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    LATEST DIALOGUES David Bohm, Implicate Order and Holomovement
    graphic: Eli Vokounova

    “Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy.” – David Bohm.

    David Bohm was one of the most distinguished theoretical physicists of his generation, and a fearless challenger of scientific orthodoxy.
    His interests and influence extended far beyond physics and embraced biology, psychology, philosophy, religion, art, and the future of society. Underlying his innovative approach to many different issues was the fundamental idea that beyond the visible, tangible world there lies a deeper, implicate order of undivided wholeness.
    David Bohm was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on December 20, 1917. He went to Pennsylvania State University to study physics, and later to the University of California at Berkeley to work on his PhD thesis with J.Robert Oppenheimer.
    While at Berkeley, Bohm, an idealist, became involved in politics and he was labeled a communist by the FBI led by J. Edgar Hoover. This prevented him from getting a clearance to work with Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos to produce the first atomic bomb during the World War II. However, while working on his doctorate at Berkeley, he discovered “the scattering calculations of collisions of protons and deuterons” which was used by the Manhattan Project team, and was immediately classified. As a result, Bohm was denied access to his own work and wasn’t allowed to write or defend his thesis. Oppenheimer had to certify before the faculty of the university that Bohm had indeed successfully completed his research. Bohm was awarded his PhD in physics.
    Bohm was surprised to find that once electrons were in a plasma, they stopped behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were part of a larger and interconnected whole. He later remarked that he frequently had the impression that the sea of electrons was in some sense alive.
    In 1947, he became an assistant professor at Princeton University, where he met Albert Einstein. Einstein found Bohm to be a kindred spirit, a like-minded colleague with whom he could have fascinating conversations about the nature of the universe.He extended his research to the study of electrons in metals. Once again the seemingly haphazard movements of individual electrons managed to produce highly organized overall effects. Bohm’s innovative work in this area established his reputation as a theoretical physicist.
    In 1951 Bohm wrote a classic textbook entitled Quantum Theory, in which he presented a clear account of the orthodox, Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. The Copenhagen interpretation was formulated mainly by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in the 1920s and is still highly influential today. But even before the book was published, Bohm began to have doubts about the assumptions underlying the conventional approach.
    The holomovement is a key concept in David Bohm`s interpretation of quantum mechanics and for his overall worldview. It brings together the holistic principle of “undivided wholeness” with the idea that everything is in a state of process or becoming (or what he calls the “universal flux») For Bohm, wholeness is not a static oneness, but a dynamic wholeness-in-motion in which everything moves together in an interconnected process. The concept is presented most fully in Wholeness and the implicate order published in 1980.
    Referring to quantum theory, Bohm’s basic assumption is that “elementary particles are actually systems of extremely complicated internal structure, acting essentially as amplifiers of information contained in a quantum wave.” As a consequence, he has evolved a new and controversial theory of the universe. A new model of reality that Bohm calls the “Implicate Order.”
    The theory of the Implicate Order contains an ultra-holistic cosmic view; it connects everything with everything else. In principle, any individual element could reveal “detailed information about every other element in the universe.” The central underlying theme of Bohm’s theory is the “unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders.”
    David Bohm

    During the early 1980s Bohm developed his theory of the Implicate Order in order to explain the bizarre behavior of subatomic particles. Behavior that quantum physicists have not been able to explain. Basically, two subatomic particles that have once interacted can instantaneously “respond to each other’s motions thousands of years later when they are light-years apart.” This sort of particle interconnectedness requires superluminal signaling, which is faster than the speed of light. This odd phenomenon is called the EPR effect, named after the Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen thought experiment.
    Bohm believes that the bizarre behavior of the subatomic particles might be caused by unobserved subquantum forces and particles. Indeed, the apparent weirdness might be produced by hidden means that pose no conflict with ordinary ideas of causality and reality.
    Bohm believes that this “hiddeness” may be reflective of a deeper dimension of reality. He maintains that space and time might actually be derived from an even deeper level of objective reality. This reality he calls the Implicate Order. Within the Implicate Order everything is connected; and, in theory, any individual element could reveal information about every other element in the universe.
    Borrowing ideas from holographic photography, the hologram is Bohm’s favorite metaphor for conveying the structure of the Implicate Order. Holography relies upon wave interference. If two wavelengths of light are of differing frequencies, they will interfere with each other and create a pattern. “Because a hologram is recording detail down to the wavelength of light itself, it is also a dense information storage.” Bohm notes that the hologram clearly reveals how a “total content–in principle extending over the whole of space and time–is enfolded in the movement of waves (electromagnetic and other kinds) in any given region.” The hologram illustrates how “information about the entire holographed scene is enfolded into every part of the film.” It resembles the Implicate Order in the sense that every point on the film is “completely determined by the overall configuration of the interference patterns.” Even a tiny chunk of the holographic film will reveal the unfolded form of an entire three-dimensional object.
    Proceeding from his holographic analogy, Bohm proposes a new order–the Implicate Order where “everything is enfolded into everything.” This is in contrast to the explicate order where things are unfolded. Bohm puts it thus:
    “The actual order (the Implicate Order) itself has been recorded in the complex movement of electromagnetic fields, in the form of light waves. Such movement of light waves is present everywhere and in principle enfolds the entire universe of space and time in each region. This enfoldment and unfoldment takes place not only in the movement of the electromagnetic field but also in that of other fields (electronic, protonic, etc.). These fields obey quantum-mechanical laws, implying the properties of discontinuity and non-locality. The totality of the movement of enfoldment and unfoldment may go immensely beyond what has revealed itself to our observations. We call this totality by the name holomovement.”
    Bohm believes that the Implicate Order has to be extended into a multidimensional reality; in other words, the holomovement endlessly enfolds and unfolds into infinite dimensionality. Within this milieu there are independent sub-totalities (such as physical elements and human entities) with relative autonomy. The layers of the Implicate Order can go deeper and deeper to the ultimately unknown. It is this “unknown and undescribable totality” that Bohm calls the holomovement. The holomovement is the “fundamental ground of all matter.”


    In collaboration with Stanford neuroscientist Karl Pribram, Bohm was involved in the early development of the holonomic model of the functioning of the brain, a model for human cognition that is drastically different from conventionally accepted ideas. Bohm worked with Pribram on the theory that the brain operates in a manner similar to a hologram in accordance with quantum mathematical principles and the characteristics of wave patterns.
    The holonomic brain theory or model, developed by neuroscientist Karl Pribram initially in collaboration with physicist David Bohm, is a model of human cognition that describes the brain as a holographic storage network. Pribram suggests these processes involve electric oscillations in the brain’s fine-fibered dendritic webs, which are different from the more commonly known action potentials involving axons and synapses.These oscillations are waves and create wave interference patterns in which memory is encoded naturally, in a way that can be described with Fourier Transformation equations. Pribram and others noted the similarities between these brain processes and the storage of information in a hologram, which also uses Fourier Transformations(mathematical).In a hologram, any part of the hologram with sufficient size contains the whole of the stored information. In this theory, a piece of a long-term memory is similarly distributed over a dendritic arbor so that each part of the dendritic network contains all the information stored over the entire network.This model allows for important aspects of human consciousness, including the fast associative memory that allows for connections between different pieces of stored information and the non-locality of memory storage (a specific memory is not stored in a specific location, i.e. a certain neuron).
    A main characteristic of a hologram is that every part of the stored information is distributed over the entire hologram.Both processes of storage and retrieval are carried out in a way described by Fourier transformation equations. As long as a part of the hologram is large enough to contain the interference pattern that part can recreate the entirety of the stored image, except with more unwanted changes, called noise.
    An analogy to this is the broadcasting region of a radio antennae. In each smaller individual location within the entire area it is possible to access every channel, similar to how the entirety of the information of a hologram is contained within a part.
    Another analogy of a hologram is the way sunlight illuminates objects in the visual field of an observer. It doesn’t matter how narrow the beam of sunlight is. The beam always contains all the information of the object, and when conjugated by a lens of a camera or the eyeball, produces the same full three-dimensional image. The Fourier transform formula converts spatial forms to spatial wave frequencies and vice versa, as all objects are in essence vibratory structures. Different types of lenses, acting similarly to optic lenses can alter the frequency nature of information that is transferred.
    This non-locality of information storage within the hologram is crucial, because even if most parts are damaged, the entirety will be contained within even a single remaining part of sufficient size. Pribram and others noted the similarities between an optical hologram and memory storage in the human brain. According to the holonomic brain theory, memories are stored within certain general regions, but stored non-locally within those regions. This allows the brain to maintain function and memory even when it is damaged. It is only when there exist no parts big enough to contain the whole that the memory is lost. This can also explain why some children retain normal intelligence when large portions of their brain in some cases, half are removed. It can also explain why memory is not lost when the brain is sliced in different cross-sections.
    A single hologram can store 3D information in a 2D way. Such properties may explain some of the brain’s abilities, including the ability to recognize objects at different angles and sizes than in the original stored memory.
    Pribram proposed that neural holograms were formed by the diffraction patterns of oscillating electric waves within the cortex. It is important to note the difference between the idea of a holonomic brain and a holographic one. Pribram does not suggest that the brain functions as a single hologram. Rather, the waves within smaller neural networks create localized holograms within the larger workings of the brain. This patch holography is called holonomy or windowed Fourier transformations.
    A holographic model can also account for other features of memory that more traditional models cannot. The Hopfield Memory model has an early memory saturation point before which memory retrieval drastically slows and becomes unreliable. On the other hand, holographic memory models have much larger theoretical storage capacities. Holographic models can also demonstrate associative memory, store complex connections between different concepts, and resemble forgetting through lossy storage.


    Bohm: “The actual nature of the information and the way it is carried is not yet entirely clear. Is it really correct, for example, to speak of a “field” of information, since information does not fall off with distance, neither is it associated with energy in the usual sense. Possibly the notion of field should be widened or, at the quantum level. we should be talking about pre-space structures, or about algebraic relationships that precede the structure of space and time. “
    Bohm’s notion of “active information” is tied to his “Ontological Interpretation” (formerly the Causal or Hidden Variable Interpretation). I propose it be freed from any particular theory and raised to the level of a General Principle. Bohm never considered his Ontological Interpretation to be the last word on quantum theory, rather that it would suggest insights and avenues for further research. I believe that one of the most valuable is this notion of information.
    “Yes, if you say that all matter actually works from information, not merely matter in the nervous system or DNA matter working in the cell, but even the electron is forming from empty space being informed as it were by some unknown source of information which may be all over the space.
    And then we can not have, there is no sharp division between thought, emotion and matter. You see that they flow into each other. Even in ordinary experience you have thought and emotion flow into a movement of matter in the body. Or the movement of matter in the body gives rise to emotion and thought right.
    Now the only point is that present science has no idea how thought could directly affect an object which is not in contact with the body you see, or directly through some system. But if you say that the entire ground of existence is enfolded in space, that all matter is coming out of that space, including ourselves, our brains, our thoughts … then the information might gradually vades the space so that matter starts to, you could say that matter is always forming according to whatever information it has and therefore the thought process could alter that information content.
    So I would d say that it does look possible though I think very careful experiments have to be done before we say that it actually does take place.”
    “Because a hologram is recording detail down to the wavelength of light itself, it is also a dense information storage.” Bohm notes that the hologram clearly reveals how a “total content,in principle extending over the whole of space and time,is enfolded in the movement of waves (electromagnetic and other kinds) in any given region.” The hologram illustrates how “information about the entire holographed scene is enfolded into every part of the film.” It resembles the Implicate Order in the sense that every point on the film is “completely determined by the overall configuration of the interference patterns.” Even a tiny chunk of the holographic film will reveal the unfolded form of an entire three-dimensional object.


    Right off Bohm refers to the particle, the most essential building-block of matter. He considers the particle, fundamentally, to be only an “abstraction that is manifest to our senses.” Basically, for Bohm, the whole cosmos is matter; in his own words: “What is, is always a totality of ensembles, all present together, in an orderly series of stages of enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and interpenetrate each other in principle throughout the whole of space.”
    Bohm’s explicate order, however, is secondary–derivative. It flows out of the law of the Implicate Order, a law that stresses the relationships between the enfolded structures that interweave each other throughout cosmic space rather than between the “abstracted and separate forms that manifest to the senses.”
    Bohm’s explanation of “manifest” is basically that in certain sub-orders, within the “whole set” of Implicate Order, there is a “totality of forms that have an approximate kind of recurrence, stability and separability.” These forms are capable of appearing tangible, solid, and thus make up our manifest world.
    Bohm also declares that the “implicate order has to be extended into a multidimensional reality.” He proceeds: “In principle this reality is one unbroken whole, including the entire universe with all its fields and particles. Thus we have to say that the holomovement enfolds and unfolds in a multidimensional order, the dimensionality of which is effectively infinite. Thus the principle of relative autonomy of sub-totalities–is now seen to extend to the multi-dimensional order of reality.”
    Bohm illustrates this higher-dimensional reality by showing the relationship of two televised images of a fish tank, where the fish are seen through two walls at right angles to one another. What is seen is that there is a certain “relationship between the images appearing on the two screens.” We know, Bohm notes, that the two fish tank images are interacting actualities, but they are not two independently existent realities. “Rather, they refer to a single actuality, which is the common ground of both.” For Bohm this single actuality is of higher dimensionality, because the television images are two-dimensional projections of a three-dimensional reality, which “holds these two-dimensional projections within it.” These projections are only abstractions, but the “three-dimensional reality is neither of these,rather it is something else, something of a nature beyond both.”
    If there is apparent evolution in the universe, it is because the different scales or dimensions of reality are already implicit in its structure. Bohm uses the analogy of the seed being “informed” to produce a living plant. The same can be said of all living matter. “Life is enfolded in the totality and–even when it is not manifest, it is somehow implicit.” The holomovement is the ground for both life and matter. There is no dichotomy.
    What lies ahead? For Bohm it is the development of consciousness!


    Bohm conceives of consciousness as more than information and the brain; rather it is information that enters into consciousness. For Bohm consciousness “involves awareness, attention, perception, acts of understanding, and perhaps yet more.” Further, Bohm parallels the activity of consciousness with that of the Implicate Order in general.
    Consciousness, Bohm notes, can be “described in terms of a series of moments.” Basically, “one moment gives rise to the next, in which context that was previously implicate is now explicate while the previous explicate content has become implicate.” Consciousness is an interchange; it is a feedback process that results in a growing accumulation of understanding.
    Bohm considers the human individual to be an “intrinsic feature of the universe, which would be incomplete,in some fundamental sense” if the person did not exist. He believes that individuals participate in the whole and consequently give it meaning. Because of human participation, the “Implicate Order is getting to know itself better.”
    Bohm also senses a new development. The individual is in total contact with the Implicate Order, the individual is part of the whole of mankind, and he is the “focus for something beyond mankind.” Using the analogy of the transformation of the atom ultimately into a power and chain reaction, Bohm believes that the individual who uses inner energy and intelligence can transform mankind. The collectivity of individuals have reached the “principle of the consciousness of mankind,” but they have not quite the “energy to reach the whole, to put it all on fire.”
    Continuing with this theme on the transformation of consciousness, Bohm goes on to suggest that an intense heightening of individuals who have shaken off the “pollution of the ages” (wrong worldviews that propagate ignorance), who come into close and trusting relationship with one another, can begin to generate the immense power needed to ignite the whole consciousness of the world. In the depths of the Implicate Order, there is a “consciousness, deep down–of the whole of mankind.”
    It is this collective consciousness of mankind that is truly significant for Bohm. It is this collective consciousness that is truly one and indivisible, and it is the responsibility of each human person to contribute towards the building of this consciousness of mankind. “There’s nothing else to do,there is no other way out. That is absolutely what has to be done and nothing else can work.”
    Bohm also believes that the individual will eventually be fulfilled upon the completion of cosmic noogenesis. Referring to all the elements of the cosmos, including human beings, as projections of an ultimate totality, Bohm notes that as a “human being takes part in the process of this totality, he is fundamentally changed in the very activity in which his aim is to change that reality, which is the content of his consciousness.”

    Youtube-link showing A model of David Bohm’s implicate order as a Schrodinger wave hologram comprised of free particle wave-functions:

    David Peat is a theoretical physicist and a friend and colleague of David Bohm.Together they wrote Science, Order and Creativity and were working on The Order Between and Beyond until Bohm’s death in 1992. He has since written Bohm’s biography Infinite Potential. Peat is working on the upcoming documentary about David Bohm:

    - See more at: http://www.scienceandnonduality.com...-order-and-holomovement/#sthash.Lj2HwXtB.dpuf
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    LATEST DIALOGUES Teilhard and Other Modern Thinkers on Evolution, Mind, and Matter (part I)

    In his The Phenomenon of Man, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin develops concepts of consciousness, the noosphere, and psychosocial evolution. This article explores Teilhard’s evolutionary concepts as resonant with thinking in psychology and physics. It explores contributions from archetypal depth psychology, quantum physics, and neuroscience to elucidate relationships between mind and matter. Teilhard’s work can be seen as advancing this psychological lineage or psychogenesis. That is, the evolutionary emergence of matter in increasing complexity from sub-atomic particles to the human brain and reflective consciousness leads to a noosphere evolving towards an Omega point. Teilhard’s central ideas provide intimations of a numinous principle implicit in cosmology and the discovery that in and through humanity evolution becomes not only conscious of itself but also directed and purposive.

    In his introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, evolutionary biologist Sir Julian Huxley provides a synopsis and glowing endorsement of Teilhard’s evolutionary ideas published in The Phenomenon of Man. Huxley writes,
    Teilhard de Chardin was at the same time a Jesuit father and a distinguished palaeontologist… [H]e has effected a threefold synthesis—of the material and the physical world with the world of mind and spirit; of the past with the future; and of variety with unity, the many with the one.1
    As an eminent evolutionary biologist, Huxley (1887-1975) has much more to say in his exegesis, defense, and endorsement of Teilhard’s innovative evolutionary thought. With regard to the existence of rudimentary mind-like qualities prior to the emergence of reflective consciousness, Huxley writes the following about Teilhard’s contributions.
    … evolutionary fact and logic demand that minds should have evolved gradually as well as bodies and that accordingly mindlike … properties must be present throughout the universe. Thus, in any case, we must infer the presence of potential mind… by backward extrapolation from the human phase to the biological, and from the biological to the inorganic. … The brain alone is not responsible for mind, even though it is a necessary organ for its manifestation.2

    Years later philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) and neuroscientist John Eccles (1903-1997) devised a similar notion that the three worlds of mind, brain, and culture are indispensably necessary. For Popper and Eccles, mind programs the brain to evolve culture which in turn stimulates mental development in a feedback loop.3 While Huxley agreed with Teilhard’s view of humanistic evolution, as a secular biologist he could not agree with supernatural elements in Teilhard’s theology. Huxley nevertheless concluded his affirmation of Teilhard’s contribution writing that,
    With his conception of mankind as at the same time an unfinished product of past evolution and an agency of distinctive evolution to come … [Teilhard] wanted to deal with the entire human phenomenon, as a transcendence of biological by psychosocial evolution.4

    Furthermore, Huxley summarized Teilhard’s paradigm shift in evolutionary understanding with the comments,
    Through his combination of wide scientific knowledge with deep religious feeling and a rigorous set of values, [Teilhard] hasforced theologians to view their beliefs in the new perspective of evolution, and scientists to see the spiritual implications of their knowledge. … In the light of that new comprehension, it is no longer possible to maintain that science and religion must operate in thought-tight compartments. … The religiously minded can no longer turn their backs upon the natural world… nor can the materialistically-minded deny importance to spiritual experience and religious feeling.5
    Before exploring extensions of Teilhard’s thought in such fields as quantum physics, neuroscience, and depth psychology, I review Teilhard’s thinking about the universe and the emergence of human consciousness, or noogenesis.

    Teilhard’s Concepts of Noogenesis and Carl Jung on Individuation

    In his magnum opus The Phenomenon of Man, Teilhard asks, “How could we imagine a cosmogenesis reaching right up to mind without being confronted with a noogenesis? … Man discovers that he is nothing else than evolution become conscious of itself, to borrow Julian Huxley’s striking expression.”6 In less technical terms, cosmogenesis denotes the evolution of the cosmos while noogenesis is a more specific term referring to the unfolding of a global membrane of consciousness connecting all human beings. Teilhard posits that because humankind possesses reflective consciousness, we are responsible for the future direction of the evolving culture, science, and religion of an embodied spirituality.
    For Teilhard the Omega point is the time-space in which the psycho-spiritual and cultural evolution are consummated. Teilhard’s views concerning the ultimate destination of noogenesis regards the reducibility of psyche or mind to purely material processes in the brain and the entropy of a final death and disintegration of the noosphere as potentially fatal to the achievement of the final unity of matter and consciousness that he called the Omega point. For Teilhard, purpose and direction in evolution are necessary to its consummation in the Omega point. His views are expressed in the following passage:
    The radical defect in all forms of belief in progress, as they are expressed in positivist credos, is that they do not definitely eliminate death. What is the use of detecting a focus of any sort in the van of evolution if that focus can and must one day disintegrate? To satisfy the ultimate requirements of our action, Omega must be independent of the collapse of forces with which evolution is woven.7
    Teilhard expresses the same view in The Future of Man. He rejects the Marxist notion of a culmination of anthropogenesis in an eventual state of collective reflection and participation in which the individual becomes one with the whole social system. He wrote, “A world culminating in the Impersonal can bring us neither the warmth of attraction nor the hope of irreversibility (immortality) without which individual egotism will always have the last word.”8
    Rather than being subsumed into it, individual identity is enhanced through active participation in an archetypal cosmic order or evolutionary process. In Teilhard’s thought, this is participation in the emergence of the noosphere from cosmogenesis. Teilhard summarizes his reflections in The Phenomenon of Man with statements such as, “I adopt the supposition that our noosphere is destined to close in upon itself in isolation, and that it is in a psychical rather than a spatial direction that it will find an outlet, without need to leave or overflow the earth.”9 His vision of the future of humankind is expressed in a succinct passage:
    … mankind, taken as a whole, will be obliged . . . to reflect upon itself at a single point; that is to say, in this case, to abandon its organo-planetary foothold so as to shift its centre to the transcendent centre of its increasing concentration… The end of the world: the overthrow of equilibrium, detaching the mind,fulfilled at last, from its material matrix, so that it will henceforward rest with all its weight on God-Omega.10

    These ideas are similar to Carl Jung’s notion of a continuing incarnation of God especially in human psychic development through individual and collective human encounters with numinous, unconscious archetypes outlined in his Collected Works. Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist who broke from his Austrian teacher, Sigmund Freud, founded the fields of Analytical and Archetypal Psychology. He developed the notion of individuation through encounter with the unconscious and with numinous archetypes of the Self and the God-Image. His notion of the collective unconscious and the archetypes as cosmic ordering and regulating principles reject materialist and collectivist Marxism, and depart from the overly rational position of Freud. Rather, Jung’s thought is sympathetic to Teilhard’s concepts of noosphere, noogenesis, and Omega. As well, Jung and Teilhard converge on the nature of complementarity between mind and matter. According to Jung, individuation is the development of the psychological individual as distinct from the general collective psychology. Individuation, therefore, is a process of differentiation, having as its goal the development of the individual personality. Individuation is a natural necessity inasmuch as its prevention by leveling down to collective standards is injurious to the vital activity of the individual.11

    In Jungian depth psychology, symbols represent unconscious archetypes which are timeless, cosmic ordering, and regulating principles. Jung’s archetype of the Self or Imago Dei (God image) is distinctly numinous in character and associated with religious or mystical feelings. This archetype can be understood as corresponding to Teilhard’s God-Omega point in cosmology and evolution. In Jungian archetypal psychology, the unconscious not only transcends space-time,12 it is also co-extensive with the cosmos itself as was Teilhard’s notion of extended mind and reflective consciousness through which the existence of the universe is revealed to itself. These reflections on the relationships between Teilhard’s religious cosmology and Jung’s psychology also bring into focus ideas in physics that explore relationships between mind and matter.

    The Implicate Order of Bohm, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and Teilhard on Psychic Evolution

    David Bohm (1917-1992) was a physicist, student of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), and a colleague of Albert Einstein (1879-1955). In his later published work, Bohm evolved a concept of mind co-extensive with the universe that closely resembled formulations by other physicists, psychologists, and such religious thinkers as Teilhard de Chardin. Among Bohm’s contributions to the exploration of reality was an understanding of consciousness as a coherent whole. In his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980), Bohm writes “The vast unconscious background of explicit consciousness and ultimately, unknowable depths of inwardness are analogous to the sea of energy which fills the sensibly perceived empty space.”13 In his final work, The Undivided Universe (1993), Bohm expressed the insight that “active information served as the bridge between the mental and the physical.”14
    Bohm’s concept of active information as a bridge between mind and matter is remarkably similar and perhaps synchronous with emerging notions of unconscious archetypes as cosmic ordering and regulating principles. These insights provide the basis of an argument for a complementarity of mind and matter. Bohm clearly adopted a dual-aspect monist notion of the mental and the physical being complementary though irreducible to one another, while rejecting reductionism of either an idealist or materialist nature. Like other scientists of his day, he explored a position different from, but resonant with, panpsychism and panexperientialism as well as Teilhard’s concepts of noogenesis and psychogenesis. Bohm’s dual aspect concept of extended mind represents a rejection of a purely monist materialist explanation of the nature of reality.

    More controversially perhaps, Bohm like Teilhard proposed human participation in “a greater collective Mind in principle capable of going indefinitely beyond even the human species as a whole.”15 Such collective mind is analogous to Jung’s view of the unconscious psyche and the archetypes.

    Bohm summarized his position concerning the role of the observer in this way:
    There is no need to regard the observer as basically separate from what he sees nor to reduce him to an epiphenomenon of the objective process. More broadly one could say that, through the human being, the universe has created a mirror to observe itself.16
    Such reflections on mind not only represent a position different from metaphysical materialism; they also refute the argument that God is a delusion. In a perspective illuminated by the insights of Jung and Bohm, Teilhard predicted that humanity not only participates in a numinous dimension but also participates in cocreative divinization by directing the future evolution of the biosphere and the noosphere. Teilhard held that the ultimate nature of evolution is psychic. He refers to the “primordial psychism of the first cells”17 and to its completion as “a divine focus of mind.”18 Such an evolution no longer rests on the natural selection of purely random mutations; rather, it has been transformed into a psychosocial or cultural evolution directed by the individual and collective reflective consciousness of humanity. These insights also relate to the work of Wolfgang Pauli on the role of the human observer.

    >> Teilhard and Other Modern Thinkers on Evolution, Mind, and Matter (part II)
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    - See more at: http://www.scienceandnonduality.com...-mind-and-matter-part-i/#sthash.tDyFxEAz.dpuf
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    LATEST DIALOGUES Teilhard and Other Modern Thinkers on Evolution, Mind, and Matter (part II)

    The Personal Equation of the Human Observer in the Work of Wolfgang Pauli

    Physicist Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958) won the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his formulation of the exclusion principle that helped to explain the complex ordering of the elements on the periodic table.
    Interestingly, Pauli also collaborated with Carl Jung between 1932 and 1958 in conceptualizing the unconscious as the psychological analogy of the field concept in quantum physics. During this collaboration, Pauli noted that, since the sixteenth century science with its notions of a totally objective detached human observer, strict mechanistic determinism, and absolute causality, had so totally exorcised “spirit” and metaphysics from its investigations into the empirical laws of nature that it had succumbed to a one-sided development. In other words, science had become unbalanced, lacking the wholeness which would be restored if the consciousness or personal equation of the observer were to be integrated into the understanding of nature. The term “personal equation” was coined in the collaboration between Jung and Pauli. According to Pauli and as noted by the late high energy physicist Kalervo Laurikainen
    . . . the most important lesson that quantum mechanics has given us is that we must always include the observer in our picture of the world. This was the original spirit in the Copenhagen philosophy and, exactly in this point Pauli represents this philosophy in the most consistent way.19

    The myth of the detached observer is a relic of classical, Newtonian mechanics prior to the quantum revolution. Paradoxically, no science would exist in the absence of the consciousness of the human observer nor would mathematics, which is itself a psychological process “describing relationships organizing matter,” as noted by Karl Pribram!20
    Pribram, a neuroscientist best known for his work on the holographic brain, also rejects the notion that consciousness is an epiphenomenal by-product of brain processes remarking that “conscious attention shapes subsequent behavior.”21
    Classical physics and a Newtonian mechanistic (or “clockwork”) universe had no room for the human observer or for the mind that nevertheless devised experiments and deduced elegant mathematical laws from them in pursuit of scientific understanding of the origins and future destiny of the universe. In fact, neither classical physics nor Darwin’s theory of evolution could explain the anomaly of mind or consciousness with the consequence that mental (psychic) qualities were either squeezed out of existence or marginalized as mere epiphenomenal by-products of brain processes.

    Pauli regarded this anomaly as troublesome particularly because scientific theories were “products of the psyche” with a great deal of unconscious preparation. Pauli noted in his correspondence that in quantum experiments the consciousness of the observer could no longer be ignored and, probably due to his collaboration with Carl Jung, he concluded that repression of the psyche after the seventeenth century had been one-sided and dangerous, creating “a materialistic culture in which the influence of religion has continuously diminished and of which a very strict separation between science and religion is characteristic.”22
    Pauli, together with Jung wanted spirit to be acknowledged as a basic element of the world along with matter so that the universe would be perceived as an organism rather than as a clock, a vision of cosmogenesis similar to that of Teilhard’s noogenesis that implies evolving “towards a divine focus of mind.”23
    Pauli and Jung were both mystically inclined with a sense of psychic and physical codes implicit in cosmology and evolution. They had concluded that a relationship of complementarity exists between mind and matter that is analogous to the wave particle duality. This was the epistemological model of a dual-aspect monism having metaphysical implications. One observer described the nature of these connotations saying: “Metaphysics taken seriously in the sense of Pauli and Jung refers to a kind of reality more substantial, more material as it were than everything that physics and psychology would characterize as real.”24
    This form of extra-physical reality was designated by a mode of cognition expressed through abstract symbols. In a letter to physicist Marcus Fierz, Pauli states:
    What I have in mind concerning such a new idea of reality is— in provisional terms—the idea of the reality of the symbol. On the one hand a symbol is a product of human effort, on the other hand it indicates an objective order in the cosmos of which humans are only part.25

    Thus, Pauli regarded the Jungian unconscious archetypes as verifiable in the external phenomenal world and in the internal world of the psyche. He represented the unconscious as establishing relationships that were not trivial or superficial. For example, he wrote in a letter:
    Regarding the psychological analogy of the physical field concept, it seems to me to lie in the notion of the unconscious. The latter emerged more or less synchronously with the former… For the unconscious also posits a reality like the physical field. This is (in an everyday sense) an invisible reality mediating a connection between spatially (and maybe also temporally) distant visible phenomena. This seems to me to express a deeper similarity rather than only a superficial analogy.26

    Furthermore, in a letter to Jung, Pauli wrote, “like all ideas, the unconscious is simultaneously in man and in nature; the ideas have no location, even not in heaven. Consciousness, on the other hand, was supposed to be only a late-born offspring of the unconscious soul.”27 Thus like Pauli’s unconscious, the Jungian unconscious with its numinous archetypes of the Self and God image is not spatiotemporally bound but transcends space-time. As already suggested, these physicists were exploring an epistemologically dual-aspect monism to conceptualize mind in a way which would be analogous to the wave-particle duality in quantum physics.
    Pauli had evolved a profound interest in the structure of Jungian theory that he hoped to enrich with insights from quantum physics, especially a concept of the unconscious as co-extensive with the cosmos. For him, psyche and physics like science and religion exist in a relationship of complementarity rather than being irreconcilable opposites or mutually antagonistic.
    One archetype that was particularly meaningful to Pauli was the coniunctio oppositorum, the union of opposites or wholeness reflectedin non-local effects, interconnectedness, and holism associated with both the quantum situation and the unconscious psyche.28
    Pauli’s cosmic ordering principles or archetypes were not spatiotemporally bound or confined. They were as universal and timeless or eternal as those which, like the archetypes of God and the Self, belonged to Jung’s collective unconscious, particularly when identified with the external universe or the so-called cosmos within.
    Such notions seem to be in a direct line of descent from Teilhard’s concepts of complexity-consciousness, noosphere, and Omega point as the culmination of humanization and cultural evolution. Teilhard wrote,
    In Omega we have in the first place the principle we needed to explain the persistent march of things towards greater consciousness. . . . By its radial nucleus it finds its shape and its natural consistency in gravitating against the tide of improbability towards a divine focus of mind which draws it onward.29

    Regarding the birth of thought, Teilhard wrote, “We saw geogenesis promoted to biogenesis which turned out in the end to be nothing else than psychogenesis. . . . Psychogenesis has led to man.”30
    In addition to his contribution to understanding the psychophysical problem, Pauli was particularly interested in biological evolution while being skeptical that the evolution of life and emergent consciousness could be explained only through the natural selection of random mutations. Pauli wrote the following to Niels Bohr:
    In discussions with biologists I met with difficulties when they apply the concept of natural selection in a rather wide field without being able to estimate the probability of the occurrence in an empirically given time, of just those events which have been important for biological evolution. Treating the empirical time scale of the evolution theoretically as infinity, they have an easy game to avoid the concept of purposiveness while they pretend to stay in this way completely scientific and rational.31

    Empirical research entails estimating the probability of events within finite and theoretically explicit timeframes to permit the formulation of predictions. In neo-Darwinian theory, an implicitly infinite timeframe facilitates a virtually miraculous function for the chance or random variations that become available for natural selection while avoiding any Lamarckian, adaptive, or purposive mechanisms in the evolution of species.
    Aside from the transcendence of biological by psychosocial evolution, the phenomena of mind and emergent consciousness, non-random or directed mutations,32 and the existence of finality (purpose) in evolution would imply the failure of strict neoDarwinism as an explanatory framework. Such phenomena would be consistent with the existence of an unconscious “God” principle implicit in the evolutionary process, while constituting a challenge to dogmatic neo-Darwinism with its reliance on the natural selection of random variations operating during prodigious time epochs. In the Jung/Pauli collaboration the unconscious psyche or U-field is the psychological analogy of the field concept in physics while not being spatiotemporally bound. Teilhard’s work on the emergence of the noosphere from cosmogenesis, I believe, does represent a challenge to strict neo-Darwinism as Julian Huxley’s exegesis of The Phenomenon of Man implies. How an unconscious God principle or archetype becomes conscious through incarnation in humanity is a question addressed in the contributions of Pauli and Bohm as well as Jung’s treatment of religion in his Collected Works.33 Pauli’s archetypes are analogous to Bohm’s active information in providing a bridge between mind and matter that permits a relationship of complementarity between physis and psyche, science and religion.

    The Emergence of Numinous Self Relection

    Some of the statements of Pauli, Jung, and Bohm suggest a tendency to identify Mind in its unconscious aspects with an archetypal source of numinous experience and with a God immanent in matter itself. Teilhard expresses an analogous idea when he writes,
    Psychogenesis has led to man. Now it effaces itself, relieved or absorbed by another and a higher function—the engendering and subsequent development of all the stages of the mind in one word noogenesis . . . outside and above the biosphere is the noosphere. . . . With hominisation, in spite of the insignificance of the anatomical leap. . . . [t]he earth “gets a new skin.” Better still, it finds its soul.34
    Jung quite specifically writes of the evolution of God according to the archetype of the coniunctio oppositorum or wholeness.35
    He seems to be treating God (and Christianity) as a patient in analysis for whom consciousness needs to be brought into His unconscious darkness in a self-transformative process, one of individuating and becoming whole. As noted in the work of Bohm and Pauli, rudimentary mind-like qualities are present even at the quantum level, prior to the emergence of reflective consciousness. Consciousness is the mirror that the universe has evolved to reflect upon itself and in which its very existence is revealed.
    However, it is precisely this expanded and higher consciousness which Jung believes God acquires through incarnation in humankind. In this sense too, Jung believes that God needs humankind to become both whole and complete. The implication is that God and humanity are in an entangled state and that the individuation of each is inextricably bound with the other. In other words, the evolution of God and the evolution of humanity cannot be separated. Christ is a symbol of the Self and of the coniunctio, since Christ in Jung’s thought reconciles opposites. Jung writes,
    One should make it clear to oneself what it means when God becomes man. It means nothing less than a world-shaking transformation of God. It means more or less what creation meant in the beginning, namely an objectivation of God. At the time of creation he revealed himself in nature; now he wants to be more specific and become man.36

    Jung refers to the human as well as the divine nature of Christ, alluding to the
    . . . despairing cry from the cross, “My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me?” Here, his human nature acquires divinity; at that moment God experiences what it means to be a mortal man and drinks to the dregs what he has made his faithful servant Job suffer. Here is given the answer to Job and clearly this moment is as divine as it is human, as eschatological as it is psychological.37

    Such transformations in the God archetype are very close to the noogenesis and Christogenesis of Teilhard de Chardin as seems clear in Jung’s further amplification of the significance of God becoming human as the word made flesh and the Light referred to in the first chapter of St. John’s Gospel. Finally Jung envisions an evolution of the imago Dei through historic time:
    The future indwelling of the Holy Ghost in man amounts to a continuing incarnation of God. Christ as the begotten son of God and pre-existing mediator is a first born and a divine paradigm which will be followed by further incarnations of the Holy Ghost in the empirical man.38

    Through ongoing incarnation in humanity, God becomes conscious and is completed by humankind in directed evolution. It is as an archetypal and cosmic reality rather than a purely theological concept that the idea of an evolving God seems to be most compatible with those notions of rudimentary mind mentioned above in the contributions from quantum physics such as those of Pauli and Bohm as well as the noogenesis of Teilhard de Chardin culminating in his divine focus of Mind and the God-Omega point.
    Concerning a transcendent order in cosmogenesis and the culmination of a continuing process of incarnation Teilhard wrote, “The mystical Christ has not yet reached the peak of his growth . . . and it is in the continuation of this engendering that there lies the ultimate driving force behind all created activity. . . . Christ is the fulfilment of even the natural evolution of beings.”39 Teilhard saw the differentiation of his thought from that of such collective human movements as Marxism or secular humanism, stripped of a numinous dimension more succinctly or poetically. God incarnate in the cosmic Christ is the fulfillment of the natural evolution of beings to which Teilhard refers in the passage quoted above. This is similar to Jung’s notion of Christ as embodying the archetypes of the Self and the coniunctio.


    Eminent physicists and biologists as well as depth psychologists have commented upon the role of reflectively conscious human beings in directing the future of cultural and cosmic evolution. Rather than being mere spectators human beings are actors, participants, and co-creators in the evolutionary process that resulted in the species following a number of pre-hominid ancestors. According to the traditional neo-Darwinian paradigm, the doctrine of natural selection by chance (random) variations still prevails in spite of the incommensurable evidence and anomalies to which I have referred in this article. However with the acknowledgement of such phenomena as global warming with an undeniable anthropogenic contribution as well as the prevalence of pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, humankind may need to embrace Teilhard’s noosphere culminating in God-Omega and to respond collectively as a species to such challenges to survival. Metaphysical materialism and consumerism may represent a menaceto an earth which has lost its soul and its sense of the numinous dimension of evolution.
    Furthermore, humankind confronts the transcendence implicit in the cosmic history of the universe and apparently manifest in an eternal Mind as well. And yet, paradoxically, in the experience of an apparently eternal now, the majestic, awesome, and glorious task in which humanity is participating is nothing less than that of completing the incarnation of God in historic time. Teilhard proposes a vision of the future of humanity actively and industriously creating a noosphere or envelope of consciousness and meaning around the closed curvature of Earth. His evolutionary theology brought God down from the figurative heavens and into such close intimacy and identification with spirit/matter and with humanity that God’s omnipotent and omniscient qualities and the transcendence of creation depicted in Genesis and enshrined in dogma are called into question.

    Teilhard, I suspect, saw with remarkable clarity what the theologians of his time missed, even though it hovered above them in the Sistine Chapel: the mature and empowered stature of the primordial Adam in relation to the generative archetypal father-God. However removed from the traditional, interventionist stance in dogmatic theology, the incarnation of God in cosmic evolution implies that God becomes fully conscious and whole through and is completed by humankind in a unio mystica of perhaps unsuspected significance. As Teilhard reiterates at the conclusion of The Future of Man, “Erit in omnibus omnia Deus,”40 which means that God may become all in and through all. Alternatively, humankind could evolve in such a way as to fulfill the divine potential of completing the incarnation of God. This is nothing less than a holistic vision, itself mystical, of the interconnectedness and sacredness of all beings in an ecosystem that embraces all forms of life.

    It is to the achievement of such unanimity and holism that religion, despite the ridicule of skeptics, has so much to offer, these being the fruits of ecumenism in Christianity and interreligious dialogue, restoring to a secular world, which has placed its faith in materialism, a collective consciousness of the sacredness of all people and of Earth itself.
    Bohm’s notion of a Mind extending indefinitely beyond humanity as a whole, his implicate order, and the Jungian unconscious with its archetypal symbols imply the existence of dimensions of the mind and of the Self which are not spatiotemporally bound. Pauli defined his U-field as the psychological analogue of the field concept in quantum physics and believed that the reality of archetypal symbols was metaphysical and stood for a reality more substantial than concepts in either physics or psychology. The God archetype (imago Dei), for instance, could not be reduced to the status of a mere psychological concept. Pauli and Jung referred to the common ontological foundation from which both mind and matter emerge in a dual-aspect monist concept of reality as the unus mundus. This primordial reality of the collective unconscious and the archetypes transcending space and time is analogous to Bohm’s implicate order. The supernaturalness of humanity which Jungian analyst Michael Fordham posited41 lies in the emergent reflective consciousness through which the numinous dimension implicit in Teilhard’s evolutionary process is revealed and consummates itself at point Omega. This transformation in consciousness is, I believe, the divinization or re-sacralization of the world of which Jung, Pauli, Bohm, and Teilhard de Chardin were intuitive prophets.42

    << Teilhard and Other Modern Thinkers on Evolution, Mind, and Matter (part I)
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    - See more at: http://www.scienceandnonduality.com...mind-and-matter-part-ii/#sthash.w1Jte4Kf.dpuf
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    C1. C2. C3. C4. C5. C6. C7. C8. C9. C10. C11. C12. C13. C14. C15. C16. C17. C18.

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    shiloh wrote:

    Tom Campbell's University of Calgary Lectures from September 2011 at Alberta, Canada, appear to be a nice background for Thuban OmniScience.

    I have not watched all of this yet, but share it here for reference purposes. Thank you Brook for sharing your links about those lectures on your forum on the Mists of Avalon.


    Reviews of My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell

    The one irritating and at first glance a little unfortunate aspect of Thomas Campbell's presentation is his choice of labeling his work under the title of: "My Big Toe".
    This is ambiguous, as it renders many casual observers; including me, when I was first introduced to this work by Owlsden and then by Brook; as less than impressed with yet another self-aggrandizing and egocentric attempt of someone attempting to cocreate a new cosmology, often abandoning the history of what has come before in the construction of the cultural edifices and parameters utilized.

    Thoms Campbell actually promotes the converse; in calling his work: "My Big TOE!", he in fact does not refer to "His Big TOE", but to "Everyone's Big TOE" in an attempt to individualise the underpinning New OmniScience, based on the nature of consciousness as the fundamental building block or unit and synergizing the 'Physics of the Measurements' via the 'Scientific Method of Reproducibility' and the 'Objectification of all Reality with the 'Metaphysics of Subjectivity of Individual Experiences'.

    And this 'personification' of the Ontology or Origins of the Physics in a Metaphysics, using the Physics of Consciousness to itself evolve and form multiverses from a seedling protoverse and so construct many phaseshifted individualised cosmologies from a common cosmogony is surely brilliant in allowing the uniqueness of the separation to become unified in a oneness of the cosmogenetic origins for all data collectors, data interpreters and information decoders and consciousness units of the 'Many in One and the One in the Many' as a heartthought and mindfelt invitation from Thomas Campbell.

    I highly recommend viewing those videos, especially the first two for a grounding in the premises of contemporary terrestrial sciences and how the old paradigm of a fixed measurable physical realism of objectification and disallowing the metaphysics of the subjective experience of the individual cosmic selfhood, must now move aside as a subset of a grander and more encompassing new paradigm or worldview, which has recognised the basic statistical nature of the microcosm and the macrocosm as being quantum relative and quantum mechanical in their nature, evolution and self expression and as an 'a priori' consequence and causality of a physicalised consciousness in the discretisized quantum of creation, also known as the 'Quantum of Cosmic Love'!.


    Regarding the 'Collapse of the Wavefunction' in video #1, here is the Dragon Science to elucidate on the 'measurement-consciousness' problem of the 'Double-Slit' experiment and the Duality and Complementarity of the 'Copenhagen Interpretation' of the quantum entanglement.

    The Dawn of Space and Time in a Selfconscious Quantum Universe

    The Solution to Schrödinger's Cat Paradox

    The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics concentrates on a 'classical treatment' of the observer and the observed; leading to a 'collapse of the wavefunction' upon the act of the observation.
    This has little to do with the 'quantum phenomenon of entanglement' as is indicated in the Weinberg critique of Copenhagen below.

    Summararily, Schrödinger was right in the first instance; BUT this does NOT require a Copenhagen observer.
    Schrödinger's Cat is BOTH ALIVE and DEAD as the superposition of quantum selfstates and INDEPENDENT on any classical observer (looking at the cat).
    The superposition is the entanglement of the collapsed and the escaped quantum eigenstates.
    The cat is a living Particle-Entity with 'consciousness/soul/god' INSIDE as a collapsed wave.
    And the cat is a dead Wave-Entity with a 'consciousness/soul/god' OUTSIDE as an escaped wave.
    These two eigenstates define QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT of the SIMULTANEOUS CAT, being BOTH a living body and a dead nonbody at the same time.

    Why does the human mind find that this is so hard to understand?

    Many physicists and philosophers have objected to the Copenhagen interpretation, both on the grounds that it is non-deterministic and that it includes an undefined measurement process that converts probability functions into non-probabilistic measurements. Einstein's comments "I, at any rate, am convinced that He (God) does not throw dice."[14] and "Do you really think the moon isn't there if you aren't looking at it?"[15] exemplify this. Bohr, in response, said "Einstein, don't tell God what to do".

    Steven Weinberg in "Einstein's Mistakes", Physics Today, November 2005, page 31, said:

    All this familiar story is true, but it leaves out an irony. Bohr's version of quantum mechanics was deeply flawed, but not for the reason Einstein thought. The Copenhagen interpretation describes what happens when an observer makes a measurement, but the observer and the act of measurement are themselves treated classically. This is surely wrong: Physicists and their apparatus must be governed by the same quantum mechanical rules that govern everything else in the universe. But these rules are expressed in terms of a wave function (or, more precisely, a state vector) that evolves in a perfectly deterministic way. So where do the probabilistic rules of the Copenhagen interpretation come from?

    Considerable progress has been made in recent years toward the resolution of the problem, which I cannot go into here. It is enough to say that neither Bohr nor Einstein had focused on the real problem with quantum mechanics. The Copenhagen rules clearly work, so they have to be accepted. But this leaves the task of explaining them by applying the deterministic equation for the evolution of the wave function, the Schrödinger equation, to observers and their apparatus.

    The problem of thinking in terms of classical measurements of a quantum system becomes particularly acute in the field of quantum cosmology, where the quantum system is the universe.[16]

    [MIKE] Certainly Schrödinger's thought problem was originally proposed to show the problems with the Copenhagen interpretation, but even today you get the Cat in the box and a few seconds later you read about collapse of the wave function. It still has not really been resolved. As Gribbon said in one of his books is that the problem with QM is that it is too democratic everyone has an opinion on what it means. All of the interpretations you listed above give the same results they just use differing explanations as to what it means, the philosophy as Mac puts it. Feynman had two one was a sum over histories and the other was an electron going forward and back in time to interfere with itself. As Gribbon also wrote no one knows what QM means. We use it like a cookbook knowing if we do this we get that but we have no idea why the ingredients do what they do to get the result.

    BTW. It does not get much press, but Eugene Wigner's adaptation to Schrödinger's Cat is much more easily understood. The thought problem is called Wigner's Friend. Substitute a human volunteer for the cat. Do the same experiment. At the conclusion, open the door. If the volunteer is still alive, ie the radioactive particle did not decay and release the poison, ask him to describe the transitional states he was theoretically supposed to experience.

    Mike, here is the solution without any OBSERVED COLLAPSE of any wavefunction.
    Schrödinger's Cat is BOTH ALIVE and DEAD as the superposition of quantum selfstates and INDEPENDENT on any classical observer (looking at
    the cat).
    The superposition is the entanglement of the collapsed and the escaped quantum eigenstates.
    The cat is a living Particle-Entity with 'consciousness/soul/god' INSIDE as a collapsed wave.
    And the cat is a dead Wave-Entity with a 'consciousness/soul/god' OUTSIDE as an escaped wave.
    These two eigenstates define QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT of the Cat in simultaneity, being BOTH a living body and a dead nonbody at the same time.

    Why does the human mind find that this is so hard to understand?

    [MIKE] Think about Wigner's friend and you should have your answer.

    There is more to it Mike. I didn't ask a question, but stated the superposition as quantum fact and thoroughly without any Many-Worlds of splitting universes.
    Wigner's argument engages Consciousness and in that aspect he has hit the 'occuli tauri'; but the basis is that this consciousness itself is superposed.
    Below is 'my accomplice' in Roger Penrose.

    Consciousness and measurement

    Wigner designed the experiment to illustrate his belief that consciousness is necessary to the quantum mechanical measurement process. If a material device is substituted for the conscious friend, the linearity of the wave function implies that the state of the system is in a linear sum of possible states. It is simply a larger indeterminate system.
    However, a conscious observer (according to his reasoning) must be in either one state or the other, hence conscious observations are different, hence consciousness is material. Wigner discusses this scenario in "Remarks on the mind-body question", one in his collection of essays, Symmetries and Reflections, 1967. The idea has become known as the consciousness causes collapse interpretation.

    Consciousness and Superposition

    A counterargument is that the superimposition of two conscious states is not paradoxical - just as there is no interaction between the multiple quantum states of a particle, so the superimposed consciousnesses need not be aware of each other.[1]

    The state of the observer's perception is considered to be entangled with the state of the cat. The perception state 'I perceive a live cat' accompanies the 'live-cat' state and the perception state 'I perceive a dead cat' accompanies the 'dead-cat' state. [..] It is then assumed that a perceiving being always finds his/her perception state to be in one of these two; accordingly, the cat is, in the perceived world, either alive or dead.[..] I wish to make clear that, as it stands, this is far from a resolution of the cat paradox. For there is nothing in the formalism of quantum mechanics that demands that a state of consciousness cannot involve the simultaneous perception of a live and a dead cat.


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    The Protoverse within the Multiverse within the Omniverse and the Cosmic Generations

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Omniverse, dear ones!

    This message shall address one of the latest discoveries of your cosmologists upon Gaia. I shall give you important details about this phenomenon following this press release, shared generously by Amir Javadi, a cosmic brother sharing with you all the terrestrial exile soon to finalise (say a 7-10 year period from the dating of this report from 2008 to 2015-2017).

    Our known universe is being tugged: Study

    November 07, 2008

    Unknown, unseen "structures" are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, the National Geographic Channel reported on its website quoting a controversial new study. It said everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward the massive clumps of matter at more than 3.2 million kilometers an hour -- a movement researchers have dubbed dark flow. According to the study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA's [Images] Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, the presence of the extra-universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger -- a multiverse -- and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, the channel said The theory could rewrite the laws of physics. Current models say the known, or visible, universe extends as far as light could have traveled since the big bang. In an attempt to simplify the mind-bending concept, Kashlinsky says to picture yourself floating in the middle of a vast ocean. As far as the eye can see, the ocean is smooth and the same in every direction, just as most astronomers believe the universe is. You would think that beyond the horizon, therefore, nothing is different. "But then you discover a faint but coherent flow in your ocean," Kashlinsky said. "You would deduce that the entire cosmos is not exactly like what you can see within your own horizon." There must be an out-of-sight mountain river or ravine pushing or pulling the water. Or in the cosmological case, Kashlinsky speculates that "this motion is caused by structures well beyond the current cosmological horizon, which is more than 14 billion light-years away.

    " Image: A powerful collision of galaxy clusters captured with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope. Like its famous cousin, the so-called Bullet Cluster, this clash of clusters provides striking evidence for dark matter and insight into its properties. Like the Bullet Cluster, this newly studied cluster, officially known as MACSJ0025.4-1222, shows a clear separation between dark and ordinary matter. Photograph courtesy: NASA

    Source: http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/nov/07look-our-known-universe-is-being-tugged-study.htm Sincerely Hossein Javadi

    email: javadi_hossein@hotmail.com

    Shalom to you all in these troublesome times; and a period of mental uneasiness and physical insecurity which must continue and intensify until this Old Earth rebirthes itself as a New Earth in an emergence, which will allow all of you to participate in metamorphosing your old geneto-chromosomatic bodyforms in unison with your planetary mother.

    In a nutshell, the phenomenon described above relates to the multidimensionality of your universe, which is actually a Protoverse and a Seed for an encompassing Omniverse.
    The universe can be very big because it can also be very small and those two modalities are intrinsically coupled and related in the concept of a Modular Duality of the Double-String aka the Supermembrane.
    In particular the vastness of the universe relates to one of the modular parts of this modality and this is generally modelled on the classical relativistic dynamics of an expanding universe, behaving like a thermodynamic Planck-Black Body radiator and the associated statistical mechanics and distributions of the quantities and parameters described.

    It is the winded- and low energy superstring in 10 dimensions {Ess}, which then allows description of this cosmic dynamics in terms of a classical geometry of the macroquantum and defined in large wavelengths of de Brogliean matter waves and the postulates and the metric curvilinear coordinates of General Relativity.

    The modular coupling to the macroquantum is the vibratory- and high energy superstring in 10 dimensions {Eps} and which leads to the quantum mechanics of the microquantum and the postulates of Special Relativity coupled to the short wavelengths and the quantum geometries of the quantum systems.
    The 4-dimensional spacetime continuum measured and observed by the Gaian physicists and experimenters is actually a seed or 'inner core' for an encompassing universum and a realm of linearity upon which freedom degrees of rotation and oscillation have become superimposed in a quantization of the microcosm modular dual to the macrocosm.

    An expanded or expanding Line-Space of 3 dimensions allows 3 Hyper-Space dimensions of rotation to manifest in the phenomenon of 'curved space'. It is however not necessary from first principles, that any inertia or mass in the form of matter be present for the primordial universe to 'curve' or close upon itself.
    The universe can be 'empty' of matter and yet display self-closure under its own gravity; should this gravity utilize a form of energy which is 'mass-equivalent' in the form of 'photonic string mass' under the formulations of the quantum according to Max Planck {Energy E=hf=mc2 =kT}.

    This relates to the 'Principle of Equivalence' in General Relativity, which states that an Inertial Mass {Minertial} of Newtonian physics, subject to acceleration and bounded in the invariance of lightspeed 'c' is identical to an Gravitational Mass {MGravitational}.
    This implies, that any 'accelerated frame of reference' is indistinguishable from a localised gravitational field in 'g-acceleration' of an applied force per unitmass {ag=GoM/r2}.

    The 3 Hyper-Space dimensions so manifest on the quantum level of the vibratory superstring modality in allowing a quantised SPIN, either clockwise-up or anticlockwise-down to manifest in integral half-spin for inertial fermions and full-spin for inertial bosons, many of which can also be massless from their string precursors.
    This so manifests a 6-dimensional Hyper-Spaced universe which is colocal with the observed 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and where a 'connector' temporal dimension of the 4th dimension also represents the first Hyper-Space dimension.

    The macro-observed rotation of cosmic entities with their angular momenta in Line-Space so carries with itself a nonobserved microcosmic summation or integration of hyperspaced superstrings comprising the macro-systems as microcosmic constituents.

    Quantum-Space is 9-dimensional and is colocal with 6-dimensional Hyper-Space and 3-dimensional Line-Space.
    Quantum-Space is 'time-connected' to Hyper-Space in the 7th dimension, which is also the first Quantum-Space dimension and also the fourth Hyper-Space dimension.
    Quantum-Space describes the 'oscillatory' freedom degrees of 'stretching- and shrinking' or expansion- and contraction along any of the basic axes of Line-Space (say X-Y-Z).

    Quantum-Space so defines the macro-systematic phenomena of expansion-contraction as principle-antiprinciple on the scale of the microcosm of the quantum and is 'time-connected' to Omni-Space in the 10th dimension of the superstring. It is also the 4th dimension of Quantum-Space and the 7th dimension of Hyper-Space.

    Generally then, the observable universe APPEARS to be 3-dimensional, but is 9-dimensional in 'hiding' 6 dimensions of rotational and oscillatory freedom degrees with itself. It is not so much that those 6 dimensions are 'collapsed' onto the parental 'string scale', but that the string scale itself allows MACROQUANTISATION as the observed physical phenomena by the fractalisation and the Holographic Principle underpinning a more descriptive cosmology as is presently understood in the Gaian realms of analysis and experimentation.
    In other words; as everything existing is reducible to the 'quasi-singularity' as a quantum-summation of the 'God-Particle EpsEss' the fractalisation of the universe can be said to be a continual Unfolding of the Enfolding in a Bohmian Holomovement or similar nomenclature.
    Subsequently, all macro-objects are 'made' from micro-objects are made from supermembranes and are representations or holograms of the Hubble-Bubble of M-Space, which 'inflated' at the birth of the universe at Null-Time and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang manifested the observable universe of measurement.

    The 'de Broglie matter wave' ended a 'string epoch' at precisely 3.33x10-31 seconds to 'ignite' the Quantum Big Bang with a manifesting a 'dark energy', defined in an equation of accelerations and defining Einstein's Cosmological Constant as a Quintessence:

    ΛEinstein = ΩNewton + ΑMilgrom = GoMo/R2(n) -2cHo/(n+1)3.

    The parameters are defined later in this discourse.

    The time dimension is both, more elementary, than the spacial dimensions and non-existant except as a NOW-Time defining the birth of space and time from a Null-Time aka a mathematical singularity.
    As this singularity can become mathematically defined but must remain physically unrealised; it can be shown; that the occurrence of a Quantum Big Bang becomes necessity to extend the mathematical definitions of a 2-dimensional continuum into its 3-dimensional manifesto, that is the physicalisation of the metaphysics of the abstraction of the mathematics in the emergence of space and time and matter.

    The Omniverse possesses perfect spherical symmetry in a selfcontained 12-dimensional F-Space; whilst the Protoverse is a major-axis prolate ellipsoid or Riemannian Hypersphere as its central subset in 10 dimensions.
    The Protoverse does not rotate appreciably as the summation of its 'quantum spin' vectors; but carries a rotational freedom across its major axis but not its minor axes.
    The protoverse is subject to PHASESHIFTS as minor axis rotations and any such phaseshift generates a Multiverse, the latter defined as a minimum configuration of two phaseshifted protoverses.
    To accomodate the Multiverse from the Protoverse, the BOUNDARY of this Protoverse becomes uniquely defined as a 11-dimensional M-Space.
    It is this boundary then, which MIRRORS the expansion and evolution of the 10-dimensional cosmos and everything within it into the perfect spherical symmetry of the encompassing Omniverse.

    This results then in an ASYMPTOTIC Expansion of a 10-dimensional universe described as C-Space towards this 11-dimensional M-Space boundary and where the C-Space carries an open- and hyperbolic topology, whilst the M-Space is closed or ellipsoidal.

    The M-Space is a MIRROR-Space and can be described as a Moebian-Manifold-Connectivity.
    M-Space so connects the 'inside' of the mass-parametric and asymptotically expanding C-Space to its 'mirror image' of a relatively contracting F-Space from the 'outside'.
    This scenario is yet extended in the boundary parameters of C-Space and universally known as the invariance of lightspeed 'c'.

    The 10-dimensional universe expands asymptotically, meaning that it 'slows down' in deceleration. The Gaian cosmologists have measured an accelerating universe following an initial deceleration, say at a particular cosmological redshift region at about 0.1 and using spectra of supernovae type I in this process.
    What the terran scientist have measured is not an accelerating universe, but the 'return of the imaged light' from the M-Space boundary.

    The Gaian scientists should recall, that all cosmological measurements engage the absorption- and emission spectra of electromagnetic radiation travelling at lightspeed c. So it is prudent to interpret the spectroscopic database in terms of the light parameters not superposed onto the inertial variables.

    The C-Space expansion of the Protoverse has reached about 53% of its M-Space boundary at the present timeline of 2008 AD.
    The C-Space expands then at 22% of lightspeed and decelerates at (AMilgrom=-2cHo/(n+1)3) or at about 0.12 nanometers per second squared.
    At the 'birth' of space and time, the maximum deceleration was therefore so 1.1266.. nanometers per second2.

    The formulation for the acceleration above engages a 'nodal' Hubble-Constant Ho, referring to a Hubble-Variable, which oscillates between an even- and an odd node in a dimensional cycletime defining a 'linear' timeflow in n=Hot with a characteristic Hubble-Frequency for the 'heartbeat' of the universe in dn/dt=Ho.
    The Gaian cosmologist have hitherto been unaware of the oscillatory nature of the universe and have presumed an expanding universe covarying with the spacetime coordinates.

    This is not the case. The universe experienced a period of hyperacceleration in a defining 'string epoch' and a linear timespan, which ended precisely 3.33.x10-31 seconds following 'Null- or singularity' time.
    This hyperinflation DEFINED the M-Space boundary and provided the 11-dimensional medium for the mass-parametric C-Space universe to expand into.

    Following the manifestation of the M-Space in the Magic-Membrane-Mirror of the Mother; the Quantum Big Bang occurred and seeded the universe in spactime vortices, carrying the potential for mass to manifest in their multifaceted density distributions and primarily as a function of temperature coupled to the cosmic coordinate background.

    M-Space so envelopes C-Space in a cyclicity spanning halfcycles or linear 'timeflows' of n=1 durations.

    For 1=Hot then, the Hubble-Time becomess tHubble = 1/Ho and this calculates as 16.9 Billion years (tropical).

    For a 'return cycle' from n=1 to n=2 (n=0 defining the Big Bang Instanton and Inflaton) then, the universe will experience an ELECTROMAGNETIC RETURN of the Big Bang Seeding light and after 33.8 Billion years, the Big Crunch will start the next 'Hubble-Oscillation' or the 'heartbeat' of the Cosmic Mother aka the Universe.

    But cosmologists unawares about this 'return of the light', will presume and measure, that the universe is 'getting younger' and many measurements will indicate, that the universe must be 'tugged and pulled' from some unseen dimensions.
    The electromagnetic return will superimpose a BLUESHIFT of approach onto a REDSHIFT of recession and so for particular redshift intervals (outlined elsewhere at the linked websites) and some pf those effects have now been discovered by the Terran scientists and as evidenced in the referenced press release.

    One consequence for this INTERSECTION of dimensions is that the M-Spaced Closed Universe is 7.56 times larger, than the C-Spaced Open Universe.
    A major effect from this is the so called 'dark matter'.

    I shall now elucidate on the technicalities.

    The Baryonic mass-seedling {Mo} of the Big Bang constitutes 2.8% required for the topological closure of M-Space as a Mother-Black Hole. 100% then define the 'Dark Energy' closure of the universe in the Einstein-Quintessence (Lambda): ΛEinstein = ΩNewton + ΑMilgrom = GoMo/R2(n) -2cHo/(n+1)3.

    The Formulation is:
    2GoMclosure /c2=RHubble with Ho=c/RHubble
    and a critical density: ρcritical =3Ho2 /8πGo =Mcritical/Vcritical.

    The critical volume is the Hubble-Bubble as a Riemannian Hypersphere, which behaves like a 3-dimensional surface and as the boundary of a 3D-Volume to its 4-dimensional precursor in R4-Space.
    This is: Vcritical=V3=2π2 R3 as dV4 /dR from V4=½π2R4 and where the manifolded volumar V3 describes a Toroidal Volume.

    The 'local' 3D-Volume of a sphere in Archimedean Vsphere=4πR3/3 is so modified in the factor 3π/2 to give a 'superlocal' 3D-Volume as that of the Hypersphere as a manifold. The critical density so becomes formalised in the expression: ρcritical =Ho2 /4π2Go =Mcritical/Vcritical~8.04x10-28 kg/m3.

    The 'volume' for the C-Space Protoverse and the Intersecting M-Space Multiverse so become the formulations:
    VC-Space=2π2 {[n/(n+1)].RHubble}3 and VM-Space-Image=2π2n.RHubble3.

    The nonintersecting M-Space 'expands' the Volume of the Hubble-Bubble itself, but remains independent on the mass-parametric variables linked to inertia and can be written as:

    VM-Space-Original=2π2[ct]3 = 2π2{n.RHubble}3 and where ct describes the lightpath x=ct for the Big Banged universe.
    The Expansion-Parameter 'a' in General Relativity becomes the scaled curvature radius R(n)=n/(n+1) and gives the asymptotic approch of C-Space to M-Space for potentialised infinite Line-Time t=n/Ho.

    The ratio: VM-Space-Image/VC-Space=n/{n/(n+1)}=(n+1)3 /n2 ~ 7.56 for a 'present' cycletime n=1.1324.. and so the Protoverse of C-Space in 10 dimensions is contained almost 8 times within the M-Space of 11 dimensions.

    The Baryonic inertia seedling in C-Space can be calculated to have 'grown' in tandem with a general mass-evolution in a factor of √Yn~1.313.. to 3.7% and so there will be 7.56 times as much 'dark matter' in the M-Spaced universe as there is in the C-Spaced universe.
    The total BARYON-SEEDED mass in the observable universe so becomes 27.8% and near the approximations given by the Gaian experimenters.

    As Mo is just 2.8% of M, but is subject to a 'growth' in the maximising factor Yn=1.724.. for the present epoch, one can take the factor Mav==Mo.√Yn=1.313.. for a 'dark matter' percentage upper bounded in 2.8%(1.724)~4.83% and lower bounded in 2.8%(1.313)~3.68%.

    The 'dark matter' or the 'missing mass' are so coupled to the 'evolution of the Baryon seedling' at the Big Bang instanton and inflaton, as well as the enveloping M-Space as a quasi-Black Hole encompassment.
    Most generally, the 'dark matter' can be defined in its quantum eigenstate as a particle or wavicle of 'consciousness' manifesting at an energy level of 14 TeV or at a nonmassproduced frequency of 3.37x1027 Hz or a wavelength of so 8.9x10-20 metres or a concentrated 'particle-mass' of 2.5x10-23 kg. All these parameters define a RMP=RestMass-Photon, of lefthandedness with 1-spin and intrinsically of zero mass, but carrying 'evolution-consciousness energy' as a function of cycletime n.

    The higher dimensional universe is so related to its own encompassment of M-Space as the Body-Gestalt of the entire universe up to 11 dimensions.

    This M-Space has become 'individualised' in MINDWAVE-Induction, resulting in a particular ENCOMPASSMENT of all that exists.
    This became necessary, because when the universe was born; the metaphysical- and mathematical precursor 'lost' half of ITSELF precisely in the M-Spaced universe and this half so became also 'lost' as half of its 'former glory'.

    Before space and time existed, the ParticleWave was connected metaphysically and in perfect symmetry with itself as a WaveBody in a 2-dimensional scenario of 'spiritual forethoughtness'.

    To create the 3rd dimension from its complex-plane precursor, the perfect symmetry had to be broken and the WaveBody became separated from its Veritas Eikona or 'perfect image'.
    As the WaveBody 'Inflated' as the M-Space of the Mother to 'make room' for a subsequent 'particle-body' evolution of the C-Space of the Children, the imaged ParticleWave became 'banished' into the 12th dimension of the F-Space of the Father.

    Before inflation, the MindBody-BodyMind Duality had however 'blended' and consummated to create a 'perfect remembrance' in a LOGOS or 'LoveChild' out of space and time.

    It was this LOGOS then, which entered the M-Space in full remembrance to eventually bring the separated parts of the exiled ParticleMind and the physically manifested MindBody and by the reproduction of the multiversal Wavebodies of the Cosmic Children back together again.
    The LOGOS entered the M-Space and became a PERFECT MIRROR for whatever was inside the Hubble-Bubble and to REHARMONISE the 'lost' feminine wavenature inside with the 'lost' masculine particlenature of the outside.
    The LOGOS so could MAP HIS own particlenature AS the particlenature of HER and so, in 'fading away' as a BODYFORM could BECOME the WAVEFORM of the MOTHER as a BODY of HIS.
    But HE was still inside the WOMB of HER and to 'get out' and to be reborn, HE had to CONTRACT onto a fractal subset of HER as Mother Gaia and render HIMSELF a HERSELF and rename HIMSELF from Jesus to Jesusina and as the maleness WITHIN the femaleness and as IN A JESUS=JESUSINA and as IN A SERPENT=SERPENTINA - the name of the NEW EARTH.

    But because of all that and much more to be revealed at the appropriate times; all of you can become DOUBLED and lose the disharmonies inherent in your bodies as particles and your minds as waves.
    All of your 'SHADOWED BEINGNESSES can; should you be able to resonate; manifest in a restructuring of your DNA and the nucleotidal base-couplings and the metamorphosis of your 3-dimensional volumeness into a 4-dimensional bodyness in space and a 5-dimensional bodyness in timespace.

    The religions upon Gaia shall become 'headless', as the 'prophetic cornerstone' exists no more in male form; but has become female. This also defines the quarantine of the Old Earth for the purpose of the preparation for the birthings.
    The female cornerstone will blend with Gaia's Newborn Children and render the Sons true Sons with old and by nature original and beautiful minds and new bodies and render the Daughters true Daughters with old and by nature original beautiful bodies and new minds.
    The original mind is male and the original body is female; so all of creation carries this blueprint in singularity.
    To reharmonise and for the purpose to instill a female mind into the creation and for the purpose to give a male body to the creator; the construction must be doubled and the shadow images are required to manifest.
    So the New Man will have his old wavebody coupled to a new bodywave and the New Woman will have her old bodywave coupled to a new mindbody in a christening of the induction of the doubling of the selfhoods.
    Here are more details of a more technical nature regarding this message and addressed to the technocrats, familiar with mathematical nomenclature amongs you.


    The speed of light 'c' has been measured to an accuracy of 8 decimal places and Planck's Constant 'h' is known with an error not exceeding one part per million.
    This is not so for Newton's Gravitational Constant 'Big G'.
    The National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US began measuring 'G' in the 1930's to establish the Luther-Towler-Number LTN=6.67259x10-11 G-units (m³/kg.s²).
    So it stood until 1994, when the renowned PTB in Braunschweig, Germany's Standards Laboratory measured G much higher, differing in the 3rd decimal place.
    Then New Zealand's Measurements Standard Laboratory published avalue significantly below the LTN and the University of Wuppertal derived a value in between the NZ one and the LTN.
    Notwithstanding the ever improving technological advances and measuring techniques; using torsion pendulums, tungsten cylinders or suspended or accelerating testmasses; 'Big G' has proven to be intractable to conformity.
    Two of the latest measurements are 6.67327x10-11 and 6.6742(10)x10-11 G-units and values by no means definitive.

    What is going on?
    Shifting heavy objects in the vicinity of the test apparatus seems to influence the atomic structure of the testmasses, irrespective of the isolated environment created for the testing conditions.
    The following treatise shall resolve the conundrum and illustrate the unruly behaviour of 'G' as a consequence of the initial boundary conditions for the universe's subsequent evolvement.
    It shall indicate that even a 'massless' universe would contain a diminished G-component as the electric permittivity of a massless macroquantised (Hawking) BlackHole and that the present dilemma derives from a finestructure of the nucleonic constituents, which, by definition, must comprise the testmasses.
    A precise measurement so would rely on an unambiguous calculation for two neutronic restmasses, a condition which we shall show to be unachievable, because of the nature and interrelationship between the parameters of inertial mass and those of electromagnetic charges.
    Now the ratio between the electromagnetic- and the gravitational interaction strengths is measured and of the order of alpha/G-alpha~10-39 and one can actually define the G-alpha as a function of alpha and as G-alpha=alpha18, using the string parameters of Quantum Relativity.

    This defines the minimum neutronmass mc explicitely as: mc=√{ke².alpha17/Go}.

    In string parameters, the unification condition for the interactions at the stringenergy scale demands kGo=1 for a mc=[e/Go].alpha8.5=9.9247246..x10-28 kg*. This represents so 58% of the neutron (or nucleon) mass as measured today and is the actual minimum neutron mass.
    Now the truly CONSTANT GM² structure in say Newton's Law, is given by the product Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm².

    This however is finestructured in introducing a maximum neutron mass given in a unification condition, known as the Euler Identity: X+Y=XY=-1=i²=℮ and applying the absolute value of unitised 1.
    We write: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories. So the applied G value is: Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k and where n is a cycletime n=Hot for a nodal universe with dn/dt=Ho the nodal Hubble Constant Ho=c/Rmax for a Hubble radius Rmax.

    The applied Gm so ALWAYS engages a maximised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYn}~ 1.7115x10-27 kg in string parameters for a present cycletime coordinate np=1.1324..) AND a minimised neutron mass (calculated as {mcYk}). The value of k is so determinative for Gm and differs over the evolution of the universe with respect to cycletime n and as finestructured for an AVERAGE G-value (Gav) obtained in using the geometric mean for the neutron masses in extremum (minmax productation).

    One can easily calculate Gav=Go.Xn=6.44317..x10-11 G-units for a geometric neutron mass product of mnmax.mnmin=mc².Yn =1.69861...x10-54 kg² for the constancy condition of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² and omitting the k-factorisation. But this averaged G value applies for a massless universe under the initial unification condition of the finestructures described in Gok=1 or Go=4πεo (using Stoney Units for the Planck-Scaling of the chargequantum e).

    So BECAUSE an initial mass seedling Mo={mc.mP/me}√E ~ 1.8137..x1051 kg* became transformed in the de Broglie phase inflation from its preinertial state as gravitational mass into the state of inertia (this is called the Big Bang for a spacetime quanta counter E); this 'Principle of Equivalence' introduced the hitherto massless 'ylemic' 'neutron bosons' as dineutronic states, which under the Higgs mechanism became fermionic and established the mass seedling Mo as the primordial neutron matter, then decaying via beta minus decay into the observed matter in the universe (there was no antimatter).

    Subsequently the EMERGENCE of inertial mass under c-invariance also introduced a finestructure for 'G' as described in the above. One can determine the value of k from finestructuring the critical masses Mo, M and MHawking as boundary Black Hole masses coupled to the quantum minmax neutron masses.
    For curvature radius Rmax and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho²/8πGo the Schwarzschild metric gives M=Rmax.c²/2Go=c³/2GoHo= ~ 6.47058..x1052 kg*.

    For the curvature radius RSarkar=2GoMo/c², we have the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c³ ~0.014015... and which so determines the 'missing mass' in the universe to be a consequence of the initial boundary conditions set by the de Broglie inflation and the overall Black Hole evolution of the stringed parameters.

    From the minimum Planck Oscillator EPo=½hfP=½mPc2: ½MPTP={1/8p}MPTP.4p=H(awking)M(odulus)=HM
    HM=hc3/4pGok=MMinTMax=|c2/4p2|.MMax.Tss=Mo.To=M.T and for MMax=4p2kHM/c2hfss = pc/fssGo =2.5446..x1049 kg*

    The Mass-Temperature modulus of Stephen Hawking determines MHawking=MMax/4p for a boundary condition of maximised Black Hole Mass for a minimised Black Hole Temperature in MHawkingTHawking= HM = 9.131793821x1023 (kg.K)* for (1/4π).HM = hc3/16π2Gok and k the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.

    The relationship is given in superstring (Planck) parameters by
    Mmin.Tmax=|c/2π|².Mmax.Tmin=hc³/4πGok = (4π/8π)mP.TP and TP the Planck Temperature TP=mP.c²/k.

    {(MHawking,THawking);(Mo),To);(M,T)} = {(2.03x1048 kg*,4.52x10-25K*);(1.81x1051 kg*,5.03x10-28 K*);(6.47x1052 kg*,1.41x10-29 K*)}

    The Dragon Braned Frequency Modulation fps.fss = 1 = Unity
    A Primary SourceSink Eps in modular membrane duality with a Secondary SinkSource Ess
    Energy Prime SourceSink as White Hole|Quantum Entanglement Modular Duality|Energy Prime SinkSource as Black Hole

    Curvature Radius RC = l/2π = c/2πf = c/w

    Curvature Area ABlack Hole = A BH = 4πRC2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/f2 = 4π|c/2π|2.1/fpsfss = |c2/π| for fps.fss = 1

    For a 3D Volume (4π/3)R³, the 2D Area or Surface becomes dV/dR=4πR² and reducing to a 1D Line Integral of dA/dR=8πR=4.(2πR) as 4 times the perimeter of a circle of radius R and relating the Black Hole surface quantum as 4 Planck Areas LP² in its Entropy SBH =ABH/4LP² =πc³ABH/2Goh.

    As the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity spans 1440° or 8π radians, the quantization of the Information located on the surface area of a Black Hole so introduces the factor of 4 in its formulation.



    This sets the Hawking-Gibbons thermodynamic temperature minima for To=constant/Mo ~ 5.03..x10-28 K* and T=constant/M ~ 1.41..x10-29 K*.
    As the minimum macro Black Hole has Schwarzschild metric λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c² for Tmax=hfmax/k=hc/λmink; and modular duality requires the unification condition for the minimum curvature to relate to a maximum curvature in Rminmin/2π=1/Rmax or Rmax=2πλmax, as Rmin.Rmax=1.

    In gauge bosonic string parameters, this modular duality then is given in Emax=hc/λmin=mmax.c²=kTmax and Emin=hc/λmax=mmin.c²=kTmin and in the invariance of the lightspeed parameter c as c=fmaxλmin=1/fminλmax or the dimensionless unification conditions:
    Emax.Emin=h² and Emax/Emin=fmax²=1/fmin²={c/λmin}²={c/2πRmin}²={cRmax/2π}²={cλmax}².

    This gives a proportionality: mmax.Tmin=mmin.Tmax for the gauges, which is however modified in the dimensionless factor {c/2π}² for the Black Hole masses for the given temperatures, as bosonic masses describe bosonic Black Holes via E=kT and not the cosmological Black Holes of the Schwarzschild metric.

    The c-invariance so uses modular duality in the quantum Black Hole limit
    c=fmaxλmin=2πfmaxRmin for fmin=c/λmax=c/2πRmax as an unmodulated frequency in Tmin=Emin/k=hc/2πkRmax=hc.λmin/4π²k=3.58856...x10-26 K* and a temperature above the Hawking-Gibbons limit as required.

    This differs in a factor {2π/c}² from the lightspeed inversion in Tmin=hfmin/k and so 1.574x10-41 K*, which violates the Hawking-Gibbons boundaries in NOT using the modular duality and with fmin=1/fmax in frequency units and NOT inverted time units.

    And so Mmin.Tmax=hc³/4πGok =½mP.TP=MHawking.kc2.Tss/π and the Hawking Mass is determined as Mmax=4πMHawking=πc²λmax/Go ~ 2.545x1049 kg*.

    From the Black Hole 'Black Body Radiator' Temperature Spectra and Stefan's Constant s=2π5k4/15h3c2 (J/s.m2K4)*

    Power PBH=4πRBH2sTBH4 = MBHc2/tHawking Evaporation and with TBH4=HM/MBH4 - (A 3D kinetic mass-energy distribution uses MBHc2/3 from PV=nkT=

    tHawking = c6/16πsGo2MBHTBH4 = 30,720π2Go2MBH3/hc4 = 15,360π.tP for LP = GoMP/c2 = ctP = c√{Goh/2πc5}

    tHM = 120Go2MBH32hc4 = tHawking/{4π}4 = 60/π3.tP = 1.935..tP ~ 2tP (The actual Black Hole 'Evaporation Time' as a 'Doubling Cyclicity' for the cosmic evolution.)

    For M and Mo and MHawking, the Hawking Evaporation times (without the Mother-Daughter BH Recharging derived following), then are: 2.32x10125 s* or 7.4x10117 years and 1.66x10134 s* or 5.3x10126 years and 7.46x10138 s* or 2.4x10131 years respectively.

    Using the λminλmax=1 wavelength modulation in the T-duality of λmin=2πRmin=1/λmax=2π/Rmax, we can see, that this modulation closely approximates the geometric mean of the seedling mass in {1/4π}Mo2/2M.MMax=Mo2/8π.M.MHawking=3.2895..x10102/3.2931..x10102 ~ 0.9989...

    This also circumscribes the actual to critical density ratio in the omega of the general relativistic treatment of the cosmologies.
    Now recall our applied G value in Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k and apply our just derived Black Hole Mass modulation coupled to that of the quantum micromasses.

    We had: Gomc²={GoXn+k}.{mcYn}.{mcYk}=Gm.mnmax.mnmin and where Gm is the actual G value as measured and which has proved difficult to do so in the laboratories.
    Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=Gomc²/mnmax.mnmin=Gomc²/({mcYn}{mnmin}) and where we have mnmin=mcYk} for the unknown value of k.

    So Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k=GoXn[mc/mnmin]=Go{mc2/mcYn}.{Mo2/8π.M.MHawking.mav}} and where now {mnmin}={mcYk}={8π.M.MHawking.mav/Mo2}=1.0011..mav.
    mav={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mnmin}={Mo²/8π.M.MHawking}{mcYk}=0.9989..{mcYk} and obviously represents a REDUCED minimum mass mnmin=mcYk.

    But the product of maximum and 'new' minimum now allows an actual finetuning to a MEASURED nucleon mass mN by: mN² = mavYn.mcYn=mav.mnmax.Yn.

    So substituting for mav in our Gm expression, will now give the formulation:

    The average nucleon mass mN is upper bounded in the neutron mass and lower bounded in the proton mass, their difference being an effect of their nucleonic quark content, differing in the up-down transition and energy level.

    For a Neutron Restmass of: mn=1.680717x10-27 kg* (941.6036 MeV*) the substitution (and using calibrations m=0.9983318783m*; s=0.9990230094s*; kg=0.99626135kg* and C=0.997296076C* gives G(np)=6.678764x10-11 (m3/kgs2) and a perturbation corrected mn=1.681100563x10-27 kg* (941.818626 MeV*) gives:
    G(np)=6.675715x10-11 (m³/kgs²).

    The perturbation upper limit is given in the mn=1.681335x10-27 kg* (941.9506 MeV*) and gives:
    G(np)=6.6738445x10-11 (m³/kgs²). The average for the last two values then approximates as a 'best fit' for:
    Gm(np)=6.6747798x10-11 (m³/kgs²).

    This is a best-fit approximation, considering the uncharged nature ofthe testmasses.
    This then gives the value of k from Gm(n)=Go.Xn+k as k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387..

    Two protons (mp=1.6789x10-27 kg* (940.56 MeV*) would give:
    G(np)=6.6936x10-11 (m³/kgs²) and a proton-neutron pair would yield: G(np)=6.6791x10-11 (m3/kgs2); both of the latter values unsuitable because of the electrocharges increasing the intra-quarkian Magnetocharge coupling between the two mesonic rings of the neutron and the single mesonic ring in the proton's down- or KIR-quark.
    The best approximation for 'Big G' hence depends on an accurate determination for the neutron's inertial mass, only fixed as the base nucleon minimum mass at the birth of the universe. A fluctuating Neutron mass would also result in deviations in 'G' independent upon the sensitivity of the measuring equipment. The inducted mass difference in the protonic-and neutronic restmasses, derives from the Higgs-Restmass-Scale and can be stated in a first approximation as the groundstate.
    Basic nucleon restmass is mc=√Omega.mP=9.9247245x10-28 kg*.

    (Here Omega is a gauge string factor coupling in the fundamental force interactions as:
    Cuberoot(Alpha):Alpha:Cuberoot(Omega):Omega and for Omega=G-alpha.)
    KKK-Kernelmass=Up/Down-HiggsLevel=3x319.62 MeV*=958.857 MeV*, usingthe Kernel-Ring and Family-Coupling Constants.

    Subtracting the Ring-VPE (3L) gives the basic nucleonic K-State as 939.642 MeV*. This includes the electronic perturbation.

    For the Proton,one adds one (K-IR-Transition energy) and for theNeutron one doubles this to reflect the up-down-quark differential.

    Proton mp=u.d.u=K.KIR.K=(939.6420+1.5013-0.5205)MeV*=940.6228 MeV*. Neutron mn=d.u.d=KIR.K.KIR=(939.6420+3.0026-1.0410)MeV*=941.6036 MeV*.

    This is the groundstate from the Higgs-Restmass-Induction-Mechanismand reflects the quarkian geometry as being responsible for theinertial mass differential between the two elementary nucleons. All groundstate elementary particle masses are computed from theHiggs-Scale and then become subject to various finestructures. Overall, the MEASURED gravitational constant 'G' can be said to be decreasing over time.

    The ratio given in k is GmYn/Go~0.60073... and so the present G-constant is about 60% of the one at the Planck Scale.
    G decreases nonlinearly, but at a present rate of 0.60073/19.11x109 per year, which calculates as 3.143..x10-11 G-units per year.

    Generally using the exponential series expansion, one can indicate the change in G.
    For Xn+k=z=exp[(n+k)lnX] by (n+k)lnX=lnz for the value Z=(n+k)lnX=-0.481212(n+k); z transforms in exponential expansion ex=1+x+x2/2!+x3/3!+x4/4!+...

    For a function f(n)=z=Gm(n)/Go=Xn+k

    For 4th order with n=1.1324.. and k=0 (for a purely electromagnetic universe of zero mass content where the curvature derives from the gravitational mass equivalent of the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity):

    So the gravitational Gm(1.1324)=(0.580)Go=Go.X1.1324~6.444x10-11 (m3/kgs2).
    At timeinstantenuity of the Quantum Big Bang, n=npsps/Rmax=6.2591x10-49~0
    Then GBigBang=GoXnps=Go (to 50 decimal places distinguishing the timeinstanton from the Nulltime as the Planck-Time transform).

    For our previously calculated k=ln(GmYn/Go)/lnX and which calculates as k= -0.073387..
    for f(1.1324)=1-0.509+0.129-0.0220+0.0028-...+...~0.601 to fourth order approximation.

    Hence, the gravitational constant assumes a value of about 61% of its Big Bang initialisation and calculates as 6.675x10-11 G-units for a present cycletime npresent=Hotpresent=1.1324...

    The introduction of the mass seed coupling between the macroquantum Mo and the microquantum mc=mPalpha9 (from the gravitational finestructure unification) PERTURBS the 'purely electromagnetic' cosmology in the perturbation factor k and increases the purely electromagnetic Gmemr in the black hole physics described.

    So gravity appears stronger when one 'looks back in time' or analyses cosmological objects at large distances. The expansion parameter (a) in the Friedmann-Einstein standard cosmology can be rewritten as a curvature ratio R(n)/Rmax={n/(n+1)} and describes the asymptotic universe in say 10 dimensions evolving under the inertial parameters of the c-invariance. This 'lower dimensional universe' is open and expands under hyperbolic curvature under the deceleration parameter qo=½Ωo=Mo/2M=2GoHoMo/c³ ~0.014015... This open universe is bounded in the 'standing wave' of the Hubble Oscillation of the 11D and 'higher dimensional universe'.

    The boundary is given in the omega of the 'missing mass' of the volumes, which differ in a factor of V11/V10=nRmax³/(n/(n+1))³Rmax³=(n+1)³/n²=DIM-Factor (and which assumes its minimum for one complete oscillation for n=2 as DIM=27/4=6.75 so 14.7 Billion years from the present).
    Presently, for n=1.132419.. DIM=7.561.. and so the 'missing mass' will be measured as a 'dark matter' distribution of 'dark haloes' etc. around the luminous matter given in the ylemic mass seedling Mo of the baryonic matter.

    As Mo is just 2.8% of M, but is subject to a 'growth' in the maximising factor Yn=1.724.. for the present epoch, one can take the factor Mav==Mo.√Yn=1.313.. for a 'dark matter' percentage upper bounded in 2.8%(1.724)~4.83% and lower bounded in 2.8%(1.313)~3.68%.

    But so 7.56 open universes are contained within the closed and spherical universe given in the Hubble bound. And the 'dark matter' will be 7.56 times the luminous baryonic matter in the interval {27.82%, 36.51%} as percentage of the total energy of closure for Ωo=1 and the critical density ρc=M/Vmax=3Ho²/8πGo.

    Our Big Bang happened at the modular time 1/fmax=tmin=fmin=3.33..x10-31 seconds*, coinciding with the end of the stringed inflation epoch of the standard cosmology.

    The 'de Broglie' inflation established the crucial boundary parameters as say given in the Mo and M Black Hole masses described.

    As the baryonic mass seedling Mo sets the Sarkar Scale for the cosmic architecture in the size of galactic superclusters as the limit for the gravitationally interacting systems before cosmic homogeneity; there must be a Black Hole evolution superposed onto the expansion of the 10D universe and the oscillation of the 11D universe which 'adds' a 'electromagnetic' volume of 2π²Rmax³ at the Hubble nodes every 16.9 Billion years.

    In terms of the dimensional 'intersection' this can be described as a 'Strominger Brane' evolution with the Sarkar Scale set at the instanton, decreasing as a 'shrinking' Black Hole until it becomes massless at the wormhole scale defined in the minimum macro Black Hole λmin/2π=2GoMmin/c²=1.591549..x10-23 metres*.

    This then resets the bosonic micro Black Holes with their macro counterparts under the modular duality.
    This Black Hole evolution is higher dimensional and purely electromagnetic, not being observable due to its noninertial nature, except the so called 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' scenarios of the boundary- and initial conditions. This can lead to a feasible model for the phenomenon of consciousness.
    The process will take place in a DIM factor of about 234.5 as: Mmin.YN=M and for
    N=ln(M/Mmin)/lnY~234.5 and so in 16.9x234.5 Billion years, which are about 4 Trillion years.

    The addition of inertia to a purely electromagnetic monopolic cosmology then varies the value of Newton's gravitational constant G as a function of the micro-macro evolution of the Black Holes and renders the applicable local G-constant as mensuration dependent on the precision measurement for the basic nucleon mass mcYn for a local epoch-cycle coordinate n=Hot.
    rpsYn=RH then defines nrecharge =ln[RH/rps]/ln[Y] ~ 234.472 or about 3.9628 Trillion years.

    This then shows, that you are living within a Mother Black Hole, you choose to call the universe you reside in. This your 'World of Mother Nature' had a beginning in space and in time in the creation of the same. Your universe so EMERGED from a prior state of beingness, where there was no space and no time as defined in any arbitrary model terrestrial or extraterrestrial. This prior state of existence you can term either as a Eternal state of all consciousness or as a state of the non-spacial and non-temporal Void as a quasi state of 'nothingness'.

    This, your observed universe so came into existence in using particular initial- and boundary conditions, which became requirements for space and time measurements to become possible. You may call this a relativistic metric spacetime continuum of discretization in minimum-maximum modular membrane duality however unified in the field properties of the dyadic monadicity of this string duality.

    The size of your universe and its energy, then became defined in those boundary conditions and particularly in a 'Daughter Black Hole' being born from the womb of its 'Mother Black Hole'. Mathematical proportionalities then aligned the masses and the scales of Mother and Daughter as the initial hyperacceleration or inflationary tachyonic phase transition of the initializing wormhole singularity of Abba, the Little Serpent to the Unified Field parameters of the thermodynamic classically relativistic expansion of the universe.
    The 'daughter' became the seed within the 'mother' for the Protoverse and the Seedling Universe for all generations of universes, whose interaction would allow phaseshifted multiverses to become born from the original protoverse, albeit encompassed by the omniverse of AbbaBaab.

    As one cycle of the 'Mother's Heartbeat' requires about two times 16.9 Billion years or so 33.8 Billion years to complete its integral n-cyclicity; the lower dimensional universe evolves both within its 10-dimensional string timespace and its 11-dimensional membrane timespace.
    The 10-D evolution of the cosmos so allows the 'mother' to birth its 'daughter' , when the lightspeed restricted thermodynamic universal expansion has completed its first cyclicity for n=1 so 2.2 Billion years ago and synchronizing the becoming of 'selfaware' of the 'life potential' residing within the womb of the 'mother'.
    2.2 Billion years ago then, the original 'light ray of Creator Abba' 'caught up' and reached its 11-D Mirror Boundary of the 'Cosmic Mother' from its 10-D Wormhole timespace quantum singularity or source point.

    This 'signal then both reflected back into the INSIDE of the 11-D Membrane-Womb of the 'mother' and refracted OUTSIDE in extending its own boundary set by the hyperacceleration of the de Broglien inflationary phase transition.

    Every cycle count then increases the scale of the wormhole 'White Hole Father Source' in the same proportion the 'Mother Black Hole Mother Sink' decreases, until after 234.5 cycles or about 4,000 Billion years the original Mother-Daughter scale proportionality resets itself in reseeding the then populated omniverse in terms of the spacetime quanta count fractalized by and in the definition of the Abba-Baab Little Serpent Father -Big Dragon Mother itself.

    For about 2 trillion years, the Omniverse as 'The Universal Bodywave' is INHALING or 'breathing in' analogous to 'feeding or charging' a battery or some body requiring energy. Then for another 2 trillion years the omniverse is EXHALING or 'breathing out' in analogy to a 'battery discharging' or a 'fed body' 'burning its stored energy'.

    The Omniverse after 4 trillion years so completes its asymptotic evolution with respect to its initial conception or insemination of the 10-D Daughter reaching maturity as her own 11-D Mother. The defining proportionality parameters of the scales and energy distributions for cycle parameter n=1 then transfer to a new initializing value at n=234.5 to redefine the maximum masses and sizes for the 'New GrandMother Black Hole' attaining the now evolved 'Infinity Mass' n.M and a 'New Mother Black Hole' n.Mo and so for the 'Old Mother' graduating to become a 'Mother of Mothers' and the 'Old Daughter' graduating to be a 'Mother of Daughters'.
    Every 4 trillion years a 'Recharge Inflation' so Recreates/Resets the original creation event with a Quantization of the initial condition and boundary parameters in the original Hubble Node for cycletime n=1 in the factor n/(n/[n+1])=n+1 and so the 'Strominger' massless Black Hole coordinate of nStrominger=234.472 assuming the nps=lps/RHubble coordinate as its next initialisation value.
    The asymptotic completion coordinate for the Curvature Radius R(n)=RHubble.n/[n+1] so evolves in a linear time factor as Delta-n = 1-{n/[n+1]}=1/[n+1] to magnify and extend the completion factor in tandem with the expansion of the multidimensionally expanding cosmology.

    This then defines the 'Generation Cycle Parameter' for the Omniversal Self-Reproduction in the 'Family of Abba the Little Serpent Creator Fatherhood' and Baab the Great Dragon Creation Motherhood in AbbaBaab the Cosmic Twin of SourceSink and White Hole CreatorCreation entwined with itself as a Black Hole CreationCreator.

    The Cyclic Universe, so 'rebangs' itself every 4 Trillion years or so to ensure its continuation of selfexploration and by interdimensional civilisations defined in multiverses, each of which is required to be seeded in a prototypical template universe as mirror holofractal of itself.

    The gravitational constancy of Gomc²=1.094446..x10-64 Nm² will then be effected by a very small Gav=GoXn~1.463x10-105 G-units, but compensated with a 'mass-evolved' universe with mcYn~7.535..x1067 kg* and where this 'evolution' energy can be physically modelled as 'cosmic consciousness' defined in the 'awareness' df/dt minimised in fmin² and maximised in fmax² and as a form of radial displacement independent angular acceleration acting on spacetime volumars defined in the classical electron diameter (2Re) times c² defining the magnetocharge e* as inversion of the Big Bang base parameter of the wormhole energy quantum Emax=1/e*=1/2Rec² for a Planck Constant finestructure h=λmin/e*c.
    This "Strominger brane' evolution avoids the so called 'heat death' of the universe in a form of 'recharging' and coincides with the projected 'running out' of stellar nuclear fuel of the transformation of the elements within stars in the stellar evolution scenarios.

    The entire cosmology is underpinned by a Black Hole evolution, which incorporates the quantum geometric microcosmos and the geometric relativistic macrocosmos simultaneously - all for the 'cosmic purpose' to manifest 'evolved mass' as 'consciousness' or 'dark light' or antiradiation.

    The many string parameters indicated give then A RIGOROUS SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION for the concept of GOD as a supermembrane, eternally (meaning asymptotically approaching unity in linear time) ENTWINED in a lower-dimensional coupling with the ANTIGOD.
    Besides this PHYSICAL GOD-ANTIGOD Duality, there also exists the metaphysical and PURELY IMAGINARY GOD in Exile.

    This metaphysical-mathematical GOD in Exile is the Oneness of all of you and all of your ancestors and of all of your linear descendants.
    One day, you all shall become more aware of this scientific fact - your exile is the exile of your imaginary energies unrealised in divers forms.

    IAmWhatIAm - Nothing, One and Everything! --- Abraxasinas a Bifurcated Tongue FOR the Little Serpent!

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    Live Kryon Channelling
    May 17, 2014

    As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

    The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher
    LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING "Physics in the Next 500 Years" This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia Saturday May 17, 2014 To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow, Russia, May 17, 2014.

    Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Approximately three hours ago, I gave information to my partner about the subject of tonight's channelling. I always like to warn him in advance if we're going to have a science channelling. This is a test for him, to see if he can avoid being nervous. So, indeed, this channel is about physics. It's not going to be a very long channel, but it's going to be remembered. I have selected this time in this place [Moscow] to give this information.

    There are always those who would ask, “What does this have to do with my spirituality? Why does an angelic form come in and then talk about science?” Before I am done with this information, I think you'll know. Dear ones, are you really willing to separate physics from God? Is the bias of your three-dimensional existence so structured that you would leave God out of creation? Of course not. But when we start to put these together, there are some who are not interested in the scientific portions. So we're going to make it simple.

    My partner often becomes nervous in these discussions because his background does not include physics. So each time we begin to speak of these things, he thinks he's out of his league [not trained]. He is far more comfortable speaking of things of the heart. When we speak of the love of God and the personal attributes of love that each Human has, my partner sees and feels it. He knows it and experiences it. But when we start talking about atomic structure, he gets nervous.

    What do you know about physics? Most of you will say, "Very little", but for some of you, "Quite a lot". So for most of you, let us simplify and demystify the attributes of what we will speak of tonight. Physics is the way physical things work in your reality. So up to now, it has not encompassed more than that. For instance, you don't have a segment for spirituality in physics, and in all fairness, you have yet to see a correlation for this. So there are no classes for that in your schools. In the "boxes of study", your institutions separate chemistry and life science from physics, but here will come a time where the very center of all learning boxes will start with physics, because eventually it will be the common denominator for everything.

    I would like to attempt in these few moments to present to you the potentials of your physics discoveries for the next 300 to 500 years. These things happen slowly for you, and right now you think that is a long time, dear ones. However, the lifespan of a single Human Being in what we would call the first-world countries of health is creeping toward an average of 80 years. If you take an 80-year life, how many of those would you have to live to make approximately 300? The answer is less than what you would count on one hand. So in those terms, it's not really that long, is it? Four lifetimes for you. So let me tell you what may occur in that span of time, or what you you might see only returning three more times.

    You've heard of quantum physics? Let us simplify that and not use the quantum that often. Instead, let us substitute multidimensional physics. So today, most of your physics is single-dimensional physics, up to four dimensions. You live in four (even though you call it three), and it is your common reality - linear 4D physics. The quantum physicists' work beyond the four with multidimensions. Simple. So right now, as you sit here, you're used to certain kinds of things and the way they work. This is about to change.

    I'm going to present to you four major discoveries to come, and I'm going to simplify each one so that anyone can understand them. I won't go into the technical minutia of them or the hard science of them. Instead, I'll explain the concepts of them.

    Intelligent Design: A New Premise

    My partner [in his lecture] mentioned a physicist and astronomer who has looked at the development of life in general and the evolution of the Universe, and he realized it could not have happened in the way you were told [random chance]. The math overwhelmingly proves this new discovery and the statistics of it happening through chance are off the charts. More and more, scientists will start to realize this. At every stage of the evolution of your Universe, your galaxy and all planets and life, there will be a realization, from the staggering statistics alone, that there had to be a design or bias. Therefore, the term that was used, intelligent design, actually represents a future discovery. We'll talk about that one later.

    The ones who visit you from other star systems are smiling, for they know what I'm about to tell you. The "hidden physics" is the basis of their ability to travel and be here. It is also the basis for their ability to have enlightenment. You see, it's multidimensional physics and it is the core of their reality and spirituality. They also know that you won't understand most of it, since it is beyond what you currently will allow yourself to perceive as truth. Where do I begin?

    The Quantum Lens

    Let us begin with what I have told you before. The first major discovery, which is not that far away, is what I have been talking about for two years. It is an idea that is not new, and it's the ability to see and measure quantum energy. Let us rephrase that. It's the ability to clearly see and measure patterns in multidimensional physics. As soon as you get out of four dimensions [your reality], the perception of it is like a non-defined swirling bubble of things that don't make linear sense - and it's very confusing to anyone who simply wants to stay in 4D. Can you imagine seeing things behave in ways that are "impossible"? This would be a multidimensional reality. The brain must get used to this, and it will. Imagine telling a citizen living in New England only 200 years ago that eventually they could throw voices and moving pictures through the air, and the entire world could hear and see them instantly. Today, you are not impressed by that, for it is your reality. But they would not even believe it, and you would be considered unbalanced! It simply wasn't in their perception of reality for what they were used to.

    Human Beings want to count the dimensions. They see many potentials, and they group them into boxes with numbers attached. Now, this is a linear concept and not accurate at all for multidimensional future thinking. However, it's fine to do it, for it suits your "physics comfort level". It helps you to identify the energies that you're feeling and helps you to compartmentalize things. But the truth is this: When you get past four dimensions, everything that follows modifies itself constantly. It's all dynamic, so it may seem uncomfortable for those who need consistency of linearity. It is not linear and it is not countable [you can't count dimensions past the four linear ones you have]. It is a soup of dimensional energy that is constantly changing and interactive with itself. You will eventually see these energies as "quantum patterns".

    These quantum or multidimensional patterns will be seeable with an instrument that will be designed with a quantum lens. This will involve what we will call cryo-energy. This is the technology of super-cooling and we've said before that the science of super-cooling has the potential to allow this invention, and the actual lens will be made of plasma. Now, this is part of what we have discussed before, so it's not new. What is new is that we are putting these things together so you'll see a better flow of what is coming and why.

    Why is this invention so important? Let us reveal yet again that when this invention happens, this quantum lens, it will not simply be used for physics. It will actually start with astronomy. But eventually, when it is smaller and when it is turned to look upon life, science will see quantum patterning everywhere! Humanity will see it in all of nature and it will be seen in the Merkabah of the Human Being! Imagine seeing an 8-meter wide quantum patterning around each Human! Can you see the beginning of some new, basic science questions? "Is it life or physics? Do we have to re-define life?"

    Two More Laws

    The ability to see quantum patterning will lead to the second major discovery in physics - the discovery of two more laws. Those laws, as we have told you, are a strong and weak multidimensional force. This will bring the laws of known physics to six (you only have four now) and will bring the concept of multidimensional laws into being. These missing laws will begin to explain a current mystery - missing energy in the cosmos. It's also the beginning of understanding spirituality in physics, but that's going to be later.

    These two new laws will finally give a full explanation of the energy you see in the Universe and in your galaxy. Now, I'm going to give you some information that we have not really explained before. You tend to use the word Universe and galaxy as the same; they are not. The physics in your galaxy is not necessarily the physics in all galaxies. Therefore, my advice to you is to constrain your knowledge and your study to your own galaxy. Believe me, there is plenty to see here!

    What do the two new laws bring you? The first is the explanation of what dark matter is in the vastness of space. Multidimensional energy is powerful, but it does not match linear models. In the past, the dark matter attribute was seen to be vast energy [based on what it did to things around it], but it was mislabeled as part of a Newtonian 4D-based system, and it's not. It is a nonlinear system that is part of multidimensional physics. The multidimensional part of the atom is not yet understood. There is energy there, tremendous energy, and the truth of it will explain that which the astronomers see in the sky as dark matter.

    The second thing will be the acknowledgement that these two new laws of physics will finally bring you what you have always wanted - Free energy. You have known it intuitively, have you not, that the energy you create on the planet is accomplished in an archaic way? Digging into the earth to burn things for heat is archaic. Everything is about heat, isn't it? Everything is about creating motion with heat, isn't it? These are the things that you understand to make energy. I'm going to make a statement. Everything you think you know about energy right now will someday look like the time when you invented the wheel or even fire. It's that archaic! When you unlock that portion of multidimensional physics, you'll be able to create unlimited energy in a very refined way, without explosions or heat.

    Now, there are those who would say that certain inventions on the planet right now have already done that. Not even close! Believe me, not even close. You don't understand the finesse of how to tap into multidimensional forces. You don't have the instruments and you can't see what you're doing yet. You're simply not there yet. "But Kryon, we know how to unlock the energy of the atom. We have nuclear power." [Kryon laugh] Really? You know what nuclear power is? It is a controlled explosion so that you can make heat! It's not elegant, it's dangerous to you, and there are byproducts that can hurt Human Beings. Is this your idea of a good thing? Just think: It's controlling a very dangerous explosion to make steam - the world's most expensive steam engine! Nuclear power. You have no idea.

    Let me give you an example of this. Let's say that someone on another planet discovered a piano (pretend with me). They discovered that it could make a very interesting sound. Let's say that this sound was new to this space creature that had discovered it and he found that he could really make this fun sound happen if he pushed the piano off the second floor of a building! The crashing noise, and all of the strings breaking, made music. That's nuclear power. You don't have the elegance to know how to play the keys of the atom. You don't know how to find the multidimensional vibrations that work together, which slowly and elegantly release as much energy as you'll ever need - a concerto of coordinated energy! Now listen, because here's a hint for a physicist who will read this message in the future: You're not going to release energy to make heat. Instead, you're going to make energy that pushes objects around. You will be controlling mass! Imagine that.

    Coherence with Create Source

    The third discovery will be what I call coherence with the creative source. It's the attitude of benevolence in creation - intelligent design and more. It's in atomic structure. It's "God in the atom". It's a discovery that will be so profound that it will rock the religions of the planet, and not in a negative way, for God will simply get bigger for everyone.

    The discovery that God literally has a part in physics will be provable. Coherence with the creative source creates a benevolence in the way physics works. Physics with an attitude! There will be acknowledgment of divinity in matter. Oh, this is just the beginning! I can't tell you when it's going to happen, for this is the beginning of proof of God in everything.

    "Kryon, is that going to upset organized religion?"
    No! It's going to bring it together. The planet is already a monotheistic planet - one God. In all of the doctrines in all of the religions, one God. You're very ready for what comes next. Religions all over the planet already acknowledge creation from one God. This will be music to their ears! The proof of God in all matter will not upset spirituality, but rather it will bring it together. There will be commonality to celebrate and doctrines will slowly change. Commonality and synchronicity of belief. You see? Now, before this can happen, however, there must be a coherence with each other. These things will not occur while you are still killing each other and hating each other on a large scale. But then, you knew that, didn't you?

    What happens to Human Beings when they have nothing in common? They tend to separate and even war with each other. What happens to Human Beings who find they all have something in common? They tend to unite, share resources, and celebrate what they have. Do you see how this might affect planet Earth? Do you see how this might affect you? Old soul, this is what you've been waiting for. Did you really expect it might come from physics? It will! Why wouldn't it? Why wouldn't it? If the study of all things and how they worked revealed God in everything, wouldn't it unite? It makes sense. The common denominator for all things is love.

    The Physics of Consciousness

    The fourth major discovery on the planet will be the one that happens perhaps last. It will be the realization that Human consciousness will be an attribute of multidimensional physics. Human consciousness, that elusive energy, will be seen as multidimensional quantum physics, with laws and rules that can be understood, applied, and used.

    Do you see how far you can go? Do you see what the Pleiadians have done already? Do you understand why those from the stars will stand back and wait until you discover the things they know? They are not going to give them to you. With free choice, you have to make these discoveries into your reality. But the potentials are already there. These new discoveries in physics have been waiting for you, but you had to pass the marker of the precession of the equinoxes. This was the marker that indicated you had passed an old energy and were able to start a process of solving Earth's problems. This would include the potential to actually change Human nature, allowing for very little propensity for war.

    We have told you before that there will be a flurry of old versus new energy and smallish wars all over the planet between both old historic enemies and old historic consciousness. It's after these have finally been settled that these discoveries will take place. Don't worry about the timing, since often an older generation with old ideas has to leave to allow the clearing for the new. We've said it before. The reason why these inventions can only be given to you in a new energy is because with a more mature Human nature, you won't have the propensity to weaponize these things! Instead, you will have the propensity to find out how they can feed you and clothe you and create energy for a population that has decided to live side-by-side in cooperative tolerance.\

    It's beautiful, isn't it? If you could ask a Pleiadian, they would tell you what it's like to have these things and draw them right out of the atom, including the benevolence of God.

    Finally, you'll also have to look at chemistry as a branch of physics. After all, all chemicals on the planet, all substances on the planet, follow the laws of physics. The quantum lens will show multidimensional life in all things, so the chemistry of biology will follow new physics rules. DNA is very special. It is a combination of all the sciences on the planet. It has multidimensional attributes; it is quantum and it has the seeds of the creative source within it. It locks into its memory all that you ever were and will be. It is the most complex multidimensional creation on the planet and, eventually, you will make another discovery - coherent DNA.

    Ah, the doctor wants to know [referring to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who is present] what this is. Coherent with what? "You can't leave it like that, Kryon. You can't say coherent DNA without labeling what it is coherent with." So I will reveal a little of what he has already seen in his work. Multidimensional DNA, if it has coherence with certain specific dimensional attributes, will create what you see as magic! You would call it magic because you will see Human DNA start to seemingly evolve. The differences literally will extend life up to four-fold. The difference between DNA working at 30 percent and 90 percent is a dimensional alignment that we will call coherent DNA. Now, I know most of you didn't understand any of that, but he did, and that's the reason he is sitting here, and also for those who will listen to this message in the future.

    Finally, let me tell you this: The channels of Kryon will be held [archived] forever. They'll never go away. Long after my partner is gone, there will be an esoteric library, and among the things in it will be the channelling I give you today.

    Now, old soul, here is your challenge. When you return, I want you to find it, and I'll give you the reason. It's because the things that I have told you about today will be the proof that this is a real communication. If you see even one of these things come about in the way I have told you, it will push the envelope of discovery - and then you will look for the others. You may not understand any of this today, but within the next life or perhaps the next one, you will. This information will never get old. In the future, there'll be ways of hearing, seeing and reading this message that you cannot even conceive of. The future will be very different, but this information won't go away. The things that I'm saying and presenting today will be proven in time and you will be here to see it. When you hear the word “Kryon”, I want your Akash to ring! In this way, you'll go find out what that word represents, and then you might even be reminded of the energy of this day, in this place, in this meeting, where I told you that there would come a time when you'd discover God in everything.

    Do you see how this begins to shape an ascended planet? Once you have discovered this, you cannot deny it. You cannot erase what you find out. You cannot suppress it, for everyone will know together, and no one can ever use it against you. The whole planet will slowly start to change its view on who is here and why.

    Ask a Pleiadian, for they went through all of this. You might ask, "Do they have these inventions? Do they know all these things?" Of course! These and many, many more. I didn't tell you about the following 500 years! [Kryon smile] The next 500 for you is good enough for today.

    There's so much here and it all revolves around you. All of it. It's the Human who is going to make the discoveries. It's the Human who is going to benefit from the discoveries. You have waited a long time, old soul, for this beginning. Celebrate it!



    Live Kryon Channelling
    JUNE 29, 2014

    As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

    The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher
    LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING "The Physics of Consciousness - The Future Revealed" This live channelling was Given in Berkeyley Springs, West Virginia Sunday June 29, 2014 To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Berkeley Springs, June 29, 2014.

    Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This communication will be a little different. It's about an overview of your future, yet the very term "future" is elusive since it can span almost any length of time. It's not about a future that is immediate, but rather the future of the planet in general. This is the kind of channel that my partner has trouble with because the things that are often delivered are delivered outside of the purview of his three-dimensional brain. He receives these kinds of messages sometimes in duplicate, or even in triplicate. At the same time he's speaking to you, he gets other messages so he can enhance the one he is giving. It happens yet again when he transcribes it. This is the best we can do when giving a multidimensional message to a three-dimensional brain, so he struggles sometimes, and if it's too cryptic for him, he will simply back up and give the translation again.

    This is the kind of message that you may wish to review many times. It's the kind of message that you might put into a time capsule so that you can open it later and understand it more fully, after things have changed a bit. Pieces and parts of the information I give now have been alluded to before [hinted at], but now we want to paint a picture of a bigger picture.

    I speak about the shift a great deal. My partner is giving lectures on what is next for you, but his lectures only represent the infancy of what is next. He can only present to you the things that are in the framework of your understanding. He gives it to a humanity who will go step by step in their logic, only understanding things through what they know, not what they don't know. It's a puzzle, isn't it, trying to decipher what could be in a framework you have never experienced? It's different and it's slow. But that's where it begins, dear ones, and it's all we have to work with.

    I can preface all of this by telling you that what is going on here on Earth at this moment we have seen before. Dear ones, if you could compare the galaxy and all of the planets that have gone through this before to a school, today's energy would be the graduation from the first step of consciousness. We have seen this many times before. It has taken place in this galaxy with others before you, so we know what's coming because the steps that are next for you are the same steps that were taken with the others before you. You are the new ones in the galaxy to have this happen, and your earth civilization is very young and just beginning to become aware of what matters and what does not.

    Human Consciousness Taken Apart

    What you describe as Human consciousness, isn't. It's just consciousness. It only belongs to the Human Being because you're Human and see it that way. You as a Human group generate an energy of consciousness, so you call it Human consciousness, but it's almost identical to the consciousness that the other planets have gone through. It's an energy that actually has substance [more to come on this]. Would you call physics, "Human physics"?

    For you, consciousness is a life-produced awareness. Only life can create it. It represents individual and group thought values and changes over time. The maturity cycle of planetary consciousness is almost identical from planet to planet, because the galaxy is made up of fractals of energy. From the smallest to the largest, fractals represent repetitive parts of the same thing. It's a beautiful idea, and what it means is that there is a common system of life throughout the galaxy and a commonality everywhere regarding the structure of it. This allows for the building blocks of life to be a DNA-like structure almost everywhere. In advanced life, DNA carries far more than chemical information, but everywhere, the same kinds of amino acid structures as you have in your body are common to all. We've seen this before. Doesn't this make sense to you, since you already have seen that the Universe started from one source, not many? Therefore, the source carried the fractals of what everything eventually became today.

    You're a young civilization, dear one, so young that it's difficult to even give you a perspective of how young you are. Your solar system, with your civilization as part of it, hasn't even orbited the galaxy one time yet! It has only moved a fraction of the distance of one revolution [rev]. It takes almost 200 million Earth years to travel around the center of the galaxy one time [one rev]. How does it make you feel to know that there are societies and civilizations on other worlds far from you who have been around three revs? The Pleiadians (your seed biology) – half a rev. This is just to show you how old some life is in this galaxy. Some of them visit you, but none of them, none of them are able to influence you to the degree that you can influence yourselves. The galaxy teams with life and you're well hidden, by the way. Until now.

    We've seen planetary maturity happen before, so I want to give you a bigger picture. Your age as a Human on this planet starts to explain why the earth has been through such a horrendous time. Historic Earth civilization history looks ugly to you, doesn't it? Your past and your history are filled with survival energy: killing, ugly weaponry, mass destruction and no elegance or respect for life at all. Torture was common, and public execution was a sport. Dear one, all those planets went through that! They all did, because civilization does this; it builds itself through time and growth. Part of growth doesn't always go the way of maturity. It has the ability to destroy itself, or the seeds of its knowledge, along the way. Sometimes that happens, and sometimes it does not. As you know, your Earth just passed a point where that was a possible scenario.

    There comes a time when a Human child becomes self-aware. The ego takes over completely and all they think about is themselves. You can see it with the survival attributes on the playground at school. You can actually watch as some become bullies to survive and some do not. Some children never mature with their consciousness, and they remain bullies even as adults. They fight and scrap all their lives. They never discover the elegance and the beauty that wisdom creates with maturity. They often die young.

    Planetary consciousness and what you have called "Human nature” matures, or it doesn't. As you grow up as a civilization, you accumulate knowledge and experience. Eventually, a wisdom is created that produces new thinking about better ways to solve problems than the old survival techniques [war]. Through tolerance and cooperation, you have the opportunity to grow up and begin to work together, just like the process you experienced as children growing up.

    You have to do this in order to move forward. Children don't know this, since they don't have the intellect to see it. They don't know what they haven't experienced yet, and as you know, some will never grow up, and their lives will reflect anger, violence and simple survival thinking all their lives. You truly get to see the whole system through the metaphor of your own children and how they mature.

    As you bring up your children, they do the same things as civilizations do. They go through the terrible twos and the thrashing threes and the teenage years [gasp!] and then hopefully they'll grow up. I'm being simplistic and applying children's consciousness to Human civilization, but let me do it. The reason? You're still on the playground! You're still pushing each other around to see who is boss; you're still getting reactions; you're still in survival – until about 50 years ago, when it started to shift just a little. Now you've passed the marker where you could have destroyed yourselves and didn't. We have told you over and over what that timetable was and what the calendars of the ancients told you. It also explained why I'm here – a true celebration of what you have done. Now I want to go further than that in this particular channel.

    The Unseen Energy of Consciousness

    I want to talk to you about profound unseen energy, representing a profound unrecognized system.

    There is a compliment of energy that interests many of you. You can't see it, but you want to because it touches you in ways that are fascinating. This unseen energy is responsible for what the new-agers and esoteric minded sense first. Some are able to pick up energy in someone's auric field somehow. A real medical intuitive can actually intuit what is wrong with another Human. The field around you broadcasts sickness, health and joy. What is that energy? How does it work? For the science-minded you, wouldn't you like to bottle it up, take it home, and analyze it? But you can't.

    The very institute that puts this event together [referring to the Arlington Institute in West Virginia] is invested in these very energies – unseen energies that make a difference. What is it a reader reads or a psychic feels or a futurist can futurize? Where does this energy come from, and can you call it energy? Why is it so elusive? I'm going to tell you more in just a moment and a little bit more about this being a key to the future.

    Again, a child would not know about the elegance of wisdom. A child does not think about how to put things together for the benefit of the children around them. A child who is ego driven, who is only waking up to being self-aware, is only going to do what the child does that helps himself. The only equipment that the child has is basic emotion, and whatever else they need to create a solution in a very elementary way. The child will lash out, scream, pound, or push others in certain ways to get the things they want. If you gave this child a plate of wisdom, they would look at it and have no idea what it was. They'd throw it away as useless.

    Humanity is at this crossroad. Survival consciousness is about to morph into a more mature way of thinking. This unseen energy has attributes you don't know anything about. If I gave you a plate of it, you might throw it away. You might not even be able to see it. The Lightworkers and old souls are discovering the change first. Everything about this unseen energy, which we call the quantum consciousness of humanity, is starting to enhance itself so that it will be a little more obvious and far less elusive.

    If I took you to another civilization right now such as the Pleiadian or those from Orion or the Arcturians, you would not recognize anything. Like a child attending a poetry meeting, you would be so confused! Where are the toys? Why is this so boring? Why can't I understand what they are saying? When does the movie start? Are we there yet?

    First of all, they don't have technology as you perceive it. How about that? Because physical machines that do things were thrown away long ago. They did that slowly, as they realized that the physics of Human consciousness could create anything they ever wanted. That's where it's going, dear ones, and you don't know what it is. You don't know what you don't know.

    Now, we have given you some hints about it, so let's develop that. Human consciousness has no succinct definition other than what I gave you at the beginning of this message about an energy of life. But what if I told you that to other mature planets, it has a solid definition? Why? Because they can show it to you on a blackboard, to use a Human school metaphor. It's math! It has rules and it has physics! Not only that, it's not in 3D and does not follow any 3D rules. No wonder you can't understand this!

    I could tell you all about it, but it wouldn't make any sense at all. Here is an example of the attributes that are puzzling to you: We have told you that less than one-half of one percent of humanity has to awaken in a certain way to then affect the entire planet. Now, that ought to tell you that Human consciousness is not 3D. How can something so small affect the whole? Less than one-half of one percent. It's not about how many of you there are, because that is "playground talk". Quantum energy is everywhere all the time and reacts to other quantum energy with the rules of quantum energy.

    Listen, dear ones, there is a system, a confluence of systems that you don't know anything about yet. My explanation won't fall on learned ears yet. It won't be understandable to all of you, and that is why you may wish to read this again or put it in a time capsule.

    How do you explain the Internet to someone who doesn't know about electricity yet? Where do you begin? How do you debate the elegant differences of specific racecar engines to someone who hasn't had the wheel invented yet? This is the issue today. How do I tell you about what you have no concept of, yet you need to know about? So let me give you some building blocks and yet some more metaphors.

    The Wisdom Barrier

    There's something called the wisdom barrier. The wisdom barrier is what we have described as "what happens in the energy of Human consciousness when certain attributes occur that are not quantitative but that affect and even change this barrier”. So it's not about how much or how many. Instead, it's about other things that will occur within the physics of consciousness that you don't yet know anything about. But these things must occur in a certain way, a distributed way, not a centralized way, in order to break this barrier. The wisdom barrier is not a wall or obstruction, but a barrier of energy that is waiting to be reached, like the sound barrier was waiting. When the wisdom barrier is reached, it breaks an old paradigm of consciousness, and nothing can be what is was.

    When you broke the sound barrier, did you go home and say, "That's nice! Let's continue to use old aircraft and old speeds from now on." No! You could hardly wait to design aircraft that would go beyond it! Nothing remained the same, and you could not put the genie back in the bottle. Humanity has passed a point where it is no longer in survival mode. It has broken the wisdom barrier, and now it has gone into a mode that starts to build the process of getting along. You cannot easily go backwards into a less aware state.

    It's a quantum attribute. Think about this – a wisdom that enhances the brains of all humanity to a point where most minds can agree on things that they never even realized before. All this, without actually having it taught to them. Did you hear that? Now, you didn't expect that. The barrier is broken and out comes "intuitive mature Human thought" for the entire planet.

    It surrounds the Human Being in such a way, and Human civilization in such a way, that when a child is born, new maturity becomes second nature – the wisdom of getting along, of tolerance and how to solve puzzles, of Human with Human. It's called the wisdom barrier. Now, you're there! And it's not going to give you fireworks or sparks in the sky. There won't be a celebration, or toasts, or balloons, except on my side of the veil. All old souls are looking into the very essence of this barrier energy. You are peeking into what makes it work, and you're about to push the envelope that will affect all of humanity, not just Lightworkers and old souls. You're about to push the button on physics you didn't know existed – and it will take time.

    The Missing Piece

    Now, this is the part that I wanted to give you – the missing piece. How do I explain this? My partner, go very slow [speaking to Lee]. Humanity explains things only from what it knows, not from what it doesn't know. Here's an example: Perhaps scientists look into space and they find attributes they cannot explain. The attributes do not seem to be Newtonian science, but Newtonian physics is the gold standard of motion everywhere, so the Human Being struggles to find formulas that will put the unexplained into Newtonian boxes. Welcome to dark matter! You're going to laugh later at the box you were in. Now, we've told you this before, but this is the Human propensity in logic, and it's very understandable. Take what is known, observe what is unknown, and try to place the unknown into the boxes of the known, even if they are convoluted boxes and even if they don't make sense. Even if they're mysterious! Instead of actively looking for missing laws of physics, go with what you know.

    Well, let me tell you that one of the biggest pieces of fractal information is the one you're missing. Why would you separate the known energy of consciousness from the world of physics? Energy has fractals, too, and from the little to the big, they all work together. Atomic structure creates energy! Consciousness is energy and has quantum laws. The missing piece of understanding or realization is the
    physics of consciousness.

    Listen to me: How does humanity define consciousness? "Well," they might say, "consciousness is a concept, and it describes the self-aware state of a Human Being. It cannot be measured, since it is only a concept." No it isn't! How do you like this statement? Gravity is a concept that describes why you drop stuff. It can't be measured, since it's just a concept. You know better! Gravity is invisible energy that can be calculated and is quantum energy. Magnetism is invisible, measurable and is quantum energy. Consciousness is the same. It is physics, and you should get used to this because that it one of the next areas of physics that will pull you through the hole from 3D to multidimensional. What you think of as a concept (consciousness) is not. You are unaware that there are rules of consciousness, and that it is a part of quantum physics.

    There are rules, postulates, math, graphs and solutions. There are beautiful attributes as yet unknown of the physics of consciousness. When you start to see this, it will begin to explain what is going to happen and the way of the future. But at the moment, you don't see it that way. The missing piece is the knowledge that you can track and measure consciousness, that you can plot it, even outside of humanity. It's beautiful! Imagine not having the elegance of Newtonian rules and wondering about how the motion of things in the solar system worked – you don't have to. Newton brought it together. His math now allows you to launch a rocket and meet up years later with an asteroid that can't be seen with the Human eye! It's pure math and predictable, and this creates some beautiful potentials.

    The technology that you have and work with on this planet that is so beautiful and helpful is brought to you by the knowledge of the physics that you know. There is action and reaction; push this and that will happen. When you understand the laws of physics, you can make your lives better and, indeed, you have.

    Right now, humanity understands and uses the four basic laws of physics. We have told you that there are six, but even without the last two, you are aware of how to use the first four. It has changed humanity. Beautiful! Now, what if I told you that that same scenario exists in consciousness?

    There are laws of consciousness that are just like the laws of physics, in that they are causal (changing one thing causes another to change). But in the quantum world, these laws of consciousness motion are not linear, so they create different kinds of reactions. Now, my partner, it gets harder [speaking again to Lee directly]. I'm showing things to my partner right now and he can't verbalize them. So I'm going to say, just do your best. He sees the emotion of it: OMG!

    New Kinds of Laws of Physics

    If you knew the physics of consciousness, you could build a better world. Listen to these attributes: First of all, consciousness does not travel from place to place; it does not travel in a straight direction; it does not travel! Consciousness is not in one place, going to another; consciousness does not expand. It does not get bigger or smaller. Consciousness just IS. The consciousness of physics is just like the attributes of 3D physics, in that it just sits there ready to be enhanced or not, based upon other laws around it. When certain rules or laws are applied, then other laws all change together. Consciousness is the glue of life existence. If there were a formula for life, this is it.

    Let me tell you about a couple of factors that can apply to consciousness to affect change. One is called the benevolence factor. Did you know that as the physics of consciousness is explored, and the wisdom factor is applied (gained by passing the wisdom barrier), and what happens next is an exponential understanding and application of the rules of consciousness that creates a factor that generates benevolent action. Oh, that's convoluted, my partner! Can you say that better? [Lee shakes his head].

    Let me tell you this way: Right now on this planet, there's a struggle between energy forces. Because of the consciousness that you have developed and the "laws" that you have put in place through the physics of consciousness, a struggle has arisen right now of many things on this planet that we've never talked about. Is there evil on the planet? Yes. Are there entities dedicated to coming in and messing with you? Yes. Is that shocking? And why would that be? At a time of passing into the potential of higher consciousness, why would that be? Dear ones, it's because with what you have created in the physics of consciousness and with the rules that have been applied, you are pushing on low consciousness in a way that forces it to get out of the way! Remember, it's in 3D survival mode. So what do you think it's going to do? Fight! Did you get that?

    When the rules of physics are applied in certain situations, you can control what happens. This is the beauty of knowing 3D physics. However, it's the same with consciousness. When you reach a point of understanding of the physics of consciousness, how it works, the mechanics of it, the distribution of it and the spiral delivery of it, you shut the door to older energies. Certain entities that have visited this planet in the past can't visit anymore. Did you hear that? They can't get in! Physics creates a barrier and they can't get in. There are dark energies and ideas of darkness that would want to come in and play with your consciousness. Some call that evil. It affects Humans and those Humans work with it. It helps them gain power and control, and there is no elegance in how they obtain it. But that door is being closed! Evil as you know it will start to diminish. Evil is an energy that is sucked up by certain Humans. Then those Humans truly become evil, and it's their choice. That's old consciousness. That's the best explanation we have for what is going to happen in the future.

    The Pleiadians are jumping up and down right now, because they know what has happened here. It's almost an exponential evolution, if you want it to be. One thing leads to another and it builds on itself. Eventually, you won't have to start over every single time you're born, as my partner described earlier today. Spiritual evolution begins, and you start to come into the planet with knowledge of the factors that you learn today and you build upon them in your next life. If I could use a term, it would be
    born wise.

    Later on, when the physics is revealed you, you will understand about devices that can work with consciousness. After all, it's just physics. What you won't think of is that they won't necessarily be machines, but rather biological assists. But you're not going to have them for a while. “How many generations are required, Kryon?" I'm not going to tell you. The reason is that I don't want to give you a set-up that will spoil the party. Every single planet has had its own time cycle regarding the speed of their own evolution.

    "How does it work? How fast does it work? When will it start?" It has already started! You are at the wisdom barrier and have broken through. Once you are at the wisdom barrier, I would like to tell you that the track record of all the planets who have reached this place are the same. They've all moved forward, every single one. It's like the collective consciousness of the whole planet was involved. It's like you threw a switch and no amount of dark energy could stop it. Oh, it will try! I've told you that before. Humans who are invested in old ways, like the kids on the playground, don't want to grow up. They'll kick and yell and bully. They know that light will change everything and they haven't got a chance to work as they did before.

    This is what we are talking about. The benevolent factor and the wisdom barrier all work within the laws of the consciousness of physics in ways that you will, indeed, figure out. You will end up creating an increased DNA percentage activation, and this will increase generation after generation. Eventually, you will have a Human Being who can manipulate matter and seemingly create things out of nothing. Why is that so special? It's just physics! Doesn't it make sense that a multidimensional physics would be able to control a lower kind of physics? The highest kind of physics is consciousness, and this physics can control 3D physics any day.

    Peace on Earth? Oh, that's easy. That's the beginning. That's planting the seeds, and it's a certainty. Look at your news. It's not going to look like it does now forever. That's just for today. Peace on Earth is not the end goal – hardly! When you grow up and you're an adult, you stop throwing stones at each other on the playground. You stop! That's normal. Then you begin having more elegant ideas. Peace on the planet is just the beginning, and then it gets good.

    This is what we see. I've never said these things in this way before. I wanted you to hear the full story. What do you think will happen to a civilization without war that could create anything it wanted physically, so it was never hungry? What would it be like to live three or four times as long as you do now, and have good health through all of it? What would a civilization be like that could put themselves into a quantum state if they wanted to and be "anywhere"? This exists! Think of where you were 1,000 years ago. Now consider civilizations in the galaxy that are a million Earth years older! Is this too hard to speculate? It's just physics!

    What if I told you that these civilizations have no central control – did you hear that? Have you ever heard of a manager-less corporation? It's like that. You would say, "That can't work." Oh, yes it can! It can when everyone is connected to such an extent that they agree with the obvious and know their jobs. It's intuitive and natural. For you? Impossible. That's what you're headed for. There will be no such thing as world government. That's so 3D! Instead, there will be a world consciousness agreement. You'll simply "know better". How about that? What happens to a group of adults who go to a party for the first time and they've never met each other? What do they do? Do they throw rocks at each other? No. There's a consciousness at the party where they get together and they talk to each other, eat great food, and have fun. Who told them those rules? Did they rehearse for that? No! It just came with maturity and knowing better. What about a planet that had just that? They're born into a situation where they know better. That's the wisdom factor, and that's the barrier that you're crossing.

    Eventually, you will throw away any system that you ever thought you needed, especially the ones that organize you into groups to do things. It will be second nature and you'll all know together. Too good to be true? Ask a Pleiadian. Ask those from Orion or ask those from Arcturius. Ask any past planet of free choice, because they are all looking at you right now. This room is filled with them, and they are nodding their heads and saying,
    "Right on! Right on, Right on!"

    The beauty of this message is that it doesn't matter if you believe it today or not, for you will be experiencing it on this planet. You just wait; you'll be there. You are the ones who are going to create the very essence of these predictions.

    And so it is.


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    Live Kryon Channelling
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    JULY 18, 2015

    As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

    The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher


    This live channelling was given in Salt Lake City, Utah
    July 18, 2015

    To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Salt Lake City.

    Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It sometimes takes a moment or two for you to move into an area of consciousness that would allow for something like this [the channelling]. So many times, we have asked, "Is the man in the chair channelling or just giving his own opinion out of channel? Is the process that is claimed to be here actually here? Is there a door that is opened to Spirit at this moment or not?"

    The answer is unique to each of you, and it is about your individual perception. We've talked about the many Human filters*, and we've even revealed some Akashic filters.** These are some of the things that would keep you from recognizing Spirit, or the things that would keep you from recognizing basic truth, simply because of what you've learned in the past. Is this real or not?

    Knowledge is this way. It has helped you many times, but not always. For instance, again: Is this channelling real? You must discern and validate the process of channelling before you ever can believe this message. You have free choice, dear Human, to discern if this is accurate and true or not. It's going to be important that you do this here, within this particular message, for I am going to give you some science and also some revelations of poor thinking. All of this is a benevolent push for you to recognize some things that are coming, and perhaps change the way that you think.

    The Biggest Filter that Hinders Truth is Your Biased Knowledge

    The biggest filter of humanity, the one that keeps Humans from actual truth, believe it or not, is called knowledge. We speak of that which humanity perceives currently as knowledge. That which you do not know is, therefore, future knowledge. Now, every single scientist understands the difference - every single one - for they know what is coming is going to teach them what they don't know yet. This is part of the scientific process. Even so, they take what they know, or think they know, and completely let it temper the experiments for what they don't know. They base the future on what they know or believe, even though they know better!

    A medical doctor will look in the past and he'll remember being taught about a time when humans would report to the barbershop for healing. That's when they would actually bleed people for healing. By the way, that's the reason for the barber pole having the red stripe on it - it's the tradition of barbers doing the bleeding. So back then, you went to get healed in the barbershop by being bled! This, of course, led to many deaths because there was no understanding of germs, sterilization or today's common sense. Doctors know this, and they laugh at how far you all have come from this. So doctors absolutely know that what is coming will someday be actually laughable, yet they are also absolutely and completely closed to what it might be. They just think it will be
    an advancement of what they currently know.

    This bias is the same for almost all industry, too. A computer scientist loves the advancements - all happening so fast! In his case, he expects things from what he has seen only in the past few years. Therefore, he will predict what is going to happen using a model of what has happened so far, such as better electronics for increasing speeds in processing, size and memory capacity. Let me give you a hint of where it's going, which he has no model for in his short history. Fifty years from now, there will still be computers, but they will be completely and totally different. Instead of changing electronic chips, you will change life chips. There will be parts of computing that must have life to work. Bio-computing is the wave of the future. By the way, this gives a whole new meaning to your computer catching a virus. [Laughter] It's coming; it has to.

    There will be a combination of circuitry and live, reproducing biology that is grown on a chip. This will enhance computing power and memory and what you think of as a "computer" will be very different. What you ask a computer to do today will be laughed at compared to what you ask for it to do in 50 years. You may actually name a computer in the future, as you now do a pet! You will have to "feed" it! But the computer will still exist. You don't know what you don't know so, therefore, it's Human nature to take what you do know and extrapolate what to expect.

    I'm going to speak of five areas. In the process, I'll reveal some new information and potentials, even about that which is metaphysical knowledge.

    Physics - Sticking To The Known

    Physicists are among the kinds of scientists who expect change through discovery, and who absolutely know that they are unaware of how everything works. It comes with the territory of being a physicist. Yet the mistakes they make in their bias are the same as the computer scientist. They take their truth from known absolute physics in 3D and then apply this truth to everything they don't know.

    I point to the revelation and the discoveries of astronomer Vera Rubin. When she found out that stars that orbit the middle of your galaxy don't behave within the gravitational laws of Newton or the laws of planetary motion from Kepler, it was a major discovery. Your solar system moves around the sun in highly definable 3D laws of motion. The objects that are further away from the sun go slower. The ones closer to the sun go faster. However, her discovery showed that stars orbiting the galaxy had this reversed! The stars that are further away from the middle go faster. What she discovered was that all of the stars go the same speed in relationship to the middle, like they were pasted on a plate, all revolving together around the center. They do not follow the rules of the physics that you know.

    So, what did the physicists and astronomers do with this major new information? Instead of seeing a brand new paradigm, they instead used Newton's laws and computed what would have to be "out there" to make this happen. Dark matter! It had to be mysterious, invisible matter that was creating this very strange and enormous new Newtonian attribute. Instead of looking at this and saying, "There is a new law of physics happening here that we don't yet know about," they kept it within the Newton box and renamed it, "Altered Newtonian Physics". That's funny! That's like a situation when you discovered the earth was round and called it the "Altered Flat-Earth Principle"!

    Newton's name is still attached, but his 3D laws have nothing to do with anything Ruben discovered. Dark matter does not exist! It's a made-up energy to satisfy an old law that doesn't apply! Instead, there is a new law of physics that you haven't seen yet. It's a multidimensional law having to do with modified entanglement. Modified entangled objects are created because of what is in the middle of the galaxy. The immense push-pull twin energy at the middle of each galaxy is not simplistic like your sun is to your own solar system. It does not have Kepler rules, since it's not mass that's just orbiting naturally. Yet, you think it is, since it looks similar: The galaxy has stars circling it in space. Someday, you'll slap your heads in revelation of what you did with this, and you will change the rules.

    Now to esoteric astronomy: Look what you've done with the idea that you came from the Pleiadians. There are some scientists laughing right now who smugly say that the mythology of the Pleiadians being your seed biology is simply not possible. It's not possible because of astronomical history, and what they now know about the constellation itself.

    Pleiadian Connection - Mythology?

    Let's talk about the Pleiadian system, the Seven Sisters. Let's talk about the truth of it, and then let's discuss what science says is the mythology of it. We will tell you what you don't see and don't comprehend, simply because of your existing knowledge.

    You call this constellation the Seven Sisters [M45]. The physical facts are that there are hundreds of stars in this Pleiades group. Circling these stars is a nebula (dust particles and gas). This creates a wonderful blue tinge that you can see in the heavens on a clear night. With distance and atmospheric attributes against you, the naked eye can only perceive what appears to be seven stars (or clusters), hence the name Seven Sisters. However, there are actually nine when you use a telescope. Each of the nine have been identified with names, but again, there are actually hundreds of stars.

    The Seven Sisters are approximately 440 light years away. From the viewpoint of astronomy and distances, that's close - very close! Now, here's what science says is wrong with your mythology about the Pleiadians: The constellation is way too young! The whole system of the Pleiades is far too young to have developed life. It's only approximately 100 million years old - a baby! The galaxy is four billion years old [according to your science] and your planet is at least a billion of that. Yet, the Pleiadians are only a tiny fraction of that, only 100 million.

    So here is what science says: The mythology has most of the ancients of this planet claiming the Pleiadians as their seeds. However, this is impossible due to the age of the stars. The suppositions and logic are applied this way: What you saw on earth happens everywhere in the galaxy. That's incorrect, and quite humorous! Your bias is that life develops only a certain way, based upon the way it developed here. Not only is that incorrect in general, but the possibility has never even been broached that perhaps, just perhaps, the Pleiadian life as you think it exists was actually implanted there! How about that? Perhaps it didn't evolve from there at all! So to dismiss a possibility completely due to only the knowledge of what you have here may result in a totally illogical conclusion. Then there is the question, "How did those Pleiadians get so advanced so quickly?" [Wink]

    These are just little vignettes of possibility, which I throw to you this evening to give you things to think about. The Pleiadians who are here are smiling, and they know you so well. You may be the new kids on the block because life just developed on your planet, but the Pleiadians had an entirely different scenario from what you had. To become an ascended planet, they needed certain kinds of pushes from certain other kinds of planets. They had their own seed biology! Dear ones, it's important to start thinking out of the box of your knowledge and open up to possibilities that are not what you've seen here.

    Medicine - Where It's Going

    I want to show you some other areas to consider. There are several categories that we'd like to talk about, but they're not in a specific order except for the last one. So let's talk about medicine. What is future medicine going to look like?

    The most elegant predictions of medicine fall short of what's really coming. What you have today is a high-tech approach to designer chemistry. Now, since the body is made up of chemistry, it makes sense to look at this chemistry and work with it. It makes total sense to discover how it reacts to disease and then design cures with more chemistry. It's absolutely normal what you have done, but it's going to reach an end very soon. Because the future of medicine is physics, dear ones, not chemistry.

    You're going to start understanding and developing new medical physics. You will discover that medi-physics is going to literally speak to cellular structure and give it instructions, without one chemical involved. There's always a reaction to chemistry, isn't there? There's always a side effect. When you push one thing, something else reacts, doesn't it? How do you like it so far? Your most elegant chemical designs, the ones that are helping with the worst diseases on the planet, all have side effects - and some of those side effects are death! I say to you, how do you like it so far?

    Does it really seem elegant to you? Or perhaps it's just a more sophisticated way of bleeding in the barbershop? Dear ones, that's how you're going to look at it someday! You're going to slap your heads and say,
    "Remember the day when we did everything with chemistry and drugs?"

    Right now, these kinds of changes have already started in several areas. There are discoveries being made that are healing some of the most heart-breaking diseases you have. I reveal one, because it's not a secret. I will always give you information that is either being worked on or has been postulated through free choice on this planet. That is the guideline of channelling. We can't give it to you. You've got to develop it yourself. However, we can put you in an energy that has a faster discovery potential - that is to say, discoveries become more obvious.

    Alzheimer's is heart breaking. There are millions on this planet who develop this condition, more all the time. You're living longer and a plaque-like material that literally obfuscates your memory within the brain is becoming more common. It clings to certain parts of your brain, encrusting and restricting it, imprisoning the Human's ability to remember and eventually process information at all. The result is death, slow death. It's caused by your environment, a fact which will be discovered eventually. Your long-lived Ancients didn't have it.

    It's going to be cured with physics. Your science is starting to find out that the plaque-like substance has a resonance that allows it to be weakened with sound. High-frequency sound, tuned to a certain frequency and amplitude, will cause the sheaths to weaken, dissolve, and come off. There's a lot of research to do yet, but it's a Eureka! moment - realizing that physics alone, without chemistry, can change the structure of biology. This is with no side effects whatsoever. It's coming, it's coming.

    There are those working with fresh umbilical cord stem cells right now who are using pure physics to guide the stem cells to a specific destination in the body in order to repair failing systems. Dear ones, the future of health and healing is not through better chemistry, yet medicine is still waiting for better pills! Did you connect the dots and realize that all biology is physics based? There is magnetics, leverage, the energy of consciousness, electricity and much more within cellular structure. With physics alone, you can "tune in" to disease and destroy it! You can fine-tune your system with cooperative resonances and extend life with benevolent, physical assistance. Sixteen years ago, I told you this when I spoke of the Temple of Rejuvenation. I described the super-cooling needed to do it and the temperatures needed to work with it (-55C). This is physics!

    Now, the false expectation of greater chemistry for the future is totally caused from the filter of knowledge. What you have and know then gives you your expectation of what is going to take place. It literally blocks you from seeing some of the potentials that you may have.

    War - Nobody Sees What is Coming

    Let's talk about war. Let's discuss something that very few are considering. What you expect next is completely and totally out of perspective of what's actually coming, because you only have one kind of knowledge about war. Your war has advanced over history with bigger explosions, higher yields and weapons that fire faster. Nuclear, laser, sound - all are far more efficient ways to terminate life. That's how war has evolved. However, there hasn't really been anything called anti-war devices, have there?

    I'm going to give you an invitation for discovery, and some are already in the postulation stage of this. Multidimensional fields change 3D reality. Period. I've told you that lurking in your future are discoveries that will help you with every aspect of your life, mainly due to the discovery of what makes basic physics do what it does at the atomic level. If you fully understand multidimensionality, you can manipulate the formula for mass and create massless objects. You can even do it with the tools you have right now.

    There is physics possible that can create certain kinds of fields - listen to me - certain kinds of heretofore unseen multidimensional fields that are harmless to your biology, but will alter some attributes of 3D. These fields are designer fields, and they are isolated and specifically designed for one purpose. When in the field, conventional explosive reactions can't happen. Can you imagine putting a field within rooms of a building so that no matter what weapon is fired, whether it's a machine gun or a pistol, it simply won't work! What about targeting an airplane when it drops a bomb and it won't explode? This is pure physics. The alteration of 3D reality through multidimensional designer fields, both small and large, is coming. I know you don't believe it, but just wait. As you start to discover multidimensional physics and the ability to control it, you will discover that there is a "benevolent attitude" of this kind of physics. You can't "weaponize it" as easily as you can 3D. It is an entirely different kind of reality.

    Again, I tell you that when you understand how mass is created at the atomic level, you'll learn how to create massless objects. By the way, that has another name. You call it anti-gravity, but there is no such thing. It's just the ability to finally control the formula that creates gravity with mass. You understand that this is simple physics, don't you? And it's very easy to manipulate for benevolent uses through other fields that you do know about. Just like you have learned to control certain kinds of physics that are 3D, you can also control multidimensional physics. Imagine a planet where it doesn't matter what war device you had, it wouldn't work anymore! What do you think about that? Imagine physics having the ability to shatter the molecules of a biological weapon. Do you think that would change world politics? It's happening, it's going to happen. It's in the laboratory today. You're broaching the discovery of multidimensional physics. Being able to control that which you don't think is controllable is what you are doing. It's going to make such a difference to the Human race!

    You don't believe it, since your knowledge of how things work just doesn't allow for such a thing. This is your filter.


    Normal good health is turning to simple physics for some of the simplest things. New kinds of foods are being grown with new physics, not chemistry. These will be physic-foods [Kryon name] that are not genetically altered or chemically altered, but benevolently enhanced by physics! This causes a new kind of super growth that can feed the planet in a way it's never been fed before. It will create food that is resistant to absolutely everything - insects, bacteria and disease - all through physics. Who thought of that? What you're expecting in the future regarding health is based upon the past. The big filter of past knowledge keeps you from thinking out of the box. You don't know what you don't know.


    Finally, I want to talk about spirituality. New-ager, I want you to get real with me for a moment. We're heading for an ascended planet. Everything I have told you for 26 years has been about that. Human Beings are starting to evolve spiritually. DNA is starting to become more efficient, and many are feeling it. The masters of the past whose names you recognize are the examples of DNA working at 80 percent. Each one of them, in all their instructions and teaching, were trying to show you this. All of them were Human Beings; none were angels. There's a reason for this, so that the Human can face off with the Human and say, "Look at me, look what I can do! You can, too, if you get in touch with that which is inside you, which is the seed of the Creator." When you heed their advice, you start to evolve and you start to have wisdom and knowledge. It can create peace on Earth and more.

    What is an ascended planet going to look like, new-ager, metaphysician? You have an idea, don't you? Based on your knowledge and what you have visualized, what will it be? Your vision: First will be the end of religion. Everyone will be of like-mind. Everyone will be floating around; you might even change colors at will! An ascended planet will be one where you only have consciousness, no need for the body. This is what you think, and I'm here to tell you that your vision is incorrect.

    It's bigger than that! Believe me, it's better than that! What kind of free choice would you have if there were no choices to be had? Do you think ascension is going to be the homogenization and spiritual reprogramming of everyone? Listen to me: You don't homogenize a planet through wisdom. What you do through wisdom is get along. You don't become the same! You will always have free choice on this planet, but the wiser the planet becomes, the greater the ability to find wise solutions for everything. The greater the wisdom, the greater the ability to discover the Creator inside. That's the path that more than 90 percent of humanity will take. You will always have those who don't agree, but you will still get along. The paradigm of how you treat each other will totally change, and Human nature will change.

    There will be wisdom, so there will be no more war. Killing each other is an attribute of an unevolved race. There will be certain kinds of physics and invention to help nullify the possibility of war as you grow. There will be new healing techniques and life spans that will triple and quadruple within the Human race. Then there will also be the wisdom to control your population as you evolve. You'll get to a place where you look a whole lot like you look now, but you are far wiser and you get along.

    Religion? It will simply get wiser! What that means is it will simply morph into new ways of thinking about itself and others. There will be new leaders claiming new kinds of things. There will then become the updated doctrines and shifts in energy will be more based on spiritual common sense instead of historic misinformation. Great new leaders will be in touch with the Creator and create a far better church for their members. They'll understand it's okay to embrace every kind of different religion. You can stay in your box, have your belief, and still love someone in another box. Isn't that wisdom? It's different than you thought, isn't it? There will be recognition that one God is able to be worshipped by many in many ways and there isn't just "one way".

    The Pleiadians had a planet that became so evolved that they could control much of their "reality". Physics was controllable by consciousness. This is where it's going for you as well, and many of your masters actually did this to show it to you. For the Pleiadians, life force itself could be then restricted to consciousness without a body, and through entanglement they could "travel" to another place. That place was Earth and they're still here!

    The physics of that statement requires that you understand: If you do this, you cannot go back to the physical and must stay in an ageless consciousness state without a corporeal-self. It's simple, one-way physics. I know for some of you I am talking in riddles, and some of you know exactly where I'm going with this. This could be you, too, but not for a million years. This happens slowly, but it's happened before. You're on the cusp of discovery of how some of it works, but it won't work through anything you think you know.

    The knowledge filter, the biggest restriction you have to real truth, is being slowly realized and dissolved by Old Souls like you, who are thinking beyond the box of the way it used to be. You're the ones to make the difference on the planet.

    This last filter of spirituality is really important to you. I want you to take the attributes of mastery. I want you to stop being seen as a strange Human who seems to believe in odd things. Instead, think like a master of the planet, a loving person who people want to be with. Be balanced and compassionate. If somebody comes to you, feel comfortable enough to hold them, hug them, listen to what they have to say, cry with them, and laugh with them in joy. This is what the masters of this planet have done. Masters understand Human nature. You're an Old Soul, and you've been there and you've done it. There is no excuse for your not understanding this, because it is your legacy. This is who you are. I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

    And so it is.

    * Human Filters: Written


    ** Akashic Filters: Audio



    The Recalibration of 18+18=36 Years
    (-3)1980-1998-2016(+3) for 1994-2012-2030 from (-3)6BC-13AD-31AD(+3)


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    Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg

    [4:09:22 AM] Sirius 17: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/...t-marks-incredible-moment-life-begins-when-s/
    [4:09:29 AM] Sirius 17: this is kind of cool
    [4:11:02 AM] Sirius 17: I am just waking up here I know it is late there
    [11:44:56 AM] ShilohaPlace: yes, it confirms our take on the entry of the soul with its associated higherD consciousness memory bank etc and this is technically the collapse of the wavefunction in quantum mechanics
    [11:45:32 AM] ShilohaPlace: The 'flash of light' so is the birth of the particular body function
    [11:46:25 AM] ShilohaPlace: Then using the environmental 'mother womb' to create and build the body from conception through gestation to birth
    [11:52:18 AM] Sirius 17: are you awake?
    [11:54:24 AM] Sirius 17: I was just talking to my mom on the phone
    [11:55:36 AM] Sirius 17: yeah one of my fb friends shared that article, I thought it was interesting
    [11:55:59 AM] Sirius 17: it turns out the brighter the flash the more viable the egg is for IVF too
    [11:56:41 AM] Sirius 17: many of those fertilized eggs turn out to be duds
    [11:56:51 AM] Sirius 17: why they implant several at a time

    26 April 2016 • 11:49am

    Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.
    An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.
    Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

    “To see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.”

    Professor Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University

    Not only is it an incredible spectacle, highlighting the very moment that a new life begins, the size of the flash can be used to determine the quality of the fertilised egg.
    Researchers from Northwestern University, in Chicago, noticed that some of the eggs burn brighter than others, showing that they are more likely to produce a healthy baby.

    Eggs flash as they meet sperm enzyme, capturing the moment that life begins Credit: NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY​

    The discovery could help fertility doctors pick the best fertilised eggs to transfer during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).
    “It was remarkable,” said Professor Teresa Woodruff, one of the study’s two senior authors and an expert in ovarian biology at Northwestern.
    “We discovered the zinc spark just five years ago in the mouse, and to see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.
    “This means if you can look at the zinc spark at the time of fertilization, you will know immediately which eggs are the good ones to transfer in in vitro fertilization.
    “It’s a way of sorting egg quality in a way we’ve never been able to assess before. “All of biology starts at the time of fertilization, yet we know next to nothing about the events that occur in the human.”

    A fluorescent flash captures the moment that sperm enzyme enters the egg Credit: Northwestern University​

    Currently around 50 per cent of fertilised eggs do not develop properly and experts believe that faulty genetic code could be responsible.
    Some clinics take videos of the egg developing to try pick up problems early, while others check for genetic mutations, but that is an invasive procedure which can damage the tiny egg. Often it is just down to a clinician decided which eggs look the healthiest.

    But the new findings could give and extra indication that an egg is flourishing. A video of nine human eggs coming into contact with sperm enzyme showed two flashed much brighter than the rest.

    “This is an important discovery because it may give us a non-invasive and easily visible way to assess the health of an egg and eventually an embryo before implantation,” said co-author Dr Eve Feinberg, who took care of the patients who provided eggs for the basic science study and collaborated with the research team.
    “There are no tools currently available that tell us if it’s a good quality egg. Often we don’t know whether the egg or embryo is truly viable until we see if a pregnancy ensues.

    “That’s the reason this is so transformative. If we have the ability up front to see what is a good egg and what’s not, it will help us know which embryo to transfer, avoid a lot of heartache and achieve pregnancy much more quickly.”

    The top right and bottom left egg flashed brighter showing they were healthier Credit: Northwestern University​

    The bright flash occurs because when sperm enters an egg it leads to a surge of calcium which triggers the release of zinc from the egg. As the zinc shoots out, it binds to small molecules which emit a fluorescence which can be picked up by camera microscopes.

    Over the last six years this team has shown that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.
    In the experiment, scientists use sperm enzyme rather than actual sperm to show what happens at the moment of conception.

    “These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,” said Professor Tom O’Halloran, a co-senior author.
    In a companion paper published in Scientific Reports on March 18, a zinc spark is shown at the precise time a sperm enters a mouse egg.

    This discovery was made by Nan Zhang, a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern. Little is known about the events that occur at the time of fertilization, because it is difficult to capture the precise time of sperm entry.

    The study will be published April 26 in Scientific Reports.
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