Pakal The Great & Xibalba The Blue Star Kachina, Deneb

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    Pakal the Great & Xibalba
    The Blue Star Kachina, Deneb


    The Mayan represent the Celestial Solar Bird sacrifice by its falling much like the Cygnus constellation in the Great Rift of the Milky Way.
    The Stela 2 of Izapa below depicts the hero twins running to benefit from the sacrifice of 7 Macaw:
    Stela 2 of Izapa
    "The falling of Seven Macaw or Cygnus the Swan relates to the Hopi prophecy of the return of Massau and the emergence of the Fifth World. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.
    He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon.
    The Blue Star of the Plaza in the night sky is the star, called Deneb, the blue star of the constellation Cygnus in the plaza of the Great Rift.
    This star is at the centre of the December 12th, 2012 ‘dance’ of the Galactic Alignment between the Milky Way and the Sun which occurs every 26000 years.

    The Mayan call this celestial crossroads the Great Tree or World-Tree, consisting of the Black Road (Xibalba) as the Milky Way and the Red Road as the Path of the Sun.
    The Sun represents the Creator and the Milky Way the ancestors.

    In terms of the Mesoamerican mythical significance, the Sacrifice of the Sun at this point causes the purification of the Milky Way and the earth. ...
    Saven Macaw
    ... Quetzalcoatl is the offering made at the World-Tree to purify humanity.
    The Chichen-Itza Maya erected a central pillar in Can-Ek’s palace, called Yax-Cheel-Cab, ‘First Tree of the World’.
    At the western base of the World-Tree pillar was carved the mask, called Ah-Cocah-Mut.
    Mut means both bird and prophecy.
    It is the celestial bird of Seven Macah atop the Wacah Chan Tree of the Classic Maya.

    ... Cygnus can be likened to the Mayan World-tree, though fallen has a significant resting place in the Plaza of the Moon.
    It also represents the headless man on the Hopi Tablets.
    That may be likened to the sacrifice of the ‘head’ or Lord Queztalcoatl.
    That head or mask is the Blue Stone, Deneb, dancing in the plaza.

    Like the seed that dried up and falls away and a new plant is born, the head has fallen but gives rise to a New Man.

    Death is like a mere mask to this God.

    He takes off the Mask to reveal his Blue Living Body.

    This proves that he swallowed the poison of human impurities and corruptibility, but lived to tell the story.

    Out of this imagery a New World-Tree is born surrounded by a New Population ready to honor the still small voice of Lord Quetzalcoatl" (Jesus).

    Perhaps this World Tree is nowhere so remarkably carved as on the tomb cover of Lord Pacal, King of Palenque of the 8th Century ce.

    Again, the Messianic parallels are remarkable.

    Here is a retelling of Jesus the King of kings laid to rest at the foot of his Cross in the burial of a Mayan king.
    Seven Macaw with the insect like star at its ankle (under a wing) with the appearance of an eagled Warpath glyph on a cross.

    A sky event.
    We can see the same sky event depicted in a North American tableau and Gobekli Tepe Pillar 43.

    See Prophecies

    The Celestial Bird rests above, the vision serpents to the left and right and the deceased Pacal raising from his sacrificial sleep of death on the lower part of the carving.
    Pacal’s location below the world tree as a deified sacrifice is confirmed on the Tablet of the Cross.
    In Palanque, this Tablet of the Cross describes the birth of the first father, Wacah Chan (called God I of Palenque or GI) before this world began (3122 bce).
    Wacah Chan means Six Sky or Raised Up Sky.

    Our world began on 13 Baktun (3114 bce).

    The Dancing Kachina represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon.

    The far off blue star, Deneb, will be invisible by the light of the Sun on the morning of December 21, 2012.

    But its symbolism represents the sign we are given that unites all people under the vision of the Creator to live in harmony with the earth.

    To the Hopi, the time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

    Together we dance with the Blue Stone High Priest who sets the example.
    To the Hopi his name is Kachina;

    to the Maya it is Quetzalcoatl;
    to the Hebrews it is the High Priest with the Sapphire (Blue) Stone;
    ELIJAH my Real Royal Father Helios

    to the East Indian it is the blue throated Shiva who swallows the poison of the ocean of human corruption.

    That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.
    ( 7steps.

    but, i'd say
    5th into 6, and, beyond into 7/10, 8/11, 9/12 thru the 13th bridge
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