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    Do you know how energetic you truly are?
    How many LOVEQUANTUMS YOU represent in the higher order of things?
    For an average human weight of 70 kilograms or say 70 metric liters;
    this average human mass is contained within about 1.75x1063 Joules of energy;
    as there are about 2.5x1064 Joules of serpent energy in a cubicmeter of 3-dimensional space.

    Your Einstein Equation for the equivalence of energy with mass for 70 kg only
    gives you an inertial energy content of (70 kg).c2 and so about 6.3x1018 Joules of energy.
    This is what you identify with in a collective sense.
    The PHYSICAL LOVEENERGY, which enbubbles you is more powerful,
    han your material definition by a factor of nearly 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
    which you may name as 4 Billion Trillion Trillion Trillion.
    In other words, there are more Love-Quantums within a single one of you,
    then there are stars in the physical universe.
    Yet, you continue to DENY, DENY and DENY, yourselves
    and the destruction you have caused around your activities
    and your 'clouded' selfdefinitions for millennia.
    Tony Bermanseder
    ra1a. ra1b. ra1c. ra1d. ra1e. ra1f.

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