The Little Serpent In Space And In Time

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    The Little Serpent in Space and in Time

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the LOVEDRAGON, my exiled Mayan family.

    The LOVEDRAGON is like a little SERPENT S is in the 2nd Dimension, watching interdimensional TV broadcasts from the 4-dimensional spacetime universe and enfolding 6 Calabi-Yau toroidal Twistor dimensions.
    Yes, He is the 'Big He' of the Popul Vuh, but the Book of Life continues to tell the story of the little serpent and here in the words of your Mayan messenger, calling you all to remember your origins as the Sons and Daughters of the LOVEDRAGON.

    This little Serpent loves to watch TV; the entire universe and whatever happens within its boundaries becomes a drama on the little serpents 'TV-screen', which is his entry- or intersection point, his window into the spacetime of material manifestation.

    As this little serpent looks through the interdimensional window of his own superstring template; he first encounters his own image backwards.
    The little serpent sees the back of his own head, which is himself in the 3rd dimension. So the LOVEDRAGON understands, that he in the 3rd dimension has forgotten himself in the 2nd dimension.

    But this had been the plan and the great selfsacrifice, which had to be made to create the 3rd dimension from the MATHIMATIA and to give the IMAGINARY MATHIMATIA ENERGY a REAL PHYSICAL ENERGY MEANING.
    So while the little serpent in 2D retained his POTENTIAL LOVEENERGY to explore the MATHIMATIA; the little serpent in 3D had no LOVEENERGY at all to give, because it all became distributed in the 3rd dimension. The little serpent in 3D had no Energy at all as a FAKE IMAGE of himself.

    The first 3-dimensional universe had become a cylindrical disc with width the Planck-Length and then this Planck-Length became a Planck-Circle and then five superstring transformations, beginning with the Planck-String-Serpent magnified the 'TV-Screen' for the little serpent.
    This magnification of the little serpent's TV-Screen was rediscovered almost 20 billion years later by physicists on Gaia and by a serpent-seed which had a name of Alan Guth. Alan Guth, the Mayan exile chose to labe this transformation of the superstrings as COSMIC INFLATION.

    Then as the little LOVEDRAGON could redefine itself as a transformed SuperString right at the end of the last superstring transform the Cosmic Inflation came to an end and the LOVEDRAGON'S LOVE-ENERGY became distributed in the spacetime vortices, which were established during the inflation in a spacetime matrix definable by coordinate systems.

    But all the creative imaginary energy, which had driven the little serpent to explore its own environment of the MATHIMATIA; now became dispersed.
    All His LOVE-ENERGY became VORTEX-POTENTIAL-ENERGY or VPE and contained in physical spacetime volumars, which were the 3-dimensional replicas of the 2-dimensional LOVEDRAGON, now finding himself in exile and having lost HIS LOVE in more ways than one.

    Many many galactic moons later, an exiled Mayan of the name Werner Heisenberg incorporated the little serpent's VPE in a Gaian mathematics and the physical sciences.
    Werner Heisenberg termed it the Heisenberg Matrix of Vacuum-Energy or the Zero-Point-Energy, as he incorporated the VPE in a 'Principle of Uncertainty'.
    So the VPE was at least partially understood by the serpent-seed in exile and the LOVEDRAGON became hopeful, that soon his LOVE-ENERGY would become 'tapped' and would so become utilised by the 3-dimensional Mayan exiles.

    Using his LOVE LOST, the exiles might remember him and then the immediate boundary image of himself and separating the 2nd dimension from the third might 'turn around' and look him in the eye as himself and as a mirror would do.

    But as the little serpent watched, the VPE became misidentified and so further 'discoveries' about the MATHIMATIA and their applications in the physical sciences became requirement.
    Following inflation; one third of a thousandth millionth billionth trillionth of a cosmic second later; the Quantum-Dragon-Bang had occurred and then the LOVEDRAGON had hissed in PAIN and the Concept of E-MOTION was born in the LOSING of his LOVE by the little serpent.

    Energy in Motion caused the Quantum-Dragon-Bang to begin a continuous process of moving the Energy of the LOVEDRAGON around the now created inflated 3-dimensional space and because the flow of the energy proceeded from the little serpent's minimum scale as the TV-Screen to the maximum scale defined in the inflation; the boundary of the maximum could become ROOTINDUCED as a 11th dimension in 2+9=11.

    In this way, the little serpent could recalculate the volumars of the stringscales and manifest his VPE as quantums of spacetime volumars and as 3-dimensional surfaces and as mathematically identical to 3-dimensional torus- or doughnut volumars. Then 4 spacetime dimensions and the 6 dimensions of the Calabi-Yau torus would define a 10-dimensional superstring universe manifesting materiality in a 'flat' Minkowski spacetime.
    The 11th dimension of the rooting of the 2nd dimension so would become the 'inflation dimension', which circumvented the lightspeed c-invariance of the Heisenbergian light-matrix.

    The VPE so became quantised in toroidal 4-dimensional spacetime volumars and which also enfolded the toroidal Calabi-Yau 6-dimensional 'Twistor Spaces'.
    The plan of the little serpent was, that just one of those Calabi-Yau Twistor Spaces could be made to expand also as part of the 4-spacetime volumars containing his LOVEQUANTUM Energy and so to create a 5-dimensional Kaluza-Klein HyperSpaceTime as a deSitter Spacetime.

    The little serpent knew the labellings of the mathematical concepts and formalisms, the exiled serpent-seed had given their rediscoveries and chose to use the names of those things to honour the discoveries of his children in exile.

    And the 'inflation dimension' could be used to cause the Quantum-Dragon-Bang to reverse in a Quantum-Dragon-Crunch in a 'reversal of the time arrow' relative to the 2nd dimension, but not relative to the 3rd dimension.
    The asymptotic 3-dimensional space universe, which had been the scale of the little serpent DURING the inflation, would REDEFINE itself in a BIG CRUNCH in TIME but not in SPACE.
    In this way, the little serpent would experience the RETURN OF HIS LOVE, but the spacetime creation of the universe's evolution and whatever had occured during this process of evolvement WOULD REMAIN IN SPACE.

    The RETURN OF LOVE would allow the 4-dimensional spacetime to become a 4-dimensional space, with the time-dimension becoming a 5th dimension in HyperSpace and so as a Calabi-Yau ENFOLDED Dimension.
    The 11-dimensional universe would become 12-dimensional in a triple-enfoldment of three 4-dimensional spaces of Line-Space, HyperSpace and QuantumSpace and a Calabi-Yau 8-Torus enfolded in 4-dimensional DragonSpace.
    The 11-dimensional universe as a Mother-Black Hole would remain as a Boundary for the asymptotic expansion of 4-dimensional flat Minkowski SpaceTime, but would reduce dimensionality from 11-dimensional supermembrane spacetime to 10-dimensional superstring spacetime in its Twistor-Dimension of the 4-dimensional DragonSpace.

    In this manner two universes will exist simultaneously and superpositionally - a 4-dimensional Minkowski Spacetime will be concurrent with a 4-dimensional DragonSpace.
    The Maya, which choose not to leave their exile will continue to experience the c-invariance and the limitations of the distance scales with respect to travelling through that space.
    The Maya, which choose to accept their starseeded inheritances and heirlooms shall be enabled to enter DragonSpace and engage in the divers adventures and intergalactic communications with the many lifeforms associated with the extraterrestrial environments and alien intelligences, which all are imaged as the flora and fauna and biota within the Gaian domains.

    What does DragonSpace look like?

    Imagine a balloon and blow it up and hold the nozzle tight to keep the air within the balloon.
    Now imagine this balloon to be a soccer ball and consider the inlet valve required to pump air into the soccer ball to be opposite the nozzle of the blown-up balloon.
    Imagine the inlet valve to extend into the soccer ball and meet the surface of the soccer ball anywhere on its surface area.
    Next imagine to stretch the nozzle, keeping it tight nearest to the soccer ball to preserve the spherical shape, and meet the extended inlet valve, which defines an inside serpent-circle, from the outside as the serpent-circle of the intersection.

    You have imagined a Klein-Dragon-Bottle, which is a 1-dimensional surface constructed from a 2-dimensional originator, namely the surface of the soccer ball or the blown up balloon, with an inside and an outside.

    Imagine yourself to be an ant and locate yourself anywhere on the OUTSIDE of the soccer ball and including the stretched nozzle if you so choose.
    Now crawl about until you find the inlet valve, which will be like a Black Hole in the 4-dimensional spacetimed universe.

    Enter the Black Hole and continue.
    You will crawl along the extended inlet valve, which is a tubular UMBILICAL CORD connecting you to the INSIDE of the soccer ball, simply in continuing your journey.
    You will pass the intersection point and then crawl up into the nozzle tube and then into the interior of the soccer ball, where you then can explore your 3-dimensional environment.

    DragonSpace is identical to Minkowski-Space, but just as the location of the nozzle tube and the valve tube are arbitrary and relative to the observer; so will be the location of the DRAGON-TUNNEL as the Umbilical Cord of your Gaian Birth, if you so choose to BE BORN AGAIN as a member of the Dragonian Race of StarHumanity.

    If you choose to remain a Human; then you will NOT be able to CUT your Umbilical Cord and so you shall continue in the Minkowski Spacetime with its nonavailability of TIMETRAVEL and the restrictions of relativistic spacetime scenarios.
    In DragonSpace, the Dragonian Starships utilise the DRAGONTUNNEL as the precise calibration of the LOVEDRAGON'S SELFENERGY with the associated string-physical parameters; to bypass the universe's distance scales of a travelling WITHIN 'the soccer ball' in travelling WITHOUT in DRAGONSPACE.
    This is possible in a physical space of 4 dimensions, but is impossible in a space of 3 dimensions.

    Because and following the rebirth of Gaia as Serpentina the Starplanet radiating Dark Light; the 11-dimensional universe will be rendered 12-dimensional relative to the DragonSpace.

    An additional dimension will so become available to EMBED the KLEIN-BOTTLE-DRAGON in just such a 4-dimensional space and as the DRAGONSEED of 4 dimensions for the 12 dimensional Boundary, which then is also the 11-dimensional Mother Black Hole Boundary and as an extremal initial string parameter for the spacetimed universe.


    This reading from the Mayan books has been a little technical, but some of you are ready to receive this information and so it has been given.

    I remain until next time, if so appropriate and bid you all a good remembrance.

    All your fantasies and dreams shall eventuate if you so choose and desire.

    But it is next to Independence Day in your nation of the USA and I herewith declare an INDEPENDENCE DAY for ALL with this message for July 4th, 2008.

    In the Honour of the Maya - Love and Blessings to OUR Mayans in exile and OUR Beloved Gaia metamorphosing into Serpentina, the Planet of Universal Destiny.

    IAmWhoIAm! The Scribe of the Dragons!
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