So, What Do You See, As Global Prosperity, And, Completion... If, I Had Simply 5 Minutes...

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    Susan Lynne Schwenger

    May 15 at 2:02 AM

    QUESTION ???

    So, what do you see, as Global Prosperity, and, Completion ???

    if, I HAD simply 5 minutes...

    the first thing, i would tell you,
    is that The Creation of The New World,
    will NOT come out of the bowels of
    government, nor, from political arenas...

    nor, will it come out of the organizations,
    that to this point in history,
    that have tried to weave changes !!!

    because, they are all in this together !!!

    iT iS TiME,
    for each, and, for every soul on earth
    to invest, only into each other...

    to ignite their original spark...

    the part of them, that they carry
    from this lifetime, to the next lifetimes

    so, they might awaken thru sparking
    their own raft of remembrances ...

    to KNOW, their missions

    to KNOW, their purposes

    to KNOW, their tasks

    so, they might ignite
    the spark of their own magnificence ...

    problems are solved at higher levels
    than they were created...

    so, in order to weave things into this world
    they must be created in higher levels...

    and, sprinkled down into this 3d to 12d world !!!

    You are, what you choose to allow...

    NO MORE, and, NO LESS !!!

    You sit, at a mid-point

    from 2010(3) to 2030(5)

    and, it is 2020 (22-a master number)

    ~NO DOUBT, ET's exist
    and, it also exists within

    The Framework of your own Remembrances...

    there is NOT someone else,
    who will magically alter, change or shift your path

    ~it is a time to GO where there is NO pathway, nor a road
    and, you must blaze THE TRAIL !!!

    ~you must rise your energy
    through utilising a roadmap
    of energy

    Where energy is colour, frequency, light, sound, tone
    and, vibration, and, in their upper equations / or levels
    is advanced equations of balance !!!

    iF aliens appear in the sky, KNOW this,
    that is NOT where 'real' first contact will come from...

    THIS will be what is commonly KNOWN,
    as a blue beam or bluebeam event !!!

    (although, IT IS a 'real' event,
    it will be done, with a view of scaring you,
    and, a promise to keep you safe !!!)

    do NOT fall PREY to this non-sense !!!

    For hidden deep within you,
    is a 'blank canvas'
    and, it will be thru stilling the mind
    and, activating the quickening
    thru shamanic types of spiritual practices
    that you will make your own 'first contact'...

    within you physical DNA

    you carry; the energies of grandmother/grandfather

    and, mother/father, as, well as yourself

    (you, as, an egg, where carried within your grandmother)

    so, you carry a mental resonance
    to the experiences of not only your own soul,
    but, that of your ancestors...

    you are a creator, NOT, a pawn in someone elses game !!!

    There is much wisdom,
    you can pull from the triad, the trine
    and the trinities of your ancestors,

    as, well as, there is much experience,
    as, well as wisdom to be found
    within the assortment of exchanges,

    that are a part of your own souls combined grand cycles !!!

    You will be most like,
    the 3 things you give your energy to
    as, well as, the 3 things you take your energy from !!!

    if you wish to awaken your eXchanger...

    then, you are going to have to eXercise,
    your own will, as THE WAY !!!

    REMEMBER, it is up to you...
    to iGNiTE your ORiGiNAL SPARK !!!

    To will it to be, so, it will be, and, so,it is
    & THE GREAT AWAKENING will begin !!!

    - susan lynne schwenger
    #in12d #thefinalfire #


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      Cheryl Esposito

      I concur 100% my thoughts return to
      "what I give and take" daily.
      Powerful words Susan. Mahalo
    • Susan Lynne Schwenger
      going to try to write '5' minutes a day of all my old stuff
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      Susan Lynne Schwenger

      empty the stuffing, for new stuffing ;)
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      Mari Neagu
      Beautiful !
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      Chris Alva

      Dead or alive 5 D here we come❤️
      228364079104_n.?_nc_cat=108&_nc_sid=7206a8&_nc_ohc=gd-DTqVrBggAX9VrhiH&_nc_ht=scontent-yyz1-1. Susan Lynne Schwenger replied

      5d on my roadmap is a low astral harvest ; your higher self resides at 7d ;)
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      Michel Tessier
      I seriously consider and working
      on to Jump over their fences.
      No assension for me in their artificial 5D / 5G timeline.
      I was shown and know much better how to eXit.
      That Original Spark, Divine Fire,
      is the very power that we contain to power our Liberation.

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