Oldest Map of Atlantis

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  1. Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    World's Oldest Authentic Map of Atlantis

    Filmed in Denver, August of 1997, at the Global Science Congress Convention.

    Arousing and provoking lectures by Paul Schaffranke and Harry Hubbard

    as they briefly outline certain spectacles of thought and nature.

    Displayed are maps from the Lazeria Collection, and the first public showing in North America
    of the world's oldest map of Atlantis, crafted by the Jesuit Priest, Atanasias Kircher in 1665,
    which proves that modern day Plato books have been tainted with important sections left out for obvious reasons.

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  2. Vladimir

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    Just look to the Atlantis from different angle:)

    What if Atlantis = Altlantis = Al Lant Is = All Land Ice = it meant what Atlantis its not a place but it's a TIME PERIOD = ICE AGE !!!

  3. Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    some of my predictions included a number of things...
    ice age info, was one of them

    • 8) That a comet will come to mark the end of the grand cycle
      and, will be at its zenith on 16 Dec 2013 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
      - Predicted 06-JUNE-2010 (comet was NOT discovered until 2012)

      SITE LAST PUBLISHED 6-30-2010

      10) THE next ICE AGE will OCCUR in sync with 16th December 2013, end time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha & Macha 16 December 2013, and, 17th December 2013-The Start Time of The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi, they occur, once every 104,000 years,
      which is 4 cycles of 26,000 anicent years ~Susan Lynne Schwenger - Predicted 30-MAY-2010

      An ice age occurs once every 104,000 ancient years
      if 360 days is the length of an ancient year
      there are 26,000 ancient years x 4 cycles = 104,000 ancient years
      the importance of our calendar calibrations,
      are, as follows:
      in 9,360,360 ancient days/360 ancient days = 26,001 ancient years
      or (5 major cycles x 13 minor cycles x 144,000 days) + (6 seasons x 60 days=360)
      =9,360,360 ancient days
      in 9,360,000 ancient days/360 ancient days= 26,000 ancient years
    • The ancient day-record-time-wisdom keepers, were out by 360 ancient days
      16th December 2013, is the end of The Macha (9,360,000) & Pacha (360) Grand Cycle
      17th December 2013, is the start of The Pacha iNTi (9,360,000) Grand Cycle
      - Susan Lynne Schwenger
      30 May 2010

      SITE LAST PUBLISHED 7-13-2010

    "when Yellowstone roars into action half of turtle island will go with it"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger aka The eXchanger
    PREDICTED: 2002 for 2014/2015

    she said,
    "There are sky alignments with The Sun, The Moon, along with the planets of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ~ along with The Earth that are occurring at the time of the change of The Grand Cycles of Pacha & Macha, and, The Grand Cycle of Pacha iNTi, on the 16th December 2013 - and, the 17th December 2013,
    which could definitely cause a big one; last large one occurred back in 1959.

    THE NEW eXchange
    (more details will be posted on this,
    in Spring 2010)

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