President Trump Is Taking Down The Deep State While Restoring The Republic Of Canada & The World

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    Romana Didulo is the leader of the Canada 1st Party,
    and she's claiming that there is a worldwide military operation
    that is currently working behind the scenes to bring down
    the Luciferian Deep State that have launched this
    Crime Against Humanity from countries around the planet.

    Didulo claims that the armed forces around the world
    have largely stayed loyal to We The People
    and that together they have formed an Alliance
    under President Donald Trump that is currently engaged
    in active operations across the planet.

    Message from Romana Didulo, Head of State and Commander –in-Chief of the

    Sovereign Republic of Canada.

    Hello everyone, Here are itemized notes to keep you in the loop.
    1. Yes, I can officially confirm – the US Armed Forces and Allied Forces are inside the Sovereign Republic of Canada.
    2. *The opening of your Province/Territory hinges solely upon the completion of the work being done by the US Armed Forces/Allied Forces within your Province/Territory **It has nothing to do with vaccinations and percentages nonsense.
    3. The Parliament and Legislatures, are not part of and will not be part of the Sovereign Republic of Canada’s Government structure.
    4. The National Capital of the Republic of Canada is, Victoria, BC, Canada.
    5. Canada Revenue Agency (an Agent of a foreign Monarch), will not be part of the Sovereign Republic of Canada’s Gov’t.
    6. There will be zero personal income tax in the Sovereign Republic of Canada.
    7. The Republic of Canada has funds at the Vatican. It is now under the Republic’s control and guarded by the White hats. It will be repatriated to the Republic of Canada. Hold your Wine/Beer
    I have also requested to have any and all monies stolen from Canada
    to be traced internationally and returned to the Republic.
    1. The Republic of Canada’s financial system structure will also be separate from the current financial system.
    2. The Republic’s Government will be 80% to 90%, less than, the current Governments size. So, expect a very small government.
    3. Do not believe anything main stream media tells you. Also, Politicians, serving a foreign Monarch. Most of them (Politicians) especially those in Cabinets are facing charges for crimes against humanity/treason.
    4. Last but certainly not the least, our Military is with the People. Ignore the media.
    In loyalty, oath of allegiance to the Flag and men, women,
    and children of the Sovereign Republic of Canada,
    respect, honour and valour…
    I Thee Serve and Protect. Romana Didulo,
    Head of State and Commander-n-Chief, of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.

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