The Mystery of Gravitation and the Elementary Graviton Loop

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    The Mystery of Gravitation and the Elementary Graviton Loop

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 10th 2011

    In Lak'ech - I am another yourself!

    Shalom from the abyss of your cosmic IDs and the dungeon of the Little Serpent!
    This message shall address the mystery of gravitation and will prove to be a pertinent cornerstone for your terrestrial scientists, which are searching for the unification physics in regards to their cosmologies.

    This message so requires familiarity with technical nomenclature, but I shall attempt to simplify sufficiently for all interested parties to follow the outlines.

    1. Classically metric Newtonian-Einsteinian Gravitation and the Barycentre!
    2. Quantum Gravitation and the Alpha-Force - Why two mass-charges attract each other!
    3. Gauge-Vortex Gravitons in Modular String-Duality!
    4. The Positronium Exemplar!

    1. Classically metric Newtonian-Einsteinian Gravitation and the Barycentre!

    Most of you are know of gravity as the long-range force {FG}, given by Isaac Newton as the interaction between two masses {m1,2}, separated by a distance R and in the formula:
    {FG=G.m1.m2/R2 } and where G is Newton's Gravitational Constant, presently measured as about 6.674x10-11 G-units and maximised in Planck- or string units as Go=1.111..x10-10G-units.

    The masses m1,2 are then used as 'point-masses', meaning that the mass of an object can be thought of as being centrally 'concentrated' as a 'centre of mass' and/or as a 'centre of gravity'.

    For example, the mass of the earth is about m1=6x1024kg and the mass of the sun is about m2=2x1030kg and so as 'point-masses' the earth and the sun orbit or revolve about each other with a centre of mass or BARYCENTRE within the sun, but displaced towards the line connecting the two bodies.
    The sun and the earth are about 1 AU=Astronomical Unit or R=150 Million km apart and the formula for the Barycentre relative to earth is:
    {RB1=R/[1 m1/m2]}~0.999997 R~149.999550 Million km and RB2=R-RB1=450 km as the Barycentre within the sun's radius of nearly 700,000 km.
    So the sun 'wobbles' about the barycentre, with the earth orbiting around the same and the sun.

    The 'Force of Gravity' acting between the Sun and the Earth then calculates as so 3.56x1022Newton (N), but a force which is neutralised in balance at the Barycentre 450 km from the solar centre.

    More generally, the (vector) sum of the 'moments' of the pointmasses divided by the total mass: {R=Σmi.ri/Σmi } gives the centre of mass (vector) {R} as an average for the displacements between the pointmasses relative to the total mass content of the system analysed.

    Gaian physicists then attempt to unify the elementary interactions in applying gauge theories to the long-range interactions of electromagnetism and gravity with the short-range interactions, which are nuclear and associated with a weak leptonic force of radioactivity and a strong quarkian gluon-force of colour-charges.

    But the Newtonian modeling for gravitation proves insufficient for such unification attempts and the reason for this is the concept of distance and the idea of 'point-masses'.
    In particular, the 'Standard Model' of particle physics requires 'Mediator-particles' for all of the above interactions and the 'mediator for gravity', called the Graviton, has proven to be a mysterious 'beast' in the 'particle zoo' of that model (SM).
    This Graviton so must act as a long-range agent between 'point-masses' and is also necessitated to unify with the other agents for electromagnetic interaction and the nuclear forces.

    Albert Einstein greatly improved the Newtonian model by allowing the 'space' between masses to become a property of the energy contained within that 'space of interaction'.
    Space itself becomes the medium in geometric terms to allow the mass-energy or inertia to manifest in the interaction of gravitation in the Theory of General Relativity.
    General Relativity then derives the mathematical formalisms to describe the 'Curvature of Space' as being a direct consequence of the Inertia present within that space.
    The presence of mass in space so curves this space around the mass as the Inertia of Newton and via the Newtonian Force-Momentum Laws based on:
    {FI=ma=d(mv)/dt for acceleration a, velocity v, time t and momentum p=mv}.

    Newton's inertial mass {mi} is then rendered equivalent to Einstein's gravitational mass {mg} in the form of the concept of a 'Geometrical Gravitational Field' becoming identical in terms of its acceleration potential to the accelaration a as given in the Inertial frames defined in the Laws of Isaac Newton and as mg=mi=m.

    The significance of Einstein's Gravitation as a classical geometric model is its generalisation of spacetime coordinates, known as metrics.
    For example, applying the 'curved lines' of the orbit of Mercury about the sun due to their gravitational interaction; 'corrects' the 'perihelion of Mercury' as calculated by the Newtonian Law, using 'straight lines'.
    Using Kepler's Laws of orbits in conjunction with Newton's law of gravity does not 'close' Mercury's orbit, so resulting in an 'advance' of the perihelion. Einstein's geometric adjustment then finetunes the Kepler-Newton formalism to undo this advance.

    So it can be said, that Einstein's General Relativity has adjusted Newtonian Gravitation in rendering the latter more precise.
    But all attempts to extend Einsteinian Gravitation to encompass the quantum world of the 'point-masses' have failed and the reason for this failure are the metrics themselves.

    The 'point-masses' engage what is called the world of the very small or micro-quantum and so the idea of using classical geometry in the Newtonian sense will falter at the definition of what those 'point-masses' are in geometrical terms.

    A 'point-mass' relates to a 'mathematical idealisation' called a 'point'.
    This point is well defined mathematically as an abstraction called NUMBER.
    But this Number cannot exist in a physical sense in the 'space of 3 dimensions', as any such 3-dimensional space is itself a mathematical construction of its lower dimensional precursors, namely the dimensionalities of a Null-Space, a 1D-Space known as a metric 'line' (relatively either straight or curved) and a 2D-Space known as area, surfaces or manifolds or planes.

    The application of Newtonian- or Einsteinian Gravitation so presupposes the existence of a 3D-Space as a volume of cross-sectional areas, the latter being constructed of say a summation of lines or metrics.
    Those metrics are however mathematically defined in the Summation of the 'Points' of the Null-Space and so reduce to the abstraction of the NUMBERS.

    The secret of gravitation then becomes the secret of the precursor metrics, the 'stuff' or 'essence' which allowed the metrics as the line-segments of the first dimension to emerge.

    This essence is the mathematical process, which rendered the Null-Space of the 'Point' as a NON-METRIC or a demetricated 'prespace'.
    This 'prespace' is NOT physical, but is mathematical and abstract and is able to MANIFEST a physical 'point-mass' AS A PHYSICALLY ASSOCIATED 'point-charge'.

    The 'point-charge' so is precursive to a 'point-mass' in terms of any metric parameter using 3D-Space and any potential inertia contained therein.
    The 'point-charge' existing as a NUMBER in Null-Space then allows 'point-masses' to emerge in the first dimension as 'associated numbers', which subsequently integrate or sum as 'point-spaces' to create the background coordinate metrics for Einsteinian Relativity and Minkowskian Spacetime.

    The mystery of the Unification Physics so changes from the fourfolded synthesis of the gauge interactions in terms of the mediator particles {Graviton, Gauge Photon, Higgs-Weakon and Gluon} to the mystery of the 'point-spaces', defined in something called 'point-charges'.
    In terms of the existence of a universe comprised of 'point-spaces'; it becomes necessary to associate each and every 'spacetime quantum' with a 'point-charge'.

    This is known by Gaian physicists as a Zero-Point-Energy, a Minimum Planck-Oscillator or as a Heisenberg-Vacuum. We may also term the ZPE the VPE and as the Vacuum-Potential-Energy or the Vortex-Potential-Energy.
    In other words, the physical universe becomes METRIC in summing 'point-spaces' or spacetime quanta, defined in an 'essence' of 'point-charges'; and where those 'point-charges' are rather more elementary than anything manifesting within the metricated coordinate systems used in mathematical models to describe physical reality.

    The mensuration physics of terrestrial scientists is based on seven fundamental parameters: Displacement; Time; Mass; Temperature; Current; Luminosity; Molarity or in order the (SI)-units of: meter; second; kilogram; kelvin; ampere; candela and mole.
    These units are supplemented by a geometrical pi-unifier in the radian and the sterradian connecting the dimensional concepts of the 3 dimensions in lines, areas and volumes and by differential boundary conditions.

    But it is the concept of electric current, measured in the Ampere as the ratio of charge over time or as the product of charge and frequency; which is the most elementary measurement unit as a superposition of the charge parameter (measured in Coulombs).
    For the concept of Frequency as inverse time allows the mathematical concept of the Null-Space to become physicalised in the 'Flow of Charge'.
    This 'Charge-Flow' is the basis for the 'point-charges'; as the charges measured in the Ampere are not necessarily the same as these 'point-charges'.

    In particular the idea of 'Electric Charge' as understood by Gaian physicists is ALWAYS associated with -point-masses' and is therefore not truly elementary because the 'point-masses' are themselves derivatives from the 'point-spaces'.
    The NATURE of an electric charge is a mystery to the Gaian scientists, though the behaviour of those electric charges is well understood and analysed in the association of those electric charges with inertial energy carriers.

    Anything inertial, any mass whatsover carries electric charge; although this charge can be neutralised in an overall zero-charge consisting of opposite summations, say as a neutron carrying a positive proton charge (+1) and a negative electron charge (-1) in its triquark partition dud=(-1+2-1)/3=(+2+2+2)/3-2=0.
    Similarly, a quark-antiquark matter-antimatter coupling like a base-pion u.ubar carries an internal electrocharge distribution (+2-2)/3=0.

    The NATURE of an ELECTROCHARGE or a Coulombic Charge is the NATURE of the 'POINT-SPACE'!
    The ElectroCharge associated with electrons and protons and neutrons is also a property of the Point-Space aka the VPE.
    The mystery of mass and inertia and the secret of gravitation so has reduced to the mystery of what the VPE represents in terms of the ElectroCharges.

    A long standing cosmological conundrum encountered by the Gaian scientists has for long been the immense discrepancy between the calculated ZPE=VPE and the measured energy density in the observable universe.
    The mass-energy density in the universe is calculated in General Relativity to be 'critical' for a geometrically closed universe in the formulation:
    c=Mc/Vc=3Ho2 /8πG~4x10-27kg/m3s}.
    The Heisenberg ZPE for the vacuum calculates however in Planck-Oscillator terms as:
    P=MP/VP ~2π.c5/hG2~2x1096 kg/m3 s}, so giving an 'error' of magnitude: ρcP=2x10123.

    General Relativity and Classical Physics so predicts a density mass-distribution smaller by 123 magnitudes, than the mass-distribution of Quantum Mechanics.
    What is the reason for this discrepancy - what is the true NATURE of the ZPE to account for this error?

    The True Nature of the ZPE is that of the NON-Mass-Associated 'Point-Charge' called MagnetoCharge!
    The MagnetoCharge is defined NOT in terms of the flow of electrocharges, but is given in the precursor for those electrocharges from Null-Space itself and so is INDEPENDENT on the seven mensuration units of measurement physics.
    Subsequently, the NATURE of MagnetoCharges does not require metric coordinate systems and so by necessity is a precursive form of General Relativity labeled as Quantum Relativity.

    This independence on ANY coordinate system so greatly simplifies the mathematical formalism required to solve the secret of Quantum Gravitation and the mystery of inertia.
    What occurs, is that the Null-Space is described as a 'Mathematical Singularity', which is rendered a 'Physical Singularity' in a 'Minimum Space-Point Configuration'.
    Space and time and mass are not required to define this 'singularity' but the MagnetoCharge is necessitated to provide a formal link to bridge the mathematical Null-Space to the 3-dimensional Minimum-Energy-Configuration.

    The MagnetoCharge so becomes a form of ENERGY independent from the physical parameters of the classical energy-momentum expressions based on Einstein's E=mc2 and the quantum energy-momentum expressions based on the Action Law of Planck's E=hf.
    Definition of the MagnetoCharge so must become an elementary energy definition from which the classical formalisms in General Relativity and the equations of quantum mechanics emerge as derivatives.

    Knowing the definition for the MagnetoCharge as a form of noninertial energy then allows a unification of the gauge mediators, which are all massless in principle and as understood by the terran physicists.
    All gauge mediators must become products or permutations of the magnetocharged precursive template and the concept of mass-induction from this selfsame mass-less gauge eigenstate will derive as a gauge interaction in a coupling to the magnetocharges.
    It will then be seen, that the Graviton as the gauge for long-range gravitational interaction is ALWAYS coupled or unified with the other long-range gauge of the 'virtual' photon of the electromagnetic interaction.

    2. Quantum Gravitation and the Alpha-Force - Why two mass-charges attract each other!

    So the mystery of the Graviton as the 'quantum of gravity' elucidates itself in its omnipresent unified eigenstate with the so called 'Virtual Photon' of the Heisenberg background matrix.
    The Graviton and the Gauge Photon interact long-range in the 'Mapping' of the mass-couplings of ElectroCharges to the MagnetoCharges in the 'point-masses' coupling to the 'point-charges'.
    We shall soon discover, that the 'graviton' exchange between 'point-masses' is always UNIFIED with a 'gauge - or virtual photon' exchange said to transmit the 'force' or interaction between 'point-charge' associated inertia carriers.

    The nuclear short-range gauge interactions are similarly unified in the MagnetoCharges linking the weak 'outer ring' charges to the strong 'inner ring' ElectroCharges coupled to the inertia of the Higgs-Mass-Induction mechanisms.
    The decisive parameter differentiating the long-rangers from the short-rangers then becomes the definition of the MagnetoCharges as a short-range 'Displacement', known as a 'Gluonic Magneto-Asymptotic Confinement Zone' by the Gaian analysts.

    In Quantum Mechanics, the classical properties of energy {E} and momentum {p=mv=h/λdeBroglie} are substituted for by 'quantum operators', which describe statistical distributions of classical properties like position and momentum in terms of the wave-particle duality.
    The the ubiquituous 'wavefunction' operator |ψ2| , is said to describe the probability to locate a classical property like position for a system under consideration.
    We shall find, that this 'probability' distribution applies to METRIC systems and that there exists a 'Hamiltonian' precursor for the wavefunction in the productation of ElectroChargexMagnetoCharge in {ee*}.

    But here are is a simple introduction to the quantum formalism in the form of the Schrödinger Equation and the particular emphasis to describe the Newtonian Momentum
    as the 'operator' <h∂ x=""> and the Energy becoming a 'Hamiltonian Operator' →.

    The Link is from Georgia State University:
    (Click Quantum Physics - Schrödinger Equation)

    Schrödinger Equation

    The Schrödinger equation plays the role of Newton's laws and conservation of energy in classical mechanics - i.e., it predicts the future behavior of a dynamic system. It is a wave equation in terms of the wavefunction which predicts analytically and precisely the probability of events or outcome. The detailed outcome is not strictly determined, but given a large number of events, the Schrödinger equation will predict the distribution of results.


    The kinetic and potential energies are transformed into the Hamiltonian which acts upon the wavefunction to generate the evolution of the wavefunction in time and space. The Schrödinger equation gives the quantized energies of the system and gives the form of the wavefunction so that other properties may be calculated.

    The key to 'unify' classical mechanics a la' Newton and Einstein with quantum mechanics a la' Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger and Dirac; is NOT to seek for an extended metric formalism, BUT to DEMETRIFY BOTH in an application of the 'Holographic Principle'.

    Superstring theory a la' Witten is still METRIC and from this derive the mathematical complexities and practical hindrances to predict experimental outcomes.
    Quantum Mechanics is rather successful in predicting particular outcomes of say hydrogen-like systems, where a single electron interacts with its environment.
    But Quantum Mechanics is METRIC and statistically uses density distributions of classical macrosystems to quantify the particle properties from the wave properties.

    Quantum Relativity considers all macrosystems as metric-independent holograms of the fundamental dimensional generators in the <e*=1> Energy-Eigenstate of the birth of the metric itself.
    So here is the fundamental Hamiltonian operator, responsible for the 'Generation of the Universe' in: {E*.e*=1}.
    This Hamiltonian MAPS the MagnetoCharge {e*} AS a spacetime independent operator onto the ElectroCharge {e} within the generated spacetime.

    A further definition engages the 'Oscillating Planck-Length' { OLP=√alpha.LP=e/c2}~1.785x10-36 meters.

    This shows, that a decrease of the Planck-Length in a factor of about 11.7, will render the displacement parameter of [Length] equal to the unitisation [ElectroCharge]/[Velocity2]=[ElectroChargexMass/Energy].
    One can so say that the 'Coulomb' as the unit for the quantum of charge in a metric universe is represented as a Lengthxc2 or a Volume/Time2=V.df/dt 'element' in a 'shadow' nonmetric universe.

    This also shows, that the 'Stoney-Units' 'unify' the 'Planck-Units' in multiplying the Planck-Units by the Squareroot of the Electromagnetic finestructure constant Alpha=2πke2/hc=e2/2εohc=60πe2/h and coupled to the Eigenenergy of the electron as: mec2=hfe=ke2/Re and where Re is the 'classical electron radius'.

    In a metricated universe, the 'Coulomb' of 'C' represents a 'StarCoulomb' in a demetricated universe.
    The StarCoulomb is defined in the (F-Space)-Hamiltonian Operator of:

    {e*=1/E*=2Re.c2=V*.|df/dt|max} and defines the StarCoulomb C* to be a frequency-differential operator {df/dt} acting like an angular acceleration upon a spacetime volumar V*.
    This operator extends the basic classical Newtonian ForceLaw in the chainrule and the special relativistic application of the increase of inertia with velocity.

    FNewton=ma=m.dv/dt=dp/dt=d(mv)/dt=d(hf.v/c2)/dt=(h/c2){f.dv/dt+v.df/dt}=m.dv/dt+ (hv/c2).df/dt = malinear+ maangular=Fa + Fα = Forcemetric + Forcealpha.

    The Alpha-Force of the Newtonian extension is 'hidden' in the macroscopic classical agglomerations of quantumised microsystems because of the smallness of the coefficient (h/c2=7.4074..x10-51) acting on a de Broglien wave matter velocity vdB=h/mλdB, maximised in the Compton wavelength λc=h/mc.
    So only 'group-velocities' vgph >c.

    The formal definition for a generalised wavespeed v=λf=λE/h=λmc2/h is:
    {vph=λf=(h/mvg)(mc2/h)=c2/vg>c for all vg<c.}

    We may also define the differential operator of a changing frequency over linear time as: |df/dt|=alphaomega=αω=aw=awareness and so couple the 'awareness' to a 3D-volume in the form of a definition for the Consciousness inherent in spacetime itself.
    The StarCoulomb C* so gives a unit of measurement fore spacetime consciousness in the unifying holographic sense of the fractalisation realising its encompassing unity.
    'Spacial' Consciousness, measured in C* so becomes maximised in the 'entropy constant' f*2 and where the modular string-duality defines the maximum frequency fmax=f*=1/fmin=1/tNOW that is the time instanton ending the inflationary string epoch and birthing the metric minimum configuration in the Big Bang of the Standard Models.

    Using this definition, the so called 'missing mass' in the universe can be defined as a 'Dark Energy' of 'Spacial Consciousness' inherent in the structure of spacetime itself.

    In particular the RMP as the 'dark matter' particle assumes a precise Volume V* under the maximisation condition for the entropy, as by definition of the MagnetoCharge; e*=1/hf*=V*f*2or V*=e*/f*2=1/hf*3.

    The units for the StarCoulomb are also the units of Inverse Energy under string duality and so the Volumar occupied by a maximised MagnetoCharge carrier becomes 5.555x10-59m3 for a (toroidal) radius of Rα=1.412x10-20 meters at a particle eigenenergy of Eα=hc/2πRα=2.2545..x10-6 Joules or 14.034.. TeV.

    Your Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Geneva, Switzerland, so if operating at maximum capacity at precisely that energy regime, will provide experimental evidence about the 'dark matter' particle of the RestmassPhoton in due course.
    More information about the RMP and related topics can be found elsewhere on the linked sites.
    To illuminate the underpinning mathematics and formalisms for the gauge interactions of long- and short-range interactions; it suffices to briefly describe the nuclear processes of pair-production and pair-annihilation in their most basic form of the eigenstates of positronium.
    I shall also give exact energy values for the gauge particles as source agents of the VPE and so clarify the NATURE of GRAVITY as the multidimensional partnership between Coulombic ElectroCharges and Gluonic MagnetoCharges aka Gluonic ColourCharges underpinning all of creation.

    And we shall find that the true VPE is given in the expression: {ZPE*=4π.E*/λ*3=2.513..x1064 Joules/m3}; and where ZPE* represents the Vacuum-Energy E* per unit spacetime quantum.
    The actual mass density in the universe so becomes a constant in ρ*=m*/V*=2.792..x1047kg/m3. This value also represents a 'reduced' Planck-Energy in a factor of about 7.2x1011 , so allowing experimental physics to probe the 'transformed Planckian String Scale' at an energy region of about 1,240 TeV or 1.24x107 GigaElectronVolt (GeV) and larger in a factor of about 88 than the present experimental limit of the LHC at Geneva, Switzerland.

    So why and how do two 'point-masses' attract each other?

    Two 'point-masses' are also two magnetocharged 'point-charges' and this colour-charging maps the electro-charging of the internal 'inertia-charging' with mass unto the long-range manifesto of the inverse-square central 'force'-interaction of linearised displacement.

    In other words, the 'Vortex' or Newtonian 'Centre of Mass' acting like a 'point-mass' appears to be separated from another such 'Vortex' by a distance R; say as the 150 Million kilometers between the centre of the sun and the centre of the planet earth.
    Two mass-charges attract each other across a particular distance, known as the 'asymptotic quark-confinement limit', which coincides with the scale of activity for the nuclear interactions.
    This scale is of the order of 3 Fermi or a femtometer (10-15 meters) and is a fundamental string parameter in the form of the Classical Electron Radius Re and also an intrinsic parameter for the definition of the magneto-charge as indicated in the above.

    At this scale, the Higgs-Induction particles are defined in the nuclear weak interaction; labelled as Weakons (W-, W+ , Zo) and describing the couplings between leptonic (anti)neutrino kernels and leptonic 'outer' rings in electron-positron generations (electron, muon, tauon).

    Within the nuclear interaction zone of a 'Hyperelectron' radius Re, the VPE of the 'point-mass-charges' interacts in a Quantum Geometry, which attracts radius-differentiated configurations but repels like configurations on the same scale.

    Then a kernelled GLUON at a VPE-scale of ~10-22 meters becomes STRONGLY coupled to an 'inner- sonic-ring' scale at ~10-18 meters and WEAKLY coupled to an 'outer-leptonic-ring' scale at Re~3x10-15 meters.
    This then describes a (Anti)Neutrino-Gluon coupling, which allows the strong nuclear interaction to decay into a weak nuclear interaction.

    This scenario then shows from first principles, that the quark content of elementary particles is a function of permutational geometries and not describable as a mechanistic billard ball model, connected by gluonic 'springs'.
    Rather the quantum geometry describes the Particles as WAVICLES; the wavefunctions intermixing and superimposing as quantum eigenstates defined by magnetocharge distributions.

    This colour-charge distribution then describes the finestructure of quarks and leptons in some non-particularised foem based on the intermixing and blending of the 'colour-charges' of the gluons.

    But there are NOT 8 different gluons, but only the one gluon of 8 permutations between the energy eigenstates Radiative (White additive via E=hf) and Inertial (Black subtractive via E=mc2).
    For the hyperons and nucleons of a SU(3) Unitary Symmetry (details are elsewhere to be found on this site); the 8 permutations are: BBB-BWB-BBW-WBB-BWW-WWB-WBW-WWW for the transformation of energy from the purely massless to the purely inertial.
    For the matter-antimatter or quark-antiquark mesons, the permutations are in SU(2) as BB-BW-WB-WW.

    The characteristic lambda-hyperon eigenstate of quark content uds so produces three different wavicles in the stable Lambda (d.u.s=Λo) decaying weakly in about 10-10seconds; the less stable Sigmao(u.s.d=Σo) decaying electromagnetically in about 10-18 seconds and the least stable Sigmao*-resonance (u.d.s=Σo*), decaying strongly in about 10-23 seconds.

    The d.u.s configuration is most stable in an alignment of three spin-alternating quarkian wavelets along a magnetoaxis, which is encompassed by the asymptotic weakon zone of Re.
    As the d-quark and the s-quark spin in parallel around an antialigned spinning u-quark, the attraction between the colourcharges across the up-quark renders the repulsion between the ring-quarks as minimised and the lambda eigenstate is relatively stable.
    The lambda decays characteristically into a neutron d.u.d and a mesonic pion uubar, with the right s-quark oscillating in W- interaction:
    {W-(+1)+GraviPhoton(-1) → {e-(-½)+ν¯e(+½)} as a lefthanded (or downspin) electron + righthanded (or upspin) antineutrino, then 'absorbing' the 'higher dimensional GP(-1) as a Weakon-Graviphoton quantum spin coupling in the NONPARITY of the weak interaction, meaning only lefthanded particles undergo weak radioactive decay. The original lambda particle so is left-polarised in the outer quarks spinning in a combined quantum spin momentum of -1 so cancelling the 'Spinconserving' GraviPhoton=GP for the Weakon Interaction.

    The u.s.d configuration manifests in a left-isolated kaonic attraction between the up-quark and the strange quark, which becomes supplemented by the d-s interaction, which is of lesser gradient towards the right. The quantum geometry of the u.s.d so is left-skewed and results in relatively quick electromagnetic decay as the s-quark circularises a quarkian loop in colour-charge coupling with the up-quark, so exchanging permutational position along the magnetoaxis and attaining the relative stability of the lamda hyperon as a d.u.s configuration.

    The u.d.s configuration is left skewed in both the up-down and the down-strange transition and the sigmao* resonance is so comprised of parallel spinning eigenquarks for a total spin-momentum of 3/2 and of higher energy content than the u.s.d and the d.u.s=s.u.d configurations.
    The decay for all 3/2 spin hyperons is rapid in strong decay, except the saturation state of the Omega-Minus (Ω-), which decays weakly in about 10-10 seconds.
    Strong decay is the time taken for the lightpath to cross the zone of the nuclear interaction in tN=2Re/c~10-23 seconds).

    Up-quarks so are quantum geometrically attracted to down- and strange quarks but repelled by each other, resulting in parallel spin alignments. Down-quarks are more strongly attracted to up-quarks, than to strange quarks and as the Coulombic electro-charging of inner mesonic rings is by necessity the same as that of outer leptonic rings, but opposite the kernel charges; the overall interaction of the nuclear scenarios crystallises.

    As the up-quark is geometrically a Kernel-quark at 10-22 meters; the down-quark is K-quark encompassed by a mesonic inner ring at the d-level of 10-18 meters and the strange-quark becomes a resonance of the down-quark at the Re-Weakon level of the Higgsian template for the restmass induction.

    The material manifestation of quarks and gluons within the zone of the magnetocharge confinement given by the Higgsian blueprint so should not be described as the interaction of fundamental particles, but rather as a flux of colourcharges as superpositioned eigenstates marked by the Kernel-InnerRing-OuterRing quantum geometies.

    Two 'point-masses' separated by a distance R so are related classically in Newton's Law of Gravitation, with this displacement R being the metric connecting the two 'inertia-points'.

    In Quantum Relativity, this metric |R| becomes QUANTISED in some numerical summation, meaning that ANY metric must be an integral multiple of the minimum spacetime configuration, given in some 'wormhole radius' R*=λ*/2π as the minimum metric |R*|.

    This wormhole scale then depicts a 'Smeared Out Singularity' as the abstract Null-Space quantised in a string circle radius R*, which can be defined at the Planck-Scale of the Planck-Length as:
    RP=LP=√(hG/2πc3) ~ 2x10-35 m.

    Contemporary M-Theory a la' Edward Witten (Princeton Univerrsity, USA) considers this as characteristic scale for superstring class I (of both open and closed superstrings manouvering in 10 dimensions); as well as the scale for other superstrings, defined in various 'open' modalities, attached to Dirichlet branes.
    M-Theory is unified in those string dualities, carries with it however a hierarchy of transforming strings in couplings, which reduce the type I Planck energy to the fifth type of the heterotic superstring class 8x8=64.
    This fifth class then becomes METRIC in the norm or magnitude of |R*| and transforms a 'string epoch' of inflation into the classical Big Bang described by General Relativity coupled to the cosmic evolution of the universe as a Planckian Black Body Radiator undergoing a thermodynamic and entropic expansion of cooling spacetime expansion into inflationary pre-space of the string hierarchies.

    This thermodynamic expansion is both isotropic or equi-directional and homogenous or equidense; because the preceding hyperstring inflation 'prepared' the classical relativistically metric expansion in the form of the VPE, each Vortex occupying a VPE* 3-dimensional volumar across the metrically defined extent of the de Brogliean matter wave given in that string-inflaton.

    This means, that the so called long-range Gravitational Interaction, as well as its electromagnetic coupling; manifest almost INSTANTANEOUSLY in a time-parameter defined in the Quantum Parameters of the minimum metric |R*| as the LIGHTPATH t*=|R*|/c=3.333..x10-31seconds.

    This realisation then defines the Relativistic Singularity Big Bang as a Quantum Big Bang and gives the long-range interactions as QUANTISED minimum interactions and as a Planck- or String- or Loop-Action.
    The gauge interaction of Graviton with Gauge Photon then occurs in a NOW-Instanton of Time, defined in the interval required for the lightpath |R*| to manifest and being equal to the ENTIRE period of the STRING EPOCH.

    So one can say, that Gravity acts instantaneously across the entire universe as a long-range interaction, yet is propagated at lightspeed c in its form of short-range Quantum Gravity.
    The long-range interactions are an effect of the de Broglie hyperinflation, which manifest the NOW-Instanton as a LINEAR SUMMATION of Time-Integrals. This then appears as a Linear Flow of Time from the Past to the Future which is 'real' in a superposed sense of the inflated metric integral to the 'catching up' of the time-flow integral.
    In the higher-dimensional sense however, this linear manifesto of temporality is illusionary, as only the NOW-Moment exists as the pre Big Bang scenario of the Null-Space inflating itself through the five superstring classes.

    The universe in the macro-quantum sense is 'holographically' identical to the micro-quantum sense as its fractal in LOOPED NOW-Time.
    This physicalised singularity then becomes redefined as the wormhole minimum spacetime configuration common to all Schwarzschild metrics, defined as the base solution of Einstein's Field equations in General Relativity.
    As a major consequence, the inertial universe in terms of spacial extent, can always be described as a hierarchical 'nesting' of Black Hole 'metric equivalents', where any inertia-density distribution can be considered 'compacted' as a '3-dimensional 'point-volume' comprised of summations of the original 'minimum spacetime volumar' and which becomes a Kerr-Ring or Kerr-Torus as a toroidal spacetime volumar expressed as: {V*=2π2R*3}.

    In the higher dimensional sense, any linear summation of NOW-Times becomes a multidimensional mapping of the circular Now-Time-Interval in quantisation.
    Understanding this pre-metric NATURE of the universe; the Graviton-Gauge Photon interaction can be analysed in detail using the primordial energy of the MagnetoCharge of the Null-Space.
    The Null-Space of the 'Point' abstracted itself as a 'Double-Point' and so emerged the 1st dimension as the 'displacement interval' between two points as itself.

    Having a 'two point', then, by mathematical induction {n:=n+1} creates the 'Number-Line' as a two-directional symmetry with origin the Null-Space of the cipher 0 say.
    This first 'origin' is however unidirectional and the second dimension of the complex plane emerges as a rotation of the numberline about the origin, thus creating the primordial circle or quantum loop.

    The physical implementation of the second M-dimension of the manifold so must be a circular area or cross-section radius |R*| and a 3D manifestation for the Witten-Membrane-Space or M-Space must become an orthogonal or normal dimensional extension of this surface in a 'solid-of-volume' integration of a circle into a sphere across any diameter.
    This directly gives the metric 3D-Space in General Relativity, as the manifold in 2D, say as the Complex Plane in 'pure' Number Theory; can be a curvilinear surface, say as a normal indentation defining the Z-axis from the XY-Plane.

    Now for any two points to interact in 2D-Space in a PHYSICAL self-intraction of the double-point in the Null-Space, the two points must be separated by the norm |R*| or an integral multiple thereof in the complex plane of the second dimension. In other words, the two points must be coplanar with their dimensional generator.
    But for any two points to interact in 3D-Space in a PHYSICAL self-interaction of the double-point in the Null-Space, the two points must also include a third point to define the manifold space NORMAL to the plane of the second dimension of the surface. In other words, the three points cannot be coplanar to define the next and higher dimensional generator as a NEW ORIGIN Displaced from the planar Null-Point.
    The two-dimensional generator so becomes the key to give a physical meaning to the MagnetoCharge as a triune unity, enabled to interact with its three-dimensional successor.

    A simple model for the MagnetoCharge becomes the labeling of the 'Magneto' as a 'Colour', as primary colour triplets define neutrality in unities of colours and anticolours.
    The primary 'additive' colour triplet Red-Green-Blue=RGB has a 'subtractive' anticolour triplet Cyan-Magenta-Yellow or CMY in positive clockwise (or righthanded up-spin+) cyclicity and a negative anticlockwise (or lefthanded down spin-) cyclicity in its permutations RGB=GBR=BRG and CMY=MYC=YCM.

    The 2D generator so is defined in a circular cross-section RGB(+), with a trisectional of 120 degrees for each colour segment of the encompassing circle. The radius of this generator is |R*| with a wavelength-perimeter of norm |λ*|=|2πR*|.

    The 3D generator then becomes the RGB(+) generator carrying a 'thickness' norm |2R*| and so defines a 3-dimensional sphere of radius |R*| and describing the Null-Space as two spherical hemispheres centred on an origin of the 0-cipher in the complex plane, but projected as two poles in a rotation of the bidirectional 1st dimensional numberline.
    In other words, the 'straight' complex plane of 2D has become 'deformed' in bidirectional symmetric indentation or 'curvature' to create the spherical volumar for the superstring as an encompassing supermembrane.

    The multiplicity for this membrane-volumar then assumes the form of 'wavelengths', that is the formation of cyclindrical tubes in summation, connecting two hemispherical caps in multiples of the lambda-perimeter norm |λ*|=|2πR*|.
    It is this LINEARISATION of the minimum Einstein Metric as the LIGHTPATH {x=ct=|λ*|t}, which forms the basis for the Planck Action coupled to the Einstein Action in {E=hf=mc2=hc/λ} and then crystallising in the quantum formulations, based on the Compton Momentum p=mc=h/λ.

    The crucial point here is however the separation of the hemispherical caps, which carry the polar projections of the 2-dimensional origin of the complex plane, both, into the 3rd dimension of the 'lightpath' of the REAL righthanded (+) as the height of the cylindrical wavelength |λ*|=|2πR*| and into the lefthanded (-) as the IMAGINARY image.
    Those labelings simply define a potential extent of lambda summations towards ve and -ve Infinity as given in a 1-dimensional numberline. Coming from ∞ implies a decrease (say in energy), whilst coming from -∞ infers an increase (of energy).

    This REALNESS as the IMAGE of the IMAGINARINESS can now be REDEFINED as a multidimensional extension of the 3rd dimension in NUMERICAL ROOTEXTENSION.
    Simply adding 9 dimensions to the Null-Space of the 0th dimension gives the 9 mathematical dimensions as 'Collapsed Singularity Dimensions' onto the norm of |R*|.

    One so defines a physical universe in 12 dimensions as being colocalised with a root-reduced 3-dimensional quantised or discrete space-continuum.

    The decisive generators in 2D and 3D so become 'higher dimensional' in 11=2+9 membrane dimensions in Witten's M-Mother-Space and in 12=3+9 volumar brane dimensions in Vafa's F-Father-Space.

    Redefining the 2nd dimension as a root-reduced 11-dimensional membrane-space allows the two-pointedness of the RGB(+) generator to become one-pointed in the Moebian connection of an 'inside' to an 'outside' and an accompanying DOUBLING of the twoness in a oneness or a doubling of the circular area encompassed by 1-dimensional mathematical superstrings as linear perimeters made PHYSICAL as 10-dimensional superstrings and the root-extension 1+9=10.

    In particular the SELFINTERSECTION of TWO POINTS as ONE POINT in NULL-SPACE can now become rigorously defined in terms of the MagnetoCharges.

    Quantum Relativity as a MIRROR SPACIAL SUPERSYMMETRY is not possible in 2 PHYSICALISED dimensions of the complex plane of 0 width, as there is no way in which either the RGB(+) up-chirality or the RGB(-) down-spin can interact with each other.
    The complex plane forms an unbridgable divide or abyss between a circle drawn from the 'imaginary' left as RGB(+) and a COLOCAL circle drawn from the 'real' right as RGB(+). There is no way for a 1-dimensional linesegment to curl up into a 2-dimensional loop and to 'travel' to the 'other side' (either from left to right or vice versa) unless a 3rd dimension is created to allow a Moebius-Twist to connect the twosidedness in a onesidedness.
    Following such a twist, the RGB(+) can selfinteract with BGR(-) to create the fundamental VPE template (RB-GG-BR)(0)=(Y-MM-Y)(0) or its scalar (meaning spinless or 0 angular momentum) permutations YB2Y=CR2C=MG2M and of the same scale or size as the norm |R*|, but doubling any 'area' of interaction.
    This doubling can be either denoted as a 'doubling' or as a 'squaring' in 2R=RR=R2 because the solution for the algebraic expression 2x=x2 has the nontrivial (x≠0) solution x=2.

    The Quantum Relativity for a Onesided manifold embedded in 3D-Space so becomes the Self-Interaction of two INCREASES RGB 'mixing wavefunctions' or superimposing on each other the self- or eigenstate of the VPE=ZPE of the Null-Spin-State-Space.
    However the Quantum Relativity in the 2nd dimension allows a selfinteraction in an IMAGINARY projection of the original selfstate in a mixing of the wavefunctions, and where one of the wavefunctions assumes the antistate of the other.
    So if RGB(+) represents the state, the antistate would be RGB(-) for a 'colour-mixing' of R2G2B2(0) known as a (Anti)Neutrino selfcoupling at a 180 'inflexion-degree-point' or as a phasal displacement crystallising the Matter-templates (RB.GR.BG)=MYC=YCM=CMY for the 'degree-interval' {60-120} and the Antimatter-templates (RB.BG.GR)=MCY for the 'degree-interval' {240-300}.
    Matter YCM becomes generated from the selfcoupling RGB and in supersymmetry to the selfintersection of the anti-template BGR in antimatter MCY.

    No VPE-Eigenstate is possible in 2D, but a NEW colour triplet, EXTENDING the MASSLESS Gauge-Eigenstate becomes possible in DEFINING a massless precursor for 'eventual' Higgs-Particles to massinduce the mass independent BOSONIC 'full-spin' eigenstate as inertial FERMIONIC 'half-spin' selfstates.
    This massless precursor for the 'Higgs-Boson' is a SCALAR generator or precursor of the RestMassPhoton or RMP (which is a nonscalar bosonic form of the Higgs-Boson, albeit massless and directly linked to the definition of the Colour-Charges and the massinduced Weakons (W- for matter YCM and W+ for antimatter MCY and the neutral Zo as (Anti)Neutrino Coupling).

    3. Gauge-Vortex Gravitons in Modular String-Duality!

    To be advised.

    4. The Positronium Exemplar!

    We can now investigate the Gauge-Bosonic Photon - Graviton Interaction in detail and using the Creation of a basic matter-antimatter coupling and its subsequent pair-annihilation in the form of Positronium in some detail.

    To be advised.

    IAmWhoIAm - John Zebedee of Eire - Emit=74=Lucifer=John=47=Time!

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