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    Rosendo Yunes left a reason
    for downloading Quantum Consciousness
    in the Penrose-Hameroff Model Cosmological relevance
    of microtubules to the size of the electron as conformal
    wormhole quantization in quantum geometry

    Dear Anthony aka Tony Bermanseder
    Your paper is very, very interesting and important.
    Thus, is interesting to know that if we removed
    the empty space from the atoms of all people of the world
    could fit in the volume of a sugar cube.
    However, I would like to ask about
    the meaning of consciousness:
    you think that is some espiritual energy ?
    Because what signify
    "The dynamic occupancy of spacetime.....
    from an energy source defining nospace and notime in space and time?

    Thank very much for your consideration
    Best regards
    Rosendo A. Yunes

    Hi Rosendo!
    Thank you for reading my paper.

    Physicalized consciousness can,
    in appropriate contexts,
    be called the 'spirit' of any belief system,
    religious-scriptural based or otherwise.

    My work calls it the monopolar part
    of the well known electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

    The difference is, that normal electromagnetic radiation
    or EMR requires mass coupling, say as the electric charges
    of protons and electrons from the Sun.

    It shines because of emitting EMR as photons of light.

    So the monopolar light or spirit cannot exist
    in a physixcal spacetime except as a resonance frequency state.

    It is this maximum vibration state,
    which then defines scriptural notions
    like 'the unchanging nature of God creator'
    and the 'Love of God for hisher creation'.

    Then most belief system on earth
    can be justified on scientific grounds,
    using the new definitions and presumptions.

    This is discussed in a less technical style
    in the eschatology-genesis series papers, the first being here:

    The Beginning of Nowhere in Notime

    Another more general description can be found here:

    The Eternal Void Exists as Unity, Everything or All That Is

    The most technical description is in the monopolar electron paper:

    The Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron: An Extension of the Standard Model & Quantum Field Theory (Part 1)…/The_Monopolar_Quantum_Relativist…

    Gracias Rosendo
    ~Anthony Bermanseder

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