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    To all Forum Posters!

    There are two editors on the forum available; a basic native xenforo one and an advanced tinyquattro.

    Xenforo forums are manged by professional developers of computer code; who are well aware of the data corruption and text contamination possible on the web's basic html encoding.
    When copy - pasting from some web location, it would be expected that html code in corrupted and in in 'clean' form could and would be transferred to other forums.
    Xenforo forums therefore have native and intrinsic decoding programs which prevent corrupted html code to infect the forums.

    Most forums on webservers do not carry those precautions and much error containing html code is pasted onto those forums, generally also utilizing html code.
    This correlation then results in much corrupted html code to remain hidden and the copy pasting of this contaminated code onto xenforo forums will result in numerous errors, which prevent this code to become integrated into the forums.

    The administrators here on cosmogenesis have made the advanced editor available to all posters; but ask for particular precautions to be undertaken before copy pasting code from external sources.

    The FIX for any 'hidden' corrupted html code to be removed before published on cosmogenesis is to use the advanced editor's FORMAT function and its bottom 'deformat' or 'remove format' option.

    The external post so is pasted into the editor and then the text of the message selected can be deformatted.
    This will not compromise any images or media in this message but remove the many html tags, which define the message in colour, size, font, special scripts and so on.
    So the corrupted text part of the html coded message will become 'standardized' and then become subject to reediting with the advanced editor, which allows the colour, size, font, special script etc. aspects of the message to become recreated to the posters choices.

    The administrators ask all posters to follow this guideline to avoid error messages and stack overflow issues.
    Should html contamination occur the translation of 'clean' html into the xenforo native bbcode encoding will not be possible or greatly hinder the effective workings of this forum.

    In such instances of continued contamination of the forum, the administrators will have the option of withdrawing the poster's priviledge to use the tinyquattro advanced editor and revert the poster to the less functional basic xenforo editor.

    Thank you all for your cooperation!

    Administration of Cosmogenesis

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