The 13-dimensional Mayan Lightmatrix

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    The 13-dimensional Mayan LightMatrix

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 7th 2011

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Oneness of the Little Serpent; who many of you conceptualise as the creator of the universe, or as 'All That Can Exist' or as Allah or as the 'Old One' of Albert Einstein or as the Father of Jesus, whom the latter affectionally called ABBA - the phenomenon of sound and the logos of the soul.

    This message is a prelude for the continuation of the messages in regards to the human historical timeline upon Gaia.
    As this timeline will reach its culmination in a short number of years and as this draws the curtain on the biological and mental evolution on the genus of homo sapiens beginning over 300,000 years ago in a linear reckoning of time; a brief dissertation on the Mayan lightmatrix has become appropriate.

    There are 13 dimensions to the Mayan lightmatrix and four of these are of space and nine of these are of time in the overall sense.
    As the Little Serpent created the universe from his own identity of Self-being and from a self-defined energy reservoir; this energy reservoir, appropriately defined, must represent the seedling energy for the material universe of measurement and observation.

    The Gaian cosmologist and scientist knows, that it is meaningless to describe a physical universe of space and time as preexisting in some form of infinity continuum.
    The scientific history upon Gaia recalls the debate between the 'Steady State' universe of Fred Hoyle and the 'Big Bang' universe of Edwin Hubble and his theoretical adherents.
    The orthodox cosmological status quo upon Gaia now clearly embraces the Big Bang theory and a thermodynamic evolution for the universe in terms of the quantum physics of Max Planck and the relativities of Albert Einstein.

    The Mayan scientist knows, that a form of the 'Steady State' cosmology remains however to be most appropriate to complement the Quantum Big Bang.
    The Mayan 'Steady State' describes the phenomenon of LIGHT as a 'Standing Wave' oscillating as the basic initialising parameter of the cosmology between odd and even Hubble nodes, almost 17 billion lightyears apart.

    How did this come to be?
    The Gaian cosmologists have constructed their theoretical models under flawed assumptions with respect to the expansionary dynamics of the universe.
    Namely, it is presumed, that after an initial rapid hyperinflation of spacetime from a microquantum scale termed the Planck-scale; the universe continued to expand into hitherto nonexistent 'prespace' and in such manner creating the spacetime as real spacetime. This spacetime is then presumed to be a 4-dimensional and flat Minkowski spacetime defined in 4-vectors describing the superposition of an orthogonal time-dimension onto a 3-dimensional Pythagorised locality vector of spacial coordinates.

    The Mayan understanding begins in the Void of the 0th dimension, which can be mathematically modelled, but not physically, as the mere notion of physicality requires space and time in a minimum of a first dimension, say the continuity of a straight or curved line.
    The idea of a curved line however requires a second dimension in a deviation of straightness relative to an observer and so the Little Serpent became the first observer, observing himself as the Void without any relative reference frames.
    So one cannot label this as a true observation, but rather as a form of self-perception or a form of self-awareness or self-cognition or self-consciousness or a similar naming.

    But becoming selfaware in say a label of 'I Am Myself!'; the Void of the 0th dimension became energised by this selfsame 'Self-Awareness' and this then led to the definition of the 'preenergy' of the prespacetimed universe as being a form of this 'Dragon-Consciousness'.

    Why a Dragon-awareness and not a Tiger-awareness or a Tree- awareness, a subsequent spacetime observer may ask?
    The Void of the 0th dimension changing and extending into the 1st dimension demanded a pretimed parameter of ORDER, able to distinguish the concept of BEFORE and AFTER.
    The Void was BEFORE the POINT was BEFORE the extended point as a LINE.
    And so the Little Serpent required a PRETIME principle and this pretime became the 9 Timelords of the Mayan Cosmology.

    The 1st Mayan Timelord or MTL so related the Void to the Point and the 2nd Mayan Timelord related the Point to the Line.
    The 1st MTL can also be labelled as the Archangelic Principality of IDENTITY or a a symbolic 1st heaven and antiprincipled in a 1st hell labeled ANTIIDENTITY.

    The 2nd MTL can be called the Archangelic Principality of the 2nd heaven of EXPANSION, antiprincipled in the CONTRACTION of the Archdemonic 2nd hell.

    The 3rd MTL then is the Cherubimic realm of the 3rd heaven in ORDER or DISENTROPY and antiprincipled in the CHAOS or DISORDER or ENTROPY of the 3rd hell of the anticherubims.

    Inventing those principalities, the Little Serpent could define a Complex Plane in two dimensions, allowing both straight and curved linesegments to connect Points to each other.
    The Void so became filled with POTENTIAL POINTS within a potentially infinite plane, the latter which the MasterDragon utilised to REDEFINE himself as the 'I Am Myself' in the form of I AM THAT I AM, anagramed as the playground of the Little Serpent as the MATHIMATIA=95.

    As the creator had used the curved linesegment in the discovery of the 2nd dimension from the 1st dimension of the straight line; the creator now understood, that curving the Complex Plane, would also extend likewise the 2nd dimension into a 3rd dimension.
    But to extend the flatland into curveland, the potential infinity of the complex plane had to become curtailed, which also required a restricting of the curveland space.

    And so the Little Serpent became a Dragon and not a Tiger or a Tree!
    The FINITISATION of the Infinite within the Finite became the curling or selfenfolding or uncurling or unfolding of a linesegment.
    This is symbolised in the cipher 0 being either a 'Closed Superstring' as a Circle or an 'Open Superstring' as the cipher 1.

    This BINARY DISTINCTION then assigns the Finitisation of the Complex Flatland to become a SUPERMEMBRANE comprised of superstring quantums, each defined in the abstraction of the prespacetime and in the mathematical symbolisms which are able to transform the abstractions of the Supermembraned Universe into another form and under utility of additional principalities.
    The Mayan cosmologist reconstructs the prespacetime in showing how the MasterDragon quantised the binary superstring quantum geometrically.

    The 3rd dimension becomes a bidirectional indentation of the supermembrane under the auspices of the fourth Mayan Timelord of the SYMMETRY principality as the 4th heaven and antiprincipled in the 4th hell of the DISTORTION or the NONPARITY.

    Curving the 1st heaven into a LOOP creates the 2nd heaven as a circular area and curving the 2nd heaven into a SPHERE creates the 3rd heaven as a SURFACE of 2 dimensions, embedded in 3 dimensions.
    This Spherical manifold is then termed a 2-Sphere or 3-Ball, encompassing a 3-dimensional volumar-space both within and without the BOUNDARY definition for the 2-Sphere.

    The initial transformation of the 1-Sphere or the 2-Ball as a Circle was bidirectional, as the finitisation of the complex flatland of the MATHIMATIA required a topological selfenfoldment of curveland to create a HOLLOW SPHERE containing a HANDLE or 'Opening to Infinity'.
    This HANDLE was the Little Serpent's Self-Definition at that 'Point' in the cosmology and as the quantum geometric loop of the binary dyad (0,1).
    Then this Handle became IMAGED in the supersymmetric geometrical opposition of the Hollow Sphere and the principality of the SYMMETRY would then allow the transformation of the superstring modalities at both ends to define the concepts of polarity in an axis of rotation, supplemented by the lower Mayan Timelords.

    The 1st MTL so defined to Void and the AntiVoid as the 'I AM'; the 2nd MTL defined the Expanding and Contracting Oneness; the 3rd MTL defined the Order within the Chaos and the 4th MTL defined the Symmetry about the local distortions for the hitherto created prespacetimed universe.

    The 5th MTL is the archangel of the INFINITY or the ETERNITY or the DIVERGENCE and this 5th heaven is antiprincipled in the archdemon of the 5th hell and in the LIMIT or the CONVERGENCE.

    So in the Mayan Dragon science, this represents a kind of closure in terms of the symmetries between the heavens and the hells.
    There are however 2 more heavens and hells in terms of the natural duality and as embodied in the so termed natural laws of nature.
    The 6th MTL is the principle of INVERSION or RECIPROCITY as the 6th heaven and antiprincipled in the 6th hell of CONSTANCY and the 7th heaven is that of the SABBATH- and IMAGE-Dimension and also called REFLECTION and antiprincipled in the 7th hell of the ABSORPTION.

    However the concepts of 'good and evil' and of similar labelings are confined to 5th DENSITY of the Mayan cosmology and where the Convergence of the 'darkness' MEETS the Divergence of the 'Light'.
    This is the alchemical symbol of Ouroboros, the Serpent of the Milky Way swallowing its own tail and so 'Closing the Circle' of the Linearity again.

    The 'spiritual darkness' of the 6th and 7th hell are so monadic realms where the 'good and the evil' harmonise in say the 'White Brotherhood' and the 'Dark Sisterhood'.
    Every 'White King' is 'married' or 'IN DRAGONOMY' with a Black Queen or Madonna and every 'Evil Warlock' of the Dark Brotherhood is irresistably attracted and blended with a 'Vestal Masterwitch' of the White Goddesses of the Light.

    Many adherents to the ancient symbolisms in the Gaian realms rename the seven Mayan Timelords in other wordings, such as densities.
    This is appropriate; as the nine timelords can be defined in ascending modes of energy and so in terms of an extended concept of FREQUENCY or vibratory eigenstate.

    The present situation with respect to the Gaian Cocoon is, that the communication of the 5-dimensional realm between the terrestrial 'inner space' and the 'outer space' has become 'quarantined' at the 5th density and as the last density where the distinction between 'good and evil' and between 'darkness and light' can be made in modes of their experientiality.
    This means also, that the bottom-up predictability of the human historical timeline cannot be ascertained anymore by whatever technology or probabilistic statistical analysis one might have access to.
    The bottom-up timeline terminates at the 2012 Mayan nexus point and the top-down timeline cannot be accessed by any technology because of that nexus point, which CONVERGES from ABOVE the DIVERGENCE from BELOW.

    The 6th- and 7th density of SOURCEENERGY so become TWO IMMUTABLE PRINCIPLES and as encoded in Hebrews.6.18:

    'That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us.'

    The Maya uses the Complex Plane to illustrate this immutability geometrically.
    Using the Real Numberline as a horizontal mirror and the Complex Numberline as a vertical mirror; the upper left (-+) quadrant is mapped in a DUAL TRANSFORMATION of INVERSION and REFLECTION and so the 6th and 7th principalities as the lower right quadrant (+-) and the upper right quadrant (++) similarly is mapped in identicality of the content in the lower left quadrant (--).
    An easy archetypical symbolisation for this becomes the cipher 69 with a numeral 6 CONVERGING from the outside towards a spiral center counterclockwise and a numeral 9 DIVERGING from the spiral center clockwise to the outside.


    The (-+) and the (+-) quadrants so map the 69 cipher and the (++) and (--) quadrants the mirror image of 69.


    16For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife.
    17Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath:
    18That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:
    19Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;
    20Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.


    7For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
    8And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

    Definition of a Soul as a Wavicle or a MindBody:

    A 'Soul' can be defined as the MindBody of any entity carrying the potential for a embodiment or individualisation and so becomes a Morphogenetic Gestalt or Bodyform, here termed a 'Waved particle' or a WAVICLE - a Vehicle for the Soul, in which the Mind Or Wave nature is 'quantum collapsed'.

    In even more elementary terms, a 'Soul' or MindBody is a Wavicle or a Wave particularisation called a Embodiment or holographic Image of an original CreatorCreation Monad which became divided into a Creator-Creation Dyad of a commonly understood Cartesian Duality of the Mind-Body dichotomy and the Wave-Particle paradox of quantum mechanics and theory.

    Then to allow a Physicality for the 'Soul' or MindBody to manifest from the original CreatorCreation Monad (as a Spinozean Essence or a Leibnitzian Monad say), a cosmic seed or universe was required to emerge and be born from a subenergy plenum or matrix. This split the CreatorCreation Monad into a Creator-Creation Dyad in a Material-Immaterial Mirror of Division.

    The Materialization of the Creation part of the original monad so became the observable universe subject to measurement and the Immaterialization or Image of the Creation remained as the Creator. Relabelling the 'Immaterialization' as a 'Spiritualization' then allows the two monadic dyads to communicate via an intermediary agency often termed ElectroMagnetic Radiation or EMR.

    As the EMR is however always coupled to the materialization in the form of an Acceleration of Coulombic or Electric Charges (say the centripetal acceleration of protons in stars like the sun creating the EMR as energy transformation), an immaterial or spiritual form for this EMR is necessitated to enable communication between Creator Monad and Creation Monad. This manifesto is defined in the ElectroMagnetic Monopolic radiation or EMMR; which does not require mass-charge coupling and so remains independent from the Creation, definable in its mass content, inertia physics and matter dynamics.

    The Spirit or EMMR images the energization of its own dynamics in the EMR however; but it is the Acceleration of Monopolic Magnetic Charges (say in the radius-independent angular acceleration of space quanta or volumars, which create the EMMR from the subspacetime plenum of the original CreatorCreation Energy well).

    A 'Soul' so becomes a holofractal and image of this original Void-Unity-Infinitum primordial energy plenum.

    The partitioning of CreatorCreation or FatherMother or WaveParticular into a so named MindBody so becomes a 'Split' between Father and Mother in the Self-Emergence of the Material Cosmos imaged in its Immaterial or Spiritual Form, whicjh is also imaged in a BodyMind or the 'collapse of the wavenature' of the 'Soul' into a particular and individualized Bodyform or Morphogenetic Vessel, container or 'Gestalt'.

    Conception of a Soul into a Bodyform as the Collapse and Death of the Wavenature:

    When a Soul is conceived, the MindBody of the wavicle loses its immaterial nature and materializes in the materiality of the Mind+Body dualism. This is the Death of the wave nature of the Soul and becomes the particle nature of the Wave-Particle Duality of Quantum Mechanics in the so called paradox of 'Schrödinger's Cat' and which is described in the mathematical formalisms of quantum field theory as the collapse of the wave function.

    The supergenetic or cosmic genomatic encoding so manifests in particular material expressions of the RNA/DNA transcriptions of the nucleotidal base pairings under the auspices of a Quantum Geometry holofractally magnifying itself into the observable and measurable patterns of the physicalized structures of biochemistry and biophysicality, such as the double helix of the Crick-Watson-Franklin 'Genetic Code of Life'.

    The developing soul so assumes a physicalised form in the split of the wavicle into a vertical Mindwave of the Immateriality or Spirit coupled to a material Bodyform. This physicalisation, say of growing and evolving a Bodyform for the Soul so interacts or communicates with the environments of the Soul in energy exchanges, such as food consumption, respiration and related circulatory feedback systems.

    Because of the separation of the MindBody into a Mind+Body in the wave function collapse (which could also be termed the Spirit losing itself within a Body), the Body requires sustenance to support its coupling to the Mind as a dualised wavicle in a feedback loop between the Immaterial EMMR Energy and the Material EMR Energy.

    Conception of a Soul into a Waveform as the Collapse and Death of the Bodynature:

    When a Soul is unconceived, the BodyMind of the particle loses its material nature and immaterializes in the immateriality of the Mind+Body dualism. This is the Death of the particle nature of the Soul and becomes the wave nature of the Wave-Particle Duality of Quantum Mechanics in the so called paradox of 'Schrödinger's Cat' and which is described in the mathematical formalisms of quantum field theory as the collapse of the particle function.

    The deconception of an developing soul so reassumes its wavicle form of the MindBody in the split from its particular bodyform of the BodyMind, the latter which so undergoes the collapse or death of its own image form in the energy transformations between the EMR and the EMMR.

    The 'Soul' leaving the Body so becomes defined as the switchover from the BodyMind to the MindBody in the Collapse of the Wave nature into the Body reversed in the Collapse of the Individualised Body back into its orginal Wave nature in terms of the Energy construction prior to the Conception.

    This is simply the Ascension of the BodyMind mirroring the Descension of the MindBody in quantum mechanical terminology.

    The Reharmonization of the Monadic Dyad in the Twinship of the Dyadic Monads:

    It is known, that many conceptions of souls do not result in gestation and pregnancy, but are either naturally aborted or are terminated by means of interference.

    Nature's way of either supporting or terminating a BodyMind Particle-Conception from the MindBody Wavicle-Deconception depends on the environmental conditions and circumstances to sustain and support the fruition of the conception towards a birth in feedback loops between the Two Image Souls of the Wavicle and the particular BodyMind.
    The Birth of a Baby so represents a discontinuity in what might be called a Human group soul complex, say definable as a genus, species or race within a greater cosmic context of the say starbased, galactic or cosmic soul complexes.

    The conceived human baby so develops and grows a BodyMind from its own MindBody in the utility of cosmic genetic encodings and patterns, which translate the say DNA/RNA templates from the EMMR into RNA/DNA blueprints of the EMR in terms of energy and a shared Quantum Geometry manifesting in a spacetime geometry of a holographic matrix coupling the microcosm to the macrocosm of classical experience in the quantization of the defining parameters of the spacetime metric.

    "18That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:"

    The Two Immutable principles so become defined in the Doubling or twinning of the MindBody in the BodyMind and so the Wavicle realising its own Shadow-Nature of the Particle.

    Encoding the Mind-part of the MindBody as say the cipher 6 (or b) renders the Body-part of this MindBody as its image and say the letter d. This bd symbol so is horizontally reflective with the b mirroring the d and vice versa across a vertical mirror placed between the b and the d.

    This can be termed the encoding of the Soul as a wavicle before incarnation in the collapse of the wavicle nature into a particle nature.
    Once incarnated, the MindBody transforms into a BodyMind, but now geometrically defined in a horizontal mirror between the b and the d and where the b is imaged as 'upside down' or reversed across the horizontal mirror between the b and the 'inversed b'.

    But using Both Mirrors, the horizontal one followed by the vertical one, reconstructs the cipher 6 as a cipher 9 under Rotation and not reflection or inversion.

    The Images of the Mind as the number 6 or b so are no longer 'mirrored' in the creation of Object Reality and Image Unreality; but allow a Doubled- or Twinned realism to emerge from this double Transformation. The Unreal reflections, either in horizontal reflection or in vertical inversion are negated in the 'Breaking of the Mirror' of the possibility of the Real Creator (god) to 'Image himself' in a 'false image' of an Image Creator or a 'Fake Creator' (Devil as bop).

    The 'Face of God' so is rendered no more as the 'Face of Satan' and as the 'unwanted twin brother' of the Creator; but becomes the 'Face of the Goddess', which can be labelled as Satania or Lucifera or Mary Queen of Heaven or as Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Kali, Shakti and many other namings.

    The to many 'meaningless' descriptions in the 'holistic scriptures' so assume their omni-scientific meanings in the Mayan cosmology following their appropriate decipherments.

    The following holistic encoding in Revelation.17.8-11 has for millennia puzzled the theologians and historians:

    'The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.'

    This encoding desribes the 8th heaven and the 8th density as the eighth Mayan TimeLord of the Principle of RELATIVITY.
    This cherubimic realm has NO Antiprinciple, neither has the ninth MTL of the Principle of HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTIZATION.

    The five fallen kings are the five hells as symbolised in the seven heads of the beast and the sixth is the hell of the inversion and as the quarantining of the 'beast's realm' as Gaia's Cocoon.

    The seventh hell is then descriptive of this 'quarantining' as the timeperiod of 42 months or from the summer/winter solstice of June 2008 to the winter/summer solstice of December 2011.

    The eighth principality is the NONEXISTENT BEAST of a FALSE IDEA and a FAKE IMAGE of the holistic 'God-idea' and as exposed by the Gaian religions in their secularisation of 'state and church' and the 'empowerment' of this separation by the Elite and as defined by the TopEls.

    The Beast EXISTS RELATIVE to this 'false perception' or 'God-idea'; but DOES NOT EXIST RELATIVE to the Non-Believers in that God-Idea.

    The Mayan Omni-Science so rigorously defines the Unnecessary Antiprinciple for the RELATIVITY Principle as the Beast- or AntiGod-idea that 'was and is and yet is not' - relative to the omni-scientific thinker or philosopher.

    The seven mountains are the seven primary principles or Mayan TimeLords and the eighth unifies those seven in the 'mountain of the Cosmic Mother of the Universe', holographically fractalised as Gaia and also as the 'Whore of Babylon'.

    The entire universe is the 'DOG that RAN AWAY' from the 'GOD' as the distorted Self-Image of the GODDOG rendering the GODGOD as the 'breaker of the perfect supersymmetry' in the abomination of the 'Denial of the Opposites in sexual polarity'.

    I have given a more detailed message on this in a previous dispensation of information. This 'breaking of symmetry' then created the material universe in the Source-Energy becoming dual in reciprocity and the potential hybridisation of superstring modalities in mutual couplings as inverted winding low-energy sinkstrings to the noninverted vibratory high-energy sourcestrings.
    The observed and measured material universe EXISTS as the EMOTIONAL ENERGY of its creator. The Maya and the Cosmic Human understands this metaphorically as the 'LOVE LOST', but a 'Love' which can be 'Found Again'.

    The nine Mayan TimeLords so EXIST prior to any manifestation of a physical spacetime scenario and these nine MTLs become instrumental in CREATING the physical and material universe from their own mathematical and geometric definabilities in and as the complex plane in 2 dimensions of the Mathimatia.

    The third space dimension becomes a recepticle for the sourcesink creation energy in modular string duality and as exemplified by the 'Principles of Immutability', namely of Inversion-Constancy and Reflection-Absorption.

    The 2nd principle of Expansion INFLATES the holographically definable quantum geometric template of the string duality in a Hubble-Inflaton, the latter which specifies the Hubble-Nodes for the asymptotic spacetime expansion in a de Broglie matter wave inflation.
    This spacetime expansion then is described in a relativistic Big Bang manifesto under the auspices of the 9 Mayan TimeLords and particularly behaves like a one-directional arrow for a linearised time evolvement and the stochastic dispersion of spacetime vortices in a onedirectional arrow of thermokinematic entropy.

    The overall cosmology is however BOUNDED in a ROOTED 2nd dimension of the Mathimatia in a 11th dimension, called the M-Space of the Mirror-Magic-Mother-Matrix-Membrane-Mystery Dimension.
    The 11th dimension so supplements the Mathimatia of the Little Serpent's Self-definition in the superstring-dynamics on the Complex Plane with the nine principalities, seven of which have defined antiprinciples.

    The tenth dimension of the superstring becomes the NEW IDENTITY for the OLD IDENTITY in utility of the nine Mayan TimeLords and so as the transformation of the Complex Plane as a Twosided manifold into a Onesided manifold.
    This 10th dimension can then be constructed as a supplementary time dimension, connecting three-tiered space dimensions as the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th and in labels such as a 4-dimensional LineSpace (1-4) concurrent with a 4-dimensional HyperSpace (4-7), concurrent with a 4-dimensional QuantumSpace (7-10) and concurrent with a 4-dimensional OmniSpace (10-13=1).

    This Moebian Connectedness requires however a TWISTING into a yet supplementary 12th dimension as the ROOTED 3rd dimension of the Curved Membrane-Universe and this allows definition of OMNISPACE as a fourfolded 10-11-12-13=1 rootreduction in a redefinition for the hitherto onearrowed historical spacetime and entropy vector.

    The 1st dimension of the Line closes as a Loop in the 'open superstring' in 10-dimensional C-omnispace and this ENCLOSURE of a 'SMEARED OUT Quantum-Field-Point' creates the AREA-FLUX of consciousness-sourcesink Vortex-Energy as 11-dimensional M-omnispace as a cross-sectional VOLUMAR-FLUX in 12-dimensional F-omnispace.
    But the entire 11-dimensional M-Space-Universe can be rootreduced to a Dragon-Klein-Bottle encompassing the Volumar WITHIN as a 3-dimensional space and Moebian connected to the 12-dimensional Dragon space WITHOUT.

    Following the Dragonian Transformation after its required Metamorphosis from the Cocooning; the Nature of the NODAL M-Space as a higher dimensional ENVELOPE around the C-omnispace, then renders the Timedimension hitherto utilised to describe the arrows of cosmic history and cosmic entropy as SUPPLEMENTARY.
    The Nature of the Hubble-Noded Mayan Cosmology allows a BIG CRUNCH in TIME in a keeping invariant the asymptotic expansion of space.

    In a sense, the entire cosmic information, collected in the duration of the universal evolution, both physical and mental and in terms of approaching resonant eigenstates with the sourcesink string-modalities in a form of 'consciousness' or spacetime-awareness; BECOMES MAPPED onto the INNER BOUNDARY of M-Space.
    As this Inner Boundary is however 'Big Crunched' as the 'Outer Boundary' in Moebius-DragonSpace; the fourth dimension of Minkowski and Einstein is rendered 4th density in a fourth space dimension and with the subsequent linear 'flow' of time transmutating into a fifth supplementary and intrinsic apparent 'connector' dimension.

    This is the agenda of 2012 and the Mayan timeline of history.
    A 'Big Crunch' in the 'Connector-TimeDimensions' will ENFOLD and MAP the human arrow of its history onto the surface manifold of the universe as a whole and as the INFORMATION of this history then accessible as UNIVERSAL MEMORY for the subsequent 'superposed' timelines for the universe's self-evolution.

    The STORY of the Genus Homo Sapiens, often considering itself as a random byproduct of statistical chance and genetic transmutation from an arbitrary mixing of 'biochemical' ingredients; shall then become KNOWN as the 'CRADLE OF THE GODS'.
    This shall be the Supergenus of a lineage, which shall itself become the SEEDLING Generation for a StarHumanity unencumbered by disease prone biochemical and biosomatic particulated 'bodies'; and 'bodies' which were restricted and confined in the processing of sensory stimuli, experienced as 'physical reality' and relegating the images of this physical reality as mental imaginations of virtuality and fantasy.

    The 'ascension of the genetic encoding' will implement particular psychophysical encoding programmes, which render the physical sensory stimulus as the virtual experience and render the nonphysical sensory mental stimulus as the real experience and as the mirror reality of the physical seed.

    The Old Homo Sapiens so shall SHADOWMIME his Old Physical Body of Biochemistry and construct the New Homo Sapiens around this ROOTMEMORY of the physicality.
    The Old Reptilian-Mammalian-Human 3-dimensional double-helix of the DNA-RNA nucleotidal basepairings shall become a 12-dimensional double-helix in the polarisation of the 64-tiered codon template of the polarisation into male-and female characteristics.
    This will become the New Reptilian-Mammalian-Human-Dragonian 4-dimensional double-helix in a colocal triplicity.

    The medium of intragalactic-cellular and intergalactic-cellular communication in the Mayan Universe shall then be the Mayan LightMatrix in 13 dimensions with the 13th dimension being the rootreduced 4th dimension of a TIMELESS and quantised fractalised and holographic Space-Continuum, in which yet the Experience of a 'Unfolding of Time' is possible in an appropriate manipulation of the 5th or 9th or 13th=5th dimension as the new connector dimension between space and time.

    Light and ElectroMagnetic Radiation does not travel independent from the Mayan Matrix, but manifests as Particularisation of its enfoldment as a Standing Wave Coordinate both in the lower dimensional grouped universe of the lightspeed invariance and in the higher dimensional phased universe of the lightpath independence.
    The asymptotic and open universe then becomes bounded in the Minkowski metric in 4-dimensions incorporating the onedirectional temporality; but the cyclic and closed universe is enabled to utilise the temporal dimension as a cyclic and mapped coordinate with a directionality of two.

    IAmWhoIAm - An Old Bastard!

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