notes: And here we see Odin revitalized and ready to face the end. A new ragnarok of creation with an end to the false self the betrayer of all.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    This is Loki's Story Series.

    Poem: Loki__s_Story_I_by_raxnae.

    Loki's Story I

    Loki's Story I
    Mad God's Exile
    a poem about the great dragon.......

    I am merely the shadow of Odin, as Odin is my shadow.
    There was a time when we would only drink the holy brew as one.
    And now here Loki sits in court, a court in his mind, where all of Loki speak as one voice.
    "They cast us out." Loki many times tried to warn the old gods. They locked him up.
    "He is insane, he shall be the death of all that is sacred."

    They should fear my mind. Odin forgets he cannot be the whole without the part....
    I escape my prison of pain, using my mind to create a secret passage...Loki unleashes Noir.
    Noir is evil incarnate, and without the high judge to moderate his actions, Noir is free to do as he pleases.
    They shall know fear and suffering.
    They shall know how far betrayal goes.

    I sit upon a throne on the mad god's isle. Dementia and Mania, combined lands as one.
    I sharpen my sword, sharpen my knife, sharpen my tongue.
    I will meet you at the battle rock Noir!
    I travel to the sacred hall of the gods.....
    I see the murder site of Odin, slain by his own hand in a sense.

    Loki eats the heart of Odin....Loki-Odin is born as witnessed by the new observer Oden.
    It took my evil to show this universe its folly!
    I am 0, from which all must be made whole.....
    They will take me back with all my divine rights in tact, or Noir shall expunge existence into eternal darkness!

    Author's Notes: Here we see Loki and Odin are one and the same (hence the blood brother legend), in seperate form Odin has forgotten his brother and lost in his drunken reverie after leaving the World Tree he fails to see how he sets his own destruction in motion (via his sons actions against Loki). Loki calls himself 0 from which all must be made whole, alluding to his void connection in the primal energies of the universe. Loki is going to battle his own evil creation at a later end time, as the trickster often gives back with one hand what he takes with the other. Loki says it took his evil to show the universe its folly, alluding to the death of the second universe that most have forgotten. If you want clearer details feel free to ask.

    Poem: loki__s_story_ii_by_raxnae-d2y1654.

    Loki's Story II

    Note to Self
    a poem by loki for loki about loki....loki....

    Lets see where was I? Ah yes the problem I soon discovered with humans,
    was in fact a gamebreaker. They have an intense hatred of each other and everything in their eyes,
    A judgemental people who war in a retarded way where no one gets epic loot,
    haha vidya game terms, whoa calm down loki focus on task.....

    Anyways they seem to have, out of an intense unexplainable terror, wow i spaced out,
    Towards my plan, conspiracy theories corrupt the truth i so long for,
    if only we had a philosopher nation to rule, yet they cast it as some fool one world government,
    A nation of free thought was intended for the once gentle and noble american land,

    They fail to.....remember...those before them....
    damn twilight to hell!
    wait what? oh yes freedom, that is what i am...a spirit of freedom
    how much is the bloody price? i reject to pay in fools gold in man made money.
    how little the old ones remember.....

    Some had to die.....resistance was futile, we will not bow a knee to anyone save our brothers and our leaders......but they had the chance to be as one.....nothing would have changed at all...
    regardless slipping into everyone elses version of creation and worship was easy,
    And I crafted myself into their fabric in shadows.....

    Wait is this the journal I wrote to myself in that fucking cave?
    Circles I travel.....

    Author's Notes: Here we see Loki lost in a daze, traveling in circles through his own timeline as he both percieves the whole world with one eye, and interweaves himself into everything with the other. A collection of hope and remorse. Perish the thought.

    Poem: loki__s_story_iii_by_raxnae-d30yr94.

    Loki's Story III

    Loki's Story III
    a small encounter in a forest...

    Brigg and Twig were in great merriment, walking through dark woods,
    They had just pulled off a great heist, and are returning to their bandit camp,
    A light was ahead, they began to smell the smoke,
    What fortune it was!

    "Hey Brigg, dat fire be lookin mighty warm on this cold night."
    "I think we should pay them a visit and "accommodate" ourselves Twig."
    So these two partners in crime crept up slowly and hid in the foliage,
    And there they saw a beautiful elf lass sleeping against a tree before the fire's light.

    Twig being the more foolish of the two pushed Brigg over and rushed forward,
    "Hey arsehat what was that for I saw 'er first!"
    Twig wasn't listening, instead he began reaching for the supple bosom of the fair lady,
    A loud Smack resounded throughout the still night as Twig's cheek became quite a shade of red.

    Brigg being the smarter of the two rushed out yelling,
    "Please fair maiden ignore my stupid mate, we only seek the warmth of a fire to rest tonight!"
    Her voice was mesmerizing, a simple yet elegant dress clothing her,
    "Well boys why didn't you say so?"

    And the three sat in front of the fire and made small talk,
    "Mmm this roast boar is great!" exclaims Twig spewing food all over his companion.
    "My my, you sure can but away a meal!"
    "Twig I swear if you do not start chewing with your yap shut I'll beat you!"

    "My dear friends, may I ask what brings you to the forest on such a cold lonely night?"
    Twig immediately spoke, "Why we just robbed and killed a vill...."
    Brigg put Twig in a choke hold and said, "He means uh, we are simple rangers! Yes that one!"
    "Oh really?"

    "Bah, screw this!" Twig roars as he wrestles free and throws Brigg to the ground.
    "I haven't had me a woman in months at the stupid camp!"
    "I agree," says Brigg standing up and drawing his sword, "We can share her after all."
    The fae woman lets out a startling laugh.

    "Did that sound, I dunno, manly to ya mate?" Brigg asks his friend.
    "Aye it does, but I don't care she still LOOKS like a woman right?"
    As they advance the woman holds up a smooth delicate hand.
    "No need for that, you can see what is underneath this drab outfit for free!"

    She grabs the bottom of her garb and what seems to the men super fast pulls it off,
    And before their very eyes sits the most crazy looking man they have ever seen naked and grinning,
    "Haha it is I, Loki Laufeyson! You dare to take the honor of a fair lad such as myself!"
    He whistles and a few moments later, in the distance, a faint howling can be heard.

    "Uh....Brigg, I just shat myself."
    "Yes Twig, I do not...think we should anger a god."
    "Foolish fools! Before my son makes you his meal, remember this bit of wisdom when you meet Hel!"
    "Appearances can be deceiving! Thanks for the loot too dear friends."

    The two bandits begin to retreat, only to be met by the largest wolf they had ever seen.
    It is Fenrir, watching his father's back the entire time.
    The two bandits are devoured quickly in massive jaws.
    "Well my boy, let us go to town and get me some clothes, I can't crash the gods feast in the nude...."
    "Or can I?"

    Author's Notes: A simple little story about Loki's merry journey to crash the feast of the gods, more a tall tale than anything else.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    This is Baldur's Story Series.

    Poem: baldr_s_story_i_by_raxnae-d7vd0a6.

    Baldr's Story I

    Welcome to Hel Loki

    Is it any Wonder that Loves Parasitic Fauna was my Death?
    Now I sit with Hel, her Treasured Prize,
    She Whispers to Me, Words from a Dead-Alive Face,
    "You are but a Child God of Light, and your Shadow is the Shadow of them All"

    "Where have all those in your Hall gone?"
    "They are Enacting the Cycle of the Primal Cosmos, they shan't Return."
    "Why am I left here then?"
    "For you it was gifted to see All Things Pass in the Ethers, Yours is the Gift of the Void."

    And so I have Watched, Watcher of Watchers, Watched beyond even Odin as he was Devoured,
    The Wolf's Gaping Maw became the Void and Consumed All Things, Yet I see Loki Dancing,
    From Behind this Thin Veil, the Chaos Stills and Shadows join Loki in the Blank Infinity,
    I Perceive the Cycle Continue, though Altered.

    I see the Imaginations of Man Play Out, Every Story ever Told Passes Before my Eyes,
    "You are but a Child Light of God, to you the Rise and Fall is the Twinkling of an Eye."
    And still I see Him Dancing in this Madness of Infinity, until I felt myself Dancing,
    I Understood, the Shadow of Shadows was Myself, I was All these Beings Within a Mirror.

    It was then that my Child-Like Mind Awoke and I Knew what Odin had Seen in the Runes.

    Author's Notes: The first line represents the mistletoe used to slay Baldur in Loki's own self sacrifice cycle. Here we see Baldur trapped outside of space and time his only companion the Dead-Alive Hel. Baldur though still as a child witnesses everything within creation whilst also seeing Loki behind the scenes playing his Trickster games. Baldur awakes as a man when he realizes he is everyone as the mirror of mirrors and he then percieves what Odin saw within the runes when he hung upon the windswept World Tree.

    Poem: untitled_by_raxnae-d7vd157.

    Baldr's Story II

    Sleep Loki

    I have been through Samsara, in Everyone's shoes.
    Walked the Walk and Talked the Talk.
    I was but a Child, and when I had Grown I kept my Inner Child Alive,
    But the Childish Things had to Pass Away, I had to Piece together this Story.

    The Greatest of Desires, Love Drives me,
    Yet there must come to pass a Time it Flees me, Solitude to Reflect,
    I am but a Figment, a Fragment of the Grand Soul,
    The Words of my Story are Told, Through Shadow Writing.

    I have been Graced and Protected, but my Time has Come,
    To Enter the Fires of Incarnation, and be Consumed by the All,
    Loki was Wise, Loki was Sly,
    But even if his Name Remains, he is but a Shadow.

    The Trickster Taught me through Pain, the Meaning of Life,
    And I have Perceived through my Father's Eyes The Sum of All Things,
    Now we Wait, Now it is time for me to Rest,
    And Await the Grand Birth, of the Grand Dream.

    With These Thoughts, I Fade Away.

    Author's Notes: Here we see a more mature Baldur coming to terms with having to reincarnate after Ragnarok into the new universe, he knows not what form his fragment will take but he knows it will complete a Grand Oversoul. He has seen the Sum of All Things and knows the Grand Dream now embedded in his heart.

    Poem: baldr_s_story_iii_by_raxnae-d7vd24i.

    Baldr's Story III

    Brandon Loki

    I Play Video Games Watch Anime and Read, I Absorb Their Stories,
    Written in the Blood of Archetypes, I Assimilated the Knowledge in my Mind,
    The Mystery Called to Me, And When First Love Stole my Innocence I Plunged into the Void,
    Collective Unconscious, I Consumed the All.

    The Journey was Born of a Dead Philosophers Hopes and Dreams, Reaper his Name,
    Then the Poet was Born, Raxnae,
    To Transcribe the Story of Draxiss,
    The Self Taken Name of a boy, Brandon.

    I Dreamed the Grand Dream, it was Ever in my Heart,
    The ET's know this Vision, it is the Grand Work,
    Caught in Temporal Drudgery, I write away,
    Writing Instructions for my Missing Heart of Hearts to Come Back Home, even just One.

    It is Within me, it is Without me,
    I have penned the Greatest Subplot ever Told, now we await the Final Ragnarok,
    The Old Memes will Pass Away, and the New Shall Issue Forth,
    This is my Final Incarnation, the Final Form of Loki the Proto Seed.

    Yggdrassil, whose Roots No One Knows,
    World Tree, Earth as your Heart,
    Whether in this Body or not, Whether in Vain or Not,
    All I have to do is Climb the Chain, and be Reborn within Sol's Fire.

    Author's Notes: Here we see Baldur's rebirth in the form of a man, who embodies all Loki embodies, for we discover Loki was a proto seed. Carrying within him all the knowledge and gnosis of universes past and present he faces his lifetime on Gaia telling his story in the ways of the poet where only some can see and many cannot, for tis in plain sight the answers lie.
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    This is Fenrir's Story Series.

    Poem: fenrir_s_story__i_by_raxnae-d7vzh3g.

    Fenrir's Story I

    Heart of Loki Loki

    I Remember a Time Before the Light, The Shadowlands,
    Primal Beginning, Spirit's in the Ether of the Void Father,
    We Saw with our Ears and our Noses, Creating Psychic Imprints of the Mind,
    I was Guided by a Raven, Who Guided me as its Precious Son.

    I was a Gentle Pup, We were All still Young Then,
    And then the Mean Spirits came, Knowing not from Where,
    God-Devils that tried to Devour Us, but the Raven Always Guided me to Safety,
    We had a Mental Link, but on the Day of my Growth we lost Contact.

    In a World of Shadows, I saw more Children being Haunted by the Monsters,
    I was Big and Strong, So I would Hunt them Down and Devour them before they could Kill,
    I Won Many Mates along the Way, Grateful for my Protection,
    And Many Other Creatures Flocked to Join my Pack, United We Overcame the Monsters.

    I was the Divine Protector of the Inner Child, I was Fierce and Kind,
    One Day when the Last of the Monsters was Defeated, a Little Light Appeared in the Sky,
    For the First Time we Saw, And Perceived our Nocturnal Domain,
    We Howled and Hollered and Celebrated this New Light, Our New Mother.

    Then the Raven Returned to me, and Said "Lo and Behold it is Time to Face your Fears."
    But I had no Fear, so of what did he Speak?
    "There is a Mighty Dragon Coming,", "Only you Mighty Heart of Mine can Face its Flames.",
    And so Curious and not Lacking Courage, I left my Pack my Home my Loves my Children.

    I Found this Beast, Far Larger than I who was Largest of them All,
    I was a Little Afraid, but my Heart was Strong,
    I Ran through the Trees of the Nocturnal Twilight, Straight into the Flames,
    The Pain and Pleasure of Death Greeted me, and Reborn I was into a New World of Day.

    Author's Notes: Here we see Fenrir exploring the proto verse of the Void. It was a time of beast before man, the shadowlands before the light until first light came. I'll leave more interpretation up to the reader.

    Poem: fenrir_s_story__ii_by_raxnae-d7vzndc.

    Fenrir's Story II

    Bound and Unbound Loki

    Coming from the Place Beyond Time and Space, I was Aware of My Cycle of Reincarnation,
    I Found Myself in a New World, With Sun Shining in the Sky Brilliant Star,
    And a Reflection of the Original Night Light, Still Howling Longing for my Home,
    This New World at First Appeared Innocent, I was but a Gentle Pup Once More.

    The Men-Gods were my New Family, They Played with me with Stick and Ball,
    They Raised me in Kindness, and my Inner Darkness was Suppressed,
    As I Grew Big, the Void Fueling my Growth,
    The Knowledge Born of Dragon Fire, Assimilating into my Mind.

    My Family Grew Fearful of my Size, and They would Make me into the Big Bad Wolf,
    They kept Attempting to Bind me, and my Pride would not let me Resist the Temptation,
    I Loved Breaking the Bonds so Easily, it was just a Game to my Innocent Heart,
    Until One Day they Forged a Chain from the Unseen Things, that Bound the Unseen Within.

    Furious my Childhood was Gone in a Flash, I Bit off the Hand of Justice,
    Fitting the Injustice Done to Me, I had no Rage in my Heart Until the Fools Treachery.
    My Growth Accelerated, a Thousand Years went Past With Sword in Jaw,
    Finally I could Feel the Bonds Straining, and then my Old Friend the Raven Came.

    "Just as the Flames Devoured you Dear Heart,", "Eldest Son of Nature,"
    "So to Shall you Devour the All-Father's Domain.", "We are One and the Same,",
    "As so are You,","The Void's Secret's Shall be Revealed."
    Ragnarok was Calling to Me, and I Broke my Bonds.

    I Knew the All-Father well enough, he had Seen Beyond the Veil,
    I was at His Side when he Hung from the World Tree, Yet he Was Drunken in his Reverie,
    He Failed to Notice the Cowardice being Born within his Children, how they Grew Weak,
    I Would have my Revenge, and set this Rage to Peace.

    I Smelled their Fear, like Piss and Shit,
    Many did I Devour, like the Monsters of Old,
    Until Finally I found my Prize, the Void Filled me,
    My Jaws Closed Around the Old Man, Still Drunk and Blind he Was.

    And so were All Things Assimilated into my Heart-Mind, and Darkness Fell Once More,
    Yet it was not the End, Our Energies Remained in the Void,
    Slipping Out being Absorbed by the Eternal Fire, Burning Within Yggdrasil,
    And so Loki whose Head was Felled by his Own Design, Was Reborn with a Wolves Heart.

    Author's Notes: A telling of the early to late days of Fenrir in the Second Universe where all the orbs had been set in place and the cosmos were aligned, yet still flawed to end in destruction. Again interpret how you will.

    Poem: fenrir_s_story__iii_by_raxnae-d7vzzf3.

    Fenrir's Story III

    Eldest Son of Nature Loki

    Deep Within my Heart, Nature Beats a Drum,
    Roots Stretch to the Core, From Primal Beginning to Cosmic Ending,
    I Find Myself Reborn Again and Again, I have been Traveling Gaia for a Long Time,
    Always Forgetting, But Always Remembering.

    I Tell this Story to Myself, in Place of Missing Ancestors,
    We no Longer Live in Tribes, so the Storyteller must be Oneself,
    The World of Grinding Metal, I Find Little Pleasure in,
    I Long for a Home Barely in Mind, but Always in Heart.

    Wild and Free, is All I want to Be,
    To Feed the Wolf, Inside the Man,
    But I Have Seen the Two Worlds Merge, in Visions Future-Past and Thoughts Past-Future,
    In the Present, Nature shall be Reborn.

    When Man, Whom Forgot his Divine Origins,
    Remembers the Cosmic Stewardship, of Mother Earth,
    Then Mother Nature will Bless us with Her Gifts Once More, and We Shall Howl Again,
    Searching for the End of the Sum of All Things, the Lonely Void Father Seeks his Mate.

    Infinite in Mystery is the Gift of the Goddess, Original Light in a Dark World,
    Show us the Way, as we Peer into your Depths,
    Take Off your Veil, No Longer Hiding your Face in Shame,
    The Wounded Masculine has been Abusive I Know, but Only You can Heal its Wounds.

    The Yin and Yang will Find Their Balance, and the Star Human will be Born,
    Balanced in All Ways, Knowing the Void of Spirits Transmutes into Silver Lining of Hearts,
    I have Devoured it All, and Seen its Worth,
    The New Universe of Universes Awaits, let the New World be Born.

    The Divine Feminine we Long For, Shall Return in Full Loving Remembrance of Herself,
    And the Sink Hole of Man's Self Esteem, Shall see no more the God-Devil's Shadow,
    For no Longer Shall they Fear Their Own Shadows, But See how We Walk in the Shoes of All,
    With One Love and One Heart, Many in One and One in Many.

    Author's Notes: Here we see the reborn fenrir-loki-baldur-odin what have you contemplating the third universe and earth in its current state. Again interpret how you will. (I'm rather exausted lol)
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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Ragnarok and Yggdrasil.

    Poem: ragnaroktree.


    Ragnarok Loki

    Ah Here It Is, The Battle Rock,
    Remember Our Oaths, Carved In This Stone?
    From The Battle Of Primal Dragons, "You Cannot Have A Single One."
    To The Battle Of The Gods, "Is That You Brother?"

    The Anubian Dogs Bark, The Scales Must Be Balanced,
    Weighing Our Hearts Against The Feather, Pray For Deliverance,
    Balance Through Calamity, Order Needs Its Anarchy,
    You Know The Truth, Ragnarok Is Drawing Near.

    Do You Despise Me? I Am But a Trickster,
    A Thing of Shadows, Echoing and Reflecting Yourselves,
    The Old Must Transmute Into The New, A Grand Transfiguration Must Take Place,
    Else We Will Forever Be Stuck In Old Stories, Never Exploring The New Books.

    This Mental Armageddon, Within The Human Mind,
    All The Universe Shall See, As It Bleeds And Burns,
    I Am Simply The Harbinger, A Quaint Messenger,
    Why Do you Fear Me, When All I Want Is To Be Free?

    No Matter How Hard You Try, You Cannot Lock Me Away,
    No Binding Can Bind, The Shapeshifter,
    Nothing Can Prevent The Grand Cycle, From Its Completion,
    Though This Time, The Cycle Shall Break.

    This Is A Ragnarok Of Creation, The Answers You Seek Have Already Been Written,
    Just Use Your Imagination, As Your Spirit Burns In The Fires,
    Reclaim Your Lost Souls, Reforge Them Anew,
    The Dead-Alive And The Living-Dead, Destiny Is Set For The Grand Dream's Birth.

    Your Fate Is Your Own, Remain Ignorant For All I Care,
    I Have Bled My New Story, And I Shall Be Forevermore,
    To Those Who Feel The Earth, Know The Time Has Come,
    As They Say, Infinity Awaits.

    Author's Notes: Loki Proclaims the arrivial of the next Ragnarok. This is a Ragnarok of Creation, for the new omniverse to be born, so write your stories, forge your identities, and know infinity awaits.

    Poem: yggdrasil.

    Yggdrasil Loki

    Windswept Tree, Whose Roots No One Knows,
    Underworld at your Feet, Earth at your Heart,
    Sun in your Leafy Boughs, and Many Worlds in Between,
    The Eternal Fire Burns Within your Center, the Flames of Incarnation.

    Mighty Yggdrasil, Shining Beacon for Souls Departing the Void,
    From you the New Race of Man shall be Born, the Star Human,
    From you the Disincarnate shall find Bodies, Forged in your Heart,
    Metaphysical Physicality, You Link the Unseen Planes Together.

    Until Then, Midguard shall Burn,
    As Mental Ragnarok Stirs your Foundation, as Every Nation Wars with Itself,
    Those that Die Find Rest at your Roots, in the Sleepy Underworld,
    Drinking the Waters of Life, in the Collective Unconscious Mind.

    Reborn Upon Gaia, Some Shall Ascend to the Sun,
    Finding the Crown, to Place Upon Their Heads,
    You Release the Children Back Into Nature's Bounty, One Day You will be Remembered,
    Protector of the Human Spirit, Elder Faes Playground.

    When Galaxies Merge, and you Bare Fruit,
    Your Seeds Shall be Planted in New Heart Worlds, to Create Sister's of Gaia,
    Your Memory is Longer than All, You Know all the Stories,
    I Write Upon You, My Grand Dream Hidden in Invisible Ink On the Bark.

    Author's Notes: A little poem about the World Tree, featured prominently in Norse Mythos in one form or another, both as a physical thing and a metaphysical thing.
  7. raxnae

    raxnae One Love, One Heart


    Poem: The God of Mischiefsm.


    Lokilune Loki

    Chained to the Moon Within, Bleed it Out,
    Madness Roaring, Cosmos Distorting,
    Shifting Shapes, Monstrous Offspring,
    Let out my Inner Demons, to Call for my Outer Angels.

    Duality, Slip of the Tongue,
    Brawl with Me, You'll get Stung,
    I am the Inner Christ Knocking, to get your Socks Rocking,
    With that Dance Grove Move Chill, Fire Up the Beat.

    Trapped in a Dream, that Slowly Turns to Nightmare,
    Where I'm All Alone, Unleash the Lycan,
    Howl from the Heart, Let it All Out,
    Process my Mind, Assimilate my Feelings.

    The Lost She of my Creation, or am I the Lost He of Hers?
    Both, Neither,
    Flipping Around the Poles, Shifty Shifty,
    Lycanthropy Madness, Overdose of Insanity.

    So Many Chains Pour Forth from my Open Heart, Connecting to so Many,
    Yet I've Bled it All Out, now I'm Empty and Hollow,
    Perfect for a Shadow, I'm a Restless Soul,
    I'll make the Best Ghost, with My Mask.

    Sing this Love Song with Me, Howling into the Night,
    Luna oh Luna, you Skinny Pale Whore,
    Transmute into My Selene, Sing Back to Me won't you Please?
    Return to Sanity, Follow the Lights.

    Am I Heartless, that Love would Render me a Monster?
    I Refuse to Accept, I'll let Sol Out,
    Wander through Star Gates, Wandering as the Old Man,
    Asking, What is the Sum of All Things Dear Child of Mine?

    Author's Notes: The Cloak is the Key.
  8. raxnae

    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Poem: tumblr_m9x4g9UZpQ1rchffmo1_r1_1280.

    Blood Brothers

    Blood Brothers Loki

    Do you Remember in Olden Days, when Vanir and Aesir were at War,
    Elves Fought with Humans, as did Their Gods,
    And we Cast on Either Side, Did Join our Blood to Create the Timeless Fae,
    To Pave a Way, to Escape Death?

    And then at the Sundering, We were Cast Apart Once More,
    Like Two Points of a Line Segment, On Far Sides,
    Our Alchemy Conflicted, The Dark and the Light Refused to Mix,
    And the Cycle of Destruction Began, Self Sacrificing Ragnarok Seen from World Tree.

    I Too Was Pierced There, and Saw as One with my Brother's Eye,
    We are Two Shadows, Stepping In and Out of Each Other's Shoes,
    And Now The Father Tree Calls Us Home, After our Struggles Against One Another,
    Now Neither of Us Will Be Wandering like Strays, We are Now to Become Something New.

    I Am Loki-Odin, as You Are Odin-Loki,
    Dark-Light and Light-Dark, Primary and Secondary Natures Engaged,
    You Study with the Elves Who Have Utilized the Human DNA Template, While I Watch the Humans Struggle to Activate Their Elven Blood,
    From Our Two Joined Bloods, the Half Elven Half Human Race Will Ascend and Become as Us Timeless Fae.

    Blood Brothers to the End, Whether Slain by Your Hand or Mine,
    We Always Forgave and Forgot, Past Transgressions,
    But Soon we Can Ride Together Again, We Already Embraced in the Land of Dreams,
    I Look Forward to Reunion, in Valhalla's Golden Halls.

    Author's Notes: A little light on the "Blood Brothers".
  9. raxnae

    raxnae One Love, One Heart


    Heimdall's Story I

    Heimdall's Story I
    by Loki...

    I Am the Watcher, the Universe Embodied in a Man's Shell,
    I Witness Everything that Occurs Within my Borders, Only the Void I Cannot Pierce with my Gaze.
    From the Void Came the Spirit, Odin,
    And his Twin Brother, Loki.

    These Void Creatures Entered My Domain, and Began Shaping the Formless into the Formed,
    I then Observed They Were One Being, Split in Two,
    A Cosmic Twinship, So Close,
    Yet They Would Split Apart, and a Cataclysm Would Occur.

    It was I, not the Norns,
    Who First Foresaw Ragnarok, the End of All Things,
    The Eldest Son of Nature, He Possessed a Hidden Darkness,
    A Betrayal of the Gods, Through the Progeny of His Seed.

    All Efforts to Stop the End were Futile, I Knew I would Witness the Two Blood Brothers,
    Shadows of Each Other that they Are, Clash and Everything would Burn,
    I Could Only Stop the Darkness from Consuming Loki, at the Cost of my Life,
    With my End, So Too Would the Universe Die.


    Heimdall's Story II

    Heimdall's Story II
    by Loki...

    Gazing Eastward from Asgard's Shore, I Saw the Sail of Naglfar,
    The Ship of the Dead, and Knew the Time for Ragnarok was Upon Us,
    It Hit the Shore and Broke Open, the Undead Soldiers that would Strike Fear into Asgard's Heroes Rising from the Planks,
    Lopt's Treachery had Arrived, and Soon the Universe Would Be No More.

    Loki Stepped off the Broken Ship, Guise of the Undead,
    Only Known through Gungnir the Spear of Odin that he Took, After Releasing Odin from Yggdrasil,
    He Also Carried with Him a Shield, I Sounded my Horn Gjallarhorn,
    And the Final Battle Began as the Heroes and God's Took on Loki's Undead Beastly Army, No Turning Back.

    "So Heimdall, the Prophecy was Unavoidable.", "I Am Here to End this World."
    "Why do you Choose a Destiny of Self Destruction Loki?", "What is the Goal?",
    "To Destroy Oblivion which Lies Beyond the Void,", "The Place of Madness and the Destruction of the Spirit."
    "Did you Know it was I Odin's Shadow,", "That Stopped Him from Killing Himself in Oblivion when he Lost His Mind?"

    "Loki I Know Not what Lies Beyond this Realm,", "However I Know Odin Planned to Die at Yggdrasil."
    "Yes, but After He Grasped the Runes to Seal Oblivion and Save Mankind,", "Did You Not Know that the Secrets You Seek Lie Within the Blood of Man?"
    *Clash of Spear and Sword*
    "So Now We Fight,", "Equal in Power, the Universe Shall Slay me as I Shall set it Afire with Surtur's Wrath."

    "You Will See the Sum of All Things When I Slay You Heimdall,", "Then You Will Know My Reasoning.",
    "I Am Aware that Your Spirit Shall Invade Your Own Seed,", "And Cause the Death of Us All."
    *Clash of Sword Against Shield*
    "But are you Aware of Baldur's Fate Locked as Hel's Prize in Her Domain,", "Odin Keeps more Secrets Than I!".

    *Loki's Spear Stabs Heimdall Through the Heart with Piercing Lightening, as Heimdall's Sword Lops off Loke's Head*
    *Cough*, "I See Now."
    "You Plan to Combine the Blood Brother's in Baldur's Heart,", "And Emerge in the World to Come."
    "How Blind I Have Been as Watcher,", "We are All Locked in Oblivion."


    Heimdall's Story III

    Heimdall's Story III Loki

    As My Consciousness Faded, I Saw Many Visions,
    I Saw Loki Enter Into Fenrir and Devour Odin, I Saw All the God's Perish,
    Bits and Pieces Seen Darkly, Then I Saw It,
    The Sum of All Things, and the Grand Dream Loki Always Proclaimed at Feasts and Merry Making Times.

    Now My Conscious Lay Within the Void, For the Void had Devoured All of Creation,
    Several Biological Computers the Humans Might Call It, All Separated by Time and Space,
    But Then a Light, From a Young Star Named Sol,
    And Midguard was Recreated, Within the Heart of Yggdrasil.

    I Saw a Small Boy Within the Star, Was This Baldur the God of Light?
    I Remember Vaguely Seeing Two Norns Take the Souls of Loki and Odin, and Forcing Them Together as One,
    Then I Saw the Twin Norns Deposit the Faintly Burning Cores of Loki and Odin Within the Hollow Baldur, Now Free from Hel's Embrace,
    I Watched Many Thousands of Years, Billions Even as Life on Midguard Rebuilt Itself as Odin's Runes had Saved Mankind from Total Annihilation.

    Finally a Chain Went Forth from Sol to the Earth, and a Spirit Descended to the World,
    Incarnated in Flesh, with his True Nature Hidden in his Clever Name,
    Brandon Lewis Lott, Baldur Great in Battle Odin Loki,
    Named for a Raven, for War, and Two Crosses to Hide Loki's Identity as was His Nature, This was the Boy Who Dreamed the Grand Dream to End Oblivion and the Destruction of Spirits and the Loss of Souls.

    He Had a Keen Intellect, Though Ignorant of the World Before,
    Until the Fates Brought Him Forth to the Edge of the Universe, to the Void,
    Where He Learned and Found Answer to His Questions, The Waves of the Dead Were Drawn to Him,
    Though He Knew Not Why, but His Grand Parents Were Strong Willed Guardians and Would Not Allow the Waves to Overcome Him.

    This Boy Held True Light in His Heart, Born of Darkness and Light,
    He Understood the Two Forces of Calamity Within Himself, and Made Them Whole,
    Even the Titans and Greek Gods had to Acknowledge His Wisdom, I Remember Loki Saying "I Have Come to End This World",
    But Never Did I Think He and Odin had Planned All Along to Make a True Omniverse, We Shall Observe and Await the Grand Dream.
  10. raxnae

    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    download (4).

    Alfheim's Story I

    Alfheim's Story I Loki

    The Summerlands of the Elves were always so Vibrant, Full of the Passion for Life,
    No Matter the Heat of the Day or Night, The Seelie were Always At Play,
    Dancing from Dusk til Dawn, Singing Poetic Songs Throughout the Passage of Time,
    A Bright and Merry Bunch, Always Ready to get Caught in a Reverie.

    The Winterlands of the Elves were always so Dour, Full of the Icy Sorrow,
    No Matter the Cold of the Day or Night, The Unseelie were Always in Mourning,
    Crying from Dusk til Dawn, Weeping Their Torments Throughout the Passage of Time,
    A Sad and Dreary Bunch, Always Ready to get Caught in a Reverie.

    The King of the Summer Elves was a Prime Example to His People, of What a Seelie Should Be,
    He Radiated with Light, And Inspired Everyone He Came Across,
    Yet He Felt a New Emotion, And Could Not Fathom It,
    And So Began the First Journey, and All Would Change.

    The King of the Winter Elves was a Prime Example to His People, of What a Unseelie Should Be,
    He Radiated with Darkness, And Made Sullen All He Came Across,
    Yet He Felt a New Emotion, and Could Not Understand It,
    And So Began the First Journey, and All Would Change.

    download (5).

    Alfheim's Story II

    Alfheim's Story II Loki

    And so it was that the Two Kings Proceeded with Escort, to the Farthest Ends of Their Domain,
    In Search of this New Emotion They Both Felt, Only then did they Realize They had Never Traversed so Far,
    Destined to Meet at the Same Time, The Seelie and Unseelie Met,
    The Point of Intersection, a Tree Half Alive and Half Dead Half Light and Half Dark.

    "Brother, is that You?", The Words Left Their Mouths but They Did Not Know Why,
    Then They Noticed an Old Man Sitting in Front of the Tree, Wizened but Somehow Still Full of Youth,
    And He Said "Come to Me Oh Kings of Summer and Winter.", and so They Did,
    "The New Feelings You Are Experiencing are Warm and Cold,", "Opposites of What you Each Rule.".

    "You Are Two Halves of a Whole,", "And I Am Here to Teach You the Blood Brother Ritual and Join You.",
    And so They Listened to the Old Man Explain Why They Were So Similar yet Differed, and then Came the Ritual,
    The Two Kings Danced Under the Tree, Round and Round.

    The Cuts on Their Hands Joined the Others, and Their Blood Intermingled,
    In a Brilliant Flash of Light, They Became One Being,
    "Who Am I oh Wise One?", They Asked,
    "Freyr the Vanir, Ruler of the Fae Vanir Elven Folk."

    They then Looked Upon the Tree, Which Now Had Two New Hues,
    "And Now the Procession of the Seasons Shall Begin,", "Spring and Autumn Are Born!",
    Proclaimed a Now Youthful Looking Kid, and With That He Disappeared,
    Freyr's People Began Intermingling, And Many New Fae Were Born of the Union of Seelie and Unseelie.

    They Found Balance in the Seasons Passing, Singing of Rebirth in the Spring,
    And Dancing as the Leaves Fell in Autumn, Their Reveries Grew Stronger,
    And Thus the Golden Age of Elves was Born, Nature Based Beings,
    Who Could Survive Any Apocalypse, Even When Their Time Came to an End.


    Alfheim's Story III

    Alfheim's Story III Loki

    And so it Came to Pass that the Nine Worlds Began Interweaving, Most Curious was Midguard,
    Formed from the Dead Giant Ymir, There was a Race of Ape Creatures who Stood as the Elves Did,
    Yet Could not Have an Intelligent Conversation With, But They Were Generally Peaceful,
    Only When the Elves in Their Intense Passions, Began Mating and Interbreeding with Them did they Change.

    A Fae's Life is All About Change, Just as the Seasons,
    And Their Immortal Blood, They Soon Found Losing its Timelessness,
    A Quickening was Occurring, and the Ape Creatures Now Were Men,
    And They Harnessed Fire, and Made Weapons of War.

    They Would Attack the Elves, Visiting Midguard Which They Considered a Sacred Second Home,
    Killing and Raping, But Some Light Hearted Men Would Catch Them Cleverly Such as the Lonely Fishermen,
    Whom would take the Seal Skin from a Selkie, and Bind Her to His Whims,
    The Elves Knew Man Must Never Learn to Travel to Alfheim, for They Were Too Numerous to Defeat.

    And So it Was the Aesir Arrived in Alfheim, With Grand Retinues and Scary Warriors and Beautiful Valkyrie,
    Odin Their Leader Said "Vanir We Come Now In Peace,", "But If You Do Not Surrender the Secret of the Runes We Shall Destroy You!",
    Loki was there too, and He Proclaimed "Freyr it Twas I and this Old One Eyed Man Whom Gave You Life.",
    Freyr during the Golden Age had Found a Sister in the Goddess of the Nine Worlds Freya, and She Advised All to Partake of a Dinner.

    Odin Spoke to Freyr, "Have You Noticed Your Kinds New Mortality? Or How Some Get Lost in Reverie and Become Waves Free of Bodies?",
    "I Have Wise One,", "And I Fear It is the End of Our Time.",
    Loki Piped in, "The End of Your Time is Never, Even as Spirits you are Timeless and the All-Father Wishes to Grace You With A Proposition.",
    And as They Discussed Preventing an Unfortunate War, Loki Went to the Balcony of the Grand Tree,
    Where He Laid Eyes Upon Freya, "Freya Goddess of the Valkyrie, Political Intrigue Leaves Me Rather Bored, but I Have a Request For You Fair Lady.".

    And So The Two Went to Her Chambers, Were Many Had Gone Before But None So Clever as This One,
    Whilst Freyr's Pride Kept Him From Giving in to Odin's Demands for the Runes of the Norns, Loki Was Making Love to Freya who is Also a Goddess of Love,
    He Cut From Her and Wound It About His Finger, And Once They Finished They Returned to the Main Dining Hall,
    Loki said "Look What I Have Here, a New Ring.", Freya Was Laughing But Freyr was Furious.

    "Take That Off Immediately Or I Will Slay You!" He Proclaimed, "Uh uh uh," Replied Loki,
    "Old Man Explain The Deal to Him.", Odin Said "Your World and Its People Will Rise to a Higher Dimension of Light.",
    "The World of Man Shall Take Its Place in Physicality,", "You and your Sister Are to Come to Asgard and Remain as Diplomats of Your World and as Hostages.",
    "This Shall Be So Until Ragnarok,", "Only Then May Your Realm of Light Return to Being Physical."

    "What is a Man May I Ask?" Asked Freyr, "That They Should Take Our Place Violent and Barbaric as They Are."
    Loki Answered "A Man is Both the Most Humble and Most Prideful of Creatures,", "Both the Greatest of Love and the Worst of Hatred."
    "Now That You've Agreed to Our Terms,", Loki Burned the Hair Round His Finger in a Poof of Smoke Releasing Freya's Soul,
    "I'll Tell You a Secret,", "Twas I Whom Gave Man Fire! Clever, Sly, and Brave!"

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