The Night The Moon Disappeared. The Lunar Eclipse 18 Oct 2013

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    THE Night the MOON Disappeared.
    The lunar eclipse on the 18th of October, 2013,
    heralds the beginning of a new eclipse cycle
    which will see us through until April 2014.

    As with other full moons,
    the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon,
    creating a polarity between subconscious feeling
    and conscious intent.

    This disconnect can cause disorientation,
    or feelings of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity.
    This is felt stronger with lunar eclipses
    because the earth blocks the Suns life force from illuminating the Moon.

    This eclipse is the one of four lunar eclipses in a short-lived series
    at the descending node of the moon's orbit.

    The lunar year series repeats after 12 lunations or 354 days
    (Shifting back about 10 days in sequential years). Because of the date shift, the Earth's shadow will be about 11 degrees west in sequential events.

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