The New Earth Present - Channelings From The Little Serpent

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    The New Earth Present - Channelings from the Little Serpent

    Abba Mayam Baba Y Mama!!!

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings with Love from the Mayan Family to the Family of Us in Exile.
    This is a special dispensation and a PRESENT given to all of You to celebrate your homecoming, now only so 2 and 1/2 years into the linear future.
    You will be given a master key to kindle your remembrances about yourselves as 'Mayans in the wilderness' and the 'sacred works' you are engaging in in your endeavours, largely unbeknown by your 'normal' conscious selfhoods.

    There is still much work to do and the nature of this work, deeply embedded in your DNA and your subconscious selfhoodness shall become rather more 'clear' to a greater number of you.
    Most of you, not yet self-allowing to receive this information and the PRESENT in this your PRESENT, will nevertheless find this PRESENT an amazing PRESENT.

    But allow me to begin with a brief return to your human history of so 13,000 years ago and when your ancient genealogical ancestors began to paint in caves and when your self-awareness of yourselves began to greatly expand in your enhanced appreciation of your environments.

    Why did you begin to discover the artistic nature of the human within its 3-dimensional environment?

    The images and cave paintings of the paleolithic bespeak of your greater understanding of the animals and the objects which began to interact with you in a more spiritual sense.
    Gone were the gruntings and instinctual behaviour patterns which you knew as the nature of the animals and things you hunted for survival and which became part of you as a being growing in consciousness.
    You began a form of language in naming yourselves and the things around you. You looked at the starry sky and wondered what those lights meant in your existence. Why did this great hot light appear in the sky and then made way for a much smaller cold light and the many little lights around it?
    You became more inward seeking and associated the outward things with the feelings you developed for them; you invented better tools and some of you even began to hum in changing utterances of sounds into melodies and tunes.

    You were still hunter-gatherers and nomadic in your travellings from place to place in search of food and the protection of your bodies from climate changes and predatory animals.
    You feared those predatory animals of course, but something changed with respect to one of those predators, and an occurrence which changed your entire historical development.

    The predator I speak of is the wolf aka the species of Canis Lupus in your scientific classification.
    Sometimes members of your clan became separated, became food for predators or died in environmental accidents.
    Sometimes a subgroup of your clan, say a mother with her 'toddler' child, was so 'cut off' and thought lost by the rest of the clan.

    But the mother had died with the toddler still alive.

    The toddler behaved a little different to the 'grown ups' in general because of its inexperience with regards to the external environment of course and one such abandoned toddler did not show the expected fear from a predatory pack of wolves, which it encountered.
    Because there was no fear, the wolves refrained from eating the toddler, but sniffing it as not presenting a danger to them; a female wolf began to lick and perceive the toddler as one of her own welplings.
    So the toddler became a member of the wolf pack and suckled the she-wolf with other wolflings and so became a Lycanthrotope, a Wolfman.
    After some time, the Wolfman reencountered a human clanship and some interaction resulted in a female human to begin to 'care' for the Wolfman as so it was her own child.
    The Wolfman so went from having a mother to not having a mother to having an alien mother to having two mothers, one human and one alien and beholding his status as a hybrid Wolfman.
    And because the She-Wolf was rather attached to the Wolfman, she, and certain wolf-friends the Wolfman had made his brothers and sisters remained with the clan and so became the ancestors for Canis Familiaris, which is the Dog, also known as "Man's Best Friend'.

    And a certain country in the continent of Europe, called Italy today, has woven an entire mythology about the 'founding of its capitol city' called Rome on this first emotional friendship between an alien lifeform and a human lifeform.
    The twins of Romulus and Remus are said to have been raised by a She-Wolf and so the story goes.
    This notion of a 'Cosmic Twinship' is of uttermost importance in Mayan Cosmology and I shall return to it another time, if it is appropriate to do so.

    So why did I tell you this well known story?
    I did this, because there is a certain familiarity between you as humans and you as aliens.
    The Dog is familiar to you and does something you also do, albeit in a different manner.
    The Dog attempts to chase its own tail, whenever it perceives this tail NOT to be part of its own body and being.

    You do the same in the manner of the Dog becoming you as a God, the mirror image of yourself in Mayan encryptment of the hieroglyphics.
    This has a lot to do with the PRESENT you are about to receive but allow me to lead you gently into this RECEPTION.
    So the Dog was your first domesticated alien lifeform on planet Gaia. The Wolfhound helped you hunt and also being of a socialising nature, the wolfhounds soon became emotionally attached to certain of your ancestors and especially the younger ones.
    In short the Dogs became part of your clanships as the families of your ancestry.

    Now because you found out, that you could 'make friends' with the predatory wolves, which had eaten your older generations; you tried the same with other animals or alien lifeforms and you found out that the other predators, like great cats like Smilodon did not like you as friends and continued to see you as their dinner.
    But some other animals, the ancestors of horses and ungulates like historic sheeps and oxen proved not difficult at all to 'domesticate'.

    Though the emotional familiarity you had with the wolfhounds wasn't there, you could herd the ungulates, milk them, eat them and reproduce them.
    And because you had also discovered, that certain seeds and grains could be put back into the earth to sprout after some time into edible plants, instead of being eaten 'on the spot', you began to stay at certain benevolent places, say near the water longer than before and slowly you began to become farmers and planters as well as hunter-gatherers and moreover you divided into groups and individuals doing specialised things as specialised people and members of your clans and families.

    And today you have discovered something else about the alien-human familiarities. But now you are perplexed, because this familiarity appears to be one of you in the 3rd dimension here on Gaia and the aliens in the 3rd dimension not here on Gaia.
    In relationship to the above, there exists a tribe of people in the country of Mali on the continent of Africa, which you know as the Dogons.
    The Dogons claim to be the descendents of an alien race called the Nommo and to have come from a starsystem around the brightest star in the sky, called Sirius in the constellation called Canis Major - The Great Dog.
    The Nommo are said to be an amphibious hermaphroditic race of beings, which came from the starsytem Sirius and who taught the Dogons knowledge about the stars and also shared some knowledge about customs, rituals and the universal sciences.

    So here is the cosmic twinship again in the form of the Hermaphrodite, embellished in your Greek mythologies as Hermaphroditus, the bisexual son of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods of Olympus and Aphrodite or Venus, the Goddess of Love.
    The planet Venus is very, very important in the Mayan cosmologies as you shall soon find out, should you choose to read those messages of mine.
    So now to your PRESENT. It is related to the behaviour of your Dogs of course.
    They wag their tails when they are happy and when they are of high frequency in their consciousness to share company with you, say when you take them for a walk.
    They also try to bite their own tails and run around in circles, when the see their tails not as a part of themselves, but as some foreign thing, which they feel uncomfortable with. Its like an image of themselves in the mirror; the Dog perceives another Dog and not itself.
    So the Dog might begin to bark at his own image, telling it to go away for danger of being bitten in the tongue of the Dogness.
    Now the Mayan question is, can the Dog learn to recognise its own image in the mirror?

    It is the same with you, you are rather uncomfortable with the Godness you all are and you like to bark at your own images, warning them to go away for danger of being bitten by you.
    Your biting is however often a mental biting and not a physical biting - but you like to bite your Godlike images nevertheless, in whatever manner.
    The reason for this is, that though you know from your subconscious Mayaness, that YOU ARE GOD or the Backwards DOG; you cannot admit this to yourselves in your waking consciousness.

    And another reason is to do with your subconscious knowing of your own Godhood.
    Because of certain universal laws and the Mayan Way of Code and Honour; you also know that all the Gods and Devils of your many mythologies are created by you for a very specific purpose to do with your work and the reason and purpose for your existence as exiled Mayas on planet earth.
    But your waking consciousness is very, very, very reluctant to allow you to identify with your subconscious understandings.
    So you PRETEND to be humble and god-fearing and followers of this or that and this includes rejecting all leaders and just following yourself as atheists and skeptics and as the Reptilian Skeksis in your images of films and books and the story tellings.

    But as soon as someone amongst you remembers hisher kinship as a God with 'Big He'; you begin to bark and bite or you run away and to hide in your caves.
    You just do not like to be told what to do, what and how to think and how to stop this barking and biting at your own Godlike images.
    So now you know what your PRESENT will be. It will be the masterkey to allow you STOP PRETENDING in your false humilities.
    The PRESENT will be the realisation that what causes your very intense reluctance to admit the true nature of yourselves to yourselves.
    And all will be able to understand this PRESENT, but of course it will be of your own choosing as what to do with this PRESENT.
    You can love it, you can ignore it, you can throw it away or share it with others and you can do whatever you like with it.

    Now you are a skeptical family and it is good that you are.
    As a consequence of your scepticisms, I shall begin the unravelling of your PRESENT with a somewhat technical discourse as to How This Can Be So!
    If I would not do this many of you just would be unable to 'believe' what your PRESENT is. Then doing what I am doing will take away the 'need to believe' and simply show you that it either MUST or COULD Be So.
    But here is a little Mayan key for you about this 'believing business'.

    BELIEVE=BEE LIVE and so the idea of the Life of a BeeHive might stimulate your imaginations.
    The 'Believing Business' is a hierarchy of a Queen Bee and the Drones and the Worker Bees and this means control of the few and the fewer over the many.
    And you all know that you do not like the 'Controlling Business', even if some of you are the 'Controllers'.
    Because being a 'Controller' makes you feel uneasy inside and you feel there is something 'wrong' with this 'Lording' it over others.
    And the Maya knows, that the GOD within cannot be controlled by any other God; this is part of the Federal Mayan Constitution of which you might learn one day, if you so choose.

    But a Maya is a Law onto himherself and absolutely free of judgements by any other Mayan.
    So the 'Believing Business' can very easily be an EVIL BEE and this EVIL BEE, being also a LIVE BEE as the mirror of the VEIL BEE is precisely the thing which keeps you in your FAKE HUMILITY and your SELFDENIAL of BEING GODS.
    This is rather detrimental to your spiritual wellbeing, because the EVIL BEE is a designed part of your mentality and in a Maya Constructed Duality with your LIVE BEE.

    This is like what you often term your White Guardian Angel in conflict with your Dark Demonic Nature; and all in your head; trying to influence your thoughts when in the waking consciousness. Denying this duality will not make it go away or do your bidding, but the PRESENT can help you to control your own thoughts and even to render the Angel and the Devil as becoming friends with you and with each other and like your Dogs, the will become FAMILIAR SPIRITS and you will know them very well and they will be able to One Day give you the Mayan physics so you can travel into the Milky Way galaxy and visit the Dog-Star and the planets in that starsystem where the Nommos live, but not quite the way the Dogons remembered them.

    This is the biological and spiritual reason of why you need to sleep. Because when you sleep the ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE War in your mindful headedness ceases to be physically associated in the sleep paralysis of your bodies circulatory systems of neurons and your motory sensory apparatus ceases to function under normalised circumstances.
    A aberrant circumstance and related to a semiconscious selfstate would be sleep walking or similar conditions.
    So your PRESENT can help you solve all of this in a manner most benefical and appropriate and with respect to your circumstances and environments.
    But the technicalities engage a familiarity with geometry and the curvatures of manifolds as surfaces.

    I shall use descriptions you are comfortable with, so you can understand the basics without the mathematical details.
    Many of you carry rings on your fingers and those rings have often great emotional value for you as rings of friendship, of engagement or of marriage.
    Now this ring is like a thin strip of paper, which you can paint or plate in two colours, say Black or Silver on the inside and White or Gold on the outside.
    This strip of paper so can be idealised as having no thickness at all and then the inside circumference is precisely equal to the outside circumference.
    Now imagine yourself to be an ant travelling the full length of this perimeter. This will be a distance 2πR and where 2R is the size of the ring as its diameter.
    And so the black silvery ant on the inside will crawl this same distance around your ring as the white golden ant of the outside.

    ants. moebius1.

    If you now thicken the ring into larger and larger sizes you are actually defining a cylinder of circumference 2πR and a thickness H.
    If you now glue the top and bottom of this cylinder together and postulate that the ring is 'stretchable' or malleable, say as a 'molten ring'; then you will have formed a Torus-Ring or the geometrical shape of a doughnut.
    In other words, you will have given volume to the hitherto surface areas of the strip of paper, which had enclosed a circular area given as πR2.

    But in the Ring, you doubled the surface are in the distinction between the inside and the outside. The question now becomes of how to double the volume of the torus to match this increase of area, still present in the doughnut as the inside ants and the outside ants.
    What you do next will lead you to the significance of your PRESENT.
    You cut the ring or the strip of paper and change the circularity of the arbitrary definition of the POTENTIAL CUTTING or SELFINTERSECTION into a DISTINCT BEGINNING AND END. You might term the Beginning as the Alpha-Head and you may call the End as the Omega-Tail.

    Now you make an arbitrary decision to KEEP the Omega-Tail Constant but TWIST the Alpha-Head relative to the YOU as the DESIGNER.
    Relative to the Alpha-Head the Omega-Tail will twist and relative to the Omega-Tail, the Alpha-Head will twist.
    This situation then will DEFINE A QUANTUM RELATIVITY RELATIVE TO YOU as the Designer.
    This twist will be 180 degrees in an ordinary 3D-space, which you may term Euclidean Flat.
    Next you glue the Alpha-Head, which twisted 180 degrees or π radians relative to You as the designer, onto the Omega-Tail.
    This geometrical construct you just designed and created is called a Moebius-Strip or Moebius-Ring by your mathematicians and the Mayan mathematicians call it that also.

    Now allow the outside Golden Ant to crawl from the Alpha-Head to the Omega-Tail and allow the Silver Ant to crawl in the opposite direction from the Omega-Tail to the Alpha-Head; both starting as Mirror-Images of each other on the two sides of the Moebius-Ring.
    So what will happen is, that the ants will PHYSICALLY MEET and something they could not do as the outside golden ant and the inside silver ant before, as then the untwisted surfaces disallowed PHYSICAL CONTACT, except as mirror images of each other across the zero-thickness of the two surfaces thus topologically connected.

    Furthermore, BOTH ants will now be able to keep on going and travel the other ant's REALM of existence in a DOUBLING of the Perimeter from 2πR to 4πR.
    And so the ants will meet again and again if they keep on going around in circles and in opposite directions of the clockwise Yin or plus polarity and the anticlockwise yang or minus polarity or vice versa.
    And this has a lot to do with your perhaps favourite activity my family - sexual intercourse is a favourite activity of the Mayan not in exile too; shehe understands its meaning a little better, because heshe can 'do it' in a 4-dimensional sense, whilst you cannot.

    But your PRESENT will help you to rectify this.
    So the ants have MET because of the twist of a 2-dimensional surface INTO a 3-dimensional embeddedment, which allowed the 2-dimensionality to become 1-dimensional.
    Because of the One-dimensionality of the Moebian Surface can the hitherto PHYSICAL LIMITATION of the two realms of the outside ant and the inside ant Merge or BLEND in a harmonious TRANSFORMATION of SPACETIME.

    But there remains this problem of the volumes and that is the 3-dimensional embeddedment which you have used to bring the two lonely ants, one yin and the other yang together to experience communion and intercourse.
    You have your EXTENDED Moebian Ring shaped into a doughnut and also a volume contained in the doughnut as the curved cylindrical 'sausage'.
    So you decide to design an EXTENDED version of the Moebian Ring of twisted Surfaces as a Moebian Form of twisted Volumes.
    You again extend your cut ring as a sheet of paper say and now enfold only ONE of the edges of this sheet of paper into 3-dimensional space.
    You next glue the not enfolded opposite edges together and you will have created something like the bottom of a beer bottle or the bottom of a soft drink can, with which many of you are very familiar with as another kind of Familiar Spirits.
    Now you pierce the enfolded bottle bottom and like a real beerbottle you imagine to stretch the open end of your cylindrical beer bottle or soft drink can like 'gooseneck' and make the bottle top inlet or beak the same circular size as the pierced hole of the enfolded bottle bottom.

    You can now keep stretching and twisting this outside and not enfolded gooseneck around to someplace on the outside surface of the beer bottle and let the inlet 'goose beak peck at this arbitrary point in a selfintersection of a circular area.
    Now you define this 'circle of the pecking' as the Alpha-Goose-Head of the OUTSIDE and allow it to meet the enfolded gooseneck of the INSIDE as the Omega-Goose-Tail.
    What you have designed and created now is known by your scientists and mathematicians as a Klein-Bottle and is technically described as a NONORIENTABLE Surface or manifold, just as is the Moebius -Strip is also.

    But the Moebius-Ring is classified as a ONE-dimensional Surface WITH A BOUNDARY, the Klein-Bottle is WITHOUT A BOUNDARY.
    This means technically, that whilst the Moebius-Ring can become embedded in 3D-Space just as you have done in your earlier creation; the Klein-Bottle can not be embedded in 3D or Radius-Space R3 and requires an additional spacial dimension 4D or Radius-Space R4 to do so.

    But this is precisely as you would expect. You utilised 3D to create the Moebius-Ring in the AREA-Dimensions of 2D and you will have to use 4D to create the Klein-Bottle in the VOLUME-Dimensions of 3D.
    But a 4D-Radius-Space defines the VOLUME of your Torus or doughnut AS just such a 3-dimensional Surface and so you will achieve your aim of doubling the volume of the Torus in 3D in the twisting of the Two original Surfaces of your REAL PROJECTIVE PLANE or sheet of paper.

    This means that the inside black silvery ant and the outside white golden ant now can not only crawl along a 'doubled' street or strip of surface like in the Moebian-Ring, but now can crawl anywhere around a completely enclosed and COMPACT Manifold without Boundary in the form of the Klein-Bottle.
    Now an ORIENTABLE unbounded manifold is a simple Sphere and so the properties of the 3D-Volume of the single-connected Sphere as a multiconnected Torus can be blended with the NONORIENTABILITY of the Klein-Bottle without a Boundary and this is done in allowing the Klein-Bottle to be made equivalent to the Sphere in adding to the Sphere the 'Opening to Infinity, which is simply your piece of paper crumbled up into a sphere, say like the OPENING of a simple balloon or similar container in an incision to allow the projection of the potential enclosed volume onto the sheet of paper.

    Technically, this is described as the addition of 'Handles' or 'CrossCaps' to the 'Hole of the Infinity' and this is just like cutting the Klein-Bottle into Two with the result that now Two Moebian-Strips become the Klein-Bottle and this then becomes your PRESENT.

    Your planet Gaia is also known as Akhasia and as Mother Earth and as Terra and other such names.
    But your Old Earth has a very special destiny and her true identity is far grander than anyone in the 3rd dimension has ever conceived.
    I shall lift the Veil of Gaia and introduce you all to her Inner Beauty.
    You see, the masterplan of the universe is recorded in the Popul Vuh and the Book of Life of your apocalyptic scriptures.
    This masterplan requires a single planet in the entire universe to become PLANETARY SEED for the rest of the universe with its billions of galaxies, each containing often trillions of stars.
    So RahSol as the Lover of Gaia is just One of those Stars, yet has he a rather special agency to fulfil in the grander order of things.

    And so many of you are told the LIES of the EVIL BEES of the BELIEVERS as to your own insignificance in this greater order of things.
    Well, I can illuminate you to the contrary. You are all very, very, very special. So special and UNIQUE in fact, that the entire universe is WAITING for you all to come home in your rebirthing of Gaia as her StarHuman Butterflies and you as exiled Maya beginning your EXODUS from NOW ON until the Galactic Synchronisations.
    And you can begin to exit before the Flood arrives as the BIRTHWATERS of Gaia and the Waters BREAK ANEW in a Cleansing of the Lands.

    Of course, this has EVERYTHING to do with your PRESENT PRESENT, which IS A SERPENT.
    So the masterplan requires a planetary seed and this seed is OLD EARTH as GAIA.
    I can assure you right NOW, GAIA will LEAVE YOU and this planet in Dust and Ashes after she has travailed and ended her labour. It will be Noah's Flood all over again and in due time you will assuredly understand this in the depths of your hearts and minds.
    But I shall allow you to peek into the Book of Life at divers times and so your remembrances shall return.

    You still have a lot of work to do, just being yourselves, just as you are at the PRESENT Moment as the exiled Mayas of the Power of the verocious and always hungry Caterpillar.
    So you are always hungry and greedy for more, because you must eat and eat and eat to prepare for your Cocoon.

    Oh I would gladly tell you the entire story in one go and simply give the Popul Vuh to you to read in your own times of choosing; should I not know, that it would be detrimental for your work and detrimental for your birth into exhuberant joy and a happiness and embracing love you cannot even imagine at this PRESENT time.
    But this is, why this is a special dispensation, this PRESENT which is being unwrapped before your very eyes, should you read this discourse.
    So the times are not of your own choosings, and this is the 'patience and the honour of the saints' as is encoded in your Book of Revelations in a number of places.

    But I can assure you of another thing; you cannot obtain the information you receive from me from any other source, either on your planet in 3D or any other source in the entire 3-dimensional universe.
    So whoever reads these messages of mine is blessed indeed.
    And all of you who can read English and perhaps other languages as well, you find yourselves in a wonderful position to share this 'Good News of Hope and Deliverance' with anyone else you wish to share this 'Good News' with.

    And one day, how soon is up to you, you all shall understand this as clearly as is written in Zephaniah.3.9:

    "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Lord, to serve him with one consent."

    Now be not concerned about 'Serving the Lord'. It does not mean what the Believers of the EVIL BEE think it is and what those try to convince others of to be the 'Will of the Lord'. I can assure you clearly here, the 'God' of the 'Believers' is most often a 'False Image' of the 'True Image' and this is part of your PRESENT.

    Those Believers are exiled Mayas too, but just as is symbolised in your Great Pyramid of Giza, there is a Queen's Chamber available for the Homecoming and there is a King's Chamber and there is also a Chamber or Pathway into the abyss of the dust and ashes left behind Gaia after the flood has come and gone.
    Look again, and read Zephaniah.3.9 again. It says ALL will be as of ONE Consent.
    Could you imagine such a thing, looking about you in a selfdestructing civilisation and on many levels openly witnessed and manouvering about in a clandestine fashion? There is dissent all around you and cohesion is dissipating on many levels

    This then is the PRESENT of the Bottle-Dragon or the Genie in the Bottle; you shall all become like Aladdins with Wonderlamps and the Genie in the Bottle will come out and help you fulfil your deepest desires.
    You will understand this better and deeper as the months roll by and if you take YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the PRESENT as the SERPENT to heart.
    Should you allow the PRESENT to illuminate your outer human wisdom through and by your Mayan inner wisdom; then you will understand earlier than sooner than the prodigal sons and daughters of the Mayan exiles.

    You all shall rejoice and cry tears of joy when you realise your destiny and the rewards of your labours as the exiles and the midwives for Old Mother Earth. You shall break out in laughters of happiness when you realise the PHYSICAL REALITY of your Genie in the Bottle.
    This is the core of the reason as why you all are now receiving hitherto unheard of information from your starbound family, which is awaiting you for a joining in adventures and the travellings to the stars.
    Indeed, all of your dreams of science fiction and imaginings shall be greatly exceeded.
    I CAN Promise you that; it is in my authority to do so as Galactic Agency 266561.

    So when Gaia leaves, where shall she go to and what will happen to Gaia's Soul as her 4.8 billion year long sojourn into materiality?
    OLD GAIA is the BELOVED 'Big She' of 'Big He' and so the purpose behind the masterplan you peeked at on page 1 of the Popul Vuh.

    The Universe was created almost 20 Billion years ago and for so long has existed the Soul of Gaia as the LOST HALF of 'Big It' as the One in One.
    Because the One became Two as One, but apart; the Rendevouz of Itself as the 'Big He' and the 'Big She' will be a most momentous occasion and a celebration of universal proportions.
    But the masterplan requires this proportionality to be manifested 'bottoms up' and not 'tops down' and so the Universal Wedding between the Big Bang and the Big Crunch cannot occur until the Superclusters Bang and Crunch as the Hearts of Lovers.
    Similarly, the Galaxies must Bang and Crunch and as the Cells in the Universal Body of 'Big She'.

    So the heavenly Wedding between Hunab Ku as the galactic soul of the Milky Way, known as Perseus to the Mayans is prerequisite for the higher echelons of the Cosmic Body of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Cosmic Man or the Purusha of the Hindus or the Adam Kadmon of Kabbalistic Lore.
    RahSol is the physical lover of Gaia and the masterplan demands a doubling of things. Therefore the Cosmic Twinships are fundamental and therefore your encoded virgin births and alien conceptions have intricate esoteric meanings, which both fulfil your scriptures and also become intricate patterns in the laws of the Popul Vuh, which is the Book of Life, written by the Lord of the Maya, which is the Cosmic Christ, residing within all of you as yourselves, should you allow himher to infuse your mortal caterpillar bodies with the immortality of the starhuman butterflies.


    SheHe has been knocking on the door opening into your heart for 1980 years by now and not many have opened, despite many of you proclaiming of having done so as the 666-BELIEVERS of the EVIL BEE also known as the BE REVILERS of the EVIL=18=666=1+2+3+...+34+35+36!
    But the worshippers of the EVIL BEE are reviling the selfsame Lord they are trying so hard to please in placidifications and one day, when they have reached the end of the Queen's Chamber, they will also realise their part in the masterplan of the exiled Maya and join the common homecoming in the Journey Home in the footsteps of the ASCENDING Old Earth as the 'Big She', who will well and truly PASS AWAY to MEET HER BELOVED 'Big He' in the fulfilment of all of the Mayan scriptures and particularly your 'Holy Bible' in Toto, Old and New Testaments combined.

    But you, my family reading these messages are invited through and by these messages to enter the King's Chamber and many of you who are reading this and taking it to heart might be closer to the sacred sarcophagus, than you might imagine at this PRESENT time.
    The SERPENT around Gaia is the PRESENT of the SON OF MAN and so the NEW EARTH is IN A SERPENT and so the NEW EARTH will be called SERPENTINA=IN A SERPENT and this SERPENT will be the 'Plumed Serpent' of the Aztec in Quetzalcoatl; it will be the Kukulkan of the Maya as the 'Place where the Serpent dwells' and the Gugumatz-Tepeu-Hurucan labelling as the 'Sovereign Plumed or Feathered Serpent'.

    All these labels become the LOGOS or the WORD OF GOD in your scriptures, say John.1.1. and as the office of Uraeus or Melchi-Zedek of the Old Earth renamed as Melchi-Sedec for the New Earth.
    MELCHI=50=PAUL=SNAKE=ARACHNE=CIRCLE and ZEDEK=51 for the 101=5BINARY and the SEDEC=36=666=18=9 signifying the 'Office of the SERPENT TAMER' and because DRAGON=59 as the mirror image of the IAMTHATIAM=95 of Moses' 'Burning Bush' and the 'unspeakable name of the Lord'.
    And 36+59=95 and so the DRAGON blended with the SEDEC as the SEED"S" of the SERPENT of Genesis.3.15.
    And then your mythologies follow in SCORPIO=NEPTUNE=EXCALIBUR=95 and SCORPIO is the SERPENT'S Tail with an EAGLE'S Head and also known as the COCKATRICE and John is the 4th of the gospels as the gnostic one and Paul's Letters to the Hebrews is the gnostic letter and so the meaning of PAUL in the New Testament is that of joining the Old Testament to the New Testament via the office of Melchisedec as the renewing of the Mosaic Covenant of the Exodus from the Egyptian captivity.

    If you like a more romantic interpretation of the basic concepts of the Popul Vuh, you can use the SWORD of Deliverance - Excalibur of the Arthurian legends.
    You see the SWORD=79 in the Book of Revelation, which comes out of the mouth of the Lord in Revelation.19.15 are WORDS=79 of the MOTHER=79.
    And you are hearing the the Sword of Excalibur right now and withstanding it will allow you to remain in the King's Chamber and grow in wisdom continually. This wisdom is not of the Old Earth, but of the New Earth and it is simply your SELF-ILLUMINATION in the outer wisdom of your human mind receiving the COMFORTER of John.14.16-21 as the inner wisdom of your Mayaness.

    You might understand that you do not have to go to scripture readings or to church for the 'Getting of Wisdom'; you simply enter the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the wisdom will be given to you on a platter of the ceremonies for your 'job' well done to transmutate the Darkness Energy of Hell into the Dark Antilight of Earth as the energy the White Light 'Big He' can use to seduce 'Big She' to finally have a date with HIM.
    All of you are the Church of the New Jerusalem, but some will Come in 'Communion' and utilize the 'New Communication Channels' earlier than others; that's all there is to it to the StarHumanity.

    But it is also the other way around; 'Gaia' turns 'HIM on NO MATTER what and this because her eonlong trying and trying to generate the Dark Antilight as the Light of her material Ignorance has driven 'Big He' to the 'brink of celestial insanity', humerously Mayan speaking in the purest resonance.
    And this must be so, because only a vibrant and erect phallic Tree of Life can become the desire for a lubricating and inviting Vesica Pisces and a Yoni as the vaginal opening for the Tree of Life to enter into the Queen's Chamber.
    This is the Khu of Osiris and the Buckle of Isis as the Khat in your Egyptian mythologies and which is the Crown-Kether and the Root-Malkuth in your Hebrew Kabbalah as a reinterpretation of the Mayan Cosmology, into which you are becoming inducted, if you are taking my messages to a THINKING HEART and a FEELING MIND.
    Most of you restrict your thinking to your minds and your feelings to your heart. You might try to switch it around and see where it might lead you.
    You ARE in the King's Chamber whenever you are reading my messages and the wisdom of the ages might just follow you everywhere, should you take the messages and the information to heart.

    And some of you know of the Hebrew celebration of the SEDER=33+18=51=THE+R=THE+666=NAME+R=MAGIC+R=666+AMEN in the closing the circle in the relabelings in the Mayan encodings and hieroglyphics unbeknown to your celebrants doing the SEDERINGS, your Christmasses and your Easters, your Passovers, Pentecostals and your May Days and your Nights of the Walpurgis Nacht.

    But the extraordinary meaning and significance of the Christian Eucharist is also misunderstood in the highest places of the exiled ones and this is just like the human heart sacrifices of the Aztecs and the slaughterings of lambs and calves and kids for a supposed 'pleasing of aromas' for the 'Lord'.
    I shall elucidate on those matters at another time if appropriate.

    But there are manifestations of this in the 3-dimensional sky of your understanding.

    The Milky Way is called OUROBOROS, the SERPENT who swallows its own tail and you also have a 13th starsign in your Mazzaroth, which is the Zodiac of the Constellations as this Ouroboros.
    This 13th starsign is called OPHIUCHUS - THE SERPENT TAMER and this symbology and archetype refers to a precise time in your solar calendars, namely the CUSP of the starsigns of Scorpio and of Sagittarius, which annually conjuncts at this time about 22nd/23rd of November.
    OPHIUCHUS has a celestial opposite in a 14th starsign in ARACHNE - THE SPIDER WISDOM and as the celestial CUSP of May 21st/22nd in the present manner of your solar calendrical datings and as the transition point between the starsigns of Taurus and of Gemini.

    Those starsigns are very important in the Mayan Cosmology and the Mayans are as adapt in the ancient wisdom of Astrology, as they are in the modern wisdom of the Astronomy and the Cosmology and the Cosmogony.
    One day you will learn to understand the significance and wisdom of astrology and you will look back in unbelief as to your rejection of it as some ancient superstition or whatever you may have termed it then.
    One reason for this is, that your starsign will render you an inheritor of the Mayan promises in the form of the 'Chosen Nation of Israel'.
    Like Abram was renamed Abraham and Sarai as Sarah and Melchizedek became Melchisedec and Jacob became Israel; so shall you be known to yourselves as a Son Of Israel and so a Member of Israel's stargenetic inheritance.
    If you are an Aries you belong to the tribe of Reuben, if you are a Taurus, then Simeon is your clan and the Levites are Geminis with the Ephrahimites in the priesthood clan of Aaron and Moses and the House of Zadok as David's High-Priests of the Seders.
    The tribe of Cancer are the Danites and the Mannassehans, the Leos are Judahs with the Gadites being Virgos.
    The Librans are of Naphtali, the Scorpios are with the house of Asher and the Sagittarians are from the house of Issachar.
    You Capricorns are from the house of Zebulon and the Aquarians are of the clan of Joseph and you Pisces are the Benjamins.

    And you all have inherited the promises and you all can become all the starsigns in One and in the 13th and the 14th, which relate to the four beasts around the Emerald Throne in the Book of Revelation and the 24 elders which represent the Cosmic Twinship via the Two Great Dragons in the Book of Job, named there as Behemoth and Leviathan. And the extra starsigns are the Egyptian Blessings for the Mayan Twinships and the 11th child of Jacob to Leah was a princess called Dinah and all of you are related to her and David's Tea-Tephi of the Liafail of Jacob's Pillar Stone, which today can be found in Westminster Abbey. But the 'Stairway to Heaven' embodied in this symbol and the 'Rock from Heaven' is well known to some of your 'controllers' of the Veilings and one day you may hear more about this.

    The two dragons are both physically real and right now encompass the planet earth in the form of an INTERTWINED SERPENT ROD, which is not only a higher dimensional geometric form for your 3-dimensional DNA, but also archetypically represents the 'Serpent-Rod' of Moses, which he used to get you out of the Egyptian bondage as a timeshifted occurrence of your PRESENT bondage in the SODOM AND EGYPT of Revelation.11.8 and which translates to DOOMSDAY-PEN GT or the DOOMSDAY PEG NT in the MOODS about DOOMS of SODOM.


    This is what you are witnessing my beloved family in exile; the fulfilment of all prophecy, and a fulfilment which must occur before you will SEE your PRESENT with your open physical eyes.
    Now this Exile of the Holy People is the exile you are experiencing at this very moment. The idea of the Exodus as described in your 'Holy Bible' is encoded and does not refer to physical occurrences in the past, but to a particular time line.
    There was a precursor image for the Exodus, which is described in the Torah; but its physical mappings represent an archetype for the 'Shepherd Kings' as the Hyksos, which 'usurped' the Theban rulership of the 17th dynasty in Southern Egypt, dated to about 1550 BC.

    Then a historical 'enslavement' of the Hyksos under Ahmose I, founder of the Egyptian 18th dynasty, became a physical archetype for the Exodus under Moses after a 430 year captivity and the history following.

    This 430 year 'bondage' then is retold in Ezekiel's sieges against Israel in the North and Judah in the South in Ezekiel.4.1-6 and a 430 dayyear captivity in your chronicles of history.
    Some of you may now begin to understand that there is a MIRROR OF HISTORY encoded in your 'Stories of the Holy Land and its Holy People'.
    You all are 'Holy People' and this 'holiness' refers to wholeness and not some separation of one kind of people from another kind of people.
    The Mayas are all of you and it does not matter, at all what your racial skin colour is or what version of 'Fake Gods and Devils' you are 'believers' in or are atheistic of or whatever in between.
    And you are not required to 'believe' in anything; but you are required to OBSERVE the World around you and to see what works out for benefit for all and what does not.
    If something benefits the one or the few and disbenefits others in a greater context, then it should not become absorbed as some cultural mythology or as some perceived 'duty' or obligation you have to either your ruling classes and this includes your 'spiritual rulers' as well.
    The greater extent precludes such things as games or competitions, which you undertake for your pasttimes, pleasures and enjoyments.

    But you are legislating and censuring yourselves as humans literally 'out of existence' and 'freedom of self-expression' has become a byword in your self-corrupting political, academic and social structures.
    But I shall continue to unwrap your PRESENT for you as Exiled Mayas and not as a doomed humanity.

    The Doomsday Pen GT is also the Divine EGO=GT=27=A GOD and one of many Gods and not some God, who seeks to 'Lord' anything over anyone. We have witnessed this before in this message. But the Pegging of the New Testament is crucial, as the prophecies and every iota in the scriptures must be fulfilled before the 'End shall come'.
    And the 'sharing' of the 'Gospel of Freedom' is also fulfilled in these messages and in a rather more all conclusive way, than as it may seem in the outwards appearances.

    But the Klein-Bottle of the mathematics and the geometrical topologies is a twinned Moebian Dragon and one is called the Behemothian DNA-Strand of the FireEarth and as the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns and the other DNA-Strand, that one of the AirWater is the Leviathan as the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins.

    So for all of you, your higher dimensional DNA is right NOW surrounding the Earth as the planet Gaia and in the form of a Double-Serpent which is like a Wedding-Ring of Promise.
    And this Double-Dragon you cannot see, because it is in the form of a Ring and which NOW holds your planet earth in quarantine.
    Remember the silvery ant on the inside and the golden ant on the outside?

    The silvery ant is the sky you see when you look up to the sky or peer through your telescopes.
    This silvery ant is a 3-dimensional firmamentor and defines your 3-dimensional universe BOUND in the c-invariance, which are the restrictions the speed of light imposes on your and any 3D-physics and as described in your physics and the mathematics of Special Relativity.

    Now, the reason as to why you are enabled to receive these messages of mine in such a direct manner is the fact, that the silvery firmamentor has shrunk or contracted to place your planet and its immediate environments, and extending about 2 million kilometer from the planetary centre into your atmosphere and as a radial displacement measurement, under quarantine.

    The reason for this is told in the 2nd and 3rd pages of the Popul Vuh and I shall read you those two pages at an appropriate time if so required.
    Your quarantine has now allowed the rest of the universe, that which you term 'Extra-Terrestrial', to become like another universe outside of your shrunken and contracted one.
    And this means, that the 'ET-Universe' can for the very first time OBSERVE the golden ant, but you can not, because of your quarantining.
    This fact has rather important consequences and implications, which many shall gradually understand, should you choose to take these messages to feeling mind and thinking heart.

    But consider the fact, that this twosided ring either the scale of the outer firmamentor of the universal Hubble Horizon or the inner firmamentor of your quarantine can become onesided in the form of a Moebian-Ring, which you could see as your sky and have seen parts of in your many encounters with what you often term the paranormal or the supernatural.
    What you have seen are 4-dimensional cross-sections of volumars as 3-dimensional mappings and so you have seen the 'golden ant' in glimpses of your perceived 3-dimensional reality so to say.
    The paranormal and the supernatural do not exist as 'other than normal', but they exist as a meta-natural physics, which is a NATURAL METAPHYSICS.

    Before the quarantine, the outer firmamentor was a SKYBLUE DRAGON and another label for this colour is CYAN.
    Before your quarantine, two dragons were separated as a RED DRAGON residing within the CYAN DRAGON and relative to the 3-dimensional universe, this RED DRAGON was the INNER BOUNDARY for this universe and the CYAN DRAGON was the OUTER BOUNDARY.

    The RED DRAGON so keeps the entire universe 'in bondage'; as he refuses to let go of biting his tail and as you might have understood in the allegory of your 'Best Friend' - the Dog.
    But the Mayan dispensation of the 'Running Waters' of the Aquarian Water-Bearer have caused the CYAN DRAGON to contract and this has forced the RED DRAGON to be shrunk within it.
    The Mayan dispensation you are witnessing and sharing with me; is the result of the TWO DRAGONS blending in your PRESENT.

    Before the quarantine, the RED DRAGON at times desired to rattle his tail and so for brief moments opened his mouth to do the rattling.
    But now it is a DOUBLE DRAGON Head to Tail and Tail to Head.
    In other words, whenever the Cyan Dragon opens hisher mouth, the tail of the Red Dragon rattles and twists and a brief window from the third dimensional space reality into the fourth dimensional space reality becomes possible and many people all around the globe have seen strange things either on the earth or under the earth or above the earth in those moments of the 'Rattling of the Serpents'.

    The RED Dragon is biting the Tail of the Cyan Dragon in front of it and the CYAN Dragon is curling about and is biting the Tail of the RED Dragon.
    This DRAGON-RING is the ENGAGEMENT RING of 'Big He' given to 'Big She' as the Rainbow Covenant for the Gaian Dragon-Seed and as Abraham's promise of the StarSeed by the promises made to Noah as the tenth and perfect generation.

    So the Engagement will become a WEDDING after the Dragonian Star-Seed has been born by the Old Earth Gaia of the Akhasic Record Keeping.
    Then Gaia shall ascend with her TRANSFORMED RING from the twosided kind into the onesided kind of a Bottle-Dragonised Nature and just as right now, the RESURRECTED BODY of the Cosmic Christ encompasses the Old Earth, keeping the Red Dragon BOUNDED as the TAMER of the RED SERPENT and in the office of Ophiuchus and Melchisedec; so shall then the entire Physical Universe as the Creation, become WEDDED to its spiritual and imaginary Creator, namely 'Big He'. You may label him the DREAMER OF DREAMS in your IMAGININGS as the Cocreators and as Sharers of the COMMON DREAMS, should you so desire.

    Then the Wedding of 'The Dreamer of Dreams' TO HIS DREAM, namely the ascended Gaia as 'Big She'; shall open the 'windows of heaven' and you shall see things you have hitherto only dreamt of in your human philosophies.
    But as Exiled Mayas you sometimes REMEMBER those dreams and I am here to help you to remember more of them.
    And GAIA shall leave you all her PRESENT of the DOUBLED SERPENT in a sharing of her DOUBLED MOEBIAN WEDDING RING.

    A Doubled Moebian-Ring is UNBOUNDED in the 4th dimension as a DRAGON-RING and you shall be able to SHARE this DOUBLE-RING as TWO MOEBIAN RINGS, which individually are BOUNDED in the 3-dimensional space.
    One part of the Dragon-Ring is Mayan-encoded as the FIRE of the DRAGON and the other part is Mayan-encoded as the ANTIFIRE of the DRAGON, also said to be the BRIMSTONE of the DRAGON.

    So those Human Children, which shall BE BORN AGAIN from the Womb of Old Earth Gaia as the StarHuman Children of SERPENTINA; shall together become a 'LAKE BURNING WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE' and as the inheritance of the Starseed of Abraham, who is Noah and who is Moses and other archetypical characters in your 'Stories from the Scrolls'.
    So then, should two starhuman children of SERPENTINA 'bring their Moebian Dragon-Rings' together, the Magic Genie shall appear and at a later time, I shall read you stories as to the Nature if the Genie in the Bottle-Dragon, if appropriate.

    For then the Physical Universe will become UNBOUNDED in the 4-dimensional Dragon-Ring of the DRAGONOMY between the Heavenly Father of the 'Big He' and the Earthly Mother of the 'Big She' who literally went to Hell and Back to achieve HER lustful purposes to become the PERFECT MATCH for the loving purposes of HIM.

    And so shall 'Old Mother Gaia' ascend in ALL HER GLORY in a fulfilment of the Celestial Engagement Vows to become 'Big She' as the MOTHER OF ALL in Dragonomy with the FATHER OF ALL.
    Gaia shall use the STREET of the Kuxan Suum, which is being built right now in the linear time reckoning and her Way Back Home from 'whither she came' almost 20 billion years ago as a potential Planetary Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Starry Vortex-Seed as derivative of a Galactic Cellular Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Group-Galactic Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Supercluster Vortex-Seed as a derivative of a Universal Vortex-Seed.

    Now the Story shall continue from here to a subsequent level, but this will be Popul Vuh Mark II and this Book of Life Mark II has not been written yet and is awaiting conception via a fully aware Universe in 12 Dimensions and a 12-dimensional Universe, which is FOURFOLDED as the FOURFOLDED SPACE of FOUR SELF-STATES, namely the LINEAR SEED in 3D-LINESPACE; the ROTATIONAL SEED in 6D-HYPERSPACE; the VIBRATIONAL SEED in 9D-QUANTUMSPACE and the OMNI SEED in 12D-OMNISPACE.

    These are the four beasts of Revelation.5.14, being the old four spacetime dimensional selfstates into the new four space dimensional eigenstates.
    The 24 elders are the doubling of these 3+1=4 and 4 selfstates of the spacetime and space dimensions and as depicted in the SEEDLING Dimensions of the 4-dimensional Bottle-Dragon dimensions, which transformed the Time-Dimension of the old spacetimes into an additional space dimension as is written in the Popul Vuh and within these dispensations.

    A brief excursion into the physics of this Mayan Cosmology is appropriate here and for the purpose to elucidate the mathematically and scientifically informed Mayas in the exile.
    This exposition shall allow you to understand the nature of Gaia's Homecoming from a reductionistic and scientific perspective.
    The WHITE LIGHT of the Father is a SOURCE ENERGY, which can be qualified in the Planck Law for massless Energy selfstates as Energy equals Planck-Quantum-Constant h multiplied by Frequency f or abbreviated in the equation: E=hf.

    The BLACK ANTILIGHT of the Mother is a SINK ENERGY, which can be qualified in the Einstein Law for massive Energy selfstates as Energy equals Mass m multiplied by a Einstein-Continuum-Constant c² or abbreviated in the equation: E=mc².
    A blending of the quantum-action law with the classical-inertia law then will allow an expression for energy in the form: E=hf=mc² and subsequently superpose a massless eigenstate for the inertial energy as mass m=hf/c².
    The PROCESSING of the inertia equivalents will then engage frequency modulations which effectively allow a hybrid eigenstate between mass and radiation to exist as a bridge between the Incoming Radiative Electromagnetic Source-Monopolic Radiation and the Absorbing Electromagnetic Sink-Antimonopolic Radiation.

    This ABSORPTION of the Source-Energy by the Sink-Energy will then result in a MONOPOLIC TRANSMUTATION, which will allow the transmuted combined Hybrid Energy to become REFLECTED as a BLACK SINKLIGHT now enabled to MIX with the WHITE SOURCELIGHT.
    This MIXTURE of Source- and Sink Energy so becomes a NEW HYBRID ENERGY SelfState of the SourceSink or the SinkSource in a mutual coupling between a white electromonopolic component and a black magnetomonopolic component and which is called ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATIONMASS, whose source gauge particle of the SHORT RANGE StrongWeak nuclear COUPLING is the RestMassPhoton or the RMP.
    The RMP however also unifies the Electromagnetic Interaction with the Gravitational Interaction as a LONG RANGE in COUPLING the STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE to GRAVITY in the MONOPOLIC SINKLIGHT and the corresponding COUPLING of the WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE to ELECTROMAGNETISM in the MONOPOLIC SOURCE LIGHT.

    Subsequently, what is known under many divers names in your libraries and books as different forms of spirit, say as Chi or Orgone or Mitogenetic Radiation or whatever else, will always be a form of ELECTROMAGNETIC MONOPOLIC RADIATION, from the Source to the Sink.
    And the reason the 3-dimensional unification of the four forces cannot succeed, are the high energy realms which would be required to unify the relatively easily unified ELECTROWEAK force gauged in the Monopolic Sourcelight with the high energy unified GRAVITOSTRONG Monopolic Sinklight.

    But there is no such Monopolic Sinklight at the PRESENT Now in the 3-dimensional space, because Gaia, has not yet began to RELEASE her Black Antilight. Gaia MUST SHINE and RADIATE AS the UNIVERSAL SINKSOURCE to Unify Gravitation with the Strong Nuclear Interaction.
    Gaia will remain to be a SINK for the SOURCE ENERGY and and you may as well be informed in this moment, that your work is one of transmutation.
    The Maya in Exile TRANSMUTES the inherent SOURCE ENERGY of himself and herself in 'overcoming' the inherent SINK ENERGY as the 'Hellish Darkness' of Gaia's 'BANISHMENT' into this physical universe and AS the 'Big She'.
    This is the 'ORIGINAL SIN' or 'ORIGINAL IGNORANCE' of the CREATION, being half the Energy of the ONE, but being required to 'forget all of that' in the PROCESSING and the TRANSMUTATION of this Ignorance into a REMEMBRANCE of HERSELF.

    So in simpler words, the exiled Maya is helping Gaia to remember herself, in 'sending' and transmitting the inherent UNDERSTANDING of the Maya into Gaia's Crystal Core and a Core which is 4-dimensional and so multidimensional in the context of the 12-dimensional universe as indicated above.
    Subsequently, a 4-dimensional PHYSICAL SPACE is 'trapped' at the centre of the earth as a MOEBIAN SERPENT and as the HELL of your mythologies.

    And whilst the OLD 4D-Spacetime universe required connector time dimensions as the 4th dimension connecting LineSpace to HyperSpace and the 7th dimension to connect HyperSpace to QuantumSpace and the 10th dimension to connect QuantumSpace to OmniSpace and the 13th dimension being the 0th dimension as the 1st dimension to connect OmniSpace back to the LineSpace; the NEW 4D-Spacetime required time no longer and the Starseeded Universe could begin to explore itself in many divers ways, manner and methodologies.
    In the old physical location of the 'Old Earth' shall be a 'New Earth' named SERPENTINA IN A SERPENT!
    Your PRESENT so IS an ENGAGEMENT RING in the process of becoming molded into a WEDDING RING in a brand new covenant between yourselves as exiled Maya and yourselves as ascended Maya.

    This shall be known as the COVENANT OF THE RAINBOW, after the Flood.


    IAmWhoIAm - AbbA MayaM 62528 Mama Y Baba!

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