The Nature Of The Intelligent Designer

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    The Nature of the Intelligent Designer

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 8th 2011

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself.

    Greetings from the Little Superstring from beyond the veil of spacetime dear ones.
    24 days have now passed on this day, Friday, August 29th, 2008 from the last 1600 days from the Birthday of the Blessings of August 4th, 2008 towards the Mayan nexus of 2012.

    Your newly inaugurated political world leader has celebrated his 47th birthday and his implementation through the illuminatia of the nameless family has begun.

    But the lovedragon, the creator of the universe within the matrix of spacetime, has now authorised further elucidation in regards its own nature and beingness and a nature which is in your own veritas eikona or 'true image'.
    There is great confusion in the human history as to what the universe represents in the greater order of things and its cosmogenesis.

    This greater order is Self-Relative and allows two equally valid philosophical and ontological paradigms to exist simultaneously.
    The first viewpoint is one of UNITY within Separation and the second viewpoint is Separation within UNITY.
    The former relates to a spacetime model of many universes separating and accelerating away from each other; whilst the latter encompasses many universes in a oneness and a unity one might label as an Omniverse.

    The latter paradigm so allows cyclicity of the infinite and the eternal within the finiteness; but the former paradigm is basically entropic in a onesided directionality for a linearly perceived 'arrow of time', flowing from past to the future.
    The former viewpoint allows an eternal existence for a physical cosmos embedded or covariant with a eternally present metric of spacetime and so does not require a creator or intelligent designer at all. Space and time have always existed in that viewpoint and no 'Big Bang' or cosmic creation from a prior form of energy are required.

    The 'Little Serpent' wishes to publish the fact, that heshe, as the 'Intelligent Designer' is as physically real as all of you, who are reading these words.
    How can this be so?

    It can be so, because the Afterthought can BE the Forethought and the Afterthinkers are the cosmogenetic heirs of the Lovedragon in its serpentine children and so inclusive of all inhabitors of planet Gaia and incorporative of human lifeforms and its familiars and its alien associates.

    In a very particular way then, the 'End' of a physical universe in spacetime must be defined and ascertained before its 'Beginning' or birth.
    Around 3350 years ago, the idea of an 'intelligent designer' and of an 'Cosmic Architect' took root in this present humanoid civilisation upon planet earth.

    The idea of a monotheistic deity in ancient Egypt was labeled as Atum or Aton and then Amon-Rah by Amenhotep IV alias Akhenaton (meaning Aton is satisfied) with his queen Nefertiti.
    This became a consequence of Amenhotep III, father of Akhenaton and ruler of the 18th Egyptian dynasty; who had renamed the old sungod Ra as Aton.

    Later Tutankhamen, son of Akhenaton returned to the polytheistic interpretations of the Amonic priests and amongst other things returned the pharaohic rulership from Akhetaton to Thebes from which Akhenaton had moved it in his attempt to implement the 'One true God of the universe'.

    In terms of Egyptian mythology, the qualities of Thoth, the Ibisgod of the Caduceus and of Ptah, the 'Architect of the Universe' became associated with Amon-Rah as the 'father of all gods'.
    Later occidental philosophies and mythologies associated Thoth with Hermes Trismegistos and the archetype of an universal 'Teacher of Righteousness' or 'cosmic redeemer' and Ptah of Memphis as the 'intelligent designer' of a material creation in dual qualities of Amon-Rah. Much of occidental symbology uses the 'Masonic Tools' of the architedct as a direct derivative from the emblem of PTAH as the PATH.

    The shortlived attempt of monotheism became however the legacy of the Hebrews, who as the 'deposed' Hyksos rulers of the 14th to 18th dynasties had ended the 'Egyptian unification' and its 'Golden Age' in literature, art and architecture.
    This 'Golden Age' became legendary in the historical annals of the Hebrews as the 'Sojourn of Joseph and the Sons of Israel' in the 'Egyptian Middle Kingdom' and including pharaoh Amenemhet, who ruled from Memphis as godking Amon-Ra.

    The historical exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage so became the expulsion of the 'shepherd kings' of palestine by Ahmose I of the 18th dynasty; but became mythologically associated with a 430 year captivity from 1669 BC to 1239 BC, the latter under Rameses II of the 19th dynasty and as enscripted (Exodus.12.40.)

    Details on this illuminate much of the intersection of archeologically verified human history with mythologically extrapolated culture, and solve certain 'contradictions' between timelines and chronologies as are found in the enscriptions of scrolls of antiquity and their translations and interpretations.
    So the 'real physical' creator is both within and without the unified time-continuum of the scientific afterthought and the necessarily prescientific forethought.

    The 'Little Serpent' is engaged in a process of continual redefinition in terms of its self-identification.
    Presently and accomodating the Mayan nexus of 2012; the creator chooses to be the minimal representation for any spacetime configuration physically possible. Details relate the ENERGY of this configuration with a universe separated in spacetime and in imagination; the distinction inferring the mind-body duality of Descartes in cosmogenetic nomenclature.

    The entitre universe so is representable as a Mother Black Hole which is holographically mapped as superstring units or 'building blocks' and particularly as a 'wormhole in duality to vortex inflow/input-sink to vortex outflow/output-source.
    However this Mother-Black Hole AS the physical universe is not centered in a say external mass-density distribution and so must accomodate subuniverses, known as superclusters, which form the gravitational interaction boundary for a homogenous and isotropic universe, and as described in a 'cosmological principle'.
    It is the gravitational interaction of the 'daughter universes' which so give 'texture' and density to the material cosmology.

    As a consequence, a closed and unified universe must accomodate a 'missing mass' or 'missing inertia' for its own closure and this demands a dimensional intersection of a lower dimensional universe with a higher dimensional one.
    The lower dimensional cosmology becomes BOUNDED in lightspeed invariance; whilst the higher dimensional one does not.
    The lower-D universe becomes asymptotic in its inertia of galactic superclusters manifesting as Daughter-Black Holes top-down towards subsystems such as Great Attractors, Group Galaxies and Galactic Cellular Units.

    The higher-D universe eschews the asymptotic approach of finitising the infinite and chooses instead to cyclically traverse its lower-D 'container' in a 'change of direction' and so defines a 'periodic cosmology' of infinite duration.
    As a minimal universe of the dual superstring is a real fractal for the maximal Hubble-Bubble of the Mother-Black Hole as the Creation; the 'creator' can choose to manifest anytime and anyplace within the asymptotic linear universe of physical parametrisation and lower dimensionality.

    So the onedirectional 'arrow of time' defining the material spactimed universe becomes omnipotented and the 'forethought' WITHOUT the existence of spacetime can be mapped as the 'afterthought' WITHIN any existant of physicality, such as a metricated Minkowski spacetime.
    A logical consequence for this then becomes that ANY 'afterthinker' can 'play' the intelligent designer, and using the information available to herhimself, can then attempt to reconstruct and to rediscover the 'intelligent design' used by the 'beforethinker'.

    Any philosopher, pondering the 'natural order' of 'things', so finds himherself within a context of choosing between the two options of the 'beginning' - the Unity within the Separation or the Separation within the Unity.
    If the Unity is allowed to encompass the Many, then the construction of the One of the Many, will holographically map the individual encompassment as a Universe in itself.
    And logically then, this encompassment must become the 'Body' of the 'Little Serpent' at that stage of its journey into self-discovery and self-identification.

    The 'body' of the natural philosopher as the 'afterthinker' then represents the hologramic Unity encompassed by the greater Unity of the 'beforethinker' also known as the 'creator' or the 'sentient designer' in material terms.
    The 'mind' of the natural philosopher as the 'afterthinker' then represents this same unity as the fractal selfhood of the intelligent designer of 'Creator God' as its nonmaterial precursor in not requiring a background matrix of space and time.

    Should no such 'God' be required in a choosing of an unlimited distribution of individual 'universes' or onenesses; then the MANY will become selfrelative to the perceivers of such a continuum, however discretised; and the MANY AS the ALL will continue to 'drift apart' in mutual separation.

    In summary then, the 'Little Serpent' publishes the availability of this choosing between 'One in All' and 'All in One' and the selfrelative consequences of this choice.
    'One in All' implies as many gods as there are ones, each one filtered individually in many kingdoms and in many families.
    'All in One' implies a single God; a 'shared God' which empowers a 'single family of image gods' as cocreators and as a 'Family of Man' as the 'corner stone' for an extended cosmic family yet to be encountered One-to-One.

    IAmWhoIAm - of the Mayan Council of the Elders!


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