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    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    An Extraterrestrial Cosmology

    How does a metaphysical Universal Intelligence embedded within a physical universe communicate with its distant parts?
    The physical universe is defined as a self contained entity occupying a realm of multidimensional spacetime, which is by nature unified in energy and its constituent parts.
    This unification in energy encompasses all parts of the universe as information, existing both as potential physical manifestation and as actual phenomena measurable and observable by usage of physical parameters described by mathematical formulae and relationships.

    If the galactic centre of the Milky Way galaxy is about 26,000 lightyears from a local starsystem, called the Solar System, then how is superluminal communication exceeding the lightspeed barrier of 1 lightyear per year or a distance of so 10 trillion kilometres travelled by light in one year possible?
    Can Extraterrestrial Intelligences ever reach Earth from places in the galaxy stellar distances apart?

    Answer: Interstellar and intergalactic travel becomes possible via a universal Black Hole Cosmology and the interdimensional science of a superconscious universe utilizing a hyperphysics of a 4th spacial dimension!

    Before addressing the science of the hyperphysics proper a general and somewhat poetic overview as to regards the cosmic significance of planet Earth is appropriate.

    From the Cosmogony of Tony Blue:

    "The Earth is cocooned in a resonance sphere of pure density, called a Hill sphere, which surrounds the planet and extends out to about 2 million km or so. This distance scale encompasses the Moon so 363,000 km from the Earth and extends so 5% in opposite directions to the neighbouring terrestrial planets of Mars and Venus.
    When the universe was created, the nexus point of this sphere manifested as a Lagrangian gravity point which later became the planet itself as archetype for this inverted light, hence the most extreme and dense place in the universe.
    The ET’s also have a hill sphere but because of their resistance fields being made of light and higher dimensional, its suppressed and thus they cannot completely solidify themselves or their ships, they are lacking the information to do so.
    Gaia is the universal template or source code for manifesting this solidity, but at the moment is dimensionally closed off from the rest of the universe and so cannot share her data yet.
    The 2012-2020 scenario and birth will collapse this hill sphere into a higher dimensional black hole about the size of a golf ball and this will flip inside out and become a white hole, or data emitter, thus ending the Gaian Quarantine Zone.
    She will then ‘shine’ her own dark density light codes out into the universe, providing the ET sentience the necessary information to activate their own suppressed hill spheres.
    Until this occurs the ET’s cannot physically manifest themselves without the data that the Mother Gaia is blueprinted for.
    So they like us have been waiting a very long time and are bound to the same timeline and prophecies as we are."

    Tony Blue


    The technical details with respect to the following discourse can be accessed at:

    Cosmogenesis - A Story of Creation in Membrane Mirror Symmetry or

    The Extraterrestrial Hyperspace Physics

    The Universe can be described as a 'Mother Black Hole' entity; meaning that the oneness of the universe has no physical progenitor and that the notions of space and time and energy defined by spacetime variables such as mass, distance, temperature and time are not applicable in any physicalized meaning.
    This self emergent creation "ex nihilo" as a consequence of the 'Mother Black Hole' as a physical entity from some physically definable void of potentiality; then could associate its physical origin and genesis with a 'Father White Hole' entity defined in non-physicality, say as a form of information potential originating from a form of metaphysical abstraction, such as the self emergence of mathematical logic and form from algorithmic systems of numbers and binary code.
    With the emergence of space, the abstractions of number and potential form could then attain geometric forms in using the emergent spacetime occupied.

    The concept of a Black Hole is based on the notion of its energy existing in a state of physicality, which is in some form separated from its exterior environment.
    This is described as the Schwarzschild solution for curved spacetime and as a basic solution for the field equations of Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity.

    There the Mass energy of a Black Hole is related to the size of the Black hole by the formula: Radius RBH = 2GoMBH/c2

    and where Go describes Newton's Gravitational Constant as applied to Quantum Gravity in the Unification physics of Planck-Stoney units and the dimensionless identity 1=2pGomPlanck2/hc to define a so termed Planck mass mPlanck = √{hc/2pGo} for Planck's constant 'h' and the speed of light constant 'c'.
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    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    Tony Bermanseder says...

    25552178_1968720983138899_5558332025390469942_n[1]. The radial extent of the physical universe can be described by an Event Hubble Horizon RHubble of about 17 Billion light years or 1.6x1026 meters as the size of the 'Mother Black Hole' and radius which relates the total mass of the universe as so 6.5x1052 kilograms in the Schwarzschild formulation applied to the universe as a unified entity.

    This total mass of the universe includes the so called 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' components supplementary to the matter that can be seen and which is known as luminous baryonic matter, said to comprise about 5% of the total mass with the 'dark matter' adding so 27.5% and the 'dark energy' so 67.7%.

    The physical universe contains a variety of structures, such as super clusters, cosmic voids, galaxy groups and universal cells called individual galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda.

    A galactic cell like the Milky Way then forms a part of the universe in a matter distribution, partitioning the total mass content of the 'Mother Black Hole' in further sub divisions in star systems, themselves comprised of planetary systems and bounded in astrophysical objects like cometary Oort clouds and G-clouds extending the cometary boundaries into interstellar spacetime.

    In particular, the Milky Way galaxy can be measured to contain about 1.7x1042 kilograms as total mass content. This total mass content then results in a 'Local Hubble Event Horizon' of 4.2x1015 meters in the applied Schwarzschild equation.

    As 1 Astronomical Unit, measuring the distance between the Sun and the Earth as a distinctive local scale parameter for the local star system in the Milky Way is about 150 Billion meters or 150 Million kilometers (93.2 Million miles); the mass energy of the Milky Way galaxy corresponds to a astronomical displacement scale of 4.2x1015/1.5x1011 = 28,000 AU.

    Physical Consequences:

    As the outer boundary of a star system like the local solar system is described by the transition between the cometary boundary known as the Oort cloud and the interstellar boundary known as the G-cloud for a scale between 10,000 and 100,000 AU's; the physical luminous-baryonic universe bounded in say 4-dimensional flat Minkowski spacetime can also be described as a 5-dimensional curved Kaluza-Klein spacetime in its nonluminous 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' 'Daughter Black Hole' equivalence.

    The curved spacetime in 5 dimensions can be described as a 4-dimensional space fractal to a 11-dimensional space and fractal to a 12-dimensional spacetime.
    The addition of a higher dimensional physical entity in a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen-Bridge in the form of a 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold and a 7-dimensional 'Twistor' Penrose-Calabi-Yau manifold then connects a 4-dimensional space to a 11-dimensional Membrane-String space and a 12-dimensional Volumar-Brane spacetime in a 'ripping apart' and 'regluing' of the ordinary 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.

    The 'Twistor' Penrose-Calabi-Yau manifold then assigns the universal Black Hole Event Horizon to become a onesided 11-dimensional boundary connecting the previously doublesided membrane space to form an inner 10-dimensional string space and an outer 12-dimensional volumar space.

    This 4-dimensional space forms a 3-dimensional boundary from a 3-ball or Riemann sphere of 4-dimensional volume V4(R) = ½p2R4 for a surface area or manifold dV4/dR = 2p2R3, the latter being the ordinary 3-dimensional volume of a Horn Torus (2pRxpR2).

    As any location in such a galaxy contains some mass-inertia distribution, this matter distribution then can be dimensionally transmuted from its luminous energy state in say 3+6=9 space dimensions into its 4+6=10 space dimensional and so 'black holed' energy equivalence.

    The birth of the physical universe can be described by a wormhole singularity, inferring a minimum spacetime configuration, which emerged from its progenitive precursor, descriptive from a metaphysical ontology or cosmogony for the emerging cosmology, based on a multidimensional string-membrane physics.

    This minimum spacetime configuration includes a minimum micro Black Hole mass as a function of the wormhole frequency, akin to a primordial or original 'Sound of Creation' or 'Big Bang Acoustic or Tune'.

    This wormhole mass is defined as mps = hfps/c2 = 2.22..x10-20 kg and a wormhole mass, which relates to its quantum energy coupled 'Compton Mass' in a wavelength of lps = h/mps.c = 10-22 metres.

    The Schwarzschild radius for the wormhole mass is however much smaller than the quantum mass in 2Gomps/c2 = 5.487x10=47 metres and so enables a quantum energy transition for the micro Black Hole defined in the wormhole frequency of wavelength lps=c/fps.

    This quantum energy transition then requires a minimum mass or matter conglomeration in the lower dimensional matter luminosity containing or luminarity spacetime, say a spacetime defined by the flat Euclidean Minkowski metric of General Relativity in a 'Hypermass' of MHyper = lpsc2/4pGo = 64475.8 kilograms. This is about the gravitational weight of an Elephant.
    Any weight exceeding this hypermass will effectively increase the perimeter and size of the minimum wormhole configuration and then accommodate the matter configuration as manifested in some galactic location prior to its black hole transmutation into its Schwarzschild representation as given by the galactic Schwarzschilded encompassment.

    An Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which is quantum energetically defined at some place in the Milky way galaxy, can then transport its energy-physically defined matter structure, say a 'mothership with constituent parts' from some galactic coordinates as defined in the luminarity spacetime to some other luminarity spacetime say that as given by a star system bounded by cometary belts and G-clouds in using the luminarity to Black Hole to luminarity quantum transition.
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    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

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    Susan Lynne Schwenger The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    The Christian Apocalypse of Human History from 1635 BC to 2056 AD Calendar Discoveries
    & Encoding by Tony Bermanseder & Susan Lynne Schwenger, The eXchanger aka White Lotus Star,
    Talks with Thunder with Thunders

    if you go to this link
    and, click on it; it opens up to readable format
    there is a lot of info here

    or; simply go to the timeline thread here:
    and, click on jpg; or picture to enlarge them


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    5 Seasons and 7 Eclipses
    for a Metamorphosis of an Old World into a New World
    in Logos Definitions

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