Olsteen Shocks Congregation-asks Them To Return Lands To Natives-and, Return Back To Europe/uk Etc.,

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    Hmmm...i wonder who he has been smoking a peace pipe with ???
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Mexica Movement Liberation Education



    He Asks His Congregation

    To Return The Lands of The Native People
    of The United States, And For All European Settlers
    of North And South America And To Return To Europe.

    He said, "It is the moral thing to do,
    it is the civilized thing to do, It is the Christian thing to do."

    This is more from the text from his sermon:

    "Let us give up all that we have collectively stolen
    on this continent as settlers on this continent,
    as invaders and squatters, as an evil people on this continent.

    Let us return to our homelands of Europe.

    These lands are not our home. These lands were all stolen
    by our ancestors and we have profited by their crime and sin.

    We have sinned collectively over the last 500 years
    and we have become wealthy and powerful while we
    left the people of this continent in a holocaust.

    We forced them into poverty and misery.

    That was not a Christian thing to do.

    We have been criminals collectively
    in killing the people of this land, this continent.

    We have stolen their lands and their wealth.

    We used smallpox as an abominable weapon of mass destruction.

    We have put borders on their lands.

    We have terrorized them and massacred them.

    We enslaved them and forced our languages and customs on them.

    We forced Christ on them with the threat of the sword.

    We have not behaved like Christians, not even as a civilized people

    in how we dealt with the people of this continent.

    It is pure evil what we have done in the last 500 years on this continent
    and it now time for us to repent, to make reparations,
    and to undo the apocalypse we have done on these people.

    Let us all make our preparations to return to Europe
    and do no more harm to these people.

    It would be parasitic for us to continue stealing from them.

    We have been a cancer on this continent
    in how we have polluted and desecrated these lands.

    Let us be in Christ and return our families all to Europe.
    Christ is watching us and he will judge us in how we
    obey his command, his command that we return to Europe.

    This return to our lands of Europe will have us in
    line with our religion, with what we claim we are.

    what is the morality and the goodness that is the bible.

    To not follow this morality would mean that we are not
    in truth followers of Christ, and that we are an evil people.

    It would mean we are collectively thieves, children of
    murderers, rapists, slavers, a genocidal people.

    I have already made my preparations to go live in Europe
    for the early part of next year.

    I pray that those who truly believe in Christ will follow me
    and leave these lands to the original people of these lands,
    to the Nican Tlaca,
    to the Indigenous people of these lands. Amen."


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