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    Family number groups ARE NOT healing frequencies...

    May 16, 2011

    By Fred Cusinato

    ....or so it seems, from what I've come across. Alright....

    248420_10150610395100013_7897810_n. Marko Rodin's "fingerprint of God"

    I've been running into a lot of videos lately saying that the 528 Hz frequency is "The Love Frequency",
    the healing frequency, and all that jazz..... So I started watching some of these videos that had these "Solfeggio Frequencies" with imagery,
    all under the premise that they are healing and so on.

    Well, I honestly wasn't feeling anything from them, and was wondering why.

    Every once in a while, I tried listening to "solfeggio frequencies", but they never helped me, so I stopped listening to them.

    Fast-forward to May 2011, I had saved in my favorites a talk by Marko Rodin where he discusses Vortex Based Mathematics.

    If I remember correctly, I noticed a video in the "suggestion" section that mentions "432 Hz VS 440 Hz", clicked on that,
    and landed on this great guy, Jamie Buturff, who has done quite a bit of research on this recently,
    and has a few videos on YouTube which you need to watch.

    After I watched his videos, I quickly realized that this "Solfeggio Frequencies" stuff being sold to us as healing frequencies
    is nothing but misinformation.
    ("The 432 and Marko Rodin's VBM 1 of 3" - a video made in May 2011, which I watched first)

    Here's the deal, folks: There is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between "family number groups" and "healing frequencies".

    Group numbers like 1-4-7, 2-5-8, 3-6-9 and variations of these numbers are, according to Marko Rodin, energy pathways
    or family number groups.

    Now,just because they're family number groups, they do not necessarily equate to healing frequencies.

    Our chakras are not tuned to these family number groups (at least, not according to the stuff I've looked into).

    I want to share a few links to more related information.

    Please watch these videos carefully, as he explains the difference between "family number groups" and "healing frequencies".

    Here's a series of links to look into.
    ("The Cosmic 432 part 1 of 2" - a video made in March 2011)

    Taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos.
    (Jamie Buturff's website - the "432 docs" section)
    ("Solfège", or Solfeggio, and what that actually means...)
    (Find out where "Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si" come from, and how Leonard Horowtiz is lying to us)
    (Music and the Fibonacci Series - goes into Phi, 432 Hz, and much more)

    Also taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos...
    (Explains Phi, the golden ratio, the Fibonacci numbers, and well, life...!)
    ("A Brief History of Tuning")
    ("Cymatics: a Dash of Music, an Inch of Sun")

    Below are some MP3's of the "Tibetan Chakra Meditations" you can download for free,
    just need to wait half an hour before downloading the 2nd part.
    And if you decide to download them, make sure, when you put the MP3's in a folder,
    that you sort them by "Track Number" and rename the files so that they can be in the proper order. Enjoy...!

    Also taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos... these videos carefully, and with discernment. We all need to be careful of the info we take in, all the time.

    Like I said earlier, this is something I've been looking into for the past couple weeks, and it really rings true to me. Please keep in mind, Pythagorean tuning and Vortex-Based Mathematics are all new things to me.

    Alright...... had to share this with everyone...... After you do some research into this, if you feel this vibes with you,
    don't be shy to copy/paste my note or just the links into one of your notes.

    This is just info, and I think it's worth sharing.

    I don't need credit for any of this.

    Rodin, Buturff, and especially Pythagoras, they deserve credit here.

    So, if you wanna share, by all means, do whatever you wish, however you wish to do it. As long as you do it out of love...
    Thanks for stopping by... =)

    Rodin Coil
    Taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos. 253696_10150610386005013_1265029_n.
    Also taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos... 248420_10150610395100013_7897810_n. Marko Rodin's "fingerprint of God" 250947_10150610396430013_1218623_n.
    Also taken from one of Jamie Buturff's videos... 250101_10150610407015013_3711472_n.
    Rodin Coil

    Fred Cusinato

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    Fred Cusinato UPDATE...

    Hey guys, I fell on this video a few weeks ago when I found Jamie's videos.

    At the end, it says that Bob Marley & The Wailer's "Three Little Birds" is tuned to 432.

    I tuned my acoustic as closely as I could to 432 using the Tibetan Chakra Bowls tracks, and played along with it just now....

    I was surprised to find that it pretty much seems like it IS tuned to 432.

    Surprised because I've been playing BMW's music for 13 years now, and NEVER noticed this tune to be "off" 440.

    No wonder everybody loves this song......

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    Fred Cusinato says:

    "For those of you who cannot see the video I posted in "UPDATE....!", I've just transcribed it. First, here's what's in the info box in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on May 23rd 2010. =

    "The conspiracy of tuning musical instruments has centered around the 440hz debate. This video will endeavor to spark an important dialogue concerning the medium that influences our souls: music."'s what you would be reading if you could watch the video. =


    The classical Greek philosophers realized that different musical modes affected the soul.

    Aristotle argued that the Dorian Mode settled the mind by avoiding extremes. Plato encouraged the Dorian mode in times of war or crisis.

    Both philosophers concurred that the Lydian and Ionian modes were relaxed and soft. Plato condemmed these modes, while Aristotle argued that they simply made people stupid.

    This is my hypothesis: What the Hellenes called modes is actually the frequency.

    The western musical art in the post-war generation has been written to the standard frequency of 440hz. Every human of this generation is accustomed to it. Just pick up a landline to hear it.

    Many dissenting musical theorists (eg LaRouche) advocate that 440hz stretches the human vocal range and subsequently produces aggressive music.

    While 432hz is 0.3 semitones lower than the standard, it offers vocalists more flexibility and less aggressiveness.

    Therefore making us "soft" as Hellenes would say.

    Are we ready to mellow out?"

    (Then the video goes on to play Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Don't forget The Wailers, ok?

    Aston Barrett, the bass player, is as important to the music as Bob and his lyrics were, ok??

    Trust me on this, I've been studying this music for over a decade. And I love Aston Barret, he's one of my favorite musical teachers.)

    "Anyone can match Bob Marley in this key. You can feel the resonance of the A-major key in your chest instead of your throat.

    Plato wanted the government to control popular music by allowing only the manufacture of lyres built for the approved modes.

    Most of musical art before WW2 was allegedly in 432hz. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven composed in this pitch. Standardization of the 440hz came in 1953.

    This version of Three Little Birds would sound flat when preceded by a song in 440hz. Therefore standardization of 432hz would have to come from the top-down.

    What about national anthems composed in the 19th century? Has anyone truly sang them in their true key with vocal ease?

    But would allowing vocalists to explore several octaves of a key cause social instability? This is the conspiracy.

    In my opinion, 440hz is the ancient dorian mode. It is a restraining and disciplinary pitch. It makes us more sensitive to what we hear.

    432hz is the ancient Lydian or Ionian mode. It basically allows us to explore the extremes of a key.

    Unfortunately, according to the Hellenes, it would create a hedonistic and disorderly social state.

    The main aspect of this debate is 432hz's consonance with the human vocal range.

    So go ahead and tune an instrument to 432hz and play. You will undoubtedly sing through several octaves.

    Now imagine every note you heard since you were born was in 432hz instead of 440hz. Would society be different?

    It will take a musical revolution....."

    ............that's it! On a personal note, I don't know if this info is all true or not, but a lot of it vibes with other stuff I've looked up recently. DISCERNMENT, people!! Use it ALL THE TIME.

    Even Jaime urges us to do our own research on all this, so, let's keep it up."

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    Fred Cusinato says...

    I'm quoting Jamie Buturff here =

    "I want to point out... The red letters you see at the bottom of the above picture is the circle of fifths
    using Pythagorean tuning and the A=432Hz. The entire left column are frequencies of C,
    the column next to that are all frequencies of G, etc... This is not a coincidence.

    I think this table of numbers is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence for the 432Hz.

    Pythagoras came up with whole number ratios to determine the interval of a given base frequency.

    When we take the 432 and multiply it by any of ...Pythagoras' decimal equivalents of those whole number ratios
    we get the same exact frequencies you see in this table.

    Not only that, the red letters at the bottom of the page are the musical notes of the octaves above
    and they also go left to right in a perfect circle of fifths.

    But remember, the Pythagoras circle of fifths does not resolve itself perfectly to the next higher octave
    (This is why we have equal temperament tuning today to eliminate what is called the Wolf Fifth.)

    The reason why the circle of fifths, using Pythagorean tuning, doesn't resolve perfectly to the next octave is because Nature is imperfect,
    but always moving and striving for perfection.

    Nature is in balance but in a state of constant disequilibrium which keeps it moving.

    As soon as something achieves perfection it will cease to exist in the physical."

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    The 432 and Marko Rodin's VBM 1 of 3


    The 432 and Marko Rodin's VBM 2 of 3


    The 432 and Marko Rodin's VBM 3 of 3



    The 432 and Marko Rodin's VBM 3 of 3
    This video is a straight up talk about the A=432Hz tuning and how it relates to Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics,
    or VBM.

    The 432 in Nature, and how Leonard Horowitz is promoting disharmonious frequencies
    because he misinterpreted the Marko Rodin and Joseph Puleo Family Number groups - the 1,7,4 - 2,8,5 and 3,9,6 -
    to be actual frequencies when they are not.

    These numbers are pathways of how energy naturally wants to travel. See Rodin Coil for more info or the last video in this series for more info.

    My website is

    Here is the link to the Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon where the healing woman is singing the 432Hz tones.
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    Susan Lynne Schwenger ( +/- 111 notes of separation in the ancient scales)













    (insert old drawing)

    from 1987 work with Ermina, and, 2002 work with Peter Farley

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    The luo shu, the solfeggio scale, and the torus



    The 9x9 magic square in the Luo Shu format can be transcribed so all the numbers are reduced to their Pythagorean root number.

    For instance, 37 = 3 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

    This creates a new magic square using only the numbers one thru nine. There are some interesting features to this new magic square:

    1. Five is the center number of the square as five is the center number of the numbers one thru nine.
    Five is also the center of the 3x3 Magic Square known as the Luo Shu.

    2. The diagonals in one direction consists of one integer only, and the diagonals in the opposite direction is always a continuous progression of numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9....

    3. The magic square forms a three dimensional torus. That is, the numbers continue in order from one edge to the opposite edge allowing the two dimensional square to be folded once into a tube shape then a second time to form a torus.

    4. The numerical pattern in the column, row, and one diagonal direction is: 1, 6, 2, 7, 3, 8, 4, 9, 5, 1…

    5. The 9x9 Magic Square and the 27x27 Magic Square in the Luo Shu format can have their numbers transcribed
    into their Pythagorean root numbers and still maintain a magic square as well as define a torus.
    The next magic square able to do this would be the 45x45 magic square.

    The significance of all this is that the torus shape has important industrial uses.

    When the numbers of magic squares are used to construct a torus shape, the numbers have an ideal harmonic balance that may create a synergy that offers the least resistance to electricity.

    The harmonics may be related to the solfeggio scale (in red), an ancient musical scale that had powerful implications not understood by present society. There are six frequencies separated by an interval of 111.

    Beginning with 63 and doing the “111 expansion” one arrives at:
    729 = 27x27
    If we refer to the 27x27 Magic Square in the Luo Shu format (see attachment below) and follow the progression of the above numbers: 63, 174, 285, 396, 507, 618, to finally 729 – the last number of the square – a pattern is established. If we continue the pattern in the 27x27 magic square, we will pick up the other numbers of the solfeggio harmonics (in red):

    Furthermore, these numbers, 84 thru 639 are linked on the diagonal to the numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666.

    And the numbers 174, 285, and 396 are linked on the diagonal to the numbers 147, 258, and 369 – the numbers of the Enneagram.


    All of these twenty four numbers listed break down to the Pythagorean root number of 3, 6, or 9.

    Theory proposal: when the numbers of a large magic square in the Luo Shu format are transcribed
    into their Pythagorean root numbers a magic square is generated that is in perfect harmonic balance
    that also (can) describe a torus and this may have powerful toric implications.
    robertluoshu at

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